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Whistleblowing cop asks Mayor Adams to probe NYPD’s Internal Affairs
By Craig McCarthy and Patrick Reilly
February 5, 2022

We brought Mike Ruppert to speak at Bates College

Los Angeles Police Department (1973–1978)[edit]

Ruppert joined the LAPD in 1973. He was assigned to handle narcotics investigations in the most dangerous neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Beginning in 1976, he made discoveries that led him to believe that he had stumbled onto a large network of narcotics traffickers and that the US military as well as the LAPD might be involved. He resigned from the force in November 1978.[1]
On November 15, 1996, then Director of Central Intelligence John Deutch visited Los Angeles' Locke High School for a town hall meeting. At the meeting, Ruppert publicly confronted Deutch, saying that in his experience as an LAPD narcotics officer he had seen evidence of CIA complicity in drug dealing.[9][10]
He went on to become an investigative journalist[11] and established the publication From The Wilderness, a watchdog publication that exposed governmental corruption, including his experience with CIA drug dealing activities.[12]
Ruppert is the author of Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil,[2] published in September 2004. Crossing The Rubicon suggests that Vice President Dick Cheney, the US government, and Wall Street had a well-developed awareness of and colluded with the perpetrators of 9/11.[2]
Ruppert correctly predicted the 2008 financial crisis in the US three years before it happened.[11]

Collapse 2009 (Documentary) HD ... ondoggles/

Howie Carr: The time the FBI thought Whitey Bulger was a 94-year-old Black man and more never-before-seen G-man boondoggles

Boston Herald|
This is a story about Whitey Bulger and the FBI that you've never heard, and it would be even more humorous if it didn't illustrate yet again how cosmically, comically incompetent the G-men are. In December 2004 the feds believed they had finally ... ... osure-act/

DRAD Joins Coalition in Support of COINTELPRO Full Disclosure Act ... d-readers/

NYC Books Through Bars to Share Banned Books with Incarcerated Readers
Published by Sue Udry at February 1, 2022 ... issent.pdf

Still Spying on Dissent
A Special Report Chip Gibbons ... tings.html

Sharyl Attkisson: FBI's Biggest Misses At Trying To Prevent Terror And Mass Shootings

Posted By Tim Hains ... arassment/

Des O’Connor’s daughter reveals sexual harassment by Met Police officer after being mugged – and cop’s KEPT his job

* Fiona Connor
* 23:02, 5 Feb 2022Updated: 0:42, 6 Feb 2022 ... 00191.html

Coral Springs cop sentenced to prison for soliciting a child for sex

Lisa J. Huriash, South Florida Sun-Sentinel ... ce-record/

No surprise that Maine state parks set another attendance record

Ashley Bryan

You are attempting to enter a Private Virtual Country Club. ... co-worker/

Maine Police, In rarity, police department presses criminal case against one of its own
An affidavit details a former Portland officer’s aggressive behavior and use of police resources to stalk a colleague after a breakup, but a plea agreement could result in the case being dismissed. ... 16443.html

Students hit a roadblock studying Klan violence. They drafted a law to release more FBI files
Liz Ryan, Lara Nicholson, and Rachel Mipro
Sun, February 6, 2022, 9:00 AM·7 min read ... nfederacy/

Calif. teacher rips kid over pro-cop mask, calls it ‘new Confederacy’
By Jackie Salo
February 6, 2022

Getting an award from TV is like being kissed by someone with bad breath.
Mason Williams ... ory-month/

Seattle-area school district showed anti-cop BLM video for Black History Month
Feb 6, 2022, 11:30 AM

Speaking to students at Bowdoin College FBI agent Suzanne Douctte, wife of FBI agent Brad Doucette, told the audience how FBI agents in her office installed survelliance cameras under the desks of female agents and bet amongst each other about the color of the female agents underwear. FBI agent Doucette collapsed at work
from bleeding ulcers resulting from the treatment she received from co-workers after she filed her lawsuit when she was sexually assaulted by her supervisor at the FBI. Her husband went on to commit suicide. ... ank_pages/

FBI responds to ACLU with blank pages
Fully blacked-out page after fully blacked-out page constituted the federal response to FOIA on tracking ... -rcna14271

A Jan. 6 suspect died. Now the FBI has to prep for conspiracies.
The FBI's U.S. Capitol Violence website has become a launch pad for conspiracy theories by Trump supporters painting Jan. 6 as a false flag event ... od/233099/

FBI Exercises Tight Control Over Media Portrayal In Hollywood
The FBI claims that it has much to offer entertainment producers and touts several items as services it may choose to provide: “guidance” on content about the FBI’s investigations, procedures, structure, and history.
by Kevin Gosztola ... iscussions

FBI agent says law enforcement leaders need to be involved in crime bill discussions

by Morning Show ProducerSunday, February 6th 2022 ... r-venntel/

FBI Expands Ability to Monitor Social Media, Location Data › 2020 › 06 › 24 › fbi-surveillance-social-media-cellphone-dataminr-venntel
The FBI has tapped other notable surveillance firms in recent years, including Palantir, which builds tools to visualize relationships using an array of information, from social media to license ... ... o-be-true/

10 Dark Conspiracy Theories That Actually Turned Out To Be True ... o-its-work

How the CIA Paid and Threatened Journalists to Do Its Work ... 00unit.pdf

AND CLERGY IN INTELLIGENCE OPERATIONS › 2007 › 06 › 26 › project-mockingbird
Project Mockingbird: Spying on Reporters. June 26, 2007 1:12 pm June 26, 2007 1:12 pm. Read the Document (pdf) The C.I.A. monitoring of journalists in 1963, 1971 and 1972, including wiretapping their phones and setting up observation posts across the street from their offices to track their comings and goings and their visitors, was a practice ... ... -jr-68849/

To Whom It May Concern:
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
Any and All records, as well as any and all FBI investigative files relating to Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr.
Date of Birth: September 8, 1922 (Rochester, New Hampshire)
Date of Death: February 12, 2019
Wikipedia: Lyndon Hermyle LaRouche Jr.
Lyndon LaRouche, perennial presidential candidate, dead at 96
Lyndon LaRouche, Cult Figure Who Ran for President 8 Times, Dies at 96
Lyndon LaRouche, perennial presidential candidate and conspiracy theorist, dies at 96
Lyndon LaRouche, bizarre political theorist and perennial presidential candidate, dies at 96
The requested documents will be made available to the general public, and this request is not being made for commercial purposes.
In the event that there are fees, I would be grateful if you would inform me of the total charges in advance of fulfilling my request. I would prefer the request filled electronically, by e-mail attachment if available or CD-ROM if not.
Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation in this matter. I look forward to receiving your response to this request within 20 business days, as the statute requires.
Kenneth Whittle ... 1.10594497

What did the FBI really want NSO’s Pegasus for?What Did the FBI Really Want NSO's Pegasus For? In Israel or in Djibouti, in the U.S. or in the EU, the reports about NSO fail to reveal the... ... 0871400227

The Mason Williams F.C.C. Rapport

Six months after the repeal of 50-a, NY police continue to combat the release of disciplinary records
by Jon Campbell, Beryl Lipton 
December 22, 2020
MuckRock has partnered with the USA TODAY Network New York, the Brechner Center for Freedom of Information and Syracuse University journalism students to file more than 600 records requests with more than 400 police agencies in hopes of creating a searchable, first-of-its-kind database with disciplinary records from across the state.

