C. B. Scott Jones

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C. B. Scott Jones

Postby elfismiles » Fri Nov 14, 2008 12:11 pm

C. B. Scott Jones

The Plan C

OpEdNews » Preparing For The Upcoming UFO/ET Disclosure Crisis
Diary Entry by Ed Komarek / June 28, 2008

CB Scott Jones at X-Conference 2008

X-Conference 2008: Scott Jones & John Alexander, speakers
http://paranormaltrickster.blogspot.com ... -john.html

C.B. "Scott" Jones - Expanded Background
http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/X- ... lement.htm

C.B. Scott Jones Ph.D. Hawaii Presentation June 2006
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 6156721811

Conclusion of Hawaii June 2006 talk on Exopolitics.

Presented at the Extraterrestrial Civilizations and World Peace Conference
Sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute / Kailua-Kona Hawaii / 11 June, 2006

XCon 2004 - CB Scott Jones - The Nexus of Exopolitics and Global Peace
http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 1051848438

X Conference 2004 >> Dr. C.B. Scott Jones
http://shop.paranormalmatrix.tv/product ... oductId=79

C.B. "Scott" Jones, Ph.D. Presents How The Alien Presence Affects Society 1998
http://www.ufocongressstore.com/servlet ... .D./Detail

When Cosmic Cultures Meet (Paperback) - 1996
by Human Potential Foundation (Author), C. B. Scott Jones (Editor)
http://www.amazon.co.uk/Cosmic-Cultures ... 1882658035

Rockefeller Initiative Documents
http://www.paradigmresearchgroup.org/Ro ... uments.htm

E.T. Politics in the Clinton White House - Part 1

C.B. Scott Jones via ExoPaedia

C.B. Scott Jones via Hambone files
http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/hambon ... html#jones

Phoenix in the Labyrinth by C.B. Scott Jones, Ph.D.
http://www.amazon.com/Phoenix-labyrinth ... 1882658027
http://cgi.ebay.com/Phoenix-in-the-Laby ... 8009r38522

Background on the Aviary - Nexus Magazine 1995

Will the Real Scott Jones Please Stand Up? 1993
A profile on the most ubiquitous character in ufology and parapsychology
by Robert J. Durant
http://www.mindcontrolforums.com/hambon ... jones.html
http://www.tricksterbook.com/ArticlesOn ... ePaper.pdf

More good UFO Folklore ! Is it true ?

Driving Mr. Bennewitz Insane
[Boylan identifies Jones as Falcon of Aviary]

Richard Boylan on the Aviary
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Postby OP ED » Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:02 pm

Jesus, there's a lot here. Thanks E.
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Postby elfismiles » Wed Nov 19, 2008 11:09 am

Several years ago, I went to the Edgar Cayce Foundation at Virginia Beach and took some ESP tests. My wife and I aced the tests. The participating crowd and the staff were amazed. They took our names. We then went upstairs to the library to look around.

While I was reading a Masonic book, I overheard a conversation between several men around the wall. They said that they had just come back from Moscow and were talking about a secret experiment that was conducted in Sweden. It involved CIA and KGB agents in an underground radio/television wave-proof room trance-channeling to the dead. For the first time, they were able to bring from the dead Albert Einstein and display him on television and ask him questions. (This merger of the CIA and KGB happened several months before the Berlin Wall came down–thus the Cold War was still on, but, only in the eyes of the public. For mass media mind control see their own brainwashing manual written for newspaper editors and TV networks - called "Electronic Colonialism" written by Thomas McPhael, 1987.)

The men attending were Oleg Jefimenco, a West Virginia University Professor and Telekinesis Expert; Dr. John Sutton, Technical Officer of Goddard Space Flight Center; C. B. Scott Jones, NIS/NSA and President of the Human Potential Foundation; Colonel John Alexander, Leader of the Non-Lethal Weapons Division, of the D.O.D., and Hugh Lynn Cayce, Jr.

http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/st ... ngstar.htm

The Human Potential Foundation President was, C.B. Scott Jones, an ex-Naval Intelligence officer that worked with characters like the CIA’s godfather of mind control, Hal Puthoff. The D.O.D.’s "doctor –of –death", Col. John Alexander of the so-called "non-lethal" micro-wave weapons program, and Puthoff worked on E.L.F. mind control technology. They are associated with Dr. Steve Greer, and Dr. Steve Bassett of the UFO CSETI programs. Note that I was on one of their CSETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence) projects called "Falling Star".

