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High Strangeness: General Thread

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Some vignettes. Enjoy.

Location. Blackwater, County Wexford, Ireland
Date: mid April 2000
Type: 1900
Noel Duggan accompanied by his girlfriend and a fried, Martin Egan, were enjoying a drink in his mobile home, when they were suddenly joined by an odd looking little man with strange pointy ears. It sat on the mattress had appeared out of nowhere and argued with Duggan and Egan about nonsensical matters. It was described as having curly hair with an aged face. After a short time the strange visitor put his hands over the girlfriend's head in a peculiar way and said, "It's not her fault" and vanished in plain sight.

HC addition # 3402
Source: UFO Roundup Vol. 5 # 23

Location. Buenavista, Argentina
Date: July 2000
Time: 1400
After hearing noises and strange voices coming from the kitchen area 10-year old Marisol Diaz went to investigate and was confronted by several short figures both males and females, resembling "little dwarfs". They had human-like features, with large eyes, pinkish colored skin, wearing white shimmering clothing, boots and the men wore some type of headgear, the tallest of the figures, apparently a male appeared to be bearded. The female entity had long blond hair and the shorter figures (children?) wore short pants and shoes. They seemed to have been examining some cleaning detergent and other kitchen items. They spoke in an unknown language that somehow the little girl was able to understand. They seemed to be commenting on the toxic make up of the cleaning detergent. Upon noticing the little girl the little group quickly exited out the rear patio. There an adult witness who apparently saw more similar figures on top of a nearby tree saw them. In the same area there had been reports of low flying multicolored lights and other phenomena.

HC addendum
Source: Patricio Parente, Gaceta Ovni

Location. Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Date: December 27 2000
Time: 1600
A man appeared at the door of the previous UFO and "Man in black" witness. He stated that he had come to see his unusual watch. He stated that his name was Mr. Smith and showed some ID. He wore a dark charcoal suit, white shirt, and black tie. He also wore a black fedora. His feet were very large, "size 13, or 14", like the witness previous visitors. His shoes were black and shiny, with no signs of dirt on them at all. He was about 4-feet 8 inches to 5-feet tall, very thin, and very pale skinned with very long fingers. He also wore black wrap around glasses with silver frames. The witness extended his hand but was ignored (again). Upon entering the house the visitor commented upon the carved walking stick in the hallway. He also asked the witness to turn the microwave off before he walked in front of it. Sitting down at the kitchen table he produced a small silver tape recorder, claiming it could record up to 80 hours or more. Using a pick like tool from his breast pocket he examined the witness watch. He opened a black briefcase, removed some paper, a silver pencil with a red top, and a pen like flash light that emitted a mauve, pencil thin beam, which scanned the interior of the watch with. He took a small digital type camera and with it he took several pictures of the watch. During the whole of his visit he spoke very little, and his speech seemed slurred. Again the cats were agitated during the stranger's visit. He again expressed interest in the watch and the witness asked 500$ for it, but he replied that he had to check with his colleagues. The stranger also expressed interest in a computer saying that it had very minimal power. The stranger departed without saying good-bye. The witness went immediately to the window but could not see any sign of the visitor or any car in the vicinity, he had simply vanished. A plastic hair blower nozzle was found melted and a ruler in a drawer close to where the visitor had been sitting was bent into a slight S curve. Again the witness suffered from a severe headache and an eruptive nosebleed.

HC addition # 3772
Source: Graham Conway, UFO BC

Location. Kingsville, Texas
Date: December 31 2000
Time: 0400A
The witness suddenly awoke and heard a low frequency buzz or vibration. He sensed that the house was tilting at an angle and braced himself thinking that it was an earthquake. As the tried to brace himself he realized that he was totally immobilized, could not move any limb or his head. At that time he looked to his right toward the skylight and saw a beam of blue light that he sensed was searching and had found him. To his left he also saw a light coming from the window. Now he felt in a semi-awake state, and realized he was being examined in bed. Looking around he could make out a small dark figure on his left, above his head to his right. Suddenly directly in front of him about 10 feet away, he saw what appeared to be a holographic figure. He asked them what they wanted, but received no response. He sensed that they were intent in examining him. It suddenly stopped and the blue light then gradually went away from the skylight and the window.

HC addition # 3516
Source: Filer's Files # 5, 2001

Location. Ano Courtesi, Greece
Date: June 8 1999
Time: 0200A
Dimitris Hellenas had taken his motorcycle and went to a specific part of his farm to turn on the water valves for the watering of the plants. The night was hot and calm. Suddenly he saw in front of him a luminous triangle, about 15 meters high and the same distance away. It was emitting a golden light. Startled he reduced speed immediately then he heard a calm, sweet, masculine voice that told him: “Don’t be afraid, I am the Almighty. I will do whatever you ask me to.” After the initial shock, the farmer did not hesitate a single minute. He asked from the luminous triangle to be relieved from the habit of smoking and torturing migraine headaches. The response was immediate. “In no time at all, the headache was gone. I took the packet of cigarettes from my pocket and threw it away. The permanent bitter taste I had in my mouth for years was lost. So did the triangle.” Hellenas was still shocked but full of joy and happiness. He continued on the road with the motorbike until he reached the water valves. He took out his flashlight, but then the triangle appeared again---along with the voice. “Throw it away. I will light your way from now on.” The voice said. Then the voice from the triangle told Hellenas to go to the shack and tell the other workers what had happened, of course he was not believed. After that, Hellenas came out and saw the luminous triangle again, which now told him to go to his girlfriend’s house. But her reaction was the same as his co-workers. He returned to the farm, having the triangle as his guide. During the whole time, the luminous triangle was flying at the height and same distance of 15 meters. He stopped the car and the voice then instructed him to go on foot to the fields. Using superhuman strength he ran there. Once in the field the voice instructed Hellenas to take the lighter from his pocket and burn his hand, he felt nothing but saw his flesh roasting, with the smell of burning flesh making him sick. Then the voice told him to put his hand out. There was no burn, no pain. He did this two more times. He was then told to “swallow” the flame to “clear all the dirt he had within him.” After that the voice demanded from Hellenas to hold his lighter and chant an Orthodox Church hymn, “Blessed be God” three times. He was then ordered to eat a handful of soil, which he did. He was then told to go on and do his work (fertilize the watermelons) and come back later to “talk like old friends.” During his next encounter with the “voice of God” he was instructed to drink a mixture of fertilizer and water (a strong poison) and after that to drink his own urine (!). During the experience, the triangle and the voice were intermittently appearing and disappearing. He was told that during the second coming “all the bad people on earth” would be eliminated. Soon he left to work in the fields again and return later but the luminous triangle did not appear. Soon he started to hear music, resembling many birds singing and then animals screaming, live wolves, and jackals howling. This went on for 10 minutes and then the triangle appeared again. Soon he was told to leave that their “conversation” was finished.

