Ralph McGehee, the CIA and Deadly Deceits

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Ralph McGehee, the CIA and Deadly Deceits

Postby ulrichdebrus » Fri Mar 07, 2014 5:26 pm

Ralph McGehee, the CIA and Deadly Deceits
by Wade Frazier


In 1990, when I was getting educated in the alternative media and other areas, I obtained Deadly Deceits, the memoirs of an ex-CIA operative, Ralph McGehee. When I was writing my original web site in 1996, I wrote a brief synopsis ofDeadly Deceits, in a section where I outlined the sources that influenced my worldview. I contacted Ralph before I published the pages, asking him if I could publish the Deadly Deceits excerpts that I quoted on my web pages. He replied that it was OK by him, so I did.

Ralph is an ex-CIA employee who publicly criticized the CIA, and only a handful ever have. McGehee is interviewed on Bill Moyers’ Secret Government video. Ralph maintained his CIABASE archives on the Internet for years, exposing the CIA’s activities using public domain sources. In running his CIABASE, Ralph was doing something that anyone could do. Still, he endured endless harassment from the CIA as they have tried silencing him. Ralph had more than my respect; he had my awe. After riding in the saddle with Dennis Lee for years, I discovered how rare a Dennis or a Ralph McGehee was. People of conscience, living it at those levels, are one in many thousands.

My web pages came down in early 1997 with no warning, something not entirely in my control. In early 1998, I discovered that some of my work survived and was being reproduced on the Internet. Not only had one person reproduced my entire 600-page web site, I also found that my synopsis ofDeadly Deceits was reproduced in several places. I contacted Hank Roth’s The Golem web site, one place my synopsis appeared, asking him where he got it. The surprising response from Hank was that he thought Ralph McGehee gave it to him. It turned out that Ralph had published my synopsis of his book across the Internet as the defining synopsis of Deadly Deceits, which is the summary of his career. I was deeply honored.

When I discovered that my hurriedly written synopsis still dominated Ralph’s presentation of his work on his new web site, I wrote a version of it using more care. It is below. After escalating harassment by the CIA and friends, leading to bodily injury to Ralph, his CIABASE web site went down in the spring of 2000, and will probably never reappear.

Much more here:

Ralph McGehee, the CIA and Deadly Deceits
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Re: Ralph McGehee, the CIA and Deadly Deceits

Postby Wombaticus Rex » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:26 pm

This is a name which only existed for me in a list of CIA whistleblowers and the book is wholly new to me.

I appreciate the heads-up.

Your contributions to RI have been solid gold, I appreciate your work.
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