"911 Troof" - compromised by fascism

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"911 Troof" - compromised by fascism

Postby the_last_name_left » Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:13 pm

"911 Troof" - compromised by fascism

911 Troof movement is deeply compromised by organised fascism. 911 Troof is used by fascism both as propaganda outlet, and as recruitment vehicle.

This dark underbelly of 911 Troof explains many things about "the movement" - how it has lost hold of its rationalism, how it has swung to the right, how it's become riven with anti-semitism and dogma.

I'd suggest a very visible example of the results of such corruption are the pictures of Alex Jones' brownshirting of Michelle Malkin.

Jones and his gang accused Malkin of fascism, for the obvious reasons. Yet elsewhere Alex Jones gets delerious about his own lust for an Israeli Wall, that he desperately wants across the mexican border. At least Malkin based her authoritarianism on what she considers severe risks of terrorism. Jones authoritarianism is based on the threat of immigration!

And Jones employs Mike Rivero - they share a broadcaster, GCN, and a sponsor - Midas Gold (both of which are owned by the same person, Ted Anderson, whom AJ has as a guest - where they pretend Anderson is a financial correspondent when he's really running his adverts for gold. What an ethic, eh?)

So as Jones brownshirts Malkin for her supposed fascism, Alex is in cahoots with Mike Rivero.

Rivero had Curt Maynard on his radio show. Curt Maynard IS a fascist - he's a national socialist - nazi. His websites are full of vicious racist diatribes - he exploits and promotes hate.

Rivero links to Maynard. Rivero links to nazi propaganda - without explaining it is nazism, and without condemning it. He promotes it. There are many examples of Rivero's promoting racism and fascism whilst deliberately hiding the racist and fascist sources. And no - he can't plead ignorance.

Going back to Alex, he uses "Big" Jim Tucker - who is a longtime associate of Willis CArto. Indeed, Carto was the publisher of The SPotlight - which published Tucker's stuff on the Bilderberger group.

Tucker still works at Carto's American Free Press. And Alex Jones makes extensive use of him - on the Bilderbergs. He's in Endgame, for example.

Willis Carto is really something - and Jones works with his longtime associate. OR associateS? And Rivero, who plugs Curt Maynard's filth.

This is just the tip of the iceberg - organised fascism has been deliberately infiltrating, exploiting, and promoting 911 Troof. Indeed - much of 911 Troof comes straight from the propaganda organs of professional fascists: willis carto, for example, with his American Free Press (which just happens to have the same initials as Agence France Press. just coincidence. sure.) AFP had Bollyn - a lot of 911 conspiracy claims came through him. He was also part of a plan by AFP to give "positive coverage" to Hugo Chavez, if Chavez would bankroll AFP!!! The ethics of AFP journalists, eh? The same journalists - presumably the same ethics? - are the ones bringing you 911 "TROOF". And don't they claim the mainstream are press whores? Even when they themselves are whoring their coverage towards Venezuela?

And doesn't 911 Troof love to ask "Qui Bono"?

Well, fascism has benefited greatly. 911 Troof should be very prod of itself for that achievement. Through 911 conspiracism fascism has managed to get its propaganda into the leftwing. Masquerading as non-partisan 911 conspiracism has allowed fascism to publish even amongst the left. That's been a great success for fascism. Qui Bono? Even now 911 Troof seems unable to accept how enmeshed it has become with fascism. A lot of evidence says 911 Troof was a fascist product from the start anyway.

And Alex Jones sells more videos and annual subscriptions? Qui Bono?

Alex Jones sells videos and dangerous paranoid pap employing vague euphemisms about "globalists", "satanists" and the "enemy within" etc etc. They all correspond to time-worn anti-semitic euphemism. His stand for liberty is a sham: he lusts after an Israeli-type security-wall across Mexico.

Jones works with Rivero. Whilst Rivero promotes racists, and fascists - and deceives his audience by failing to tell them he is directing them to genuine, organised fascism. Rivero supports holocaust denial, trotting out the usual thoroughly debunked denial bullshit - he reports from genuine fascist organised conferences whilst omitting the real organisers political ideology etc etc. But he will claim Israel is fascist. OK - but if Israel state action should be denounced for being "like fascists" - shouldn't real fascists (Rivero's friends) be denounced and exposed too?

This behaviour (and more) can only be explained by understanding 911 Troof is deeply compromised with genuine fascism.

And yes - when Troofers hear this they very often respond in a way that betrays the truth of my claim.

I invite opinons, obviously.

This is a hasty summary - hold that in mind, if you dispute the thrust of the argument.

I've no idea how this post will go down. Be nice to get some earnest replies though. :)
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