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Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Feb 26, 2016 3:39 pm

Homeland Security is spilling a lot of secrets
February 26 2016

http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns- ... story.html

The Department of Homeland Security suffered over 100 "spills" of classified information last year, 40 percent of which came from one office, according to a leaked internal document I obtained. Officials and lawmakers told me that until the Department imposes stricter policies and sounder practices to better protect sensitive intelligence, the vulnerabilities there could be exploited. Not only does this raise the threat that hostile actors could get their hands on classified information, it may lead to other U.S. agencies keeping DHS out of the loop on major security issues.

A spill is not the same as an unauthorized disclosure of classified information. A Homeland Security official explained that spills often include "the accidental, inadvertent, or intentional introduction of classified information into an unclassified information technology system, or higher-level classified information into a lower-level classified information technology system, to include non-government systems."

Examples include: using a copier not approved for the level of classified information copied; failing to properly mark a classified product; transmitting classified information on an unclassified system like Gmail; or sending classified information to someone who, while having the proper level of clearance, is not authorized to read a section of information sent to them, the official said.

There were 119 of these classified spills reported throughout the Homeland Security Department in fiscal year 2015, according to the internal document, which itself is unclassified. The section with the most spills by far was the Office of Intelligence and Analysis, headquartered at building 19 of the Nebraska Avenue Complex in Washington, led by retired General Francis Taylor. This office is composed mostly of intelligence analysts assigned to produce and review classified reports that are often the work of other intelligence agencies, including the Central Intelligence Agency and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

One senior Homeland Security official told me that the intelligence and analysis office at DHS suffers from lax enforcement of the established policies and practices to protect classified information. This official said the numbers of classified spills in the internal report only represents those incidents that were officially reported, and the actual number is much higher.

S.Y. Lee, a department spokesman, told me that DHS does not comment on reports of leaked information, but that the department is currently having mandatory employee training sessions on the handling of classified and sensitive information.
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Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Mar 11, 2016 10:08 pm

Blink Tank




Steve Hochstadt has published extensively
about the Holocaust and China taking in fleeing
Jews from Germany

Tuesday, March 8, 2016
Donald Trump the He-Man

Who is Donald Trump? Now that Trump has taken a commanding lead in the
Republican presidential race, this question is being debated across
the country. What kind of person is he? Why does he behave as he does?

Whatever Trump may be like at home, in public he deliberately projects
the image of a thoroughly masculine character, a man’s man, as the now
outdated saying goes. Here are some traits which are typically
associated with masculinity: competitive, forceful, aggressive,
independent, willing to take risks, assertive, acts as leader. These
are all qualities which Trump displays at every opportunity, which he
brags about in interviews and in his books, and which he tries to

Rarely has anyone outside of the sports world talked so much about
winning. Trump believes every aspect of life is a contest that he must
win. In September, he said at a rally on Capitol Hill: “We will have
so much winning if I get elected, that you may get bored with the
winning.” After he won in Nevada in February: “We weren't expected to
win too much and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. And
soon the country is going to start winning, winning, winning.” He
admits to no losses in his past and he constantly calls others
“losers”: Ted Cruz, editor Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair, columnist
S.E. Cupp, Republican consultant Cheri Jacobus, Karl Rove (4 times in
the past few months), all of ISIS, the New York Daily News, and

Trump’s aggressiveness takes his political opponents by surprise. Any
criticism of him is met with amplified aggression. His Twitter account
is filled with nasty remarks about the incompetence and low
intelligence of anyone who has noted his past failures or present
prevarications. His debate performances display verbal aggression
unprecedented for a presidential candidate.

One traditionally masculine trait is bragging about sexual power. Soon
after Princess Diana was killed in an auto accident, Trump said on
radio that he could have slept with her. In “Trump: The Art of the
Deal”, he repeatedly wrote about his many affairs with “beautiful
women”. In “Trump: The Art of the Comeback”: “If I told the real
stories of my experiences with women, often seemingly very happily
married and important women, this book would be a guaranteed
best-seller.” In “Trump: How to Get Rich”: “All the women on The
Apprentice flirted with me — consciously or unconsciously.”

In response to Marco Rubio’s irrelevant and crude remark about his
“small hands”, Trump felt it necessary to assure everyone about his
genitalia: “I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee you.”

When he criticizes others, he uses the language of inadequate
masculinity. “Weak” is one of his favorite taunts, directed at Jeb
Bush, Ben Carson, Hillary Clinton, Marco Rubio (many times), Barack
Obama, European leaders generally, the Democratic Party, the
Republican National Committee, and the United States. He thinks of his
opponents as “lightweights” – Bush, Rubio, and Megyn Kelly. Most
insulting for the super-masculine Trump, he gleefully repeated one of
his supporter’s comments about Ted Cruz: “He’s a pussy.”

One quotation that Trump recently retweeted exemplifies this
hyper-masculinity: “It is better to live one day as a lion than 100
years as a sheep.” Benito Mussolini was the author, which didn’t seem
to bother Trump, perhaps confirming his similarity to a quintessential
strong man.

Trump aggressively displays the opposite of the traits which are often
described as feminine: sympathetic, sensitive, compassionate, loyal,
gentle, understanding.

One stereotypical masculine trait which Trump does not openly display
is physical strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jesse Ventura used
their imposing bodies to attract attention to their political
campaigns. But Trump wants us all to know how powerful he is. He
released a letter from his family physician in December claiming that
his health is “astonishingly excellent” and “extraordinary”. The
doctor wrote that Trump would be “the healthiest individual ever
elected to the presidency.”

In December, Fox News host Andrea Tantaros said that American men
could “get their masculinity back” by voting for Trump. Trump’s he-man
pose, combined with his attacks on women aimed at their sexuality,
might well energize some men, especially white men, who feel they have
lost their dominance in the modern world. One could suspect that a man
who can’t stop touting his masculinity might be less certain than he


couple of reads about the FBI
Office of Professional Responsibility
and them policing very naughty
very,very special agents.

One stories is written by the FBI
Office of managing consent located
at the Washington Post.

National Security
When FBI employees behave badly, the bureau lets their co-workers know

https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/na ... story.html

March 11 2016. at 7:00 AM
In a recent two-year stretch, 126 FBI agents or employees were
disciplined for offenses ranging from drinking and driving to sexual
misconduct to misusing their government charge cards. Then their
escapades — which represented just a fraction of the misconduct at the
bureau — were broadcast for all their colleagues to see.

For years, the FBI has been sending out quarterly emails which
describe, in fairly specific detail, individual incidents of employee
misconduct and the penalties that followed. The tactic is now being
embraced by other federal law enforcement agencies seeking to deter
their workers from misbehaving.

A Secret Service spokesman said his agency publicizes individual
malfeasance reports internally. Department of Justice Inspector
General Michael Horowitz told the National Law Journal that last year
he began posting short summaries of some investigations online.
Officials at the Drug Enforcement Administration recently chatted with
their counterparts at FBI about the initiative and hoped to start
sending their own quarterly misconduct email later this year, a
spokesman said.

[FBI agents under investigation in Oregon shooting]

Candice M. Will, an FBI assistant director who heads the Office of
Professional Responsibility, said the email is “not intended to be a
shaming document. It’s intended to be an instructive device.” But she
concedes that fear of having your misdeeds publicized to co-workers
could serve as a deterrent.

“This,” she said, “is the most-read internal document.”

There are pitfalls. The reports periodically make their way outside
the confines of the bureau, leading to embarrassing news stories. In
2011, CNN reported on a host of misdeeds detailed in leaked reports,
ranging from an employee threatening to release a sex tape he had made
with his girlfriend to a supervisor watching porn in his office while
“satisfying himself.” The news network obtained even more reports a
few years later and broke news of a “rash of sexting” cases at the

The employees are not named in the reports, and Will said other
information that could lead to their identities is removed. Some
within the bureau bristle at the wide dissemination, while others say
they’re glad to learn about the penalties for various wrongdoing, Will
and other FBI officials said.

The Washington Post obtained two years worth of reports, running from
2013 into 2015, through a Freedom of Information Act request. The
entire narrative section from each report was removed, leaving only a
subject line and the discipline each employee received. Even those
bare bones accounts, though, seemed to indicate serious instances of

One employee was fired for assault and battery, DUI, misuse of
position and failure to report. Another was let go for improper
relationship with a source, sexual misconduct, misuse of a government
computer, unprofessional conduct and unauthorized disclosure.

[How an FBI agent who arrested drug addicts became one himself]

Sixteen employees were disciplined for drinking and driving, 12 for
misusing their position, 18 for showing a lack of candor and 11 for
misusing FBI databases or government computers. Bureau officials
declined to provide more details on any incidents.

A bureau spokesman said the incidents represented only a
representative sample of the employees disciplined over that time
period. Will said 351 complaints were investigated last year and 240
were substantiated in some way.

Reynaldo Tariche, an agent in the New York field office and president
of the FBI Agents Association, said agents “believe that any
misconduct is not acceptable and should not occur,” but he noted the
bureau has tens of thousands of employees and only a few hundred
incidents of misconduct each year.

“That’s a pretty small percentage,” he said.

Will said she started sending the emails years ago in hopes of
educating bureau employees about the types of penalties that would
come with misconduct. Real life examples, she figured, would have a
more serious impact than hypothetical training scenarios.

“You read it, and it sticks to you,” she said.

Will said she believes the program works. Even if misconduct does not
drop quarter to quarter, employees and managers tell her the emails
help keep them informed. And, she said, they help send the message
that the FBI has high behavior standards.
“I think if anyone had the impression you could get away with stuff
here,” Will said, “this disavows them of that


very special John Conditt, FBI Head of FBI Office of Professional
likes having sex with 6 year old children. see previous story
http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/was ... hief_x.htm

FBI internal affairs chief pleads guilty
WASHINGTON — The former chief internal watchdog at the FBI has pleaded
guilty to sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl and has admitted he
had a history of molesting other children before he joined the bureau
for a two-decade career.

John H. Conditt Jr., 53, who retired in 2001, was sentenced last
Friday to 12 years in prison in Tarrant County court in Fort


very special Edward Rodgers ,FBI head of Child Abuse program likes
having sex with his 2 year old daughters

http://www.headwatersproductions.com/pr ... icle5.html

May 17, 1990
Sisters win sex lawsuit vs. dad $2.3 million given for years of abuse

Two daughters of former state and federal law enforcement official
Edward Rodgers were awarded $2.319,400 yesterday, after a Denver judge
and jury found that the women suffered years of abuse at the hands of
their father.

The award to Sharon Simone, 45, and Susan Hammond, 44, followed
testimony of Rodgers’ four daughters in person or through depositions,
describing repeated physical abuse and sexual assaults by their father
from 1944 through 1965.

Rodgers, 72, who became a child abuse expert after retiring from the
FBI and joining the colorado Springs DA’s office, failed to appear for
the trial. But in a deposition taken in March, Rodgers denied ever
hitting or sexually abusing his children.

He admitted that he thought of himself as a "domineering s.o.b. who
demanded strict responses from my children, strict obedience." But it
never approached child abuse, Rodgers said. "Did I make mistakes? Damn
right I did, just like any other father or mother..."

Thomas Gresham, Rodger’s former attorney, withdrew from the case
recently after being unable to locate his client. Rodgers recently
contacted one of his sons from a Texas town along the Mexican border.
Gresham said his last contact with Rodgers was on April 24.

The sisters reacted quietly to the verdict, and with relief that their
stories of abuse had finally been told.

"I feel really good that I’ve gone public with this,"Hammond said. "I
am a victim, the shame isn’t mine, the horror happened to me. I’m not
"My father did shameful and horrible things to me and my brothers and
sisters. I don’t believe he is a shameful and horrible man, but he has
to be held accountable," Hammond added.

The lawsuit deeply divided the Rodgers family, with Rodgers’ three
sons questioning their sister’s motives.

Immediately after the verdict, son Steve Rodgers, 37, reacted angrily,
yelling at his sisters in the courtroom.

Later, Rodgers said he loves his father and stands by him. He said his
sisters had told him their father had to be exposed the way Nazi war
criminals have been exposed.

"In a way I’m angry with my father for not being here. But I’m
sympathetic because he would have walked into a gross crucifixion,"
Rodgers said.

Steve Rodgers never denied that he and his siblings were physically
abused, but disputed that his father molested his sisters.
Before the jury’s award, Denver District Judge William Meyer found
that Rodger’s conduct toward Simone and Hammond was negligent and

Despite the length of time since the abuse, the jury determined the
sisters could legally bring the suit. The statute of limitations for a
civil suit is two years, but jurors determined that the sisters became
aware of he nature and extent of their injury only within the last two
years, during therapy.

The jury then determined the damages, finding $1,240,000 for Simone
and 1,079,000 for Hammond.

The sisters had alleged in their suit filed last July that Rodgers
subjected his seven children to a "pattern of emotional, physical,
sexual and incestual abuse."

As a result of the abuse, the women claimed their emotional lives had
been left in a shambles, requiring extensive therapy for both and
repeated hospitalizations of Hammond, who was acutely suicidal. Simone
developed obsessive behavior and became so unable to function she
resigned a position with a Boston-based college.

Despite the judgment yesterday, Rodgers cannot be criminally charged.
the statue of limitations in Colorado for sexual assault on children
is 10 years.
Rodgers, who worked for the FBI for 27 years, much of it in Denver,
became chief investigator for the district attorney’s office in
Colorado Sp;rings. during his employment at the DA’s office from 1967
until 1983, he became a well-known figure in Colorado Springs, and
lectured and wrote about child abuse both locally and nationwide.

He wrote a manual called " A Compendium -- Child Abuse by the National
College of District Attorney’s," and helped put together manuals on
child abuse for the New York state police and a national child abuse


http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/03/11 ... cans_data/

FBI channels Kafka with new rules on slurping Americans' private data
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Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:14 pm

Welcome our new sponsor

KY Jelly

Link du jour

http://thehill.com/policy/cybersecurity ... bi-hearing

http://www.camdenarknews.com/news/2016/ ... tary-club/

J Edgar Hoover Alert
(coverup in progress)

2 stories



Hillary Clinton "was in complete shock and

disbelief at the thought of Foster committing suicide"
Ken Starr appeared to be enemy of HIllary Clinton

According to an FBI interview of James Rutherford, Hillary Clinton
"was in complete shock and disbelief at the thought of Foster
committing suicide."

"Of a thousand people who might commit suicide, I would never pick
Vince." Hillary Clinton, quoted in The New Yorker, The Suicide, by
Sidney Blumenthal, August 9, 1993.

"Also under suspicion for espionage was the president's wife, Hillary
Rodham Clinton, who may have been providing Foster with the sensitive
binders from the super-secret National Security Agency that Foster's
executive assistant testified he had." -James Norman, former Senior
Editor at Forbes

Webster Hubbell a close friend of Hillary and Foster said, "Don't
believe a word you hear. It was not suicide. It couldn't have been."
Esquire, November 1993

"...Hillary Rodham Clinton, provided sworn testimony ...to the special
prosecutor about the death of a White House lawyer..." New York Times,
June 14, 1994

The report of the FBI interview of Tom Castleton contradicted
Hillary's testimony of when she last saw Vincent Foster.

Hillary's initial doubts were abandoned as she agreed with Kenneth
Starr, "...Starr had finally conceded that Vince Foster really had
committed suicide." Living History by Hillary Clinton

Chris Ruddy cast suspicion by falsely accusing the Clintons of keeping
the FBI out of the Foster death investigation.

"[I]ntelligence guys in the CIA...found names there that they
identified as being Foster and Hillary. They put them under
surveillance actually before they went to the White House. They had
been surveilling these [Swiss] accounts for a while, and when Foster
on July 1, 1993, bought a ticket to Geneva" -James Norman, former
senior editor of Forbes Magazine, Dec. 7, 1995

An FBI document and a handwritten note from the Office of Independent
Counsel refer to Foster and the Swiss bank account as mentioned above
by James Norman.

