I believe there may have been a conspiracy

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I believe there may have been a conspiracy

Postby Stephen Morgan » Sun Mar 04, 2012 2:27 pm

There's a lot of information about September the eleventh 2001, so much that the incriminating details tend to get drowned out. We don't just need information, we need the right information to get attention. I don't just want to provide alternatives and throw doubt on the party line, I want to look at the Official Conspiracy Theory and see how they claim to have arrived at the conclusions they published. What made them point the finger at Osama bin Laden when there has never been so much as a shred of evidence against him? That's the ultimate question and I haven't got an answer.

Let's start with Ossie himself. Osama bin Gangbanger. He grew up as a member of the westernised Saudi ruling class, accustomed to using the pretence of religiosity to obtain their ends. He was one of the less important bin Laden offspring but still ended up extremely rich. His time in Afghanistan, first time around before he found himself in exile there in the nineties, seems rather more believable if we see it as an attempt to ingratiate himself with western intelligence that as a sudden feeling of Islamic brotherly identity. Now, there's no doubt that he was working with the CIA indirectly, being a bigwig mujahid, playing soldier boy in Afghanistan, providing money and so on. The story of him working directly with the CIA rests, as far as I'm aware, on two stories, the one of Kola Boof and the other that he worked for the CIA under the name of Tim Osman which originates with Michael Riconsciuto and Ted Gunderson. Boof's story is that she met Osama in North Africa and was coerced into being his courtesan. She described him as "Arab mafia" and tells tales of his using drugs and dressing like one of the Sopranos, which mirror the tales of Mo Atta and the fact that Cannibis was found growing at the mansion Osama was killed in. She's also the origin of the story of his love of Whitney Houston, his massive penis and so on. She certainly paints a picture of a gangster, not a fundie, even if he did lecture her on Allah and so forth. Her story hasn't attracted a great deal of support. Gunderson and Riconosciuto are well known. Riconosciuto also ties into the alleged links between 9/11 and PROMIS, also his dad was a Nazi.

Boof also claims that bin Laden claimed to have trained agents and worked as a psychic spy for the CIA. Which could be. A Stargate type remote viewer. Like Ruth Payne and her gang, referenced by Peter Levenda in Sinister Forces. Ruth Payne the mother of Lee Harvey Oswald's landlady, who provided the paperwork linking him to the wonky mail-order gun he supposedly used to kill JFK, but probably purchased as part of a sting on behalf of the Feds against felonious mail-order gun companies. And Ruth Paine's husband then made a mint on his helicopter design which became valuable in Vietnam, plans to withdraw from which died with their author, JFK.

The Taleban certainly don't seem to have thought of him as a fundamentalist. They granted him refuge when no-one else would take him, out of gratitude for his funding back in the day, but they had their differences to say the least. There was a documentary from early 2001, bin Laden's group were smuggling the cameras over the mountains because cameras were against the Islamic laws of the Taleban and obviously Ossie loves his videos. The Taleban also tried to extradite ObL after the embassy bombings and again after 9/11. No-one could be found to take him. Which is why he was in Afghanistan anyway.

Although the official story is that he split with the CIA over their refusal to let him kill Saddam Hussein for them. Supposedly because he was a secularist, rather than a fundie. Maybe because he felt like he'd been rejected. The man's an Arsenal fan, or so they say. Saw some of the Cup Winner's Cup matches back in the 90s, games I watched on TV. Took an Ian Wright shirt back to his son. I don't know what drew him to Arsenal. They've had a few conspiratorial matters in their history, though. Their ground was built on Church of England ground obtained through the chairman's links in the Freemasons. Tht was also a move, normally against the rules, which rather annoyed the existing local team, Tottenham. Then, at the end of the first world war, Arsenal leapfrogged two teams that had finished above them to be elected to the top flight, in place of Tottenham again.

Of course by 9/11 Osama was an old man. Had to die his beard, it would seem. So they say. Of course, that's according to his videos. "His" videos. One of those constitutes the only reason to believe he was involved in 9/11, a video found by the American forces in Afghanistan rather than released by himself, then was, according to German scholars hired by German TV to analyse the tape, wrongly translated to incriminate the lad himself. There's no reason to think that ObL had any foreknowledge about 9/11, there's no connection between him and the attacks other than though the ISI and their puppet Islamist network. The al-Qaeda, the "database", as former Minister of Defence Robin Cook said. The database of CIA assets in the mujahideen. Incidentally, the first attack on the WTC in 93 was the second anniversary of the first Gulf War, and the ringleader was sentenced to death on 9/11, rather 11/9, 1996. But it was assigned to Islamic fundamentalists, allegedly linked to Osama, while he also supposedly wanted to kill off Saddam.

