covert surveilance corp. coming to austin?

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covert surveilance corp. coming to austin?

Postby harry ashburn » Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:52 pm

well, is the austin city council about to give a sweetheart deal to a california corp. specializing in covert surveilance??? heres my protest letter: This message is from harry ashburn, to the only city council member for whom i could find an e mail address . Dear Ms Morrison.i have been searching the city of austin web site in vain for a way to e-mail the mayor and council. I'm stunned i cant find a way to e-mial ya'll. I want to express my opposition to cuddling up to a corporation that specializes in covert surveillance. In case you havent noticed..the Bill of Rights has been under attack by corporate power since 1980. Embracing this corporation is tumbling headlong into fascism. thank you. can you please tell me how to contact the other members and mayor by e-mail, and why cant i find that info? thank you. If i cant express my thoughts to the others via e-mail..please relay them. thank you.
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