Foster cancelled a flight to Switzerland, with seats for two other
people, just before his death according to an Office of Independent
Counsel document.

An Office of Independent Counsel note lists the name of Robert Maxwell
along with the initials WLH, VF, HRC, (Webster Lee Hubbell, Vince
Foster, Hillary Clinton) and the word "Systematics."

Deborah L. Gorham testified to the Senate Special Committee that Vince
Foster had National Security Agency documents.

NewsMax, the conservative news media organization founded by Chris
Ruddy, donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation. Ruddy rose to
fame writng about "Clinton scandals" and casting suspicion on Foster's

The morning after Vince Foster died President Clinton spoke to the
White House staff, "In the first place no one can know why this
happened. Even if you had a whole set of objective reasons, that
wouldn't be why it happened bcause you could get a different, bigger
more burdensome set of reasons that are on someone else in this room.
So what happened was a mystery about something inside of him...and I
hope when we remember him and this we'll be a little more anxious to
talk to each other and a little less anxious to talk outside our

Christopher Ruddy wrote, "Still other concerns might have influenced
the Foster family. For one thing, published reports claim or intimate
that Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton had a romantic affair." The
Strange Death of Vincent Foster, 1997

Others are asking, "Is Hillary Clinton a lesbian?"


http://freebeacon.com/issues/prosecutor ... ail-probe/

Prosecutor in Pollard Spy Case Predicts Espionage Act Charges in
Clinton Email Probe
DiGenova expects FBI to recommend 'series of criminal charges'

Other News


http://www.opposingviews.com/i/rape-kit ... eriff-says

Sheriff Says Most Rape Claims False, Rape Kits Unnecessary
Opposing Views-
... were harmful and stressed the need for education on sexual
assault, pointing out that only 33 percent of rape victims report
their attacks according to the FBI.

Did Apple just imply the NSA can hack iPhones?
BGR-1 hour ago
In a new court brief filed this week, Apple once again makes its case
that the FBI's request to force it to unlock the San Bernardino
shooter's iPhone 5c isn't ...
Story image for fbi from 9 to 5 Mac
Steve Wozniak says complexity of Apple Watch lineup 'worries' him ...
9 to 5 Mac-1 hour ago
Wozniak, who also gave a video interview for Reddit's new Formative
series, discussed things such as Tim Cook, Apple's battle with the
FBI, Apple Watch, and ...

Investigation into LaVoy Finicum's killing raises questions of FBI ...
The Guardian-

http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2016 ... g-cover-up

Jeanette Finicum, widow of rancher LaVoy Finicum who was killed by FBI
agents on 26 January, says she rejects that the shooting was
justified. “There's been a ...

Wednesday 16 March 2016 19.34 EDT
Last modified on Wednesday 16 March 2016 19.36 EDT

An official investigation into the fatal shooting of Oregon militia
leader LaVoy Finicum has raised questions about whether federal agents
lied about their actions and removed bullet casings from the scene,
adding to accusations that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
engaged in a cover-up.

Evidence that FBI agents failed to disclose that they had fired shots
at Finicum and queries about whether critical evidence was removed
comes from the local Deschutes county sheriff’s office investigation,
lending credence to claims previous dismissed as conspiracy theories.
'We want Cliven free!': protesters make noise at scene of Bundy court

Finicum, a 54-year-old Arizona rancher and one of the leaders of the
rightwing militia that occupied an Oregon wildlife refuge, was shot
and killed by state troopers on a remote highway on 26 January. The
confrontation also resulted in the arrests of key protesters and
marked the beginning of the end of the 41-day standoff.

Further bolstering theories of evidence removal, law enforcement
sources told the Oregonian this week that they had seen an FBI video
that showed an agent appear to bend over twice and pick up something
near where the two shots likely occurred.

The sheriff’s office, responsible for investigating the shooting,
recently determined the shooting was justified and released close-up
footage of the final moments before Finicum exited his vehicle and was

From the start of the investigation, Finicum’s supporters across the
west have hailed him as a martyr for the conservative land-use rights
movement, arguing that the FBI planned and executed


http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/ ... reats.html

March 16 2016

Wednesday, Mar 16th 2016 8PM 42°F 11PM 40°F 5-Day Forecast

Pentagon will pay $130,000 for homemade weapons: 'Improv' project plans to reveal how terrorists could turn household items into threats

US nationals can submit their idea to Darpa on March 30
Darpa is hoping to test prototypes and create countermeasures
Follows a rise in the use of off-the-shelf equipment to create weapons

Published: 15:13 EST, 16 March 2016 | Updated: 16:47 EST, 16 March 2016

If you think you can turn a toaster into a weapon, then the US military wants to hear from you.

Darpa has announced
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Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:27 pm

Serpico, Iconic Cop Whistleblower On Snowden And Ferguson



At 79, Frank Serpico, the former New York police whistleblower immortalized by Al Pacino is still a rebel at heart, as cranky and idealistic as ever.

Serpico in 2011(Rick Mackler/Globe Photos/ZUMA)

HUDSON — His tall, slender figure is topped by a simple wool hat, as the man glares at us from behind his sunglasses. “How am I? Not too bad for a man my age. Well, I do have this shrapnel that sometimes hurt,” he says, his ringed hand pointing to his head.

Forty-five-year-old scars. He then curses the doctors who want to give him a new hipbone and crutches. At nearly 80 — he’ll celebrate it on April 14 — Frank Serpico still looks good. The interview, which took place a few months ago in the unlikely cafeteria of an organic supermarket on the outskirts of Hudson, two hours north of Manhattan, made it clear: The legendary whistleblower is still driven by the same inner rage that has always guided him.

A police officer in Brooklyn, he caused a sensation in the 1960s and 1970s by officially denouncing — a first — the rampant corruption inside the New York Police Department. Faced with the silence of his hierarchy, he refused to remain quiet. When his accusations made it on the front page of The New York Times in April 1970, the then mayor, John Lindsay, decided to launch an enquiry: the Knapp Commission.

Among his own, Serpico is seen as a traitor. In Feb. 1971, he was struck by a bullet in the face during a drug bust that went wrong for reasons that are still obscure. His colleagues refrained from calling for help; a resident of the building next door had to call in an ambulance. In 1973, director Sidney Lumet, in Serpico, immortalized him with an Al Pacino who would later receive
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Top cop probed by FBI tells friends: ‘I’m f—d’
http://nypost.com/2016/04/06/top-cop-pr ... ds-im-f-d/

April 6, 2016 | 11:40pm
Top cop probed by FBI tells friends: ‘I’m f—d’
James Grant

The current boss of the Upper East Side’s 19th Precinct accepted diamonds and cash from one of the businessmen at the center of a federal investigation, sources told The Post.

Deputy NYPD Inspector James Grant was at his Staten Island home when he was handed hundreds of dollars by Jeremy Reichberg, a prominent figure in Borough Park, around Christmas, sources said.

Grant soon became aware that the feds had opened a probe into the NYPD, and he told close friends, “I’m f–ked. I can’t go to jail,” a source said.

Investigators also discovered that Grant on multiple occasions had personally escorted Reichberg from the airport after overseas trips to pick up diamonds.

“[Grant] said he would meet him at the airport and get him back to where he had to go,” the source said.

“And as a form of payment, he’d give him one or two really nice cut diamonds to give to his wife.”

Grant has known Reichberg for about eight years, including Grant’s time as head of Sunset Park’s 72nd Precinct from 2011 to 2014, sources said.

The police boss is still well known in Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish communities — having doled out hundreds of Captains Endowment Association cards that bear his name and read, “Please extend all courtesy to the holder of this card.”

At least one person who received one of the cards doesn’t even live in the five boroughs, another source added.

Reichberg and Jona Rechnitz, an Upper West Side real estate investor, are both at the center of a federal probe into whether high-ranking members of the NYPD took lavish gifts in exchange for favors.

According to sources, NYPD cops received presents like Super Bowl tickets and vacations to China and Brazil, while giving out favors such as police escorts for business deliveries and
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Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:08 pm

College for Convicts: The Case for Higher Education in American ...
Christopher Zoukis - 2014 - ‎Education
The Case for Higher Education in American Prisons Christopher Zoukis. “Prison ... Richards, S., D. Faggiani, K. Roffers, R. Hendricksen, and J. Krueger. ... Piché, J. “Barriers to Knowing Inside: Education in Prisons and Education on Prisons.
Facilitating Prisoner Ethnography - Qualitative Inquiry
Justin Piché, Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology, University of Ottawa, 120 University, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5, Canada. ... Based on our editorial work with the Journal of Prisoners on Prisons—a ..... Richards S.,; Ross J. I.. (2004) ...
The Marion Experiment: Long-Term Solitary Confinement and the ...
Stephen C. Richards - 2015 - ‎Social Science
Long-Term Solitary Confinement and the Supermax Movement Stephen C. Richards. Department of Correctional Services. Retrieved December 6, 2011, from ...
USP Marion: A Few Prisoners Summon the Courage to Speak ...
https://www.semanticscholar.org/...Pris ... 50cf5af8...
USP Marion: A Few Prisoners Summon the Courage to Speak. Stephen C. Richards; 2015 ... Justin Piché, Kevin Walby · British Journal of Criminology; 2010 ...
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Postby fruhmenschen » Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:17 pm

Blink Tank


Watch 'Clinton Cash' Online: See The Full Documentary About How Bill And Hillary Built Up A Net Worth Of $150 Million - The Inquisitr
http://www.inquisitr.com › watch-clinton-cash-...
Viewers can now watch Clinton Cash online and see the controversial documentary that uncovers how ... The New York Times published a review of the book noting that its findings appeared to be very ...

Link du jour
http://wgme.com/news/local/town-hall-ra ... n-portland


Original Message
On Jul 23, 2016, at 9:38 PM, 9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference wrote:
Is this email not displaying correctly?
View it in your browser.
9/11 and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference
Draft Agenda for 7/27/16 Teleconference 

8pm (ET)/5pm (PT)   Teleconference # 1-218-895-6835    Access code: 9112001#

Greetings all,

Scottish poet Robert Burns famously wrote that the best-laid plans of mice and men  often go awry. So, it seems, did our plan to dedicate Wednesday's teleconference to the third in our series of debates about planes and the Pentagon. Barbara Honegger withdrew earlier this month, citing objections to the resolution to be debated and to the involvement of one of the other debaters (all of which had been agreed to by all parties on our January Teleconference). We hope to be able to reschedule this most important debate soon.

Not to worry, though.  There's plenty in store to keep Wednesday night interesting:

Early in the call, we'll be joined by Richard Gage, who'll update us on AE911Truth's new TAP organizational approach to affiliate local 9/11 truth activism, and also on plans afoot for major events in New York City to mark with the 15th anniversary of the events of 9/11.

After we consider a proposal to designate Cheryl Curtiss co-facilitator of the  teleconference, Wayne Coste will provide us with an extensive overview of aircraftcrash/impact tests and argue their relevance to 9/11 phenomena.  Be sure to have your computer or other wifi device handy so that you can view his detailed pdf summary, replete with high-quality graphics.

Next, James Fetzer and Dennis Cimmino offer us their critique of some assertions in Barbara Honegger's video Behind the Smoke Curtain.

Towards the end of the call we'll revisit the issue of the derailed debate to see whether our third effort in the forensic series is salvagable.

Lastly, as always, announcements -- this time with a special invitation to share your local group's plans to commemorate the 15th anniversary of the tragic events of 9/11.

We hope you'll join us Wednesday evening for these latest currents from the Truth movement!

Ken Freeland


DRAFT AGENDA for Wednesday 27 July Teleconference

I Roll Call, minutes approval, agenda approval, scheduling next book discussion (see above) (5 min)

II AE911Truth updates [Richard Gage, AIA] (20 min, including Q & A)

III Proposal to designate Cheryl Curtiss co-facilitator or the 9/11 Truth and Other Deep State Crimes Teleconference
[Ken Freeland] (5 min)

IV "Full Scale Aircraft Crash/Impact Tests and their Relevance to 9/11" [Wayne Coste, PE]  Reference: http://hopeoutloud.org/pentagon/FullSca ... hTests.pdf (25-30 min, including Q & A/ discussion)

V Critique of Barbara Honegger's Behind the Smoke Curtain [James Fetzer, PhD and Dennis Cimmino] (15 min)

VI Penatagon Debate series Part 3 Revisited [Barbara Honegger, Craig McKee] (10-15 min, including discussion)
Barbara: proposal to debate the resolution "A plane was destroyed at the Pentagon."
Craig: review of the lapses in implementing the  decision of the previous teleconference

VII Announcements, including local plans to commemorate the 15th anniversary of 9/11

VIII Any available updates on issues of identified ongoing concern (if any remaining time):
28 pages campaign
New articles, books, and films
The 9/11 Crash Test
Cass Sunstein and cognitive infiltration, official statements on “conspiracy theorists”
The MSM treatment of 9/11 Truth
The 9/11 Consensus Panel
William Pepper’s efforts with AE911Truth against NIST and the Dept. of Commerce
Deep State crimes in the news
9/11 Truth political candidates
IX Adjournment (no later than 9:30 p Eastern)


This draft agenda sent to:
John Heartson, Don DeBar, Scott Halfmann, Steven E. Jones, William Rodriguez, David Ray Griffin, William Douglas, Steve Alten , Tom Tvedten, Justin Martel, Les Jamieson, Michael Jackman, Michael Wolsey, Peggy Brewster, Barrie Zwicker, Erik Lawyer, Gabriel Day, Kevin Barrett, Carol Brouillet, Mia Hamel, Paul Craig Roberts, Jack Blood, Diana (for investigar11s.org), Cheryl Curtiss, Jodie Baltazar, Jarek Kupsc, Joseph Culp, Ken Jenkins, Ellen Mariani, Gerhard Bedding,  Jack Shimek, Paul Krik, Rock Creek Free Press, Damon Bean, David Slesinger, Allan Giles, Kyle Hence, Michael Berger, Dylan Avery,  Jason Burmas, Mike Palecek, Donald Stahl, Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Don Plummer, Doug Wight, Global Outlook,  Paul Zarembka, Penny Little, Bob Cable, Suzanne Warson, Peter Thottam, Ralph Schoenman, Carol Wolman, Scholars for 911 Truth & Justice, Hummux, Political Leaders for 9/11 Truth, Frank Morales, Frank Tolopko, Alan Miller, James Hufferd, Ph.D., Erik Larson, Ted Walter , Suzanne Warson, Frederick Coward, Gordon Duff, Sherri Kane, Leonard Horowitz, William Woodward, Jerry Mazza, William Pepper, Wayne Madsen, David Kimball, Jeffrey Orling, Michael Marino, Lenny Mather, Ken Freeland, Tania Torres, Graeme MacQueen, Yumi Kikuchi, Stuart Hutchison, Roland Angle, Frank Agamemnon , Harold Hilton, Phil Restino, Rich McCampbell, John Zito, Manny Badillo, John Hankey, Oskar Mosquito, Edwin Jewett, Ms Anisa Fattah, Robert Barron, Shelton Lankford, Matthew Hayward, Anna Yeisley, Chris Pratt, Craig Ranke, Susan Lindauer, Barbara Honegger, Democritus Blantayre, Joseph Baltar, Jim Hogue, Sheila Casey, Steve Martin, Ben Collet, Elizabeth Woodward,  Runyan Wilde, Susan Wolfe, Adam Ruff, Conrad Gilber. Jonathan Mark, Tonya Sneed, Dan Sutton, Richard Krushnic, Mark Crispin Miller, Byron Belitsos, George Ripley, Laurie Manwell ,  Susan Serpa, Nicolas Guillermo, Dwain Deets, Craig McKee, Steve Fahrney; Fran Shure; David Petrano, Lawrence Fine, A.K. Dewdney, Steve De'ak, Allan Rees, Art Olivier, Ron Avery, Michael Booth, Jim Fetzer, Laura Katleman, Don Gibbs, Mark Basile, John-Michael Talboo, Julian Stroh, Christopher Gruener, Elias Davidsson, Martin McGee, Adnan Zuberi, Jan Ravensbergen, Rich Aucoin, David Hooper, Wayne Coste, Don Fox, Bill Wilt, William Jacoby, Ron Neils, John Campbell, Dan Hennen, Jack Graham. Barton Bruce, Cheri Aspenleiter, Stephen Phillips, Dick Atlee, Lynn Ertrell, Nita Renfrew. Frank Tolopko, Mark McDonald, Christopher Bollyn, John Paul OMalley, Rodger Bories, Mark Snyder, Jane Clark, Richard Sacks, Tim Michel, Lynn Bradbury, Xander Arena, David Cole, Rick Tufts, Richard Cate, Jerry Turner, Rick Shaddock, Rebecca Schmoyer, Mark Mckertich, Kip Beckford, Doug West, PF Soto

Draft minutes for June 29, 2016
  July 22, 2016
Craig McKee, Secretary 9/11 Monthly Teleconference Call
Present were:
Ken Freeland, Teleconference facilitator, Houston 9/11 Truth
Craig McKee, Teleconference secretary, Truth and Shadows
Dave Slesinger, 9/11 Truth Outreach
John O’Malley, DC 9/11 Truth
Barton Bruce, Massachusetts 9/11 Truth
Cat McGuire, 9/11 Truth Outreach
Barbara Honegger, Behind The Smoke Curtain
Sheila Casey, DC911Truth
Barrie Zwicker, Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11
Jim Fetzer, And Nobody Died in Boston, Either
Jim Hufferd, 9/11 Grassroots
Wayne Coste, 9/11 Outreach
Dan Hennen, AE911Truth
Rodger Bories, 9/11 activist
David Cole, Nine Eleven Accountability Team
The minutes of the May 25, 2016 conference call were APPROVED.
The agenda was APPROVED.
Hordon banned from Teleconference
A proposal was made by Craig McKee that Robin Hordon no longer be invited to participate in the teleconference because of insulting remarks he made about the group. This was accepted without objection.

