Is Larry the Cable Guy a NWO stooge?

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Is Larry the Cable Guy a NWO stooge?

Postby starviego » Sun May 20, 2007 3:57 pm

Terrorists attack in Northern Mexico, Larry the Cable Guy to the rescue


The film comedy "Delta Farce" has just come out. The plot:

Larry and a couple of buddies are army reservists mistakenly drafted onto a unit headed to the mid-east. On the flight over, they are accidentally air-dropped into Northern Mexico, which they at first think is Iraq. A couple of locals decide to take advantage of the confusion and use the soldiers to clear their village of bandits who are "terrorizing" the town. Scenes of the squad entering the village on a hummer, machine guns a-blazin' follow. By the team figures out their mistake, they decide to stay and fight the gang, as it's all about 'freedom and liberating others from tyranny,' etc. At the end, they are rescued by US Army commandos who arrive by helicopter gunships. A shot of a tv news show follows, which explains away the gaffe by declaring the whole thing just an extension of the war on terror.

So I guess its just a coincidence that a week later we hear of real bandits who are "terrorizing" a town in Northern Mexico: ... E_ID=55781
Mexican bloodbath raises fears in U.S.
Arizona towns alarmed by rise in attacks, rumor convoy headed north
"Mexican police killed 15 armed assailants in a fierce gun battle Wednesday after tracking a group that killed four policemen, leading to fears this morning that an armed outlaw convoy was headed to the U.S. border."

Another thing is the curious non-reaction of the Mexican government, media, or intelligencia, who are normally hyper-sensitive about even the thought of US intervention into their affairs, especially a military one. If there is any outrage at this movie south of the border, I am unaware of it.

Is there a larger agenda here? Maybe if the American public thinks it's OK for us to fight terrorists in Mexico, then the Mexican public might accept the presence of their troops here. It's certainly no secret there is a plan to merge us into an unholy North American Union(NAU), and remember that Mexican troops already crossed our borders to help provide 'relief' in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. So when race-riots break out in couple of years, and our own troops are stretched too thin to do the job alone, don't be surprised to find jack-booted amigos from down south heading this way, who will have no trouble gunning the gringos down in masse.
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Postby DEMENTED SOCIETY » Sun Jul 20, 2008 3:07 pm

I find it kind of hard to fathom that Larry the Cable guy would be part of the NWO especially in light of some whacked out comedy movie.....but then agian stranger things have happened.
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