Just before 9/11 Osama was, however, alleged by French Intelligence to be receiving dialysis treatment in Dubai, with the CIA looking after him. The coincidence theorist's guide to 9/11 also reports that he was then alleged to be in receipt of dialysis in a mansion in Pakistan, which is where he was later found to be hiding and blown away. Much more appealing than Tora Bora, a dingy cave compared to the hollowed out mountain lair of Bond-villain proportions we were told at the time. Osama bin Goldstein isn't just called that because he allowed Jews like Gadahn to run large parts of his alleged network, but because he's the one written into the role of the cackling, white-cat-stroking villain. Maybe he was there too. Before decamping to his Pakistani mansion, allegedly a CIA safe house. The US special forces had Tora Bora surrounded on three sides when they were told to stay put, while two russian made choppers were seem flying in and then returning with passengers, so they wanted someone to get out of there. Could have been Ossie, or some ISI or CIA assets who'd been helping him out, who knows. Unfortunately several of those special forces troops came down with a nasty case of the deads after returning to Fort Bragg. As was the case with those who had "rescued" Pfc Jessica Lynch from her hospital bed, several of whom died in mysterious circumstances back in America, one being gunned down by a random passerby leaning over the fence at a family barbeque.

Of course some of that relies on the story of his death being true, with the death of so many Seal Team Six members having thrown doubt on the story. That's the trouble. Was the story of his compound having home-grown hash and kiddie porn in it really slander or was it what Ossie was into. I could believe either quite easily. We've got Kola Boof making him a pothead, we know they lied about him using his wife as a human shield, and that the Met lied about another alleged terrorist, who was cleared of all charges, being rearrested after being cleared for possession of child pornography, which charges were also dropped after the headlines had subsided.

The biggest link we can prove between bin Laden and the World Trade Centre isn't that he knocked it down, it's that his family company, the Bin Laden Group, employed that Yamasaki that was the original architect of the World Trade Centre. I don't know who named the World Trade Centre. But translate that name into Italian and it becomes Centro Mondiale Commercialle, the Italian branch of Permindex, the American branch of which was called the International Trade Mart and was run by Clay Shaw. The World Trade Centre itself, certainly something we have to look at.

Not only was the WTC apparently designed by a servant of the bin Ladens and named for the Gladioists who killed Kennedy, it was provided with electronic security by a company based in Kuwait and largely owned by Marvin Bush, the President's brother. You see, money goes both ways. Not only does known terrorist financier and one-time major investor in the Bank of Cocaine and Crooks International Khalid bin Mahfouz have a history as an investor in Bush businesses, specifically Dubya's Harken energy, but the Bush family can also invest in Arab businesses. I hope the rumours about bin Mahfouz being ObL's half brother aren't true, or this could start to look sinister. Incriminating, one could almost say. At least it was quite a successful investment, unlike any investment in a company run by Dubya, in that this Kuwaiti company was successful enough to run the electronic security on 9/11 for not only the World Trade Centre, but also for Dulles International Airport and for United Airlines, whose flight 11 was one of those to hit the World Trade Centre. Similar to the Israeli companies running CCTV on the targets of 7/7, which was found to have completely failed at Kings Cross only during the time the "bombers" were passing through, and which had failed on the underground and on both buses taken by the alleged bus bomber.

That might seem like a bad day for the Bush clan, but it was an eventful day. George the younger got to read a picture book. George the elder got to meet with Ossie's older brother Shafiq, so they could sit together and watch events unfold from the Carlyle group's board meeting. Jonathan Bush was probably interested, given the investigations against his Riggs Bank for helping launder money for terrorists. Jeb was busy gathering together all the evidence so he could, early the next day, personally escort the flight school records to Washington. It was a busy day for the Bush boys, alright. And of course there's the early-morning, pre-WTC, oddity of an Arab camera crew turning up unannounced to try and cadge an interview with little Georgie. The secret service turned them away, no doubt thinking back to the assassination of Massoud, head of the anti-Taleban resistance, in Afghanistan only a couple of days earlier by a crew of suicide bombing cameramen. Actually, they probably hadn't heard of that. And what with all the "Angel's next!" stuff, I'm sure it was all very trying.

But I was meant to be talking about the World Trade Centre, not the Bush family. It's not like I'd talk about the Bush family without mentioning the Nazis. I'm a completist. I'd also want to mention Nixon, Operation Zapata, George the Elder's stint in the CIA, his ties to Howard Hunt and the JFK assassination, obviously Barry Seal, the usual stuff. The election of 2001, of course. The Vikant corporation, which made the cards used in American elections, including Florida 2000, and which was owned and operated by a citizen of the last dictatorship in Europe, and who made death threats to journalists. And the Seqouia Pacific Systems, who were bribing election officials in Louisiana and were involved in counting votes in Florida, which employed one "Rocco" Ricci who was convicted of giving bribes and sentenced to house arrest for one year, a conviction which came down a month after the 2000 election. Ricci's house, not the one where he served his sentence, had formerly belonged to Jimmy Swaggart. I believe people with nicknames like "Rocco" who originate in New Jersey may occasionally be members of organised crime. The bribe, incidentally, came to more than the value of the contract. Sequoia owns a company called "Electec", the founder of which was convicted of obstructing justice and conspiracy in a murder case relating to vote services in Philadelphia. Not that I think Bush needs anything like that. With his brother running the state and his cousin announcing the results for Fox. And there's always the other company, the one which runs most of America's votes, ES&S, which don't murder people, just anti-trust investigations. "We had to get Ronald Reagan elected to get this thing killed." So it's probably just a few bad apples. Although Lewis Wolfson used to own Sequoia and he was bribing a Supreme Court judge, and inspired the invention of the word "cover-up".