Comments on noise
Sheila Casey requested a few moments to discuss possible ways to reduce background noise on the monthly calls. It was agreed that during presentations and debates that Ken Freeland would mute all lines except that of the speaker.

Conspiracy Theory in America
A discussion was held on Lance deHaven-Smith’s book Conspiracy Theory in America.

Three topics in one
Jim Fetzer combined three topics into one presentation. He addressed his contention that there were actually three different people who played the part of Jeff Bauman in the Boston bombing; he announced a book he will be publishing soon called America Was Nuked on 9/11; and he challenged statements by Barbara Honegger about what happened at the Pentagon.

Book review
Ken Freeland offered a favorable review of the book Hidden Finance, Rogue Networks, and Secret Sorcery by Joseph P. Farrell.

The origins of ISIS
James Hufferd offered for discussion the subject of how the Truth Movement can determine and prove that the U.S. is responsible for creating and directing ISIS.

New 9/11 Citizens’ Commission?
Ken Freeland offered for discussion the subject of whether the Truth Movement should consider holding another 9/11 Citizens’ Commission.

Barbara Honegger announced a conference being held September 10-11 at the Great Hall of Cooper Union in New York City for the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Speakers will include Daniel Sheehan, Ferdinando Imposimato, Wayne Madsen, and William Pepper. She noted that the legal aspects of bringing the 9/11 perpetrators to justice will be the focus of the second day.
Dave Slesinger urged others to go to https://www.quora.com/ where 9/11 is among the subjects discussed.
Wayne Coste announced that his web site, https://www.911truthoutreach.org/, now has an events calendar. Anyone wishing to post an event can register on the site.
Ken Freeland announced a new web site that will examine the issue of the recently released 28 pages. The site is http://28pagesrevealed.info/.
Cat McGuire called the teleconference’s attention to the new book The Plot to Kill King by William Pepper and mentioned that Pepper recently did a two-hour interview on Gary Null’s show. Ken added that there is a series of four interviews Null did with Daniel Sheehan that are also worth checking out.
Barbara mentioned that she was scheduled to be a guest on Richard Hoaglund’s radio show on July 1.
In closing, Ken reminded everyone about the scheduled Pentagon debate between Craig McKee/Adam Ruff and Barbara Honegger that is to take up the entire July teleconference call. (Earlier in the call, Barbara, Craig, and Ken agreed that the debate would go forward and that they would come to an agreement by email about whether the two sides will exchange a list of major arguments and sources prior to the draft agenda going out.)
Call began at 8 p.m. EST and adjourned at 10:00 p.m. EST/5 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. PST

Audio of the June call can be heard here: http://www.houston911truth.net/audio/062916.mp3  The next monthly teleconference will take place on Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 8 p.m. EST, 5 p.m. PST. Please email agenda items for next call to facilitator Ken Freeland (diogenesquest@gmail.com) by July 23. Please use subject line “Agenda item for 911 Truth Teleconference.” Please include a brief description of your item and any relevant links you’d like participants to be aware of, together with your estimate of the number of minutes your agenda item will require.

9/11 Truth Teleconference · 15906 Manville Dr · Houston, TX 77082 ·


http://whnt.com/2016/07/25/fbi-kids-cam ... ck-arrest/

FBI kids camp to teach cybersecurity ends with fake

guns drawn, mock arrest


Police plan protest of Black Lives Matter banner at Somerville City Hall

July 26 2016

http://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2 ... -city-hall

After Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone denied a request from a city police union to remove a Black Lives Matter banner from City Hall, the union announced it will hold a rally to protest the banner’s “disrespectful” message, according to a release from the Somerville Police Employee’s Association.

“In the face of the continuing assassination of innocent police officers across the country as an apparent offshoot of the BLM movement, it is irresponsible of the City to [publicly] declare support for the lives of one sector of our po


LaSalle County SAFE Officer Ed Jauch impersonating an FBI Agent
July 26, 2016   ·  

http://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/2016/07 ... fbi-agent/

LaSalle County – (ECWd) –

We are seeing less and less trust in our government, to include our police officers.  The vast majority of our law enforcement are doing the job they were hired to do and doing it honorably.  As with any group of people, a few bad apples bring shame to the whole group.  Until the good ones hold the bad ones accountable, it’s only going to get worse.

We are asking the FBI and the US Attorney’s Office to hold LaSalle County SAFE Officer Ed Jauch accountable to the law!

Yes,  Ed Jauch, the Commander for the SAFE UNIT has held himself out as an FBI agent and the video appears to confirm it.

Colin Brand, a California resident was stopped by the SAFE Unit and ended up having his cash seized, yet no charges of any criminal activity were ever filed.  This is commonly referred to as Civil Asset Forfeiture.  In short, the taking of your property by claiming it had ties to drug crimes even though no charges are ever brought. In this case, no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found in Mr. Brand’s vehicle, however, the officers performing the stop claimed the drug dog alerted.  For those in Edgar County, this sounds like a Deputy Dee Burgin stop so many became familiar with during his drug dog days.

Brand was brought in for questioning, and according to Brand, was questioned by FBI agent Jauch, as that is how he introduced himself prior to the video being turned on. A review of the video confirms Brand refers to him as an FBI agent at approximately the 1:30-minute mark of the video but more importantly is the acknowledgment at the end by Officer Jauch, who is not an FBI agent.

14:58 mark of the video:

Brand: “Why am I talking to an FBI agent?”

Commander Jauch: “Well, that’s the way the unit is set up, OK?  All of us are chosen and put into this unit, I’m just the guy that does the investigation. “

At no time does Commander Jauch correct Brand’s assertion of him being an FBI agent but instead provides confirmation that is the way the unit (SAFE) is set up. I spoke with Mr. Brand and he confirmed that this officer did, in fact, introduce himself as an FBI agent and at no time did he clarify that he was not, as is confirmed in the video.

Maybe officer Jauch should read 18 US Code 912:

“Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

According to the Department of Justice, Jauch should be in serious trouble!

1470. False Personation — Elements Of The Offenses

18 USC 912 defines two separate and distinct offenses. The offenses are impersonation coupled with acting as such and impersonation coupled with demanding or obtaining something of value in such pretended character. False personation of an officer or employee of the United States is an element of both offenses. The impersonation must be of a federal officer (see Massengale v. United States, 240 F.2d 781, 782 (6th Cir. 1957)), and may be affected by verbal declarations as well as by the exhibition of a counterfeited badge or a false certificate of authority. Pierce v. United States, 86 F.2d 949, 951 (6th Cir. 1936). Government officials are impersonated by any persons who assume to act in the pretended character. United States v. Lepowitch, 318 U.S. 702 (1943). Thus action alone may amount to a false pretense of federal authority. See Heskett v. United States, 58 F.2d 897, 902 (9th Cir. 1932) (by inquiring about passports, defendants pretended to be federal immigration officers).

The LaSalle County SAFE Unit has been shut down pending an Illinois Supreme Court hearing on the operation of what is an illegal police department working under the control of the LaSalle County State’s Attorney Brian Towne.  Towne has troubles of his own from illegal campaign donation reporting, to spending confiscated drug money in direct violation of the law.

By all indications, LaSalle County is a target rich environment for the FBI as it’s clear no


http://m.wtae.com/news/crash-at-pittsbu ... e/40888776

Dump truck driver targets Pittsburgh FBI building, crashes vehicle through front gate
Published On: Jul 26 2016 11:19:16 AM EDT
Updated On: Jul 26 2016 05:48:27 PM


July 26, 2016
FBI Announces Executive Appointments

FBI Director James B. Comey has announced the following leadership appointments:

John Adams Named Assistant Director of Directorate of Intelligence

Mr. Adams most recently served as a special agent in charge of the Norfolk Division.

Mr. Adams entered on duty with the FBI in 1997 and was first assigned to the Washington Field Office, where he worked espionage, drug trafficking, violent crime, and terrorism matters. Following the terror attacks on September 11, 2001, Mr. Adams led the crime scene investigation and evidence recovery at the Pentagon.

Throughout his career, Mr. Adams has held leadership positions in the Counterterrorism Division, the Knoxville Division, and the Richmond Division.

Mr. Adams will assume this new role in mid-August.

David Resch Named Assistant Director Training Division

Mr. Resch most recently served has the deputy assistant director for the Training Division.

Mr. Resch entered on duty with the FBI in 1996 and was first assigned to the Houston Division, where he primarily worked criminal matters and served as the crimes against children coordinator and kidnapping coordinator.

Throughout his career, Mr. Resch has held leadership positions in the Critical Incident Response Group, the Richmond Division, the Operational Technology Division, and as special agent in charge of the Little Rock Division.

Mr. Resch will assume this new role effective immediately.

Robert Jones Named Assistant Director for the Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate

Mr. Jones most recently served as a deputy assistant director for the Counterintelligence Division.

Mr. Jones entered on duty with the FBI in 1996 and was first assigned to the Detroit Division, Kalamazoo Resident Agency, where he investigated drug, violent crime, while-collar crime, and terrorism cases. While there, Mr. Jones was a member of the SWAT team and received a Director’s Award for the dismantlement of a domestic terrorist group planning to attack federal, state, and local authorities.

Throughout his career, Mr. Jones has held leadership positions in the Counterterrorism Division; in the Buffalo Division's Rochester Resident Agency; in the Cleveland Division; as the Legal Attaché to Kabul, Afghanistan; in the Counterintelligence Division; and as the special agent in charge of the Indianapolis Division.

Mr. Jones will assume this new role in August.

William Sweeney, Jr. Named Assistant Director in Charge of New York Division

Mr. Sweeney most recently served as the special agent in charge of the Philadelphia Division.

Mr. Sweeney entered on duty with the FBI in 1998 and was first assigned to the Newark Division, where he primarily worked public corruption.

Throughout his career, Mr. Sweeney held leadership positions in the Newark Division, the Counterterrorism Division, the Deputy Director’s Office, and in the New York Division.

Mr. Sweeney will assume this new role in September.


http://www.officer.com/news/12235518/ok ... estigation
Oklahoma Sheriff Arrested After Investigation


FBI Octopus

Zaragoza Challenged by Curry in Mayoral Election
Over the Mountain Journal-
Zaragoza, who ran unopposed in 2008 and 2012, will face retired FBI agent Ashley Curry for the right to become mayor when Vestavia Hills residents go to the ...


http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/lef ... 56241.html
Think the idea of UK leftie movements being infiltrated is all a conspiracy theory? Here are some of the times it's actually happened
From anti-war and environmental protesters to the mother of Stephen Lawrence and a woman who had a child with a man she thought was someone else, spying on our own citizens has been the norm for decades


Someone on the Green Party pulled some interesting links from the DNC wikileaks hack.

I haven't checked them yet but thought maybe others could.

Some interesting links...

DNC member killing horses for insurance money.
DNC making fun of black woman's name.
DNC telling each other, "I love you too. no homo."
DNC requesting a pull an MSNBC commentary segment.
DNC controlling the narrative with time released stories.
DNC conspiring to create false Trump information and release with Reuters.
DNC Hillary supporters infiltrated Sanders campaign.
DNC members going to complain to Morning Joe producers about his mentioning of a "rigged system." https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/8806
DNC discussing their relationship with NBC/MSNBC/CNN and how to get better treatment.
Super PAC paying young voters to push back online Sanders supporters. Paid shills.
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz having an off the record meeting in MSNBC President Phil Griffin's office.
DNC being messed with by the Washington Examiner.
DNC discussing Hillary's policies as unfeasible.
$200k for a private dinner with Hillary.
Offering to send interns out to fake a protest against the RNC.
Faking outrage and pasting in a video later.
A mole working inside of the Sanders campaign.
Bringing up Sanders religion to scare the southern voters.
Possible money laundering by moving money back and forth to bypass legal limits.
Politico writer sending his stories to the DNC before he sends them to his editor.
DNC feeding CNN the questions they want to be asked in interviews.
Creating a fake job ad for a Trump business to paint him as a sexist.
Hillary funding 2 million dollars in a cooridanted campaign in battleground states to win back the Senate.
DNC is upset that their "allies" didn't send in protestors so they sent out interns.
"Clinton Foundation quid-pro-quo worries are lingering, will be exploited in general."
$50,000 - Lawrence Benenson.
Daily Fundraising Report for the DNC.
Content & Social Strategy Discussion.
Re: BuzzFeed and DNC connection.
Draft linking news articles about trump to use as negative press.
Fwd: State Dinner Countdown. https://wikileaks.org/dnc-emails/emailid/1901
Some woman is angry she hasn't been given more stuff from the Obama administration...might be interesting to follow up. Re: State Dinner Countdown.
Tim O'Brien: Trump's Fixation on Inflating his Net Worth is a Cause for Concern.
RE: May Fundraising Numbers.
Hillary for America Raised $26.4 Mil in April, Began May with More than $30 Mil Cash on Hand.
Press talking points, states Hillary is their candidate, dated May 5, 2016. More of a smoking gun than the ambiguous talk in the emails themselves.
Consultant calling megyn kelly a bimbo. Has PDF attached that says the same.
DNC trying to get away with violating the Hatch Act.
Democrats using interns to organize fake "protests."
RE: Action on DNC tomorrow (Immigration Raids).
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Re: We are all doing time

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Aug 10, 2016 2:35 am

Bonus Read

Kevin Barrett’s instant anthology, about the Orlando false flag op, has gone up on TruthandShadows.com. Review writer Barrie Zwicker will be the guest this Friday at False Flag Weekly News.

