Able Danger: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed

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Able Danger: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed

Postby elfismiles » Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:25 pm

Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed on the Alex Jones Show

Intelligence Officer Anthony Shaffer. ... officer%29

Shaffer made a protected disclosure to the 9/11 Commission staff director, Philip D. Zelikow, while undercover in Afghanistan in October 2003 regarding the existence of the ABLE DANGER program that had identified alleged 9/11 lead hijacker Mohammed Atta and three other al-Qaeda operatives operating in the United States prior to 9/11.

More info: ... ones-show/

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Re: Able Danger: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed

Postby seemslikeadream » Sun Jan 10, 2010 5:03 pm
So the responsibility for stopping DIA program Able Danger, which had Identified Atta and 3 other hijackers and linked them to 56 other al-Queda terrorists overseas, has been laid at the feet of Bill Clinton--except he and Richard Clarke were never told about it at all.

That's right. Bill Clinton was never told about Able Danger and the ID of Atta because Richard Clarke was never told about AD. How do I know? He never wrote about it in his book, nor did he testify about it's existence before the 9-11 Commission!

You see Richard Clarke was known for being obsessed with Osama Bin Laden and HE was the guy the neo-con moles did not want to find out about Atta and the gang. Schoomaker and the neo-cons knew telling the FBI would inform Clarke and then Mr. Laser Beam himself, President of the United State William Jefferson Clinton, would have gotten involved--and the Pearl Harbor-type attack would never take place (the neo-cons talked about the need for a Pearl Harbor-type attack before the PNAC Plan would be accepted by the American people--so when one presented itself, they let it happen).

General Pete Schoomaker, who were later heavily rewarded by the neo-cons in the Bush Administration, blocked the upward motion of the DIA information by having Shaffer and Philpott meet with Pentagon lawyers opinions--lawyers who were rubberstamping ridiculous legal opinions to carry out the neo-con plan. These certain people were neo-cons in the Clinton Administration, covertly carrying out the PNAC plan to let a Pearl Harbor-type attack occur so Iraq and 6 other countries could be invaded. ... 04x4846388

paulthompson says

Able Danger ties Condi Rice to Chinese espionage! (really!)
Now we find out why Able Danger was shut down in Feb. 2001, one month after Condi Rice becomes National Security Advisor:

Mr. Weldon said he thinks Able Danger was shut down after a "profile" of Chinese weapons proliferation linked two Americans to Chinese students at Stanford University engaged in technology acquisition for China.

During the profile, the names of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, at the time the Stanford University provost, and former Defense Secretary William Perry were mentioned in the data and created "a wave of controversy," he said.

After Congress sought the data, "tremendous pressure was placed on the Army, because this was a prototype operation, and they shut down the Able Danger operation," Mr. Weldon said. ... 2450-468...

I've been puzzling over Able Danger since coming across some obscure articles like this one mentioning Chinese espionage ties to a "university provost and a former high ranking government official," but now those references make sense.

Intrigue Over Able Danger Grows

WTOP - Federal News Radio
September 1, 2005π...

That story is based on info from Able Danger team member J.D. Smith. I also happened to catch Able Danger whistleblower Anthony Shaffer on MSNBC's "The Big Idea" on Aug. 23rd, and he speculated that the reason Able Danger was shut down was because it had accidentally brought up ties between prominent Americans and overseas criminal activity. He didn't get any more specific except to say it wasn't connected to al-Qaeda. So this is undoubtedly another reference to Condi Rice and William Perry.

No wonder the Pentagon specifically refused to let Anthony Shaffer and J.D. Smith testify before Congress today! They sat in the room but were not allowed to speak. I hope the DUers who have seen Able Danger as merely some kind of Curt Weldon smear campaign against Clinton can see now that there's much more to it. If the full story gets out, its probably going to slam the Bush administration hard. No wonder, for instance, when Weldon says he gave the Able Danger chart showing Atta's photograph to Condi Rice's assistant Steve Hadley just after 9/11, the chart was "lost" and the whole story was buried. Hadley and Rice are very close, and Hadley has since taken over Rice's job as National Security Advisor.