Running the on-the-ground, and by the end of the day in-the-ground, security at the WTC was Kroll associates, then owned by AIG, who had a branch run by Carlos Lehder's wife, and a tax-free Bahamian corporation named after her. Starting work on the fateful day was John O'Neill, formerly head of the FBI's investigation into al-Qaeda, on that day being headquartered out of WTC7. O'Neill had left the FBI after being thwarted by the Bush government in his investigation and had publicly criticised the Bush administration's terror policies, back when terrorism wasn't such a big thing. So he'd been given a job by Kroll running security at the WTC, to start on 9/11. I wonder if he got paid.

Among the tenants at the WTC was a Chinese company which produced both spray-on explosives for the controlled demolition of high rise buildings and fire extinguishing liquids which specialised in putting out jet-fuel fires. I don't know if they spray-on stuff had thermite in it, probably a trade secret. Must have been some somewhere. Of course there was a van from a Kingstar demolitions company at the Tavistock Square bomb site in London too, 7/7. And there were Israelis paying for the exercises there too.

Yes, I'm an unabashed CDer. Steel buildings don't collapse because of fire. Never have. The two buildings between WTC1/2 and WTC7 were gutted by debris and fire, but stayed upright. By comparison WTC7 was pristine. And was "pulled", of course, by the man who'd just secured a hefty insurance policy on the buildings. The ancient, asbestos ridden buildings they wanted to get rid of but could never get permission to demolish in a million years. The floors of the WTC7 which were allegedly on fire, but don't seem to have produced a significant amount of smoke, were all occupied by financial institutions, who may have benefited from the destruction of the building with it's SEc offices. It certainly hindered investigations into the insider trading on 9/11, which the official investigation supposedly revealed to all have been honest and reputable investors, like financial institutions. Names never to be revealed.

And of course the collapse of WTC7 took out the joint CIA/FBI headquarters for the investigation into Osama bin Laden. AS I say, still the only steelframe highrise to collapse "due to fire". Pity the sprinklers didn't work. Which may or may not be linked to the alleged Islamic terror cell from Memphis who used their secular time making fake DMV identification for identity fraud and theft, a typical organised crime thing in the modern era, and were found with ID that would get them into the WTC as maintenance. And the plans for the WTC were found in the possession of Ali Mohammad too, he was an Egyptian involved in killing Sadat and then went to Afghanistan in 1987 to train up mujahids for the CIA and Gulbuddin Hekmatyar. He stuck with the Muktar al Khidimat and after it setup shop in Brooklyn with the al-Kifah refugee centre, later Care International which was subsumed by Ptech, he used it in the first WTC attack, and to train up al-Nosair and company for the hit on Kahane, it was al-Nosair's house where the WTC plans were found, and he was supposedly involved in the embassy bombings too. Then got some sort of witness protection dealee. Possibly because he was helping recruit Muslims to fight in Bosnia through the al-Kifah, as he'd helped get people into Afghanistan earlier.

Fortunately, given what we now know happened later, on that very day the White House started giving all of its staff Cipro in case of an anthrax attack. Not that everyone could have that. Not Bush's opponents, certainly. We now know the Ames strain of anthrax came from Fort Detrick, The White House is just lucky they had Jerome Hauer to tell them to start the treatment, Hauer who had worked with the prime suspect in the attacks at SAID and who was a friend of Hatfill working on anthrax at Fort Detrick. Which might constitute a link between 9/11 and the Anthrax attacks, which is otherwise elusive. The only link, other than timing, is the Sun tabloid (not that one), the wife of the editor rented a flat to two of the hijackers and the tabloid was one of the targets in the attacks. Which makes no sense unless the same people were behind both, and we know the alleged Islamists weren't behind the anthrax attacks. Nor were they behind the anthrax attack on Russell Welch, who tracked down Barry Seal. But that's the past, you know. The editor of the Sun was in the CAP, which was very popular in the past. Oswald was in it, with Barry Seal and David Ferrie.

