Joe's abduction story.

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Joe's abduction story.

Postby Joe Hillshoist » Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:40 am

This is my abduction story. I've posted it before, but I can never remember where and there's no irect link to it anywhere else, so I'm sticking it here in case i want to refer to it again, without trashing a thread.

Joe's Abduction Story

I don't really buy alien abduction, especially the x files whitley/mack/hopkins view of it.

In fact the only alien experience's I'd ever had were on magic mushrooms, or observations of anomolous stuff in the sky, but never in a context of "missing time" or anything resembling contact. (On reflection there was one possible instance, but I'd need to talk to the other people who were in the car at the time.)

On shrooms, well I spose anything is possible, and some of Terrence Mckenna's idea's ring very true, but its tripping on shrooms for vuck's sake.

The thing I remember most is seeing the classic abduction scenario. Lying on me back surrounded by white figure with black almond eyes, I wondered: "Where am I whats going on?"

"Gee if I hadn't taken those Gold Tops I would swear I had been abducted by aliens right now."

Naturally (it was gold top's after all) this idea inspired a bout of belly laughter, and lo - what seemed like a room full of whites (not greys) shattered like a movie projected onto a glass screen in its last instant of togetherness. That was when the real weirdness started, but since this isn't the shroomery's trip reports page (and there's not really words for it anyway), that's where that story ends.

I have had "alien" experiences while talking to gold tops, since then, but that image always stayed with me, it put the abduction meme in a context: "Whatever you try and imagine, it will be out weirded."

But that changed a bit on the 21st of July 1997, well actually it was the 22nd of June, at about 5 am. I think it was pretty close to the turn of the winter solstice.

And I wasn't tripping.

So I went to bed, and as I drifted off the cat jumped up onto my chest and nuzzled my nose. Cept the cat was electric blue, I know that was what she looked like when I was in dreamland, she was a grey tabby in the waking world. Thats all cool, I have a different attitude to dreams than many people, so there was nothing unusual in my cat and I exploring hyperspace or wherever it is we go when we are really dreaming.

The cat seemed desperate to get my attention, so i "listened" to it, and heard my parents talking. They seemed very keen to tell me something, and it seemed urgent.

But i promptly forgot what they said.

Not that I always ignore my olds, they live 1000 miles away and these days I like their company and appreciate it, even back then I did.

But my attention was distracted by this weird buzzing, like tinitus but amplified and slightly electric sounding. This buzzing in my ears got louder, and took up more of my attention till wham!

It felt like my brain had been sucked out my head. I dunno how else to describe it, but it wasn't pleasant, and I wasn't happy about it.

I was in a grey drab room. Possibly what the inside of some intersteller craft could look like, grey metal panels and the like, and these ugly little critters everywhere. The critters were strange. Small bodies and big head, big eyes, but they looked different to a classic grey, not that I have ever seen one. There are heaps of aliens that look similar in 50's schlock movies, and when I was a kid I was given a book about the image of aliens in movies, so I had a wealth of images in my mind already.

They were wearing gun metal grey metallic jumpsuits with nothing on them in the way of insignia or buttons or pockets, and grey belt that were lighter in colour and looked metallic as well, actually thinking about it, they looked a bit like the outfits one of Dr Who's aliens wore. The warmongers with ugly heads, not cybermen or daleks, can't remember the name. Old Dr Who tho.

A cross between This Island Earth (the newsreader in Futurama is the same species) and Invasion of the saucermen. I guess it doesn't matter what they looked like, I suspect I was putting images from my own mind onto something to give it meaning.

This was a bit of a shock. I didn't expect to ever have this experience, but it was real as anything that happened to me ever, well it felt as real... None of that mattered at the time, the only thing that did was not being there. As I said my mind had been sucked out of my head, or so I thought, so I wanted back in. it was like swimming through toffee, getting back. An immense and frustrating effort, but suddenly I was back and awake, in bed going "What the Fuck!!!" I had been asleep less than a minute according to my wife, well it was less than a minute since I'd kissed her goodnight.

It wasn't over tho. The buzzing was there, threatening to engulf my perception, and the room was a bit weird. More pop culture motifs, the roof, which is normally weather boards was a flat white sheet, and things were pushing thru ala the x files. Cept the outlines looked more like the tin man from Wizard of Oz than any oval headed, flat faced, almond eyed Mescalito wannabe. It was a bit odd. I sat up turned on the light, and grabbed my Buddha.