Heat is Online

https://robertscribbler.com/2016/08/09/ ... ulf-coast/

Hot Gulf of Mexico Hurls Rain Bombs at Florida and the U.S. Gulf Coast
Rain bomb. It’s a new kind of severe rainstorm that’s capable of overwhelming a city’s flood-handling capabilities in just an hour or two. Of generating 2-inch-plus per hour rainfall events in odd places and at unexpected times. A type of severe storm that’s been enabled by all the added heat and atmospheric moisture loading resulting from human-forced climate change.


(High levels of atmospheric water vapor over the northeastern Gulf of Mexico is fueling the potential for severe, damaging and life-threatening rainfall events across the Gulf Coast this week even as numerous severe flood events occur across the globe. Image source: Earth Nullschool.)

Lately, due in large part to an atmosphere and ocean surface that’s about 1.2 degrees Celsius hotter than 1880s values and related added atmospheric moisture, the powerful, damaging, and life-threatening rain bombs have been going off hard and heavy across the globe. Last week, Ellicott City was hit, killing one and generating damage that will likely take years to repair. Yesterday, about 21 people lost their lives in a freak flood that dumped 20 inches of rain over part of Macedonia. In Sudan on Saturday, the Nile reached its highest levels in 100 years as thousands of homes were destroyed and more than 75 people lost their lives. In Karachi, Pakistan this weekend, 50 percent of the city is without power and ten people have lost their lives due to flooding. In India over the past two weeks, more than one million people have been displaced and 100 killed in devastating floods. And now, a very hot Gulf of Mexico appears to be hurling a number of similarly powerful storms at the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Severe Gulf Rainstorms Begin

There’s a hell of a lot of heat and moisture available to fuel storms over the Gulf of Mexico right now. And this region where ocean surfaces exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit (running from 30 to 33 C, or 1 to 3 C above average) over a broad swath is just now starting to toss

FBI Octopus

Former FBI agent to lead WGM forensic, cyber team in Scottsdale
Scottsdale Independent-
WGM, a Scottsdale-based information technology consulting, data analytics and security services firm, has added a former special agent from the FBI to lead its .

Blink Tank

http://motherboard.vice.com/read/heres- ... nce-pilots

Here's the Internal Presentation the FBI Uses to Train Surveillance ...
Now, a presentation released to Motherboard under the Freedom of Information Act details how the FBI briefs pilots and agents about its aviation programs.


http://www.thesullenbell.com/2016/08/08 ... nst-china/

war against China
August 8, 2016 Uncategorized Asia, China, John Pilger, Okinawa
war against China

a re-post

“Resistance” is not a word you often hear in the West, or see in the media. It is considered an ‘other’ word, not used by polite, respectable people.

John Pilger, Asia, Okinawa, China

** ## **

A Preview of The Coming War on China

Noted journalist John Pilger talks about China, Okinawa, and U.S. policy in Asia.

By Maki Sunagawa and Daniel Broudy

John Pilger is a world-renowned journalist, documentary filmmaker and author. He has twice won Britain’s highest award for journalism. His films have won television academy awards in Britain and the US. Two of his films, on Cambodia and East Timor, are rated with the most important of the 20th century. The Coming War on China is his 60th film.

August 04, 2016 “Information Clearing House” – “FPIF” –

Daniel Broudy : You’re now finishing up work on your latest project the title of which, it seems, can also trigger feelings of considerable dread. The Coming War, maybe you’d agree, is pretty heavy. Can you describe the impetus for this particular look at world events, especially


http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/u ... -1.2744614

Crime U.S. World Politics
Unarmed man killed by L.A. deputy was not carjacking suspect

Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 4:32 PM


Two more women claim former Syracuse cop sexually abused them

http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/wom ... -1.2743535
Tuesday, August 9, 2016, 4:00

Two more women claim former Syracuse cop sexually abused them

Two more alleged victims have come forward to accuse a former Syracuse cop of sexually abusing them while he was on the job — while a third revealed to the Daily News harrowing details of her alleged encounter with the disgraced officer.

The women all claim Chester Thompson forced them to perform sex acts on him while he was armed and in uniform.

The department booted Thompson in December 2015 after the rogue cop pleaded guilty to official misconduct, a misdemeanor. Under the arrangement with Syracuse District Attorney William J. Fitzpatrick, the disgraced officer ducked any jail time and was instead sentenced to three years' probation.


https://theintercept.com/2016/08/09/fbi ... s-methods/


Aug. 9 2016, 10:16 a.m.

THE REVELATION THAT an undercover FBI agent encouraged a would-be terrorist to “Tear up Texas” shortly before he opened fire on


http://www.mydaytondailynews.com/news/n ... sed/nsCnD/

He said that he lied because Wilmington Police Department detective James Lightner told him to and threatened to arrest him for murder if he didn’t cooperate. Bollinger said Lightner told him that he would be charged with Dreher’s murder and receive the death penalty, the Associated Press reported.

Bollinger said he was naive about how the court system worked and believed Lightner.

“They questioned and interrogated me one night, and the rest of the time it was coaching — telling me what to say,” Bollinger said, according to theStar.

“I lied on him,” Bollinger said, WRAL reported. “(The investigator) told me, if I didn’t say (that Small did it), he was going to prosecute me for murder, and I would get the death penalty.”

“I’m sorry. I was forced to do something I didn’t want to do and I can’t take it back,” Bollinger said, looking at Small who raised his wrists, still handcuffed together, to dab tears from his eyes, the Associated Pressreported.

Bollinger said he told his grandfather, a former police officer and FBI agent, about the police forcing him to lie, but his grandfather encouraged him to stick to that story.

“He told me to go along with the story. He knew I would get into trouble, and he didn’t like Johnny,” Bollinger said.

Eventually, Small took the stand.

Small is a hulking figure, intimidating with his broad shoulders, shaved


http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/201 ... vent_.html

The Intercept
FBI agent appears to have incited murderous attack on Texas 'Draw ...
American Thinker (blog)
FBI agent appears to have incited murderous attack on Texas 'Draw Mohammed' ... contest in Garland, Texas, he received a text from an undercover FBI agent.


http://valdostatoday.com/2016/08/mornin ... or-8-9-16/
Arguments were heard Monday in a hearing to determine whether the parents of Kendrick Johnson and their attorney will be required to pay nearly $900,000 in attorney’s fees related to multiple civil suits filed by the family, including a $100 million civil suit voluntarily dropped in March. Kenneth and Jacqueline Johnson filed the $100 million civil suit in January 2015, which alleged local FBI agent Rick Bell, his two sons and 35 state and local officials either directly caused or covered up the cause of their son’s death. After hearing arguments from both sides, the judge in the case said he has taken the arguments under advisement and has granted King until Monday morning to file any supplemental briefs.


$250,000 Reward - Info to Prevent Planned Ambush Attacks on Police Officers

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Qface Systems, the parent company of solveacrime.com has announced a $250,000 reward for information that may prevent further ambush killings of law enforcement officers.

http://www.itnewsonline.com/prnewswire/ ... ers/447041
CLICK LINK OR COPY & PASTE INTO BROWSER TO PROVIDE TIP: https://www.solveacrime.com/reward/policereward

The recent ambush attacks on police officers across the country marks the deadliest period of terrorist attacks against law enforcement since 9-11. While news of attacks and threats against police officers grows, so will the response from the community and companies such as solveacrime.com. "The men and women of law enforcement are the heart of our communities and nation. They quite literally stand between us and chaos, without them, our way of life will cease to exist, therefore, any effort that protects our law enforcement professionals from acts of terrorism is welcomed," said John Walker, member of the Solveacrime.com law enforcement council. Walker has 29 years of law enforcement experience and was a former Police Captain in Florida and Colorado. 

"Officers are being intentionally targeted and assassinated in acts of terrorism," says Chuck Archer, former Assistant Director of the FBI and current Chairman of the solveacrime.com law enforcement council. "We stand firmly behind the men and women in our law enforcement community and will aggressively pursue information that we can provide them which may prevent any further attacks," added Chuck.

The $250,000 reward offered by Qface Systems and solveacrime.com marks the most aggressive call-to-action by a private company in response to the recent police ambush killings. Tips received through solveacrime.com are submitted anonymously and registered

https://www.fbi.gov/contact-us/field-of ... ch-program

FBI GNOCRWG Kicks Off Back to School Season with Local Youth ...
Federal Bureau of Investigation (press release) (blog)-
Recently, the Greater New Orleans Civil Rights Working Group (GNOCRWG) sponsored and facilitated a youth engagement seminar for the Franklin Avenue ...


http://www.dukechronicle.com/article/20 ... alent-show
Convention talent show: a first-hand account
The revolution had dancing

By Kirby Wilson | Wednesday, August 10
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Re: We are all doing time

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http://dailyfreepress.com/2016/09/26/gr ... d-country/

Rahim said that the last thing she said to her son was, “I’ll see you later” before he left the house on the day he was killed.

“I didn’t see Usaamah again until I saw him laying in the emergency room on a stretcher, and he was dead, and his face was still warm,” Rahim said during the event.

Upon leaving the emergency room, Rahim said both she and her daughter found that the FBI had impounded their cars.

“We were homeless and without transportation, without our cars, without anything,” Rahim said. “And I said to this woman who said she was an FBI agent, ‘How are we going to get home?’ and she said, ‘The best way you know how.’ And she turned her back on us and walked away.”

Rahim and her daughter were able to take a taxi to their respective houses, but by the time they arrived, the FBI had locked them out of their homes as well.

“We had nowhere to go … no way of trying t

Link du jour

http://www.occurrencesforeigndomestic.c ... debatable/




http://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/d ... nts-228553

Secret Service Pays Trump’s Company $1.6M to Fly with the Candidate

Taxpayers forked over $1.6 million to one of Donald Trump’s companies for Secret Service protection on his private plane.

The money was for reimbursing TAG Air – one of Trump’s companies – for flying Secret Service agents to protect the candidate, Politico reports, citing Federal Election Commission records.

While its standard practice to cover the costs of the Secret Service traveling with the candidates, it’s very unusual for the money to enrich a candidate’s companies.

“The taxpayers are actually reimbursing Trump for the travel of the Secret Service agents,” said Brett Kappel, a campaign finance lawyer at the law

https://theintercept.com/2016/09/23/fbi ... se-report/


Sep. 23 2016, 2:10 p.m.

ALTHOUGH A REPORT released this week by the President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology concludes that there is scant scientific underpinning to a number of forensic practices that have been used, for years, to convict thousands of individuals in criminal cases, the U.S. Department of Justice has indicated that it will ignore the report’s recommendations while the FBI has blasted the report as “erroneous” and “overbroad.”

The report, titled “Forensic Science in Criminal Courts: Ensuring Scientific Validity of Feature-Comparison Methods,” concludes that a number of common, pattern-matching forensic disciplines – bite-mark analysis, fingerprint and firearm comparison, shoe-tread analysis, and complex DNA mixture analysis – need additional support to be deemed scientifically valid and reliable – a conclusion in line with that reached in the groundbreaking 2009 report on forensics issued by the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council.

In a statement reported by the Wall Street Journal, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the agency remains “confident that, when used properly, forensic science evidence helps juries identify the guilty and clear the innocent, and the department believes that the current legal standards regarding the admissibility of forensic evidence are based on sound science and sound legal reasoning.” As such, she said, while “we appreciate their contribution to the field of scientific inquiry, the department will not be adopting the recommendations related to the admissibility of forensic science evidence.”

The DOJ did not respond to The Intercept’s request for ad

http://www.heraldbulletin.com/news/form ... 4269f.html

APD officer sentenced to 8 months on drug charges

INDIANAPOLIS -- U.S. District Court Judge William Lawrence sentenced former Anderson Police Department officer Donald Jordan to eight months in prison and three years probation. 

Jordan pleaded guilty in June to two counts of possession with intent to distribute controlled substances.

http://www.truthdig.com/avbooth/item/jo ... s_20160926

John Oliver Delves Into Numerous Scandals of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump (Video)

Posted on Sep 26, 2016

On Sunday’s show, the “Last Week Tonight” host called the political scandals plaguing both major candidates “the electoral equivalent of seeing someone puking so you start puking and then someone else [is] puking and pretty soon everyone is puking 2016,” a phenomenon also known as the 2016 elections.

http://www.clickondetroit.com/news/pros ... -at-rencen

Prosecutor Worthy hosts Detroit Sexual Assault Kit Summit at RenCen

Posted: 8:35 AM, September 26, 2016
DETROIT - The Detroit Sexual Assault Kit Summit begins Monday at the Renaissance Center in Detroit.

Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy is hosting the summit and is expected to speak Monday morning.

Over 290 prosecutors, victim advocates, police officials and forensic and behavioral scientists from across the county are expected to participate in the summit which runs through Wednesday.

The event will feature victim-centered approaches to handling sexual assault cases, focusing on offender behavior instead of victim behavior and will feature a multi-disciplinary approach to cold case sexual assault investigations where all tam members are trained in the effects of trauma on behavior and memory.

Local 4’s Steve Garagiola will be the emcee for the welcoming ceremony Monday in the Mackinac Ballroom.

Expected speakers include Rep. Debbie Dingell, Rep. Brenda Lawrence, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette, Mayor of Detroit Mike Duggan, Wayne County Executive Warren Evans, Detroit Police Chief James Craig and FBI agent Ray Johnson.

http://dailycaller.com/2016/09/24/claim ... ton-email/
Claim: Top State Dept. Official ‘Pointedly Asked’ FBI To Reverse Classification Of Clinton

10:59 AM 09/24/2016
A top State Department official “pointedly asked” the FBI to declassify a Hillary Clinton email that the bureau had determined contained classified information about counter-terrorism operations, a State Department official told federal investigators.

That request, which was allegedly made in a meeting last May by Patrick Kennedy, State’s under secretary for management, was just one example of internal pressure at the State Department to not classify Clinton’s emails, the State official, who works in the office of information programs and services (IPS), told the FBI in an Aug. 17, 2015 interview.

The IPS official, whose name is redacted in interview notes released on Friday, said that he “believes there was interference” with the formal Freedom of Information Act review process.

Specifically, the official said that State’s Near East Affairs Bureau upgraded several of C

FBI Ocropus showing FBI tentacles

FBI agent becomes new undersheriff
OKALOOSA COUNTY, Fla. (WEAR) — The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office has a new undersheriff. Steve Harker worked for the FBI for 24 years as a Special ...

http://www.michigansthumb.com/news/crim ... 286564.php

Cop was allowed to retire as a police officer and
collect full pension after arrest gets 8 years
Updated 1:01 pm, Monday, September 26, 2016

INDIANAPOLIS — A man who retired as an Anderson police officer after he was accused of selling drugs while in uniform has been sentenced to eight years in prison.
The (Anderson) Herald Bulletin reports (http://bit.ly/2cXjLWd) U.S. District Court Judge William Lawrence in Indianapolis also ordered Donald Jordan to serve three years of probation during the sentencing Monday. Jordan retired from the police department in December after 23 years serving as a police officer.
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http://www.svherald.com/free_access/for ... 5e40d.html

Cop Michael Mitchell dead in
apparent suicide
SIERRA VISTA — A former Sierra Vista Police Officer who resigned last year following an internal investigation showing he removed evidence from a crime scene to protect an informant he was having sex with killed himself at his Marana home Monday.

Marana police officers an

http://arstechnica.co.uk/tech-policy/20 ... arch-tool/

Yahoo's CISO resigned in over secret e-mail search tool ordered by ...
Ars Technica UK
Yahoo's CISO resigned in over secret e-mail search tool ordered by FBI or NSA ... Yahoo as agent of government scans all email, devoid of probable cause, ...

