Cops slander grade schoolers

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Cops slander grade schoolers

Postby Inkwhyring » Wed Aug 08, 2012 3:25 am

There was a fight at my grandsons' grade school recently,and somehow the cops showed up(there was supposedly a knife brandished by one of the boys)and a number of the kids were crying and upset over the whole thing,and apparently my grandsons 'lack of emotion' was noted by one of the cops,who are also now psychologists,even thinking themselves as profilers,just like on t.v.!,who made the comment to a school counselor,that "kids like that wind up being serial killers",and that they should not only keep an eye on him,but also might have a word with his mother(which she ever so helpfully,and with only the best of intentions,I'm sure,did)Can you believe the gall,and the stupidity,and easiness with which it was bandied about as gospel!?!That's what it's like in my town.I believe it's 4:20.
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