History and Political Books: Debates with Authors

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History and Political Books: Debates with Authors

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Wed May 27, 2009 7:38 pm

...from one of the best 1960s political assassination discussion boards, The Education forum...


The Education Forum > Controversial Issues in History > History and Political Books: Debates with Authors

Jim Fetzer: The Strange Death of Paul Wellstone (279 replies)
Larry Hancock: Someone Would Have Talked (259 replies)
Joan Mellen: A Farewell to Justice (177 replies)
William Turner: Deadly Secrets (23 replies)
Larry Hancock, Someone Would Have Talked (2nd edition) (113 replies)
Gerald D. McKnight: Breach of Trust (43 replies)
Gordon Brown by Francis Beckett (4 replies)
Gary Younge: Stranger in a Strange Land (12 replies)
Richard Milton: Best of Enemies: Britain and Germany (16 replies)
The Silent Don: The Criminal Underworld of Santo Trafficante Jr (11 replies)
The Fears of Henry IV by Ian Mortimer (0 replies)
Sterling and Peggy Seagrave: Gold Warriors (36 replies)
Lamar Waldron: Ultimate Sacrifice (58 replies)
Jim Marrs: Crossfire (21 replies)
The Men on the Sixth Floor (1 reply)
Oswald's Game (7 replies)
Ian Griggs: No Case to Answer (6 replies)
Peter Dale Scott: Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (12 replies)
Anthony Summers: The Kennedy Conspiracy (28 replies)
Matthew Smith: JFK: The Second Plot (12 replies)
Robert Parry: Lost History (7 replies)
Iain Dale and Paul Staines: Little Red Book of New Labour Sleaze (4 replies)
William Davy: Let Justice Be Done (6 replies)
Dick Russell: The Man Who Knew Too Much (28 replies)
Matthew Smith: The Kennedys: The Conspiracy to Destroy a Dynasty (1 reply)
David Kaiser: American Tragedy (5 replies)
Deborah Davis: Katharine the Great (1 reply)
Alfred W. McCoy: A Question of Torture (7 replies)
Lance Price: The Spin Doctor’s Diary (9 replies)
Sander Hicks: Big Wedding: 9/11, the Whistle-Blowers, and the Cover-Up (5 replies)
David Lifton: Best Evidence (2 replies)
Daniel Hopsicker: Barry and the Boys (0 replies)
Don Bohning: The Castro Obsession (49 replies)
Alfred McCoy: The Politics of Heroin (6 replies)
Joseph Trento: Prelude to Terror (5 replies)
Barr McClellan: Blood, Money & Power: How LBJ Killed JFK (4 replies)
Angela V. John: The Life & Times of Henry W. Nevinson (1 reply)
Craig Roberts: Kill Zone A Sniper Looks at Dealey Plaza (0 replies)
Nick Cullather, Secret History: The Classified Account of Its Operations in Guatemala (0 replies)
William Turner: Rearview Mirror (20 replies)
William Turner: The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy (2 replies)
Michael Collins Piper: Final Judgment (74 replies)
Tom Gabbay: The Berlin Conspiracy (4 replies)
William Law & Allan Eaglesham: In the Eye of History (1 reply)
Joseph Trento: Secret History of the CIA (18 replies)
William F. Pepper: An Act of State (6 replies)
G. Robert Blakey: The Plot to Kill the President (14 replies)
Josiah Thompson: Six Seconds in Dallas (27 replies)
William Reymond: JFK, le Dernier Témoin (30 replies)
Nina Burleigh: A Very Private Woman (2 replies)
Nathaniel Weyl: Encounters With Communism (35 replies)
Without Smoking Gun by Kent Heiner (0 replies)
Donald Gibson: The Kennedy Assassination Cover-Up (2 replies)
Moved: Most Popular JFK Books (-- replies)
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