Lucifer's Lodge: William H. Kennedy audio interview

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Lucifer's Lodge: William H. Kennedy audio interview

Postby professorpan » Wed Jul 06, 2005 5:40 pm

I haven't listened to it yet, so I can't vouch for the material. I hope to listen to it tonight.<br><br>--<br><br>William H. Kennedy is a freelance writer and speaker on religious topics. Kennedy's corpus includes such subjects as occult history, secret societies, monarchism, cultural history and Traditional religious thought.<br><br>'Here Kennedy discusses his two books: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church and Satanic Crime: A Threat in the New Millennium.' (From The Grassy Knoll Radio). <p></p><i></i>
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Postby professorpan » Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:14 pm

A link might be helpful, huh?<br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br>Very interesting so far. Worth checking out, but skip forward through the cheesy opening music. <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Lucifer's Lodge: William H. Kennedy audio interview

Postby elfismiles » Fri Sep 20, 2013 3:51 pm

Was just alerted to this info by a listener... I'm not familiar with his work: ... lic+Church


Author William H. Kennedy found dead in his home
There is an unbelievable lack of information on this.

William H. Kennedy, the author of Satanic Crime - A Threat in the New Millennium and Lucifer's Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church
Lucifer's Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church , radio host of Sphinx Radio ( ) and regular guest on Dr. Stan Monteith's Radio Liberty,among other shows, was found dead in his home on August 14th.

Dr. Stan mentioned his passing briefly at the end of one of his recent shows,
saying only that William Kennedy had been a regular guest on his show and was recently found dead in his home at the age of 49.

The death struck me as highly suspicious, and since then I have been trying to find more information on how William Kennedy died. To my surprise nothing mentioning his death came up in a general google search, nothing on the death showed up in a news search, an image search, etc. Nothing.
I could not even find an obituary two weeks ago when I searched for it.

Finally found it today, a month after his funeral:


None of his sites, including the one for his radio show or his main page
or his facebook page have been updated with the news of his death.

The above book was based partially on the research of three Catholic priests who all 'died' shortly after going public with their revelations..

including Malachi Martin
read this review of the book for some background on the above: ... 63&channel =detail-glance&nodeID=283155&store=books


William H. "Teddy" Kennedy

William "Teddy" Kennedy passed away suddenly at home on August 14 at
the age of 48. Born on September 28, 1964 in Everett, William was one
of eight children of the late John and Eleanor "Honey" (Higgins)

A graduate of The Newman School with the Class of 1983, he went on to
earn a Bachelor's Degree from the University of Massachusetts. William
received his Master's Degree from the University of San Francisco and
later pursued post-graduate studies at the prestigious University of
Kent in Canterbury, England.

William was a writer, speaker, and documentarian whose work covered a
seemingly endless array of topics. He was the author of several books
and was a frequent contributor to academic journals. A popular guest
on radio and television shows throughout the US, Canada, and the UK,
William has appeared on The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel,
and The Biography Channel, and he was the host of his own internet
radio program.

Teddy was the loving brother of Maureen, Thomas, Jon, Pamela,
Terrence, and the late Robert and Mark. He was the loving uncle of
Christopher, Mark, Ryan, Alycia, Julie, Peter, Sabrina, and Kaityn.
William was well respected by his colleagues worldwide and will be
dearly missed by his family, close friends, and fans.

A Memorial Service was held on Saturday, August 17, 2013 at Our Lady
of Grace Church in Chelsea.