HC addendum
Source: Thanassis Vembos & Makis Nodaros, Greece

Location. Boonah, Queensland, Australia
Date: 1998
Time: night
The witness (involved in other encounters) was coming outside to go to the toilet when she saw a woman with blond hair sitting close by. She had never seen her before in her life. The woman put her hand out and grabbed the witness’s hand as she walked by. As she did so she said to the witness, “I’ve been waiting for you, you should have been here three times before and you didn’t turn up.” This was true as the witness had been going to leave the Gold Coast three times before but didn’t. Then the woman told the witness about her life from when she was a little girl. The woman then said, “Tell your children to move to the other side of the range as there is going to be a tidal wave and it’s going to wipe out the whole of the coast.”

HC addendum
Source: UFO Research Queensland, Australia

Location. Phillipstoun, Scotland
Date: January 8 1998
Time: late night
A woman went to her son’s bedroom to check on her 3-year old who kept crying. She went to check on the fourth occasion and was shocked to find her son glowing green in color on all exposed parts of his body. He was also making a loud “buzzing” and “clicking” sound. She sat with him trying to calm him down he went into a deeper color of green and then returned to normal. He then told his mom that he had a strange “dream” of monsters in his bedroom with aged wrinkled faces that had apparently come into his bedroom.

HC addition # 3882
Source: UFO Scotland

Location. Near Bataysk, Rostov region, North Caucasus, Russia
Date: end of February 1998
Time: about 2200
A local woman and member of the town’s administration, N.G., was walking her dog and while walking near a strip of forest, she let her dog loose so he could run in the trees and the fresh snow. Suddenly N. G. felt the presence of someone behind her back and some force compelled to turn around. She then saw at about 150-200m away a large foggy globe, white in color, about 8-9meters in diameter. The globe was moving at an altitude of about 40-50meters from the ground. Inside the globe the witness could see saw several smaller sized globes. A feeling of fear and discomfort seemed to increase with each passing second, for a long time she stood in a sort of stupor watching the object, she could not remember how long. And her dog who before had been frolicking in the snow and trees, was now hiding between her legs and whining loudly, the barking of other dogs could be heard from afar. Apparently this sound alarmed the apparent alien guests since the globe began to slowly rise upwards and then vanished. Several seconds after the UFO had vanished another very interesting event took place. N.G. briefly glanced at a nearby snowy field and saw a large black “car”. The “car” was very beautiful, long, with a sleek streamlined aerodynamic shape, similar to a foreign limousine. It was dark but the woman distinctly saw two passengers inside the “car”. They were dressed in black, and not in suits, but in something that reminded her of “spacesuits”. At that moment N.G. felt a very strong fear and for a few seconds she covered her eyes with her hands. When she opened her eyes again, she saw a bright flash of light and the strange modern looking “foreign car” had vanished without a trace. Despite the distance N.G. ran home very quickly and terribly scared. She could not sleep and had to take a sleeping pill. In the morning she told her neighbor and together they went to the location of the event. There they found the distinct tracks of automobile tires imprinted in the snow, but there were not traces which indicated how the car had arrived or left the location, as if the car had simply zoomed up into the air and flew away. There were no other traces. Since the incident N.G. has had the feeling of being watched, she also saw “things” connected to UFOs on several occasions. (No more specifics on that).

HC addendum
Source: “ENIO” Investigation group in “Cross of Centaurs” newspaper Rostov-on-Don # 4, 2000

Location. Gurzuf, near Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: March 1998
Time: 0900A-1000A
The main witness, a local female resident and accountant was in a bus together with several other passengers on their way to the bank in the town of Yalta when she noticed that as the bus passed under a high bridge overpass near the river and before turning into the highway, there was a strange object or “construction” nearby on the slope of the road (this in midday in the presence of dozens of witnesses). The weird “building” or structure was bizarre in nature, rhomb-shaped, seemingly made out of rusty metal. The structure itself consisted of several interconnected triangle-shaped surfaces. Near the weird building she saw three tall men apparently doing something near the structure. It appeared that the three men were very “worried” about something and were in much of a hurry. All three were dressed in tight-fitting black suits resembling those of diver suits. In appearance they were pleasant looking, very tall, about 1.9 to 2.0 meters, their faces resembled that of normal men, though the witness had very little time to observe other details. The most amazing detail of all was that the rest of the passengers on the bus (about 15-20) as well as the driver, absolutely did not pay any attention to the strange structure of the 3 tall men on the side of the road, and when the bus passed by none of the other passengers commented or talked about it. The rest of the passengers appeared to have been under some kind of hypnotic control. At first she thought that the men had been only just common workers but on her way back from Yalta she stopped at the location where she had seen the strange building and the men and was surprised that the place was now “empty”. The witness added that both her and her husband had seen UFOs previously.

