Damning Evidence of Buffett Role in 9/11

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Damning Evidence of Buffett Role in 9/11

Postby ulrichdebrus » Sun Feb 23, 2014 8:43 pm

The following is snipped from Government plans to use Flight 93 cockpit tapes in Moussaoui trial:

An official for NetJets, a company that sells shares in private business aircraft, confirmed that the plane tracking Flight 93 belonged to the company. The official, who asked not to be identified by name, said the company was asked not to comment on the Sept. 11 flight but would not say who made the request.

The owner of NetJets is one Warren Buffet who has already been linked to 9-11 due to the fact that A) GW went to see Warren first, at USSTRATCOM at Offut AFB and B) Buffet has his hands in remote pilotting via Mitre Corporation AND Berkshire Hathaway (pertinent given the experts that have sworn that the 9-11 planes were remote pilotted) and C) Buffet was entertaining at least one CEO (she etched one plane smack right into her office) from the WTC on 9-11 at USSTRATCOM whose command has been merged with USSPACECOM’s (NORAD – explaining the synchronous convenience to the perpetrators of that terrorism that NORAD never reacted) to provide a singular command system under the technical management of SI International.

Informative hyperlinks and the rest of this piece can be found here:

Damning Evidence of Buffett Role in 9/11
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