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Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:37 pm
by American Dream
(Cutting in very briefly, just to say that I am thinking very seriously about the critique that has been posted- am willing and able to be self-critical too. The most important thing is having a healthy board culture that fulfills Jeff's best expectations for all of us. I'm willing to do what it takes to help bring things farther in that direction).

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:04 pm
by barracuda
Searcher08 » Fri Jan 31, 2014 2:03 pm wrote:This board was threatened by Percival and a specific reference was made to 'Megaphone'

Searcher08 wrote:I consider Hasbara to be *directly relevant* to this subject and if you do not like that, tough. You have been consistently and clearly vague and evasive and dismissive when confronted with hasbara activity right here on R.I.; I consider Hasbara trolling here to be much more of a threat than vague allegations that jakell "smells funny" and your Appeal to Authority fallacy about people with a brain thinking that way as well.

Just fyi…

Percival's fake "hasbara" was a deliberate trolling of the board. He had a number of trolling identities, the most well-known among them was "MASONIC PLOT": the same guy who lost posting privileges here when he claimed to have personally known Noreen Gosch. 'Member him? Yeah. His entire presence here was as a troll, a twisted game, nothing more. He discovered he could get a rise out of you by championing Israel during the flotilla crisis, so he played the board like a cheap ukelele, claiming to have lived in Israel for years, etc. It was a ruse.

What I'm saying is this: if your evidence for a hasbara attack on the board revolves around statements made by Percival, it's weak tea. More like dishwater.

Dozens of anti-semitic posts and handfuls of short-term anti-semitic posters (ala Mr Walker) have been disappeared from these pages by the mods. You won't necessarily find the posts or even some of these former members in a search. Because why would we want to keep that shit here? And I could name offhand a number of posters who have personally pm'ed me as to their resignation from further participation here due to a perceived pervasive anti-semitic tone, whether or not those perceptions are grounded in actual fact.

For every thread American Dream has started about anti-semitism, there have been forty anti-Zionist/anti-Israel/AIPAC/jews-up-to-their-typical-jewishness threads here. It's ridiculous to even suggest that the front page is somehow clouded by his work. IIRC, when the flotilla crisis was unfolding, there were, at one point, seventeen (17) anti-zionist threads on the front page. No one objected to the proliferation or the endless C&P at that time.

AD oughta cut jakell some slack for now, and the anti-American Dreamers should give it a fucking rest as well. That's my take. With the negligible mod presence at the moment, it's wishful thinking, I guess. But looking dispassionately at this board and discerning some sort of pro-Israeli bias being promulgated via an incipient or ongoing hasbara infiltration is a perspective that cannot be taken seriously, IMHO.

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:08 pm
by jakell
I will have to leave the board politics to you 'elders' I think, and am just going to try and carry on with what I perceive to be the subject matter...

It actually took me slightly aback last week when the Archdruid started talking about 'fascism' because for the last 8 years he has been almost entirely apolitical, which must have been a strain at times. He has promised only three posts on it though so he is limiting himself (we've heard that before though)

It's a strange confluence for me because, in landing here properly, my intention was to put the subject on the back burner, and try and concentrate only on the meta-issues related to it (if at all). I was surprised to find myself embroiled again just by mentioning 'anarchism'.

Closer to home, I'm becoming more and more aware that the BNP may be closing their doors for good this year, and this would also signify a waypoint for me. It would be a bittersweet thing because they have made a good focal point (a sandbox even) for the far right for the last 30 years, especially the last 10, and it was nice to be able to know where to look. I think their end signifies something more worrying because I've noticed that their more hardline members have been disappearing into the woodwork over the last two years, and although I can speculate (from my own knowledge) what they are up to, there are no visible signs of this.

It seems I may need some closure after following the UK far right so closely over the last four years, as JMG says... 'what you contemplate is what you imitate', and these three confluences may lead to this (closure that is).

Sorry for being a bit self absorbed here, but sometimes I need to get my thoughts down.

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:23 pm
by Project Willow
I was going to respond to the reported post, and now I see some helpful interjections here.

AD, glad you're willing to hear critique. Your voiced hunches and suspicions about people are hurtful, and come off as a sort of anti-fascist McCarthyism. Casting vague aspersions doesn't get you anywhere except in the midst of endless acrimony and ultimately locked threads. Going forward, confine your responses to specific content, address ideas rather than people, and as always, report posts or links that blatantly break board rules.

On the other hand, the folks who've been lovingly nurturing their hurt feelings for several years still need to work on letting it go.

