Jersey Case; Lenny Harper ex RUC ??!... Uh Oh...

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Jersey Case; Lenny Harper ex RUC ??!... Uh Oh...

Postby dickdecent » Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:13 pm

I don't know anything either way about our Lenny...
He seems a nice enough chap, sincere, thorough, commended by the Met four times for his Detective work.

This article from the Irish Free Press about the [very much covered up] Kincora scandal doesn't seem to bode well for the reputation of ex RUC members tho'. Some of whom were inplicated in at least covering up if not worse.

This article gives a clue to what's really been going on in Jersey.

Who will be appointed to the independent enquiry... ?

Haven't had chance yet to check this guy's cridentials... but Bellwood was sacked in May last year for trying to uncover abuse at another Jersey children's residential Unit see here

i.e. NOT Haut de la Garenne, and NOT 'Heathfields' [where the Evil Maguires held their reign of terror] OR 'Blanche Pierre' [The Maguires were here also] but a Res.Unit called 'Greenfields'

Those interested in 60's and 70's under Tilbrook, may like to see this page, again from the Irish free press site.

If only I could have the faith in Lenny everyone else seems to have...
Bit short on faith generally in my neck of the woods tho'
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