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Mapping Police Violence collected data on nearly 1,200 killings by police in 2022. We compiled this information from media reports, obituaries, public records, and databases like The Gun Violence Archive and the Washington Post. As such, this report represents the most comprehensive public accounting of deadly police violence in 2022. Our analysis suggests a substantial proportion of all killings by police in 2022 could have been prevented and that specific policies and practices might prevent police killings in the future.
Scroll to explore the findings. ... 234707953/
Jim Jordan Is Cool With Defunding the Police — as Long as it’s the FBI and DOJ
But just a couple months ago, the congressman said the U.S. "shouldn't have this whole attitude about defund the police"
Lawrence: Secret funds of Ginni Thomas group may be worst SCOTUS ethics crisis ever ... icers.html
Crime rates have more to do with social factors than number of police officers
By John SewellContributor
Sat., April 1, 2023 ... 1850279004
These Countries Share the Most Data With Cops
Big tech and big law enforcement have partnered up to share your personal information, but which countries have the closest ties?
Lucas ... 230401.htm
Cop beat me up at police station: Child rights panel chief
Source: PTI   -  Edited By: Senjo M R
April 01, 2023 09:50 IST ... erdik.html
Hamilton Spectator
Hamilton cop convicted of weapons offences pleads guilty to ...Const. Brandon Terdik pleaded guilty to two counts of discreditable conduct Thursday during ... 160941.cms
31 years on, former Punjab cop convicted in case of disappearance of ex-Army man, son, 2 relatives
TNN / Updated: Apr 1, 2023, ... 179774.cms
Times of India
Accused of extortion, four cops suspended in BengaluruAccording to senior officers, the suspended cops are PSI Ruman Pasha, head constable Lepakshappa, and
constables Lakshman and Girish Kuma ... 7f927.html
South Buffalo detective faced 45 years after stealing. A Supreme Court decision sent him home

Copaganda ... ucky-derby
Civil Support Teams Conduct Field Training Exercise For the Kentucky Derby ... ic-tragedy
Fox News
Waco doc: Cult leader David Koresh ‘needed to fulfill his destiny,' resulting in horrific tragedyIt was 1993 and Whitcomb was a sniper with the FBI Hostage Rescue Team. ... Chris Whitcomb was working as a sniper as part of the FBI's Hostage Rescue ... gp2z2Irb_Z

FBI's John Boyd Opens Up About 'Surreal' Nature of 3-Way ...Three years ago, Boyd's FBI character, Special Agent Stuart Scola, had a small role in a mini crossover with Most Wanted. But this time around, Boyd can be seen... ... de-6-recap
Did Dembe Die on The Blacklist? What We KnowWhat We Know. The FBI agent had a doomed second run-in with Dr. Laken Perillos, marking the return of Laverne Cox. By McKenzie... ... cop-event/
14 News
Owensboro Police Dept. to hold 'Coffee With A Cop' eventOWENSBORO, Ky. (WFIE) - Owensboro Police Department officials will be holding a 'Coffee With A Cop' event in Owensboro on April 14. ... 3461d.html
The Journal Gazette
CBS' three 'FBI' shows join forces for a nightCBS's “FBI” teams usually work different cases on Tuesday nights, but a rare crossover event is about to unite the three series. ... s-weekend/
The Herald
BBC Scotland Highland Cops series starts this weekend ...The following day the decision is taken to continue the search. The drama switches to Inverness where traffic cops are on patrol on a "big night for Scotland's... ... etrimaaran
The Quint
‘Viduthalai Part-1' Review: Soori Shines in Vetrimaaran’s Realistic Cop DramaFeaturing Soori and Vijay Sethupathi, Viduthalai (Freedom) joins this short list of some of the most important cop dramas in the Tamil film industry that... ... ked-truth/
TV Fanatic
Blue Bloods Season 13 Episode 16 Review: The Naked TruthMost cop dramas have addressed racial tensions between people of color and ... Rather than cops acting in an overtly racist way or being falsely accused of... ... 61434.html
The New Indian Express
Gurudev Hoysala: A compelling cop Drama highlighting caste issuesGurudev Hoysala: A compelling cop Drama highlighting caste issues. For a long time, Kannada filmmakers have avoided caste-based crimes as the core subject of... ... se-review/
JUSTICE AT LAST? Huge JonBehnét Ramsey update as investigators urge cops to retest DNA in attempt to finally reveal beauty queen’s killer
Holly Tornheim
Keith Tornheim is the brother of Holly Tornheim
Keith was a former roomate while we were at Brandeis. ... th-canada/
Psilocybin access denied to patients despite ongoing lawsuit against Health Canada
Eight patients sued the government at the end of July last year over what they believe is a violation of constitutional rights
Rowan Dunne
March 24, 2023
Full Service: Scotty Bowers and the Not-So-Secret Sexcapades of Hollywood ... nicaragua/
The United Nations is Being Used by the U.S. in its Propaganda War Against Nicaragua
World's Greatest Micro Sculptor
Willard Wigan MBE ... dium=email
You only get this much flak if you are over the target
Malone Fake Tweet #2. How many of these are circulating? A clever method to anonymously brand someone as evil without possibility of blowback to the perp. ... urces-say/
Alleged sexual misconduct, cover-up at Redlands Police Department triggers FBI probe, sources say
A forensic specialist who tested a semen stain on an office chair alleges ranking supervisors tried to bury the evidence ... ral-runoff
Paul Vallas’s Cops-and-Crime Campaign to Run Chicago
In a recent poll, nearly two-thirds of the city’s residents reported feeling unsafe. The mayoral runoff presents two starkly different visions for how to move forward.
By Peter Slevin
April 2, 2023
Cop BUSTED For Being A Serial Predator Of Minors ... black-man/
Police reform divides community where cop killed Black manThe Rev. James Stokes remembers Grand Rapids following the slaying of George Floyd, when demonstrations devolved into rioting that left ... -students/
Boy in cop car brings concerns from parents of special needs students
By Nancy Treder • April 2, 2023 1:30 am ... moran.html
Murphy protects rogue prosecutor, putting Paterson cop fix at risk | Moran
Apr. 02, 2023, 6:46 a.m. ... e-29609473
Strip rapist killer cop Wayne Couzens of £4,000-a-year pension, London mayor urges
Before joining the Met Police, Wayne Couzens was an officer at the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) for seven and a half years. His service makes him eligible for a pension of up to £4,000 a year
Wayne Couzens was given a whole-life sentence for the murder of Sarah Everard (Image: METROPOLITAN POLICE/AFP via Gett)
ByChiara FiorilloNews Reporter
09:17, 2 Apr 2023
R. Patrick Link | Philadelphia Criminal Defense Attorney
This is Part 1 of the trial recap showing how my investigation as a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia uncovered a controversial KKK association with one of the police officers involved and how it impacted the outcome for my client. Let’s start at the scene of the crime…
The Scene of the Crime
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Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Apr 12, 2023 10:08 pm ... matches=34
The Torture Machine: Racism and Police Violence in Chicago
by Flint Taylor ... ?matches=7
Walking the Thin Black Line: Confronting Racism in the Columbus Division of Police
by Melissa McFadden ... matches=11
Kpd Blue: A Decade of Racism, Sexism, and Political Corruption in (and All Around) the Kauai Police Department
by Anthony Sommer ... 102785.pdf
An Act to End the Maine Information and Analysis Center
Submitted to the
The New York Times
Opinion | The Man Who Knew Exactly What the F.B.I. Was Doing to Martin ... ng-jr.html ... nce-tapes/
Media Organizations Sue FBI And US Attorney’s Office For Capitol Hill Surveillance Tapes
April 12, 2023 ... microchip/

April 12, 2023/7 Comments/in 2016 Presidential Election, Blogs Internet and New Media, emptywheel /by emptywheel
I’ve now read the substantive transcripts in the trial of Douglass Mackey, the far right troll who was convicted last month of conspiring to violate the voting rights of Hillary voters in the 2016 election.
As I noted in my first write-up of the verdict, the case has lessons that remain quite pressing, as loud boys on, who own, and claim to be interested in regulating Twitter attempt to make the site more welcoming to far right election disinformation. I plan to write that up.
Before I do, though, I want to talk about Microchip, the cooperating witness who pled guilty to the same conspiracy as part of a cooperation agreement in 2022.
We first learned the FBI had a cooperating witness on March 8 of this year, when Judge Nicholas Garaufis ordered the government to unseal its request to keep its informant’s identity secret. The filings in that discussion did not describe much about the ... parations/
Target security guard punches customer in the face after she demanded ‘reparations’
By David Propper
April 11, 2023 ... matches=13
Arrested Development: A Veteran Police Chief Sounds Off about Protest, Racism, Corruption and the Seven Steps Necessary to Improve Our Nation's Police
by David C Couper
Can police be improved? Couper thinks so. This is about the 20-year transformation he led in the city police department in Madison, Wisc., the history and subculture of policing, and then the seven steps police are going to have to take to improve today. In Madison, Couper successfully brought educated women and minorities into a basically all-white, all-male police department. He and his officers handled... ... ?matches=6
Black Cop: My 36 Years in Police Work, and My Career Ending Experiences with Official Racism
by Calvin Lawrence, Miles Howe ... ?matches=3
Reclamation: Breaking the Chains of Racism and Police Brutality
by Vashti Sherrod
Born during the Jim Crow plagued South, Vashti Sherrod is no stranger to racism. But even she couldn't imagine the horror she would experience one day as her husband and she left their home for a simple ... azi-march/
Portland leaders hear calls for a tougher response to recent neo-Nazi rally
Interim City Manager Danielle West said she will be working with Interim Chief F. Heath Gorham to consider recommendations from the district attorney. ... 4870275d93
The Public Has Never Seen the U.S. Government Force-Feed Someone — Until Now ... 4870275d93
Inside One of the Most Overcrowded Prisons in the World
Hannah Reyes Morales is a Filipina photographer. Whether she’s documenting crime scenes or life inside Manila’s notoriously crowded prison, Hannah’s photographs capture touching moments of tenderness amid diversity. From child boxing in Cambodia to whale shark tourism in the Philippines, her work also explores complex and controversial practices with sensitivity. ... n-enemies/
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Cravenly Rubber Stamps CIA Plan for More Coups, Assassinations, Drone Strikes, Kidnappings and Torture to Save America from Fabricated Foreign Enemies
By Jeremy Kuzmarov - April 10, 2023 ... tatehouse/
Debate over access to police discipline records reaches State House
The Legislature's Judiciary Committee Monday listened to arguments over a bill that would expand public access to the disciplinary records of public employees, including police. ... pt-secret/
Posted April 18, 2021 Updated April 27, 2021
Inside the Maine State Police, officer misdeeds are kept secret
The Maine State Police conducted more than 200 internal affairs investigations in the past six years and found allegations to be true in 65 cases, but the misconduct is kept hidden in all but a small number. ... -with-atf/
County Officials in Missouri Refuse to Cooperate With ATF
By Allan Lengel
Six top elected officials in Camden County, Missouri, are taking on ATF

