Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Sun Aug 12, 2018 5:08 am

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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

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I am not a fan of modern Freemasons or Freemasonry as a whole. Unlike Guénon who considered them originally to have been an authentic initiatic current (probably because he was himself originally a Martinist), I look at Freemasonry as a distant echo of the Pythagorean-Platonic (i.e. Hermetic) initiatic currents that prevailed openly and then in secret for centuries. What they did or didn't do historically in Europe and America, I really don't care about. Some of their esoteric symbolism is quite interesting, and definitely worthy of study and reflection, but these are available in much more authentic forms elsewhere particularly in the Corpus Hermeticum and many genuine alchemical texts.

Be that as it may, Freemasonry's political influence in South-West Asia since the early 19th century has generally been a negative one and it has operated parallel to the culture-destroying modernization-colonization forces by Anglo-European powers and their assorted native informers. British imperialism in the subcontinent and its rite of Freemasonry are closely linked histories, for example. Freemasonry in the Mid East and Asia in general has also been the transmitter of the virus of Western market capitalism.

However, anti-Masonry as a vestige of European Christian rightwing reactionary discourses originates with Roman Catholicism and emerges from the biases and authoritarianism of its corrupt ecclesiastical institutions. Such biases were then uncritically transferred over to the Protestants who continue to parrot papist anti-Masonic talk-points and who ever since this transference began seeing a Mason under every rock and tree. Nevertheless anti-Masonic sentiments with its conspiratorial narrative about the world has no native roots or pedigree in MENA or much of Asia until the early-mid 20th century. Since that time it has gained wide traction and has become an entrenched conspirological feature in assorted uncritical popular discourses. For example, in the popular culture of Iran today you cannot escape discussions about the state of the world without some reference to Freemasons being behind every rock, the "Protocols" and the closely related "Rothschilds." While the Islamic Republic did not introduce any of these narratives into Iranian society, because they were already there under the Pahlavis, elements within the IRI have however normalized them in the popular media and print. Same in Turkey where first the Kemalists and then the Erdogan Islamists have pushed anti-Masonic talking-points as a means to entrench their own power against political rivals. Yet all of these narratives are specifically Anglo-European and Russian Tsarist in origin: the very colonial imperial powers that MENA has been grappling with in a life and death struggle for two and a half plus centuries now.

While none of this is meant to dismiss the nefarious influence of secret societies in our world, particularly those of them who have ill intent (and who do in fact exist; say, for example, the Order of the Nine Angles), the fact of the matter is that people who wholesale subscribe to such anti-Masonic narratives are 1. falling into a modern Gnostic dualist trap whilst also by osmosis 2. pursuing the longstanding political vendettas of the Church against its rivals. I, for one one, don't like the idea that the All-High Divinity and Creator of All-Things is not in control and that men in cloaks in smoke filled rooms with secret handshakes can manipulate Reality in such wise as if they were the Creator Itself. Despite what bogus "laws of attraction" and other similar New Age fallacies may suggest, the fact of the matter is that there is no power and no strength save in God the High, the Mighty! The Lodge is not even the retracted blackness in the eye of a dead ant in the estimation of the All-Seeing Eye of the One without Peer or Equal! The Lodge simply does not possess the power acclaimed of it nor does it control the world or manipulate providence.

Also, obsession with such conspiracies will lead the one obsessing about them straight into the hell of insanity in the process of associating partners with the All-High (shirk). Yes, we must always remain vigilant against those nefarious and self-serving forces operating in our world and strive against their influence with all means (like Dugin and his discordian fascist henchmen, for example, or the Baha'is and similar), whether openly or concealed, material or occult. However, subscribing to narratives about the overarching, semi-omnipotent power of such forces speaks volumes more about those subscribing to the narratives (and their psychological state) than the naked facts themselves.

http://wahidazal.blogspot.com/2018/08/g ... world.html
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Mon Aug 20, 2018 9:25 am

Paolo Fogagnolo
As an example of another kind of political extremism in the periphery of the O.T.O. — groups I would like to present the Italian Paolo Fogagnolo .

In about 1977, Fogagnolo founded his own militaristic group: Lo Muscio Brigade (BLM). Fogagnolo hoped that his BLM would become connected to the Red Brigade (Brigado Rosso), but this never happened. In 1981, most of the members of the BLM were arrested. Fogagnolo fled to Turin, where he found a hideout in the anarchist environment, hiding among burglars. There Fogagnolo bragged about his terrorist exploits and the number of people he had killed. Fogagnolo wanted to become the leader of all of the terrorist organisations in Italy. Eventually he came in contact with relatives of the Red Brigade terrorists. Unsurprisingly, Fogagnolo was denounced and, in 1981, arrested. In an attempt to save his skin, Fogagnolo denounced his fellow combatants. Nevertheless he was sentenced to prison in Allessandria. In prison he attempted suicide and refused meals, also separating himself from all terrorist groups. After his release from prison, Fogagnolo tried to portray himself as a great hero, and proclaimed that in the prison he had "converted" to occultism. Consequently he competed with other Italian occult organizations and founded spin-offs of the O.T.O.A. and the F.R.A., became a Memphis-Misraim member and also a bishop of a Gnostic Church of Antiochia. For a while Fogagnolo even kept in contact with the above-mentioned Christian Bouchet, but as a left-wing extremist soon separated himself again. Today he leads a Fraternitas Rosa Croce Dorei ed Antica.

Fogagnolo made the headlines in the summer 2006, when it turned out that he was friendly for a while with Claude Covassi, who allegedly had spied on Muslims on behalf of the Swiss Intelligence Service.