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 3:50 pm
by American Dream
barracuda » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:04 pm wrote:AD oughta cut jakell some slack for now, and the anti-American Dreamers should give it a fucking rest as well.

Yeah, I feel that the board has been duly advised of my concerns at present. Now if only jakell would leave off from his (very vague yet fundamentally oppositional) trolling of my anti-fascist posts, we'd be doing much better...

PW, I'm thinking seriously about your comments. For what it's worth, I only recall interacting with one other username here who I suspected had come to organize for the Far Right. That was a poster who was obsessed with President Lincoln as the root of all evil, who seemed to be shilling for some sort of neo-Cofederate cause, ala League of the South- and yet he claimed, "I'm just a San Franciso hippie"...

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:33 pm
by jakell
The text below follows on from my previous post about my early experiences with the UK Far Right, these are just intended to give a tiny bit of context leading up to a discussion about their present state.

...........In the later eighties, even though the NF had declined somewhat and the BNP was now formed under John Tyndall's leadership, there was very little increase on the street in organised far right activity (compared to the 2000's). Tyndall was trying to shake off the 'Nazi'image but he was having little success with this, one of the factors being that rank and file members were shaven headed thugs, with loud racist mouths, nazi tattoos and Hitler salutes galore. it took Griffin to make telling alterations here. Not surprisongly, no real electoral success happened in this period either.

The only real event I remember from these pre-Griffin years was them winning a seat in Millwall in 1993, this seemed a flash in the pan though and they lost it very soon afterwards. Afterwards John Tyndall was vacillating between cleaning up the image and becoming more hardline, as the members at that time were quite still hardline.

In 1999, Nick Griffin won the BNP's leadership election (after which he practically 'fixed' his own leadership challenges), it was not until 2002 that they started to worry me by winning three seats near to my home town by taking advantage of (and very likely adding to)racial tensions and related riots.

After that they went (relatively speaking) from strength to strength, achieving this by moderating their image quite markedly and attracting people who I would class as 'ordinary', it was only in 2009, when they got two European Parliament seats that I started to take a much closer look at them. Little did I know that this was actually the start of their downfall, but by then I was hooked, and was starting to notice very interesting differences within the party.

This is where the boring potted history ends, and I can start to confidently add up-close and personal observations....

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 6:26 pm
by American Dream
This gets into the deep state politics which connects directly to supposed "rebels" like Casa Pound in Italy, and through Roberto Fiore on to British fascists like Nick Griffin as well as Troy Southgate, of "National Anarchism" fame:

Stefano Delle Chiaie: Portrait of a 'black' terrorist
- Stuart Christie

Image ... t-christie

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 12:32 am
by American Dream
Leading also directly towards all this: ... d-pasolini

How P2 and its fascist henchmen murdered Pasolini

Published on Thursday, 05 April 2012 13:16 Written by Alfio Bernabei

Neofascists played a role in the killing of Pier Paolo Pasolini, the writer and film director, who was found battered to death on the night of 1 November 1975 on a stretch of beach at Ostia, near Rome.

Thirty seven years after the event that shook Italy’s cultural and political world, a picture is gradually taking shape of a planned execution carried out by a gang of up to six people. At least two of them frequented a branch of the MSI (Movimento Sociale Italiano), the party founded after the Second World War by the diehard nazifascists of Mussolini’s Salò Republic.

Some testimonies also point to links with individuals who were later to be found connected to the terrorist organisation Armed Revolutionary Nuclei (NAR – Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari), as well as with the Roman underworld associated to the far right, in particular the Banda della Magliana, a criminal gang that was subsequently named during investigations into some notorious murders, including those of the former Prime Minister Aldo Moro and the banker Roberto Calvi.

Pino Pelosi, the only man convicted for the killing

The disappearance of documents belonging to Pasolini, and the hastily discarded testimonies gathered by an undercover agent who obtained confessions from the two neofascists of responsibility in the murder, also cast doubts on the role of the Italian Secret Service and members of the judiciary. Both were at the time heavily infiltrated by P2 (Propaganda Due), a Masonic lodge that was using rightwing terrorists and petty criminals to carry out atrocities and executions as part of the so-called “strategy of tension”.

Suspicion is mounting that Pasolini’s murder was carried out within the framework of P2’s plans to subvert the constitutional order. According to the 1981-1984 parliamentary investigation led by the MP Tina Anselmi, P2 was acting as a clandestine “parallel government” or “a State within the State”.

