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Blink Tank

Link du jour ... -87887611/

FBI Octopus ... 89731.html
Frank Barnett, former governor of American Samoa, dies
Knoxville News Sentinel-
While he first served as a special agent for the FBI before becoming a founding partner of the Baker, Worthington, Barnett and Crossley law firm, his career ...

also see ... convention
Questions of security and unity loom on eve of Republican National ...
WTMJ-TV (press release) (registration) (blog)-
Former FBI agent Steve King has been going to Republican conventions since 1972, but the Janesville resident is overseeing all the planning and staging of the ...

1. ... s.html.csp

Possible FBI misconduct irrelevant in standoff case, judge rules
The Register-Guard-
Prosecutors last month revealed the investigation into an FBI agent's apparent shooting of Finicum and alleged FBI tampering with evidence at the scene was .

Alabama sheriff’s deputies refused service at Taco Bell
Sunday, July 17, 2016, 3:09 PM ... -1.2714880

3. ... -87854721/

July 17, 2016
ACLU, other groups sue Baton Rouge police over treatment of shooting protesters

4. ... utrageous/

EDITORIAL: Newly Uncovered Secret Rules Allowing FBI To Spy on ...
FBI spying on reporters poses a great threat to journalism — and to the American democracy, and will make correspondents and whistleblowers with sensitive 

5. ... employees/
Strengthening Whistleblower Protections

Another bill introduced last week falls on the other end of the spectrum from Yoho’s bill. Introduced by Congressmen Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY), it would strengthen the whistleblower protections for FBI employees who report waste, fraud, and abuse.

The FBI Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (H.R. 5790) would do the following:

Protect whistleblowers who make disclosures within their chain of command
Facilitate the identification of retaliation against whistleblowers
Give the Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General sole authority to investigate claims of retaliation
“Whistleblowers play an indispensable role in rooting out waste, fraud, and abuse within federal agencies,” said Chaffetz. “As the only federal law enforcement employees exempt from the Whistleblower Protection Act, FBI whistleblowers need a process they can count on to protect them. They shouldn’t have to worry about losing their jobs for telling the truth. The existing process simply doesn’t work.”

6. ... -counting/

TWA 800: Twenty Years and Counting [Video]
Accuracy In Media-
That “wall” kept the CIA and FBI from sharing information in the run-up to September 11. Cashill wrote that “a newly unearthed treasure trove of CIA documents .


former Tampa Bay Sheriff's Deputy Mark Dougan has fled to Russia
after being attacked by FBI agents when he set up a website
exposing corruption in law enforcement.

Dougan has set up his same website in


7. ... -87876025/

July 18, 2016
Judge throws out ex-L.A. County Sheriff Lee Baca's plea deal, saying 6 months in prison is not enough

Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca leaves the federal courthouse in Los Angeles on Feb. 10.

July 18, 2016, 1:20 p.m.
A federal judge rejected a plea agreement Monday under which former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca would have served up to six months

8. ... -terrorist
National News

Judicial Watch Obtains Documents Revealing FBI Declared Mateen “NOT” to be a Terrorist

July 18, 2016 |

“We do NOT believe he is a terrorist... I don’t believe he will go postal or anything like that.”

(Washington, DC) -- Judicial Watch today released previously undisclosed documents from the St. Lucie, Florida, Sheriff’s Department revealing the FBI informed the sheriff’s office in late 2013 that Omar Mateen was “NOT” a terrorist and was no threat to “go postal.” [Emphasis in original] The email from the St. Lucie Sheriff’s Department details the remarks were made during a phone conversation with Randall Glass, the Florida regional resident in charge for the FBI. Other documents show Mateen admitted to initially lying to the FBI about past statements tying him to the Boston Marathon bombers, the Fort Hood terrorist, and al Qaeda terrorists in Kenya.

Judicial Watch obtained the document as result of its June 14, 2016, public records request seeking the following:

Any and all records regarding, concerning, or related to a deceased individual named Omar Mateen, a/k/a Omar Mir Seddique... This request includes, but is not limited to, any and all records of communications between any official, employee, or representative of the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office and any other individual or entity regarding, concerning, or related to Mr. Mateen.

Included among the documents obtained by Judicial Watch is a September 27, 2013, email memo from former St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department Major Michael Graves to Sheriff’s Department Director of Detention Patrick Tighe.

FBI concluded a several month long thorough investigation of one of our G4S employees, Omar Mateen, who works at the courthouse. Last night, I spoke with FBI SAC [Special Agent in Charge] Rand Glass who informed me they believe this individual has been making comments about his capabilities via his alleged middle eastern [sic] terrorist contacts as a form of tit for tat -- who is the biggest and baddest rhetoric. Reportedly, Mateem [sic] told FBI he did this because a deputy who no longer works at the courthouse kept calling him a “towel head.” Mateen denied saying some of the things the FBI knows he did say. If he were smart he should not lie to them about any portion of the investigation (federal offense). They plan to speak to him again regarding his discrepancy.

Rand told me “We do NOT believe he is a terrorist.” Yesterday, the FBI spoke with him in person and reportedly Mateen became very upset that someone contacted the FBI. Regarding this demeanor, Rand said, “I don’t believe he will go postal or anything like that.”

