375 Types of 'Flamer'

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375 Types of 'Flamer'

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Sat Nov 18, 2006 3:36 am

From a site all about flaming at online boards. At the original webpage each of these opens up with an example--


1) "leet" (or "1337"): Incomprehensible warrior, is hard to fight due to decryption requirement
2) (no name): some kind of super palooka, maybe?
3) Abused Delusion: An insane, delusional warrior
4) Abusive Mod: Self-explanatory
5) Actor: Warrior preoccupies with acting.
6) Ad Harpies: Indignateous warriors who remind people to click ads to support the site
7) Admin Deletus: Returns from a ban under a new name, implies negative things about the forum staff
8) After Hours: Warrior who fights when the fewest people are on, declares himself victor
9) Aikido: Gets enemy to rants about his/her side, then attacks using the contradictions presented
10) Airman: Hit and run warrior

11) Alternator, The: Warrior who creates his own army of supporters with extra accounts
12) Angry Swish / Rainbow Trooper / Whatever [Gay Ethnix]: Sort of like Ethnix, but accuses people of homophobia.
13) Anti-repostinator: Fights repostingators
14) Apparent Truth: Warrior who sums up the entire conflict in ten seconds, usually very poorly
15) Archer: Cowardly warrior who attacks someone on a forum they do not frequent, rather than the one they share with the victim
16) Argumentum ad Annoying: Pompous, formal debator
17) Assassin: An assassin
18) Assassin: Another assassin
19) Attention Whore: Subset of Troller
20) Authoritarian: Admin who attempts total control of their members, even off the site

21) Auto-Quoter, The: Revives his/her own past posts (linkage or copy and paste), treating them as pre-written, catch-all answers (even if they were previously disproven)
22) Autobiographer: Attempts to turn a forum into their own personal blog; Ego subspecies.
23) Back Biter: Only attacks leaving members; worthless, bottomfeeding cowards.
24) Back to Back: A pair of warriors who fight together as a team
25) Baffled: A confused warrior
26) Bake Sale: Warrior? Forum fund-raiser; often offers products
27) Balrog (formerly Forgotten Horror): The inverse of an Ent; a long-time warrior for more brutal times, far more combative than the average warrior (if brought to anger)
28) Barnicle: A fairly weak warrior who clings to a stronger warrior (possibly because they're very lonely)
29) Barratry Boy (or Girl): Warrior who uses legal threats
30) Baseless Bully: Brags of and threatens with his physical prowess... over the internet...

31) Best Friend: Weak warrior; tries to get along with everyone.
32) BEZARK: Warrior who poses as a lunatic member of his/her opposition's party to make them look worse by association.
33) Biased Truth: A regular liar by omission. Tells only part of the truth, commits straw man attacks
34) Bibliographer: Warrior who lists a large number of reference books and claims others' failure to read them as a sign their arguments are uninformed
35) Big Brother: A powerful, fanatic fourm member or group who quietly oversees the forum and rubs out offenders.
36) Big Bunny: Social warrior who overestimates his wits and often annoys more clued-in warriors (definition pending)
37) Bigot: Not a warrior; just a bigot
38) Bishop: A religious warrior who can actually handle himself in a debate and doesn't try to convert everyone
39) Black Knight: A brutal, powerful, and deeply anti-social warrior
40) Blowfly: Warrior seeking disgusting/macabre discussions to join

41) Blunt Truth: Warrior who thoughtlessly bludgeons people with the truth tactlessly
42) Bomb Maker: Warrior? Uses post tone and ambiguous writing to subtly insult someone
43) Bomber Pilot: A severe, typically unintentional derailer
44) Bouncer, The: A fairly relaxed mod/admin, provided things don't get out of hand
45) Braggart: Tries winning fights by alluding to how much better his life is. A blatant liar.
46) Bump Hog: Warrior? Bumps threads to the top of the listing.
47) Bumper Sticker: Fights solely with repeated slogans
48) Calamitous Guardians: Fanatic would-be protectors of their forum (detrimental)
49) Captain Fantasdick: Male counterpart to Strumpet. constantly talks of sexual exploits and his "unit"
50) Caroonist: Hieroglyph / Master of JPEG / Pictionary