Interest in Pasolini’s murder was reignited last December when Pino Pelosi burst into a crowded room during the presentation of a book in Rome and announced that the killer was still alive. Pelosi, now 53, was arrested on the night of the crime and told police he had acted on his own to protect himself from sexual advances. He was 17 at the time. With his nine and a half year jail sentence well behind him, Pelosi is now admitting that he was used by people who had devised a plan to silence the author.

At the time of his death Pasolini was vehemently attacking destructive forces in Italian society which, in his opinion, were creating a wasteland for a whole generation of young people, a process amounting to a kind of mental rape for which much of the responsibility rested with the politically corrupt ruling Christian Democratic Party and its cronies.

In books and articles he was proclaiming the need to put “the State on trial”, by which he probably meant the entire Cabinet, the heads of the then publicly owned companies and a large chunk of the military and even of the judiciary. Endowed with a clear insight into the riddles and obfuscations of power games, he was convinced that Enrico Mattei, President of ENI, the Italian Petrol Company, had been assassinated in a staged plane crash. A book he was working on at the time of his death, Petrolio (Oil), published posthumously, dealt with the Mattei affair. After Pasolini’s murder 78 pages disappeared from the only manuscript in existence. They have never been found.

Rumours have circulated for years that the man who took over from Mattei, Eugenio Cefis, was the real head of the P2 Masonic Lodge, part of the Stay Behind/Gladio organisation. The purpose of this network was to prevent the Communist Party from gaining enough strength to form a government. Among the “gladiators’” tasks was to maintain a climate of fear through terrorist acts with the objective of making a military intervention appear justifiable for the restoration of law and order.

Acting through a variety of neo-Nazi outfits, the P2/Stay Behind/Gladio network was targeting those who were getting too close to unmasking its plotters at the top. Journalists and leftwing investigative magistrates were the victims of attacks and assassinations. As a novelist and film maker reaching for truths outside the purely forensic, Pasolini could be perceived even as a bigger threat. Moreover, he had a huge following among the intelligentsia. Though capable of embarrassing blunders, like his servile interview with the poet Ezra Pound, his firm stance against fascism was to be found in virtually every book he wrote. Many of his films also focused on a critique of oppressive forces, whether in the shape of social conventions (Theorem, Pigsty) or perverse political power (Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom).

At the time of his death he was completing the latter film, perhaps the most eloquent and disturbing attack on fascism in the history of cinema. The plot dealt with the sexual components of power and its maintenance taken to murderous extreme. Using the literary framework of one of the Marquis de Sade’s libertine novels, he was showing how even sophisticated cultures ranking high in the production of the arts – music, literature, architecture, all referred to in the film – can succumb to the unscrupulous manipulation of power hungry thugs who, by imposing their will on supine populations, can abuse and destroy whole generations.

With unprecedented directness, Pasolini was warning audiences that while nazifascist threats can be easily detected when dressed up in the conventional garbs of brutal domination, enabling a counter reaction, it is far more dangerous when the process of subjugation is carried out in ritualistic forms of apparent ordinariness by seemingly innocuous people, until they turn into monsters, by which time it’s too late and everyone feels complicit and compromised with the fait accompli. This is why the message of Salò was and remains so shocking.

Particularly in Italy, where no purge had occurred after the Second World War, the film contained an exhortation to remain vigilant about nazifascists lurking in every office, in every street, in schools, at newspaper desks, among intellectuals and in the Church.

Seen in the light of Pelosi’s most recent revelations, Pasolini’s murder was planned with extreme care. First, there was the theft of film cans from the shooting of Salò. Pasolini wanted to retrieve the material. The youth he had befriended, Pelosi, already in contact with petty criminals and neofascists, was probably used as the go-between to let the author know that the cans could be retrieved, but if he called the police or made too much noise everything would be destroyed. As Pasolini and Pelosi remained in contact, the chances were that sooner or later the latter would entice the homosexual author to some secluded place where the killers could step in and commit the crime undetected, thus allowing the “killed by his own depravity” version of events to prevail in the investigations and in popular belief.

On the night of 1 November Pasolini and Pelosi drove to a beach in Ostia. Pelosi now says that soon after they parked, a scooter arrived with two men. Then a car pulled in with three or four men on board and finally a second car arrived carrying only its driver. “We had been followed all the way”, Pelosi says. The trap having been set, Pasolini was savagely beaten up. One of the cars drove repeatedly over his body to crush the thorax and make sure he was dead.