There is a glaring hypocrisy inherent in Thelema which was noticeable to me. Thelemites aim to replace Christianity and the State itself with Thelema and a Thelemic system. Some Thelemites consider themselves surrounded by a destructive State, a “pig system”. Some Thelemites see themselves in a world full of aggressions, yet are driven by aggressions themselves, focused against everything, including themselves. Let us particularly examine the 'Caliphate' because this O.T.O. -variation is the most well-known. A high degree member from the inner circle who shall remain anonymous plays down the number of people with fascist ideas in the O.T.O and points out that they have excluded a few members, after their misanthropic attitude was noticeable: "OTO doesn't admit known serious racists, and Nazis are usually avowed racists. Once in the membership, it takes an actual offence to be kicked out — including slander or very open racist behavior. Some have slipped in, but they typically don't stay long after their behavior gets obvious. 5/100's of one percent losers of this type is not a bad statistic."


American Dream » Fri May 11, 2018 3:21 pm wrote:
The Templar's Reich Milieu
The Slaves Shall Serve

by Peter-Robert Koenig


This writer does not assert that Crowley, Thelema or the O.T.O are fascist or Nazi: Crowley also had connections to communist characters. His totalitarian streak could blend with the "right" or the "left," and both "right" and "left" if pursued to extremes verge into shades of the totalitarian. In this sense one can call him a fascist but one could equally call him a communist, and he was neither in the final analysis. However, it is obvious that some misanthropic elements can be found in the biography of Crowley, in the concept of Thelema and in the instructions for members of the O.T.O. and its environment. We will thus concentrate on the most evident examples and protagonists. And who else can be found in this milieu: the occult racists. And the rôle models.

However, before we attach the labels “totalitarian” or “fascist” to Crowleyites we should outline the main features of the Thelemic worldview.

Many Thelemites consider themselves to be divine agents, acting from a “True Will” — while non-Thelemites are mere 'objects' — as indicated in Crowley's dictum, "the slaves shall serve." The “slaves who shall serve” are each and everyone who lives (according to the Thelemic worldview) in dependency: dependants/subordinates, addicts, weaklings — in other words: the enslaved ones. Similarly, Grosche spoke of "things, objects, material".

In occult terms the Thelemite is a dichotomist, seeing himself as a superior being or a 'chosen one', while everyone else is as nothing. This sort of Thelemite (certainly, there are exceptions to the rule) lives in a world ruled by good and evil; of course, as a superior being these Thelemites might reach a level that is above that (the “crossing of the Abyss”) — but nevertheless the world below the abyss is only black and white. Thelemites are trapped in such relationships; all are victims and culprits, masters and slaves, gods and sub-humans. And this is mirrored in their language when they describe their critics, ex-members, the (Christian) churches, the government, the administration or whomever they target.

This is contradictory to the self-portrayal of Thelema retailed to the public from which new members must be drawn.

Not only is the religious-philosophical ideology Thelema totalitarian, but also the emotional attitude, the value conceptions, the opinions about being chosen, the rôle identifications, the projected unfair fate of the Thelemites and the assumption of the justified predominance over non-Thelemites derived from all of these considerations. Viewed politically, this is expressed in all political orientations resulting from an anti-democratic perspective.

Are there occult-fascist ideas today in O.T.O. lodges or in related occult groups outside of the German-speaking countries?
Marcelo Ramos Motta, one of the belligerent competitors in the field of the O.T.O. behaved like an anti-semite and interpreted Crowley’s writings accordingly. There is no point in delving into this matter here. Interested readers may look up Motta’s "Magick Without Tears (Unexpurgated, Commented)", Nashville 1983.

From a manuscript dated 1957: "People who have not as yet accepted the Law of Thelema are in it regarded as pagans and phillistines, little more than animals and, in certain things, below the beasts. [...] The O.T.O. is an anarchy, and, as a result, its government is absolutely autarctic. [...] it is to be foreseen that breaches of discipline shall arise, that scandal and immorality may develop in the Lodges, not only financial but sexual scandal may breed at any moment, and more easily so in the Lover triad than in the man–of–earth–triad. Breaches of discipline of this kind are breaches of Order discipline, not of personal discipline, and must be dealt with the utmost severity! Brothers who, in the interest of their egos or wishes harm the Organism of the Order must be not only demoted but, in case it is estimated they represent too much danger of disease, must be discarded by the Organism. When definitively discarded, if it is estimated that they possess too much knowledge, they must be ruthlessly exterminated. An appropriate magical link must be formed and a hostile current of will directed for their prompt destruction." Marcelo Ramos Motta: "The Development of a Secret Society in America in the Years 1957–2000 e.V.", 10.1.1957.

Christian Bouchet
In the political associations or alignments of the many Italian O.T.O. – variations, Hitler and Stalin are equally admired. Most members are recruited from the Right . In Italy some occult associations lead to a group called Orion, comprising former adherents of Julius Evola who promote anti-imperialistic and anti-American notions, mixed however with philo-Russian attitudes (this holds true for members both on the Right and the Left). Similar associations can be found among the French occult groups as well as the South American lodges.

In France, the O.T.O. lodge master of the 'Caliphate,' Christian Bouchet, received an antedated Spanish Memphis-Misraim Charter in 1991 from the Spaniard Manuel Cabrera Lamparter. This charter traces back to Michael Bertiaux and allegedly was issued to empower its possessor “to fuck the Caliphate” in matters involving copyrights.

With this charter, Bouchet “logically” proclaimed himself head of the national French Grand Lodge of Arnoldo Krumm-Heller's O.T.O. The 'Caliphate' subsequently expelled Bouchet, who meanwhile moved politically to the Right.

As in Italy, when the O.T.O is mentioned in France, rarely is the 'Caliphate' meant, but usually rather the associations that Bouchet created. Bouchet publicly claims himself to be the “Xe de l'Ordre du temple d'Orient, évêque gnostique et hiérophante de l'Etoile d'argent”.