51) Carrion Crow: Warriors similar to Back Biter. Try to get in on post-victory gloating in any situation
52) Celebrities: Literal celebrities
53) Center Stage: Troller
54) Centurian Groupie: Not a sycophant, but not a leader; something of a middleman
55) Chicken Little / The Gloom: Warrior convinced every fight is a sign the forum is doomed; rants about such.
56) Choke: Warrior who could be great, but always screws up the delivery of his attacks
57) Cincinnatus (aka The Reluctant Warrior): A pseudo-retired warrior who keeps coming out of retirement as a big act, in an attempt to give himself/herself more credit
58) Clueless Owner: Forum's true leader, but totally incapable of running the technical side
59) Come-back: A warrior who makes frequent dramatic exits.
60) Commercial: Warrior who advertizes his thread insistantly to get replies

61) Communista: Opposite to Capitalista
62) Compulsive Basher: A meanspirited warrior who attacks everyone she sees and never contributes anything.
63) Con Goer: Civilian; likes to meet people he meets online
64) Connoiseur: Warrior who believes his taste is better than everyone else and throws said opinion around
65) Constant Apologist: Weak warrior; collapses into apologising profusely no matter how annoying this gets
66) Convoers: A pair of warriors who purposely derail a thread into a personal conversation between the two of them
67) Cowboy: Is a cowboy-warrior
68) Crash Test Dummy: Purposely is as aggrivating within the TOS as possible
69) Craven: The epitome of all cowards
70) Crossposters of Gomorrah: You tell me. Some kind of horde, maybe.

71) Cudgel: A one-trick pony of a warrior; has one big attack, and is totally vulnerable should it miss.
72) Cut 'n' Paste: Warrior who argues solely by pasting articles
73) Cut and Paste: Weak warrior, pastes other people's writing instead of arguing themselves
74) Cyber-stalkers: Warrior who takes things from real life and posts them during a fight
75) Cynic: A highly pessimistic warrior, and openly so
76) Deep Thought: Wannabe Philosopher
77) Deleter (formerly Destroyer): Destroys entire forums
78) Delusional: A warrior with problems distinguishing fantasy from reality.
79) Demolisher, The: Warrior good at brief powerful attacks, but poor defense
80) Deposed Emperor: Former admin/mod, remains on forum to stir up trouble

81) Derailer: Warrior who inadvertantly derails threads
82) Derailer: A repeated, though unintentional derailer
83) Destroyer: Destroys entire forums
84) Devils Advocate: Fights for the underdog, switches sides should the other side become the underdog
85) Ditto: Copies and pastes articles instead of forming his/her own debate
86) Doormat: Weak warrior who rarely fights back; believes submission will cause attackers to lose interest
87) Double or More Poster: Posts the same attack repeatedly, back-to-back, in the same thread
88) Doublethink: Warrior who believes in two mutually exclusive ideas
89) Dragon: A vicious untouchable forum denzien
90) Dungeon Master: Role Player warrior who hijacks a forum to role play in the threads

91) Editor in Chief: Abuser of the Edit feature, to cover his tracks
92) Emoticons: Warrior? Someone who uses emoticons
93) Emotioperiod: Simplistic warrior who uses elipses and emoticons to leave gaps in their argument, which lead to trouble when others fill them in
94) Enigma: A single warrior who appears to have regular personality switches
95) Entertainer: Entertains instead of fighting, for the most part
96) Entitled: Rich civilian
97) Envy: Warrior jealous of another warrior. Develops personal vendetta.
98) Envy: Warrior jealous of another's stature, prone to abusive outbursts
99) Equilizer, The: A warrior who fights solely for the sake of fighting, and switches sides so he always represents the underdog
100) Ethnos Cerebrosus: Ethnic inverse of Ethnix

101) Evil Critic: A bastard who poses as a critic to harass people's work.
102) Excuse: Cruel warrior, tears into people and uses excuses to claim it's not insulting
103) Extremist: Expert in forum topic and good writer; dangerous to challenge
104) Faction Man: A warrior preoccupied with amassing a following/large tribe or faction
105) Fallen: A once mighty warrior who took a fall from grace and/or power
106) Father Figure, The: A strict warrior who keeps other warriors in line
107) Faux Aristo: Warrior? Pretends to be rich
108) Figment: Warrior silenced by being put on a restricted list
109) Firestarter: Oblivious warrior who regularly starts fights by accident or ineptitude
110) Flirt: Warrior? Flirts with people for the sake of flirting