Police examine the murder scene on a beach at Ostia

Pelosi maintains that he took the blame for the killing because his family received threats. At his trial it was found that he could not have acted alone. No investigations followed to find his accomplices. A confession of responsibility in the crime obtained by a lone undercover policeman, Renzo Sansone, who questioned two brothers, Giuseppe and Franco Borsellino, was quickly discarded. Pelosi now confirms the two brothers, who frequented the MSI branch in the Tiburtino district of Rome, were indeed present at the scene of the killing. Among others named is a man called Sergio Pinna, who vanished soon after, never to be found again, and Giuseppe Mastini, still in jail because of a string of murders.

According to some testimonies, Mastini’s links with neofascists went as far as being friendly with Gilberto Cavallini who was to become one of the leaders of NAR, the nazifascist armed group whose members were later to be found guilty of the 1980 Bologna massacre in which the P2/Gladio organisation was involved.

There are many aspects of Pasolini’s murder that are still unclear. But little doubt remains that those who decided to silence him relied on some neofascists for his execution.

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:26 am
by jakell
Thirty seven years after the event that shook Italy’s cultural and political world, a picture is gradually taking shape of a planned execution carried out by a gang of up to six people. At least two of them frequented a branch of the MSI (Movimento Sociale Italiano), the party founded after the Second World War by the diehard nazifascists of Mussolini’s Salò Republic.

I've been commenting here on the proliferation of variants on the word 'fascist', and especially how it waters down the meaning of the word. This is the first time I've seen the seemingly redundant phrase 'nazifascists', this seems especially odd when applied to Italians .

Either this is another example of extremely sloppy usage, or it may be a way the Italians have of differentiating between their own fascist parties. If anyone knows I'd be pleased to hear about this.

The author also calls them neo-fascists, which adds to the confusion.

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 9:37 am
by American Dream
American Dream » Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:26 pm wrote:This gets into the deep state politics which connects directly to supposed "rebels" like Casa Pound in Italy, and through Roberto Fiore on to British fascists like Nick Griffin as well as Troy Southgate, of "National Anarchism" fame:

Stefano Delle Chiaie: Portrait of a 'black' terrorist
- Stuart Christie ... t-christie

More pieces of the international fascist puzzle can be found here: ... nazis.html

Troy Southgate, the New Right and Old Nazis

Troy Southgate
Not Right Wing. Not Fascist.
In an attempt to provide Fascism with some Green credentials and a gloss of anti-authoritarianism and even Socialism, 'National Anarchist' Troy Southgate (who also runs the neo-Classical / post-Industrial group H.E.R.R, and is a member of the groups Seelenlicht and Horologium*) has created some of the most bizarre ideological hybrids conceivable, grafting bits of Anarchist and Socialist phraseology onto his hard core Racist and ultra-reactionary politics to try to recruit from the Anarchist and Green milieus. He has denied ever being a Fascist ("I am not and have never been a Fascist of any description" - WMTN? Comment), and in an essay, 'Revolution vs. Reaction', he says that "it is quite certain that we have nothing in common with the intellectually bankrupt legions of the modern Left, but then neither do we owe any allegiance to those on the Right. Many so-called Nationalists are content to describe themselves as being 'right of centre', or even on the 'Far Right', but it must be stated quite categorically that true Nationalism has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Right-wing politics." [Southgate, Tradition and Revolution, p68].

If you took Southgate seriously as an ideologist you might therefore be a little surprised to learn that - as someone who "has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Right Wing politics" - he is somehow also a founder and the Chairman of the 'New Right' (NR) group, the aim of which is to "unite the disparate strands of the British Right and get everybody pulling in the same direction" [Dan Ghetu, 'Interview', Synthesis], and which, in a clod-hopping, British Empricist manner, is trying to imitate the continental Nouvelle Droite and become a focus of far-Right ideological innovation. You might be even more surprised to hear that, despite his claims to be against Fascism (which is 'reactionary'), this group collects together not only extreme anti-Semites and other racists, but also, er, Fascists in a discussion group aimed at forging a new image for the, er, Right. The following is an extract from an article about the NR taken from the latest edition of the UK anti-Fascist magazine Searchlight ('New Right, Old Nazis'). The article begins by discussing last month's NR meeting at which Martin Webster - the Chairman of the National Front (NF) during its 70's heyday, who boasted that his party were "forming a well-oiled Nazi machine in Britain" - gave a speech full of traditional Nazi anti-Semitic rhetoric.
"The New Right group was formed by Troy Southgate, a man whose life has been an odyssey across the far right scene since his imprisonment as an NF street thug in the 1970s. He has dabbled in far-right music, National Bolshevism and similar movements that emerged in the former communist states during the 1990s, various Green Anarchist outfits and a blend of far-right paganism and satanism.