HC addendum
Source: Dr. Anton A. Anfalov direct from witness

Location. Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Date: summer 1998
Time: night
The witness reports being in a strange dream-like state and seeing large gray triangular-shaped crafts shooting at fleeing people, his nephew had the same exact dream. In another occasion he found himself in an unknown realm where 2 beings appeared in front of him. They resembled his two sisters in their faces but it looked grotesque, like a mask. For some reason he immediately knew they were from “Cassiopeia” He saw a star map and was give 3-digit coordinates. He was also told of future coming events. He was shown a map of the Earth and warned of coming floods. The communication was not verbal. He recalls seeing a black space full of stars, a constellation, which he somehow knew it was Cassiopeia. Then he saw the Earth rotating slowly in the blackness of space. After the dream he felt a strong urge to prepare a “survival rucksack” with sleeping bag, tent, warm clothes, food supply, etc, which he always keeps at hand.

HC addendum
Source: direct from ludmil@kpacota.com

Location. Szyelkino, Kazantip peninsula, Sea of Azov, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: August 1998
Time: evening
Traffic police captain, Vasiliy had been fishing for bullhead at a small bay near Tatarskaya bay on a Sunday evening and satisfied with his catch, he began collecting his fishing gear, intending to prepare some fish soup, at that same moment he saw a strange creature at a distance of 30-40 meters away, straight across from him, coming out of the waters of the Sea of Azov. The creature was humanoid in appearance, looking evidently like a woman. Her body was completely white and he estimated her age to be around 30 years old. She had huge inhuman blue eyes on an incredibly beautiful face. She stared intently at the witness. The strange woman was not walking but rather floating over the surface of the water and her arms were stretched forward. Vasiliy crossed himself, but the female figure did not vanish. She had long black hair falling down below her waist. The woman raised her arms and said in a tender voice, “Vasya, come to me, I have everything in here” The witness felt paralyzed, unable to move any part of his body. Like hypnotized and under total control, his body began slowly approaching the strange woman. When the distance from her was only several meters, Vasiliy finally snapped out of his stupor and reacted fiercely, screaming obscenities at the woman, who slowly turned around and disappeared under the surface of the water, Vasiliy then regained control of his body and he was able to move on his own accord. Terribly frightened he ran home not remembering how he got there. Upon arriving home he realized that he had left his fishing rod and catch behind. He never told anybody about what occurred until 2004.

HC addendum
Source: Vladimir Zheleznyak in: “Secrets & Mysteries of the Crimea” 2004

Location. Kuusamo, Finland
Date: August 1 1998
Time: 2330
Two couples were in their summer cottage chatting and waiting for the bath in the sauna. The owner of the cottage, Pekka, went to the terrace to smoke a cigarette. Suddenly he noticed a man who he at first thought was his guest, Teemu, come to his left side. He was a little surprised since the door had made no sound whatsoever, but ignored it. Pekka began to talk to Teemu about events in the cottage last winter and wonder why did Teemu did not say anything and just smiled. He then noticed that the other man was not Teemu, but only someone that resembled him. Pekka said, “But you are not Teemu” The man just smiled and walked to his right side. Pekka now noticed that there were three other persons in the cottage sitting in the living room talking. He was going to ask the man a question, but this one answered before he did, apparently reading his mind. The stranger said, “You know very well who I am, Pekka.” The man now seemed to be having difficulty in keeping his disguised appearance. His jaw fell down wax-like, but he manages to reconstitute himself after some facial “gymnastic”. When his jaw fell down his mouth was very thin and the jaw pointed. Pekka now began to think that the man was not from this planet and began to feel uneasy. He kept asking the man who he was, to which the stranger answered, “You are one of us Pekka. You are chosen”. Pekka began to walk indoor and asked, “Why me”? To which the stranger answered, “You are a good man”. Once at the door Pekka asked, “How long did the journey last?” The stranger said 11 months. Pekka resisted the urge to get closer to stranger and walked inside. The others noticed right away that something had occurred but Pekka did not tell them about the incident until the next morning. In spite of what the stranger had said Pekka did not recognize him and he had never been interested in UFOs. He was badly shaken after the experience.

HC addendum
Source: Mervi Virtanen, Finland

Location. Chipoleti, ArgentinaDate: September 1998
Time: 2130
A young woman named Alicia was traveling in a bus on the 131 route, listening to music from an FM station on her Walkman. There were only a few other passengers on the bus. At one point the station’s musical programming changed suddenly, rather than a soft instrumental music, a sort of choral music performed in a foreign language made itself heard. Alicia tried changing stations, but could not. Her fingers were paralyzed, as well as the rest of her body; a light or white fog began to encase her body. Her bus surroundings vanished. She was then transported toward a luminous point in space, which gradually turned into a luminous spaceship. Inside the vessel, Alicia reportedly saw a large headed dwarfish creature that took her hands and began touching certain points of her body. The creature softly felt her abdomen. Soon after, still enveloped in the strange fog and listening to the same music, she felt herself transported back to the bus and was able to see the familiar surroundings again. Upon arriving home the strange music still issued from the Walkman and later from the home stereo. She and her mother listened to the strange music, which was accompanied by an unpleasant sound. A few seconds later the original frequency was suddenly restored. The witness suffered from nightmares after this bizarre incident.

