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Oaxaca spawns likely false flag bombings in Mexico DF

PostPosted: Tue Nov 07, 2006 11:42 am
by isachar
The below link is a google-translation (very poor, but you'll get the gist, just remember that 'bomba's translates to English as both bombs and pumps. ... 50,RNWE:en

Anyway, the bombs that went off in Mexico City yesterday are likely a false front bombing by groups unaffiliated with the Oaxaca people's movement (the APPO). The APPO has been very diligent about avoiding such useless, pointless and counter-productive acts. Rather, they've relied on their people power. It's curious that such bombings would occur in Mexico DF and not Oaxaca where the APPO is based.

These radical groups - who in no way represent the APPO, will likely be the pretext for more kidnappings, assaults and assassinations on the leadership of the APPO and the teachers who absolutely infuriate the PRI and PAN since they operate outside of their Stalinist structures of control.