When Able Danger was shut down there still was seven months to follow up its leads connecting Mohamed Atta to al-Qaeda, but instead the program was shut down to protect Condi Rice?!


DIA Agents were ordered to put yellow Post-its over Atta's face and the face's of 3 other 9/11 terrorists

"We were directed to take those 3M yellow stickers and place them over the faces of Atta and the other terrorists and pretend they didn't exist," the intelligence officer told GSN."

Intel agents Michael Shaffer and Scott Philpott have confirmed Rep. Weldon's claims that a chart with Atta's face, soon the photos of 3 other members of the 9-11 terror team, were known to DIA team Able Danger by early 2000.

This diary will show that Pete Schoomaker and Philip Zelikow are two of the main Perpetraitors in this scandal, that they deliberately withheld information from the President of the United States that would have prevented 9/11, that they and their neo-con rulers Let It Happen On Purpose.

Of this there can no longer be any doubt.


Hopsicker: Able Danger Intel Exposed "Protected" Heroin Trafficking ... 103x149481

Able Danger: Short Time-line ... 04x4441903

Was Able Danger Shut Down After It Detected Condi-PRC Spy Ring? ... 04x4494524

Senate May Hold Hearings on Able Danger, Info Sharing
Thursday, August 25, 2005

Able Danger (search) is the code name for a military-intelligence unit that apparently learned a year before the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks that lead hijacker Mohamed Atta (search) and other terrorists were already in the United States.

One of the central Able Danger claims — that military lawyers blocked the sharing of the Atta information from the FBI in the late summer and early fall of 2000 — will be a focus of the committee's if a hearing takes place, FOX News has confirmed.

Some analysts involved with Able Danger have recently gone public with their findings, saying they were discouraged from looking further into Atta, and their attempts to share their information with the FBI were thwarted, because Atta was a legal foreign visitor at the time.

"This story needs to be told. The American people need to be told what could have been done to prevent 3,000 people from losing their lives," said Rep. Curt Weldon (search), R-Pa.

Weldon drew attention to Able Danger by speaking about it on the House floor and publicly calling for the Sept. 11 commission to explain why the intelligence information wasn't detailed in its final report.

Some Able Danger analysts, including Army Reserve Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer (search) and Navy Capt. Scott Phillpott (search), claim that in October 2003, they told commission staffers of the presence of Al Qaeda operatives in the United States in 2000.


Senate May Hold Hearings on Able Danger, Info Sharing ... id=1727804

Condi in Middle of Able Danger ‘Cover Up’"

Weldon is now saying that the Pentagon cover up of able danger “will shake the country to its roots."


If the claims made by the Able Danger participants and Rep. Weldon are confirmed, former National Security Adviser Rice and other Bush Administration officials will face a barrage of questions. First would likely be an inquiry into why the administration unceremoniously axed the Able Danger project in May of 2001.

During an August 20th interview on C-Span’s Washington Journal, Able Danger member Lt. Col. Schaffer posed a question of his own:

"The American public should ask themselves: Why would the leadership of DoD shut down, terminate, a project which was aimed at targeting al-Qaeda offensively? ...

"Why would they shut that down, four months before 9/11? That’s the big question right now, we have to ask that. I don’t know the answer to that question because I know my side of the story, I know that when a 2 star general got in my face and said, “I’m a 2 star general and you are not. You are to stop your support of Able Danger.” That’s what I know personally. But the question has to be: Who told him to do that? ...

"And why did the rest of the project, I’m talking about Special Operations Command and the Army portion of this, why was that terminated?

"Those are the questions that need to be asked."