‘They Will Die’: Tesla-Linked Mining Project Is Devastating One of the World’s Uncontacted Peoples ... -indonesia
Indonesia is the world’s leading nickel producer, propping up the globe’s electric battery supply. But the industry is increasingly coming at a high cost for indigenous groups.
By Jack Brook
April 11, 2023 ... d-to-glass
Ancient Vesuvius Victims Were Vaporized, Had Brains Turned to Glass
Scientists have discovered a whole new chapter in the horror story of Mount Vesuvius’ 79 CE eruption, written in ancient charcoal.
By Becky Ferreira
April 11, 2023 ... -dont-like
Texas Officials Would Rather Close Library Than Stock Books They Don’t Like
A federal judge ruled against a book ban in Llano, TX. Now, local officials are discussing shutting down the public library system entirely.
By Claire Woodcock
April 11, 2023 ... -converus/
Converus is pitching EyeDetect to defense and intelligence agencies. But experts say eye movements are not reliable indicators of deception.
Daniel Boguslaw
April 7 2023 ... inian-pow/
Horrifying video appears to show Russian soldier beheading Ukrainian POW
By Snejana Farberov
April 12, 2023 ... 6hjn1me0n/
Maine AG’s relationship cited in new bid to have top Maine posts elected
He was appointed by Maine Governor Janet Mills ... th-griffin
Harvard to rename school after top Republican donor following $300m gift
Graduate school of arts and sciences to be named in honor of Ken Griffin, 54, hedge-fund billionaire and world’s 35th richest person ... dium=email
If you already own the professor, you can have her "prove" HCQ and IVM don't work, and include her on the NIH COVID guidelines committee to kill those drugs and push remdesivir
The damage done, she rotated off the NIH COVID guidelines committee. Interesting how many HIV docs/ Fauci acolytes were on the committee.
APR 11, 2023
Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ... -richmond/
Toxic smoke from Indiana industrial fire forces evacuation order for 2,000
By Andrew Jeong
Updated April 12, 2023 at 9:22 a.m. EDT|Published April 11, 2023 at 11:19 p.m. EDT

Copaganda ... e-chicago/
Law & Order, One Chicago, and FBI Creator Dick Wolf Gets New Deal With UniversalFBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International all received renewals at CBS, covering them through the 2023-2024 season. Wolf's new contract extension with...
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The Flight 800 Investigation and FBI Coverup ... -any-more/
Howie Carr: They don’t make mobsters like FBI agent Zip Connolly anymore Ex-GMan has failed again to strike murder from his record ... n-medicaid
By the Numbers: McCarthy's Plan to Kick 10 Million or More People Off Medicaid
Our new analysis estimates that over 10 million Medicaid expansion enrollees — more than 1 in 5 of all Medicaid enrollees in expansion states — would be at risk of losing Medicaid coverage under the policy in McCarthy’s debt limit bil
Apr 23, 2023
CBPP Blog ... eir-lives/
These Women Face Death by Incarceration, But They’re Organizing for Their Lives
A new report highlights the experiences those sentenced to death by incarceration in Pennsylvania’s women’s prisons.
By Victoria Law , TRUTHOUT
April 21, 2023 ... -shooters/
Another Modest Proposal: Open Letter to Prospective Mass Shooters
KLAUS MARRE 04/23/23
As it turns out, there is one thing that can get Republicans to support gun control measures. Hint: It’s not the mass murder of children. ... terrorism/
Charges Against Stop Cop City Protesters Continue Terror of “Anti-Terrorism”
The U.S. is cynically wielding “anti-terrorism” as a cudgel against the left.
By Azeezah Kanji , TRUTHOUT ... n-ngp-van/
Akela Lacy ... es-1796079
Video of Outraged Glenn Beck Ranting About 'Corruption' Viewed 1.4M Times
BY FATMA KHALED ON 4/22/23 AT 1:09 PM EDT ... ay-protest
French Campaigners Build Literal Block Wall to Oppose New Motorway
"Seriously we need to take some pointers from French protesting," said one U.S. observer. "Protestors built a brick wall on a national roadway opposing the building of a new highway. Activists say it will destroy 2,500 trees and surrounding habitats." ... -was-born/
The Annihilation of the Village ‘Where God Was Born’
Netanyahu Picks Self-Described 'Racist' May Golan as Top Israeli Diplomat in NY
"From her affection for violent anti-Arab radicals to her hatred of feminists to her racist and Islamophobic treatment of African asylum-seekers, Golan's politics could not be further from that of most Jewish New Yorkers," said one U.S. rabbi.
Brett Wilkins
Apr 21, 2023

Copaganda ... 75123.html
Lynchburg News and Advance
LU students participate in simulated crime exercises at Camp ...Simulations included a terrorism bomb scene, an FBI excavation scene, a VSP water recovery scene and a post blast scene. Presley said pigs are used during the... ... l#comments
Sheriff Hofmann to address League of Women Voters
Hannah Combs ... 0f39c14b4d
Hunter Biden Faces DOJ: Charges Will Be Discussed This Week, Report SaysTwo law enforcement officials told NBC News there was “growing frustration” inside the FBI because its investigation into Biden was mostly complete last... ... s-explored
The Blacklist season 10 episode 9 release date, air time, plot, and more details exploredWith Reddington's covert role as an FBI informant facing exposure, former Blacklisters will unite against him in their lethal desire for revenge - testing Red... ... ter-guide/
Screen Rant
American Hustle Cast & Character GuideThe actor portrays FBI Agent Richie DiMaso, a composite character created for the film to show the Agency's involvement in the Abscam scandal. Richie c
To Catch a Killer Review: Shailene Woodley Plays a Modern ...Eleanor is recruited by the FBI's chief investigator (Mendelsohn) to help ... Until then, however, the police and FBI launch a nationwide manhunt and are... ... pisode-19/
Precinct TV
FBI: International spoilers: What to expect in Season 2, Episode 19 (Preview)We're heading to another part of Europe in the new episode of FBI: International. The Fly Team is heading to Sweden, and it's all because of an Ameri ... 0-preview/
Precinct TV
FBI spoilers: What to expect in Season 5, Episode 20 (Preview)That suggests some sort of drug gang warfare, right? What is going on? FBI spoilers: 5×20 promo. Take a look at the promo for the episode. It focuses on... ... on-is-you/
The Solution to Extinction Is You
TWA Flight 800 Cover up EXPOSED - FBI Covered Up That MISSILE Shot Down TWA 800
A Guide to Pilot Background Checks
Feature Documentary - Silenced: Flight 800 And The FBI Subversion Of Justice ... o-testify/
In Light of Thomas Controversy, Durbin Invites Chief Justice Roberts to Testify
Justices of the Court have been “falling short of the ethical standards” expected of them, Durbin wrote.
By Chris Walker , TRUTHOUT
April 21, 2023 ... o-freedom/
The Gazette
Where there’s no justice, there’s no freedomNo equal justice as Tony Bobulinski and Hunter Biden's laptop, the FBI cover-up, the Facebook censorship of this “disinformation” all implicated the Biden... ... this-year/
NY Dem Rep. Dan Goldman made over 500 trades during first months on job
By Rich Calder
April 22, 2023 12:39pm
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Postby fruhmenschen » Wed May 24, 2023 1:19 pm ... /#comments
Senate Report: Nearly 700 Former High-Ranking Pentagon and Other Government Officials Now Work at the Top 20 Defense Contractors
By Jeremy Kuzmarov - May 12, 2023 ... -of-choice
CYBER: Inside the Italian Mafia’s Encrypted Phone of Choice
A look inside the secretive world of 'No. 1 Business Communication,' an encrypted phone system used by the Mafia.
By Matthew Gault
May 12, 2023 ... 8288745639
Hundreds pack Atlanta City Hall for council meeting, protesting future public safety training center
Nearly 300 people signed up for public comments, in a process officials estimated would take nine hours.
Author: Joe Ripley, Jonathan Raymond (11Alive)
Published: 6:58 PM EDT May 15, 2023 ... h-warrants