According to a new report by Reuters citing anonymous former employees, in 2015, Yahoo covertly built a secret “custom software program to search all of its customers' incoming emails for specific information.”
Reuters noted that Yahoo “complied with a classified US government directive, scanning hundreds of millions of Yahoo Mail accounts at the behest of the National Security Agency or FBI, said two former employees and a third person apprised of the events.” It is not clear what data, if any, was handed over.

Yahoo exec goes mano a mano with NSA director over crypto backdoors
Presuming that the report is correct, it would represent essentially the digital equivalent of a general warrant—which is forbidden by the Fourth Amendment, as Electronic Frontier Foundation lawyer Andrew Crocker noted on Twitter.
The Fourth Amendment implications are staggering. Yahoo as agent of government scans all email, devoid of probable cause, particularity, etc pic.twitter.com/kx510PHH9n
— Andrew Crocker (@agcrocker) October 4, 2016
This seems to be the first known case of an American Internet company acting on behalf of the government to search messages in near real time—previous operations captured stored data or intercepted only a handful of target accounts.

As Reuters also reported, Yahoo's then-Chief Information Security Officer, Alex Stamos, resigned in protest once he found out about the secret program. Stamos now works at Facebook.

Yahoo did not immediately respond to Ars' request for comment.

UPDATE 5:11pm: Kaitlin Kikalo, a Yahoo spokeswoman, sent Ars the same statement that the company has been sending to other media and declined f

http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/ ... s-20161004

FBI agent named head of Erie County Central Police Services
Jancewicz has worked for the FBI since 1997 as a special agent, and crisis manager for the Bureau's Buffalo Division. He also had prior experience as a special .
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Link du jour





http://bangordailynews.com/2016/10/12/p ... l-war-era/

Black Lives Matter activist in Maine equates current racial climate to Civil War era

Civil rights activist Shaun King, the senior political justice writer for The New York Daily News, told a Bates College audience on Tuesday that the country is on the brink of a modern civil rights movement similar to those that led to the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

Posted Oct. 12, 2016, at 3:11 p.m.
LEWISTON, Maine — Journalist and civil rights activist Shaun King, a leader in the Black Lives Matter movement, traveled to Bates College on Tuesday to deliver a message to students and community members, who he acknowledged are already aware and working for social change.
“Yo, Bates!” King called to applause and shouts. “Bates is kinda woke a little bit! What’s up?”
The senior political justice writer for The New York Daily News, King said the country is on the brink of a modern civil rights movement similar to those that led to the Civil War and civil rights movement of the 1960s.
King spoke for an hour to the crowd packed into the college’s Peter J. Gomes Chapel — named for the 1965 graduate, a noted African American author and preacher — acknowledging that Bates has historically “embraced” social change. King noted that he taught earlier Tuesday in Professor Yannick Marshall’s “Black Lives Matter” course.
Story continues below advertisement.

http://touch.baltimoresun.com/#section/ ... -91705553/

The Black Panthers' and the social gospel
Baltimore Sun-
After L.A. Panther leader Bunchy Carter was murdered on the UCLA campus (in a secret memo, local FBI agent Richard Held took credit for provoking the killing) ...

https://electronicintifada.net/content/ ... eley/17936
Palestine course at UC Berkeley
Nora Barrows-Friedman and Ali Abunimah
The Electronic Intifada
16 September 2016

http://www.dailycal.org/2016/09/25/u-s- ... e-lawsuit/

3 years after Kayla Moore’s in-custody death, protesters gather for vigil, march
Man arrested in Berkeley charged with murder of 17-year-old girl
District Attorney’s office does not automatically investigate all in-custody deaths
SAN FRANCISCO — A U.S. District Court judge did not grant the city of Berkeley’s dismissal for a wrongful death lawsuit, alleging that police misconduct led to the in-custody death of Kayla Moore, at the dismissal hearing Friday.

At the Friday hearing, U.S. Senior District Judge Charles Breyer said he did not dismiss the case because he wanted to verify with the evidence whether the involved officers used excessive force or engaged in false arrest. Breyer will review evidence surrounding Moore’s death in greater depth next month. Moore was a 347-pound transgender Black woman diagnosed with schizophrenia who died in February 2013 while in Berkeley Police Department custody.

Breyer tried to determine how the officers who arrested Moore addressed the situation, and whether their actions were appropriate, during the hearing.

“The question is while they may have been wrong in the particular conduct they (acted), was it known to them that they were acting in an improper way in a manner of law?” Breyer said during the hearing. “If they were wrong, are they still (protected)?”

On Feb. 12, 2013, Moore’s roommate called BPD to help Moore, who, according to police reports, was acting erratically and aggressively. Officers later arrested Moore using a warrant for “Xavier Moore” — Kayla Moore’s legal name — despite the warrant being for an individual about 20 years older than Moore.

A coroner’s report initially ruled Moore’s cause of death as a toxic combination of codeine and methamphetamine, with concurrent issues of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Leaked documents from the Berkeley Police Review Commission later revealed that at least one BPD officer, officer Gwendolyn Brown, exercised inappropriate police behavior by placing Moore, who was restrained with two handcuffs and a leg wrap, in a partially face-down position for extended periods of time without monitoring her vital signs.

Adante Pointer, attorney for Moore’s father, who filed the wrongful death lawsuit in February 2014, alleged during the hearing that the involved police officers unlawfully seized, restrained, arrested and battered Moore. Pointer provided statements from forensic pathologist Werner Spitz, who gave independent commentary separate from the coroner’s report.

“(Spitz) says that officers compressed Kayla to a point where (she) had difficulty breathing (due to) oxygen deprivation,” Pointer said. “The officers, in a comp

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... ied-adults

US prisons
Nearly 90% of New Jersey children tried as adults since 2011 were black or Latino
Mostly black minors requested to be prosecuted as adults, a WNYC analysis found when comparing the US juvenile detention system with that in Germany

http://www.opb.org/news/article/ron-wyd ... rsecurity/

Oregon Senator Wants To Block Efforts To Weaken Encryption
OPB News-
The FBI wants easier access to information seized from suspects, an issue that gained national attention following a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California

https://www.wired.com/2016/10/geeks-gui ... -franklin/

Ruth Franklin on the Red Scare:

“The investigation was triggered because one of the cartons of books fell off this moving truck, and the mover happened to notice that it was filled with communist material, and reported it to the local FBI office. Part of the reason the FBI became interested in Stanley as a target was because the neighbors reported that he had so many books. There were so many books in the house that the FBI thought it might be a storehouse of communist material. Of course it wasn’t, it was simply the library of two incredibly well-read and intellectually curious people. … I think it’s so ironic to learn that the author of ‘The Lottery’ in fact was spied on by her neighbors, who reported her activity to the FBI.”

http://www.civilbeat.org/2016/10/new-lo ... -cravalho/

With the help of freshly declassified documents from the FBI and U.S. Army obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request, as well as other available sources, the piece reveals the “achievements and controversies – both of which were plentiful in his life.”

Here’s one excerpt, taken from a confidential 1959 Army intelligence summary on Cravalho:

“In December 1958, CRAVALHO was one of the so-called [Jack] “Burns/ILWU” faction of the Democratic Party of Hawaii who bolted the party caucus,” states the report. “CRAVALHO, together with 14 colleagues, rebelled when it became apparent

http://www.courthousenews.com/2016/10/1 ... igence.htm
Friday, October 14, 2016Last
FBI Challenged for Iraq War Intelligence

     WASHINGTON — Challenging the preposterous claim that U.S. intelligence preceding the war in Iraq is not a matter of public interest, an academic has brought a federal complaint to gather FBI records.
     David Austin Lindsey, of Painsboro, New Jersey, filed the suit with regard to a Lebanese-American businessman who attempted to impress upon U.S. officials that Saddam Hussein wanted to avoid the protracted war.
     Citing reports by the New York Times and Newsweek, the Oct. 12 complaint filed in Washington, D.C., says Imad Hage "was involved as an unofficial envoy of the Iraqi government during the period leading up to the U.S. military action in Iraq."
     A Times article on Hage describes the man as a Beirut refugee who moved back to Lebanon in the late 1990s. In January 2003, a Lebanese-American friend of Hage's who worked at the Pentagon soon arranged for the man to begin relaying messages between the United States and Iraq.     
     As Lindsey's lawsuit notes, based on the times report, Hage had one blemish on his record: a January 2003 arrest at Dulles Airport for carrying a handgun in his checked luggage.
     Lindsey says Hage was "charged with a weapons crime in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia."
     The Times published its article on the envoy in November 2003, saying Hage met with an adviser to Pentagon officials that March in London. There, Hage laid out Iraq's position that it did not have weapons of mass destruction and that it would consent to an investigation and search by U.S. troops. Hage said the Iraqis were also willing to hand over a Baghdad captive accused of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing in 1993, and to hold elections.
     Of the varied diplomatic efforts to avert a war in Iraq, both public and discreet, the Times reported, "Mr. Hage's back channel appears to have been a final attempt by Mr. Hussein's government to reach American officials."
     Hage told the Times that ''the Iraqis were finally taking [U.S. invasion] seriously and they wanted to talk, and they offered things they never would have offered if the build-up hadn't occurred.''
     The United States wound up invading Iraq on March 20, 2003.
     Lindsey, a Princeton University researcher, says he has emailed a request for the government's records on Hage this past May, but that the FBI responded in the negative a month later.
     "Plaintiff, in the view of the FBI, failed to 'demonstrate sufficient public interest' to entitle Plaintiff to nonexempt responsive records," the complain

FBI Octopus

Veteran FBI agent to lecture at Westfield State University
WESTFIELD - Westfield State University will host veteran FBI agent Julia Cowley for a lecture Tuesday from 4 to 6 p.m. in the Garden Level Conference Room in ...

PCC to host crime author
Pueblo Chieftain-
Pueblo Community College's Criminal Justice Department and Criminal Justice Club will host Dale Lovin, an author and former FBI agent, scheduled for 3:30 ...

FBI special agent sought info on call centre scam from Thane cops
Daily News & Analysis-
Suhel Daud, the FBI special agent visited Commissioner of Police, Thane, to discuss details of the scam which was being operated from Mira Road and Gujarat.

Great Falls hosting Montana Human Rights Film Fest
... an FBI agent that serves Browning, a Domestic Violence agency advocate from Fort Belknap and Browning, and the head counselor at the Great Falls YWCA.

Public safety forum in Kennett Square puts spotlight on law ...
Daily Local News-
... retired district justice; Kennett Square Police Lt. William T. Holdsworth; Kennett Township Police Chief Lydell E. Nolt; and FBI special agent Charles Dayoub.

Op-ed: Fitzpatrick: Economic opportunity for all
The Midweek Wire-
When I announced I was running for Congress, I did it as an FBI Supervisory Special Agent and former federal prosecutor – as well as a CPA who helped ...

11/7: Case Studies in Terrorism
He was the supervisory senior resident agent for Southwest Virginia prior to joining the university. After retiring from the FBI in 2011, he joined the Virginia Tech ...

Safety a main concern at this year's Ark. State Fair
Colleen Nick, the founder of the Morgan Nick Foundation along with the FBI will join THV11 to help give out information on ways to protect your children.

The FBI served Google with a secret subpoena
Tucked into Google's latest bi-annual transparency report, the search behemoth quietly revealed that it received a secret subpoena from the FBI sometime 
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Re: We are all doing time

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Heat is Online

https://robertscribbler.com/2016/10/20/ ... -protests/

North Dakota Tramples Journalist Deia Schlosberg’s Constitutional Right to Cover Historic Climate Protests
“We already have five times as much oil and coal and gas on the books as any scientist thinks is safe to burn.” — Bill McKibben


Deia Schlosberg seems to me to be an exceptionally responsible person. A producer of the Josh Fox film How to Let Go of the World and Love all the Things that Climate Can’t Change, Deia has already helped thousands of people to more deeply understand the very serious risks associated with our continued burning of fossil fuels. To understand it on an intimate, personal level. And for this we owe her not only our gratitude, but the firm affirmation of our voices lifted to support her during her time of unjust persecution.

(Deia Schlosberg [left] and climate activists who briefly shut down TransCanada Tar Sands production on October 11 [right]. Image source: Desmogblog.)

For Deia appears to have earned herself the ire of some of the most powerful and destructive private economic interests on planet Earth. Interests that are apparently now involved in leveraging the loyalty of politically aligned persons within North Dakota law enforcement in an attempt to intimidate and silence this responsible and compassionate journalist.

Journalistic Documentation of an Unprecedented Protest Action

Back on October 11th, Deia provided journalistic coverage of a pipeline protest in Walhalla, North Dakota. The protest involved an act of civil disobedience in which 5 people used shut-off valves to stop tar sands crude transported by TransCanada pipelines from entering the U.S. These five locations were private holdings of TransCanada and represented the main access points for corporate-produced tar sands. When the protesters operated the shut-off valves, TransCanada’s significant flow of greenhouse gas producing syncrude was temporarily halted.

(TransCanada is a corporate producer of tar sands — one of the most environmentally and climatologically destructive fuels on planet Earth. An energy source whose continued use risks extraordinarily damaging climate outcomes. Now that replacement fuels and renewable energy sources such as wind, solar, biofuels, and electric vehicles are much more readily available, we have an opportunity to turn away from such dangerous activities. For years now, climate activists have been fighting to make the public aware of risks and harms associated with tar sands extraction all while challenging an unhealthy level of economic dominance by fossil fuel interests that prevents and delays access to far less damaging energy sources. Image source: Desmogblog.)

Deia, according to her statements to Desmogblog, was recording the act of civil disobedience by one of the activists operating the shut-off valves — documenting what is likely to become an event of historic importance as a filmmaker and a climate journalist.

Deia noted to Desmogblog:

In general, I felt like this was an extremely important action to document because it was unprecedented — shutting down all of the oil sands coming into the U.S. from Canada. And as a climate reporter and someone who worries about the impacts of climate change and our future, I know that the Canadian oil sands are a pretty scary source of energy to be exploiting at this point.

False Charges That Violate a Journalist’s Constitutionally Protected Freedoms

To be very clear, Deia was both performing a public service by recording an event of historic significance and exercising journalistic freedoms that are held sacred by the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution plainly states:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Prosecutors apparently aligned with fossil fuel special interests in North Dakota obviously did not agree. Instead, on October 13th, they brought unwarranted, trumped-up charges against Deia for simply excising her Constitutionally protected First Amendment freedoms. Prosecutors claimed that Deia was involved in a conspiracy to steal property, a conspiracy to steal services, and a conspiracy to tamper with or damage a public service.

Ironically, not only do these charges serve to infringe upon the protected freedoms of an American citizen, they also have no legal basis whatsoever. For, acting as an event-documenting journalist, Deia in no way served as an accessory to or conspirator for any crime. Furthermore, the charges leveled by North Dakota do not in any way fit events as they transpired or match the legal definitions of possible crimes as they are technically defined. No property or services were stolen as part of the protest action. Access to tar sands crude was simply briefly interrupted. And since TransCanada is a private corporation that profits from its sales of tar sands to agencies within the U.S., labeling its wealth-seeking activity as a ‘public service’ is the very definition of inaccurate legalistic contortion.

Moreover, Deia’s record of the pipeline shut-off by activists has been unjustly and probably unlawfully confiscated. An action that removes from the public eye a critical piece of reporting related to an event of historic human welfare significance.

The Risk From Continuing to Burn Fossil Fuels is Human Civilization Collapse, Mass Extinction

In the context of Deia’s climate journalism, we should very clearly identify the climate harms and risks that arise from continuing to burn fossil fuels and in expanding that rate of burning. And we should also state plainly that it is these harms, these risks which provide strong justification on moral, survival, and human safety and welfare grounds for the actions made by protesters covered by Deia.