Congressman Weldon -- Why now? Why ever? ... id=4500623

Three more assert Pentagon knew of 9/11 ringleader By Will Dunham

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Three more people associated with a secret U.S. military intelligence team have asserted that the program identified September 11 ringleader Mohammed Atta as an Al Qaeda suspect inside the United States more than a year before the 2001 attacks, the Pentagon said on Thursday.

The Pentagon said a three-week review had turned up no documents to back up the assertion, but did not rule out that such documents relating to the classified operation had been destroyed.

Navy Capt. Scott Phillpott and Army Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer last month came forward with statements that a secret intelligence program code-named "Able Danger" had identified Atta, the lead hijacker in the attacks that killed 3,000 people, in early 2000. Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Curt Weldon (news, bio, voting record), vice chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, also went public with the allegations.

Pat Downs, a senior policy analyst in the office of the undersecretary of defense for intelligence, told reporters that as part of the review, the Pentagon interviewed 80 people.

Downs said that three more people, as well as Phillpott and Shaffer, recalled the existence of an intelligence chart identifying Atta by name. Four of the five recalled a photo of Atta accompanying the chart, Downs said.

Pentagon officials declined to identify the three by name, but said they were an analyst with the military's Special Operations Command, an analyst with the Land Information Warfare Assessment Center and a contractor who supported the center.

Downs said all five were considered "credible people."

But officials said an exhaustive search of tens of thousands of documents and electronic files related to Able Danger failed to find the chart or other documents corroborating the identification of Atta. Phillpott has said Atta was identified by Able Danger by January or February of 2000.

"We have not discovered that chart," Downs said. ... entagon_dc

Three more assert Pentagon knew of 9/11 ringleader ... id=1744982

Specter Wants Answers About 'Able Danger' ... id=1796658

NOW - ON CAPITOL HILL - Able Danger Inquiry CSPAN3 9:30am et ... 04x4836496

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Re: Able Danger: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed

Postby elfismiles » Mon Jan 11, 2010 1:17 am

SLaD ... does the China technology scandal you are connecting to Able Danger have possible connections to the other big Clinton / Chinagate scandals?
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Re: Able Danger: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed

Postby seemslikeadream » Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:19 am

elfismiles wrote:SLaD ... does the China technology scandal you are connecting to Able Danger have possible connections to the other big Clinton / Chinagate scandals?

I don't know elf, it was very hard to get info at DU about AD, the attack dogs would come out of the woodwork anytime I brought it up.

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All of this misogyny is making me nostalgic for treason
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Re: Able Danger: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed

Postby elfismiles » Wed Aug 13, 2014 5:30 pm

So many 911 and NSA threads to choose from ... settling on this one.

NSA Lied About Knowledge Of 2 9/11 Hijackers In U.S., Didn't Inform The FBI
Posted by Jon Gold on Sat, 08/09/2014 - 4:11pm ... inform-fbi
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Re: Able Danger: Lt. Col. Anthony Shaffer interviewed

Postby seemslikeadream » Thu Dec 15, 2016 9:06 am

BY JEFF STEIN ON 12/14/16 AT 10:04 PM
Retired Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, left, with retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn on September 12 at an awards ceremony for the London Center, a New York-based conservative think tank. Shaffer presented Flynn with a leadership award.
A former Army colonel at the center of a years-long controversy related to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon may be joining the Trump administration as a senior Defense Department intelligence official.

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Shaffer, 54, said he was invited to join the administration in some capacity, but declined to say who approached him or what the job might be. The position would be at the “senior defense intelligence” level, Shaffer has told associates who asked for anonymity because the discussions were considered private.

“I was asked to put my name in for a job—that's it,” Shaffer said in a brief telephone interview. He is connected to retired Army Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn, the incoming White House National Security Adviser, through their joint service in Afghanistan as well as The London Center, a New York-based conservative think tank where Shaffer is vice president for strategic initiatives and operations. At a banquet in September, Shaffer presented Flynn, a senior fellow at the center, with a leadership award. The center is named after its founder, Herbert I. London, a widely published social critic and one time Conservative Party candidate for mayor of New York.