Meanwhile, offshoots of Bouchet's O.T.O who think that this O.T.O. is equal to the 'Caliphate' thrive today in Spain. In 1994, Bouchet made Jordi García Casas and Juan José Comas García V° of the Loge “of the Mystical Kindi” [sic] in Barcelona and signed the document with a Gnostic reference as “Marcion XI°”. The two see themselves now as 'Califas' of the O.T.O for Spain and sign as IX°, X° and XI° . Together with Bouchet their names can be found in neofascist circles in Spain around Ernesto Milá (Frende de la Juventud [FJ], Partido Español Nacional Socialista [PENS]). Comas leads his own neofascist organization CEDADE. The same people are in contact with a Gabriél Rojas who runs an illegitimate Temple of Set and a Church of Satan, naturally without permission from the correct chiefs of either organization. Not surprisingly, these circles also contain an Ordo Illuminatorum and an Ordo Templi Orientialis [sic].

In 1991, Bouchet created the politically Right-oriented La Troisième Voie, from which he split off however in 1996 (?) to form the Right-wing, anti-American group Nouvelle Résistance. In 1999, Bouchet took part as a nationalist revolutionary (Comités d'Action Republicaines) in the splitting of Jean-Marie Le Pen's Front National.

At the beginning of the 90's, Bouchet attained a doctorate as an historian on Aleister Crowley. His friend Rémi Boyer (allegedly an advisor at the French Ministry of Justice) then gathered different adherents of all ideological inclinations and created a Cercle d'Alexandrie.

This circle not only practised rituals but also pursued theoretical studies (i.e., the collecting of material). It is not completely evident whether this organization is identical to a so-called Group Thèbe, where the same names can be found ...

Likewise Boyers name is connected with a group Arc-En-Ciel. In the diverse memberships of these circles you not only find researchers like Serge Caillet (Memphis Misraim) or Robert Amadou (among other things Prêtre de l'Église Syrienne), who sometimes assemble with the Freemasons of Zurich, but also illustrious personalities, such as the Memphis-Misraim Grandmaster Gérard Kloppel, Jean Pierre Giudicelli de Cressac Bachelerie (Memphis Misraim in Nice and politically on the Right in the Front de Liberation National Corse) or Jean Pascal Ruggiu (Golden Dawn in Paris) ...

Martin Erler, former Grandmaster of A.M.O.R.C in Germany, whose “cooperation” in these circles was also solicited, came to the conclusion that these groups are only “sneaky constructions” in order to procure internal material.

In 1993, Bouchet, in the context of his contacts to the national Bolshevik front, appeared on a Russian TV program of Alexander Dugin. The interview was printed in Dugin’s yearbook “Mily Angel” and in “The Way to Apocalypse: Knocking on the Golden Gate” (1997) printed by Yury Vorobyevsky. Thus Bouchet ironically gave the initiation for the start of the 'Caliphate' in Russia, which took place in the spring of 2000.


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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

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Trigger Warning


Aleister Crowley maintained that the task of his sexmagical organisation Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) was "to restore Christianity to its real status as a solar–phallic religion." The structure of the O.T.O., like that of Freemasonry, is based on a staged series of initiations or degrees. The essence of the Order is in its higher degrees; strictly speaking only members of these degrees are considered to be members of the O.T.O. proper. VII°: adoration of the phallus, both within and without. VIII°: interaction outside the closed vessels of the vagina and the anus. Sexual fluids might be mixed with saliva and then rubbed into the absorbent tissues of the anus and perineum, as well as the external correspondences to the chakras (solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown). They also might be used to anoint the internal anus, then transferred as 'triune elixir' (semen, anal elixirs, and saliva) back to the mouth. The fluids may also be anointed on the eyelids and/or the entire cabbalistic middle pillar. IX°: interaction within the vagina involving either menstrual blood or the secretions of a woman when sexually aroused. X °: impregnation and fertilisation of an egg; also the act of creation or succession (for example, the election of the leader, the Outer Head of the Order.). XI°: two–fold — (i) isolation in the anus where there is no interaction at all — (ii) interaction with excrement and small amounts of blood (when small wounds occur through intercourse), mucus and, of course, the mucous membranes that lead directly to the blood supply. Crowley’s own preference was that "I am inclined to believe that the XIth degree is better than the IXth degree." Ultimately in the O.T.O’s sexual magick everything came down to semen — more recently likened to a computer hard–disk pre–formatted to be loaded with software and used at will. Crowley: "The industrial use of Semen will revolutionize human society." His instructional text 'Amrita' defines the use of semen as counteracting "Asthma, Bronchitis, Neurasthenia, Obesity, Stricture, Some cardiac distress, Greying hair, Loss of interest in sex." To avoid charges of quackery, the current American O.T.O. or 'Caliphate' denies the medicinal use of this 'Elixir of Life', and claims that it "does not practice medicine." For sacramental purposes, this O.T.O. uses hosts made with honey, meal, and wine–lees called 'Cakes of Light' (which may however contain small quantities of blood or semen: "ashes from burned cakes of light prepared according to Crowleys' Liber AL III;23[–25] would be acceptable as an additional ingredient"). (1963–1967 the Swiss O.T.O. used a total of 3,000 Hosts obtained by the Crowleyites from a genuine Catholic convent. The incense–grains had been opportunely supplied by the Chief Sacristan of St. Gallen Cathedral. And the wine for the Mass came directly from the Bishop.) — According to Crowley these Cakes should include menstrual fluids, but "In my Mass the Host is of excrement" — magically speaking, blood and excrement attracting spirits, sperm keeping them alive. He also noted in his diary on May 30, 1923 that "The Dalai Lama is right to have the faithful eat his excrement." There are many other elements of O.T.O. doctrines that can prove inimical to its public relations image: the requirement for the crucifixion of a frog in one O.T.O. initiation ritual, advice given to members that they can consider those without the pale of the Order as inferior beings, and blatantly anti–democratic elements in the various O.T.O. constitutions, antisemitic statements and texts that could be said to interfere with religious freedoms, just to mention a few. Theodor Reuss, German founder of these Oriental Templars in 1906, went further: within the O.T.O. community the use of money was to be forbidden. Every member over 18 was obliged to labour daily; those refusing to work were to be punished by forced labour. In Reuss’s O.T.O. utopia, each child was brought up by the community, where doctor–priests under parental supervision would teach children from the earliest age on that the sex organs were holy (maybe Crowley’s idea that all children from infancy should be accustomed to witnessing every type of sexual act came from this.) Those who were not found capable of producing healthy children by a 'medical board' were not allowed to breed, while those who produced children despite this decree would be punished by forced labour. These extreme ideas have not survived in modern versions of the O.T.O., if indeed they were ever espoused beyond Reuss’s essay. While the O.T.O.’s initiatory system is a sort of bureaucratic club game, it has a religiously associated section under its obedience: The Gnostic Catholic Church. It intends "to restore Christianity to its real status as a solar–phallic religion." In 1906, Chevalier Le Clément de St.–Marcq had published a booklet about the Sacred Spermatophagy, called 'L'Eucharistie'. It described what Reuss called the ultimate secret of the religious aspect of the O.T.O.: the more sperm you eat, the more the manifestation of the Christ takes place within you: no women are necessary for that. The consumption of sexual secretions borders on anthropophagia, the assimilation of selected individuals who possess awe–inspiring powers, in order to neutralise or even to use them. The Gnostic aim is to release the human from his stifling entanglement with the physical universe, and to help the pure Spirit in its return to its Divine potential. One common characteristic of all the Spermo–Gnostics in the context of most of the many O.T.O.–versions is a reduction of the sexuality unto the male physiology.