My buddha is a little jade thingee with magical powers. An old girlfriend brought it for me off some little old bloke in some back alley in Hong Kong, back in the 80s.

It is magical tho, in fact it was one of the things that broke my rationalist conditoning, and ground the remnants of it into dust. It just kept doing impossible stuff. I couldn't ignore it forever...

Now there is this buzzing, a weird roof and strangely enough something else. Like a window in my minds eye. Or a docking port. A grey room that I could visualise in my imagination. Round and completely featureless, but there and not going away.

I wasn't so happy about all of this. Its 5 oclock in the morning, I have just gone to bed, and want an undisturbed night's sleep, well morning's sleep. Not much night left by then. The fuckers, who are they, what are they doing and why the hell don't they piss off and let me sleep? What inconsiderate pieces of shit. I was getting angrier and angrier. And had nothing to vent my anger on cept this annoying intrusion into my reality. No heads to kick, just a buzzing noise, a stupid tv rip off on the roof and a grey featureless room in my mind that didn't belong there.

I swear if I found who was responsible for this there was gonna be Hell to pay.

So I grabbed the buddha and focussed my attention and will on my power. I dunno what that means but its metaphysical in some way.

All of a sudden a manhole/hatch appeared in the grey docking port thingee in my minds eye. I was very angry at this point, tho part of me was sitting back watching, the bit that always sits back and watches in situations, just in case I miss something.

Lets call it applied scizophrenia, its really the way you watch yourself doing what you havce trained to do at any sport, when you are performing at your peak. That part of the mind sits back and watches, and lets your body do what its trained to do. You are watching your own back, in case your "action self" misses something.

Anyway that part of me had this wryly ironic sense of pity for whatever was about to come through that doorway.

If I was looking at the centre of the docking port, (i'll call it the space), I was looking from say ... 6 oclock. The space is round and the doorway that opened is in the centre. When the thing came through it looked as close as it could to me but missed, it then proceded to scan the room clockwise 360 degree's looking for something.

It was a fucking giant red and black mantis headed creature, and it was looking with a predatory intent. Hunting. I presume. Cool its gonna search the whole space and come to me last, and I'll be waiting with a metaphysical fist cocked. I was fuming, and I was gonna drill that fucker till its juices stained the space. Teach it to hunt in my head. I have rarely been that angry in my life, I have even done some pretty brutal things to people, but not been that angry.

So I watched and waited. I spose the buzzing was still going on and the roof was still wrong, I had narrowed my focus to that thing with the mantis head. Eventually it had scanned the whole room and came to me.

I never got that punch away.

The creature did a Roger Rabbit. Its eyes popped out of its head cartoon style and it was down that hatch - shut it and sealed it before I could do anything. It was pretty cool actually, to scare it like that, but I wasn't satisfied. The room was back to normal, and the grey docking space disappeared, the only remnant of the whole bizarre experience was the buzzing in my ears fading slowly away.

Well fuck that. Its not gewtting away so easily. I tried to catch the buzzing with my attention, it seemed instinctively obvious that the buzzing was a bridge between my mind and whatever had happened. It kept trying to get away and I kept trying to get it. I felt like I was reaching across great distance with my mind to catch the fucker. I wanted to drag it back into my headspace and hurt it, then kill it, then bring it back to life and do it all again. Repeatedly.

I was highly pissed. I have never felt so violated in my life. I am still mad about it 9 years later.

But I couldn't bring it back. It was too far away and I think it was pretty scared.

I felt good too, still do, like I had faced something and won. But a few days later the thought came to me. If they come back they will be prepared...

Bring it on I say, I think the same force or entities or whatever have tried it on since, but they are more careful and I'm a bit more blase so the events are not as easy to relate.

I have taken Gold Tops since too, and met the weird shroomy aliens on occasion. they seem nothing like what I experienced that night.

Terence McKenna mentions a similar thing actually, in Ch 20 of True Hallucinations, and the red and black Mantids are the stars of an unpleasant experience his partner of the time had.

