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Did Bush watch this movie?

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:41 am
by GDN01
"I will not stop. I will not falter"<br><br>Where have you heard this?<br><br>It was just in a speech in " The Parallax View", given by the Senator that is killed at the end.<br><br>And wasn't this movie just discussed here or on Jeff's Blog? <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=>GDN01</A> at: 2/26/06 1:58 am<br></i>

Re: Want to get this down

PostPosted: Sun Feb 26, 2006 4:55 am
by GDN01
Here are the words, found in an <!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="">online transcript</a><!--EZCODE LINK END-->:<br><br><!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote><strong><em>Quote:</em></strong><hr>I can think of no occasion<br>that has given me more pleasure. <br><br> <br> <br>We all ache for the chance<br>to be proud again. <br><br> <br> <br>I promise you I will not stop, <br>I will not falter, <br><br> <br> <br>till that march<br>has reached its destination. <br><br> <br> <br>Until, like Moses, I've returned to you<br><br> <br> <br>the promised land of liberty<br>our forefathers created. <hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END--><br><br>And yes, the movie was being discussed on Jeff's <!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="">blog.</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--><br><br>I just found it odd to hear those words in the movie. In case you don't know who else has said this, <!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="">here's a hint.</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--> <p></p><i></i>