He was a founder member of the International Third Position (ITP) together with Nick Griffin, now leader of the BNP, and other NF 'Political Soldiers' in 1989. Like Southgate and his followers today, it was heavily influenced by the Italian mystic and National Socialist Julius Evola, a man so extreme that the Italian fascist dictator Benito Mussolini had him locked up twice. Evola's wartime exile was lived out in the company of senior SS men and after the war he mentored Roberto Fiore, who in turn acted as political mentor to Nick Griffin while on the run in the UK from a terrorist conviction in Italy. Griffin still works closely with him in Europe.

Southgate left the ITP in September 1992 and from then on changed political affiliation as often as his underwear. In the middle of this decade he and a small group of others, including the quasi-intellectual Jonathan Bowden, created the New Right group with the aim of inspiring old thinking in a refreshed way. Its meetings... gave London's far right the chance to hear pagans, Muslim converts and leading figures in Europe's far right and beyond.

Despite being a BNP officer until the end of last year, Bowden has regularly chaired and addressed New Right meetings without any objection from Griffin. Audiences... comprise a mixture of boot boys, pagans, well-to-do Jew baiters and several BNP councillors.

The long list of speakers reads like a who's who of far-right extremists. They have included Alexander Dugin... Dr Tomislav Sunić... the Holocaust denier 'Lady' Michèle Renouf... Michael Woodbridge... and... Norman Lowell.
It is not only old nazis who attend new Right meetings. Matt Tait, the BNP's Bletchley organiser, acts as the New Right student organiser...
While Southgate remains on the fringe of the far-right music scene in Britain, he has a big fan club among nazis, pagans and other oddballs in eastern Europe"
[Searchlight, December 2010, pp14-15]

So there you have it, Southgate - who has "never been a Fascist of any description", for whom "Fascism itself was and remains a bastardised form of Capitalism" [Southgate, Tradition and Revolution, p103], and whose beliefs have "absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Right-wing politics" - is a founder of the 'New Right' and organises meetings at which the speakers are almost exclusively Fascists, old and new, like Webster, Bowden, et al. Frankly, when he says that he's not of the Right and not a Fascist Southgate is either the most confused political ideologue in recorded history... or a liar trying desperately to infiltrate the Anarchist and Green movements to turn them toward Fascism. What do you reckon?

* According to Wikipedia,"He has also worked with Sweden's Survival Unit, Holland's Erich Zahn, the Canadian project, Funerary Call, the Italian projects Ouroboros, Bonebound, Silent Cathedral and Sala Della Colonne, the Polish projects Elvatorium, Ollin and Desert Divinity, and the German bands, Sagittarius, Von Thronstahl & The Days of the Trumpet Call".

Re: A New Europe: Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, Nation-State

PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:18 pm
by jakell
Good Lord. I do believe this is the third outing for the above article this month (photographs are quite a giveaway).

I can't really speak for the rest of the world, but Troy Southgate is not particularly well regarded by the British right-leaning anarchists I have spoken to. It probably a mistake to keep focusing so much on individual personalities in the field of anarchism, the reason being that anarchists themselves don't really do this, so what we end up with is projection.

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 18, 2014 1:28 pm
by American Dream
More on the same ugly Nazi network featured purported "anti-State" fascists, here: ... ing-threat

New Right and IONA - a growing threat

Published on Tuesday, 01 November 2011 02:43 Written by Gerry Gable

OVER THE PAST COUPLE OF MONTHS most observers of the far right have been watching the political machinations of the British National Party - the growing ranks of Andrew Brons's rebel faction, its continued dire financial state, failures in court and an employment tribunal and a declining membership, now put at around 2,000.

All that is important, but Searchlight has also pursued its longer term investigation into the growth of the activities of what until the summer was commonly known as the New Right group, but in August spawned an offshoot consisting of more politically mature and dedicated hardline national socialists, and followers of Satanism and paganism.

The New Right group is run by Troy Southgate. As a young man Southgate was a violent supporter of the National Front. After the NF declined, he followed several of its activists into the NF Political Soldiers, the group that included Nick Griffin, now leader of the BNP The Political Soldiers, who did most to wreck the old NF, drew much of their inspiration from the dead Italian fascist and mystic Julius Evola.