Read More

The repeal of New York’s 50-a could be a boon to defense attorneys
by Beryl Lipton 
December 15, 2020
Though there are still many open questions about the effect of 50-a’s repeal on problematic police officer transparency, it’s a development that highlights the value access can have for the integrity of the criminal justice system.

Read More

Buffalo judge denies police union attempt to block police disciplinary records
by Beryl Lipton 
October 08, 2020
Complaints against Buffalo police officers and firefighters — regardless of whether they are unsubstantiated, pending, or involved in a confidential settlement — will remain subject to public disclosure, a New York judge ruled Tuesday.
The MuckRock/MisinfoCon Police Misinformation Tipsheet
by Samantha Sunne 
October 08, 2020
Misinformation and disinformation originating from law enforcement sources, which has lately included Antifa raids, brick piles, poisoned milkshakes and more, has sparked considerable interest in the past few months. But journalists who cover the police say this is common — even the rule. Here’s what you need to know and how public records can help.

More than 1,500 records requests to advance police transparency have been filed thanks to MuckRock’s readers
by Beryl Lipton 
August 26, 2020
More than 1,000 MuckRock readers have let us know that they want more transparency around how their local law enforcement agency does its job. You can join them.

Over a hundred people have requested their police use-of-force policies — join them!
by Beryl Lipton 
July 30, 2020
On June 5, MuckRock began an Assignment to help begin to better understand how use of force policies and data are being tracked by local law enforcement agencies. We’ve had nearly 100 submissions from all over the country, but you can still add yours.

New York State senator blasts requests, saying police transparency “unintended consequence” of police transparency bill
by Beryl Lipton 
June 26, 2020
A New York state senator blasted MuckRock’s latest transparency project to access police disciplinary records, calling it an “unintended consequence” of recent legislation designed to allow access to police disciplinary records.

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President Biden, don’t ‘fund the police’ until cops do better on telling the truth | Will Bunch
High-profile police lies from NYC to Philly and a stunning report on the cost of cop misconduct raise questions about throwing cash at U.S. policing. ... 040799001/

Wilmington officer indicted after sending nude photos to teen, Delaware prosecutors say

Isabel Hughes
Delaware News Journal ... 21-119598/

Records: Philip Peter Caruso (1934 –2021)

T. McElwee filed this request with the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States of America.

Tracking # 1506005-000

Caruso was president of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association during a period when its employees were under investigation for corruption.
Caruso is widely known to be deceased; please see attached PDF of obituary. As the subject is deceased, privacy interests under the Privacy Act and exemptions to the Freedom of Information Act are diminished.
Please conduct a search of the Central Records System, including but not limited to the ELSUR Records System, the Microphone Surveillance (MISUR) Indices, the Physical Surveillance (FISUR) Indices, the Technical Surveillance (TESUR) Indices, and Counterdrug Information Indices System (CIIS), for both main-file records and cross-reference records for all relevant names, individuals, agencies and companies
Submitted Sept. 28, 2021
Completed ... 35a99.html

Frederic Whitehurst was first successful FBI whistleblower
* Neil Jacobson Feb 20, 2022 ... ssessments

House Oversight Committee Leaders Ask GAO to Probe FBI Use of Assessments ... blic-soon/

MARCH 14, 2022 5:24 AM

Many more declassified FBI documents on 9/11 to be made public soon, as case takes yet another turn to Florida ... 442454002/

Exclusive: New FBI documents link Saudi spy in California to 9/11 attacks -

Mike Kelly

Soon after the 9/11 attacks two decades ago, the FBI quietly launched an investigation into a seemingly obscure Saudi Arabian government bureaucrat in Southern California.
The man claimed to be nothing more than a Saudi aviation official who innocently happened to befriend two Islamic jihadists in the months before they carried out the 9/11 attacks. 
That story now appears to be false. The alleged aviation official was really a Saudi spy who reported directly to a Saudi prince who happened to be the kingdom’s influential ambassador in Washington and a close friend of President George W. Bush and other top U.S. government officials.  
The FBI concluded five years ago that there was a "50/50 chance" that this Saudi spy knew ahead of time that the two Islamists he befriended were about to join the plot to hijack commercial jetliners and crash them into buildings in what turned out to be America's deadliest terrorist attack. But the FBI refused to go public with its findings —

911 - Press for Truth

Covid Excess mortality data Mar 13, 2022 ... was-there/

Did This Novel About LSD Trials Get It Right? We Ask Someone who was there

Emmett Till’s Family Calls for a Renewed Investigation of the Teen’s 1955 Lynching ... st-florida

Stetson Kennedy, unmasker of the Klan
Diane Roberts ... 5/mode/2up ... -by-Kythra

Joshua Caleb Sutter and Martinet Press are FBI assets

https://mythoughtsbornfromfire.wordpres ... bi-assets/
So, based on the information available to us, Joshua Caleb Sutter is very likely, if not undoubtedly, the identity of the “CI” referred to in the motion filing. This would mean that Joshua Caleb Sutter is an FBI informant, has been working for the FBI since 2003, and was paid tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars for his work. This would also mean that the FBI propped up Martinent Press, which we should keep in mind was founded in 2014, 11 years after Sutter is to have become an informant for the FBI ... 0786712783

No Backup: A Female Agent's Life in the FBI Hardcover – November 24, 2003
by Rosemary Dew

Rosemary Dew, who earned the title of Special Agent of the FBI, was recipient of eight commendations from FBI directors, and was the seventh woman to be named supervisor at FBI headquarters, has opened up the files on the agency and reveals a broken organization rife with discriminatory practices. Dew worked undercover against criminals, spies, and terrorists. She supervised the bureau’s international response to the Achille Lauro hijacking and signed the arrest warrant for Abu Abbas. Yet for all her accomplishments, Rosemary Dew remained a “female” agent first and “special” agent second, treated with disdain, sexually harassed, and denied the opportunities and privileges of male agents. In her memoir, Dew relives her FBI life from the training academy to the most sensitive missions of national security. As her tale unfolds, so do the FBI’s many problems, one of them being the bureau’s persistent lack of cooperation with other investigative agencies — an attitude instilled from its inception by J. Edgar Hoover. Special Agent Dew views the FBI as a dysfunctional family where those who don’t fit the Hoover mold are not welcome. In No Backup, Dew makes a powerful call for change and lays out a blueprint for FBI reform. ... challenges

Police misconduct hearing put off after cop union said Berkeley broke the law
The city did not respond to multiple requests for comment from Berkeleyside. ... e-address/

Education investment, bad cop accountability: 5 takeaways from the State of the State address
Governor’s address kicks off legislative session
BY: JC CANICOSA - MARCH 14, 2022 3:22 PM ... e-reforms/

NYPD Top Cop Wants to Walk Back Justice Reforms ... 89239.html

Body camera footage shows former Miami cop throwing handcuffed woman to the ground
MARCH 14, 2022 5:58 PM ... e-released

Court: Report on Top Cop's Racist Comments Must Be Released
New Jersey’s Supreme Court has ruled the public has a right to see the internal affairs report from the case of Elizabeth’s former police director, who resigned after an investigation found he used racist and sexist language to refer to department personnel.
March 14, 2022, ... techniques

