Look who's recruiting for jihad

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Look who's recruiting for jihad

Postby Sept » Wed Dec 20, 2006 6:14 pm


On december 11, news were (quietly) released that Egypt had expelled eight French nationals, and two Belgians, "on suspicion of links to a terror network which allegedly recruits Muslims to fight the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq" (AP). Along with these ten, were arrested "an unknown number of Egyptians and Arabs from other countries who were accused of belonging to an Islamist terror cell plotting attacks". And, a US citizen, and another frenchman. These last two represent an interesting case which we'll address in just a moment. According to the Egyptian police, all these people had registered at the huge Al-Azhar university in Cairo for Islamic classes, but used their presence there to talk fellow students into either going to Iraq to fight the US occupation army, or planting bombs in selected locations.

The Al-Azhar university in Cairo.
French minister of interior Sarkozy chose it to train the french imams in 2003.

For now, it is interesting to note that this piece of news never made the national media, either in France, Belgium, or the US. Only the International Herald Tribune ran the AP release, and Le Figaro published an article, with the decency to note that both in France and Belgium the alleged terrorists were freed upon arrival, and to question that hasty release. That's right : no investigation by the French nor Belgian authorities, nor questions asked. Within a few hours all these ten people, officially accused of plotting terrorist attacks by the Egyptian police, were free. Reality deniers will have to assume that all ten of them had titanium alibis for everything, as in France one spends 48 hours in custody for being accused of plotting a burglary... Others will note that something fishy stems from this release of people facing such accusations from a country allied in the so-called "war on terror". Incidentally, the Pravda reports Egypt to be quite furious over the quick release of all of the men they rendered, which could look like a logical reaction if you look at it. Let's not forget that when western intelligence agencies render suspects to Egypt, at the very least they get premium torture treatment for a few months, as contracted. But France and Belgium don't act that way : you give them suspects, they free them immediately. That 'Land of the Human Rights' reputation must be for real, after all, but what a waste : ten detainees could entertain an Abu Ghraib squadron for a full week...

By looking at the situation we need to assume that these ten are fully innocent. Or there's something else. Questioning the event leads us to take a look at the remaining two suspects. These two are even more interesting, especially the US citizen (absolutely zero detail was released as to the frog-eater. We're left to assume that his presence there, conspiring at stabbing the US Army in the back, just proves that's what these cheese manufactors like to do : bite the hand that saved their buttocks in WWII).

The arrested US citizen is "Grey Warren", as named by Egyptian police. Grey Warren, from Ohio. Doesn't sound like the usual osama arrested as ringleader of the now usual hollywoodesque plot (my favorite is "they were going to flood New York by blowing up an underwater tunnel"). Doesn't even sound like the convert who was going to behead Canada's Premier with his bare hands, but we have to hang to that name as no other element was released. Actually, "a State Department official would not confirm whether the name given by the Egyptian security official was correct, citing privacy laws". Excuse me ?!?

At this point we need to take a closer look at the situation : a US citizen is arrested in Egypt by the anti-terror police, who accuses him of recruiting Muslims to send them to fight in Iraq, against the US Army. Wouldn't that make him a traitor to his country, in time of war? In my world, it does. But for the US State Department, what's important is the man's right to privacy. You find this interesting? just wait.

According to the Herald Tribune, Egyptian newspaper Al Ahram, "citing government sources, also said the American was being questioned for possible links with al-Qaida No. 2 Ayman al-Zawahri". Possible links with Number Two himself? It looks like we've got a good candidate for a one way ticket to Guantanamo, doesn't it? I guess the FBCIA can't wait to grab him for a session of the "frat jokes" that made Lynndie England a celebrity? Right? Well, something tells me it ain't so.

That something is that AP news release again :
"In Washington, the administration said Monday it expected an American detained in Egypt as a suspected terrorist to be freed.
"Our expectation is that he will be released and that he will be able to leave Egypt," said State Department spokesman Sean McCormack"

"Our expectation is that he will be released and that he will be able to leave Egypt"
"Our expectation is that he will be released and that he will be able to leave Egypt"
"Our expectation is that he will be released and that he will be able to leave Egypt"

Sorry for pasting this thrice, but come on... A possible high level member of what 'they' are supposed to fight with billions of dollars and thousands of deaths is in jail in Egypt, and the expectation of the Bush administration is for him to go free? No investigation ? No harsh treatment as an example to the jihad wanna-bes in the US or elsewhere? No normal treatment of someone accused of conspiring against his own country, in time of war? No indignation on CNN, no "we'll make sure that this person who, although an American, could be an enemy combatant, will receive a fair but pitiless trial"?

No. "Our expectation is that he will be released and that he will be able to leave Egypt". And quasi-complete silence from the media.

Who is this Grey Warren? Another Michael Meiring?

Who exactly is planting these bombs all over the Middle East, and who is recruiting Muslims for the so-called Jihad ?[/img]
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