The science is pretty clear on the fact that of the five major mass extinction events that have occurred on planet Earth, at least four were set off or greatly contributed to by large environmental carbon releases and related rising global temperatures. This includes the worst mass extinction event — the Permian — in which hothouse temperatures may have produced a Canfield Ocean that, in turn, wiped out most of life on Earth.

Based on our best understanding, it takes an atmospheric equivalent CO2 level (CO2e) of around 550 to 1000 parts per million under current conditions to generate an appreciable risk of setting off a hothouse mass extinction event. This is particularly true if, as is the case today, such an initial carbon spike occurs following periods of glaciation when Earth’s available carbon stores for providing added warming feedbacks are at their highest levels. Meanwhile, the currently unprecedented rate at which human beings are adding carbon to the atmosphere through fossil fuel burning presents further risks outside the context of past hothouse events.

(Neil Degrasse Tyson — ‘I don’t want Earth to look like Venus.’)

We’ve already pushed CO2 levels, through our burning of fossil fuels and through other industrial activities, to above 400 parts per million (and to around 490 parts per million on the CO2 equivalent scale during 2016). The amount of carbon in the atmosphere already is currently enough to risk raising global temperatures this Century to 1.6 to 2.1 degrees Celsius above 188os values, to risk amplifying feedbacks in which the Earth System produces its own carbon spike that adds to the human sources, and to present serious challenges to the resiliency of human civilization and life on Earth.

But, even worse, there’s presently enough carbon listed as proven reserves on the books of coal, oil, and gas companies across the world to push atmospheric CO2 equivalent levels well above 900 parts per million. If we burn all this carbon, or if we discover and extract even more, we will see between 4 and 9 degrees Celsius warming this century and possibly as much as 9-18 C warming in the centuries to follow. So much burning and resulting heating of the Earth would set off a catastrophe that no current human civilization would be likely to survive. One that could also cause the worst mass extinction event in all of the deep, deep time of Earth’s long history.

These basic facts may be difficult for some to hear and understand — especially when they’ve staked their aspirations for economic growth on the false hope represented by fossil fuels. But, as tough as these facts are to listen to, they remain. Continuing to burn fossil fuels will wreck civilizations, disrupt growing seasons, raise sea levels, generate storms the likes of which we have never seen, evaporate water supplies, and transform our now benevolent and life-supporting oceans into a toxin-producing mass extinction engine.

In the face of such terrible harms, we as American citizens and as human beings have the responsibility to stand up and do what we can to help people avoid them. To help people make the right choices and to shine a light in the dark places where harms are currently being committed. Deia was within her rights to do just that in documenting a climate action by protesters who voluntarily risked arrest so that the rest of us could, yet again, have the opportunity to make the right choices before it’s too late.


How to Let Go of the World and Love all the Things that Climate Can’t Change

Petition (Please Sign): Drop Charges Against Deia Schlosberg

350.org Please Support

Exclusive Q&A With Deia Schlosberg on Her Arrest While Filming Activist Shutdown of Tar Sands Pipeline

Fossil Fuel Reliance: Tar Sands

First Amendment of the Constitution

Canfield Ocean

Neil Degrasse Tyson Climate Change


Carbon Tracker

Hat tip to Bill McKibben

Hat tip to Seal

Hat tip to DT Lange

Bonus Read

http://www.sltrib.com/news/4467584-155/ ... ck-oil-gas

BLM pulls back oil & gas leases bought by Utah activist, author ...
Salt Lake Tribune-Oct 19, 2016
(Trent Nelson | The Salt Lake Tribune) Terry Tempest Williams (holding her bidding number) and Brooke Williams in the BLM's Salt Lake City ...

http://www.sltrib.com/home/3845389-155/ ... -us-lauded

Terry Tempest Williams is leaving her University of Utah teaching post and walking away from the Environmental Humanities program she founded rather than agree to administrators' demands she move her teaching from the state's desert landscapes onto campus.
"For reasons I will never know or understand, the University of Utah wanted me gone — and in the end, what was most threatening was my teaching. Why? Because each of you and our current students are challenging the status quo, each in your own way with the gifts that are yours," the acclaimed author wrote in an email last week to about 80 current and past students of the U.'s Environmental Humanities graduate program.

Known as Utah's most eloquent homegrown voice for conservation, Williams helped launch what has become one of the U.'s premier educational experiences, connecting highly motivated students with the nation's most adventurous writers and artists. Now some are accusing university administrators of being more concerned with procedural bureaucracy than with ensuring Williams continued her leadership.
Williams' departure came as a shock to students, colleagues, program supporters, and at least one foundation, whose executive director said it would not renew a $50,000 grant awarded last year for Williams' "Reading the Book Cliffs" project.
"We saw this course as a national model on how to engage people in new ways for critical issues, such as climate change," said Ellen Friedman of the Compton Foundation, which had premised its support on Williams' field teaching. "We are extremely disappointed."
Williams' supporters are heaping criticism on U. administration for failing to find a way to keep her on faculty, and some suspe

http://www.americanswhotellthetruth.org ... t-williams

The Ecology Hall of Fame, adding Terry Tempest Williams to its honorees, noted that she “combines all the major strains of environmental passion.” Her life´s work is driven by love of the desert, and other naturally beautiful places; a passion for multigenerational land stewardship, which ties her to the region where she was born and still lives; and opposition to resource destruction, especially when it affects human health.

Williams is a Utah native, descended from five or six generations of Mormon pioneers. “I write through my biases of gender, geography, and culture,” she says. “I am a woman whose ideas have been shaped by the Great Basin and Colorado Plateau.”

Williams is perhaps best known for her book Refuge: An Unnatural History of Family and Place (Pantheon, 1991), in which she chronicles the epic rise of Great Salt Lake and the flooding of the Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge in 1983, alongside her mother's diagnosis with ovarian cancer, believed to be caused by radioactive fallout from the nuclear tests in the Nevada desert in the 1950s and 60s. Refuge is now regarded as a classic in American nature writing, a testament to loss and the earth's healing grace.

Williams’ other books include Red: Patience and Passion in the Desert, 2001; An Unspoken Hunger (Pantheon, 1994); Desert Quartet: An Erotic Landscape (Pantheon, 1995); Coyote's Canyon (Gibbs M. Smith, 1989); and Pieces of White Shell: A Journey to Navajoland (Charles Scribner's Sons, 1984). She is also the author of two children's books: The Secret Language of Snow (Sierra Club/Pantheon, 1984); and Between Cattails (Little Brown, 1985).

In 2004, Terry Tempest Williams published The Open Space of Democracy, in which she tried to define how we might break down the partisanship and polarization in our society so that we can come together to solve the political and environmental problems which threaten our democracy and our land. In it she says, “I do not think we can look for leadership beyond ourselves. I do not think we can wait for someone or something to save us from our global predicaments and obligations. I need to look in the mirror and ask this of myself: If I am committed to seeing the direction of our country change, how must I change myself?”

Link du jour

http://www.occurrencesforeigndomestic.c ... ead-touch/

http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article ... death.html

http://www.oregonlive.com/portland/inde ... es_27.html

Portland City Council approves police contract amid unruly protest

Tumult ensued on the steps of Portland City Hall as police pepper-sprayed and arrested protesters in the aftermath of an unruly demonstration Wednesday over a newly approved contract for rank-and-file officers.
The scene devolved into a lengthy standoff, with dozens of protesters swarming Southwest Fifth Avenue and blocking traffic and light-rail trains until an estimated 75 officers in riot gear intervened.
Police had already shoved protesters out of City Hall, dousing some with pepper spray, after they disrupted a City Council hearing. Demonstrators wouldn't begin dispersing until just after 5 p.m., some eight hours after the unparalleled protest began.
The source of contention: City Council's 3-1 vote for a controversial new police contract, and Mayor Charlie Hales' unprecedented maneuvering within City Hall to conduct the vote in meeting room cordoned off from protesters.

Portland police push, pepper spray protesters out of city hall
Hales, who made the contract a top priority before he leaves office Jan. 1, said fallout was unlikely to be avoided because protesters were determined to make a scene.
"This is a good day," Hales said of the contract's approval. "It will pay dividends, for a bureau that has a good relationship with the city, over time."
The contract raises officers' pay, amid a staffing shortage, and ends a contentious rule that let officers wait 48 hours to speak with internal investigators after using deadly force.
Officials said concerns over rules for body-worn cameras will be publicly vetted next year under the new mayor, Ted Wheeler. But that hasn't satisfied opponents, who also wanted expanded civilian oversight powers.
Protesters also claimed a victory of sorts, arguing the City Council's closed-door vote — broadcast online, over television screens and remotely in the City Council chambers — may help them file a complaint over a violation of public meeting laws.

"They wouldn't have gotten this passed if they did it in a democratic way," said Gregory McKelvey, spokesman for protest group Don't Shoot Portland.
Wednesday's protest capped a fiery few weeks at City Hall as tensions mounted over Hales' proposed three-year contract with the Portland Police Association. Longtime City Hall staffers couldn't recount a similar scene aside from the Occupy Portland movement of 2011 that overtook three city parks.
"I regret it ever got to that point," said Commissioner Nick Fish, who supported the police contract. "We have to find a way to have these kinds of charged discussions and debates without having disruptions to our building and to our ability to conduct the people's business."
The demonstration began in earnest Tuesday as protesters set up tents outside City Hall and hung a large banner for the Black Lives Matter movement. And, as they'd done in weeks past, protesters came prepared to disrupt Wednesday's City Council meeting – with one person even writing an email warning that "after we take city hall maybe we will take bridges and freeways too."
City officials took public testimony about the contract last month and weren't required to listen again before voting. So protesters signed up to speak on other matters, hoping to nonetheless criticize the police contract, a tactic they used last week.
But protesters' frequent outbursts and interruptions prompted Hales to adjourn Wednesday's public meeting less than 3


John Mark Dougan

John Dougan arriving to his photoshoot (April 14, 2016)
Born John Mark Dougan
December 15, 1976 (age 39)
Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.
Nationality American
Website http://www.johnmark.ru
John Dougan (Russian: Джон Марк Дуган) is a former police officer who fled the United States for Moscow, Russia to obtain political asylum in 2016. Dougan was running a website that had been critical of Ric Bradshaw, the sheriff of Palm Beach County, Florida. Dougan fled after his home was raided by law enforcement authorities on March 14, 2016.[1][2][3]

Dougan stated that after the raid on his home, the FBI was following him and his family, so he decided that he needed to escape from them and flee the country. He did so by wearing various disguises, sneaking into Canada, so that he did not have to go through American Customs, who he suspected had him on a no-fly list. Dougan then took a flight from Toronto to Istanbul, and boarded another flight to his final destination, Moscow, Russia.[4]

An anonymous source told independent television station WHDT that the website, PBSOTalk.com, was taken down by GoDaddy after being pressured by law enforcement agencies.[5] The site was moved to PBSOTalk.ru and hosted in the Russian Federation.[6][7]

Dougan started PBSOtalk in 2009 and began making public records requests bases on tips from readers and anonymous posters on the website. In 2012, he received information, and public records, that the elected Sheriff of Palm Beach County was using taxpayer money to take campaign contributors, some with ties to organized crime, to dinners. After filing a complaint with the Florida Commission on Ethics, the Sheriff was cleared "because he didn't know it was a violation of the law." However, the Commission stated the money he used to take those people to dinner was "inconsistent with the proper performance of his public duties".[8]

Shortly after the ethics complaint was filed, the Chief Deputy of Palm Beach County filed a SLAPP (Strategic lawsuit against public participation) suit against Dougan [9] after the Sheriff's office tried unsuccessfully to purchase the web site from Dougan.

In what was billed as a digital election-day dirty trick the night before the November 2012 elections,[10] an email was sent out to the A-list of voters in Palm Beach County from BurtAaronson.com, a domain owned by Dougan. The email stated that BurtAaronson.com no longer endorsed the Sheriff as a candidate and instead endorsed the other candidate in the race. The real Burt Aaronson, who was, at the time, a county commissioner, stated he was outraged and had no knowledge of the email. He accused Dougan of identity theft, and attempted to have Dougan arrested. The Palm Beach County State Attorney's office, however, determined since Dougan owned the domain, he was legally justified in using it, however, called the email "outrageous conduct," further saying that laws have not kept up with mischief that can be wreaked on the Internet.[10]

In 2015, Dougan obtained and posted a collection of audio recordings of a Palm Beach County detective speaking to an unidentified woman. The recordings revealed targeted retaliations and investigations against the Sheriff's political enemies, including Dougan, that speak critically of the Sheriff.[11] The FBI and Palm Beach County raid on Dougan's home was motivated by the posting of these audio files, which was deemed to be wiretapping. The other reason listed on the warrant was for suspected hacking, and posting of names, of thousands of names, addresses and phone numbers of law enforcement officers, judges and FBI agents, though the property appraiser claimed nothing was ever hacked.[12] Dougan claimed it was merely a reason to seize his computers and attempt to locate the sources of his information as well as to shut down his web site.

External links Edit
John Mark Dougan's personal website
References Edit
^ Правда (Pravda), Юрий БЕЛЯТ | АО ИД «Комсомольская (2016-05-05). "Американский полицейский, ищущий убежище в России: У нас в Штатах шантаж, коррупция и продажные суды" [American policeman searching for refuge in Russia: In the states, we have blackmail, corruption and corrupt courts]. АО ИД «Комсомольская правда» (in Russian). Pravda News. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ "Американский полицейский сбежал в Россию от произвола США" [John Dougan asked for political asylum in Russia after the US began to pursue him for his human rights activities.]. РЕН ТВ (in Russian). 2016-04-12. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ "Отступник. Джон Дуган бежал в Россию от политического преследования" [John Dougan fled to Russia from political persecution Подробнее: http://vm.ru/news/2016/04/10/otstupnik- ... 17095.html]. Вечерняя Москва. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ ""Достало!": американский полицейский объяснил свое желание переехать в Россию" ["Enough!": American policeman explained his desire to move to Russia]. НТВ (in Russian). Retrieved 2016-05-08.
^ WHDT WORLD NEWS (2016-04-21), Did Ric Bradshaw Finally Take Down PBSOTALK.COM? - Interview with PBSO Whistleblower Mark Dougan, retrieved 2016-05-09
^ "EXCLUSIVE — From Russia With No Love: Anti-Sheriff Ric Bradshaw PBSOTalk Back On The Web … New BSOTalk Takes Aim At Broward Sheriff Scott Israel And State Attorney". Gossip Extra. 2016-04-25. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ "We're Back! Stronger than ever! - PBSOTalk.ru". www.pbsotalk.ru. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ "Palm Beach County Sheriff Ric Bradshaw chided for using tax money". The Palm Beach Post. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ "Sheriff's Office second-in-command files defamation lawsuit". The Palm Beach Post. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ a b "Aaronson seeks investigation into faux email blasting Bradshaw...". The Palm Beach Post. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ "Deputy who said he went after Bradshaw's enemies investigated". The Palm Beach Post. Retrieved 2016-05-10.
^ Writer, By Lawrence Mower - Palm Beach Post Staff. "PBSO investigating release of confidential law enforcement addresses". www.mypalmbeachpost.com. Retrieved 2016-05-10

http://www.realchangenews.org/2016/10/1 ... ice-action
Black Lives Matter march triggers massive Seattle police action
by Laurel Holliday | October 19th, 2016
Nationwide, Black Lives Matter (BLM) has successfully increased public awareness of police violence against people of color. In Seattle, BLM and other racial-justice activists just convinced Mayor Ed Murray and the
Seattle City Council to suspend the construction of a new $149 million North Precinct Police “bunker” that activists said would lead to further police militarization and excessive use of force.

