Successfull Protest / Queens Park / Toronto

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Successfull Protest / Queens Park / Toronto

Postby gerryduffett » Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:37 pm

Successfull Protest / Queens Park / Toronto / Directed Energy Weapons

by Danielle DiBari

Hello All,

Many of you do not know me, but Galina and Robin do(who ran the protest yesterday at Queen's Park do) - and I will save introductions for later for those who are dedicated to working to expose the truth about our cause.

I would like to send you all a little run-down of events yesterday -- I think Galina and Robin will agree, it was an excellent day with superb weather (my nose is totally toasted..LOL~) and we were treated with dignity and respect, a generous amount of interest (so much so that we RAN OUT OF letters), and a FEW VERY INTERESTING CONTACTS! All times are approximate.

10:00 AM We were greeted by Security and shown where we could set up. We were asked if we would be "chanting" and we said no. We were asked not to interfere with people on site and that we should let them come to us, we agreed.

We set up across from a woman on a month-long protest of her autistic son being cut off from therapy and put in a regular school.

10:30 Human Rights Worker from the Citizen's Commission of Human Rights approached us and discussed at length the situation we faced. We exchanged emails, but unfortunately she had no business cards on her. She directed us to her website
Here is a write up found on the site where she said you may find many resources:
The Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is a non-profit, public benefit organization dedicated to investigating and exposing psychiatric violations of human rights.

11:30 am, A HUGE tour of Italian and Spanish speaking tourists get stuck outside the legislative building for some reason, and (possibly to kill some time) the tour guide relays and translates in both ITALIAN and SPANISH, the story of Covert Mind control as dictated by Galina. The group is sympathetic and interested (until they get to go

Nothing too interesting happens after that for a couple of hours, we get a number of people stopping and asking about our situation -- some stopping for longer than others...needless to say, we only have ONE letter left when we spot the CBC vehicle in the parking lot!

1:00 pm Media Trucks start arriving -- our hearts are in our throats as we feel as if they may intend to interview us! Acutally, the set up is for speaker Dan McTeague to present his speech on the treatment of Omar Kadhr at Guantanamo Bay!

2:30 Dan McTeague shows up to do his interview. About half an hour of talking on Dan's part -- the issue with Quantanamo Bay is loosely connected to OUR issue...the underlying facts being that PEOPLE ARE BEING TORTURED WITHOUT MERCY/JUSTICE/ETHICAL CONSIDERATIONS!!!

Here is a link to the situation he spoke of (but nothing on about the talk yesterday, oh well) ... /20090125/

Unfortunately, he only appeared on the news for about 10 seconds! (Robin, did you VHS it?) Legislature Watchdogs (while polite) stood guard IN FRONT OF AND AROUND THE CAMERAS so that WE WOULD NOT BE IN ANY SHOTS!!!
However, Mr. McTeague's assistant came over to talk to us, took our picture and, I believe, strategically placed a camera to include US in the shot!
Once the shoot was over, Mr. McTeague came over and shook all our hands, talked with us for a bit, gave us his card and told us "You sure got THEIR attention" (possibly meaning the media - I mean, is it coincidence that a talk on a HUMAN RIGHTS TORTURE ISSUES by a prominent M.P. is scheduled on the SAME DAY as our protest??? I think NOT!

Anyhow, he said we should contact him if we need anything...we already got a very good thing from him, we got a confidence boost like you wouldn't believe!

And so, our first protest day came to a close. Sunburned, but happy, we took a walk to the subway, and went on our way.

I would say it was a VERY successful day, no one was disrespectful to us, we got a good deal of attention, learned a lot about what to do better NEXT TIME -- and ALMOST got on!

Most of all we learned that FEAR is THEIR greatest weapon...none of what we feared came about.

The perps will keep on doing what they do no matter what we do...being afraid only helps their cause so...we may as well make some noise 'cause they ain't going away by themselves.

Cheers and talk to you all soon.

Danielle DiBari
TI - Toronto & Vancouver

P.S. See pictures attached
P.P.S this letter and photos will be posted on the forum at

IF anyone (Galina? or Robin?) would like to post it elsewhere, please be my guest!

Gerry Duffett

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