CIA Black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques 

Newly declassified documents reveal Ammar al-Baluchi was repeatedly slammed against a wall while naked until all trainees received ‘certification’ 
Black site detainee served as training prop to teach interrogators torture techniques
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FBI Documents Expose Bureau‘s Big Jan. 6 ‘Lie‘
The bureau says it lacked the authority to monitor social media activity ahead of the pro-Trump insurrection, but it did exactly that during 2020 racial justice and police violence protests
By ANDY KROLL April 14,2022 Rolling Stone

April is Second Chance Month -- an opportunity to show that accountability and mercy are compatible within the criminal justice system. A growing body of research shows that less carceral approaches to accountability can prevent violence and heal families and communities.  
A study following the progress of released juvenile lifers in Philadelphia – the largest population of people sentenced as children to die in prison in the world – supports evidence that people age out of criminal behaviors and can find stability in their lives. This research, conducted by the Montclair State University Legal Decision Making Lab, follows an earlier report finding a 1.14% recidivism rate among resentenced and released Philadelphia juvenile lifers.  
The Philadelphia juvenile lifers were resentenced and released after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that life imprisonment for child defendants was unconstitutional. This month, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a case contesting the constitutionality of felony murder sentencing -- or mandatory life without parole for people who did not kill or intend to kill -- in the Commonwealth.  
A white paper published by the University of Pennsylvania shows that diversion of defendants charged with non-violent misdemeanors resulted in reduced recidivism compared with those who were instead sentenced to prison and parole. The Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP), which was offered in Philadelphia starting in 2010, reduced five-year re-conviction rates by 35% among defendants who successfully completed the program and became automatically eligible for expungement of their criminal records. This research joins a growing body of evidence that shows non-carceral approaches to accountability for low-level offenses prevents re-offenses and frees up public dollars that could be better invested in public services that are proven to prevent crime, such as education, treatment, and housing. 

Watch this video to learn more about second chances for juvenile lifers ... itia-crew/

Inside the FBI’s infiltration and entrapment of a Michigan militia crew
By James Bovard
April 13, 2022 9:27pm

Covid UK data with glaring omissions

Watters: The FBI's priorities are out of whack
Apr. 13, 2022 - 6:57 - 'Jesse Watters Primetime' host reacts to the FBI having no record of investigation into the Brooklyn subway suspect ... ntentQuery

Scandal widens in Stoughton Police Department amid investigation into pregnant woman’s death ... 1510750142

Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King Jr.?
The Case Against Lyndon B. Johnson and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover
By Phillip F. Nelson
Contributions by Edgar Tatro

About The Book

The conventional narrative of MLK's assassination is an FBI and CIA disinformation tactic. Find the proof here. 

One of the most infamous and devastating assassinations in American history, the murder of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., was also one of the most quickly resolved by authorities: James Earl Ray was convicted of the crime less than a year after it occurred. Yet, did they catch the right person? Or was Ray framed by President Lyndon B. Johnson and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover?

In Who REALLY Killed Martin Luther King, Jr.?, Phillip F. Nelson explores the tactics used by the FBI to portray Ray as a southern racist and stalker of King. He shows that early books on King’s death were written for the very purpose of “dis-informing” the American public, at the behest of the FBI and CIA, and are filled with proven lies and distortions.

As Nelson methodically exposes the original constructed false narrative as the massive deceit that it was, he presents a revised and corrected account in its place, based upon proven facts that exonerate James Earl Ray. Nelson’s account is supplemented by several authors, including Harold Weisberg, Mark Lane, Dick Gregory, John Avery Emison, Philip Melanson, and William F. Pepper. Nelson also posits numerous instances of how government investigators—the FBI originally, then the Department of Justice in 1976, the House Select Committee on Assassinations investigators in 1978 and the DOJ again in 2000—deliberately avoided pursuing any and all leads which pointed toward Ray’s innocence.

This updated paperback edition now includes a foreword from LBJ researcher Edgar F. Tatro, an educator, author, and participator in the House Select Committee on Assassinations who is among the first generation of JFK researchers. His unique insights into what he refers to as the "Texas connection" are an invaluable resource to anyone wishing to understand the full dimensions of the conspiracy behind the JFK assassination. ... ats-041422