Colorado’s Top Court Seems Reluctant To Give Judicial Blessing To ‘Reverse’ Keyword Search Warrants
from the don't-we-have-a-4th-amendment? dept
Mon, May 15th 2023 01:40pm - Tim Cushing
Having figured out the internet is a great place to find things, cops are increasingly relying on warrants that target tech companies in hopes of finding suspects, rather than finding suspects first and working forward from there.
Thanks to the Third Party Doctrine, there’s very little expectation of privacy in what people share with the companies and services they use to interact with the internet. Thanks to sheer novelty, the new law enforcement normal has been difficult to challenge, due to the dearth of precedential case law.
The US Supreme Court has at least set a few guidelines, but they’re easy to avoid or ignore. In untested waters, the first ones to fishing for information are often able to walk away with their outsized hauls. But as warrants targeting search terms or GPS location because more commonplace ... -2020-win/
Mike Morell can’t clean up this ‘dirty’ letter that was meant to secure Biden’s 2020 win
By Miranda Devine
May 14, 2023 ... hedge-fund
Mormon church has $100bn ‘clandestine hedge fund’, says whistleblower
Former church investment manager claims funds were intended for charity work but spent on for-profit initiatives as a tax dodge

EXCLUSIVE - The FBI's 'abuse of power': Three whistleblowers will lay out how bureau 'inflated domestic extremism' stats and prioritized January 6 defendants over child predators in bombshell hearing
* Rep. Jim Jordan secured the in-person testimony of former FBI officials Garret O'Boyle, Steve Friend and Marcus Allen - all who have been suspended for vocalizing concerns
* The witnesses will detail on Thursday how they have been 'retaliated' against by the FBI for speaking out
* The officials say the FBI has inflated statistics on 'domestic violent extremism' to fit the Biden administration's political narratives
PUBLISHED: 13:00 EDT, 15 May 2023 | UPDATED: 13:10 EDT, 15 May 2023 ... 00697.html
FBI agent is suing Central Ky. police department as he faces federal firearms charges
Taylor Six
Mon, May 15, 2023 at 1:34 PM EDT·4 min read ... r-in-2022/
FBI agent sentenced to home confinement for soliciting minor in 2022
by: C. Allan
Posted: May 15, 2023 / ... ith-comer/
FBI Refuses to Comply with Comer!
May 15, 2023 ... e=EFFector

EFFector 35.6
How To Control Speech And Break Encryption, In Three Acts
In our 792nd issue ... dium=email

What is the proof that the W.H.O.'s pandemic treaty and/or IHR amendments (proposed) will truly grab sovereignty over global health and 'One Health'?
Michael Nevradakis answered that question in a Defender article. It's not simple, because the lawyers who formulated this did their best to hide their tracks.

MAY 15, 2023

Copaganda ... isode-100/
‘FBI’ Season 5 Finale Photos — Episode 100Things look doubly intense as the "FBI" Season 5 finale doubles as the CBS procedural's milestone 100th episode.
May 15, 2023
FBI, DOJ have 'turned a blind eye' on Biden family business deals: Rep. Tim Burchett
Rep. Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., joins 'Mornings with Maria' to discuss the investigation into the Biden family business dealings, Rep. Comer's revelations on the probe, government spending and his vote on the debt limit bill. ... m-violence
Cop Candidate Faced Complaints About Racism, Violence
While Angel Maysonet was cleared of the charges by the NYPD, his run for school board is causing controversy in an upstate New York town.
Kate Briquelet
Kelly Weill
Published May. 15, 2023 ... ooked-cop/
Howie Carr: Ex-Massachusetts State Police union president Dana Pullman, a crooked cop’s crooked cop Following conviction, he’s still pulling a $65G+ state pension
By HOWIE CARR | | Boston Herald
May 14, 2023 ... d-Cop.aspx
Investigation Needed On Why Bad Cop Went Free
* Saturday, May 13, 2023 ... -database/

Attorney general investigating Boston police gang unit and database
Attorney General Andrea Campbell’s office said the investigation is ongoing and has not reached any findings or conclusions. ... d-it-isnt/

EU Commission Asks EU Council Lawyers If Compelled Client-Side Scanning Is Legal, Gets Told It Isn’t
(Mis)Uses of Technology
from the Welcome-to-Lawsuit-Town,-commissioners dept
Mon, May 15th 2023 10:48am - Tim Cushing
Lots of ideas have been floated by legislators and others in hopes of limiting the distribution of child sexual abuse material (CSAM). Very few of these ideas have been good. Most have assumed that the problem is so horrendous any efforts are justified. The problem here is that governments need to actually justify mandated mass privacy invasions, which is something that they almost always can’t do.
It’s even a fraught issue in the private sector. Apple briefly proposed engaging in client-side scanning of users’ devices to detect CSAM and prevent its distribution. This effort was put on hold when pretty much everyone objected to Apple’s proposal, stating the obvious problems it would create — a list that included undermining the security and privacy protections Apple has long used ... w-ip-czar/

Biden Nominates Legacy Entertainment Industry Copyright Enforcer To Be New IP Czar
from the revolving-door-keeps-revolving dept
Fri, May 12th 2023 04:00pm - Mike Masnick
I have to admit that I’d lost track of the whole White House IP Czar position. Officially, the “Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator” or IPEC, the job was created by the “Pro-IP Act” in 2008, and we warned that the whole thing was an attempt to turn the White House into Hollywood’s private copyright police force. The first IPEC didn’t come until after President Obama was elected, and while he was in office, there were two ... l-charges/

‘Accountability needs to be taken’: Women hit by Boston police van file for criminal charges
The officer who was driving had been arrested twice on charges of reckless and negligent driving, before being hired by Boston police ... -says.html
Holyoke cop abused power looking into estranged wife’s friend, complaint says
* Published: May. 15, 2023 ... ing-4-boys
Medal Of Valor-Winning Cop Accused Of Molesting 4 Boys
Deputies arrested a 25-year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department om suspicion of sexually abusing children.
Paige Austin,
Posted Mon, May 15, 2023 ... s-nationa/
House GOP rolls out a series of pro-cop bills for National Police Week
By Kerry Picket - The Washington Times - Updated: 7:51 p.m. on Monday, May 15, 2023
House lawmakers will vote on a series of law enforcement-centered bills this week as police from around the country gather in Washington. ... er-weekend
Cop Accused Of Sex Abuse Among 5 NYC Workers Arrested Over Weekend: PDAnother cop was charged with driving drunk and a school crossing guard stands accused of punching a girl in the face, police said. ... s-29981945
The Mirror
Cop turned OnlyFans star 'missed chance to catch Wayne Couzens 3 days before murder'Ex-cop turned OnlyFans star 'missed chance to catch Wayne Couzens 3 days before murder'. Wayne Couzens kidnapped Sarah Everard before raping and murdering... ... ial/223808
Cop Admits Relations Between NSW Police And Family Of Gay Hate Victim Became Adversarial
SHIBU THOMAS ... ric-zoo-da
Electric Zoo Cops Stole Pricey Champagne During NYC Festival: DA
Three on-duty NYPD detectives stole $2,900 worth of champagne during the Randall's Island festival, city prosecutors contend.
Posted Mon, May 15, 2023 at 4:54 pm ET
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Sep 16, 2023 2:01 pm
An Intercept investigation reveals how rare it is for officers who use excessive, deadly force to be barred from working as cops.
Gabb Schivone
September 16 2023 ... zed-world/
Cop Cities in a Militarized World
The United States has long supported the repression of Latin American land defenders. The tactics it exported are coming to the Atlanta forest.
Azadeh Shahshahani
Crime and Prison, Environment and Climate, Latin America, Power over Policing
September 15, 2023 ... ed-by-cop/
Black Special Police Officer Was Shot By Cop Jessie Porter Leading A Training Session
Special police officer Maurica Manyan, a D.C. mother, was killed by a police lieutenant last year after a training session, and surveillance footage capturing the incident has finally been released to the public. ... 92329.html
Cop who evaded rape charge arrested on suspicion of out-of-state sexual assault BY CRAIG SAILOR
Saturday, September 16, 2023
Read more at: ... rylink=cpy ... olen-gear/
San Francisco Filmmaker Blasts Cops After Tracking $24K of Stolen Gear to Alleged Fencing Operation
Written by George Kelly
Published Sep. 15, 2023 ... b05f2.html
Greenville County deputy is facing multiple charges involving a minor, the State Law Enforcement Division said.
Sean Joseph Egan, 27, of Taylors, was charged Monday with two counts of disseminating obscene material to a minor and two counts of unlawfully placing a child at risk.
Affidavits say between Oct. 1, 2022 and March 16, 2023, Egan disseminated obscene material to a minor who was 12 years old or younger, and performed sexual acts in front of the victim. ... e-cruiser/
Bodycam shows Seattle cop joking about "limited value" of Indian woman killed by police cruiser. He claims he was misunderstood.
SEPTEMBER 13, 2023 ... 48914.html
‘Grandma’s funeral money’ among things stolen by Ohio cop during traffic stops, police say BY JENNIFER RODRIGUEZ SEPTEMBER 12, 2023 12:47 PM
Read more at: ... rylink=cpy ... pitol-cop/
Boston Police officer indicted in Jan. 6 assault on Capitol cop
Former Boston police officer Joseph Robert Fisher pleaded not guilty Wednesday to eight criminal charges, including assaulting a Capitol police officer.
By Morgan Rousseau
September 15, 2023 | 7:08 PM ... al-causes/
The Mercury News
Peninsula cop convicted of murdering six people in 1983 dies of natural causesA former Peninsula police officer convicted of murdering six people in his Burlingame warehouse in the early 1980s died of natural causes... ... mouth.html
EXCLUSIVE: Cheating Maryland cop Francesco Marlett was previously suspended after being accused of beating his three-year-old stepson until the boy was 'unconscious and foaming at the mouth'
* Married police officer Marlett, 34, is under investigation after being caught on camera making out with scantily-clad Virginia Pinto
* can reveal that Marlett was accused of hitting his stepson until he was 'unconscious and foaming at the mouth'
* 'He shouldn't be a cop,' the boy's father Lamarr Mackall, 29, told, who claimed that as a white man, Marlett gets protection within the force
PUBLISHED: 15:25 EDT, 13 September 2023 ... cked-road/
Cop accused of dumping oil on climate protester blocking road
By Hannah Grossman, Fox News
Published Sep. 13, 2023 ... eferendum/
Two City Council Members Will Push to Put ‘Cop City’ on the Ballot
Opponents of the Public Safety Training Center vow to exhaust all channels to stop the facility’s construction after the city delays verifying petition signatures.
Madeline Thigpen
5:02 PM EDT on Sep 13, 2023 ... -campaign/
Judge blames Atlanta officials for confusion over ‘Stop Cop City’ referendum campaign
Published September 13, 2023 ... g-through/
‘ Feel safer yet?’ Seattle police union’s contempt keeps showing through
Sep. 13, 2023 ... al-in-sfc/
Potosi cop to stand trial in SFC
By Jeannie Barton-Northrup | September 13, 2023 | 0
A former Potosi police officer accused of child sex crimes received a change of venue from Washington County Court to St. Francois County Court last week. Matthew N. Skaggs, 40, of Potosi, is charged with one count of felony statutory sodomy or attempted statutory sodomy – deviate sexual intercourse with a person less than 14; one count of enticement or attempted enticement of a child less than 15; and one count of endangering the welfare of a child creating substantial risk. ... pa-county/
September 13, 2023
Jacob Harris's father is heading to appeals court on Wednesday. Federal judges will decide the fate of his wrongful death suit against the city of Phoenix. ... on-arrest/
8th Circuit sides with cop accused of 1st Amendment retaliation arrest
By Rasmus S. Jorgensen, BridgeTower Media Newswires//September 13, 2023 ... death-row/
Cop Turned Serial Killer Dies on San Quentin’s Death Row
Published 10 hours ago on September 13, 2023 ... 839994007/
State police accuse Roseville cop of child porn possession
Charles E. Ramirez
The Detroit News ... 4n_zW5SAPl
Cop who 'failed to tell family of son's death' awaits fate in misconduct hearing
Daniel Hordon
Wed, 13 September 2023 ... oTj6rF0Zl/
Cop turned killer dies on Calif. death row
Anthony “Jack” Sully, who was convicted of murdering six people, died of natural causes at a medical facility outside of the San Quentin ... referendum
Sen. Warnock calls on Atlanta officials to be more transparent about ‘Stop Cop City’ referendumDemocratic Sen. Raphael Warnock has urged Atlanta's mayor to be more transparent in how city officials handle a petition drive led by... ... -cop-city/
Cop City and the Silencing of Dissent
Officials in Georgia are covering up the police killing of a protester and waging a chilling assault on the right to protest.
CORI BUSH and RASHIDA TLAIB ... 857191007/
Leaders in India and Seattle demand action over video of cop joking about woman's death
Thao Nguyen