Customer Review

Lucifer's Lodge: Straight from the headlines!, May 22, 2004

This review is from: Lucifer's Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church (Paperback)

"Malachi Martin was correct in his assertion that Lucifer's Lodge exists within the Church of Rome. Unfortunately, there are no quick answers as to how to deal with this horrible state of affairs. Lucifer's Lodge is an ongoing problem. It is still in operation and should be of major concern to people of goodwill everywhere."
With that statement, William H. Kennedy closes his investigation into the sexual abuse crisis in the Roman Catholic Church.
One searches for the words..."shocking"? If only I were shocked. Things I was not prepared to believe of priests have turned out to be true. The time to be shocked passed with the reading of Goodbye, Good Men; Amchurch Comes Out; Lead Us Not Into Temptation.
"Inaccurate"? But I don't think that it is inaccurate. Some of the material in the book had already surfaced in research I had done over the last several years. Kennedy uses quotes from newspapers like the Boston Globe. The accounts of priestly sexual abuse that he uses to tell his story are familiar. Half way through reading the book I checked some of the unfamiliar sources and found them credible. He does use a few marginal sources which I would like to check further.
"An exaggeration" then? I've read too many of the press releases to even think it for a moment. Much of this has already appeared in the Boston Globe and elsewhere. Kennedy merely connects the dots.
In trying to sum up Kennedy's book, only one word comes to mind..."diabolical." And just maybe that is the only word that needs to be said.
A trio of priests--Fr. Malachi Martin, Fr. Al Kunz, and Fr. Charles Fiore--became aware that something was seriously wrong in the Catholic priesthood and began collecting data. William Kennedy came a bit later to join in the investigation, making it a foursome. Today all but Kennedy are dead. Fr. Kunz's death in 1998 was sudden and bloody; and the crime has not been solved. Fr. Fiore's health as well as Fr. Martin's declined immediately after the murder. Within 16 months Fr. Martin was dead, and Fr. Fiore was not well enough to continue the investigation. He died in March 2003. Kennedy states that a mutilated calf also found the morning that Fr. Kunz's body was discovered is the calling card or signature of Satanists.
Kennedy discusses the OTO and Aleister Crowley, along with Jack Parsons, AMORC, Rose Croix. He also mentions a cult called The Process Church, Scientology, Charles Manson, and Fr. Paul Shanley and so much more. The Processians were active in the Harvard Square area in the 1960's, which means they were active in Paul Shanley's stomping grounds. Later they moved to California near the headquarters of Charles Manson. There is some controversy over how much contact Manson and Shanley had with these cultists. What Kennedy does point out is similarities in rituals and some evidence of exchanges between them.
In fact similarities are the basis of what he presents. Essentially he offers information about which the reader is asked to draw his own conclusion. He shows, for example the similarity between the Alpha Omega House, a retreat house for wayward and displaced youth, and the Devil's Room at Loftus Hall. Both rooms, he believes, were used for ceremonies which included sex magick; and he explains how sexual rituals are intended to make the practitioner a god, and in some cases Jesus Christ come again.
He talks about the abuse of nuns which has not come out in the press, and a priest who concentrated on abusing young women who were studying to enter the religious life. He paints a rather different picture of Magdalene laundries than the one recently released in the press.
He speaks of ceremonies that took place in Catholic convents which are reminiscent of Rosicrucian ceremonies; and tells stories of prostitution within convents, lurking in the history of the Catholic Church. I have not yet had time to verify this.
He develops a very interesting line of reasoning centered on cults from the early days of the Church which preached a married Christ who had children, attempts to show how this heresy remained alive down through the centuries, and where it surfaces today, including in The Da Vinci Code.
There is a great deal in this book that will prompt further investigation. If he is correct in all of his assertions, it will explain a lot of what we are seeing develop in the culture. It will not exhonorate the Vatican, however. Once again it appears that Rome knew. Rome did nothing.
I was surprised that he did not touch on Eugene Vintras and on the Mariavites. Perhaps he had to keep the book to a certain length and decided to leave them out. Neither did he discuss the Paris occult revival. Possibly for the same reason.
What he has done is link the details of news reports to historical information and in that way tells his story. The bulk of the book is quoted material from a great variety of sources. It's a hard book to put down.
I wonder if anyone who had not done some investigating into the occult would take Kennedy seriously. It helps to already know about Crowley and Parsons and their relationship with Scientology, and a little about Masonic obediences, and the Mormon Church before picking up the book. Otherwise this seems just too fantastic to be true. I would expect those bloggers who poke fun at conspiracy theories to poke fun at this book. They would be wrong. Had the abuse scandal not been broken by the Boston Globe there is little chance this story would have been told because no one would believe it.
In the next several days, if all goes as planned, I will be looking at his sources on the web, which means that most likely the usual blogging won't get done. But we'll have to see how that works out.