Even before the City Council, police precinct showdown, the Seattle Police

https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/pu ... story.html

Justice Dept. asks to join civil rights suit by fired police officials in Pocomoke, MD

Two reads about FBI Assistant Director Kallstrom


http://www.foxbusiness.com/politics/201 ... untry.html

Assistant Director Blasts Bureau Leadership Over Clinton Probe

FBI Director James Comey

Former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom blasted the bureau’s Director James Comey for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal, saying the alleged “quid pro quo” deal with the State Department appears on the surface to be illegal.

James Kallstrom responded to an FBI agent’s acknowledgment that he offered to declassify an email in exchange for opening two spots for


http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/05/01 ... 0-coverup/
New Evidence Points to TWA-800 Coverup | Veterans Today
www.veteranstoday.com › 2015/05/01
May 1, 2015 - Focusing on whether TWA Flight 800 was brought down by an internal (i.e., ..... Kallstrom of the FBI was the big liar and cover-up man who should  ...
Was TWA Flight 800's fiery crash part of a massive cover-up? | New York Post
New York Post › 2016/07/04 › was-twa-f...
Jul 4, 2016 - In his new book “TWA 800: The Crash, the Cover-Up, and the Conspiracy” ... 8, 1996, Jim Kallstrom, then-FBI assistant director, was forced ...
CNN - FBI's Kallstrom angrily denies any TWA probe cover-up - Nov. 8, 1996
CNN.com › twa.update
Nov 8, 1996 - FBI's Kallstrom angrily denies any TWA probe cover-up ... Secretary Pierre Salinger that a Navy missile might have shot down TWA Flight 800 .
You visited this page on 9/18/16.

http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-m ... story.html
Judge: Ex-LAPD sergeant violated ethics rules after stop of 'Django Unchained' actress, but shouldn't be fined

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... e-shooting

New York
Bronx woman wrote essay on fears of police years before an officer killed her
Deborah Danner agonized over the deaths of mentally ill people like her at the hands of police five years before police sergeant fatally shot her in her apartment
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Re: We are all doing time

Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Oct 27, 2016 1:14 am

Bonus Read

https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... port-warns

World on track to lose two-thirds of wild animals by 2020, major report warns
Living Planet Index shows vertebrate populations are set to decline by 67% on 1970 levels unless urgent action is taken to reduce humanity’s impact

Link du jour


https://www.theguardian.com/culture/gal ... er-pageant

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/ ... -us-troops

http://mattofboston.com/the-white-house ... xer-66910/

http://touch.latimes.com/#section/2426/ ... -91753902/
Oct. 26, 2016
Two corrupt cops joined forces with drug dealers. Now, dozens of criminal cases could be in jeopordy

http://touch.latimes.com/#section/1129/ ... -91780490/

Oct. 26, 2016 70°

Santa Ana to pay marijuana dispensary $100,000 after video appears to back police harassment claims

https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/ ... into-power
Iceland election could propel radical Pirate party into power
Party founded by activists and hackers four years ago on course to either win or finish a close second on Saturday

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... r-partners

Donald Trump
Donald Trump has close financial ties to Dakota Access pipeline company
Trump’s financial disclosure forms show he invested in Energy Transfer Partners, operators of the controversial pipeline, and its CEO donated to his campaign

https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/201 ... -amendment
Hillary Clinton
Why gun rights advocates don't trust Clinton on the second amendment
Hillary Clinton’s questioning of a US supreme court decision has given the NRA and Donald Trump fuel for their argument that she wants to ‘ban gun ownership’

http://www.pressherald.com/2016/10/26/t ... elections/

Trump tops Clinton in Maine’s student mock election
The students also vote down a ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana.

AUGUSTA — Maine students chose Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president during a mock election Wednesday, with Trump receiving 10,785 votes, or 42.3 percent, to Clinton’s 10,077, 39.5 percent.

Students from 155 schools voted in the 2016 Maine Student Mock Elections, casting ballots for president, the state’s two congressional races and Maine’s six referendum questions. The election was open to all Maine K-12 students, but most of those who voted. are middle- and high-school students.

Students favored Democrat incumbent Chellie Pingree over Republican Mark Holbrook in the 1st Congre

The Great Seal of the State of Maine was adopted in June 1820. There have been variations in the details of the seal, but the overall design and images remain true to the original. The center of the seal is a shield adorned with a tranquil scene of a moose resting in a field bordered by water and woods; a pine tree stands tall directly behind the moose. On either side of the shield, a farmer rests on his scythe, and a sailor leans on an anchor. Above the shield is the motto "Dirigo" (I lead), and a stylized North Star. Below the shield is a banner that reads "Maine". The legislature of 1919 decided that the design of the seal should no longer vary, and the design is still used today.

The Maine Ranked Choice Voting Initiative, also known as Question 5, is on the November 8, 2016, ballot in Maine as an indirect initiated state statute.
A "yes" vote supports establishing a statewide system of ranked-choice voting.
A "no" vote opposes this proposal to establish ranked-choice voting, thereby maintaining the current voting system.
Ranked-choice voting (RCV) is also known as instant-runoff voting. If approved, ranked-choice voting would be used to elect U.S. senators, U.S. representatives, the governor, state senators, and state representatives.[1]

Question 5 defines ranked-choice voting as "the method of casting and tabulating votes in which voters rank candidates in order of preference, tabulation proceeds in sequential rounds in which last-place candidates are defeated and the candidate with the most votes in the final round is elected."[1]

As of August 2016, there were no states that used ranked-choice voting for standard statewide elections. Currently all states use the method of voting that allows voters to choose one candidate, and the candidate with the most votes in a single round of voting is elected.



Recall that in a March 2015 interview with CBS, just after the NYT reported of Hillary’s use of a private email server, president Obama told the American public he had only learned about Hillary’s “unusual” arrangement from the press. As we further reminded readers one month ago, CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Mr. Obama when he learned about her private email system after his Saturday appearance in Selma, Alabama. “The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” the president told Plante.

http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-2 ... emails-her

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1I0Y7qIdA0 [17:24]
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Bonus Read

Attorney John Clarke just posted this to his webaite.
We brought him to speak at Bates College in the
spring of 2001.


The Washington Post
Vince Foster's sister and Donald Trump
Vince Foster's indignant but curiously unconcerned sister
by Hugh Turley

On the night of Vince Foster's death, July 20, 1993, the Park Police went to the Foster home to notify the family and interview them as part of their investigation.  The police arrived at the home at the same time as Foster's sister Sheila Anthony.

Park Police Investigator John Rolla testified to the Senate Banking Committee, “Sheila Anthony was talking with us, I spoke to her, [Investigator] Cheryl [Braun] spoke with her, she was very cordial.  I remember asking her, did you see any of this coming, and she stated no.  Nobody would say anything about depression or that they noticed some signs, they were worried.”

Foster's widow Lisa was also interviewed by Investigator Rolla. His FBI interview report states,  “[Rolla] does recall eventually conversing with Mrs. Foster specifically asking her if she had any indication that anything was wrong with her husband, with Mrs. Foster responding in the negative.”
Four days later on July 24, the family, through Sheila's husband Beryl, was still denying Foster was depressed.   The Washington Times reported, “'Close friends told [Foster] to cool things and relax and not take things so personal,' the [anonymous] source said, citing Mr. Foster's ex-brother-in-law, former Rep. Beryl Anthony, as one who had talked to Mr. Foster about his depression...'There's not a damn thing to it.  That's a bunch of crap,' Mr. Anthony said yesterday, slamming down the telephone at his El Dorado, Ark. home.”

The Washington Post concealed that the family told the police Foster was not depressed by falsely reporting, “Police who arrived at Foster's house the night of the death were turned away after being told Lisa Foster and family members were too distraught to talk.  Investigators were not allowed to interview her until [July 29.]”

Walter Pincus, a Washington Post reporter, was at the small Georgetown townhouse when the police investigators interviewed the family for over an hour and were told Foster was not depressed.

Depression introduced

Eventually the press began to report Foster was suffering from depression.  The Washington Post reported that Foster's “weight plummeted.”  On August 9, 1993, The New Yorker published an article by Sidney Blumenthal—soon to become a Clinton confidant—that said Foster had lost 15 pounds due to depression.   Gradually family members changed their stories from what they first told the Park Police.  

The 1994 report of an FBI interview of Foster's sister Sheila, like The Washington Post, concealed that she spoke to the police the night of Foster's death by falsely stating, “ANTHONY has not been interviewed previously by either the United States Park Police (USPP) or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding the death of her brother.”

Sheila's FBI interview states,  “Foster began to lose weight during the last six weeks prior to his death and weighed much less than he had weighed in January 1993.  ANTHONY is unable to estimate the amount of weight Foster lost in terms of pounds.”  

The evidence does not support the claims by Blumenthal that Foster lost 15 pounds and Sheila's account that he “weighed much less”.   Foster had a physical on December 31, 1992, before coming to Washington and he weighed 194 pounds.  At the autopsy, July 21, 1993, his body weighed 197, a net gain of 3 pounds.

Sheila's FBI report further states that her brother called her on July 16, to tell her he was “battling depression.”  Foster's widow, Lisa told the FBI “he mentioned his depression to her on approximately July 16.”  If these FBI reports are true, why did the family deny Foster was depressed when police asked them on the night of Foster's death?

Post and Sheila re-enter the fray...with Trump

The Washington Post has played an active role with the FBI in covering up the truth about the death of Vince Foster.   On May 23, 2016, The Washington Post continued the cover-up by publishing an interview in which presidential candidate Donald Trump called Foster's death “fishy” and then on May 26 publishing a column by Foster's sister Sheila scolding Trump and repeating the story that Foster was depressed.  

"[Donald] Trump cynically, crassly and recklessly insinuated that my brother, Vincent W. Foster Jr., may have been murdered...” wrote Vince Foster's sister Sheila Foster Anthony, “Vince called me at my office in the Justice Department a few days before he died.  He told me he was battling depression and knew he needed help...I told him I would try to find a psychiatrist who could help him and protect his privacy. After a few phone calls, I gave him three names. That list was found in his wallet with his body at Fort Marcy Park in McLean. I did not see a suicide coming, yet when I was told that Vince was dead I knew that he had killed himself. Never for a minute have I doubted that was what happened."

Later that same day The Washington Post then reported that Trump said Vince Foster should not be part of the presidential campaign.

Sheila's latest story again contradicts what she told the police the night of her brother's death.  But there is something new and suspicious in her latest story.  She states for the first time her brother's wallet with a list of three psychiatrists was “found with his body.”  This is a new twist.  How does she know his wallet with the list was “found with his body?”

There are multiple stories about a list of psychiatrists, some reports have said the list was found in Foster's office and others said it was found in his car.   The Park Police did not include a list of psychiatrists in their initial list of evidence recovered at the scene.  Later investigator Rolla said he found the list in Foster's wallet in his car.  Investigator Cheryl Braun reported she found Foster's wallet in his car.  White House spokesperson Dee Dee Meyers and others said it was a list of two psychiatrists. Others say it was a list of three.  Stories about this list of psychiatrists first appeared a week after Foster's death.

In her FBI interview report Sheila said she called one of the psychiatrists and spoke to him about her brother.   Rolla reported he contacted these psychiatrists and none of them knew Foster.   None of these psychiatrists mentioned any call from Foster's sister.

There is a significant problem with the contradictory police stories about finding a wallet and list in Foster's car.  Eyewitnesses at Fort Marcy Park did not see Foster's car at the park.  Associate Independent Counsel Brett Kavanaugh was asked what evidence he had to prove Foster's car was at the park and Kavanaugh said, “I guess that is an unanswerable question.”

Sheila's strange indifference

The most disturbing thing about the changing story by Foster's sister is that she ignores the overwhelming evidence of a cover-up of her brother's murder.  Even if Foster's sister believes her brother was depressed she ought to be curious about how he arrived at Fort Marcy Park without his car and all the other evidence of a cover-up.

The Special Division of the U.S. Court of Appeals ordered Kenneth Starr, over his objection, to include an appendix in his report on the death of Vincent Foster.  The appendix includes copies of twenty-five federal investigative records, proving six areas of cover-up:
1.     There was a bullet hole in Vince Foster's neck.
2.     Photographs of the bullet hole vanished.
3.     X-Rays of the bullet hole vanished.
4.     The gun did not belong to Mr. Foster,
5.     Mr. Foster's car was not in the park.
6.     Patrick Knowlton suffered grand jury witness intimidation

The appendix in Starr's report on Foster has been suppressed by the press.  The Washington Post has a link for the “full text” of Starr's Report, but if you follow the link to view the actual report it states, "This is the full text of the report on the 1993 death of White House counsel Vincent W. Foster, Jr., compiled by Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth Starr…This file does not contain the report's footnotes or appendix.”

The footnotes left out were significant.  For example, on page 21, Starr wrote that the witness Patrick Knowlton saw a “rust brown car with Arkansas license plates.”  In a footnote they say that Foster's car was a “gray Honda Accord with Arkansas plates” and Starr made nothing of the color discrepancy on the same page.   The Post dealt with this discrepancy by leaving out the footnotes.

Associate independent counsel Miguel Rodriguez, the lead investigator, resigned from Starr's staff and wrote in his resignation letter that Park Police and FBI reports of the investigation on Foster's death did not accurately reflect witness statements.  An internal memo by Rodriguez found at the National Archives stated that a gun was planted by police in Foster's hand before the crime scene was re-photographed.  Audio recordings of Rodriguez reveal how the cover-up of Foster's murder was orchestrated inside the Office of Independent Counsel and the press controlled how it would be reported.

A federal grand jury should ask Foster's sister if she made false statements to the police investigating her brother's death?  Was she telling the truth to the police when she denied her brother was depressed?  Is her FBI interview report that her brother was suffering from depression false?  How does she explain her brother's weight gain in the months before his death when her FBI interview report says he “weighed much less?”  

What are her thoughts about the court ordered appendix to The Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster, Jr., by the Office of Independent Counsel In re: Madison Guaranty Savings & Loan Association? Is she not troubled by the clear indications of a cover-up in the case of her brother's death?  Why would she join forces with an organization like The Washington Post, which has been a major participant in the cover-up from the beginning?


Vince Foster's sister Sheila was questioned by the Park Police on the night of her brother's death.

Park Police officers Cheryl Braun and John Rolla testified the Foster family denied the were signs of depression.

Advisor to Hillary Clinton, Sydney Blumenthal publicized the false stories that Vince Foster had lost 15 pounds and drove his car to Fort Marcy Park.
After The Washington Post published a rebuke of Donald Trump by Foster's sister Sheila the Post reported Trump did not think Vince Foster "should be part of the campaign."

Kenneth Starr was ordered by the US Court of Appeals to include evidence of a cover-up in his report on the death of Vince Foster.

Associate Independent Counsel Brett Kavanaugh had no evidence Foster's car was at the park.

The Washington Post has been a major participant in the cover-up from the beginning.

For more information see

Heat is Online

https://robertscribbler.com/2016/10/31/ ... /#comments

Scribbling for environmental, social and economic justice
Hot Climate Conjures Trio of Nasty Halloween Tricks — Heatwaves, Record-Low Sea Ice, Fall Greenland Melt
With each passing year, the effects of human-caused climate change become more and more visible. But for some reason, Halloween appears to be a preferred time for the emergence of various hothouse hobgoblins. In 2012, the Atlantic seaboard was reeling after a vicious strike from Hurricane Sandy. Over the past three years, powerful North Atlantic storms had begun to build at this time of year, setting sights on the UK and Europe. This year, as a hurricane-force low roars toward the Aleutians, the nastiness comes in the form of weird heatwaves, record-low global sea ice coverage, and hints of odd late-fall Greenland melt.

Record Heat Strikes Arctic, U.S.

NASA’s Gavin Schmidt has been warning for months that 2016 will be a global scorcher for the record books. Nowhere has this heat been more apparent than in the Arctic. Halloween only serves to reinforce the rule as today’s temperature departure for the entire region above 66 degrees north latitude hit 5.94 degrees Celsius above average:

(The extreme Arctic warmth that has already caused so much in the way of climate disruption remains firmly entrenched on Halloween. Image source: Climate Reanalyzer.)