HC addition # 3809
Source: Guillermo Aldunati ORTK

Location. Liberty, Kentucky
Date: August 22 2004
Time: 0030A
57-year old Katherine L. Jones and her boyfriend were in the front porch of her home located on a high ridge in the city watching what appeared to be dense fog approaching when the "fog" seemed to divide, forming a cylinder of bright light about 3 feet in front of them. They both stepped off the porch and approached the beam, both of them attempting to enter the cylinder of light but as they stepped forward, the beam moved back several feet. They continue to chase the beam around the yard but it would not allow them to "enter" it. When they turned away from the beam and walked away the beam followed them, staying close to their heels. Jones's boyfriend continued to walk around the yard and the beam followed his movements but whenever he attempted to enter it, the beam would move away a few feet. At one point Katherine was able to peer inside the beam which contained a very bright shutter-like opening deep within the interior. When they stepped back into the porch they noticed the ground beneath the beam appeared to be bubbling with thick plasma like substance although no heat was felt. The incident lasted for about 10 minutes. The next day Katherine surveyed her yard for evidence but found nothing. The only thing odd she noticed was that the water level in her swimming pool had dropped almost a foot.

HC addendum
Source: http://www.etcontact.net/newsite

Location. Hollywood, Florida
Date: April 2003
Time: 0100A
Two women came to the side of the South Florida gatehouse where "June" worked as a security guard. They said that there was something strange out by the curb, about 100 feet away, but they didn't know what it was. It was on the road just east of the driveway. The women were upset and seemed to think that something was very wrong. June instructed the women to wait in their car by the gatehouse while she went to investigate. If there were any problems they could call the police on their cell phone. June walked out to the curb and found sitting on the curb, curled up into a ball somewhat smaller than a beach ball a strange "person". With her flashlight June could see a neck and a dark suit. Gently, June touched the figure and said, "Hello!" but there was no movement. Finally as June touched the shoulder, a small woman suddenly unwound from the curled up ball position. She was about 4'8" tall with very high heels on her shoes. She was dressed very well with beautiful jewelry, a leather purse, diamond appearing earrings and long red hair that fell to her shoulders and very large brown eyes, a small nose and a tiny barely noticeable mouth. She appeared to be about 24 years of age and appeared to be afraid. June questioned her gently:
June: What are you doing?
Woman: "I m waiting".
June: "For whom"?
Woman: "A-a-a ride"
June: "Well, who is supposed to pick you up?"
Woman: "I Don't know"
June: "Honey, come off the curb and stand next to me"
June put her hand around the little woman and noticed that she maybe weighed about 70 pounds, had long arms and very long fingers. Her pinstriped suit with a skirt looked as though it could have been made in the 1940's. Finally the woman looked at June and asked:
Woman: Where am I?
June: Well we're on earth, and it's the 4rth rock from the sun. (!)
Woman: "Oh...."
June: "Can I do anything for you? Do you need the police?
Woman: "The who"?
June: "The Police"
Woman: What do they do? (Was her stunning response)
June: They might be able to help.
Woman: No I am all right. I am just going to wait.
June took hold of her and insisted she come with her to the gatehouse to talk for a while. But the strange woman insisted that she wanted to wait by the curb. At this she sat back down and curled up into a ball again. Reluctantly June returned to the gate where she found the other two ladies still waiting in their vehicle. June then called the police, which came around and spoke to the woman for 45 minutes but could not detain her. They told June that the woman did not have any identification on her, and no keys, but had some money and small papers with scribbles on them in her purse. They said that they had no reason to detain her and left. After the police left, June went out to check on the little woman but this one had vanished into thin air.

HC addendum
Source: Miami Skyscan July 2003

Location. Near Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Date: September 3 2003
Time: 0230A
During the wee hours of the morning the witness's 12-year old son woke her husband and herself telling them that he had a nosebleed. They did not think much about it since the boy usually gets a bleed once a year and it was not a heavy bleed, but rather a persistent trickle. He then came to their bed with them and the witness suddenly went to sleep very rapidly and went immediately into an extremely vivid lucid dream. In the dream her son and her were outside of a house and they ran to the other side to see a UFO in the sky. The UFO was not lit, but rather a dark shadow in the night sky, huge and in two parts that were connected. They somehow "knew" that this was something to be afraid of and hid in the deep shadows of the house as the UFO came down with very little noise and transformed itself into a vast robot, which started walking across the countryside. Again they "knew" this had something to do with power, as in electrical power and that they would be forced to use some power they didn't want to use. In fact they "knew" that if they used the power they were bringing it would be a trick ultimately used to imprison them. They ran inside the house and there the phone was ringing and they again "knew" it was the power company calling them to force them to use this new power. For this reason they did not answer the phone. There was a glassed in room in the house, which had a number of people seated in it. These people were important to the witness, although they were not familiar to her. She ran into the room to warn them of what she had seen. One of the people was a brown haired girl about 20 whom the witness recognized as her daughter (not her real life daughter). She also recognized her as her mother. She was crying, although the witness was not sure why. What was remarkable about her was that she was half human and half "android" or robotic. At one point the witness could see some of the skin on her back and you could see that the skin was living tissue stretched over a metallic frame. The skin was red and sore like burned scar tissue. She was also pregnant and made a comment to the witness about how she had been to "animal control" (the witness could not quite recall the phrase but it was like going to a veterinarian instead of a human doctor), where she had been impregnated. The father of her child was also there, another predominantly robotic person who looked like a human face had been grafted on. He was a sympathetic figure and he understood what the witness was telling him. There were others in the room that were similar but the witness did not have a chance to speak to them. The dream went blank for a bit and then the witness found herself outside in a "neighborhood". There was a huge wind blowing and the witness "knew" that this was about earth's changes. She also "knew" that after the earth changes the alien beings will come for us and that it would be terrible. The power company had set up a steel building that looked like the only thing that could withstand the wind. Everyone crowded inside and the witness "knew" that it was trap. She point out to the father of her daughter's baby that the heave stainless steel door only opened from the outside, and that if they would let them go they would all be imprisoned. Between them they managed to keep the doors from closing. The dream went on with dire predictions for humanity and coming earth changes; a collapse of society was coming. The witness woke up around 0600A with a severe nosebleed, stiff arms and legs and total physical exhaustion. Other family members reported strange scratches and marks on their bodies.

