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Postby stackdag » Fri Jan 25, 2008 5:15 am

I'm dissapointed to see that
is offically no longer available after being hacked more
than a few months ago.

Does anybody know what happened?

The forums on the site were a great place to keep the franklin
and gosch cases alive and in discussion.

I guess there's still, but there's no forum.

In any event for those interested there's a new book on the franklin
case coming out called "The Franklin Scandal, a Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse, & Betrayal" by Nick Bryant

Also I found this site recently

Which has the Bonacci interviews by Ted Gunderson posted.
Actually if you go to google video you can find them as well.
I found the second half more interesting than the first half.
Although it was very intruiging to see both, in the first video
Bonacci explains his multiple personalities very in-depth and in
the second video he recounts events and names public officals
he saw at Lawerence Kings after parties. Very shocking to hear
what he has to say about George Bush Sr.

Another site I've been checking out is

While this woman's story isn't super directly tied to Franklin/Gosch...
I seem to remember some possible connections between characters in the INSLAW/PROMIS software scandal and Franklin.

Allegedly Micheal Aquino, Sam Soda, Sid Siemer and some others might have dealt with Lawrence King, but I might be wrong on that. At best the Hamlin/Siemer connection to Cabazon seems to point to some alleged Satanic Activity with ties to the military, which is very similar to some of the things which allegedly happened in the Franklin/Gosch situation.

Regardless I hope this woman can get some traction and win the battle she's taken on by getting some justice in her father's murder case.
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