Copaganda ... -santa-cop
Sep 16 | Cruise-In Car Show Dekalb Santa Cop | Tucker, GA PatchFamily Fun fundraising event hosted by Georgia Cool Cruisers and Handy Ace Hardware for Dekalb's Fraternal Order of Police Santa Cop program! ... tZFzCQaBG/
Ford Crown Victoria named 'best cop car of all time'
"It did the job at a much lower cost than modern cruisers. Many cash-strapped public safety agencies would love to buy these vehicles today."
Sep 14, 2023 ... ks-top-cop
Facial recognition will ‘transform investigative work,’ says UK’s top cop
Sep 13, 2023, 11:49 am EDT | Masha Borak ... in-october
Cupily Coffeehouse to Host Nutley Police Department Coffee with a Cop in OctoberNUTLEY, NJ — The Nutley Police Department will hold a 'Coffee with a Cop' event on Thursday Oct. 5 at Cupily Coffeehouse 339 Franklin Ave. from 1 p.m. to.... ... ory-review
Rock Paper Shotgun
Hauma - A Detective Noir Story review: Indiana Jones meets visual novel meets ridiculous cop showAn Indiana Jones-ish mystery, Hauma's comic book style leaves an impression, while the plot is playing with a deck enti… ... 73d39.html

Daily Nonpareil
La Vista Color With a CopLa Vista Police Officer Stuart Nadgwick interacts with children at the La Vista Public Library as part of its Color With a Cop activity on Tuesday, Sept. 16,2023 ... ith-a-cop/
Camden News
CPD hosts raffle for Shop with a CopThe Camden Police Department is hosting a raflle to raise funds for its annual Shop With a Cop Program. ... ns-police/
Newstalk KZRG
“Coffee with a Cop” event huge success says Parsons Police – Newstalk KZRGThe Parsons Police Department is pleased to announce the success of a Coffee with a ... e51da.html
Cop event on September 12, 2023, at the Farmers Union Midwest Agency,...
Colorado police officer has been sentenced for putting a woman into a parked patrol car that was hit by a train ... f-s16.html
Philadelphia cop arrested in murder of Eddie Irizarry
Landon Gour ... colleague/
New York Post
Seattle cop defends laughing about 'limited value' grad student killed in police car collisionThe Seattle cop who joked about the death of a graduate student who was fatally struck by a police cruiser while crossing the street defended his callous... ... ssination/
During L.A. Campaign Stop
9/16/2023 ... e-8942956/
Dismissed Mumbai cop Sachin Waze’s bail plea rejected in Antilia terror scare case
While Waze says he can’t even think of committing ‘such a silly crime’, the NIA states that the chain of circumstances point an ‘unerring finger’ at his ‘role as the main conspirator’.
By: Express News Service
Mumbai | Updated: September 16, 2023 ... uma-2023-9
Rudy Giuliani 'may have been compromised' by the Kremlin, and FBI leaders didn't care, alleges special agent Johnathan Buma
Mattathias Schwartz Sep 16, 2023 ... power.html
Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on F.B.I. Director
After the death of a longtime F.B.I. director, J. Edgar Hoover, and as part of the post-Watergate reform era, Congress created a system in which F.B.I. directors are to serve single, fixed 10-year terms rather than being replaced each time a new president takes office like an ordinary political appointee. In July 1993, William Sessions resigned early under pressure from President Bill Clinton after bipartisan findings that Mr. Sessions had used taxpayer-funded resources for personal use. In May 2017, James B. Comey Jr. was fired by President Donald J. Trump amid the early Russia investigation. Mr. Trump appointed Christopher A. Wray as director in August 2017, so his term is set to end in 2027.
If elected, would you allow Mr. Wray to serve out his term absent some new issue that has not yet come to public light? ... lsobrooks/
Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks ran tough-on-crime campaigns for prosecutor. Now she’s fashioning herself as a reformer.
Akela Lacy
September 16 2023
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Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Nov 23, 2023 5:05 pm
Ray McGovern: They Killed JFK, Will We Let Them Kill Peace? ... paign=post