Customer Review

Satanic Ritual Abuse and the Roman Catholic Church., June 30, 2004 By New Age of Barbarism "zosimos"

This review is from: Lucifer's Lodge: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church (Paperback)

_Lucifer's Lodge_ by William H. Kennedy is a highly disturbing book detailing various accounts of pedophilia and other forms of sexual abuse as well as Satanic ritual among Roman Catholic priests, as well as speculation concerning various Satanic secret societies and sex magic cults which have infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church. The author, a friend of Father Malachi Martin (who wrote a fictional account detailing Satanism within the Vatican, _Windswept House_), has unearthed many very bizarre and twisted details of the sexual activities of predator priests. However, unlike certain other books which have been made available detailing the sex scandals (particularly within the Boston Archdiocese under Cardinal Bernard Law), this book attempts to show that Satanic abuse may be involved. As noted in the introduction, by Tracy R. Twyman, throughout the Old Testament the ancient Hebrews encountered various depraved sex cults (which included bestiality, homosexuality, and pedophilia) which were repeatedly condemned by that ancient people and their God, Yahweh, as Satanic in nature. Satan, or Lucifer, is regarded by Christians to be a fallen angel, cast out of heaven for pride before God, and according to Christian doctrine has been trying to destroy Christ and His Church since its inception. Indeed, to instate the reign of Antichrist upon the Earth, Satanists seek a worldwide institution to serve as a vehicle for their diabolical plot. No institution could be more fit for that role than the Roman Catholic Church and its venerable hierarchy. The author distinguishes between modern day Satanists (of Anton LaVey's Church of Satan, for example) who are mere hedonists and self worshippers, and the more diabolical kind (unrecognized by modern day Satanists) who may engage in human sacrifice and sexual depravity. The first chapter of this book concerns the original "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s, a modern day witch craze, which brought many innocently accused into the spotlight. However, as the author notes, this original Satanic scare may have merely covered up the more diabolical kind, which currently may exist within the Roman Catholic Church. The author next considers some severely sick and disturbed individuals among the Roman Catholic priesthood. Many of these are sexual predators, although not all pedophiles (and quite a few are blasphemers as well). Perhaps one of the sickest individuals considered is that of "Father" Paul R. Shanley, a "priest" in the Boston Archdiocese, who engaged in pedophiliac and homosexual acts with countless victims (especially among disaffected and troubled youth), was an active member of the Gay Liberation movement, and whose perverted speech on "man-boy love" served as inspiration for the founding of the ultra-sick NAMBLA organization. This part of the story is particularly difficult to take, and the reader may feel him or herself having to retch several times over as he completes this most vile chapter in the history of pedophiliac priests. The odd thing about these priests is that nothing was done to defrock them and remove them from interacting with the youth by the Catholic hierarchy. In fact, many of them were given protection or variously re-assigned. The author also examines the secret psychiatric hospitals where many of these so called "priests" are sent to be "cured" of their diabolical disease. The author also shows how certain other priests within the Church, particularly those of a traditionalist bent, have been prevented from stopping the perverse actions and goings-on. Indeed, one Father Alfred Kunz, a friend of both Fathers Malachi Martin and the Dominican Charles Fiore, was found murdered, in ritualistic fashion (his throat was cut, having revealed the secrets of the brethren and a mutilated calf was found nearby), for having promised to reveal details of the pedophiliac priesthood. Much of this book is spent detailing various aspects of the secret societies involved in Satanic ritual and "sex magic". The author refers to these as "the underground sewer", referencing Saint Thomas Aquinas and his remarks on prostitution. According to certain heretical movements (and according to the popular book _Holy Blood, Holy Grail_), Christ may have been married as well as promiscuous and have spawned a bloodline. This is certainly the most diabolical of all heresies, attempting to mar the innocence of Christ. Indeed, even the Mormons have been known to believe such things, and supposedly a geneological chart detailing the supposed "bloodline" of Christ through the French and Merovingian kings can be found at their temple in Salt Lake City. The author argues that this cult has infiltrated the Roman Catholic Church as well, perhaps as far up as the Vatican, and refers to it (as did Malachi Martin) as "Lucifer's Lodge". Certainly this is a most disturbing revelation. The question remains as to what Catholics can do to reclaim their Church from the treacheries of Satan. Given the sorry state of the American Church it remains a difficult question to answer. The Catholic hierarchy, overtaken by liberalism and the so called "Spirit of Vatican II", continue to enact diabolic "reforms" within the Church and protect pedophiles and homosexuals. Indeed, many of the homosexual priests are blackmailed by the pedophiles into protecting their cult. Satan's serpents continue to move against Christ and His Church as well as climb the rungs of the hierarchical ladder making their way up to the Pope himself. Perhaps this is an indication that we are living near a time of great turmoil, as revealed in prophecy.

