remember those helicopters

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remember those helicopters

Postby OnoI812 » Tue Feb 14, 2006 9:03 am

<!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE LINK END--><br><br><!--EZCODE ITALIC START--><em>Posted on Sun, Oct. 02, 2005<br><br>No evidence backs up reports of rescue helicopters being fired upon!!!<br><br>By Miriam Hill and Nicholas Spangler<br>Knight Ridder Newspapers<br><br>NEW ORLEANS - Among the rumors that spread as quickly as floodwaters after Hurricane Katrina,<!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>reports that gunmen were taking potshots at rescue helicopters stood out for their senselessness.</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><br><br>On Sept. 1, as patients sweltered in hospitals without power and thousands of people remained stranded on rooftops and in attics, crucial rescue efforts were delayed as word of such attacks spread.<br><br>But more than a month later, representatives from the Air Force, Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security and Louisiana Air National Guard say they have yet to confirm a single incident of gunfire at helicopters.<br><br>Likewise, members of several rescue crews who were told to halt operations say there is no evidence they were under fire.<br><br>To be sure, the streets of New Orleans posed real dangers in the days following Katrina. Many rescue workers said they heard gunfire; one doctor reports that shots came close enough to Charity Hospital that he heard the bullets hit.<br><br>But so many rumors were swirling that the facts still haven't been sorted out. A picture is emerging of heroic but harried rescue workers from dozens of organizations forced to make snap decisions with only slender threads of information and no reliable communications.<br><br>The storm created so much confusion that government officials cannot even agree on whether they ever issued an order to halt flights or other rescue efforts.<br><br>Sometimes the mere rumor that they had was enough.<br><br>On the morning of Sept. 1, Mike Sonnier was directing rescue helicopters at his company, Acadian Ambulance, when one of his pilots called to say the military had suspended flights after gunfire was reported in the air near the Louisiana Superdome.<br><br>Should he continue rescuing sick evacuees, leaving his pilots and medics at risk - or suspend his company's flights?<br><br>Sonnierimmediately shut down flights.<br><br>"Until I can confirm that this did happen or didn't happen, it's not a chance that I can take," he said. </em><!--EZCODE ITALIC END--><br><br>Reports were like the one above, claiming that it was all lies by the media... or the opposite , exhibiting rage that the animals would fire on the good rescuers who were only there to help.<br><br>Once again, as I always suspected , neither was honest reporting.<br><br><br>From this latest audio report, This 9th ward resident tells why people were shooting at the helicopters.<br>Seems much of the 9th was only under a few feet of water and those houses would by no means be totalled, so They were trying to use the Helicopters to push in roofs, and attempt to mimick hurricaine damage. The residents had to use shotguns to save their properties from further structural damage.<br><br>Sure seems to explain why they wanted to confiscate the guns and why the rescues were so slow...they had other priorities.<br><br><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE LINK END--> <p></p><i></i>
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