Shaffer ignited years of Pentagon and congressional investigations a decade ago with his charges that Defense Department suppressed the existence of his top-secret unit’s reports on the 9/11 plotters a year in advance of the attacks. The reason, he said in interviews, congressional testimony and a book, Operation Dark Heart, was that Defense Department officials didn’t want to be blamed for the intelligence failure that tarred other security agencies. The first edition of the book was bought up and pulped by the Pentagon even after reporters had received advance review copies of it. Shaffer’s publisher later issued a heavily censored edition.

A 16-month investigation by the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that Shaffer’s operation, code-named ABLE DANGER, “did not identify Mohamed Atta or any other 9/11 hijacker at any time prior to September 11, 2001," and dismissed other assertions that have fueled 9/11 conspiracy theories. The Defense Department’s inspector general (DoD OIG) made a similar conclusion.

But Shaffer’s attorney during the probes, Mark Zaid, stands by him. "I personally participated in the DoD OIG investigation of ABLE DANGER, and I was not impressed,” he told Newsweek by email Wednesday. “I saw firsthand how findings and facts were manipulated, and I had several internal sources support that view.” Zaid added that, “Behind the scenes, numerous witnesses supported Tony Shaffer's version of events."

Shaffer and Flynn share out-of-the-box views on some of the most contentious events in recent U.S. foreign policy. In 2012, Shaffer claimed—falsely—that President Obama was "in the White House Situation Room in real-time watching" the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. At the time, Flynn was head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, and according to The New York Times, startled aides with an abrupt conclusion that Iran was behind Benghazi. Both assertions turned out to be baseless.

The two have hawkish views on other key issues, particularly Islam. Flynn, who was fired as head of the DIA in 2014 for his inflammatory leadership style, according to several reports, recently tweeted that “fear of Muslims is rational.” Shaffer, likewise, claimed in a November radio interview that “15 to 17 percent” of Middle East and North African refugees “are ISIS," or agents of the Islamic State militant group.

Even the right-wing CounterJihad group had doubts about his assertion. “The figure is shockingly high, which means we should ask how plausible it is,” it said in a blog post, but “he has the right kind of contacts to obtain access to this kind of information.”

Shaffer has also called for banning the Council on American-Islamic Affairs (CAIR), a Washington, D.C.-based group formed in 1994 to “promote a positive image of Islam and Muslims in America.” CAIR has been a frequent target of conservative activists who allege that it’s a cover for the fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood.

This week Shaffer was active in swatting back charges by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia covertly interfered in the U.S. presidential campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton and elect Donald Trump. On Monday he maintained that "the Russians would not benefit” from electing Trump, who has repeatedly said he wants closer relations with Moscow. “There's no upside for a President Trump in the Russian influence in the world," he said in a radio interview. On Wednesday he declared that CIA Director John Brennan “is making stuff up” about the alleged Russian campaign to put Trump in office.

“I was told by folks at the FBI and DoD and on Capitol Hill that no one will back up what Brennan is saying,” Shaffer said in his telephone interview with Newsweek. “They think it’s nonsense.” Democrats, joined by some Republicans, however, have said the CIA’s congressional briefings on Russian interference, disclosed first by The Washington Post, have merit and need further investigation and hearings.

Upping the ante on Wednesday night, U.S. intelligence officials told NBC News they had "a high level of confidence" that Russian President Vladimir Putin became personally involved in the covert Russian campaign.

A CIA spokesman declined to discuss the particulars of what the agency knows about the Kremlin’s covert campaign to tilt the election. But a knowledgeable intelligence official told Newsweek over the weekend that the agency was struggling to keep out of the political fray over the explosive charges.

“We're at the center of a Class 5 political hurricane and have been doing everything possible to ensure we are completely nonpartisan and objective,” he said in exchange for anonymity to discuss the current chaos, "knowing that anything we say or do will be spun by individuals on both sides of the aisle.” ... nse-532133

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