111) Flyweight: Weak attacker, uses logical fallicies
112) Font-master: Warrior who is more preoccupied with fonts; may use them for an advantage
113) Forum Comedian: Entertains instead of fighting, for the most part
114) Front Runner: A fanatical fan of something, who changes his likes at the first sign of failure
115) Fugitive: Posts something offensive, then claims to having been framed
116) Furniture: Appears to be Ent or Royals
117) Gambler: Warrior who bluffs with fabricated odds
118) Gaydar: A flaming (no pun intended) warrior who is preoccupied with gay issues
119) Geezer: Old warrior; memory's shot
120) Genius: Warrior? A know-it-all.

121) Ghost: Returns from banning through friends
122) Ghostbuster: Warrior who attacks anyone s/he suspects of being Spectre
123) Gimmick: A warrior who picks a role for himself and plays it in character for the entire time he's on the forum.
124) Gladiator: Warrior who fights solely for the love of battle
125) Good Truth: Typically passive warrior; carefully points out the truth to educate and pacify
126) Gotham: Goth poster, often well-read and intelligent
127) GothGirl: A very goth female warrior, somewhat flakey, and all too willing to post personal information no one wants to read
128) Greedy Admin: Effectively wants to be the only owner of a forum on a particular topic
129) Guardian: Self-motivated defender of a forum (beneficial)
130) Gullible: Warrior? Very gullible person

131) Gumshoe: Defensive warrior who carefully studies his enemies to determine their nature
132) Hangover: Typically drunk or hungover when posting and makes it clear this is the case
133) Harrasser: Latches on to one warrior and harrasses them, sometimes offline as well
134) Hater: The inverse of a Fanboy; has an intense hatred of something and does nothing but attack it.
135) Hauteur: A cruel warrior, who delights in indirectly insulting others
136) Headhunter: Warrior who tracks down the best warriors he can find to engage them in combat.
137) Heathen Debator: Religious debator that opposes both Atheist and Deacon; middle-of-the-line religious warrior
138) Heteroguy: A warrior obsessed with a macho image
139) Hieroglyph: Communicates with pictures
140) Hijacker: Deliberate derailer

141) Himmler: A Xenophobe with an ego
142) Hitman, The: Assassin-like warrior, seems more like a ronin or freelance,self-motivated fighter.
143) Hitme: Target? Palooka?
144) Homey G: Supposedly poor, urban warrior. May resort to physical threats or discrediting others based on "street experience"
145) Honest Abe Linkin': Warrior, when caught in error, will post links to any friendly source no matter how disreputable
146) Housewife Warrior: Definition unclear. Something housewife-related
147) Human Shield: A warrior who mindlessly protects his owner
148) Hunter: A warrior whose ally lures his prey into an attack
149) Idiot with a Webcam: Autobiographer? Civilian
150) Idol: Perfect warrior. Popular

151) IMer: Warrior? Uses IM slang
152) Incessant Punk: Latches on to a single warrior and beats on them until they leave or concede to everything this warrior says about them
153) Incredible Hulk: Warrior who becomes unstoppable force of destruction when angered
154) Insidious: An evil warrior who lures people in to dark discussions for reasons unknown.
155) Insight: Warrior with uncanny ability to read people
156) Insomniac: Fairly unavailable warrior, abruptly posts on every thread, then disappears until the next bout of insomnia
157) Instant Oldbie: A new warrior who immediately elects him/herself to experience forum member status, often to the chargrin of others
158) Interferer: Can't stand fighting, attempts to insult people into stopping
159) Invincible Idiot: Ferrous Cranous/Stone deaf, but a bastard in either case
160) Jailor: Mod who makes a big show of locking threads. Absues power