Of course things didn't start on that day. The planes fireballing into the popular mind were the end of a long process of preparation. Just the previous night events had been moving. Cheney and Bush had closeted themselves at the Oval Office while John O'Neill was dining with Hauer and a Mr Tucker, who ran a private intelligence firm. Hauer was associated with John Connolly who let Whitey Bulger kill dozens of people for the FBI, all over seen by Robert Mueller, the investigation into which was stonewalled by Bush's claims of executive privilege, a peripheral figure in which owned a Rhode Island charter flight company used by the Saudis fleeing after 9/11. At the same time no less than four of the alleged hijackers were supposedly at Dulles international airport, scoping the place out. And pentagon officials were cancelling flights for the following day due to "security concerns". Of course the hijackers weren't seen alone at the airport, but with three men in ground crew uniforms which if, as some have reported, weapons were sumggled onto the flights might explain how. Lockerbie, which was blamed by the CIA on Libya, and which a senior Scot copper said was a case proven with evidence planted by the CIA, was almost certainly destroyed by a bomb planted by ground crew at Heathrow. The route was used to smuggle heroin from Lebanon, and ultimately Afghanistan, and some military officers involved with it were killed in the bombing. Such a route would require a way around airport security, which ground crews provide. Yes, Lebanon and Afghan heroin. Lebanon which is involved in everything, from the capital of contraband in Ciudad del Este to ancient Phoenicia. Ciudad del Este in Paraguay. Paraguay with it's Nazis and Nazi dictators, the place Anastasio Somoza went to hide, the place where the head of the intelligence service was a serial killer (chopped off his victims hands, might have been trying to cause fear to establish his own power, like the Chilean Quartered Man, a victim of a brutal socialist outrage who, as you might suspect, never existed, during the run-up to Allende's murder) and paedophile, the place where their national emblem is an inflatable pig. And Afghan heroin, replacing the Turks after their decline in production, replacing Khun Sa and his Golden Triangle ops which could no longer smuggle their dope through the coffins of American soldiers being sent back from 'Nam.

But I was talking about what happened on 9/11. Before 9/11. On the 10th FEMA arrived in town for their bioware op in Manhattan. Bush's phone logs from the eleventh are missing. A noob was running the National Military Command Center because the boss had cried off. Afterwards it was all trouble, of course. The FAA's ATCers gave their story and had the tape destroyed by an FAA official, crushed, cut up, and scattered. Luckily Ossie's brother, after him meeting with Bush the Elder, left on a private jet, while organs for transplant were grounded. Obviously Bush could fly, and did, ending up at Offutt Air Force Base, where Warren Buffet was hosting a billionaires' breakfast and where the Franklin coverup turns up too. Of course plenty of people could fly that day. As long as they were bin Ladens or al-Sauds. The Pax Christian Ministry plane, the plane of the President of Gabon, the story above about the Rhode Island lad.

You know, even Gerald Posner, arch debunker on JFK matters, thinks there was a conspiracy on 9/11. Thanks to information he got from a tortured abu Zubaydah. An ISI man who died in a small plane. A single car accident. A Saudi royal wandering into the desert. Heart attack. All nice and innocent, like. One was a Turki, not sure if it's the right one. You know, they Turki who is related to Alvin Malnik, who Hopsicker claims controlled the Beatles back catalogue. The Pax plane also had a "Buonono", possibly a Bonnanno, from the famous heroin smuggling mafia family. Heroin takes us back to Lebanon. There was a Lebanese shop keeper in Florida whose shop the hijackers frequented, and whose shop was the address on a money order for $70000 sent to al-Shehhi. On 911 he was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, working as a contractor for Titan corporation, the defence corporation which had the Duke Cunningham scandal, employed people at Abu Ghraib, and rigged an election in Benin. Back to electoral fraud, again. He also ran some petrol stations, a casino boat or two which he used to launder money, so on. Flying. Flight. Makes for good terrorism. Someone tried to fly into Clinton's White House, noone remembers that. The only major terror attack in America since 9/11 was a suicide bombing, I think it was a college gridiron game in Oklahoma, nothing to do with Islam so no story. It wasn't, in other words, the fifteen year old whose dad was a gangster and who flew into a skyscraper in a small plane and whose mother only a couple of hours later had a republican operative as her lawyer, the one who raised a fuss over Terri Schiavo. And Wolfgang Boehringer was a pilot. Lots of interesting things went on with the pilots of Wally Hilliard's drug plane, which he got from the same people who supplied Barry Seal. Michael Brassington, too, a "grave threat to national security". Someone ended up in the Ukraine. But Wolfgang was one of Atta's associates and was the subject of his own terror alert, when the feds got him he said "you can't arrest me, I'm with the CIA". Hey, it worked. And the FBI knew it all, they got to the flight schools only a couple of hours after the attacks, when they shouldn't have even known who the attackers were, let alone where they'd learned to fly.

Similarly, the Pentagon was hit by a plane right in the area full of paperwork regarding the pentagon Budget, this the day after Rumsfeld had announced the two trillion dollars being missing.

But yeah, stuff was going on that day. Israelis were being arrested for videoing and celebrating the attacks, not to mention surveilling the DEA and the hijackers themselves. Then being released, three tramps style-ee. The head of the ISI and Porter Goss, head of the House intelligence committee were having a bit of a chat. Meanwhile Goss's seat was where the hijackers had trained, or done whatever they were doing in Florida. Florida being where the guns that killed Seal came from, and obviously where JM/WAVE was based.