Christopher Wray
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Share on Twitter Twitter Share on Facebook Facebook Email Email
National Fusion Center Association Annual Training Event
Alexandria, VA
April 14, 2022
FBI Partnering with Fusion Centers to Tackle Threats
Remarks prepared for delivery.
Thank you, Mike, for the introduction, and to you and the National Fusion Center Association for the invitation to join you today. It’s an honor to be with you for your 14th annual conference.
I’m grateful for the opportunity this event presents to share ideas and best practices. Partnerships and information sharing are vital to our mission of protecting the American people, and I’m thrilled to see so many great partners here in this room today.
Thank you for your service, and thank you for working shoulder to shoulder with us to tackle the threats we all face.
In the 16 months since we last spoke, much has remained the same. We’re still dealing with a whole slew of national security and criminal threats. But several threats in particular have been rapidly evolving, and they highlight the urgent need for us to work even more closely together, to pool our resources and throw everything we’ve got at the problem.
So this morning, I’ll highlight a few of our most pressing concerns, and then I’ll talk about our continued efforts to share information with you as effectively and efficiently as possible, and to engage with you even more often.
When it comes to the cyber threat, we’re seeing attacks that are more pervasive, hit a wider variety of victims, and carry the potential for greater damage than ever before.
With the ongoing conflict raging in Ukraine, we’re particularly focused on the destructive cyber threat posed by the Russian intel services, and cyber criminal groups they shelter and support.
These are sophisticated actors that constantly shift tactics, use new infrastructure, and change targets. And their actions could have devastating effects on our national security, our economic security, and our public health and safety.
One type of attack that’s especially pervasive and problematic is ransomware. Between 2019 and 2021, the number of ransomware complaints reported to the FBI increased by 82%.
And last year, we saw ransomware incidents against 14 of 16 U.S. critical infrastructure sectors.
Ransomware groups have compromised networks for private companies, hospitals, grade schools, first responders, law enforcement, and local and tribal government operations.
In fact, 60 government facilities, including state, local, tribal, and federal, were targeted in 2021 alone. I can’t think of anything ransomware groups would consider off-limits.
Targeting of those vital networks is in some ways even more dangerous when it’s done by nation-states, like Russia. Their efforts may look the same as a criminal attack at first. For example, if they’re using ransomware, the victim’s data will be encrypted. But when a nation-state is responsible, there may not be a decryption key available at any price
To be sure, the FBI has been working at combat tempo against these destructive cyber threats, using all of the tools at our disposal. We’ve now set up Cyber Task Forces in all 56 of our field offices—similar to the Joint Terrorism Task Forces you’re all familiar with.
The task force model allows us to share information quickly, surge resources where they're most needed, and collaborate with our partners, including fusion centers, most effectively.
FBI cyber experts are not waiting for indications of an attack but hunting for them. And when we uncover a potential attack or receive an intrusion report, we analyze the information, work to establish attribution, and push the information we’ve developed to wherever it can do the most good.
That can mean employing our tools or arming our partners to use theirs, or both. We know you’re aware of the threat, but this is the time to be extremely vigilant, because you may see the first indications of Russian cyber activity in your communities before we do.
And that’s why it’s crucial that we keep our information flowing, fortify our networks, and stay on guard.
Of course, we never take our eyes off the hallmarks of our mission, like preventing terrorist attacks.
The greatest terrorist threat we face here in the U.S. today is from lone actors. These include homegrown violent extremists, who are inspired by foreign terrorist organizations and extremist ideologies, and domestic violent extremists, driven by personal grievances, which may include social, racial, or political biases.
In these cases, we see individuals resort to violence to advance their ideological, political, or social goals. I know I don’t need to tell you how serious the domestic terrorism threat is, or about the challenges it presents.
That’s why, over the last couple of years, the FBI has surged resources to a growing number of domestic terrorism investigations, and we’re working collaboratively with community groups to provide training on preventive measures to protect communities.
We’re also working with our state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners. Through partner calls, situational reports, and intelligence products, we’re sharing threat information and strategies to combat those threats.
We’re also growing our Joint Terrorism Task Forces and inviting more and more officers from state and local police departments all over the country to join us.
I know many of the fusion centers represented here today already work side-by-side with JTTFs to coordinate resources and expertise. Of course, beyond these national security threats, we’re also combating a wide range of criminal threats.
Violent Crime
And top of mind is the ongoing rise in violent crime. Gun violence, homicides, aggravated assaults, all are occurring at an appalling rate.
Our 2020 detailed crime data—which we released late last year—highlights this trend.
Overall violent crime in the United States—which includes not only murder but also assault, robbery, and rape—rose by more than 5%.
I want to put that in perspective, because it’s hard to visualize what 5% actually means.
It means in 2020 there were 65,000 more violent crime offenses than there were in 2019. 65,000. And homicides jumped nearly 30% in 2020, the largest single-year increase in more than 50 years.
Of course, I know I’m preaching to the choir, because we all know our most fundamental duty is to safeguard people’s right to live without fear of violence.
At the FBI, we’re working strategically with our state, local, and tribal law enforcement partners to meet that duty.
Our primary model for fighting violent crime remains our task forces.
Throughout the U.S. we’re leveraging:
* More than 50 Violent Crimes Task Forces,
* 175 Safe Streets Gang Task Forces, with nearly 2,000 TFOs,
* 23 Safe Trails Task Forces, which are working to reduce Indian Country crime, and
* more than 100 Transnational Organized Crime Task Forces, with another 600 members.
Last year, our task forces dedicated to fighting violent crime made more than 17,000 arrests nationwide, seized more than 8,000 guns, and dismantled nearly 300 criminal enterprises across the country.
That’s a lot of numbers, but what it comes down to is strong partners, working together, to make a lasting impact, so our communities are safer places to live and work.
Information Sharing and Engagement
These are all formidable threats, but I know that we’re not in this fight alone. Our real strength lies in our ability to work together as one law enforcement community, and that’s something we’re continuously working toward with all of you.
To ensure this connectivity, every fusion center has a designated FBI point of contact, many have embedded FBI personnel working side-by-side with their fusion center colleagues, and a handful are even operating in shared spaces with FBI field offices.
This means you have direct access to FBI personnel who can share information and offer FBI resources whenever necessary. And we are even further integrated through FBI network access in many fusion centers, and through the processing of security clearances, so we can share additional information at higher classifications.
In fact, we've now processed 170 security clearances for non-FBI fusion center personnel, a number that keeps growing every year. And during Fiscal Year 2021, our Office of Partner Engagement disseminated more than 1,037 products.
That’s an increase of 30% over FY 2020, and I hope it shows how serious we are about maintaining, and enhancing, constant and open communication.
On that note, I want to give a quick update on our eGuardian platform and the Threat to Life initiative, managed by OPE.
As this group knows well, eGuardian allows law enforcement agencies and fusion centers to contribute information on threats that can then be used by thousands of counterparts nationwide.
When the FBI receives non-federal threat-to-life tips and leads at our National Threat Operations Center, we conduct logical checks, then immediately dual route those tips and leads to the appropriate field office and designated state and local partner, typically a fusion center.
We now have 28 of our field offices and 26 of their state partners participating in this dual-routing initiative. In fiscal year 2021, we shared over 1,000 tips this way, which means we prevented as many acts of violence.
And even though we’re not far into 2022, in January and February, NTOC’s tips helped our state and local partners prevent at least two potential school shooting incidents. Talk about impact.
These are great examples of how we serve and protect the American people, together. Of course, we’re always looking for ways to deepen our partnerships.
During the FBI Intelligence Branch’s July 2021 Intelligence Sharing Summit at FBI Headquarters, many of you requested better clarity regarding the expectations surrounding engagement and information sharing with the FBI. We heard you, and last December, our Intelligence Branch commissioned a 120-day strategic review of the FBI’s engagement with fusion centers nationwide.
That review began in January, and is an exhaustive initiative to help us better understand the capabilities and unique needs of fusion centers across the U.S.
It will allow us to assess how we can most effectively engage with fusion centers of different sizes and structures. The review team is leveraging multiple sources of information, including customized surveys and interviews with all fusion center directors—in which I’m sure some of you participated—and their partner FBI field offices.
Once the review is finished, we look forward to sharing the results and the next steps we plan to take to engage more effectively, share relevant intelligence more quickly, and be as responsive as possible to your fusion center’s unique needs.
I know you feel, as I do, that strong relationships between all of us in law enforcement are not just nice to have, they’re an absolute necessity in our line of work. Every day, you gather, analyze, and disseminate intelligence that makes it possible to disrupt cyber attacks, dismantle terrorist plots, and protect communities from violence, often, at only a moment’s notice.
And the FBI, in turn, provides fusion centers with information they might need to take action locally.
I want to thank you for choosing and devoting yourselves to the important work of protecting our country.
Thank you for your service, for your support, and for your partnership with us. Because when we combine our unique capabilities and authorities, our strengths and assets, we’re so much stronger than if any of us were to try to do the job alone
Thanks again for having me today. ... -students/

FBI Teen Academy reaches more students
by: Courtney Johns
Posted: Apr 13, 2022 / 10:13 PM MDT
Updated: Apr 13, 2022 / 10:19 PM MDT
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Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Thanks Elon! Locked and suspended Twitter account for telling the truth

My main account is @NassMeryl, which is blocked.  It has not gotten any additional followers for weeks, with the dial stopped at 14.9 thousand.  This account was locked yesterday as I disagreed with a paid ad for vaccinating children fom DHHS.

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 5:42 PM ... ead-2022-4

Whistleblower linked to FBI investigation into Trump and Deutsche Bank found dead in LA ... ry-report/

This report is unflinching’: Harvard University confronts its ties to slavery
The university will spend $100 million to provide educational opportunities for communities descended from enslaved people and to continue researching slavery and its legacy in the modern world. ... ngton-d-c/

Armed Robbery Occurs Just Outside FBI’s Headquarters in Washington D.C ... 99939.html

FBI to investigate its own involvement in fatal 2018 Schoharie limo crash
* Apr 26, 2022

Yesterday we defeated a dangerous domestic terrorism bill – at least temporarily!
We wanted to share this great news with you, and ask you to help us make sure this civil liberties and civil rights crushing bill doesn’t manage to sneak through!