Orgasm for pure reasons of lust is avoided, unless ejaculation is refrained from, or the intention is directed to drift away from the immanent orgasm and concentrate itself upon wishes that under the circumstances appear worldly in the extreme. Sperm remains the point of focus. In the enthusiastic high of the genetic and gnostic superiority of the male, femaleness vegetates in a bizarre no–mansland of androgynous necessity and almost reprehensible superfluousness. The female Logos remains mute. In the O.T.O.’s Gnostic Mass a host called Cake of Light contains the Logos.

Ingredients are sperm, blood and vaginal secrets. This cake of light is made outside the ritual of the Gnostic Mass. It is given its character in the making. It is consecrated, but not transsubstantiated. The deity in the cake of light is the 'Childe', properly an aspect of Horus (or a sort of homunculus) and not of either Osiris or the cognate Christ. Transmutation is change of form, in the instance of the pertinent passage in Crowley’s Mass, by chemical processes of digestion. Transsubstantiation, on the other hand, is change of essential quality without change of form. Transmutation is a physiological process. Transsubstantiation is a non–physical process. Thus, a cake of light is transmuted in the preparation, to afford a character appropriate to the "miracle of the Mass": it’s a sexmagical medium of the participant’s Will (the ritual itself can be interpreted as a mirror of the perpetual creation of the Universe). Similar passages can be found in the VIII° ritual of the O.T.O.: "and, forasmuch as meat and drink are transmuted in us daily into spiritual substance, I believe in the Miracle of the Mass. […] This is the Blood and the Body of the Logos." Consumation of the host is necessary, body contact.

Some say, it is not the host that is changed but the consumer of the host. Through contact with saliva, chewing, stomach acid. This is the transformation, the unification of the host with the consumer. The thelemic host changes the consumer – contrary to the Roman Catholic host. A Roman Catholic host is said to be transsubstantiated during the RC Mass, a change of its invisible essence (for the entering of the real–presence of the Christ) without a change in the appearance and chemical qualities of the thing. If a thing such as that was both transmutated and transsubstantiated to the body and blood, it would become actual bleeding meat from the transmutation. — The technical term for the bishopric in the context of the O.T.O. Phenomenon is Wandering Bishop or Episcopi Vagantes. This status is not defined by character qualities, not by education or theological position. These bishops are not elected by a canonical church, are not proposed as an ordain by a suffragan and not bound to a historical episcopal see or consecrated by an official bishop according to the canonical procedure. A real bishop is not a successor of a sole apostle because only the synod/college of bishops in toto is heir to the college of the apostles. Therefore: no Wandering Bishop has a real apostolic succession. There is no Holy Ghost in Wandering–Bishop–consecrations. The instrumentum consecrationis is of no apostolic value. Nevertheless, Wandering Bishops are collectors of papers and diplomas. In this context, Reuss tried to make Crowley’s 'Gnostic Mass' the "official religion for Freemasons" in 1920. But nowhere in the constitution of the O.T.O. was the office of O.H.O. connected with leadership of any church. In his introduction to the 'Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae Canon Missae', (Zuerich 1955) on page 4 the Swiss Hermann Joseph Metzger claimed the
"Antiochite–Jacobinic Succession, Syro–Malabarite Line of Mar Athanasius." Today, some new O.T.O.–groups (e.g. the 'Caliphate') try to copy this scheme, see http://www.parareligion.ch/2006/boast/boast.htm .

For the anti–democratic and misanthropic aspect of these occultists: read "The Templar's Reich — The Slaves Shall Serve" at http://www.parareligion.ch/2006/pro/pene.htm

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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

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Gary Lachman - Dark Star Rising:
Magick and Power in the Age of Trump


Gary Lachman discusses his book 'Dark Star Rising: Magick and Power in the Age of Trump'. Millions of people were shocked, surprised and even horrified by Donald Trump's election as the 45th President of the United States. From the outset his detractors considered his candidacy little more than a sick joke; a populist publicity stunt designed simply to further his own career at the nation's expense. Behind the public facade, however, unseen forces were at work and as the campaign wore on, those convinced of Trump's imminent failure became less and less sure of themselves. His victory turned their world upside down. As pathetic as Hillary Clinton's campaign was, something else was needed to explain Trump's seemingly unlikely triumph. But just what might account for this polarising paradigm shift?