161) Janitor: A mod/admin used to cleaning up the forum
162) Jealous Lover: Effectively wants to be the only owner of a forum on a particular topic
163) Jesus: Popular, good-natured warrior run off by the powers-that-be
164) JFGI: An aggrivating warrior/civilian; uses the forum as his/her own personal search engine
165) Jodo Kast: A subset of imposter, claims to be a has-been, rather than presently something.
166) John Hancock: A weak warrior, more preoccupied with their signature than anything else.
167) Just Bored: Warrior? A transient looking for brief entertainment
168) Kid Brother: A very young person on the forum; barely a warrior or even poster
169) Killfilter Warrior: Weak warrior, threatens to ignore others
170) Kitten: Has achieved special status due to being an intelligent or otherwise desirable woman

171) Knows Someone: Warrior who builds up credibility by association; alludes to knowing experts
172) Kraken: Powerful warrior who surfaces at random, attacking a single thread, then vanishes. Possible Godzilla
173) Ladies Man: Always brags about his latest sexual conquests, little else.
174) Lapdog: More of a forum pet than a warrior
175) Leech: Warrior? Posts in order to get things (typically digital in nature)
176) Leet Speaker: Warrior? Speaks in leet.
177) Librarian: Warrior who gains assistance on what s/he should say directly from friends or reference materials
178) Life Force: A forum member who energizes a forum with his/her presense, but leaves it dead after departing
179) Lingo: Warrior who speaks almost entirely in jargon; fairly aggrivating when not on a forum speaking the same jargon
180) Linker: Warrior who links people to very long articles and makes reference to them instead of debating themselves

181) Little Mother of All the World: Warrior? Self-appointed forum den mother
182) Lobbyist: Warriors who fight to get particular changes made; forum is directly tied to a company/entity looking for feedback
183) Long Jumper: A confusing warrior who leaps from what he knows into an obscure metaphor/comparisson
184) Long Story: Warrior who uses heavy obscure referencing
185) Lowdown: Warrior who demands brevity
186) LUEser: Unclear; appears to be some kind of perverted, net-saavy pack animal going by the descriptions.
187) Mac-10: A warrior who spreads arguments across several successive posts
188) Maniac: Bizarre warrior, often posts strange and amusing things though is serious
189) Marathon Sprinter: Warrior who attacks brutally at first but wears out quickly
190) Martian: A deeply introverted warrior, confused by social exchanges

191) Martyr / Sufferer / The Foundation: A volunteer who tries to keep the forum running smoothly; fights by complaining of being unappreciated
192) Masquerade: Warrior whose online persona is what they wish they were, not who they are.
193) Master of JPG: Communicates via pictures
194) MBA: Warrior who shows up on the board and tries to manage everyone
195) Meathead: Macho poster, relies on physical prowess to win in an online mental competition
196) Medic: A moderately strong warrior, mostly focused on keeping other warriors from getting too badly hurt and piecing them back together
197) Mercenary: A hired gun
198) Mid Life Crisis: Warrior who's reverted to an adolescent state
199) Mime: Waste of a warrior life, does nothing but post brief emotes or faces because they;re retarded
200) Mindbender: Slowly warps discussions to what they want them to be

201) Minelayer: More of a saboteur than warrior. Posts horrible links in such a way that they seem innocent.
202) Minutae: Warrior? Basically a geek; trememndous knowledge in some subject area
203) Mirror: Fights warriors using their own style.
204) Miss Sunshine: A very pleasent warrior, preoccupied with making everyone happy
205) Moderator: Warrior who is a moderator
206) Modus Morons: Some kind of hollow formal debator
207) Moral Cop: Paranoid warrior with skewed judgement.
208) Mosquito: Civilian; joins a forum to ask a question, then quickly leaves
209) Mr. Revolting: Posts over-the-top, repulsive, and/or insane posts, but as no one takes him/her seriously they don't get upset or ban him
210) Mule: Extremely stubborn; refuses to admit defeat EVER

211) Mute: Cowardly warrior who insults people via sig-lines, temporary avatar changes, and other subjective methods
212) My Younger Brother: A warrior who blames an abrupt and vile post on another person getting on his computer while AFK.
213) Namedropper: Fights by way of association
214) Napolean: Deluded into believing everyone is on his side and fights as such
215) Nazi Hunter: Warrior who quickly collapses into comparing their opponents to Hitler
216) Needs Respect: Similar to a Blowhard, demands respect without earning it. Weak warrior.
217) Newb Avenger: Warrior who punishes those who hurt newbies
218) Newb Avenger: Warrior who punishes those who hurt newbies
219) Ninja: Assassin-styled warrior
220) Ninja: Found in ranking forums, they anonymously and purposely rank things as low as possible to drop their overall rating.

