Watching NBC may have driven one viewer insane

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Watching NBC may have driven one viewer insane

Postby MinM » Mon Dec 14, 2009 8:15 am

Caution: Graphic Language

December 10, 2009
Watching NBC may have driven one viewer insane
There's probably a half-dozen valid journalistic and humanitarian reasons to not post this, but the below random e-mails from some disturbed individual claiming NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker is using mind control are simply too guiltily entertaining to stay private.

The gist of this seems to be that Zucker has gained access to top secret GE-created military hardware and is using it to control certain celebrities (and, naturally, the writer himself). The list of other people in the media being sent these missives is rather extensive and appears to include GE chief Jeff Immelt.

Could it be that watching NBC has actually driven somebody crazy? And doesn't the writer realize a tinfoil hat solves all these problems?
E-mail 1: "Please get Kate Hudson turned off the ultrasonic neuro entertainment. They turned off Ryan Seacrest's, so she moved over to Jeff Zucker's satellite hook up connection and gave him her human video game. They target young actresses. Kate is jealous or something and brings down new talent. My friend has a cracking sensations in my skull because of Kate Hudson, she met her at a strip club or something. Please help."

E-mail 2: "Jeff Zucker lets Kate Hudson play ultrasonic on his system. Tell him to turn her off. She's harassing Hollywood."

E-mail 3: "An open letter to Jeff Zucker:

Please stop using your ultrasonic nanotech for harassment. You have been harassing Kylie Jensen and other women for months now. You can use the nanotech to invade girls with a rape feeling. Or send a crazy ultrasonic signal tracking them on your computer screen. What you have is essentially access to military level non-lethal weapon satellite equipment from your home computer. I don't know what arguments you give the police. But someone should turn you off.

I am begging you also to turn off Ryan Seacrest and Kate Hudson and whoever else you allow access to harassing Kylie Jensen. This woman had a great job. [email deleted] will attest to that fact. She was pretty and full of life. And they have ruined her life with ultrasonic targeting."

E-mail 4: "I can't think. i can;t think. FUCK RYAN IS ON ME NOW> I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO GET HIM<>>> FUCK>> FUCK THIS IS FOR REAL>>> I ....

I started this email, like this, 10 minutes ago and I almost sent it. Now i am fine. Ryan Seacrest needs to get turned off again. You have turned him off once. He is now riding on Jeff Zucker's satellite connection. Someone needs to turn Zucker off as well."

"Somebody needs to turn off Zucker" -- see, now the writer just sounds like your average Wall Street analyst. ... ntrol.html
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