For many years Southgate came up with a new political theory or bee in his bonnet almost annually, while maintaining an active interest in the more obscure end of the far-right music scene. So often did he change his politics, it was hard to pin him down.

A few years ago, Southgate started to put on occasional meetings with the help of supporters from a range of far- right groups, including Jonathan Bowden, then a leading light in the BNP, and the far-right lawyer Adrian Davies. The meetings attracted extremist speakers not only from the UK but from Russia, Croatia, Germany, America and elsewhere, including some connected with Middle East extremism. Some, such as the Holocaust revisionist writer David Irving, attracted audiences of more than 100 and around 60 would attend an average meeting.

IONA organiser and military man Jeremy Bedford-Turner as a student in 1993.

One man who attended New Right meetings was Jeremy "Jez" Bedford-Turner, a career Army officer in a Signals unit based at RAF Digby in Lincolnshire. If his presence was officially sanctioned, it indicated that, rather than seeing Southgate and his followers as harmless cranks, the State had marked them down as of active interest.

Bedford-Turner claimed he was forced out of his military career in August because he attended a meeting of the British People's Party in west London in July 2008, when he and other New Right followers were questioned by police. Some experts on the far right consider this was part of a smokescreen to establish the "far-right activist" credentials of some of those who were detained on that occasion but not charged.

By August this year, Bedford-Turner had set in motion a parallel group called the IONA London Forum. Although initially some of the new group's supporters engaged in dirty tricks against a New Right club meeting, around 95% of those who attend the bi-monthly meetings of both groups are the same people. After both groups held meetings in August, they came to an agreement to meet in alternate months. Long-time nazis such as Martin Webster, the former NF national organiser, now shuffle between both groups preaching the same old bile.

The name IONA, standing for Islands of the North Atlantic, is significant for nazis in the know. It first appeared on the far right as the name of a group led by Richard Lawson, a young NF intellectual, in the mid 1980s, which brought together more educated British hardliners with strong links to similar people abroad.

Apart from extremist political theorising, IONA saw itself as a spearhead for cultural change and experimentation. Its adherents were not too far removed from Griffin and the other "young Turks" who at the time were moving the NF towards Italian- style Third Positionism and forging links with convicted extreme-right terrorists and Colonel Gaddafi's Libyan regime. After attracting several interesting people to its meetings it vanished from view in the early 1990s. Lawson dabbled in the far right music scene for about 20 years but appears to have gone to ground around 2006. Rumours have it that he died, but some on the far right doubt this.

The BNP adopted the name briefly in the mid-noughties. Project IONA was run by some of the "Decembrist" rebels, who took the website with them when they were expelled from the BNP in December 2007. It selectively catalogues the heritage of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, but nothing new has been posted on the site for some years.

On 5 November it was the turn of the IONA London Forum on the meetings rota. The previous month the New Right club had hosted Günter Deckert, a convicted Holocaust denier and leading German nazi, as reported exclusively in Searchlight.

IONA did not disappoint, bringing in another unwelcome visitor to our shores in the form of Flávio Gonçalves, a senior figure in Finis Mundi. A Portuguese national socialist publisher and quarterly journal, Finis Mundi has its roots in Aginter Press, a pseudo press agency set up by the CIA in the dark days of the Cold War in Portugal under Antonio de Oliveira Salazar's fascist dictatorship.

Aginter was in reality an anti-communist mercenary organisation with satellite offices in the Mediterranean and in some African countries such as Angola and Mozambique, which were engaged in anti-colonial struggles against Portugal. Its members took part in covert action amounting to terrorism. Aginter was involved in the "strategy of tension" in Italy organised by Italian fascists with support from the P2 Masonic lodge and Gladio, Nato's "stay- behind" anti-communist network. The coup that toppled Salazar also put paid to the CIA's activities using Aginter Press as its Trojan Horse.

Gonçalves, who attracted an audience of sixty - twenty more than the two previous IONA meetings - is the director of Finis Mundi, which is trying to enter into a joint printing and distribution arrangement with Anthony Hancock. A veteran nazi printer and close associate of David Irving, Hancock peddles a host of nazi and Holocaust denial publications through his Historical Review Press. That fact and his presence at the meeting give the lie to Finis Mundi's claim to be independent of any ideological belief.