221) Ninny Admin: A useless admin afraid to act
222) Noble Martyr, The: Warrior who dramatically destroys him/herself dramatically, drawing attention to the drama... for some reason...
223) Nom de Guerre: A warrior who plays the role associated with his/her chosen handle
224) Obscure: Warrior who fights entirely by allusion
225) Old Coot: An oldbie who does little other than pine for the good old days of the board
226) Oppressor, The: Malicious, weak warrior. Oppresses others, often with the help of a gang
227) Orochi: A warrior obsessed with the destruction of a forum
228) Orochi (version 2): See Orochi
229) Pacifist: Warrior who tries keeping things peaceful, but mostly avoids conflict
230) Page Wideners: Warrior? Someone who widens pages to annoy others

231) Paparazzi: Civilian private investigator
232) Paperboy: Warrior? Keeps people informed in a neutral way
233) Paranoid: Warrior who takes almost everything as a sign someone has turned on him, then overreacts
234) Parasite: Similar to a troller, this warrior latches on to a particular person and follows them from forum to forum
235) Partners: Two warriors sharing one account/handle
236) Patriot: Self-explanitory
237) Pedmin: Admin who treats the forum like a harem
238) Pedmin: Admin who grants favors to members of the opposite sex
239) Perry White (formerly Editor in Chief): Liberal user (sometimes abuser) of the edit function
240) Phantom: A warrior who always posts with the same handle (as a Guest) but never registers for an account.

241) Pharoah: Scam artist; will try anything
242) Pictionary: communicates only with pictures
243) Pinnacle: Makes superficial personal attacks on her opponents; often wannabe-royal.
244) Pirate: Transient warrior looking for pirated materials. Will mostly fight about whether or not they should even be looking
245) Poisoner: Seeks to destroy a forum, typically from a personal vendetta
246) Poker Player: Bluffs that he has a winning argument
247) Poll Taker: Warrior who puts up polls about what they should do in their personal life, often randomly attacks people for honesty.
248) Post Counter: Weak warrior, fights only to add more posts to his/her count
249) Post-Glutton: Warrior? Posts solely to get his post count up (jealous of me, obviously)
250) Power Player: Role Playing forum warrior; abuses the lack of automation in forums to be an overpowered character

251) Primadonna: Important and pompous forum member, abuses other warriors
252) Procrastinator: Warrior to alludes to providing further support or that he'll rewrite something better but puts it off
253) Proleteriat: Supposedly blue collar worker, uses his/her real life hardship to discredit others
254) Prophylactix: Warrior who presents both sides of an argument and disproves the opposition's
255) Protege: Varient of an Untouchable, a long-standing warrior who gets away with nastiness and has others excuse his/her actions
256) Quoter, The: Quotes other people or copies and pastes the work of others in combat
257) Rambler: An unintentional but eventual derailer
258) Rambler: Warrior who writes stream-of-consciousness, forgets what he's said, contradicts himself frequently
259) Rambo: Warrior who starts on a forum as a newbie, survives through long abuse, then annihilates everyone there
260) Rationalizer: A polite Ideologue?

261) Real Truth: A warrior either too stupid or honest to lie, but passive and unintentionally hurtful; is always truthful
262) Recently Coverted (aka Evangelista): Warrior recently having found religion, forces it down everyone else's throat
263) Referencer: Amalgum warrior who uses reference material in a thread to add credibility or outside the thread to discredit people for not seeking them.
264) Reformed: Reformed warrior now afraid of conflict
265) Refugee: Banned warrior from another land
266) Reposinator: Warrior? Someone who reposts old threads/posts to revive them
267) Returning Warrior: A long-absent warrior, in hiding due to being wounded in the past
268) Rival: Warrior who starts a competing site
269) Rodney Kings: Complain that everyone should get along
270) Roleplayer, The: Warrior who speaks entirely in the dialect of his character.