Invisible to most, within the concentric circles of Trump's regime lies a cabal of occultists, power-seekers, and mind-magicians whose influence is on the rise. Did the power of positive thinking and the much-vaunted practice of 'manifesting' help put Trump in the White House? Are there any other hidden powers of the mind at work in world politics today? In 'Dark Star Rising', Lachman lifts the lid on magical and esoteric ideas that are impacting political events right across the globe. From so-called New Thought to Chaos Magick and far-right esotericism, we follow a trail of mystic clues that involve, among others, positive thinking pioneer Norman Vincent Peale, Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand, Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Alt-Right, Pepe the Frog, and various domineering gurus and demagogues.

We have now entered a mind-bending matrix of occult politics where post-truths and alternative facts proliferate and where change is the only certainty. In the early 21st Century, the borders between fantasy and reality have begun to blur and break down. If anything can be said with any conviction it is that there will be much more chaos to come.
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby dada » Tue Aug 21, 2018 1:41 am

I'd never heard of "Order of the Nine Angles" until perusing the most recent posts on this thread just now. Guess I've just been out of the occult loop. Maybe my own nine angels were protecting me from wasting my time, pointing me to anything worth checking into, steering me away from the junk and nonsense.

But I was always into light and goodness. Holy things. Soul power. Even my darkness was a luminous cloud of unknowing.

I remember going to the Magickal Childe bookshop when it was in Manhattan. Fun store. Incense, candles, neat books you couldn't find in the barnes n noble magic and astrology section. I always like going into witchy stores, still. Although I don't think there are too many left. Never got caught up in the mystique though, just a space alien passing through, taking what worked for me. That's my separating the wheat from the chaff. What works is wheat. The rest is chaff. Never been a 'joiner' either. Even a 'group that isn't a group' is still a group. Always kept my distance from ideologies in any form. Feel kind of bad for people who need that belonging feeling. But everyone has their own trip to figure shit out on, I know.

Not that I can take full credit for my trip, I know I've been lucky as much as smart. Maybe more lucky. I do feel pretty lucky.

Always on the light side. Chaos magic didn't appeal to me, but I could even turn that into light. Again, not that I'd waste my time. But if you put a gun to my head and forced me to, I could do it.

I have familiarized myself with lots of systems, however. Qabbalah, tarot, runes, i ching, probably had a better understanding of the mayan calendar than any white boy you ever met. But I linked the systems with musical scales, for practicing my scales. Coltrane style system. Music, art, and holy light.

Memes are not 'magic,' though, by the way. They're photoshops. I don't know, I just don't see what all the fuss is about. Baby games, for babies.

Anyway I gave all that shit up. I think that's the final test for a magician or witch. And you'll notice, not many do. Weak spirits on crutches, failed magicians. I was saying to someone recently, that when I threw it all away, it felt like I graduated. So it can be done, you can grow up and put away the toys. Don't be a failed magician, like crowley and the rest who never grew out of it.

Or play your games. Just know that there are people like me out here that you can't touch, and we hate wizards. Nothing I hate more than a stupid wizard.
Both his words and manner of speech seemed at first totally unfamiliar to me, and yet somehow they stirred memories - as an actor might be stirred by the forgotten lines of some role he had played far away and long ago.
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Tue Aug 21, 2018 4:05 am

I remember the Magickal Childe Bookstore but only as a curious bypasser, not as someone who was truly an insider. Sure, I was interested in all kinds of esoteric practices but for me, strong intoxicants- especially psychedelics- were a fundamental thing. Doesn't mean I was so different than the people staffing or patronizing the store but I just went in a different direction. Less dope, more socially engaged activity. Et cetera. It's probably for the best anyway, as I've seen the hardcore drug-takers crash and burn in various ways even if entheogens had been their primary thing.

Your mileage may vary.
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:07 am


A Trip to 1970

Alan Cabal

I ventured forth into the vertiginous void of the Abyss.


On New Year’s Eve, 1969, in a large log cabin in Rancocas Woods, New Jersey, I took 4000 mcg of pure LSD: eight hits of 500 mcg blotter. The guy had a huge roll of blotter acid. He said, “They’re four-way hits, 500 mics each. How many do you want?” For some random reason I said “eight,” and ate them all in front of him, which prompted him to alert the other adults to my weird choice. They all knew how familiar I was with the drug and its effects, and they understood. I learned a lot that night, things about the nature of reality that you’d probably rather not know. Don’t try this at home, or anywhere else. Let me be clear on that. Increasing the dosage with LSD does not extend the duration of the trip significantly: it increases the intensity. My experience was challenging, but ultimately pleasant. Your mileage may vary.

I’d just turned 16. I was a runaway. Cops were keeping a casual eye out for me. Sergeant Frank Locantore and his partner Ken Hatfield from the Camden PD Juvenile Division were a lot less than casual. I was learning stealth and invisibility. Invisibility is all about understated confidence and concealed intelligence. Never flash your cards. Always play a little dumb. It works in getting to the truth about character. Besides being a drug dealer and a whore, I was prolifically shoplifting paperbacks, meat of various kinds, and cartons of cigarettes from a variety of outlets. I also enjoyed sucking the nitrous oxide out of whipped cream cans in the supermarkets I stole cigarettes from. I was insane. The attention from the cops was inevitable, especially given my loose connection with the anti-war group Philadelphia Resistance, helping draft dodgers get to Canada, and my very direct connection with the center of LSD distribution in New Jersey at the time, the Barn Arts Theatre. The exquisite blue crystal methamphetamine I was distributing as a juvenile leisure service of Funzi Tieri’s Jersey outfit was the icing on the cake.