HC addendum
Source: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Location. Burnaby British Columbia, Canada
Date: January 2001
Time: daytime
Two peculiar strangers again visited the witness to a previous UFO encounter. These two were different from the others. They were at least six-feet tall, very bony, with head, hands and feet out of proportion to the rest of the body. They wore gray suits that seemed to be "oily", had black ties and hats plus wrap around sunglasses that they never took off. When questioned about the glasses they remarked that they could see perfectly well. Their ears stood out from their heads and their skin was pale white, whereas their fingernails were gray in color. They never removed the hats during their visit. And throughout the whole time only one of them spoke. When asked for ID's they displayed "silver" cases that contained a photo an unusual symbol, plus their names in small print. Upon entering the kitchen they asked the witness to please unplug the microwave, they also told him to turn the computer off. The two Persian cats were going crazy dashing around the room, and trying to get out of the window, which was closed. Each man carried a briefcase with an inverted L shaped handle. The man that did all the talking asked to see the witness unusual watch, he then removed from his briefcase four small containers, each had a different colored top. Opening two he proceeded to pour the contents over the watch. He told the concerned witness that no harm would come to the watch. He was given $250 for the watch and told that they would give him the rest later. He told them that he was moving soon, to this they replied "We know, don't worry, we can find you if we want to." They soon departed without the common courtesies, staring blankly at the witness as he extended his hand. Once again the witness hurried to the bedroom window only to find, as before, no sign of either man departing, nor cold any vehicle be heard leaving. After the visit the witness felt drained, had a severe headache that lasted for two days and a rash on his arms, face and chest.
HC addendum
Source: Graham Conway UFO BC

Location. Caspian Sea, Astara & Lenkoran Azerbaijan
Date: March 2005
Time: afternoon
Residents of a few towns on the Caspian shores in Iran and Azerbaijan say they have seen an amphibious man, he was reported to be swimming amidst huge shoals of fish. Rumor has it that the waters where he swam were becoming sparkling clear. Recently eyewitnesses onboard the Azeri trawler, “Baku” reported seeing the creature. According to Gafar Gasanof the captain of the trawler, the creature was swimming in a parallel course near the boat for a long time. At first they thought it was a large fish, but then they spotted hair on its head and his fins looked very unusual. And incredibly the front part of his body was equipped with arms. Shortly after this report was published in an Iranian newspaper, numerous readers came forward describing their own sightings. The readers pointed out that numerous fishermen had repeatedly seen the strange creature at sea and on the shore after seabed volcanoes in the area of Babolsera became active in February and offshore oil production operations intensified in the Caspian. All the eyewitness accounts provide a similar description of the marine humanoid. His height is about 165cm to 168cm, it has a protruding stomach, his feet are pinniped and he has four webbed fingers on either of his hands. His skin is pale white in color. The hair on his head looks black and green. His arms and legs are shorter and heavier than those of a medium-build person. Apart from his fingernails, he has nails growing on the tip of his aquiline nose that resembles a dolphin’s beak. There is no information as to his ears. His eyes are large and orbicular. The mouth of the creature is fairly large, his upper jaw is protruding and his lower lip flows smoothly into the neck, his chin is missing. Iranians have dubbed the creature, “Runan-shah” or “Master of the seas and rivers”. Other stories report that the waters remain crystal clear for days in the area where the creature has been spotted. Fishermen report that the fish that are caught in their nets seem to sense the creature when it approaches and produce a barely audible gurgling sound. It is said that the creature answers the call of the catch by making similar throaty sounds. According to a theory the creature is not alone and that there is a family of underwater humans, who are on a mission�.to tackle environmental problems in the Caspian. The reproduction of flora and fauna in the Caspian has significantly deteriorated due to a surge in offshore oil production operations and underwater volcanic activity. The Astrakhan fishermen have long complained about the decrease in the stock of sturgeon.