This is one of those bills that sounded good – it purported to prevent domestic terrorism. Who could object? 
Well, we did. 
Last week, multiple Congressional offices, unsure on how to vote on the bill, reached out to us for our insights. We gave them our rigorous analysis of the bill and told them we are emphatically opposed to the bill. 
Here’s why.
The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act gives a Congressional seal of approval to some of the worst aspects of the domestic war on terror. It would actually harm the vulnerable communities it purports to protect See our analysis here
Victory, even a temporary one, against this bill was far from certain. The bill has 207 co-sponsors, and its passage seemed a fait accompli.
But we didn’t accept that, and our advocacy has stopped the bill in its tracks.
But we need your help to keep this bill dead.  Will you take action today?
Just yesterday, we submitted detailed comments to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board about how the FBI’s own war on domestic terrorism is really a war on dissent, and how DHS is running roughshod over our communities promoting its Countering Violent Extremism programs. 
Our in-house experts are swaying decision makers. 
And we’re getting ready to make a major announcement about our efforts to bring transparency to the war on national security journalism and whistleblowers.
Our small staff has been achieving notable success - we’re passionate about our mission to make the promise of the Bill of Rights a reality, and we won’t quit until we achieve that goal!

Defending Rights & Dissent
1325 G St. NW Suite 500  | Washington, District of Columbia 20005
202.552.7408 | ... ley-plaza/

Letter to Texas Commissioner of Education Regarding Distortions of History at the Sixth Museum at Dealey Plaza
Posted on
July 22, 2021
Mark Shaw
In my continuing effort to draw attention from educators in Texas including those Superintendents of Schools in the major cities to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza poisoning the minds of teachers and students with distortions of history about the JFK assassination, I sent a letter along with my latest book, “Collateral Damage” to Mike Morath, the Texas Commissioner of Education. This is the second time I have done so. If you agree with the facts and conclusions in the letter, please contact Morath’s office and demand changes at the museum to reflect the true events that took place in 1963 or that, best of all, the museum be closed.
Here is the letter:
June 29, 2021
Mr. Mike Morath
Commissioner of Education
Texas Education Agency
1701 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas, 78701
Re: The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and Distortions of History Affecting Teachers and Students of All Ages
Dear Mr. Morath,
On August 20, 2020, I sent a letter to you regarding my extensive concerns about the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza distorting history on a daily basis regarding all aspects of the JFK assassination. To date, I have not received a reply.
Based on my latest book, “Collateral Damage,” (included for your reference), the fifth touching on the assassinations adding to my reputation as the foremost expert on what happened in Dallas in November, 1963, I am once again contacting you while copying all those I believe should know about the museum’s failure to update their exhibits and programs, provide a bookstore stocked with books other than those focused on the bogus “Oswald Alone” theory, or close their doors. You, and others in the education community, must protect teachers and students from the museum’s continuing effort to keep that theory alive so that the museum remains relevant and millions of dollars pour into the museum’s coffers.
Below is the excerpt I included in the “Collateral Damage” Epilogue regarding what I call “The Wall of Shame,” those who continue to distort history including authors and other so-called assassination experts despite the knowledge that they are doing so. This is certainly the case with the museum’s board of directors at the Dallas Historical Society and those who run the day-to-day operation, CEO Nicola Langford,  Curator Stephen Fagin, and Curator of Collections Lindsey Richardson. (These allegations were fully explained in my August 20, 2020 letter to you.)
While it is important that students and teachers in Texas are provided with all points of view regarding any matters of history including the assassination, deliberately distorting that truth while permitting visitors to believe that the “Oswald Alone” theory is the only truth cannot continue especially when, to date, more than 85% of the American people believe that theory is nonsense as proven in all of my books including the new one and many others. When I visited the museum in 2019, I was abhorred, as noted in the new book, with the outdated condition of the exhibits, some more than five years old, and the programs that the museum sells to schools which have absolutely no ring of credibility to them. In addition, the bookshop stocks only “Oswald Alone” books providing what can only be called a museum that is a shrine to this evil man who was, for certain, only a secondary player in what I, and other experts, have proven was a plot to kill JFK in order to render his brother Robert powerless, which is just exactly what happened.
Despite my pleas and those of others, the powers-that-be have turned the museum into a merchandizing enterprise and cash cow by utilizing what they call a “tribute to the president”  as the museum’s calling card when it is nothing of the sort amounting to false advertising. To that end, the museum sends out periodic “dispatches” to its extensive email list promoting “specials” on JFK merchandize while soliciting donations under false pretenses.
During a recent interview on WLIF radio in Dallas with Ernie Brown, I mentioned the distortions of history at the museum. Mr. Brown concurred and the said, “Besides, the museum is boring,” his indication that there is nothing of any accurate historical value in the exhibits, etc. On July 8, I will be appearing at the Allen Library for the third time regarding “Collateral Damage,” and part of my presentation will once again be to let the world know that the museum is an embarrassment to Dallas, a continuing reminder of the death of a president, a stain on the city which must be wiped away for good. Hopefully civic leaders there will take action and force the museum to update the exhibits and alter its program so that Dallas may lose is reputation as “the city that hates,” which is connected to the absurd idea that Oswald acted alone.
What am I asking you to do? Before the fall when schools are back in session, please assign one of your educational experts to visit the museum and to ask the tough questions including why those in charge continue to pound the drum for the “Oswald Alone” theory and deceive, yes, deceive, those students and teachers who visit, as well as the public, with outdated and false information about the assassination. If you do this, and use your authority to put pressure on those in charge to either make the required changes to all aspects of the museum, they may finally do the right thing and stop distorting history.
In my copy of this letter to Stephen Fagin, etc., I am once again requesting, as I have done before, to donate my collection of books about the assassination, including “Collateral Damage” to the museum with the request that they stock these books as well as those by others of note, in the bookstore. I am also asking to speak there so that I may present the most up to date information about the assassination including my proving once again that there was a plot to kill JFK as indicated in the Ruby trial transcripts, the most accurate account of what happened in 1963, which the museum deliberately hides from view..  
While not being a citizen of Texas, I have deep love for education and the truth. As I told you in my previous letter:
Further evidence of my credibility has recently been the result of an honor bestowed upon me by a major university requesting to be the archival repository for all of my books, including Collateral Damage, the new one to be published in 2021, research books, manuscripts, notes, papers, USA Today articles, ABC, CBS, ESPN, and CNN television appearances, and presentation videos, photos, etc. One of the intentions is to make students and teachers across the country aware of the educational benefits regarding the five books I have written touching on the assassinations and provide lesson plans for further study. If there is interest on your part in participating in this program, please let me know.
The “major university” is my alma mater, Purdue, and in October of last year, those in the archival department requested to house my body of work as described above. For your interest, here are the links to the press release and the Purdue collection page where my “Papers” will be alongside those of Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong. What an honor for sure and certainly my two letters to you will be part of the collection. and ... urces/1620
Commissioner Morath, the future of students in Texas is in your hands. That is quite a responsibility, one that requires that you weed out untruths and distortions of history so that these students learn what really happened in Dallas in 1963. At the very least, after your office’s investigation which will prove the allegations I have noted, it will be your duty of warn school administrators and teachers to not permit their students to be brainwashed with false information about one of the most important events in history, one very sad in nature for sure.
As a bestselling author and historian, I will continue to alert anyone who will listen through my books, interviews and presentations. There are, to date, more than 2.5 million YouTube views of the interviews and presentations including 60,000 in less than three weeks for an interview about “Collateral Damage” at the prestigious Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on June10. ( The Allen Library presentation will also be uploaded to YouTube with my once again exposing the museum’s distortions of history and my attempts to persuade you to take action.
Thank you for the consideration. Please provide me with the courtesy of a response.
Mark Shaw  
cc:           Ms. Ovidia Molina, President, Texas Parent Teachers Association
Mr. Michael Hinojosa, Dallas ISD Superintendent
            Dr. Kent Parades Srcibner, Ft. Worth ISD Superintendent
            Mr. Grenita Lathan Houston ISD Superintendent
            Ms. Stephanie S. Elizalde, Austin  ISD Superintendent