But the flights were important. The four flights, from that day. 11. 77, 175 and 93, allegedly numbers given to Crowley by mystical Aiwazz, the Osama lookalike. The very first flights ever to lose their flight data recorders. No doubt they were destroyed in the impact and inferno which manager to mildly singe the hijackers' passports. Assuming, of course, that the hijackers were actually on the planes and that the BBC was wrong to report them still alive after the attack and that the passenger manifests not showing the hijackers had been fiddled with. Of course some people weren't on the planes, even if the hijackers were. Rob Lowe wasn't, although he was on the alleged "dry-run" plane. James Woods wasn't, although he reported spotting dirty rag-head on another flight. Seth MacFarlane wasn't, although he supposedly just missed his flight. Someone called Triton White wasn't, although he claims he saw people being pushed onto the flight. Mark Wahlberg wasn't, although he saythat if he hadn't cancelled his flight he would have totally kicked ass. And two of which continued to appear on RADAR after they crashed. Drones? Other planes? Artefacts of the exercises going on? Results of Ptech hacking? After all Ptech was founded by a Saudi on the FBI's Terror Watch List and had access to the FAA computers for months before 9/11, I'm sure they could have set it up if they wanted to. And that founder, al Qadi, knew Dick Cheney. I wouldn't even know where to start with Ptech, except to say that Indira Singh claims the Chief Auditor at JP Morgan, the type of respectable investor apparently involved in the apparent insider trading and the later collapse of the global banking system, told her that whoever gave her the information "should be killed". And, of course, it links back to old timey PROMIS, and from there to Iran-Contra and the ever-present Michael Riconosciuto. And the exercises, Northern Guardian and so on, had legitimate access to all those computer systems, specifically so they could do that, to put phantom planes on them for the exercises, exercises of multiple hijackings and of a plane hitting a building. But the plane transponders were turned off, which apparently served to make them invisible rather than make them stand out like a christmas tree as a danger to aerial navigation. Not the first planes to be hijacked or flown off course. Payne Stewart's Lear Jet getting intercepted over nothing more than loss of radio contact, for example, while four passenger jets turning off their transponders and going off course should have been a far more important thing. Pity the rules were changed in June to stop field commanders from intercepting planes without direct orders from the Secretary of Defence, then. Changed the rules back after 9/11, of course. Lesson learned.

Flight 93 was the most interesting. Probably why they made a movie about it. Pity Wahlberg didn't make it that day, he could have played himself. Although he'd probably be dead, come to think of it. Unless he kung-fued them, I suppose. But Daniel Lewin couldn't, and he was some Israeli sky marshall chappy, as well as running a web hosting company. Krav Maga ain't all it's craiced up to be. Of course he was supposedly shot and we all know they just smuggled some stanley knives on board and definitely didn't have help getting an arsenal aboard. And there were the tickets being bought by Nick Berg at Oklahoma University, before his tragic decapitation. In Iraq.

You know what else wasn't on the flight? Atta's luggage, because he'd taken a late connecting flight and almost missed his date with destiny, and his luggage was more fortunate. Which is in no way suspicious. Unlike the "I did it" kit he left in there. A pilot uniform. A "how to fly" video. His ID. A Qu'ran. A motherfucking will, which one must presume he intended to survive him, it being a will and therfore null and void in the event of incineration in a place crash. So it was meant to survive, and the aggregate of the luggage was meant to carry a message.

Atta, now he's an interesting character. Luckily we have the testimony of his pink-haired stripper girlfriend, and the corroboration of their landlord and his wife, one of her co-workers, and the testimony of various other neutrals, as to what he got up to during his stay in florida. Yes, somewhere there is a picture of Mo Atta being touched up by a transvestite. That's right up there with Hillary Clinton's "posture photo" and whatever Craig Spence was filming on the list of things you ain't never gonna see. Talking of Craig Spence brings me briefly onto sexual blackmail by the intelligence services, and Amanda Keller's claim that the boss of the strip club was using the back room to film local bigwigs in flagrante. But she tells a lot of stories. Only some of them are supported by others. Atta killing her kittens and leaving them hacked to pieces all over the flat, that's backed up by her fellow stripper. Atta humping her foot in her sleep, that's unverifiable. But it sounds like the sort of thing he might do. One thing all the stories have in common, apart from him being unpleasant and his associate Marwan al-Shehhi being a nice guy, is that he's always a gangster, whether a waitress describing his bling, or his moll describing his possessiveness, the gangsterishness always comes across. On the other hand one thing which never turns up is a Qu'ran. He occasionally manages to mention religion when he's telling his girl to keep her mitts of the local talent, but there's more accounts of him with a crucifix than a Qu'ran. And presumably he was a master of bilocation, in that his motel bedroom had people in it long after he'd left, at the Comfort Inn, according to the landlady.