One of Gonçalves's new publications is a book by Welf Herfurth, who spoke at an earlier New Right meeting. Born in Germany in 1962, he moved with his parents to Iran at the age of 14 where he lived through the Islamic revolution. Returning to Germany he joined the youth wing of the nazi German National Democratic Party (NPD) and became a member of its national executive, before moving to Australia where he rose up the ranks of two far-right organisations. He now runs the Sydney Forum. His book, A life in the Political Wilderness, includes an introduction by Southgate and a preface by Tomislav Sunic, a former Croatian diplomat who has spoken at several New Right meetings.

A key purpose of Gonçalves's trip to London was to promote the Finis Mundi journal which will appear in English from January. Gonsalves was also very keen to have a face-to-face meeting with Sunic, who is a director of the American Third Position, a far-right white nationalist party.

Gonçalves has even more sinister friends in the Spanish hardline national socialist group CEDADE (Spanish Circle of Friends of Europe), the leader of which appeared in court for possession of weapons and explosives. CEDADE is the Spanish section of the New European Order, which originated in neutral Sweden under the leadership of a senior SS officer sent there by Himmler in 1944, when the SS realised it had to prepare for its resurgence after the defeat of Nazi Germany. This man had run the SS concentration camp brothel system where women and young boys were forced to feed the sexual needs of the beasts who guarded them in the death camps.

The audience included Tom Tremayne, a military buddy of Bedford-Turner, a bunch of Norwegian nazis who appeared close to Hancock, and Matt Tait, a former BNP organiser in the Home Counties, who still cannot make up his mind whether he supports Irish republicanism or Ulster loyalism. Tremayne tried to video the meeting, but was warned off, as was Peter Rushton of the England First Party.


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by jakell
As I mentioned in a previous post, the BNP is a completely dead duck, they may even fold this year, something I will be reporting on as up to date information in this field is important, and Andrew Brons left way back although he and Nick Griffin are still have posts in the European parliament

Very very far from 'A Growing Threat'. The actual threat is from where I described in the above mentioned post

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by American Dream ... i-criminal

Iona welcomes German nazi criminal

Published on Friday, 01 June 2012 01:38 Written by Gerry Gable

Günter Deckert, a leading convicted member of the German National Democratic Party, was the big attraction at last month’s meeting of the Iona London Forum, the new-right discussion group organised by Jeremy Bedford-Turner.

Just over 50 people made their way to the Thunderbolt room at the London Paddington Hilton. The name of the room would have evoked nostalgia among those familiar with the US nazi right in the 1960s and 1970s. Thunderbolt was the name of the newspaper of the nazi National States Rights Party, edited by Edward R Fields.

This was Deckert’s second visit to the UK in the space of less than a year, his entry unhindered by the UK Border Agency, despite his convictions for incitement to hatred and insulting the victims of the Holocaust. Not only was he able to enter the country, Bedford-Turner managed to get him a room for the night at the Victory Services Club in Seymour Street. The club has hosted New Right meetings on at least three occasions and has become the secretive group’s favourite watering hole.

Deckert, 71, received his conviction while chairman of the NPD when he co-organised a meeting with Fred Leuchter, author of a report that purported to argue scientifically that mass extermination using gas chambers could not have happened. Deckert translated Leuchter’s speech and said that the Holocaust was a myth perpetrated by “a parasitical people who were using a historical lie to muzzle … Germany”. After two retrials he was eventually sentenced to two years’ jail. He eventually served five years following further Holocaust denial statements while in prison.

The meeting opened with an illustrated oration in praise of the recently deceased Jonathan Bowden, one-time British National Party cultural officer, by Michael Woodbridge, his long time comrade and friend. Some of the content appeared to have gone way over the heads of the audience, as did Bowden’s regular talks to the New Right group, its Iona offshoot and the BNP.

Deckert was up next, speaking on the party system in Germany. Deckert, who faces new charges, bemoans what he describes as the NPD’s trend towards moderation and anti-Islamist populism, and away from his preferred more robust national socialist line. His English is fairly good but as he spoke he had to look for linguistic support from his wife who is more fluent.

Once the meeting was over he was planning to go on a tourist-style trip around England including a visit to the Uckfield printworks owned by the long-time nazi printer and publisher Anthony Hancock to discuss future projects.

Holocaust denier Günter Deckert: deplores modernisation

The third and final speaker was Stephen Frost of the nazi British Movement. His chosen subject was the late British nazi godfather Colin Jordan, founder of the National Socialist Movement and its successor BM, who died in April 2009. Frost promised to continue republishing Jordan’s vicious written works. This pleased Deckert, who said Merrie England’s one of Jordan’s later works, had kept him going when he was in prison.

