Serbia, Michel Collon and Misha Glenny

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Serbia, Michel Collon and Misha Glenny

Postby ChurlishBeaver » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:42 am

Much of my understanding of the conflict which led to the break-up came from reading the "Fall of Yugoslavia" of 1992 by Misha Glenny ( ... edir_esc=y). At that time, while my world view caused me to oppose the wars against Iraq in 1991 and 2003, it was as also such that I got taken in by 9/11 and didn't see through it until 2008. As a consequence I erroneously supported the invasion of Afghanistan and much of the "War on Terror" until then.

The view I had held on the former Yugoslavia is contrary to much of what is now written on including what has been written in an article on Syria "The United Nations and the Houla Massacre: The Information Battlefield" of 12 June by Ronda Hauben at :

In his book “Liar’s Poker”, which analyzes the role of the media in the Yugoslav war, Michel Collon writes “Information is already a battlefield, which is part of war.” He writes that in 1991 the Slovenian government created a “media center which unleashed a flood of disinformation to international correspondents.” (8) This disinformation created a false narrative about what was happening and about who was responsible for the violent acts that killed many innocent people. The false narrative was then used to provide the justification for foreign intervention on one side of the conflict.

Also Collon documents the use of US public relations agencies to help mold public opinion in favor of the Croatian and Muslim nationalists and as media warfare against the Serbs. In a striking way, Collon shows how “a massacre happens unexpectedly each time certain Western powers plan to escalate measures against the Serbs.”(9) He proposes what could be considered as the template used to create the climate of public opinion justifying the escalation of the attack on Yugoslavia.


(8) Michel Collon, Liar’s Poker, International Action Center, New York, 2002 p. 45.(This is an English translation of the book which was originally published in French.)

(9)Ibid., p. 28'

If Michel Collon, Ronda Hauben, and other contributors to Global Research are right then Misha Glenny cannot be. Does Michel Collon's book address the depiction of the Yugoslav account given by Misha Glenny, or, if not by Misha Glenny, equivalent accounts by others whose narratives largely formed Western public opinion, including mine, at the time?
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