Reflections on the JFK assassination 60 years on
Scott Ritter: Ham*s & Hezbollah's Cheap Drones Are Destroying Israel's Tanks, That's Modern Warfare ... oard-them/
Police Stole Sacred Objects From Afro-Brazilian People. Now Museums Hoard Them.
There is now a growing movement in Brazil to reclaim sacred objects and collections from museums.
By Olavo Souza Pinto Filho & Barbara Cruz , TRUTHOUT
July 11, 2021 ... duct-fails
Why SCOTUS’ Code of Conduct Fails to Address Corruption
By issuing this toothless code of conduct, the Supreme Court attempts to circumvent necessary reforms and enables more lavish gifts and lucrative speaking engagements from their wealthy patrons.
ASHLEY TJHUN ... aty-rights
Sioux Tribes Want US to Come Clean on Treaty Deceit
"For centuries, the U.S. government has broken every promise it's made to Native tribes," says Standing Rock Sioux Chair Janet Alkire. "It's time for that to stop."
Nov 22, 2023 ... paign=post
RBO CANCER DATA - Pfizer & Moderna COVID-19 mRNA Vaccines Cause Turbo Cancer - The data is finally coming out! U… ... -extremism
Dallas lives with JFK legacy – but hate that spawned assassination simmers
Dubbed ‘city of hate’ after the 1963 killing, the Texas metropolis has largely moved on but the forces that brought death to Dealey Plaza are arguably more prevalent than ever
David Smith in Dallas, Texas
Sat 18 Nov 2023 ... paign=post
CHILDREN Killed by mRNA: 17 year old Aubrynn Grundy had 2 Pfizer mRNA Vaccines for school trip June, 2022. She die…
Aug.6, 2022 - Redford, MI - 17 year old Aubrynn Grundy had 1st Pfizer mRNA on June 7, 2022 and 2nd Pfizer mRNA on June 28, 2022. She went on a school trip and started to feel sick. She suffered a heart attack in ER, was hospitalized, deteriorated rapidly and died on Aug.6, 2022. Her death was blamed on COVID-19. ... n-lwop.pdf
Gordon Haas and Lloyd Fillion
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sun Jan 14, 2024 11:35 am ... ace-report
NEWS Jan 8, 2024
FBI knew about 'School Massacres Discussion' Discord server that Iowa mass shooter was member of weeks before attack took place: report
The "School Massacres Discussion" server was flagged by a fellow user and sent to the FBI in November ... a-Robinson
FBI urged to release CCTV footage that might show Prince Andrew with Jeffrey Epstein
A lawyer representing victims of Jeffrey Epstein claimed the footage could show Prince Andrew in Jeffrey Epstein's mansion.
Mon, Jan 8, 2024 ... jects-case
X seeks to disclose FBI’s surveillance requests to users, but Supreme Court rejects case
JANUARY 08, 2024 ... s-n2391511
Sex Tapes and FBI Cover-Ups and Clinton Payoffs ... OH MY! Techno Fog's Latest Epstein Doc Thread a DOOZY
January 08, 2024 ... on-part-1/
Truth, Lies, Slander And Un-American Activities: The Strange Case Of J. Edgar Hoover And Edward R. Murrow – An Exclusive KNEWZ Investigation
JANUARY 3, 2024 ... on-part-3/
Top Secret FBI Files: J. Edgar Hoover Never Gave Up On Witch Hunt Against Edward R. Murrow – An Exclusive KNEWZ Investigation
BY DOMINIC UTTON ... ate-change
Global heating will pass 1.5C threshold this year, top ex-Nasa scientist says
James Hansen says limit will be passed ‘for all practical purposes’ by May though other experts predict that will happen in 2030s
Oliver Milman
Mon 8 Jan 2024 ... tion-trial
NRA chief turned gun group into ‘Wayne’s World’, prosecutors say
Wayne LaPierre, chief executive who resigned last week, accused of taking millions ‘for personal benefit’ in corruption scheme
Richard Luscombe
Mon 8 Jan 2024 ... -eyeballs/
Head of CIA Counter-Terrorism Boasted After 9/11: “When We Are Through With Them, They Will Have Flies Walking Across Their Eyeballs.”
By Jeremy Kuzmarov - January 8, 2024 ... l-argument
JANUARY 8, 2024
FBI v. Fikre Oral Argument
The Supreme Court hears oral argument in FBI v. Fikre, a case on an individual’s lawsuit viability over being put on the “No Fly” list and then removed. ... B6EMKGQCU/
By WHIO Staff and Samantha Manning, CMG Washington News Bureau
January 08, 2024
‘Massively disrupting his life;’ Man wrongfully put on FBI’s ‘no fly’ list sues US government A man was wrongfully put on the FBI’s no-fly list and ended up stuck in a different country for four years.
WASHINGTON DC — A man was wrongfully put on the FBI’s no-fly list and ended up stuck in a different country for four years. ... gn-payouts
FBI Seek 30 Mos. For Ex-FBI Field Boss For Foreign Payouts
The Cuban spying case that has shocked the US government
8th January 2024
By Will Grant
BBC News, Havana ... ee-speech/
The Law Firm Helping Big Oil Weaponize the First Amendment
Gibson Dunn is “playing both sides” of free speech, using it to defend fossil fuel companies and silence the industry’s critics.
By Emily SandersonJan 5, 2024 ... -enablers/
Reuters, New York Times Top List of Fossil Fuel Industry’s Media Enablers
New report by DeSmog and Drilled reveals extent of commercial partnerships between trusted outlets and Big Oil.
By Amy Westervelt, Matthew Green and Joey GrosternonDec 5, 2023 ... l-protest/
Teenage conscientious objectors won momentum during the anti-Netanyahu protests, but the post-October 7 world is a new test.
Prem Thakker
January 8 2024 ... um=reader2
The FDA Knows that Pfizer's mRNA Injections are Gene Editing Technologies
By falsely referring to injectable gene editing technologies as ‘vaccines’, Pfizer, the FDA and the NIH knowingly lied to the American people and global civilians. Make no mistake, this is criminal.
JAN 5, 2024 ... dod-report
US Military Veterans Are Increasingly Turning to Extremism: DOD Report
A study released by the Department of Defence found that veterans being involved in extremism is a growing problem.
By Mack Lamoureux
January 8, 2024 ... ate-change
Emissions from Israel’s war in Gaza have ‘immense’ effect on climate catastrophe
Exclusive: First months of conflict produced more planet-warming gases than 20 climate-vulnerable nations do in a year, study shows
The climate costs of war and militaries can no longer be ignored

Nina Lakhani Climate justice reporter
Tue 9 Jan 2024 03.30 ... to-murder/
‘Brilliant’ Italian mobster serving life earns degree in prison — with 170-page thesis confessing to three unsolved murders
Jesse O’Neill
Published Jan. 9, 2024 ... -training/
Police training in mental health lags behind new reality
by Emily Bader, The Maine Monitor and Emmett Gartner, The Maine Monitor ... 58826.html
How The Monkees ended up with an FBI File | Late Edition: Crime Beat Chronicles podcast
Lee Media Studio
Marvin Gaye. Jimi Hendrix. The Beatles. John Denver. The Monkees. All successful musical acts … with FBI files. ... 10755.html
Marine vet Ray Epps, who some suspected was FBI operative, gets year of probation for Capitol riot role
ASSOCIATED PRESS • January 9, 2024 ... -tesla-10/
Lauren Simmonds
January 9, 2024 ... t-n2633359
The FBI’s Real Insider Threat
John Nantz
 Jan 09, 2024
As a microcosm of the government-wide institution of DEIA policy, the FBI has become an exemplar of dysfunction. Infamously, the FBI has embroiled itself in a laundry list of outrages (Russia Gate, Hunter Biden’s laptop, FISA and Section 702 abuses, the poorly sourced and written Catholic memo, the J6th investigation v. BLM and ANTIFA rioting, mayhem, and attacks on federal buildings). Biden’s DEIA polices will ensure that the culture of weaponization, rampant at FBI Headquarters will proliferate wildly throughout the agent population. ... -released/
Harrowing video shows cop shooting 11-year-old boy who called 911
Jesse O’Neill
Published Jan. 9, 2024 ... 599255.php
New Haven cop sentenced to 2 years for killing fellow officer in Las Vegas DUI crash
Josh LaBella
Jan. 9, 2024 ... -date-set/
Deatur cop accused of murdering Steve Perkins has court date set ... ome-depot/
NYPD detective assigned to Commissioner Edward Caban’s office nabbed for shoplifting $130 of merchandise
Steven Vago and Katherine Donlevy
Published Jan. 10, 2024

COPAGANDA ... right-now/
13 Best Buddy Cop Movies On Netflix to Watch Right Now
BENJAMIN HATHAWAY ... 5-premiere
Remy's new-found nephew will return in the FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 premiere
The FBI: Most Wanted Season 5 premiere not only has a new agent joining up but Remy connecting with his new-found nephew.
By Michael Weyer | ... ht-1-9-24/

Is FBI, FBI: International, FBI: Most Wanted new tonight, 1/9/24?
FBI, FBI: International, FBI: Most Wanted January 10, 2024 ... -division/
Shannon Parry Appointed Assistant Director of FBI’s Information Management Division
by Naomi Cooper
January 8, 2024

FBI and NSA Directors on 2024 Elections: Worry About Chaos, Not Vote Count
BY KELLY KULTYS ON JANUARY 9,2024 ... e29626ef8d
When to shoot: FBI wants people to understand how agents make split-second decisions
Tuesday was a chance for community members to get a look at the calls officers face in the field.
Author: Diamond Palmer
January 9, 2024 ... troduction