HC addendum
Source: Rafic Garifdjanov, Baku

Location. Caspian Sea territorial waters of Azerbaijan
Date: end of March 2005
Time: unknown
Azerbaijani fishermen from the trawler “Baky” (Baku) were stunned to see a weird entity in the water. The entity swam for a long period of time near the trawler, parallel to it, reported Gafar Gasanov Captain of the ship to the local newspaper “Zindagi” when he arrived at the Iranian port of Enzeli. At first the crew thought that the entity was some type of unknown large fish, but soon they noticed that the entity’s head had distinct hairs on it and the front fins were not fins at all but webbed hands. They acknowledged that the entity looked more like a humanoid than any kind of known fish. They all concluded that they had never seen something like it in the waters. The amphibian entity then plunged deep into the waters and disappeared from sight. When Captain Gasanov returned to Azerbaijan people there refused to talk to him about the incident alleging that he and his crew had all been drunk. But the Iranians took the report seriously because of numerous rumors about “a man from the sea” were circulating in Iran long before this report. After publication in the local newspaper “Zindagi” local Iranian residents wrote numerous letters to the newspaper reporting their own encounters with a similar entity. The common opinion was that underwater volcanic activity in the area of Babolser and the intensification of oil extraction in the Caspian Sea has somehow caused unknown deep water dwellers to venture up to the surface. The entity is shorter than that of the average height, about 165-168cm, thickset, with a protruding belly, feet with flippers, and 4 fingered webbed hands. The skin is pale yellowish gray in color and it has stiff black-green hair. Arms and legs are slightly shorter and thicker than that of humans. Sharp nails grow on its hands and also at the tip of its hump-shaped nose, forming something like a dolphin’s beak. The ears are not visible. The eyes are big and round and the mouth is quite big with a protruding upper jaw, smoothly connected to the neck, without chin, the smaller lip is similar to that of a shark’s jaw. In Iran this amphibian humanoid is called “Runah-Shah” which means, “Sovereign of waters and rivers”. Interestingly the fishermen have noticed that the fish seemed to react when the entity appears, like if there were some kind of distant, extra sensory communication between the entity and the fish. Other witnesses reported seeing the same or similar entity in May between the small fishing villages of Astara and Lenkoran.

HC addendum
Source: Rafik Garifdzhanov, Azerbaijan “BBS” Newspaper Kiev Ukraine # 28 2005

Location. Demerdzhi plateau, Crimea, Ukraine
Date: May 18 2005
Time: 1130A-noon
26-year old Andrey Alexandrovich Zabava was in the company of several friends from the town of Yalta and had gathered for a picnic in an area near the Izobilnenskoye water reservoir NW of the town of Alushta. Andrey then borrowed a UAZ-469 vehicle (Russian Jeep version) to drive several km to a location that he wanted to desperately visit. He drove north and turned right passing the village of Lavanda and then left to the Southern Mt. Demerdzhi area (1239m) before the village of Luchistoye. There the Jeep got stuck in some mud and muck and was unable to go on any further. By instinct he remembered the 1994 incident in the alien base known to be in the region and walked about 4-5km towards the northeast, first climbing the western slope of Mt. Demerdzhi and then down north and then up eastward to a cave on the Demerdzhi plateau about 2-3km east of Northern Demerdzhi. As was reported by a local UFO group (Terra group) there is a camouflaged alien navigational beacon somewhere inside Northern Mt Demerdzhi. The cave that Andrey was looking for was called the “ghost cave” that is visible only if its “owners” want anyone to visit or come inside. The cave is not on any map. Andrey knew nothing about the cave but was led by instinct. He entered the cave, which looked more like a grotto, the ceiling high enough for him to walk in. Inside a strange light from an invisible source illuminated the cave quite well. He saw stalactites and stalagmites growing both on the floor and the ceiling of the cave; he then came upon a small underground lake and then stumbled upon a protective and decontaminative field resembling the surface of a mirror, similar to vertical standing water from ceiling to ground. He touched it with his hand and he felt warmth. The “screen” then changed shape and he could see the outline of a human figure probably assisting him in “passing through” the shield. In a moment he walked through and felt his body become lighter and refreshed just like after taking a shower, and it was much more easy breath as well, the air apparently much cleaner than outside. He then found himself in a strange room, like a hall of “mirrors” which constantly changed in appearance, with strange doors changing shape and forming gateways of different shapes, rectangular, triangle, oval and circular revealing visible passageways and corridors beyond them. A tall humanoid entity was standing in the middle of the room; he was about 2-2.5m in height. The alien was obviously the same one Andrey had met in 1994; he wore a gray-whitish furred tight-fitting suit. The humanoid had 5-fingered hands. This time what appeared to be a transparent dashboard (or helmet screen) covered his face, especially the area around the eyes. Andrey understood it to be a special filter to protect the aliens’ eyes from the bright sun light outside. Andrey couldn’t yet understand if this alien was a living, totally intelligent creature or just a biological robot or cybernetic organism which was used as security for the alien base. They then entered into telepathic conversation and the alien said, “So you have found the way in!” Andrey could only answer, “Hello” (or Hi_) which the alien also did. They stood in the room and communicated for several minutes and Andrey asked about the fast changing corridors or doors he had previously seen, the alien answered that those were actually passageways to the base or station located about 300 meters away. Andrey thought that there must have been another cavern gateway to the base on the northern side.
The alien reportedly told Andrey that they welcomed more visitors that it would be actually “beneficial” for them. Asked if it might hinder their activity or operations the humanoid replied, “Not at all, nobody would hinder them. We are all scientists here”. After the conversation was over Andrey left the cave the same way that he had entered, and then descended down the curved pass on the rocky slope about 4-5 km to the road and managed to drive the Jeep away from the area. According to Andrey the battery of his electronic watch had completely melted. Several days later Andrey and Dr. Anton Anfalov (source) attempted to visit the location but were not successful. Apparently Andrey was not completely trusted, he remembered that during the telepathic conversation with the alien this one said the he was also originally not trusted and was now chief of security at the base.