Another creepy part is that William H. Kennedy's body was found at his home on August 14th, which means that he may have actually died on August 13th, 2013. ... ostcount=1
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Re: Lucifer's Lodge: William H. Kennedy audio interview

Postby divideandconquer » Sat Feb 22, 2014 12:07 am

Regarding Kennedy's death, I found the following:

"I am a lifelong friend of William (Ted) Kennedy's and can offer a little information about his passing. His death is indeed sudden and mysterious. Ted was in good health. He had not received any death threats per se but he certainly had enemies who had threatened him with physical violence. Ted regarded these people as cranks and thought all people should live their lives as if they might be hit by a bus at anytime. He was no shrinking violet regarding his scholarship [...]

More recently Ted had been working to organize a trip to Peru with Phillip Coppens. Sadly Mr. Coppens passed away from a rare cancer in Dec. 2012. In his most recent undertaking, to the best of my knowledge, he was splitting his time between organizing material to create a documentary about former BU President and unrepentant neo-fascist John Silber and exposing ongoing sexual abuse and financial malfeasance in the Transcendental Meditation and Hare Krishna movements. One of his last articles alluded to his more recent scholarship about the TM group.

Ted had put SphinxRadio on ice for some time while working on other projects. He had many extremely controversial guests on that program. Often he reopened topics and debates that had been quiet for several years. One of his guests, G. Gordon Liddy, said that Ted had "brass balls" for daring to broach the subjects he did. Liddy is well qualified to make such an observation.

Also, one thing Ted never advertised is that he shared the Kennedy name with the Kennedy's of Hyannisport, MA. He was cousin to John F, Robert F., and his nick-namesake Edward M. "Teddy" Kennedy. He also had immediate family prominent in politics at the local and state level. I cannot attest to any intrigue or mystery surrounding that fact, but everyone knows of the tragedy and other unresolved questions surrounding the Kennedy family.

Lastly, Ted's scholarship is what may have gotten him in trouble. I am by no means saying there was any wrongdoing surrounding his death. Nobody knows the cause at this time. What I am trying to say is that although his work seemed preposterous and outlandish at first blush, it was always borne out with excellent research and fact. Authors who had sold many more books, such as Brad and Sherri Steiger, would defer to Ted. I personally watched him meticulously compile the sources for Lucifer's Lodge and, until the scandal broke, had dismissed my good friend as a kook. He was no kook. He knew about the operation of dark forces in the world and was never afraid to confront them. [...]

With Ted's (William Kennedy's) death, all four contributing researchers to Lucifer's Lodge are now dead. One of them , Father Alfred Joseph Kunz, was found murdered and his murder has never been solved.
'I see clearly that man in this world deceives himself by admiring and esteeming things which are not, and neither sees nor esteems the things which are.' — St. Catherine of Genoa
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