Yesterday, those temperatures exceeded the 6-C-above-normal mark. And later this week, temperatures for the region could approach 6.3 to 6.5 C above average.

These are the average departure ranges for the entire area above the Arctic Circle. Localities within that broader region are hitting as much as 20 C (36 Fahrenheit) or more above average on an almost daily basis, bringing temperatures more typical of the Arctic during late summer than in the middle of fall.

In Barrow, Alaska, Jonathan Erdman reports that Saturday saw the proverbial mercury hit 41 F. This temperature, at about 26 degrees above average, smashed the previous daily high and pushed the latest day Barrow has ever seen a reading above 40 F fully one week forward.

(Daily high and high min temperature records for the U.S. were broken at an alarming rate over the past week, producing a Halloween heatwave. Image source: NOAA.)

Farther south, the lower 48 is experiencing what Bob Henson over at Weather Underground is calling the Halloween Heatwave. Over the past week alone, nearly 300 daytime high marks were broken. But the measure of record-high minimum temperatures — a key indicator of human-forced warming — is off the charts with 639 total records smashed over the past seven days.

What’s even more odd is a near-total lack of cool temperatures. Bob Henson finds that:

Even more noteworthy than the degree of warmth is the lack of widespread autumn chill. For example, Minneapolis has yet to dip below 36°F as of Friday, October 28. That doesn’t look likely to happen before at least next weekend (November 5 – 6). In records going back to 1873, the latest Minneapolis has ever gone before seeing its first 35°F of the autumn is November 1, way back in 1931. The city’s latest first freeze was on Nov. 7, 1900.

Reinforcing this point, NOAA finds that over the past week just 40 record low high temperatures were achieved (about one-seventh the number of record highs). Meanwhile, record low nighttime temperatures were only achieved in six instances, about one-one-hundredth the rate of record high minimum temperatures! Furthermore, at no location in the U.S. for this week, this month, or even this past year has snow depth achieved a new record high. That’s a pretty ridiculous indicator that the U.S. has reached a rather disturbing climate threshold for heat overall.

Record Low Global Sea Ice Coverage

Even as new warm temperature records were being set with amazing frequency across parts of the Northern Hemisphere, another duo of worrisome indicators were popping up in the Arctic and Antarctic. In the Arctic, the ocean has been loaded up with a ridiculous amount of heat. This heat is preventing the ocean from refreezing, creating various regional barriers to ice formation as the waters ventilate this excess heat into the atmosphere. As a result, Arctic sea-ice extent record lows continue to deepen.

Fall 2016 sea ice extent values — which have consistently lagged behind average daily refreeze rates for most of the season — are now more than 600,000 square kilometers below the previous record set during 2012. It’s, quite frankly, an insane shattering of the previous record low value; a warming-spurred melt that has erased an area of sea ice coverage nearly the size of Texas in just four years.

(Current Arctic sea ice extent values are 6.92 million square kilometers [October 30]. This is 600,000 square kilometers below the previous record low set on the same day during 2012. It is also about 3 million square kilometers below average values seen for this day back during the 1980s. Image source: JAXA.)

The Washington Post this past Friday provided a good article explaining the dynamics involved and highlighted predictions by prominent Arctic researchers that ice-free summers could occur by the 2030s. This is a marked departure from earlier estimates that had put off ice-free summers until the 2050s or even the 2080s. However, it’s worth noting that there’s a decent risk that even these more advanced predictions may prove conservative in the end. Under current trends, ice-free periods for the Arctic Ocean during summer become statistically possible as soon as the early to mid 2020s, and a strong outlier year — where an abnormally warm winter is followed by an abnormally warm summer — could produce such a result even sooner.

On the other side of the world, the Antarctic is also experiencing record-low ranges for sea ice extents. There, regional temperatures are near 4 C above average for the entire Antarctic. Though these departures are not as extreme as those currently seen in the Arctic, they are certainly enough to impact sea ice. Now, sea ice extent values there are at their second lowest ever recorded in the daily measure.

Over recent years, storminess in the Southern Ocean and an expanding fresh water lens running out from Antarctica due to glacial melt have generated a seemingly contradictory expansion of sea ice near Antarctica. This happens because fresh water at the ocean’s surface acts to deflect heat toward the ocean bottom, a feature that has enabled the melting of various glacier undersides in Antarctica. But as the global ocean and atmosphere warm in general, larger melt outflows are necessary to reinforce this surface freshwater lens effect. As a result, we appear to be experiencing a seesaw in Antarctic sea ice extent as a pulse of atmospheric and ocean warming overrides the impact of initial fresh water lensing.

(MASIE global sea ice extent shows a severe negative departure through October 28, 2016. Image source: Sunshine Hours.)

The combination of significant sea ice losses in the north and second-lowest sea ice extents in the south has resulted in a global sea-ice measure that is well below anything seen in the past for this time of year. It is also one of the largest global negative sea-ice departures seen for any part of the record for any time of year — even when compared to the extreme period of Arctic sea ice loss during September of 2012.

Halloween Greenland Melt?

In addition to producing heatwaves, new temperature records, and ever more extreme sea ice melt, the odd Halloween warmth appears to also be generating flashes of surface melt over parts of northeastern Greenland. There, over the past few days, temperatures have approached or even exceeded the freezing point as warm winds have blown in from the heating Greenland Strait.

(A warm front crosses over northeastern Greenland on October 27, 2016. The associated warm winds blowing off the heating waters of the Greenland Strait produced near or above freezing temperatures for isolated parts of this section of Greenland. This abnormal warmth appears to have tripped NSIDC’s melt sensor, producing a possible odd late-season melt event for sections of this frozen island. Image source: Earth Nullschool.)

This heat has been enough to trip NSIDC’s Greenland melt indicators for the region of the Zachariæ Isstrøm glacier. These indicators, over the past couple of days, have shown relatively extensive melt in this sector of Greenland. During summer 2016, northeastern Greenland was one of the regions that saw strongest indications of surface melt. Typically isolated by sea ice from warm ocean breezes, northeast Greenland does not usually see such long-lasting periods of surface melt. This is especially true for late October as melt during this time for any portion of the Greenland Ice Sheet is practically unheard of. However, as warm ocean water has advanced further and further north, this region has become more vulnerable to invasions of warm air. And it appears that the melt-forcing effect of this ocean warming for nearby Greenland glaciers may well be extending into fall.

Though unconfirmed by NSIDC, these periods of possible melt have occurred coincident with temperature departures in the range of 10-20 degrees C above average. However, since near or above freezing temperatures have mostly been isolated to the very far northeastern sections of Zachariæ Isstrøm near the coast, it’s likely that any potential and brief periods of melt were located in a more limited band than what has shown up on the NSIDC melt maps for October 27, 28, and 29. That said, as noted above, any surface melt over glaicers in Greenland for this time of year would be very odd and concerning — no matter how isolated.

Nasty Global Warming Tricks for Halloween

Halloween heatwaves, record-low sea ice extents and possible periods of fall Greenland melt are all indicators that human-forced climate change is starting to generate more and more obvious effects. Though the most extreme impacts are hitting remote regions like Greenland, the Arctic and the Antarctic, the related abnormal warmth has filtered into the middle latitudes and is now affecting millions of people across the U.S. And what’s happening in the U.S. is linked to these related warming events on a global scale.

So happy Halloween, everyone. Enjoy the holiday. But remember that if it’s oddly warm where you are, it’s not just a freak warm weather treat, but one of the many and worsening tricks conjured up by global climate change.



The Climate of Gavin

Climate Reanalyzer

Jonathan Erdman

Zack Labe

Earth Nullschool


Sunshine Hours

Half a Kilometer of Ice Gone in Just 7 Years


http://www.advocate.com/commentary/2016 ... blem-women

Former FBI Agent: The Bureau Has a Problem With Women

Lesbian Susan Surftone was a special agent before she became a musician, and she smells something dirty with the actions of James Comey and other members of the bureau's boys' club.

NOVEMBER 01 2016 3:09 PM EDT

FBI director James Comey is wrong. Those supporting his actions regarding Huma Abedin’s emails — which may pertain to Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server as secretary of State — are wrong. His letter to Congress about these emails and Clinton was a grave misstep, which, no matter how you spin it, interferes with next week’s presidential election.

As I'm a former special agent for the FBI, Comey's action makes me want to cry. As an ardent supporter of Clinton, it makes me furious. I'm hearing that conservative agents in the bureau were unhappy with Comey’s decision earlier this year to not recommend that criminal charges be brought against Secretary Clinton in connection with her server and pressured him to inform Congress last week about the discovery of Abedin’s emails, with no further information about what those emails contain. This is McCarthyism for the 21st century. Not only is it about Clinton’s politics, it's about her gender. I believe many agents cannot stand the idea of “Madam President.” I was a young female agent in the 1980s, and one of the things I learned about at the bureau was misogyny. Maybe things have changed, but I’ll share my experience.

The allegations of Donald Trump’s predatory sexual behavior toward women and the infamous bus recording brought up long “forgotten” personal experiences at the FBI. I was sexually harassed twice while at the bureau. The first time was during training at Quantico by a fellow trainee in my class. He was married, by the way. This guy had been after me for a while. One night at the lounge at Quantico, where beer was served to a group of us, he was there and drinking a bit too much. I got up to leave and he stuck his fingers under my rib cage. It hurt like hell. A female classmate helped me get him off me. Another time, a male classmate had to come and help me get him out of my room. There was no one to tell. It would have damaged my career, and the fact that I am a lesbian would have made it all the more risky for me. There were already rumors.

When I graduated from the FBI Academy at Quantico, I went to the Boston field office. My first supervisor wanted to take me the "Combat Zone" in Boston, an area of strip joints and so forth, because innocent young female agents should see such things under the protection and guidance of an older, experienced agent. Yeah, right. This guy had a reputation for this, and of course I said no. I was soon moved to another squad. The joke was I had tended bar at a hotel near the Combat Zone while in law school; an evening there was like the lyrics of Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side.” I had seen it all, thank you, Mr. Bureau Supervisor.

One thing I did notice in the Boston and New York field offices was the number of affairs between male and female agents. It was commonplace and almost seemed that it was expected of the female agents. That was never spoken, of course. Of course we female agents were lesser in every way. Once I served a subpoena with another young female agent, and many of the male agents were troubled that (a) we were “allowed” to do it and (b) we were successful. I left the bureau because I wanted to pursue a musical career, but I also left because of the misogyny and a desire to be open about being gay. Yes, I think even today “Madam President” is a hard pill for many of them to swallow.

In the face of Comey’s interference with the election and the advantage he has given Trump in the closing days, LGBT people must get to the polls

FBI Octopus

FBI agent speaks on targeted violence
Aitkin Independent Age-
Being prepared in case it does happen, was the presentation Special Agent Joseph Malhoit from the FBI gave to 65 community members Oct.

Election Spotlight: Barry County Sheriff's Race
"I left here after high school and took a job with the FBI in Washington, D.C. I was with the FBI for 32 years -- the last 23 as a special agent," said sheriff candidate ...

Answer Man: A little 411 on the down ballot
Gaston Gazette
Stuber is a former FBI special agent best known for his work on several high-profile corruption cases and a former chief investigator for the North Carolina State ...

http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/3 ... cointelpro

Anti-Black Surveillance Did Not End With COINTELPRO
In July 2016, activists and community organizers in Cleveland were visited by DHS and FBI agents prior to the Republican National Convention. In short, the ...

https://dailynorthwestern.com/2016/11/0 ... gineering/

Artist exposes his life to resist FBI, talks intersection between art, engineering

Lauren Duquette/Daily Senior Staffer
Interdisciplinary artist Hasan Elahi speaks at an event co-hosted by the Block Museum of Art and the McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science. Elahi discussed the intersection of art and engineering.
Yvonne Kim, Assistant Campus Editor
November 1, 2016
Ironically, recording and publicizing his entire life served as a form of resistance against an FBI investigation for Hasan Elahi.
During his talk — which aimed to explore the intersection between art and science — presented by the McCormick School of Engineering and the Block Museum of Art, the Bangladeshi-American artist spoke to more than 40 people about data and art in his work.
After erroneously becoming subject to a months-long FBI investigation following 9/11, Elahi said he decided to channel the experience into an art project that tracks and publicizes his entire life.
Though he originally sent detailed emails and photos of his everyday life to his FBI agent as an alibi against suspicions, he eventually decided it would be more effective to make his life accessible to the public, he said.
“All these photos that you’re seeing are photos that I sent to the FBI, but there’s also a parallel (public) database,” Elahi said, showing a slideshow of his photos. “Obviously I have an FBI file, and the FBI has information about me, but by me giving it to you directly, it cuts out the middleman and thus it devalues the currency of the FBI.”
He compared the public database, which is called Tracking Transience and is available online, to social media platforms like Facebook, which has more than a billion users worldwide. Anyone who documents their life online is practically doing the same thing as he is, he said.
“On an individual basis, this is purely symbolic,” he said. “But if 1.6 billion people start doing this to this level of detail, it would force an entire restructuring of the intelligence system.”
Susy Bielak, Block’s associate director of engagement and curator of public practice, said Elahi was a great first speaker for the series to explore art in the context of engineering.
“Part of the work that we do at the museum is build connective tissue around the University and between the campus and civic life,” she said. “The artists who we’ve selected to come here have the kind of curiosity, vision, insight that again is that point of simultaneity between artistic practice and engineering.”
Elahi explained his artistic work — which is often referred to as media art — incorporates a variety of multimedia techniques such as probability and science to tackle interesting questions.
“I’m not interested in solving the art problem in the most direct way,” he said. “I’m interested in going around it and how to navigate it from a very different experience.”
Abraham Chen, second-year graduate student in Kellogg and member of the Segal Design Institute’s Science, Engineering Design Innovation program, said he would like to see more events like this that connect arts with science.
“I really liked how he was taking sort of quotidian experiences and connecting it to

http://www.bloomberg.com/politics/artic ... -marc-rich

BI Surprises With Files on Clinton '01 Pardon of Marc Rich
The FBI unexpectedly released 129 pages of documents related to an investigation closed without charges in 2005 into President Bill Clinton's pardon of Marc ...

http://www.toptechnews.com/article/inde ... 10004DU37H

Hackers Say They're Revealing More from Trove of NSA Data
Top Tech News-
The FBI accelerated its timeline for reviewing emails potentially linked to Hillary Clinton on Monday amid growing public pressure over the agency's surprise ...
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Re: We are all doing time

Postby fruhmenschen » Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:57 am

FBI Octopus

http://internet.itbusinessnet.com/artic ... 17-4734102

HMG Strategy Recognizes IT Thought Leaders and Business ...
IT Business Net-
... E. Jeffrey Hutchinson, VP, Enterprise Services Leader, Honeywell; John Iannarelli, Former FBI Special Agent and Senior Executive Advisor on cyber matters; ...

http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local ... 26028.html

Dallas FBI official will fill Trophy Club post
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Tom Class, 56, of Trophy Club, special agent in charge of the FBI's Dallas office, has been selected as Trophy Club's new town manager. Courtesy of city of ...

http://www.vice.com/en_ca/read/everythi ... cking-mess

Know About This Whole Russian Hacking Mess
Senior Editor
December 12, 2016
So, you want to know about the whole Russia thing. The "Russia thing" is as good a name as any for the confusing, thorny series of stories about hacking operations that were allegedly initiated by Russian-backed operatives in an attempt to influence the presidential election in favor of Donald Trump. Whether it was the Russians, whether they were looking to get Trump elected, and what should or is likely to happen next are all controversial questions, and that's before you start going down the rabbit hole of competing Twitter threads and other conflicting sources that can muddy the
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