El Sereno shooting, Oct. 2020
Video of a suspect in the October 2020 shooting of Reza Mous…
Next Up
NEXT UP ... f606f.html

Body found on El Sereno campus was reportedly that of an FBI informant
The body of 46-year-old Valentin Broeksmit was found at Wilson High on Monday
* By Jesús Sanchez Apr 27, 2022 Updated 11 hrs ago 0 ... 235010162/

‘This Is Us’, ‘FBI’ Lead Tuesday Ratings; ABC’s ‘Judge Steve Harvey’ Dips In Finale
By Alexandra Del Rosario

Alexandra Del Rosario
April 27, 2022 10:24am ... dit/108445


By T.l. Stanley. Published on February 27, 2006.

Without committing a single crime, they've made it onto the FBI's most wanted list. ... gIgrPD_BwE

Why Is the FBI so White?
The nation diversifies. The bureau, not so much. ... ing-lives/

In Sweden, Drones Are Beating Ambulances to the Scene — and Saving Lives
MICHAELA HAAS 04/26/22 ... uss-baker/

Boston Isn’t Strong. Boston Is Scared Sh*tless.
So says journalist Russ Baker, who thinks we’ve got the marathon bombings all wrong.
by BEN SCHRECKINGER· 1/5/2015 ... -2010.html

JFKcountercoup ... 53764.html

Nearly one in 4 times a Minneapolis cop uses force, evidence contradicts the officer's story, a shocking review of cases found

Jake Epstein
Wed, April 27, 2022,
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Postby fruhmenschen » Mon May 16, 2022 12:53 pm ... story.html

California cop caught masturbating to young woman he was supposed to help ... story.html

NYC correction officer jumps from Verrazano Bridge, dies by suicide ... story.html

Homeless Queens man living out of his car stabbed to death at gas station. Victim’s wife and son say cops didn't help ... story.html

Florida couple arrested in starving death of 9-pound toddler: ‘She couldn’t stand. She couldn’t talk’

How Carnivore Worked for the FBI
By: Jeff Tyson ... srael.html

F.B.I. Told Israel It Wanted Pegasus Hacking Tool for Investigations
A 2018 letter from the bureau to the Israeli government is the clearest documentary evidence to date that the agency weighed using the spyware for law enforcement operations.


Hello, here's the latest from The Whistleblower Newsroom:

A fascinating discussion with Dr. Peter McCullough and crime writer John Leake about their new book, THE COURAGE TO FACE COVID 19: PREVENTING HOSPITALIZATION AND DEATH WHILE BATTLING THE BIOPHARMACEUTICAL COMPLEX. The book traces the travails of cardiologist/epidemiologist McCullough, who became an early leader in devising successful treatment protocols for covid patients and, after making it his mission to get the word out about the protocols, has been persistently attacked by what he describes as the biopharmaceutical complex while becoming a global leader among physicians and others seeking to save people around the world from the complex's deadly agenda.

A must-watch!
Kindest regards, 
Kristina ... must-stop/

US surveillance of Americans must stop

DOJ: Police officer made woman in psychiatric crisis perform oral sex ... round-mom/

What San Francisco DA Chesa Boudin learned from his terrorist mom
By Michael Kaplan
May 14, 2022 ... -1.6448991

Randy Weaver, key figure behind bloody Ruby Ridge standoff near Canada-U.S. border, dies ... 234723904/

The 10 Most-Watched and 10 Least-Watched Broadcast TV Shows of the 2021-22 Season ... ounty-jail

Indiana Deputy Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Assaulting Inmate Inside Marion County Jail ... 172137.php

Laredo cop denies sexual allegations: 'If it happened, I don’t recall'
May 15, 2022 ... nders-son/

Release police report on the incident involving State Police commander’s son ... oam40zk0w/

Beekeepers in Aroostook lost half of their hives last winter ... -bambi-run

EXCLUSIVE Published May 15, 2022 2:00am EDT
Laurie 'Bambi' Bembenek, a Playboy bunny turned cop accused of murder, explored in podcast: 'I was amazed' ... e-lawyers/

Masturbating cop Matthew Dominguez ‘took interest’ in young woman during response: prosecutors
By Jesse O’Neill
May 13, 2022 7:57pm ... 763047002/

Graham faces protest over controversial cop
Isaac Groves
Times-News ... 762886002/

Feds say Paterson sergeant took money for his silence on police beatings of suspects
Joe MalinconicoPaterson Press ... s-14499496


How a Hialeah Ex-Cop Who Sexually Assaulted Multiple Women Avoided Felony Charges
IZZY KAPNICK MAY 16, 2022 ... -shooting/

6th Circuit Court sacks immunity for Lawrenceburg cop in 2018 shooting

Child porn investigation reveals Arby’s worker peeing in milkshakes, Washington cops say

Read more at: ... rylink=cpy
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Jun 11, 2022 4:32 pm

MUST READ ... e-lemoine/

The Google engineer who thinks the company’s AI has come to life ... cines.html

Friday, June 10, 2022
I have to eat my words, sorta. The vaccines are being brought back to damage our smallest kids and those dumb enough to believe FDA's word that Novavax has produced an "old fashioned" shot

I wrote an extremely popular article in April.  It got over 50,000 views on Substack, and was republished by Dr. Mercola, Technocracy News and the Epoch Times.
In it, I marshalled a great deal of evidence to support the supposition that the COVID vaccines were on their way out, although I anticipated that the cabal would continue its attempt at world domination using other methods.
I believe they are seriously pulling lots of levers now, and that money pox, artificial shortages of oil, fertilizer, railway cars and baby formula are part of their plan to create economic havoc worldwide, and probably famine in the poorer regions of the world. 
However, despite many indications that they would stop pushing the COVID vaccines, including CDC's admission that 95% of Americans have partial or complete immunity--I think that FDA and CDC were subsequently given new marching orders.
Instead of letting the worthless, dangerous and unnecessary vaccines die a natural death, FDA has turned around and gone whole hog in pushing more shots.
Both Moderna and Pfizer will get a day with the VRBPAC


Investigative reporter and author Kelly O’Meara, who was the first national journalist to expose the link between psychiatric drugs and acts of senseless violence, and who has covered school shootings for more than twenty years, talks about the ongo… ... ng-charge/

TSA Officer Expected to Plead Guilty to Attempted Drug Smuggling Charge ... s-00038610

FBI: Navarro called arresting agents 'kind Nazis'Former Trump administration official Peter Navarro ... py-on-you/

The Hill
How the FBI uses laws to spy on foreign terrorists to spy on youThe FBI can warrantlessly obtain and use private communications of Americans who are not suspected of any wrongdoing. ... al-academy

Five Local Law Enforcement Officers Graduate FBI National ...Each of the following graduates represents a law enforcement agency based within the FBI Houston area of responsibility: Lieutenant Saul Suarez,... ... ry-1714732