271) Roman Judge: Anti-political establishment, hates all collective ideologies.
272) Romeo: Warrior who privately tries to seduce other forum members; tends to get attacked by those he woos.
273) Ronin: A self-appointed defender of a forum (beneficial)
274) Ronin (version 2): See Ronin
275) Rubberneckers: Civilians. sort of like Lurkers, but they announce they're lurking in obnoxiously cute ways
276) Run On: Posts an entire conversation a few sentences at a time
277) Salesman: Civilian; sells things
278) Sarge: Any warrior who leads a group
279) Sarge: Warrior? Rank? Any warrior in a position of command over other warriors
280) Savior: A fear-mongerer out to "save" people

281) Schizophrenic: Acts significantly different from forum to forum
282) School Project: Civilian; joins a forum to ask a question, then quickly leaves
283) Schoolmaster, The: Strict forum member who demands everyone stay on-topic
284) Scum: Cowardly warrior who indirectly insults people in public
285) Self-Employed (aka Procrastinator): Posts heavily, due to having trememndous amounts of free time
286) Self-Styled Guru: Warrior who elects himself to experthood
287) Serial Offender: A repeatedly banned warrior, reallowed to (then shortly after rebanned from) a forum
288) Serial Offender: A repeatedly banned then unbanned warrior
289) Serious: A warrior who takes the fight offline
290) Sewer Spew: Spammer (post-storm, not advertising)

291) Short Attention Span: Skimming warrior who jumps into the fray, attacks blindly, and flees
292) Short Attention Span: Warrior who jumps into the fray, attacks blindly, and leaves.
293) Sicko: Warrior who twists what you say into sexual jokes; goal to offend.
294) Side Switcher: Inconsistant warrior, changes sides at a whim, for unclear reasons
295) Sinister Oracle: Cruel warrior, tears into people under the guise of being open and honest
296) Skunk: A script kiddie or general abuser of known exploits in a forum to aggrivate people.
297) Sniper: Mod/Admin who recognises troublemakers and takes them out quietly before they can begin causing havok.
298) Snob: Social climber, tries to build herself into a godfather/royal/mod
299) Sock Puppeteer: A warrior who invents a horde of dummy accounts to use as an army
300) Space Whale...?: ??? Some kind of chimera of warrior types?

301) Spectre: Warrior who only exists in spirit. Well-known warrior not welcome on a forum, and despite not posting there people are accused of being him/her.
302) Sportscaster: Acts as a play-by-play commentator on a fight, rather than joining in directly
303) Spring Breaker: Moron with a week to kill and only some unsuspecting forum to pass the time with; spammer, Skunk, etc
304) Spy: A foreign warrior (often sycophant) sent to spy on another forum
305) Squirrel / Trivial Beaver: Warrior who shoots for small, menial victories over a long period of time
306) Stalker: A poster with a personal vendetta against another
307) Stalker: Warrior? Sexual predator found lurking in forums
308) Stool Pidgeon: A planted spy represeting another warrior or group
309) Stunt Double: A warrior called in to post under another warrior's handle
310) Subculturist: Defines subcultures, attempts to maintain definitions; labels others

311) Super EgoSurfer: Warrior? Netzien who is preoccupied with getting his name out on the net; posts to that end.
312) Swaplifter Sally: Warrior? Rips people off via forum
313) Swapper Sue: Warrior? Uses the forum as a swap meet. Cheap/Greedy.
314) Tag-Team: A pair of warriors who always back each other up
315) Tech Guru: Admin who runs the forum's technical end; dangerous due to back-end access
316) Teh Idoit: Warrior who speaks an internet dialect common to Counterstrike
317) Teh Invinciblerer: NOT A WARIOR1!1! OMG WTF LOL THIS IS AN EXMPL3 OF WUT NOT 2 DO1111 OMG
318) Tephlon Menace: Defensive warrior; extremely hard to attack who counterattacks relentlessly
319) Thanker: Overly grateful newbie. Possible Sychophant
320) The 419: Not a warrior, but a scammer; named for the crime code used by Nigerian law enforcement for fraud

321) The Awkward Silence: Has beliefs which are strongly disliked by the forum, but doesn't know it until one day...
322) The Clique: A tight-knit group of warriors who defend and attack together
323) The Clique: A core of warriors who've been on a forum a long time
324) The Expert (aka Guru): Self-appointed expert on a topic, will constantly one-up anyone even idly mentioning something on the topic of expertice
325) The General: Organizes warriors from one forum for a strike on another forum
326) The Grim Reaper: A warrior whose appearence, for whatever reason, kills the thread.
327) The Kamikaze: Warrior who decides to go out with a bang. A big bang.
328) The Landlord: Member who is also owner of the physical server the forum resides on
329) The Manipulator (aka Traitor aka Retorse Marinetist): An evil, manipulative warrior whose sole goal is to cause as many casualties as possible.
330) The Missing Link: A linker? I don't know.