Probably all just taqiya, you know, religious deception. Of course none of that explains why the FBI have been so eager to cover-up his activities, as they have been. Even innocent things like renting a car are covered up, with the feebies placing him on the other side of Florida. Not a new thing. Colleen Rowley's investigation into Moussaoui was so thwarted that her colleagues allegedly joked about bin Laden having a mole in the FBI, which is obviously absurd. More likely to be the other way around. And there was O'Neill, and Randy Glass who was told by the Pakistanis that the towers were coming down, and all the rest of them. And Dave Frasca who was promoted, apparently as a direct result of stopping investigations into what was going on at flight schools. And whatever was going on with Delmart Vreeland. And there was the official investigation after the attacks, the one that decided sources of funding was "of little practical significance", that one. Although rules against financing were one of the main things introduced and used to persecute after the attacks. Mind you, the first one convicted under the new terror funding laws was none other than Chiquita, formerly the United Fruit Company, the ones who gave us the term Banana Republic, who

But, the commission. Good to see Richard ben-Veniste still in employment. Hope for all the aged. And, once upon a time, the lawyer of Barry Seal. Cribbins! These people do get about. In one thing, in the next. Like Fred Lee Crisman. One minute he's writing about being in a bomber crash which somehow ends with him being slashed in hand-to-claw combat with Deros, of Shaver Mystery fame, then he's involved in the first major UFO sighting after Kenneth Arnold's, at Maurey Island. Then he's in real trouble, in with the Killing of the King, JFK. Well, maybe, as must inevitably be the case with professonal liars. A likely explanation is certainly that he simply peddles absurd disinformation. Assassinations, Shaver Mystery and, I must say again, whatever's going on with UFOs, is a diverse range of activities. If Shaver and UFOs are separate. UFOs could well be some form or disinformation in their entirety. For cold war spy planes. Antigravity craft. Ionocraft used in MILABs. I don't know. A bit of ignorance a day keeps the gibbous abominations away. Yes, the commission. The director was also a witness, The chairman Kean was a Texas oil man and business associate of Khalid bin Mahfouz. And the co-chair Hamilton was the one who cleared the first Bush over the October Surprise. Back when Iran were our friends, illicit nukes and all.

But Atta didn't have any trouble getting into America. Had a whole host of ways in. Could have come in through the CIA getting Springman at Jeddah to issue visas, or could have come in through flight school visas as the paperwork says, and actually got a hand in through CDS. Poor old Atta was stuck in Cairo until plucked from obscurity by a mysterious German couple, and taken off to Hamburg where he was recruited into a "Us-German exchange programme", unhindered by being neither German nor American (a tendency for which CDS International had been congratulated by Henry Kissinger himself), under the auspices of the Carl Duisberg Society, administering the joint government programme. So Mo was in this "Congress-Bundestag Exchange" programme, specifically aimed at taking people between the two countries, although it allegedly only paid for Atta to tour various parts of the Arab countries. During which he built himself a legend as a fundamentalist. Even grew a beard. Obviously didn't agree with him, as he didn't keep it. Why he was plucked from obscurity is anyone's guess. Much like Mujahid Menepta, aka Melvin Lattimore, plucked from the American prison system where he was serving a lengthy prison sentence for the minor crime of violently robbing a bank. Rescued by the FBI, he was employed by his benefactors to go and infiltrate the Oklahoma Islamic underworld and ferret out extremism as a black muslim convert in a state only settled by white people to stop a majority black state coming into existence in America. That's not strictly relevant. What's relevant is that he did his job so well that Zacharias Moussaoui claimed he was being set up by the FBI because Lattimore and Nick Berg were pressuring him. He was so successful that he managed to infiltrate numerous terror plots, his credit cards were used for the first attack on the World Trade Centre in 1993, he was seen with the people behind the OKC bombing, and even took Timothy McVeigh and Mohammad Atta to the same Motel, the curiously named Dreamland motel, to have their secret meetings. Of course, he didn't actually thwart any of these outrages, but he infiltrated them like a boss. And all while raising a son as a professional-standard American-rules football player. Dreamland is a good name for a place to sleep. And the name of Area 51 or part thereof. Just a nomenclatural coincidence, like Oswald frequenting The Bluebird in Japan.