This is not what you think of when you think of “hippies,” but we didn’t call ourselves that. It was considered a derogatory term. We called ourselves “heads,” or “freaks.”

I was definitely a freak.

Fifty-75 mcg of LSD is a terrific and harmless antidepressant. One hundred-125 mcg of LSD will enhance your senses and open you to novel ways of thinking about reality. And with 150-200, you’re going to have some kind of religious experience. You can break any addiction in the moment when who you really are confronts who you think you are. Above 250 mcg, it gets into absolute timelessness and a state both immersed in and beyond physicality. No sensible person with any knowledge of the drug (and mine was considerable) would consume 4000 mcg of LSD under any circumstances, let alone a giant log cabin with a roaring fireplace stuffed to the rafters with tripped-out architects, actors, writers, painters, sex fiends, and random criminal types on fucking New Year’s Eve in the woods in New Jersey.

I met Big Molly The Shredder, a.k.a. Aleister Crowley’s ultimate demon, Choronzon, and because I did not resist, I caught a glimpse of the Pilot Light Of The Universe.

It would be another 10 years before the word “fractal” entered my vocabulary, but I perceived reality as fundamentally fractal that night. I perceived my core consciousness as fractal, a complex convergence of varying biological functions and hives attracted to a signal. This was 40 years before the full realization that the endocrine system and bacterial hives in the human body influence human consciousness. Your brain is not the Boss. Conventional science is still resistant to the idea that the signal of consciousness determines the physical form. By all accounts, I spent that night huddled by the fire, blissed and blitzed, watched after by loving friends.

I perceived what I learned much later to be the Everett-Wheeler Hypothesis, the ever-enduring quantum foam. I swam in it, with large colorful monsters. In many of those worlds, I am a large colorful monster, immortal and Lovecraftian, John Carpenter’s version of The Thing. I witnessed the Copenhagen Hypothesis, the ever-collapsing quantum foam. I resolved the apparent conflict between the two to my personal satisfaction and that has been my personal cosmology ever since.

It was the first time I heard Pink Floyd’s Ummagumma. I was cradled in the arms of a sweet woman in her mid-20s who was just sort of playing with my body when I asked her sincerely, “Is that music?” It was all Pink Floyd, Stockhausen, Arthur Lee’s Love, Ligeti, The Soft Machine, Strauss waltzes, Donovan, Wagner, explorations of musique concrete and rampant psychedelia. That night completely reordered my sense of music.

I understood entropy, and the irresistible motion of the universe toward perfect balance via heat death. I understood the illusion of time as a practical matter related to our need to function in the world as isolated biological organisms in need of shelter, food and clean water. I fully realized what Alan Watts was driving at in his lectures and books: we are the fruit of the earth, like apples on a tree. I grasped the core of Buddhism and Hinduism. I perceived the fundamental flaw of the so-called “Abrahamic” religious traditions and their pathetic and ignorant reliance on a sexist vengeful genocidal child-killing god. I embraced Satan, the rebel spirit, who appeared to me as an unassuming, beautiful, confident and utterly tripped-out woman in her mid-20s caressing and comforting me as I ventured forth into the vertiginous yawning void of the Abyss.

I was in good hands, for the first time in my life. She led me upstairs into ineffable comfort and joy. In the morning, she was gone. I never got her name, and I never saw her again.
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby dada » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:11 am

I wonder if the entire cultural attitude towards psychedelic drug is shaped by the junk model society. Meaning that Set and Setting shape a trip, and meta-set and meta-setting shape the entire drug experience, from start to experiential integration.

I also wonder, without the junk model society, if the romantic allure of drugs would disappear. They'd be for very old, very sick and dying people. We'd make fun of kids taking drugs. Oh, you're going to take some mushrooms? dmt? Ok, grandpa. Have fun with that.

If our society's monstrously shitty medical model were overturned, maybe they'd be helpful in diagnosis, like they are in other cultures. Could you imagine a western medical doctor using psychedelics as an aid to diagnose illness in patients? Unthinkable within the current backward system.

I used to think that if I make it to the end without dying a surprise death at some point along the line, I'll do psychedelics when I'm stuck in bed. But that changed, I won't be needing the toys. But I know not everyone is like me. So I say give the terminally ill and those on their death bed the drugs, give them some relief.
Both his words and manner of speech seemed at first totally unfamiliar to me, and yet somehow they stirred memories - as an actor might be stirred by the forgotten lines of some role he had played far away and long ago.
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Tue Aug 21, 2018 6:52 am

Yeah, I think of Tim Leary studying with Marshall McLuhan to "sell the product". The CIA and Nazis ripping off old indigenous traditions for their war machine. Illness, solving a problem, finding food for the community- these seem like good purposes to me.
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby dada » Wed Aug 22, 2018 2:19 pm

I want to add a bit about 'holy light,' so I'm not misunderstood. I don't want to give the impression that I'm all into the swami/yogi/guru, 'saints and masters' side of things, either. I was a space alien cruising through that scene, as well. Taking what works, throwing out the rest. Never joining any groups, I wasn't searching for a sense of community.

Because there's things worth learning on that side as well. The danger is attachment, and putting off enlightenment to some far off future when you become an 'evolved soul.' These holy saint kids come on as way out of your league, like there's a place you can only get to by hooking into the lineage. I disagree with that. They have some heavy duty white magic power in the lineages, I'm not arguing with that.

Good gurus know how this works, and feed into it with the goal of snapping the student out of the guru-love trip. Think of the zen master. The student is looking for a master, so the zen guy gives him one. Works the student over, making impossible demands, until the student finally snaps out of it. Or doesn't. But that's the idea. Of course, there are bad gurus. They feed into it with the goal of keeping the student down, take advantage in all the worst ways, as we know.