FBI /The Assassination of Fred Hampton
The Assassination by the FBI
by Alicia Maynard
At some point in 1969, the Chicago police and the FBI managed to place a spy, William O’Neal, within the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party (ILBPP). O’Neal was Hampton’s trusted friend and bodyguard and was in charge of security the night of Hampton’s murder.[1] During the night of December 3, it is widely believed that he drugged Fred Hampton to ensure that he would not be able to defend himself.[2] Early the next morning, the police descended on 2337 West Monroe Street on Chicago’s West Side. Thanks to a floor plan provided to them by O’Neal through the FBI, they raided the apartment where Hampton, his pregnant fiancée Deborah Johnson, and several other Black Panthers were sleeping.[3] The police entered the residence and shot Mark Clark, who was on guard, once in the chest. Either his death spasm or his falling to the floor caused him to fire his gun upward—the only shot the Black Panthers fired during this raid and done posthumously.[4] The police, who were heavily armed, including with a submachine gun, open-fired throughout the apartment despite pleas to stop, firing at least ninety bullets.[5] When the onslaught ceased, Fred Hampton and Deborah Johnson were miraculously only injured.[6] The police entered the bedroom and removed Johnson, who had been attempting to shield Hampton
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sun Feb 18, 2024 6:51 pm ... ys-roundup
Racists with Badges: The Good Ol' Boys Roundup
By: Donald V. Watkins January 29, 2020
Most people of interracial goodwill have never heard of Gene Rightmyer, the former Knoxville, Tennessee-based ATF agent who organized and led the Good Ol' Boys Roundup (Roundup) from 1980 through 1995. During this sixteen-year period, more than 1,000 people participated in the Roundup, including an estimated 500 federal, state, and local law enforcement and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials. At least 10 percent of the attendees had federal law enforcement affiliations.
During this 16-year period, only 4 black law enforcement agents ever attempted to attend the Roundup. As discussed below, two of them who were accompanied by a white ATF agent got into a confrontation when the white ATF agent was accused of "bringing niggers to the Roundup" by the event staff members who were operating the "Nigger checkpoint."
The Crucifixion Ruse (full version) ... it-up-now/
City’s police accountability agency did not finish investigation against infamous cop, declines to wrap it up now
By STACY ST. CLAIR | | Chicago Tribune
PUBLISHED: January 2, 2024
A city agency tapped to review police misconduct complaints failed to complete an investigation into a high-ranking Chicago cop several years ago and has declined to finish it now, according to documents obtained by the Tribune.
The Civilian Office of Police Accountability assigned an investigator in 2017 to determine whether Lt. Glenn Evans lied about allegedly breaking a mentally ill woman’s nose while she was in custody, but public records show the agency shelved the case almost immediately without any explanation — or any real inquiry.
The case saw little activity until earlier this year, when the city Office of the Inspector General reviewed the file as part of its routine oversight and recommended that COPA finish the investigation. The agency declined, saying it “would not be an efficient use” of its limited resources and that the Chicago Police Board would likely dismiss a sustained finding due to the passage of time.
The Tribune obtained more than 1,000 pages of records related to the case through Freedom of Information Act requests submitted to both COPA and the Office of the Inspector General. The public documents raise questions about COPA’s early accountability efforts, given

What do Paterson cop’s convictions mean for pending civil lawsuits?
Joe Malinconico
Updated Sat, February 10, 2024 ...
Joe Malinconico February 10, 2024
PATERSON — City taxpayers may end up paying the price for the excessive force crimes committed by Paterson police officer Kevin Patino.
While Patino stood before a federal judge on Thursday admitting he assaulted two Paterson residents in separate incidents, the attorneys representing ... n-pd-texas
Cop accused of offering to pay undercover officer for sex
by CNN NewsourceSat, February 10th 2024 ... r-BB1i5ebS
Cop accused of discrimination against Black drivers arrested for possession of child porn
Story by Carl Gibson February 10,2024 ... ls-the-sun
‘Enough Is Enough,’ Former NYPD Cop Running for Congress Tells the Sun
Alison Esposito, campaigning on public safety and American exceptionalism, hopes to flip red a longtime blue district in New York.
Friday, February 9, 2024 ... cteristics
People Who Become Cops Tend to Have Authoritarian Personality Characteristics
Chauncey DeVegaandAlterNetJanuary 07, 2015 ... alaskapox/
Alaska confirms first fatal case of Alaskapox
Patrick Reilly February 11, 2024 ... ssig-trump
How to steal a US election: Harvard’s Lawrence Lessig on Trump’s new threat
Ed Pilkington in New York Sun 11 Feb 11, 2024
“We are convinced,” they write, “that an informed and intelligent effort to undermine the results of a close, free and fair election could work in America – if the rules governing our presidential elections are not changed.” ... o-the-air/
Cop’s Car Explodes At Argentine Gas Station Blowing 44lbs Of Cocaine Into The Air
Fortunately, the vehicle's occupants were outside of the vehicle while it was being filled with compressed natural gas, but two people were still injured
by Sebastien Bell
February 10, 2024

COPAGANDA ... 398403007/
A day in the life: Abilene Police Officer
Officer Kimberly Salazar allowed Reporter-News to shadow her on a Friday night, with calls ranging from an overdose to disturbances to traffic stops, and everything in between.
Diana Groom Abilene Reporter-News

‘FBI: International’: Luke Kleintank Says Scott Is ‘Hell-Bent on Revenge’ After Explosion
The wait is almost over to find out if the Fly Team lost anyone in the explosion we know at least destroyed FBI: International‘s main location, their
2024 ... s-leaving/
'FBI: International' Season 3 - 5 Stars Returning to Cast, 1 New Star Is Joining, 1 Is Leaving! ... watch-list
Must-see TV: 'Tracker', 'Blue Bloods', 'FBI' and 'NCIS' top this week's watch list
'This is Us' star Justin Hartley sets TV return in thriller series based on Jeffery Deaver's best-selling book series.
Get the latest from Mark Daniell straight to your inbox
Mark Daniell
Published Feb 11, 2024 ... ment-oped/
The FBI’s Agents Lawless Raid On US Private Vaults Shows Why The Founders Created The Fourth Amendment – OpEd
February 11, 2024 0 Comments ... e/5122545/
Cop in Times Square melee once found liable in $5M police brutality case
According to a federal civil rights complaint, the lieutenant seen on bodycam video wrestling with a migrant who was resisting arrest on a Times Square sidewalk was once part of a group of officers accused of beating and choking a man in his own home back in 2011
By Chris Glorioso • Published February 9, 2024 ... ex-worker/
La Marque Officer Charged After Mistaking Houston Undercover Cop for Prostitute
By John Martins
Published on February 11, 2024 ... atman.html
School cop, Elias Huizar, is accused of raping a teen girl and her drunk friend - after his 17-YEAR-OLD girlfriend reported the assaults to authorities
11 February 2024 ... 659225.php
United ISD adds eight new officers to its police department
By Courtesy of UISD
Feb 11, 2024 ... e-cruiser/
DC officer under investigation for alleged sexual assault in a police cruiser
Grace Newton |
February 11, 2024 ... 2-arrests/
Dunbar Police sued for denying public records in 2 arrests
By MetroNews Staff 
February 11, 2024 ... al-shield/
Police and qualified immunity: Jurors, judges struggle with consequential legal shield
The Dallas Morning February 11, 2024 ... you-doing/
For God’s Sake Joe, What the Hell Are You Doing?
By Ann Wright - February 10, 2024 ... isitation/
Amid the Lingering Trauma of Trump’s Executions, a New Project Brings Families to Federal Death Row
Scott Ritter & Larry Johnson: Russia has Demilitarized NATO and Ukraine will be ANNIHILATED ... 650314.php
Police, schools superintendent top list of East Haven's highest earners in 2023
By Austin Mirmina,
Feb 11, 2024 ... en-cocaine
Cops Stole 20 Kilos of Coke From a Cartel, and Now They’re Being Hunted
A cartel has killed at least six cops in Tijuana after local police officers stole a large cocaine cargo from a stash house.
By Luis Chaparro
February 9, 2024 ... -2017.html
City defends Grand Rapids police officers who handcuffed girl, 11, in 2017
Feb. 11, 2024 ... misconduct

Trial and Error
The Outcry for Justice in the Dennis Dechaine Case
Official Misconduct
Submitted to the State of Maine by retired federal agent James P. Moore
Jim Moore retired from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms as ATF’s agent-in-charge for Maine and New Hampshire. His career included two years with the Federal Organized Crime & Racketeering Strike Force and two years with INTERPOL where he directed international investigations of robbery, rape, murder and terrorism. Moore had developed a high regard for Maine law enforcement, so when charges surfaced that Dennis Dechaine had been wrongfully convicted for the 1988 murder of Sarah Cherry, he decided to see for himself. At that time, Moore regarded Dechaine’s supporters “as a bunch of bird brains out to trash law enforcement.” However, while conducting an independent investigation at his own expense, Moore concluded that Dechaine indeed had been wrongfully convicted. He has since written two books on the case, Human Sacrifice and State Secrets, all proceeds of which are donated to securing a retrial for Dechaine. ... about.aspx

MORE THAN 31,070 YEARS LOST ... dwi-crash/
Cop axed by NYPD in 2023 over parking dispute facing manslaughter rap in DWI crash
Selim Algar Craig McCarthy
Published Feb. 11, 2024 ... ue-pet-cat
Oregon resident caught the bubonic plague from their cat, local officials say
Officials say disease, which killed millions in medieval Europe, was identified and treated early, ‘posing little risk to the community’
Guardian staff
Tue 13 Feb 2024 ... wikileaks/
CIA Whistleblower Given Draconian Sentence After Being Found Guilty of Leaking Documents to Wikileaks
By John Kiriakou - February 12, 2024
So what was Vault 7? And why does the mainstream media refer to Schulte as a “leaker,” rather than as a “whistleblower?” Remember, there is a legal definition of whistleblowing: It is bringing to light any evidence of waste, fraud, abuse, illegality, or threats to the public health and public safety.” Motivation is legally irrelevant.
Vault 7 was a series of 24 collections of documents totaling hundreds of thousands of pages that included the most sophisticated computer hacking, surveillance, and cyberwarfare tools that the CIA ever developed. Wikileaks published the first tranche, called “Year Zero,” on March 7, 2017. Just this first installment contained more information than all of that released by Edward Snowden and included vulnerabilities known to the CIA within web browsers, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera and the operating systems of most of the world’s cellphones, including Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. ... aturestack
Super Bowl 2024 was the most-watched program ever in the US, averaging 123.4 million viewers
Sunday's game marked second straight year the Super Bowl averaged more than 100 million viewers.
By JOE REEDY, Associated Press
February 13, 2024 ... te-change/
Six Charts Show Why No One Is Talking About Climate Change
The spiral of silence
BY JEREMY DEATON | PUBLISHED SEP 30, 2016 6:49 PM EDT ... te-change/
Why Some Americans Do Not See Urgency on Climate Change
In-depth interviews find some Americans consider crisis language overblown, leading to added skepticism of claims
Climate experts sound alarm over thriving plant life at Greenland ice sheet
Research shows there has been a near-quadrupling across Greenland of methane-producing wetlands
Rachel Keenan
Tue 13 Feb 2024 ... veillance-
Revealed: FBI kept files on peaceful climate change protesters
A protest at a BP plant in Indiana landed three sixtysomething campaigners in a federal surveillance report, documents released to the Guardian under the Freedom on Information Act show
Adam Federman Thu 13 Dec 2018 ... ce-tracker

Silencing Science Tracker | Sabin Center for Climate Change ...