Frost is a leading figure among a small group of dedicated and better educated members of BM who are very keen on political education, albeit that education promotes race war based on Jordan’s ideas and inspires the less bright to go out and commit crimes for which they generally get themselves arrested.

Frost reserved a special mention for Searchlight, complaining that obituaries for Colin Jordan in the mainstream and Jewish media had used material supplied by the magazine.

Among Deckert’s nazi fan club at the meeting were the former BNP activists Matt Tait and John Morse, Hancock, the notorious Holocaust denier Lady Michèle Renouf, Peter Rushton of the England First Party, Richard Edmonds of the National Front and regulars including Milton Ellis, Duncan Robertson and Paul Ballard.

New to the London nazi scene in recent months are an elderly well heeled Canadian couple, John and Linda Mortl, who appear to do a lot of travelling using London as a base. It is believed that some of the Iona and New Right leading lights have their eye on his wallet in the hope of a substantial donation. The Mortls have a long pedigree in far-right and anti-Jewish Canadian politics and were close to Ernst Zündel and Paul Fromm, Canada’s leading Holocaust deniers.

After the meeting, rather than pay Hilton hotel prices for their booze, participants retired to the Victory Services Club in Seymour Street for a subsidised drink.

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by American Dream
And that network of lovely, lovely people connects to crypto-fascist musician Tony Wakeford of Sol Invictus:

Who Makes the Nazis?
Keeping an eye on the neo-fascists burrowing their way into a subculture near you

Dragon, IONA and Wakeford

ImageHere's a scan of the front page of the first issue of Dragon, from 1987, the one and, I believe, the only periodical that IONA (Islands of the North Atlantic) published before it transformed itself into the Transeuropa Collective. IONA was formed in the mid-80s by Wakeford associate (and, I believe, mentor) Richard Lawson. Lawson had been the Student Organiser of the National Front (NF), he was involved in the Strasserite wing of the party around John Kingsley Read that split from the NF in 1976 to form the National Party,(though he later drifted back toward the NF and in the 80s was associated with the Official National Front / Political Soldier faction around Nick Griffin, Patrick Harrington and Derek Holland, where he will have first met Tony Wakeford, as he too was a supporter of this wing of the NF), and he has operated over a long period of time as a Fascist ideologue and organiser. IONA was formed as a think-tank for intellectuals on the radical right and was closely associated with Michael Walker's similarly inclined Scorpion magazine, with whom IONA co-operated. In 1989 Lawson set up the Transeuropa Collective, which published the journal Perspectives to discuss "European identities, autonomies and initiatives". Transeuropa replaced IONA organisationally but embodied the same political orientation. Alongside their anti-Semitism and anti-Black racism and their promotion of ethnic regionalism, both Dragon and Perspectives also discussed environmental issues, British Folk culture and history and other topics designed to orient this wing of Fascism toward the Greens, to 'de-Nazify' them and generally give them a Left face. As such it was part of a wider contemporary European strategy of Fascist realignment ('convergence') toward, and infiltration of, Left and Green campaigns and organisations. Perspectives was criticised by Searchlight for its anti-Semitism and for infiltrating the Green movement. Others commented that Perspectives "says 'Green' but means 'White'". In 1995 Lawson launched Fluxeuropa, a website producing 'postmodern' cultural reviews and exploring "the creative tension between tradition and modernity". Lawson was also later involved in Alternative Green alongside ex-NF, ex-ITP (International Third Position) and now 'National-Anarchist' (and leader of the neo-classical martial group, H.E.R.R), Troy Southgate.

At the bottom of this page of Dragon you'll notice an article written by Wakeford, about whom I've already posted a series of articles detailing his involvement in Fascism (and I can guarantee there will be more of these in future). The reason I'm posting this page now is simply to note Wakeford's active participation in Lawson's project of the time. The relationship between Wakeford and Lawson continued (as detailed by Stewart Home) and has coloured Wakeford's thinking ever since (notice IONA and Transeuropa's concern for 'British Folk culture'). One of the main claims of this site is that there is an essential continuity between Wakeford's early overt political engagement with Fascism and his later involvement with what Anton Shekhovtsov, in an excellent article, called 'Apoliteic Music'. This continuity is driven by Wakeford's acceptance of the ideas promoted by Richard Lawson in his various guises. Wakeford's article here about Henry Williamson - the author of Tarka the Otter but also an admirer of Hitler and member of the British Union of Fascists - is itself probably of little intrinsic interest, though it does tend to confirm the old observation that authoritarians are commonly also drawn to the maudlin, the kitsch and the banal. ... eford.html