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Devil-worship in rural Northwest

PostPosted: Mon Mar 05, 2012 10:45 pm
by Inkwhyring
This is not a news(paper,or otherwise)story,it was told to me by my best friend.I know she is neither delusional,or a liar.A few years back,she started seeing a guy "Tom",and eventually moved in with him,he had a small piece of land he bought from his mother,in woodsy,rural Oregon.As a year or so passed,she began to notice strange sounds,and lights,in the woods at night-scary,as Tom was always out of the house when it happened,and he claimed he'd never seen,or heard anything.Eventually,she worked up the nerve to investigate,by creeping deep into the woods toward the sounds/lights.She could tell it was human voices,and a 'campfire' as she got closer.What it was,was a group of people wearing hooded robes,the chanting reaching a feverish pitch,as they moved about the fire.A small goat was killed,and the blood smeared on their faces,by the mother,who was apparently the group leader.She heard them using the term Beelzebub,but mostly,just Satan.She was stuck there for about an hour,afraid to move lest she alert them to her presence.At first Tom denied what she had seen,but eventually admitted he and his mother were practicing devil-worshipers.He also said that it was passed down from generation to generation,and is actually quite prevalent in the Pacific Northwest,in rural areas.I do not know of any crimes committed,but it does exist.Creepy,huh?