1968-2012 Presidential Election Fraud: A True Vote Proof

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1968-2012 Presidential Election Fraud: A True Vote Proof

Postby Richard Charnin » Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:06 pm

1968-2012 Presidential Election Fraud: An Interactive True Vote Model Proof

Richard Charnin
Jan. 22, 2013

The 1968-2012 National True Vote Model (TVM) has been updated to include the 2012 election. Anyone can run the model and calculate the True Vote for every presidential election since 1968. Only two inputs are required: the election year and the calculation method (1-5). These deceptively simple inputs produce a wealth of information and insight.

In the 1968-2012 elections, the Republicans led the average recorded vote 48.7-45.8%. The Democrats led the True Vote by 49.6-45.1%, a 7.4% margin discrepancy.

The calculation methods are straightforward. Method 1 reproduces the Final National Exit Poll which is always adjusted to match the official recorded vote. It is a mathematical matrix of deceit. Consider the impossible turnout of previous election Republican voters required to match the recorded vote in 1972 (113%), 1988 (103%), 1992 (119%), 2004 (110%) and 2008 (103%). This recurring anomaly is a major smoking gun of massive election fraud.

Methods 2-5 calculate the vote shares based on feasible returning voter assumptions. There are no arbitrary adjustments. Method 2 assumes returning voters based on the previous election recorded vote; method 3 on total votes cast (includes uncounted votes); method 4 on the unadjusted exit poll; method 5 on the previous (calculated) True Vote.

In the 12 elections since 1968, there have been over 80 million net (of stuffed) uncounted ballots, of which the vast majority were Democratic. And of course, the advent of unverifiable voting machines provides a mechanism for switching votes electronically.

Final election vote shares are dependent on just two factors: voter turnout (measured as a percentage of previous living election voters) and voter preference (measured as percentage of new and returning voters).

The TVM uses best estimates of returning voter turnout (“mix”). The vote shares are the adjusted National Exit Poll shares that were applied to match the recorded vote.

It turns out that the Final Exit Poll match to the recorded vote is primarily accomplished by changing the returning voter mix to overweight Republicans. For example in 2004, the National Exit Poll indicated that 43% of voters were returning Bush and 37% Gore. In 2008, 46% were returning Bush and just 37% Kerry. Both turnout ratios were impossible and implied millions more Bush voters than were living.

Note that in 2004, changing the returning voter mix was not sufficient to force a match to the recorded vote. Bush shares of returning and new voters from the 12:22am NEP timeline (13047 respondents) had to be inflated as well in the final (13660).

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