HC addendum
Source: Andrey “Jack” Zabava, and Anton Anfalov personal

Location. Mercer County, Pennsylvania
Date: June 4 2005
Time: 0900A
This event occurred in a very rural area of western Mercer County, in western Pennsylvania. The main witness, a 14-year old boy was visiting his friend on a farm and [as2] the two boys were taking an early morning walk through a field some distance behind the farm house. The weather was clear, sunny and hot. They had stopped momentarily to discuss their direction when the main witness noticed something stand up from the tall grass less than 25 ft from them. It was a humanoid-looking figure, 5foot 5inches tall. A dull white in color, no obvious clothing, a large head, no noticeable eyes, nose or mouth, described as gaunt and gangly looking. The main witness yelled at the second witness to look, and at that moment the humanoid began running on 2 legs toward some nearby woods. Its speed was unusually fast for a 2 legged creature. The woods were about 40 ft away, and when it reached them, it crouched down to go under a strand of barbed wire and lifted its hands to part the brush under the wire. The boys could see it attempting to hide behind some heavier brush and in doing so caused the brush to shake violently. They waited about 10 minutes, being very curious but also very afraid. They cautiously crept up to where the being had hidden, but found nothing. They searched around for a while but then began to feel very “creepy” so they went back to the house and obtained a .22 rifle and went for a further search of the woods. While searching the area they found peculiar footprints in the area where they had seen the being. The footprints were very difficult to describe according to the witness and the source. The night following the event the main witness had a very long, strange and vivid dream about the death of a close friend of his, which disturbed him. The following day in the late afternoon on the same farm, the second witness older brother and his girlfriend were alone in the farmhouse. Both area bout 18 years of age and had been arguing when the girl walked out of the house into the backyard to calm down. She was a good distance from the house when a young deer (perhaps a fawn) walked out of the field towards her. It came so close to her that she could almost touch it. She watched the deer for about 10minutes and then went back inside the house. The argument started up again so the girl walked out of the house again and saw the young deer lying in the yard. It was badly clawed or cut, bloody and obviously dead. Terrified she ran back into the house, got her boyfriend and went back out very quickly only to find the deer was now gone. The grass in the lawn and the field was flattened as if a large animal had attacked the deer and dragged it away. There were footprints on the lawn, and the original 14year old witness seems to think they were similar to the footprints he had found at the time of his humanoid encounter.

HC addendum
Source: Jason Van Hoose Artbake777@aol.com

Location. San Marcos, California
Date: July 6 2005
Time: 2330
After a long day the witness had gone outside to his covered driveway for a smoke and look at the night sky. The witness looked towards the north and thought about his recent (saucer) sighting wondering what it was all about. In the near distance, at no more than a couple of hundred feet he saw a faintly visible moving object that flitted from side to side. Whatever it was it reflected light from the streetlights. Its side to side movement was so quick initially he couldn’t tell if it was one object or two. The object then zipped directly over his neighbor’s house across the street. It continued to move side to side in a space of approximately 50 feet. It then stopped and the witness was able to observe it more clearly. The object was a humanoid with large eyes and wing-like appendages and was probably 2 to 3 feet in width. It remained still and he could see wavering reflections from its “wings”. They were not beating like a bird, but showed shimmering reflections from the streetlights. The witness felt the hair on his head rise al the way down his back to his ankles. It appeared to be watching the witness as he smoked his cigarette. The witness felt threatened and then said out loud, “I see you!” Then the flying figure went from stationary to out of sight right over the witness head in an instant. He then came out from under his covered carport and turned to follow its movement. Immediately it zipped into view directly above his head, obviously studying the witness who could see really large and intensely dark “eyes”. It seemed surprised by the witness looking right at it, it didn’t like being seen. The witness apprehension rose even higher. The creature then turned away and disappeared like a shot. It had a birdlike shape, but was thicker. The witness insists that it wasn’t a bird, bat or any familiar nocturnal creature and has never seen anything like that before.

HC addendum
Source: Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research

Location. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Date: August 11 2005
Time: afternoon
Angela Derzaph was at the local library with her children when a little girl sat right in front of them. She was holding a book and flipping pages but was not reading. She was looking directly at her son who sat reading a book to the witness. She had absolutely no expression on her face and moved her head in a very peculiar manner. The witness other son was sitting behind the strange girl at another table and never did see her face directly but he did see her from the side. She caught his attention because there was something odd. He noticed that she was holding a book but was looking at his mother. Her eyes shifted and occasionally she would look to the side. But more bizarrely her eyes were “not of this world”. They were not deformed but were 2 and a half to three times the size of normal eyes and were almond shaped and incredibly were at a 60degree angle. Everything else about her was normal. Soon a woman whom the witness assumed was the girl’s mother of about 55-years of age approached the girl. She asked her why she was reading French since she did not know how to read French. The girl then stood up without expression almost robotic like and walked around, every so often glancing back at Angela. She grabbed a book off the shelf and threw it in the woman’s basket and they left.

HC addendum
Source: first hand report from witness aderzaph@yahoo.ca

Location. Barrio Antartida, Parana, Entre Rios, Argentina
Date: December 29 2005
Time: 2000-0200A
Numerous local residents in an area near the local dump, including dozens of children have reported seeing what they termed as “small white gnomes” who climbed a makeshift Christmas tree and threw stones at the startled children who also threw stones back. Their stones were quickly fired back by the gnomes at very high speed and with great accuracy. It apparently all started when several residents attempted to dismantled the Christmas tree; this apparently angered the “gnomes” who began hurling stones at those present. A large crowd gathered including police who shone a floodlight at the tree and was reflected back at them like a mirror. Several of the police officers fired their weapons at the tree and in turn were showered with rocks, strangely the rocks only struck the police officers and none of the others gathered around. Several of the children who were interviewed by a local news channel described the “gnomes” as tiny and man-like, wearing all white, with small hands, who stuck their tongues out at the children. Some of the witnesses believe that there were about 7 gnomes; a girl claimed she saw one of the gnomes jumped from a roof into the tree. Some of the children suffered minor cuts and abrasions when they were also hit with stones. (Apparently this has been going on for several days, maybe into 2006).