In UFO seminar and conference circles, Alexander and Jones were known as "Penguin" and "Falcon." "Falcon" has taught the world the profile of the aliens on various television shows –with his face masked and hid- standard mass mind control. Recently I had –after 25 years – recall of Scott Jones when I was in the Navy during the Vietnam War -Era. I asked other veterans to try the recall process and they remember being pulled from their units and privately meeting in a building and going under hypnosis. They also picked out the mug shot of C.B. Scott Jones! They chose servicemen from West Virginia, Texas, Montana and a couple other states. These states all by coincidence have the highest numbers of veterans of foreign wars and today’s Militias. I wonder if the most patriotic are programmed to self-destruct in some way some day.

In 1992, Dr. Steve Greer was at the first CSETI-CIA-NAS-UFO alien contact meeting and they chose me to be the "Pointman" for E.T. contact. I was told that the UFO’s were etheric and spiritual and no harm would come to me. Both Greer and Jones at that time told us that the E.T.’s were inter-dimensional entities. Now, today they are quoted in books like Dr. Lammer’s "MIL-LABS" supposedly changing their stories claiming that UFO’s are all special military high-tech mind control games through hologramic images; but, at the same time they still were organizing civilian CSETI contact teams at UFO seminars and preaching the spiritual etheric "Benevolent -Space -Brother "Ascended -Masters- Heaven’s- Gate - Gospel." A very strange contradiction of both their so-called beliefs and actions- to say the least. Dr. Spaniol of State College and the D.O.D., Dr. Sutton, and Dr. Suffon of NASA all would duck and cringe when I would joke and call the Project the "Church of the UFO". (A few years after I quit an "intelligence-agency" sponsored UFO Church called "Heaven’s Gate" committed mass suicide – supposedly!)


I first met C.B. Scott Jones in the Navy, and later I saw him at the Edgar Cayce Foundation at Virginia Beach –an esoteric library - several years later. He was with Dr. Sutton and W.V.U. Professor Oleg Jefimenco- a telekinesis expert- talking about the C.I.A. and K.G.B. working together in electronic necromancy with Dr. Walter Uphoff in Sweden in 1988 and 89 –months before the Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War was over.

When I first saw Jones, I almost collapsed from shaking all over –it was not until some time later after seeing his pictures that I had total recall. The self-hypnosis I was taught by our staff hypnotist – Ph.D. and Dean of the Psychology Department of West Virginia College of Graduate Studies- Holly Forrester Miller paid off for me. I even used it on Veterans down at the NRA Rifle range. I was shocked to find other vets had recall of the same strange private hypnotic meetings.

http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/st ... rstorm.htm

I'm very suspicious of this source and any that demonize Puthoff and C.B. Scott Jones ...
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Postby elfismiles » Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:03 pm

Review: C.B. Scott Jones Austin Lecture

In November the Austin community was treated to an intimate lecture by the enigmatic paranormal, ufo, mind/science personage, C. B. “Scott” Jones. Scott Jones led the audience through a non-linear journey encompassing several of the anomalous highlights of his life.

This lifetime of mysterious experiences included a possible multiple child alien-abduction-like encounter with a cartoon Felix the Cat (image right) come-to-life off a film projector screen and an early age brush with death as a baby that was later revealed to Scott by two independent psychics to have been his earliest possible contact with Alien Others. This early age contact was seemingly confirmed when Scott Jones underwent regressive hypnosis sessions with UFO researchers Dr. Leo Sprinkle and Dr. Richard Haines which led to “memories” of being healed by an Alien Other and an Out of Body Experience, recall of which ends with him as a baby, floating out in space above the earth and about to enter a UFO.

Scott continued recounting his extraordinary life-experiences, including his work investigating the paranormal for Senator Claiborne Pell and seeking UFO disclosure for Laurence Rockefeller. He detailed his psychic intuitive hunt for missile sites during his service as Attaché in India. He spoke of his work tasking psychic Remote Viewers for military, intelligence and political clients in Washington and even gave details of his strange encounter with the FBI in which his friend Michael Drosnin (author of The Bible Code) was seemingly targeted with what they both believe to be some sort of electronic mind-control device which temporarily incapacitated Mr. Drosnin. It was likely this encounter and their other research that led to this alleged statement addressing Dr. John Gibbons (science advisor of President Bill Clinton) regarding the Rockefeller UFO Initiative:

“…I urge you to take another look in the ‘UFO Matrix of Belief’ that I provided you last year. My mention of mind-control technology at the February 4 meeting was quite deliberate. Please be careful about this. There are reasons to believe that some government group has interwoven research about this technology with alleged UFO phenomena. If that is correct, you can expect to run into early resistance when inquiring about UFOs, not because of the UFO subject, but because that has been used to cloak research and applications of mind-control activity.”
- Dr. C.B. Scott Jones

After the official lecture Scott and many audience members migrated to the BookPeople store a few blocks away and continued the discussions about UFOs and much much more.

We look forward to hearing more from C. B. Scott Jones in the coming years.

http://www.anomalyarchives.org/2008/12/ ... mber-2008/
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