But, Atta. Kitten-killing, foot-fetishist, coke-snorting, pork-eating, probable mass-murderer Mo Atta. So, plucked from his moderately successful academic career, he finds himself working in an "exchange programme" for the German and American governments, flitting about the middle east doing who-knows-what. While in Hamburg, living for at least half a year with the anonymous couple who plucked him from nowhere into a life of international intrigue, he ends up involved in the Hamburg cell, allegedly a group of fundamentalists involved with Abu Hamza, accused of working for MI6. Somehow he ends up in Florida on a visa as a student pilot, or so says Rudi Dekkers, although already a pilot and seen to be teaching other people to fly, and consorting with Germans of no apparent religiosity, such as international criminal Wolfgang Boehringer, of the aforementioned "You can't arrest me, I'm with the CIA". And their mate Jeurgen. The German. And he was e-mailing defence contractors. And he might have attended the International Officers' School at Maxwell AFB, or not. Anyway, he ended up at a flight school in Florida, owned by a mysterious alleged former insurance salesman whose plane was used to smuggle drugs and operated by a wanted fraudster from Holland. Three weeks later the owner's plane is busted in Central Florida with a record-breaking haul of heroin on board. It's flown in from South America, as it has done weekly for the best part of a year, hired by someone who pays in cash, allegedly. The pilot nonchalantly chats on his phone as the DEA agents level their machine guns on him. When they arrive to search the buildings owned by Huffman, Hilliard's aviation company, he yells out "Hide all the drugs!".

But how come Melvin Lattimore, who drove Atta to the Dreamland motel, was involved in OKC? He was infiltrating Islamic terror plots, right? How does that cross over with the crazy racist patriot militia scene? Well, there's "John Doe 2". And there's Ramzi Yousef's connections to Terry Nichols. John Doe 2 is rumoured to be Husseini al Hussein, who was a baggage handler at Boston Logan airport on 9/11. Yousef might have met Terry Nichols. He went on a trip, our Nichols, to the Phillipines, apparently on short notice and leaving instructions for what should happen if he were to fail to return and his life insurance were to refuse to pay out, he also tried to smuggle stun guns onto his outbound flight. He got to his destination, visited his mail-order bride, was in the same places at the same time as Ramzi Yousef, who was at that point allegedly planning a 9/11 style simultaneous hijacking and plane-missile attack. One of the planes allegedly planned to be hijacked was the one he was going home on, and which he'd planned to have stun guns on. I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Not his first trip to the Phillipines, he'd been before just after getting out of the army, when he'd gone to meet his new wife and his movements had also coincided with alleged al-Qaeda members. Oh, and he spent some time at a flight school too.

And there's the other hijackers' stuff. Perhaps they want to keep us looking at Atta, as they called him the ringleader. There were al Hamzi and al Mindhar, they were in San Diego with el Bayoumi, the Saudi GID agent, who knew Abusattar Sheikh, which links to Hussein al Attas and then to Nick Berg. Fancy-dan Saudi officials were seen at the hijackers' places in San Diego and Virginia more than once. Now, Hamzi and Midhar were in Malaysia for a meeting allegedly about the USS Cole bombing, where they met Khalid Sheikh Mohammad and the head of Jamaat e Islamiyah, and that took place in a property belonging to al-Attas. Abusattar Sheikh was an FBI informant in San Diego, he housed a couple of the hijackers, he also owned the house rented by the Heaven's Gate cult, which included Nichelle Nichols and whose mass suicide was triggered by an FBI RVer.

But these lads had some training. Not just flight training. Louia Sakra was giving them NATO training in Turkey, the one of them was trained by the psychic spy Burt Rodriguez in the crazy Jedi ways of the First Earth Battalion. Apparently playing football is a good start to your commando training. OSama ran a football team, after all. And they were staying in the same hotel as John O'Neill in Spain for an anti-terror conference in 2001, so they were keeping up on their business. As were the Israelis who were following them about. Allomari was allegedly at Brooks AFB Aerospace Medical School, Alghamdi was at the Monterey Defence Language Institute, so they say, where the vice Chancellor one Lt Col Steve Butler said "Bush Knew of the Impending attacks on America. He did nothing to warn the American people because he needed this war on terrorism. What is...contemptible is the President of the United States not telling the American people what he knows for political gain", and that got him sacked of course. But maybe there weren't even any hijackers, perhaps it was all remote controlled planes, there's certainly that possibility. Yeah, there's some phone calls about them, allegedly, but most of those are highly dubious. Like the Solicitor-General Olson, telling big stories about emotional farewells with his wife, which the FBI says amount to a single call, length "0 seconds". They've changed their story a few times over all that. Some of the other hijackers didn't get training. Suqami knew how to handle a dildo, it seems. Still, he supposedly blew away an elite commando, so he probably didn't need any training. Ziad Jarrah it was who learned from Burt Rodriguez, the goat-starer. But he had an email address at a defence contractor so he might have already known his stuff. Obviously knew where to find occult martial arts instructors.

