Press Announcement / Fri Apr 16 2010 / Microwave Weapons

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Press Announcement / Fri Apr 16 2010 / Microwave Weapons

Postby gerryduffett » Thu Apr 08, 2010 10:56 am

Press Announcement / Friday, April 16, 2010 / Microwave Weapons / Torture


Everyone feel free to distribute the following press announcement to national and local media - TV, radio, newspapers about our upcoming press conference. We are seeing the beginnings of a developing news story regarding organized stalking and electronic torture. In the past few months we've had 2 mainstream TV shows, 2 local TV news stories (San Antonio,TX and Louisville,KY), and several local newspaper articles featuring our issues. We're on a roll because of everyone's efforts at exposing these atrocities. Keep up the great work!

Derrick Robinson

Press Announcement

On Friday, April 16, 2010, the human rights organization, Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance in alliance with Ms. Connie Marshall, candidate for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky will convene a press conference at

Cornerstone Cottage,

3799 Bardstown Road (address for directions)
2201 Sieger Villa Court (mailing address)
Louisville , KY 40218

502-777-0926 11:30 am,

to call attention to a new wave of criminal behavior called organized stalking and electronic torture.

The victims of these covert crimes suffer the effects of mind and body-invasive technologies that have caused great physical, psychological, and emotional harm to many thousands of targeted individuals across the country and the globe.

The perpetrators of these crimes range from rogue elements of every level of government to corporations to private citizens.

Not since the late 70's has a serious look been given to the increasing intrusion by the US intelligence agencies into the private lives of American citizens. A congressional hearing and investigation into these covert activities is way overdue. A gathering of engineers, doctors, authors, a psychologist, and human rights activists, to name a few are expected to speak. One of the speakers is a Missouri statehouse representative and one of the guest speakers appeared in an episode last season of Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory" television series. The importance and prominence of this assembly of individuals signals the rise of a major issue in this country whose time has come to be addressed.

EVENT SPEAKERS: (in alphabetical order)

Chris Crowder, Mechanical Engineer
Dr. John Hall, Anesthesiologist, Author, A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America
Robert Duncan O'Finioan, former Manchurian Candidate
Rep. Jim Guest, Missouri House of Representatives
Cyndie Spanier, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Terry Robertson, Anesthesiologist
Tim White, Human Rights Activist, Telecommunications Engineer
Katherine Moore, former Vice-Mayor, Wilmington, NC
Mary Ann Stratton, Human Rights Activist
Michael Lauria, commercial airline pilot, ret.
Joan Germano, Real Estate Agent
Jo Rabjohn, Author
Brian Uram, Real Estate Agent

For more information about this unfolding story, please review the following news stories:

This is a segment from a recent History Channel documentary called "That's Impossible" about Mind Control, which aired approx. 8/25/09.

At about 5:30 into this segment, the story begins about a targeted individual,

Cheryl Welsh who is a victim of modern-day mind control technologies.

Here is a TV news story in San Antonio, Texas about organized stalking perpetrated by covert harassment groups: ... tonio.html

Local TV newstory from WLKY, Louisville, KY about electronic torture victim Connie Marshall, candidate for mayor

Contact information:

Connie Marshall, Candidate for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky


Derrick Robinson, President
Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance


Gerry Duffett

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Re: Press Announcement / Fri Apr 16 2010 / Microwave Weapons

Postby Uncle $cam » Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:14 pm

Wow! Thanks for this. I watched all of the Connie Marshall, candidate for mayor vids and she sounds quite credible and courageous. Being originally from the South, I can tell you, many if not most politicians/Southerners will do anything to control State and local politics, even if it means being unethical and criminal. The whole of the culture is permeated with Bias and Identity Politics.

And I also concur with her when she says, she believes that it's not Washington, per se, but State and local agencies whom are using, perhaps, Government technology to harass her. It would not suprize me in the least.

Also, on preview, I'd suggest perhaps posting this in general discussion...
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