331) The Noob Cannon: Mediocre warrior who happens to be unusually good at attacking weaker warriors. Tends to attack newbies and weaker prey.
332) The Other Half: Speak for their spouse; echoes spouse's opinions in place of their own
333) The Risen: A banned, now undead warrior who keeps returning to a forum to fight
334) The Sheriff: Tracks down and punishes criminal offenders
335) The Tiny Voice of Reason: Unconfrontational warrior; wanders, stating his version of the truth but not forcing it down anyone's throat
336) Thread Killer: Warrior whose presense kills a thread
337) Thread Pooper: Warrior who always replies negatively to everything
338) THX - 1138: Fights using sound effects in forums which allow them
339) Tidal Wave: Multi-post warrior
340) Time Bomb: A warrior who exploded violently and never reverted to his previous, peaceful state

341) Tiny Tiger: New warrior who beats the ever-loving crap out of an unsuspecting oldbie
342) TMI: Warrior who gives you more details than you'd ever want.
343) Tough Guy: Challenges people to physical combat via the internet
344) Traders: Allied admins
345) Tragedienne: Psychotic warrior. Uses claims of emotional damage to evade retribution.
346) Trojan Mod: A malicious member who keeps their evil intentions secret until reaching modhood; unleashes a brutal attack on the forum upon promotion
347) Trojan Mod: Warrior who plays nice until given power; smites normal members with newfound power
348) Troll Gone Native: reformed troller
349) Trouble: Warrior who tries to incite flame wars
350) True Scholar: Rigid warrior only interested in the forum topic

351) Truth: Warrior who confronts others with "the truth"
352) U-Boat Kapitan: Evil Lurker
353) Undead: Repeatedly banned warrior who keeps beating the ban and coming back from the grave
354) Untouchable: A teflon warrior; for some reason, totally exempt from TOS, and it's clear they know it.
355) Ventriloquist: A warrior who generates a dummy account to agree with himself with
356) Verbal Juggernaut: Warrior slow to anger, but dangerous when attacked. Equally slow to calm
357) Veteran: Experienced, battle-hardened warrior.
358) Vigilante: A less-honorable self-appointed protector of a forum (typically beneficial)
359) Vigilante (version 2): See vigilante
360) Volunteer: Reluctant warrior, mostly tries to help the forum run

361) Voyuer: Evil admin type; sets things up to inspire chaos, then sits back and watches it
362) Vulture / Tiger: A territorial warrior obsessed with a particular topic or person
363) Wannabe: Imitates other warriors ineffectively.
364) Warcheif: A less-capable version of The General
365) Weasel: Warrior who bends the rules as far as he can by arguing he never really broke them
366) Welcomer: Possibly a warrior, though mostly a Lurker concerned with greeting new members
367) Wererambler: Similar to Jekyll/Hyde transformation, normal warrior is transformed into an angry Rambler upon sight of a key, personal issue
368) Whistler: Warrior who confuses his enemies
369) Winged Mokeys: Warriors summoned from all over the place to aid their master
370) Word-Bender: Warrior who purposely misquotes warriors, edits their words, or quotes out-of-context

371) Wormtongue: Manipulative, evil warrior; corrupts a victim
372) Wounded Down: former great warrior; some new event has reduced their time or put them in pain, damaging their abilities
373) Wrapper, The: Attempts to kill threads upon judging them off-topic.
374) Wrinkle: Warrior who assumes everyone else is younger and therefor automatically wrong
375) Zombie: An undead warrior. Opens with a massive initial attack, will deploy a wide array of counterattacks when its attacked is hacked apart
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Postby Seamus OBlimey » Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:09 pm

Wow Hugh, your shelves must be really neat. Still can't find an eco-worrier in there though. You got room for us?
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