It was convenient, though. They had the plans to invade laid out before 9/11, so the Afghan plan might have gone to waste without the attack. OF course they've also got plans to invade Canada, it's something to keep the think tanks busy and retired generals have to do something. But they needed to get rid of the Taleban anyway, they'd just stamped out most of the drug trade, the growing season had just ended when the Invasion started so time was of the essence to get the Taleban out of the way in time for the next growing season. So only one growing season was lost to the global trade. Ruppert and Who Killed John O'Neill don't think that ever happened, I know, but they're wrong. You can't trust the American government saying it happened, true, but why would they lie in favour of the Taleban? Besides, no other plausible reason for war has been presented other than saving the smack trade. Drugs is what it's all about. It's what the rest was about, like the "Russian 9/11", too. Not to get back to the most important sport in the world, but the owner of Chelsea was also, after his time in the KGB, involved in the Russian 9/11, too, the terrorist attacks so-called, wherein the KGB bombed some residential buildings, as they were also shipping drugs along the railway lines in carriages of a BP subsidiary. As I said far above, the Taleban never really got on with Osama. Because they weren't in accordance with each other. Not just the extraditions and drug eradication, but the way the Taleban was founded. Rescuing kids from bacha bazi, the practice of the local paedophile elites. Back in force now, of course. America streaming in, after the elimination before 9/11 of Massoud and the revolt of the warlords against the Taleban, allowed the warlords to reassume control in the vacuum that followed, growing drugs, kidnapping kids, doing whatever they wanted. Both were allegedly fundamentalists, so-called al-Qaeda and the Taleban, but they had big differences. The reason's simple enough, the Taleban were originally academics who fought for their crazy beliefs, al-Qaeda have always been an intelligence operation. Like all the intelligence operations they use a lot of drugs and kids. And weapons, human and otherwise. As Chiquita, formerly United Fruit, have been arming death squads to do their negotiations for them in Latin America. They were the first ones convicted of funding terrorism after 9/11, for arming the Columbian death squads, and they were convicted of the same thing in 1928, having people killed. It's also a rare thing, a terrorist conviction of someone other than a mentally disadvantaged victim of entrapment. Hamas started that way, too, set up by the Israelis, like Facebook was set up by the CIA, Hamas being intended to split the Palestinian movement along religious lines between the Christian and Islamic populations. So it kept PNAC happy in the end.

A lot of exercises now, but not in Afghanistan. I think they do things for keeps in Afghanistan. I don't think they just simulated destroying their crops and raising the prices in Europe, whereas obviously 9/11 also had a simulated 9/11, as 7/7 had a 7/7 exercise organised by the Israelis and Peter Power, at the exact stations which were blown up. Power being an interesting personage. Some unknowable scandal in Devon, time in the anti-Terror Branch, on Panorama's special before 7/7 in which the BBC posited attacks on three tube trains and a tanker lorry. Like the Lone Gunmen episode with 9/11 happening. Precursor. The 7/7 exercise was paid for by the Israeli company Elsevier, I believe they were called. While Atta was funded by Omar Saeed Sheikhof the ISI who probably killed Daniel Pearl because he knew too much. Peter Power's still alive. It's all international of course. Israel helding smuggle arms to Iran, Condor coordinating South American death squads, Northwoods, Gladio telling Greek torture victims "behind the government is Nato, behind Nato is the Americans" and so on. Chiquita's transnational corporate conspiracies against Guzman, for example, just using the radio to trick the country out of democracy. Like the BBC in the General Strike, and the papers with the Zinoviev letter. Damn imperialist Guardian.

The CAP comes up in it, too. Strange. Always involved. Shepherded Oswald. Started in the CAP, ended in a building owned by the founder of the CAP.
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Re: I believe there may have been a conspiracy

Postby 8bitagent » Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:20 am

This totally sounds like a post I wrote in 2007.

When you take in the full breadth of the 9/11: A Space Odd-ysey, and try to take in the majesty of the Vesey and Church puzzle...this word salad is all we CAN come up with. Because nothing makes sense. Israeli art student/B Thing performance art, Memphis DMV gangs, PTECH and all related BMI-al Kifah-Brooklyn-Boston-el Nossair-Logan Furniture ballyhoo, the immense and over the top Saudi government involvement, Anwar al Awlaki, Norman Oklahoma and that whole David Lynch shit going on at the University(Moussaoui, al Hazmi, Melvin Lattimore, Nick Berg, Mohamed Atta, etc)
and on and on and on...it's enough to make ones head spin

Thats why people, even the most steely of liberals, stick with "dem' Ayrabs did it cuz we meddled in the middle east, yupyup"
and people who question authority stick with the "Bush and the CIA did it" paradigm.

Because otherwise...it's like staring into the abyss. When Mohamed Atta wrote that cryptic letter with strange symbols and the word "ROOM", perhaps he was staring into his own soul. Im sure I dont need to tell you the incredible true story of the direct connection between UFO death cults, America's remote viewers and the protection of the 9/11 hijackers(both Ronson and Madcowprod covered this)
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Re: I believe there may have been a conspiracy

Postby Lord Balto » Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:21 pm

I'm sure I don't need to tell you the incredible true story of the direct connection between UFO death cults, America's remote viewers and the protection of the 9/11 hijackers (both Ronson and Madcowprod covered this)

Funny, but Jacques Vallee is involved in reserach into both UFO death cults and remote viewing. Not that I have any idea what this might mean. Revelations is, however, an interesting read, if you are interested in how much of the more absurd UFO theories were/are financed by the CIA..
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