I think the best way to keep from being dazzled by white magic is by turning inwards, getting in touch with your feelings and being brutally honest with yourself. When you're blazing your own path, feeling empowered and strong, you're doing it right.

Closest thing I ever had to a teacher was Hilda Charlton.


That's her with Ramsuratkumar. Crazy guru, comes on as a beggar. I'm not being insulting, he called himself crazy and a beggar.

I never met Hilda 'on this plane,' she was dead for thirteen years before I came in contact with her. But she waltzed right into my heart with her holy stick, swinging it like a baseball bat, knocking the shit out of me. Sweet lady.

But I threw all that stuff away too, same as the other magic. Black magic, white magic, in the trashcan. Only inner holy power, self-generated, can stay. I don't hate the saints and masters like wizards, though. Just let go of them. Hilda was tougher to let go of than the magical systems, of course, because she is a sweet lady. That's the danger of attachment thing. But you gotta let them go. Hilda understood, of course. Now we're just friends.
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Both his words and manner of speech seemed at first totally unfamiliar to me, and yet somehow they stirred memories - as an actor might be stirred by the forgotten lines of some role he had played far away and long ago.
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Wed Aug 22, 2018 3:53 pm


I never did serious bhakti/guru stuff, always rebelled against it. I know that the crew around Pink Floyd all went Sant Mat but I could never do that. Ram Dass was a big influence though, planting in me the idea that acting detached would make me enlightened (instantly).

I knew Thelemites but mostly was intrigued because of the drug thing. I knew esoteric white magic people but they kinda thought they were the center of the Universe. So ultimately, I'm just not a joiner, just not a consumer of instant "Enlightenment".

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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Thu Aug 23, 2018 1:33 pm

Charles Manson: Music Myth Murder Mysticism Magick Magus Mayhem-A Look Back at the Untold Story of the Manson Family (or, More Manson than You’d Ever Want to Know)


Manson was considered a guru at the time, (Dean Moorehouse as well), like hundreds of bearded dispensers of hodge-podge mysticism. Every town had one in California. But what made Manson stand out? Where did Charlie’s ideas come from? It takes a lot of digging into sources and interviews, but after… decades or so of reading…..there are some very clear sources for Charlie and the Family’s philosophy. Charlies insinuated he was Christ reincarnated. He also taught that he was both Jesus and Satan simultaneously. He taught that awareness and being in ‘the NOW’ was a path to enlightenment. That there was no wrong if an act was done with love. Fear brings awareness which then brings love. Possession should be temporary. ‘Possessions were freely given and taken. Manson once was listening to a studio owner express trepidation saying that Manson and his followers wouldn’t be able to pay the studio session recording fee. Manson then left everything there at the end of the session: thousands of dollars in expensive electric guitars, acoustic guitars, amps, sitars, miscellaneous instruments-“Have ’em”‘. Sports cars, motorcycles, jewelry-Charlie was given many things and turned around and usually gave them away pretty quickly (as an example: the Harley motorcycle he was given as payment for ‘Cease to Exist’ was given away shortly after). Other beliefs: people needed to be triggered to escape their prisons (of their conditioning and mindset)-challenged in the beliefs-such as child rearing. Children should be exposed to cold, hunger and privation to make them stronger beings. And so on… Let’s see where he came up with these ideas:

1. Scientology-Terminal Island Prison, Los Angeles

2. The Process Church of the Final Judgement/London, San Francisco, Los Angeles

3. Georgina Brayton and the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O./Blythe, California

4. Fountain of the World/Krishna Venta-Chatsworth, California

5. Mel Lyman and the Family/Fort Hill Community-Boston

6. The Book of Revelations

7. and to a lesser extent, the Beatles White Album and Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlen

https://carwreckdebangs.wordpress.com/t ... -labianca/
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Re: Tantra-Induced Delusional Syndrome ("TIDS")

Postby American Dream » Sat Aug 25, 2018 2:28 pm


The Nazz

Click to hear a short clip from Lord Buckley's classic performance of The Nazz

Well it's a kick anyway, isn't it? What a great thing it is to be alive!

M'Lords, M'Ladies ... beloveds,
would it embarrass you very much if I were to tell you ... that I love you?
It embarrasses you, doesn't it? Mmm.

(scat) Ah bah dzu row dzub, woo woo bah jeh, bah dee dee.

Now look at all you cats and kittys out there
whippin' and wailin' and jumpin' up and down
an suckin' up all dat juice ...an pattin' each other on the back
an hippin' each other who the greatest cat in the world is ... eh-heh.

Mr. Malenkov,

Mr. Talenkov,

Mr. Eisenhower,

Mr. Whoozer-wheezer,

Mr. Whiser-whooser,

Mr. Woodhill, Mr. Beachhill, an' Mr. Churchill,

an all them other hills gon' get you straight,
and if they cain't getchu straight
they know a cat that knows a cat who'll straighten you.

But I'm gonna put a cat on you ...
was the coolest, grooviest, swingin'est, wailin'est,
strumminest, swingin'est cat that ever stomped on this jumpin' green sphere.

And they called dis here cat ... Da Nazz!

(low) He was a ...

He was a carpenter kittie.

Now, The Nazz was the kind of a cat that come on so cool
and so groovy and so with-it
that when he laid it down ...


... it ~stayed~ there.

Naturally all the rest of the cats said, "Man, look at that cat wail!
He's wailin' up a storm up there. Hey, I'm tellin' ya,
he layin' it down right, he..."

"Get off my back, Jack! What's the matter with you?
I'm tryin' to dig what the cat's puttin' down!"

They're pushin' The Nazz to dig his miracle lick.

And The Nazz say, "Cool, babies.
Tell ya' what I'm gonna do.
I ain't gonna take two, four six, eight of you cats,
but I'm gonna take all twelve of you studs
and straighten you all at the same time."

