Review / History Channel / Mind Control Program

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Review / History Channel / Mind Control Program

Postby gerryduffett » Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:51 am

Review / History Channel / Mind Control Program

Derrick Robinson

This was a very good program that aired earlier this week from the History Channel series called "That's Impossible". I was surprised to see that one segment of the show was entitled "Targeted Individuals". It was a VERY brief, but informative segment, perhaps about 2 minutes, with well-known TI Cheryl Welsh who talked openly about her targeting: clicks, voice-to-skull, that they see what she sees and hear what she hears,etc.

Sharon Weinberger's "Mind Games" article from the Washington Post - one of the good parts - was mentioned and highlighted in this segment, along with pictures of the rally that she attended with us in 2006 in Washington, DC. Some pictures were flashed of Harlan Girard at the podium, John McMurtrey, and David in Boston.

An important point was made regarding a patent - 6,470,214 - that produces the microwave hearing effect. And although the Air Force denied knowledge of this, they were shown to be the holders of this patent.

Nick Begich was also on the show speaking about HAARP and how it could be used to influence masses of people at a time across a continent. This program was not a skeptic's work at all. Its focus was about mind control in a variety of forms and it was very supportive of our issues.

We will try to make this program available to all who would like to view it.

I will send information soon about where and how to see it.

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