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dismantling "pakistan" and re assembling the bits.

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:02 am
by bigearth
dismantling "pakistan" and re assembling the bits

ok, so here's the plan:

"pakistan" is a false state created by the british and, i deeply suspect, designed to divide (and therefore to rule) these peoples. specifically look at how the punjab was disected.

here is my plan:

"jammu & kashmir" to finally be made into a sovereign state. (the bit to the north and east of the brown punbjab).

the pakistani punjab to be joined with the indian punjab and also made into a sovereign state. (india won't like this, but hey, no more "pakistan"!)

the sind province to be made independent OR added onto india (not entirely sure about that one yet).

create an independent balochistan (the pink bit). this will mean pissing off the iranians and carving off a chunk of i-ran, but wtf, it free's them off the troublesome seperatist balochi's once and for all.

now for the interesting bit, and the relevance to bu$h's war of terror.

the light green bits inside pakistan, these peoples are pashtuns, essentially afghani's (even tho "afghanistani's" are a mix of pashtuns (south and south central, the green bits), hasari's (mostly central, the descendents of ghengis khans mob), uzbeks' in the north west and tajiki's in the north east.). this is where "al queda" and the "taliban" are hiding and have been so for seven f*cking years! (also known as "FATA" to the south, and NWFP to the north)

soooo, we ADD the green bit of "pakistan" to afghanistan. now this means we can clear out the NWFP and the FATA and find that bastard zawahiri and his cronies!