local fox channel strikes (out) again!

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local fox channel strikes (out) again!

Postby harry ashburn » Thu Jul 26, 2012 6:42 pm

local fox7 austin strikes (out) again. a little background: i have been sending them e-mails for years, pointing out their errors of logic, syntax, fact, context, lo que quiere..... Never got an answer. finally, i looked at my mail settings, and it turns out i havent been directing my e-mails to fox7, but to "local fox 'news' a**holes"! :oops: :lol: :yay :wallhead: :ohwh :jumping:

today, fox7 austin did a story about an artillery shell in an antique store. gee... turned out its live! armed! dangerous! Store is RIGHT next to railroad tracks!! Cops came, removed shell... thats it. Not a word on what they did with it. so, i resurrected my other e mail account, changed my name to protect the synecure, and sent them this:

Hi. I'm still curious, as I'm sure is most of your audience... what happened to the shell? did they explode it? dismantle it? store it securely in the overhead bin? .... what? You forgot to tell us the OUTCOME! thank you!
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