I would have let the whole thing fade into my own personal memory hole (i have had more weird experiences than I can remember to be honest), if there hadn't been one particualrly startling postscript.

I mentioned it to the olds when I next spoke to them on the phone. Mum said "Get off the drugs" despite the fact that I hadn't had any at that particular occasion. Well smoked some pot, but I have done that thosands of times over the years and never had anything remotely resembling that happen to me. Cept that once.

What Dad said really freaked me.

As I started to explain that I had this weird thing happen the other night, he interrupted. He spoke in a tone I rarely hear from him. He was serious and steady and and sounded 1000 years old.

"When that happens this is what you do:

Get back into your body and wake up. Gather your power and Get angry. And direct it at whats attacking you. Don't hold back."

I nearly freaked. It wasn't the first time I'd heard him say that. He told me to do that just before the whole thing started, when my cat had jumped onto my chest, and I heard the olds telling me something.

Its what I did too. Exactly what I did.

Even now my old man doesn't talk about that stuff. Refuses to acknowledge that stuff. "Those things don't exist, and even if they do, thinking they exist only gives them power."

I dunno what happened. Whether I imagined the whole thing, made it up to give my life some super special meaning, or everything that happened can be taken on face value.

It was very strange if nothing else, and very liberating.

And its not an exercise in creative writing, it actually happened.

In the years since I found out more about the old man's past. By the time he was 10 or 12 he had been trained in some Hindu preisthood or other, and was adamant about what to do. He is a bundle of surprises that bloke.

He often says "There are more things In Heaven and on Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy Horatio."
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Postby Joe Hillshoist » Sat Jan 26, 2008 10:42 am

it was originally published here:

In the October 2006 archive.
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Postby lunarose » Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:59 pm

hullo joe! thanks so much for posting this in such detail.

'So I went to bed, and as I drifted off the cat jumped up onto my chest and nuzzled my nose. Cept the cat was electric blue, I know that was what she looked like when I was in dreamland, she was a grey tabby in the waking world. Thats all cool, I have a different attitude to dreams than many people, so there was nothing unusual in my cat and I exploring hyperspace or wherever it is we go when we are really dreaming. '

i used to dream with my cat namaste. she'd jump around as a ball of light. she showed up in my best friend's dreams a couple of times, too, as the same golden ball of light.

the current cat, the bouch, hasn't shown up in dreamland yet.
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Postby Penguin » Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:14 am

Joe, have you read Rick Strassman's "DMT - The Spirit Molecule" - of the DMT injection study done on humans in the 90s? Its got some eerily similar stories from the test subjects...He ended the experiments early after receiving warnings from his buddhist friends that some entities were trying to abuse his subjects, and after some freakish experiences decided to call it quits.

Give me a PM if you want the pdf file. I got it right there.
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Postby Joe Hillshoist » Sun Sep 20, 2009 5:37 pm

You are always welcome here Penguin.

In fact if you are ever in Australia I insist that you stop by for a few.

(Too early in the morning, no coffee yet, pressed submit to before I wrote this.)

I have got a copy of Strassman's book but I still have never finished reading it. I have tried a couple of times. I really struggle with reading whole books on my computer tho. Its ok to read online things, even blog pages or articles that are up to ten pages, but after that ... you can't "curl up with a good screen the way you can with a book.

Strassman's report certainly is suggestive of some weirdness.

You might want to have a look at this thread btw ....

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Postby NaturalMystik » Mon Sep 21, 2009 12:26 am

I was going to mention the Strassman book as well. It definitely seems like there are some connections between near death experiences, alien abductions and entity contact, which can all be connected to DMT floods.

I know psilocybin isn't DMT, but it does seem to open similar doors. I can't remember the specific pharmacology of psilocybin , but perhaps they play a role in either stimulating DMT production, or prevents the DMT from being broken down as rapidly as it normally does.

I guess you could say I've 'traveled' under the influence of Salvia, and the place that I've gone seems very familiar, perhaps the dream lands. And I had a distinct impression of entity's or perhaps McKenna's machine elves. They weren't too happy about me being there though.

On a biological level I know it's all brain chemistry manipulation. But on a metaphysical level, I really do think your soul or whatever you choose to call it, is going somewhere else.

Happy travels. Sounds as though you've found a way to stay safe and protect yourself.
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