Marjorie Taylor Greene Reignites Jan. 6 Conspiracy Theories About FBI"I think somebody that worked that hard to get people to go in the Capitol, why aren't they rotting away in the D.C. jail? ... en-academy

Spectrum News
FBI Louisville hosts annual teen academyTeen academy at FBI Louisville watches how special agent ... AC8C9B517C

Elise Stefanik
Stefanik Continues Oversight on FBI's Investigation of ... ... classroom/

New York Post
Uvalde top cop Pete Arredondo knew kids were alive in classroom as he waited to confront gunmanThe cop in charge during the Uvalde, Texas school massacre knew there were people alive but injured locked inside classrooms with the

AirTag stalking cop charged and relieved of duty after ex-girlfriend heard anti-stalking alertsAn AirTag stalking cop has been charged and relieved ... into-ocean

FOX 5 New York
NYPD cop who fired gun into Atlantic Ocean gets prisonDavid Afanador will spend up to four years in prison in connection with firing a 9mm Beretta he wasn't authorized to carry into the ocean... ... zarre-turn

The Real News Network
A cop pulled them over for a minor infraction, then the ...In this episode of the Police Accountability Report, hosts Taya ... 3108001%2F
NJ police misconduct: Ex-Paterson cop contests corruption ...Five rogue cops, who previously admitted robbing and beating people they illegally stopped while patrolling the streets of Paterson,... ... ow-return/

Spokane County Sheriff rallies for reality cop TV show to returnHowever, it went off the air shortly after the George Floyd murder and police protests. Cop television has been filmed on local streets for over... ... meras-war/

Murtaza Hussain ... ic-office/
Lewiston woman seeks to become the first Somali American in the Maine Legislature. her opponent is a gay Republican who says Muslims should not hold public office. ... n-pictures

‘I’m 80 and I’ve got more energy than most people’: the Arizona cheerleader squad for retirees – in pictures ... ructuring/

Maine State Police announces restructuring after 3 weeks of declining to share details
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sun Jul 03, 2022 9:22 pm ... cop-claims

Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell Had ‘Intimate Relationship,’ Ex-Royal Cop Claims ... 4-election

Beware: The Supreme Court Is Laying Groundwork to Pre-Rig the 2024 Election
This scenario isn't just plausible: it’s probable. GOP-controlled states are already changing their state laws to allow for it, regardless of how their people vote.

July 1, 2022 ... ti-3123818

Top Cop Summoned By Central Agency In Money Laundering Case
The agency, which probes financial crimes, has summoned him in a case linked to the National Stock Exchange (NSE) co-location scam.

Edited by NDTV News Desk
Updated: July 03, 2022 7:48 pm IST ... -triangle/

Florida Cop: I’m Not Casey Anthony’s Secret Lover, Sergeant Tells Radar As He Breaks Silence On Romance Rumors ... 5muHL6pKP/

Detroit ice cream shop says it won’t serve cops in body armor
Detroit Police Chief James White called the statement “shameful and apparently unprovoked”
Jul 1, 2022

Supreme Courting ... democracy/

Doug Mastriano Is a Clear and Present Danger to Democracy
JENNIFER COHN 07/01/22 ... 1978-2.pdf


JULY 3, 2022
The Impact of Criminalizing Abortion on Prisoners and Mass Incarceration
A Return to Forced Birth in Shackles
BY PAUL WRIGHT ... use-earth/

JULY 1, 2022
US Marine Press Takes on Hothouse Earth
BY ROBERT HUNZIKER ... h-the-cia/

JULY 1, 2022
Abolish the CIA
BY EVE OTTENBERG ... andidates/

Progressives Call on Voters to Stop Sending Millionaires to the Senate
It’s the Democrats’ best hope in a midterm election year characterized by economic volatility and high inflation, says Senate hopeful Mandela Barnes.
By John Nichols ... mpany-galp

Portugal's Climate Justice Movement Takes on Oil and Gas Company Galp
There can be absolutely no option on the table when it comes to new fossil projects and infrastructure.

July 3, 2022 ... in-harlem/

NYC Activists Push Back Against Proposed “Feminist” Women’s Jail in Harlem
The COPWATCH DATABASE is now open to the general public... ... e-of-color

How the gas industry aims to rebrand as ‘clean’ energy to appeal to Black and Latino voters
Pipeline companies facing opposition in blue states have launched a $10m PR campaign targeting the Democratic base ... udy-finds/

Black drivers pulled over in Boston at 2.4 times the rate of white drivers, new study finds
The results stand in stark contrast to statewide research conducted by the Massachusetts public safety office in February that found ‘no support’ for racial disparities in traffic stops. ... enemy.html

Sunday, July 3, 2022
Supreme Court Targets the Real Enemy/ Jeffrey Tucker


'Bobby Kennedy’s Children’s Health Defense Aligns with Military Personnel Refusing to Take Experimental Vaccines' ... -work.html

Saturday, July 2, 2022
How to Sell a Product That Does Not Work/ John McGowan ... -not-work/

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. ... lenas.html

The Great Reset for Dummies/ Tessa Lena's Substack

What is “the Great Reset”?
The Great Reset is a massively funded, desperately ambitious, internationally coordinated project led by some of the biggest multinational corporations and financial players on the planet and carried out by cooperating state bodies and NGOs. Its soul is a combination of early 20th century science fiction, idyllic Soviet posters, the obsessiveness of a deranged accountant with a gambling addiction—and an upgraded, digital version of “Manifest Destiny...”
The psychological reason for the Great Reset is the fear of losing control of property, the planet. I suppose, if you own billions and move trillions, your perception of reality gets funky, and everything down below looks like an ant hill that exists for you. Just ants and numbers, your assets.
Thus, the practical aim of the Great Reset is to fu
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Postby fruhmenschen » Mon Jul 18, 2022 4:22 pm ... r-country/

Every one of the Uvalde cop cowards should be fired – they’ve shamed their badges and their country
By Piers Morgan
July 18, 2022 ... north.html

I Volunteer to Kidnap Oliver North 
Michael Levine

Undercover DEA agent Enrique "Kiki" Camarena was tortured to death slowly by professionals. Every known maximum-pain technique, from electric shocks to his ...

How Drug Money Laundering Works on Wall Street, Catherine Austin Fitts and Michael Ruppert

CIA, Drugs, and Wall Street

Largest online database of
Police Informants and
Corrupt Police/ Agents ... o-from-fbi

Scotland County sheriff will hide gun owners' personal info from FBIMEMPHIS, Mo. — A northeast Missouri sheriff says "even at the threat of a federal arrest" he will not allow, cooperate or release any information about...