Sabin Center for Climate Change Law › content › silencing-sci...
A survey of federal government scientists found evidence of political interference in scientific research at USDA. The survey found, among other things, that ... ... ntal-wind/
At the wind energy industry’s behest, the FBI and DHS gamed out attacks on facilities that they acknowledged face no threat.
Alleen Brown
We are dedicated and passionate thinkers and doers making a difference for our country.
#MADNESS - National Debt Clock: US Senate passes $95 billion aid package
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Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Mar 28, 2024 12:45 pm
Scott Ritter: How close are we to global confrontation ... um=reader2
Notes from the annals of American surveillance in the Mediterranean
SEYMOUR HERSH MAR 5, 2024 ... continues/
Biden Administration Shouts ‘ONE MORE YEAR! ONE MORE YEAR!’ As Section 702 Stalemate Continues
from the only-if-FBI-agents-show-up-with-stuff-scrawled-on-posterboard dept
Fri, Mar 1st 2024 10:48am - Tim Cushing
There are a variety of reasons to alter, if not actually end, the Section 702 collection. Whatever value it may have in terms of national security, the very real fact is that it has been endlessly abused by the FBI since its inception.
It’s a foreign-facing collection, which means it harvests communications and data involving foreign targets of US surveillance. But there’s a massive backdoor built into this collection. Collecting foreign communications often means collecting US persons’ communications with foreign persons or entities.
That’s where the FBI has gone interloping with alarming frequency. US persons’ communications are supposed to be masked, preventing the FBI from engaging in warrantless surveillance of US-based communications. This simply hasn’t happened. And the FBI has not only performed second-hand abuse of this collection regularly, but it has equally regularly refused to be honest with the FISA court about its activities.
The latest rejection of a clean reauthorization of Section 702 has nothing ... -policing/
Can Jeffrey Epstein's Sex Trafficking Victims Recover Damages from the FBI for Negligent Policing?
By T. Evan Eosten Fisher, Esq. | Last updated on March 04, 2024 ... 024-02-14/
Jeffrey Epstein victims sue FBI, allege coverup
By Jonathan Stempel
February 14, 2024 ... r-privacy/
Ephemeral usernames instead of phone numbers safeguard privacy — and makes Signal even harder to subpoena.
Micah Lee March 4 2024 ... ta-broker/

Wyden’s Office Gets FTC To Protect The Data Of 1.6 Billion People Tracked By Now-Bankrupt Data Broker
from the dysfunction-junction dept
Mon, Mar 4th 2024 05:19am - Karl Bode
There are two major reasons that the U.S. doesn’t pass an internet-era privacy law or regulate data brokers despite a parade of dangerous scandals.
One, lobbied by a vast web of interconnected industries with unlimited budgets, Congress is too corrupt to do its job.
Two, the U.S. government is disincentivized to do anything because it exploits this privacy dysfunction to buy data, dodge warrants, and expand surveillance. ... nderstand/
Body Cam Shows Sheriff Obliging A Bigot To Search A Library For ‘Obscene’ Books He’s Too Stupid To Understand
Too Much Free Time
from the free-speech-is-banning-books? dept
Mon, Mar 4th 2024 10:44am - Tim Cushing
Courtesy of Solar Opposites (imho the funniest show on streaming TV), here’s what happens when you teach a cop how to read: ... bi-1875780
Assassin Targeting Trump Allies Is on the Loose, FBI Warns
Published Mar 04, 2024
The Guilty Men
Episode aired Nov 17, 2003
The controversal 2003 History Channel documentary accusing Lyndon Johnson of being behind the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kenendy. ... bna4687760
History Channel withdraws JFK documentary
Controversial documentary accused former President Lyndon B. Johnson of complicity in Kennedy assassination.
April 7, 2004, 7:16 PM EDT / Source: Reuters
The History Channel apologized and said it was withdrawing a controversial documentary aired last November that accused former President Lyndon B. Johnson of complicity in the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
A statement Wednesday from The History Channel said “The Guilty Men” program had “failed to offer viewers context and perspective
Nigel Turner ... r-78-days/
Twenty Five Years Ago, the Clinton Administration Used a Fake Massacre at Račak to Justify the Illegal Bombing of Belgrade for 78 Days
By Kit Klarenberg - March 4, 2024
Blooming Flowers Timelapse ... kenan-cnn/
Blitzer edited two magazines run by AIPAC’s founder that took hard-line pro-Israel stances like supporting Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.
Debbie Nathan
March 3 2024 ... s-climate/
Detroit, Buffalo set record highs in 70s as warm air swarms Great Lakes ... ring-arre/
Blaze Media Journalist Describes 'HUMILIATING' Treatment by FBI During Arre
By Staff, Glenn Beck
March 4, 2024 ... tical-gain
Christian monk says disgraced Biden prosecutor ruined his life for 'political gain'
The Christian monk accused FBI of dragging him from the altar while he was in the middle of prayer services
By Hannah Grossman , Alba Cuebas-Fantauzzi Fox News
Published March 4, 2024 ... ch-police/
Missouri’s New Speech Police
Free Speech
from the criminalizing-speech dept
Mon, Mar 4th 2024 01:35pm - Michael McGrady
Republican state Rep. Jamie Gragg of Ozark is a freshman lawmaker with no discernible accomplishments on his record. However, it isn’t to say that the man doesn’t break from the party line when it comes to the Republican Party’s fascistic campaign against transgender rights.
Gragg introduced House Bill (HB) 2885. It makes it a sex crime – yes, a sex crime – if a school psychologist or teacher “contributed” to a trans child’s social transition in some capacity.
A social transition is the socio-environmental element of a gender-divergent person transitioning to the gender they identify as. Social transitioning includes adopting someone’s ... censoring/
UK Military Censors Dismayed US Tech Companies Won’t Do More Censoring
Content Moderation
from the please-help-us-go-global dept
Tue, Mar 5th 2024 10:50am - Tim Cushing
Like highway patrol officers bitching about the fact they couldn’t talk a driver into a voluntary search, a British censorship board is complaining about the fact they can’t get US companies to comply with takedown requests they’re under no legal obligation to comply with.
That’s the gist of this article, as reported by Laurie Clarke and Tamlin Magee of Politico’s European-focused wing.
Britain’s media censorship board is trying to woo Big Tech. But the Silicon ... defamation
Jamaican Information Minister Sued by Ex-FBI Agent Wilfred Rattigan for Defamation
Wilfred Rattigan, ex-FBI agent, takes legal action against Jamaican Minister Robert Nesta Morgan for defamation, seeking to restore his reputation.
Salman Akhtar
04 Mar 2024 ... 3-20240304
New DB Cooper statement after scientist claims 'access to his parachute was blocked'
The museum that houses DB Cooper's parachute has released a detailed statement
Tom Earnshaw Published Mar 4, 2024 ... s-fbi-flaw
Classified Information Leak to White Supremacist Shocks Legal System, Reveals FBI Flaw
Federal prosecutors inadvertently gave classified data to a defendant, raising national security questions. A stark reminder of the need for stringent data management
Ebenezer Mensah 05 Mar 2024 ... tol-attack
The FBI can't investigate white extremism until it first investigates itself
Akin Olla
Failing to hold the agency accountable will make a mockery of the Biden administration’s claims to combat the far right
Tue 26 Jan 2021 ... nforcement
FBI warned of white supremacists in law enforcement 10 years ago. Has anything changed?
Nation Oct 21, 2016 4:10 PM EST ... ial-agent/
Black special agents say FBI's culture is "not conducive to minorities"
By Jeff Pegues, Andrew Bast and Michael Kaplan
October 7, 2020 / 9:01 AM EDT / CBS News
Jackson is one of several Black former FBI special agents who told CBS News the bureau's lack of diversity raises questions about its ability to fairly investigate the police killings in Minneapolis, Louisville and Kenosha, Wisconsin, that have roiled the country and triggered a racial reckoning. Currently, only 4% of the 13,000 FBI agents around the world are Black, a number that has stayed virtually the same for decades. ... d/1155902/
Insights Into the FBI Still Troubling
By Larry Bell Monday, 04 March 2024

COPAGANDA ... i-n2636079
Our Endlessly Embarrassing FBI
John Nantz Mar 05, 2024 ... es-academy
FBI Springfield accepting applications for citizens academy
by WICS/WCCUTue, March 5th 2024 ... e-thriller
FBI Hockey Team Battles Secret Service in Triple-Overtime Thriller
March 4, 2024 ... on-session
UAH students learn about diverse FBI career opportunities at internship information session
MAR 04, 2024 | Ann Marie Martin ... otherhood/
FBI Sets Rookie Blue Reunion, Casts Charlotte Sullivan as Friend of Missy Peregrym’s Maggie (Exclusive)

New FBI Most Wanted Season 5, February 27, 2024 Episode 3 Spoilers Revealed
Hey, "FBI: Most Wanted" fans. We're back with some more wonderful news for you guys because another new episode of FBI: Most Wanted is all queued up and ready to go for you tonight, February 27, 2024. That's right, guys. Tonight's new episode is the 3rd one for this current season 5, and we've got some new spoiler scoops for it. We were able to dig up 2, new, official teaser spoilers for this new episode 3 straight from CBS via their official episode 3 press release synopsis. So, we will certainly take a look at what it has to reveal ... m-burnout/
How an FBI negotiator brought this agent back from burnoutDanielle Lazier was at the top of her game, but she was so burnt out, she was ready to quit. FBI negotiator Chris Voss' talk about tactical empathy and...