HC addendum
Source: chrisq@infovia.com.ar

Location. Amelia, Clermont County Ohio
Date: January 12 2004
Time: 0258A
21-year old student, Susan T and her neighbor Jeff F. were in Susan's driveway when they spotted an object in the sky. Susan stated that the object was hard to describe but it was disc-shaped with a hump on top. Susan said that at one point the object stopped and began to "drop". She thought it was going to hit the ground. However it suddenly stopped and hovered and then it began to drop again. For several minutes this object "stopped and dropped". She finally lost sight of it as it went below roof top level of her house. Susan went on to say that this object must have been "covered in a million lights" and also said there was a rotating light on the top of the hump and white lights on what she described as the belly or bottom of the craft. She claims that the object seemed to turn on its side so that she could see the bottom part. This turning and flipping caused the object to look like it was changing shapes and getting bigger. Susan explained that she felt she was being watched and grew very frightened. Both she and her neighbor sat in the truck and watched this object for over an hour. It was 0415A when it finally slowly went behind her house. Susan then stated that something very strange happened. Right after the object went behind her house what appeared to be a "shadow" dropped on her roof and turned into a ball and rolled down the roof. Her neighbor also saw this "shadow". Being very frightened neither person went behind the house to see where the object went. Susan feels that it landed or almost landed. She reported that the dogs were going wild when the object came down close to the ground.

HC addendum
Source: Donnie Blessing, Southern Ohio MUFON

Location. Near Nacogdoches, Texas
Date: early January 2006
Time: night
David Salomen, 60’s, was riding his dirt bike in a secluded forest north of the location and had stopped to rest when suddenly he saw a figure standing about 12 feet away from him. The figure was short, willowy whitish in color, with large dark eyes. The figure said, “May I connect with you?” Terrified the witness prayed in agony. But he could still hear the voice in the area of his frontal lobe, that said, “Say yes.” And he said “yes”. He could plainly hear a voice behind his left ear, in the region of the brain that handles speech and verbal logic. The short figure then began to tell him many things, about the pyramids, and the sphinx, of ancient Nephilim giants, of 50 terrestrial races more devout than monks, of a flying miniature planet that sets up the gravity of planet Earth on the bottom and its atmosphere and flies at 12,000 miles per second without subjecting its occupants to G-force, of chimera experiments gone awry, of Mothman, Bigfoot, Champ, Nessy, etc. It will be the first of several “sit-downs” Salomen would have with this entity. His small mouth never moved. His pushed-in furrowed face reminded the witness of a Pekinese. His nose was nearly non-existent and his enormous eyes were like two black almonds that slanted upwards at a forty-five degree angle. The large veins of his bulbous bald head were clearly visible. The entity called itself “Magnuss” and told the witness, “I am using your own lexicon embedded in your mind to communicate with you”. On February 3 2006, Magnuss would dictate to the witness 38 pages of information he wished for him to pass on to “Abo” or humans. At one point he asked Magnuss about Atlantis but his answer was ominous and he enquired no further, basically the entity said that it was too much information and it wouldn’t be “wise” for the witness to know about it. He also asked about implants and was told that each piece of metal is attached to nerve endings, which transmit location and biological data to an “object” not unlike a mainframe, where all whom they tag are kept. There is no hand on manipulation required. The data is continually transmitted to each abductee’s cell in the mainframe. If one of the implants is surgically removed, a cell becomes dormant and the monitor alien is alerted. The witness is apparently a biblical scholar and found many parallels in the bible of alien intervention. In fact he was told by Magnuss that they have been monitoring the earth for thousands of years. A lot of the information was indeed compared to religious dogma and according to the alien there is a definite connection.

HC addendum
Source: Direct from jasus@cox-internet.com

Location. Kuala Pahang, Pahang, Malaysia
Date: February 20 2006
Time: daytime
A fisherman, Ahmad Affendi, 22, and a few friends found a small bottle on a beach. After shaking the bottle he realized that there was a small figure inside, measuring about 15cm in height. However the tiny figure which was greenish in color and had a pair of red eyes did not move. The tiny being was wrapped in a black cloth and tied with a white string. Ahmad Affendi took it to an elderly man, Ismail Omar, 94, who then opened the bottle. He claimed that the being was still alive. The witness then took it to the police station but was advised to hand it to the museum. While at the museum over 600 people managed to have a look at the strange figure but unfortunately due to superstitious beliefs they threw it away into the sea less than 24 hours later. It is a common belief in Malaysia that such creatures have bad spiritual effects and should not be kept.

HC addendum
Source: aj404my@yahoo.com

Location. Przemysl, Poland
Date: May 2 2006
Time: 1530
The witness, Mrs. Anna was hanging out the laundry on the balcony of her house when all of the sudden she heard something resembling the buzzing of a swarm of bees and she noticed out of the corner of her eye a shiny sphere that had stopped perhaps 2 or 3 meters away moving in a constant up and down motion and vibrating. Suddenly she felt “a total emptiness in her head” she could not hear any sounds around her and she lived on a busy street with heavy traffic. She was enveloped in silence. Scared she ran into her house and grabbed her son’s camera that was lying on a desk. She managed to snap a couple of photos and then the camera shut down. She then heard a low cracking sound and the shiny sphere vanished in plain sight.

HC addendum
Source: NPN http//:www.npn.ehost.pl

Source for many of the reports: http://www.ufoinfo.com/humanoid
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