the le phone

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the le phone

Postby Joe Hillshoist » Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:29 pm

Years ago me and a mate, kind of, were thinking.<br><br>This person is an internet mate. Someone I have known via their username for one particular site for years.<br><br>I have never met them, they live in the US, at the time I am thinking of they lived in Florida.<br><br>We decided to try some experiments in telepathy. We would meet at a site, arrange a specific time, the sender would post an Im with the time, the reciever would IM back afterward with the results if any.<br><br>The results were interesting. Far more successful than I would have thought. (But any success was more than I really expected, on another level it is no surprise at all that it worked.) but they also had weird consequences.<br><br>we used a metaphor as a grounding for the process. Something to develop OPs from, or protocols or whatever you wanna call em.<br><br>it had to do with mobile phones.<br><br>Ie perhaps an effective way to train the telepathic faculties is to develop a visualisation using an imaginary cellphone inside your head. We also used imagery instead of numbers to form the connection. Symbols I spose, unique images that we could identify with each other.<br><br>Instead of "dialling numbers" we entered the image into the phone and pressed send metaphorically speaking.<br><br>had some interesting results as I said, and some very strange events occurring that seemed seperate from what we were doing...<br><br>Like instead of a phone line, sometime we would get "party lines" with weird things. Sometimes engaged signals as other things got involved. Truly strange and more than a little heavy as the interlopers seemed to be capable of affecting reality in some startling ways. It was this that stopped the experiments.<br><br>We called it the thelephone.<br><br>Cos you needed to will it into being.<br><br>Of course we are not really sane, as such things are completely impossible. None the less, there is definitely something in it. (Yeah 2 truckloads of llub tihs, comes the resounding echo from wherever).<br><br>Anyone else ever tried, or even contemplated something similar? <p></p><i></i>
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