University Town of Halifax linked to Chemical Weapons Plot

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University Town of Halifax linked to Chemical Weapons Plot

Postby Transient » Sat May 02, 2015 11:14 am

ABSTRACT: On the night of January 20th 2015, Ottawa Police arrested a man who had driven from Halifax to Ottawa in a cube van. It was suspected that he was carrying a large stash of improvised chemical weapons in it. The hotel he had checked in at Ottawa was evacuated. And very large quantities of hazardous chemicals were found at his properties in the outskirts of Halifax. Twenty five homes in the vicinity were evacuated. Despite this happening in a nation best known for collective paranoia and cowering, the mainstream media coverage was fairly muted, and the tentative motive was assigned to “mental health issues.” Apparently, it got leaked early on, that the person in question was an American, an ex-military expert on chemical weapons, living in the quiet University town of Halifax. And the arrest was the result of a tip. Assuming the initial tip had never been made, would things have been different? Would there be horrific loss of life in Ottawa? Were ISIL/Taliban patsies lined up for the ensuing drama and grandstanding? Would draconian “anti-terror” bills be rushed through parliament? Would the resident Canadian Prime-Minister “harp” Canadians into fighting wars oceans away? This post is an analysis of media coverage to date.
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