FBI schedule includes a break before new episodes return
The FBI universe may have just returned to the air after almost a year off, but sadly, we’re already getting a short break in the schedule. ... al-dinner/

FBI veteran to address Collier 100 Club at annual dinner
MARCH 4, 2024
A retired FBI supervisory special agent, former federal prosecutor and U.S. diplomat ... orruption/
Albuquerque defense attorney speaks on tipping off FBI about possible APD corruption
by: Jordan Honeycutt, Jessica Garate
Posted: Mar 4, 2024 ... carjacker/
Tardy TSA Agent Cooks up Wild Tale about Would-Be Carjacker
By Steve Neavlin
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sat May 11, 2024 2:59 pm ... sw&index=7
Larry Johnson: US Supplied ATACMS Target Troops Inside Russia ... eved-duty/
Paris cop Hunter Armstrong arrested for assaulting woman, relieved of duty
Ma 6,2024
Sex-Crimes Cop Accused Of Raping 19 year old Woman Whose Case He Was Investigating | 10 News First ... on-charge/
Maine cop Larry Fickett charged with sexual exploitation of a child
by Bill Trotter May 6,2024
The complaint filed in court against Fickett says he did “intentionally or knowingly permit [a child under the age of 12] to engage in sexually explicit conduct. Larry J. Fickett knew or intended that the conduct be photographed.” ... eforms.pdf
The history of police reform in America, in the sense of modern day notions of police professionalization, is more than a century old.1 Over that time period there have been successive waves of reform movements, with a changing set of objectives and programs.2 Much has been accomplished to improve policing over this long period.3 Whether the benchmark is one- hundred years, fifty years or only twenty years ago, it is possible to see significant reforms in police management, crime fighting tactics, police personnel standards and training, the diversity of the work force, constitutional standards for policing, and the accountability of officers for their actions in critical situations. The community oriented policing (COP) movement, moreover, represents a fundamental change in thinking about the role of the police in society that rejects the professional model that dominated police thinking for most of the twentieth century about how police organizations should attempt to fulfill that role.4
Nonetheless, reformers and police scholars alike have given little attention to the question of ensuring that achieved reforms endure and become a permanent part of an individual department or of policing in general.5 The police literature contains only a few references to the institutionalization or sustainability of reforms, and the discussions are typically very brief.6 Part of the problem, Stephen Mastrofski and James Willis importantly note, is that police scholars face enormous difficulties in tracking “changes in police ... door-1163/
The Obama-Biden Revolving Door
MuckRock and Forbes explored how Obama-Biden officials cashed in during the Trump years. We dug into the financial disclosures of 77 officials who left the Obama administration and returned for the Biden administration. What we found: The officials’ median assets increased an estimated 270% over four years. By comparison, total household assets increased 38% nationwide from 2017 to 2021, according to data published by the Federal Reserve. The S&P 500 went up 70% over the same period. ... hp_primary
Who will be the commencement speakers at colleges in Boston and across New England? Here’s an updating list.
May 5,2024 ... men-prison
‘My role was to be a truthful witness’: photographer Jack Lueders-Booth’s Polaroids of American female prisoners In the 1970s, the photographer began teaching in a progressive US women’s prison and made moving portraits of many of the inmates. Looking back, he sees how many of them actual
May 5,2024 y Sean O’Hagan ... rceration/

“To Be Free Is to Free Others”: Formerly Incarcerated Women Urge Decarceration
The fight to free women and end mass incarceration is long and ongoing, but these activists aren’t giving up.
By Victoria Law , TRUTHOUT ... -princeton
I teach democracy at Princeton. Student protesters are getting an education like no other
Razia Iqbal
Students across the US are forging bonds in the face of brutal power structures. You might say they’ve already won
Sat 4 May 2024 ... ia-158565/
Pursuant to the Pennsylvania Right to Know Act, I hereby request the following records:
Records containing data on Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders in Pennsylvania, including the information included below, from January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2023, broken down by year and county, ideally at an individual case level. ... -big-time/
MAY 3, 2024
The Heat’s On – Big Time!
“Nearly nineteen thousand (19,000) weather stations have notched record high temperatures since Jan. 1.” (Source: Earth’s Record Hot Streak Might be a Sign of a New Climate Era, The Washington Post, April 19, 2024)
A blistering start to the 2024 year is breaking all-time global temperature records of 2023 and bringing to the forefront a looming threat of Wet Bulb temperature concerns.
Even though summer ‘24 has not officially begun for the Northern Hemisphere (solstice June 20th), according to DW News (German public broadcast network) d/d April 25th, 2024, Extreme Heat in Southeast Asia Leads to School Closures: “Hundreds of millions of people across South and Southeast Asia are facing soaring temperatures and drought as a heatwave grips the region. Dozens have been killed by heatstroke in Thailand alone. Authorities in the capital Bangkok are warning their citizens of the ‘extremely dangerous’ conditions. Schools have been closed in the Philippines and Bangladesh for tens of millions of children and the daytime temperature in Myanmar has reached nearly 46 degrees Celsius. The UN has warned that deaths due to heatstroke were widely underreported, calling heat a ‘silent killer.”
Throughout several regions: “Soaring heat and drought have been felt in recent weeks from India, which is carrying out the world’s largest election in temperatures that have risen above 40C, to the coffee plantations of Vietnam… Earlier this month, the United Nations Children’s Fund warned that more than 243 million children across East Asia and the Pacific are at risk of heat-related illnesses and death, as the region braces for an unusually hot summer… The prolonged heat wave already forced the Philippines to close some schools earlier this month, prompting a return to remote learning that became the norm during Covid, while the government urged people to save electricity as power plants were forced to shut down. (Source: Southeast Asia Heat Wave Shuts down Schools, Stokes Power Demand, Bloomberg News, April 28, 2024)
Japan Launches New Alert System as Heat Stroke Deaths Rise, JapanToday, April 25, 2024: “When the alert is issued, municipalities will open designated facilities such as libraries and community centers to residents as ‘cooling shelters.’ The system will be in effect through Oct 23 this year…The nation’s average temperature in the summer of 2023 was the highest since the Japan Meteorological agency began recording comparable data in 1898.
The Wet Bulb Temperature Peril
The Wet Bulb temperature effect is a killer that is unfortunately gaining new respect. “New research suggests that with Wet Bulb temperature above 31.5C the body can no longer cool itself and without ... atures-aoe
Bumblebee nests are overheating to fatal levels, study finds
More frequent heatwaves mean bees are unable to thermoregulate their hives – further endangering a species already in decline
Sophie Kevany Sat 4 May 2024 ... yer-74231/
Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act, I hereby request the following records:
Records relating to or mentioning Georgie Anne Geyer. ... ering-heat
‘Inside an oven’: sweltering heat ravages crops and takes lives in south-east Asia
Governments issue health warnings as schools shut and crops fail, with fears that worse is to come as heatwave tightens grip
Rebecca Ratcliffe Sat 4 May 2024 ... y-the-cia/

Impeachment, Brought to You by the CIA
BY ROB URIE ... rmageddon/

Speaker Mike Johnson Could Use Donald Trump as the Front Man for Armageddon

DONKEYHOTEY 05/05/2024 ... es-at-fbi/
Jim Jordan opens House judiciary inquiry into Biden DEI hiring practices at FBI
Rachel Schilke May 6, 2024 ... s-00156124
Prosecutors: Docs in boxes seized from Mar-a-Lago were inadvertently jumbled
Special counsel Jack Smith’s team acknowledged mischaracterizing the issue at a recent hearing in the Trump classified documents case, but said the reordering was not significant.
By JOSH GERSTEIN and KYLE CHENEY 05/03/2024 ... mob-attack
Police let violent mobs attack UCLA students. This is what lawlessness looks like
Judith Levine
UCLA watched the chaos unfold in the middle of the night and did nothing until it was far too late
Mon 6 May 2024 ... um=reader2
SPD cop who joked about pedestrian’s death to speak at national conference
By KIRO 7 News Staff May 06, 2024 ... 34308.html
‘A desperate effort to level the playing field’: Senior Toronto cop says she helped Black officers cheat to fight structural racism
“I decided that if the opportunity presented itself, I would assist the candidates and make a desperate effort to level the playing field,” Supt. Stacy Clarke said.
May 6, 2024 ... rrest-dea/
Sinaloa cartel probe led to deputy’s drug arrest: DEA
* Big operation in California’s Inland Empire targeted the Sinaloa cartel
* Riverside County corrections officer arrested in September
* Trash bags containing 100 pound of fentanyl pills found in his car
Jorge Ventura, Rich Johnson Updated: MAY 6, 2024

COPAGANDA ... 7b9dc.html
Ashburn Student Receives Visit from FBI ... 7b9dc.html
Ashburn Student Receives Visit from FBI
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