"Say, you cats look like you pretty hip."

He say, "You buddy with me."

So The Nazz and his buddies was goofin' off down the boulevard one day ...
and they run into a little cat with a bent frame.

So The Nazz look at this little cat with the bent frame
and he say, "Watsamatta wit' chew, baby?"

Little cat with the bent frame he said, "My frame is bent, Nazz."
Say, "It's been bent from in front."

So The Nazz look at the little cat with a bent frame
and he put the Golden Eyes of Love on this here little kittie
and he look right down into the window of the little cat's soul
and he say to the little cat ... he say, "STRAIGHTEN!"

Rooom - Boom!

Unbent that little cat like an arrow.

And everybody's jumpin' up and down
sayin' ...

"Look what The Nazz put on that boy!"

"You dug him before. Said redig him now!"

Everyone's talkin' about The Nazz.
What a great cat he was.
How he swung with the glory of love.
How he straighten out the squares.

How he stomp into the money changin' carts
and kicked the short change all over the place
and knockin' the corners off the squares.

How he put it down to the one cat, dug it.
Didn't dig it.
Put it down twice, dug it.
Didn't dig it.
Put it down a third time, dug it.
Walked away with his eyes buggin out in the air bumpin' into everybody.

And they're pullin' on The Nazz's coat tail.
They want him to sign the autograph.
They want him to do a gig here, do a gig there,
play the radio, play the video.
He can't make all that jazz!

Like I 'splained to you he's a carpenter kitty, got his own lick.

But when he know he should go and show and blow,
and can't go cause he got too much strain on him,
straightenin' out the squares,
he sends a couple of these cats that he's hippin'.

So came a little sixty-cent gig one day,
and The Nazz was in a bind,
and he put it on a couple of his boys.
He say, "Boys, take care of that for me, would ya?"

And they say, "You take it off your wig, Nazz, we'll cool it."

And they started out to straighten it out for The Nazz.

And they got about half way to where they were goin'
and they came to a little old twenty-cent pool of water
and they got right in the pool of water with the boat
and all of a sudden, Blam!,
the lightnin' flashin' and the thunder roarin'
and the boat is goin' up and down
and these poor cats figured every minute gonna be their last
and one cat look up and.... here come The Nazz!

Cool as anyone you see.
Right across the water.


And there was a little cat on board, I think his name was Jude.

He say, "Hey, Nazz, can I make it out there witcha?"

And The Nazz say, "Make it, Jude!"

Old Jude went stompin' off that boat,
took four steps,
dropped his whole cart,
and the Nazz had to stash him back on board.

So The Nazz say, "Say, what seem to be troublin' you boys?"

He say, "You hittin' on that S.O.S.in' bell pretty hard.
You gonna bend that bell, knockin' on it like that."

One of the cats say, " 'What seems to be troublin' ya?!?!'
Can't ya see the storm's goin'
and the lightnin' flashin'
and the thunder roarin'...?"

And The Nazz say, "I told you to stay cool, didn't I, babies?"

To the people who don't know what it means to believe,
to "stay cool" is to be,
to have the sweet fragrance of serenity rock ya' away.

So now everybody's talkin' about The Nazz.

Oh, this beautiful, swingin' man.

How he's settin' the country on fire with great sparks of great love
like a swingin' non-stop satellite goin' through all the lands
and valleys and puttin' down the scene with such beauty
and such power and such charm
that there are now sparks seventy-five feet long shootin' out of the grapevine
and they now got five thousand of these little cats and kitties
in The Nazz's home town, where the cat live, lookin' to get straight.

Well, he knows he can't straighten them there.
It's too small a place to want to hang everybody up.

So The Nazz backed away a little bit
and he look at these cats and these kitties
and he say, "Come on, babies. Let's cut on out down the pike."

And there went The Nazz.

And these five thousand cats and kitties are stompin' up a storm.

Behind them there's a great love river of joy.
It's goin' like a great chain through these gorgeous cats and kitties
as they're swingin' along on the beat of the Nazz
and the birds are flyin' on one side
and singin' love songs to these cats and kitties
and there's a great jubilee of love.

And The Nazz talkin' about how pretty the hour, how pretty the flower,
how pretty you, how pretty me, how pretty the tree.
Nazz had them pretty eyes.
He wanted everybody to see with pretty eyes and see how pretty it was.

And they're havin' such a glorious swingin' time
that before you know it they were forty-two miles out of town
and ain't nobody got the foist biscuit.

So The Nazz look at them cats and kitties
and he say, "You hungry, ain't ya, babies?"

And the cats say, "Yea, Nazz."
Say, "We was diggin' so hard on what you was puttin' down
we didn't pre-pare." Say, "We goofed."

So The Nazz say, "Well we gotta take it easy here.
We wouldn't want to go ahead and order up something
you might not like, would we."

And they said, "Sweet double hipness, you put it down and we'll pick it up."

And the Nazz step away a little bit. And he put a glorious sound of love on.

He said, "Oh, sweet swingin' flowers of the field."

And they said, "Oh, great non-stop singular song to beauty."

And he said, "Stomp upon the terra." They did.

He said, "Lift your miracle the body." The body went up.

He said, "Lift your arms." The arms went up.

He said, "Higher." They went higher.

He said, "DIG INFINITY!" And they dug it!

And when they did, Whap!, there was a flash of thunder
and they looked in one hand was a great, big, stuffed, sweet, swingin', smoked fish.

And in the other a long, gone, crazy loaf
of that southern, home-made, honey-tastin', sweet bread.

Why, these poor cats flipped!

The Nazz never did nothin' simple.

When He laid it,
He laid it.

[Sings:] When the saints......Sweet Lord.

Let me hip you to something!

When you make Love make it!

Oh! Some of you brothers and sisters.

Hold outs!
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