3/11 suspect bomber framed?

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3/11 suspect bomber framed?

Postby Occult Means Hidden » Mon Feb 19, 2007 10:29 pm


from the article:

A Moroccan who ran the shop where most of the cell phone cards used to set off the bombs in the 2004 Madrid train attacks were sold said Monday he was implicated in the case as punishment for refusing to be a police informant...

At least two suspects in the trial were police informants before the attacks, and their defense lawyers claim the arrests were made under pressure to find a culprit...

"I condemn this attack categorically; I don't agree with this attack that takes the lives of people for religious, political and other reasons," he said.

"I live in Spain: This is like my country. Here, I live, I work, I eat," he said....
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