Copaganda ... nter-park/

The Citizen
Enjoy Cookie with a Cop Saturday at Fayetteville's City Center ...The Fayetteville Police Department will host its first-ever Cookie with a Cop event Saturday, July 23, at City Center Park from 11 a.m. to 1... ... 8ffd1.html

FBI Pittsburgh taking applications for Teen Academy programs in West Virginia, Western PAPITTSBURGH (WV News) — The FBI Pittsburgh Field Office is now accepting applications for the 2022 Teen Academy. ... r-sept-17/
Adopt-A-Cop seeks sponsorship for annual Cops 'N Rodders ...Gearing up for its annual Cops 'N Rodders Car and Bike Show, Lamar County Adopt-A-Cop is seeking sponsors for its annual event. ... 426/93938/

FBI agent David Price, Appellant, v. Viking Penguin, Inc. and Peter Matthiessen, Appellees.william Styron, Kurt Vonnegut, John Irving, Alfred Kazin Andsusan Sontag, Amicus Curiae, 881 F.2d 1426 (8th Cir. 1989)
Annotate this Case ... 03286.html

Witness testifies FBI agent threatened Aquash's life |
Dec 3, 2010 — Under cross-examination, Hamilton said Aquash told her t

Under cross-examination, Hamilton said Aquash told her that FBI agent David Price had tried to get Aquash to talk about what happened at the ... ... a-mae.html

A month later, Aquash was dead. “For a long time, it was a given among Indians that the F.B.I. engineered Aquash's murder as a way of scaring ...

FBI agents cut off the hands of Aquash….

FBI Weaponizing Anthropology
David Price (Author)
In the years since September 11, 2001, David Price has been at the forefront of public debates over the ethical and political issues raised by using anthropology for America's terror wars. Weaponizing Anthropology details the rapid militarization of anthropology and incursions by the CIA and other intelligence agencies onto American university campuses. Price combines his expert knowledge of the history of anthropologists' collaborations with military and intelligence agencies with an activist stance opposing current efforts to weaponize anthropology in global counterinsurgency campaigns. With the rapid growth of American military operations relying on cultural knowledge as a strategic tool for conquest and control, disciplinary loyalties aligning anthropologists with the peoples they study are strained in new ways as military sponsors seek to transform research subjects into targets and collaborators. Weaponizing Anthropology offers political and ethical critiques of a new generation of counterinsurgency programs like Human Terrain Systems, and a broad range of new academic funding programs like the Minerva Consortium, the Pat Roberts Intelligence Scholars Program, and the Intelligence Community Centers of Academic Excellence, that now bring the CIA and Pentagon onto university campuses. Weaponizing Anthropology is a concise and profound critique of the rapid transformation of American social science into an appendage of the National Security State. ... not-covid/

Excess deaths are on the rise – but not because of Covid
Office for National Statistics data leads health experts to call for urgent investigation into what is causing the excess mortality
Sarah Knapton,
5 July 2022 • 9:00pm ... 53950.html

July 12, 2022
Horowitz: 20 bizarre causes of death that the media is blaming on sudden adult death syndrome
Daniel Horowitz ... n-87019958

Denver police: 5 bystanders hurt

when cops fire at armed man
Denver police say five bystanders in a neighborhood filled with bars emptying for the night Sunday morning were hurt when officers shot and wounded a man who allegedly pointed a handgun at them

July 18, 2022, 1:50 PM ... 9542001%2F

Victims' lawyers accused of stalling prosecution of copDetective Brian Bailey resigned after women accused him of turning them into informants and then coercing them into sex acts. ... 375473007/

RPD officer filmed handcuffing Black EMT in viral video suspended on full pay

Gary Craig
Rochester Democrat ... eard-teams

Non-Cop Response Teams Handled Just 16% of 911 Mental Health Crisis Calls
Fewer psychiatric emergencies got a response from B-HEARD squads this year than in 2021 debut — but Mayor Eric Adams is still forging ahead with expansion of what he calls a “successful pilot.”
BY GREG B. SMITH  GSMITH@THECITY.NYC   JUL 18, 2022, 5:01AM EDT ... =263569103

Miami Herald
Police panel suggests firing controversial Miami cop, side-stepping IA findingFired cops can request a hearing before an outside arbiter and the Law Enforcement Bill of Rights allows officers to gather information, even a... ... ny/837973/

Cop Who Also Worked As Teacher In Ulster County Accused Of Stealing More Than $157K From NY

Kathy Reakes

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Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Jul 30, 2022 11:42 am ... ks-destroy


A fired-up Dr. Mikovits explains the virological science behind how years of people around the world being inoculated with “dirty” vaccines containing animal cell lines (including monkeys) and dangerous substances like formaldehyde have weakened their immune systems, and that by declaring artificial “plandemics,” the WHO and CDC give themselves the authority to criminally force people to take more deadly, experimental, immuno-destructive vaccines and to wear masks that further weaken their immune systems.  Mikovitz says the WHO-declared global emergency for monkeypox is another potential "plandemic" and that it has appeared in victims as a vaccine reaction long before now.
Kindest regards, 
Kristina ... tures-peak

Mediterranean ecosystem suffering ‘marine wildfire’ as temperatures peak
Parts of Mediterranean are 6C warmer than usual for time of year due to global heating, say scientists ... 00094.html

NYPD cop arrested on L.I. for firing gun in the air during argument with girlfriend ... t-ukraine/

What the U.S. Government and The New York Times Have Quietly Agreed Not to Tell You About Ukraine ... ou-missed/

Russia Deploys Energy Weapon, Scuttles Own Grain Deal: What You Missed

US officials’ “worst fear” appears as US weaponry helps Ukraine achieve battlefield breakthrough. Meanwhile, Russia seeks help from ... estigation

Is Joe Biden Dead, Replaced by 10 Different Deepfake Body Doubles? An Investigation

A conspiracy theory started on Twitter claims that Joe Biden's videos are deepfakes.
07.29.22 ... h-tomorrow

An Out-of-Control Chinese Rocket Is Going to Crash Into Earth Tomorrow

There's a nonzero chance that the uncontrolled rocket debris could fall on a populated area, but the risk of anybody getting hurt is extremely low.

By Becky Ferreira
July 29, 2022, 10:17am ... ons-worse/

The Intercept
Bank of America Memo: “We Hope” Worker Power WorsensA Bank of America executive stated that “we hope” working Am ... lionaires/

JULY 29, 2022
The Semi-Conductor Bill and the Moderna Billionaires
BY DEAN BAKER ... -accounts/

JULY 29, 2022
The West Can’t Stop Pillaging Other Countries’ Bank Accounts
BY EVE OTTENBERG ... nchin-deal

Climate Coalition to Biden and Schumer: Reject 'Fossil Fuel Expansion' in Manchin Deal
"Permitting new fossil fuel projects will further entrench us in a fossil fuel economy for decades to come," more than 350 environmental and social justice groups wrote in a new letter. ... l-analysis

Price Gouging at the Pump Results in 235% Profit Jump for Big Oil: Analysis
"Make no mistake; these profits mark a large transfer of wealth from working- and middle-class people to wealthy oil executives and shareholders," said Jordan Schreiber of Accountable.US.

July 29, 2022 ... polluters/

ExxonMobil Is Counting on Trump-Chosen Judge to Undermine Right to Sue Polluters ... ver-stamp/

Pete Seeger Outlasted the bastards

The Men Who Killed Kennedy The Smoking Guns 7 ... -6-capitol

BuzzFeed News
“You Will Go To Your Grave As A Traitor”: How One Jan. 6 Participant Cooperated With The FBIThe lengths to which right-wing influencer Brandon Straka cooperated with the FBI were only revealed in court documents that were apparently... ... story.html

Alabama prison guards try to bar reporter from execution over skirt length ... story.html

NYC jury convicts neurologist of sexually abusing brain-damaged patients — prosecutor labeled him ‘evil in a white coat’ ... nfinement/

Neuroscientists Make a Case against Solitary Confinement
Prolonged social isolation can do severe, long-lasting damage to the brain 
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