I mourn my poor friend Silly

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I mourn my poor friend Silly

Postby overcoming hope » Fri Feb 06, 2009 3:29 am

I enter a rank den of fatties that eat Doritos and fail to wash properly. They are nice girls, morbidly obese, and really friendly. ‘Something sure smells good’, I say. ‘We just cooked some burgers on the skillet!’ they shout, some of the ladies are still eating when they inform me and I am sprayed with flecks of hamburger. I work my way through the sea of flesh to the kitchen, open it up and, Tang! I’m a maniac for Tang! ‘The saint leeches untruths from their oily slits’, a spooky voice whispers and I almost drop my cup of Tang. What the fuck was that? I’m ready to debate this spook and show her the light. ‘Deeds we form’, spoke spooky. I call her spooky in my mind just to calm myself down; I wouldn’t dare say it aloud. Shit, maybe I shouldn’t even think it. All suddenly a wind pushed me off my toes and I see her transparent in the doorway. She looks like a million bucks the cat dragged in. She must of died of from a drug over-dose, not on some bullshit either, probably some real primo stuff. She silently moves towards me, ‘A praying mantis sits atop a silo filled with labias.’ Now that’s just weird, she has a purse? A ghost purse, no stranger than having ghost clothes I suppose. I’ll be sure to always dress stylish, it would be bad enough being a ghost, no reason to look lame. Oh I mourn my poor friend Silly, who died naked. If he floated by your window you would just think he was a pervert.
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Cheese Mantis

Postby §ê¢rꆧ » Tue Feb 17, 2009 3:04 am

Cheese Mantis

A relative of the praying mantis the cheese mantis lives off of the solids produced by yeasts
Risk distribution are words secreted in indications of the precognition of conspiracies afoot
Target propagation of wood soldiers and a slew of ghetto gangsters stirring insurrection
Flooding the killing field
Abbreviating words beginning with the letter f
The letter r is behind the dilated larynx of a whore kneeling at the wallet of a prison warden
A head of substance
Telling desperation
Seeing the sellout
Neighboring on devolvement

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Postby barracuda » Sun Jun 21, 2009 1:46 am

I know it's silly, but I'm startin' to miss that ol' guy myself.
The most dangerous traps are the ones you set for yourself. - Phillip Marlowe
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