At the time of the FBI interview, Mateen was employed by the security company G4S and served as a security guard at the St. Lucie County courthouse in 2013. Shortly after the email memo from Graves to Tighe, the Sheriff’s Department demanded that G4S remove Mateen from his position. In addition to its work in St. Lucie, G4S is a major contractor with the Department of Homeland Security, providing security at America’s ports and along the Mexican border.

The new documents also include a report from Michael Hogsten, Deputy General Counsel for G4S, in which he describes his November 6, 2013, interview with Mateen regarding the terrorist’s earlier questioning by the FBI:

Was alone with FBI -- were very respectful and courteous. Not rough or disrespectful at all. Asked if related to Ft. hood [sic] shooter, or Boston bomber, asked if Obama was a Muslim -- asked if Obama was citizen -- were about conspiracy things at work.

A. )After Boston bombing occurred -- everyone got really nasty -- I said -- know what I’m related to Boston bomber is my first cousin and matter of fate -- related to ft hood [sic] shooter -- I know Kenya mall shooters -- said so they would leave me alone.

B.)Explained to FBI -- that I said this to get them off my back...

C.) Initially he denied -- saying things; however, one

9. ... 11-attack/

Why were Saudis “bulletproof” even AFTER the 9/11 Attack?
Posted on July 16, 2016 by Daniel Hopsicker
The first hugely shocking revelation in the 28-page secret chapter of the Joint Congressional Intelligence Committee Inquiry into the 9/11 attack occurs less than half-way down the very first page, and raises the chief question arising out of the release.

The story of the 9/11 attack is a story of Saudis in Florida.  But the until-now classified pages report show that fully one year after the attack the CIA and FBI remained inexplicably uncomfortable with the essential fact of any real 9/11 investigation: that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi. 

10. ... cted,94534

Former Cumming police officer indicted
Charged with accepting bribe for unlawfully accessing law enforcement database

Posted Monday, July 18, 2016 12:00 am
CUMMING, Ga. — Former Cumming Police Officer Nathan VanBuren has been arraigned after being charged with wire fraud and computer fraud, according to a report by the Department of Justice U.S. Attorney’s Office.

VanBuren, 34, is accused of asking for money under false pretenses from someone recently arrested. He was arraigned before U.S. Magistrate Judge Janet F. King and was indicted by a federal grand ... er-claims/

Hillary Clinton Failed Lie Detector's Stress Test Amid Email Scandal ...
The Inquisitr-
Hillary Clinton, the FBI, and the Attorney General failed a psychological stress test amid the email scandal, an insider claims. Taped comments by Hillary Clinton, ...

11. ... out-police

Why We Dream About a World Without Police
Monday, 18 July 2016 09:43
By William C. Anderson, Praxis Center |

Police line up during a Black Lives Matter protest in West Baltimore, Maryland, April 29, 2015. (Photo: Arash Azizzada / Flickr)

The last few years have been rough. President Obama's last term in the White House has given many of us some of the most polarizing times we have ever experienced. It goes without saying that many have felt hopeless after being promised a change. Political disillusionment has clouded the air in a country struggling to find its true identity. In the midst of all this, unrelenting police violence has been in the spotlight driven by organized resistance to police brutality and renewed media interest. Police violence hasn't necessarily gotten worse, but it's being talked about more. This national conversation is absolutely necessary and should not let up. It's important to utilize the tools we have -- like our words -- to rebel. Using words as resistance, Truthout recently published their first anthology, Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect? edited by Maya Schenwar, Joe Macare and Alana Yu-lan.
As the United States prepares to cast votes in the presidential election, people are reflecting. It's no surprise to hear representatives of the political establishment making promises about which of society's ailments they have a cure for. Each candidate appeals to the desires of their base. Politicians are expected to at least pretend that they care about bettering the lives of people in this nation. One of the issues that candidates have not been able to avoid is police violence. Trump has said he believes the police in this country are "amazing people" and Black Lives Matter is "trouble" while Clinton has attempted to ally herself with "Black Lives Matter" and sought to distance herself from an anti-Black past that included supporting her husband's 1994 Crime Bill. Both Trump's intentional ignorance and Clinton's performance of understanding illuminate the dire nature of people on the ground finding our own solutions.
The never-ending cycle of extra-judicial killing by police recently took the life of Alton Sterling, and immediately, we saw the standard reactions of grief, disgrace, and faith in an ineffective justice system. But voices speaking out against demands to "let the system work" and "let the police do their job" are increasing. Many of us want more from our society. The work to amplify and make these voices heard is exhausting, but necessary. Our lives depend on collecting our thoughts and ideas to build and strengthen movements for a more just and humane world without police violence.
Who Do You Serve, Who Do You Protect questions the necessity of the police from several different angles. While some might talk about possibly reforming the police, many of the contributors to this anthology question the police down to their very existence. Contributors from different perspectives center the importance of a movement against state violence that appropriately challenges white supremacy. That message is central to much of the thinking in the book's essays, and it's something I often think about myself.
My piece, 'Killing Africa,' discusses the pressing need for an international Black movement. I went about this by describing the killing of Charly "Africa" Leundeu Keunang by the LAPD.
I was devastated by the online circulation of Africa's death, and I wanted to write something meaningful. Africa's killing embodies the need for a global Black movement. His nickname, Africa, immediately brought to mind the African diaspora. That he was a Cameroonian immigrant with a stolen identity duri
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FBI Octopus


Saturday, 23 July 2016
MACC working with FBI ... from-1mdb/

PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has confirmed that it is working with the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to probe

2. ... e-d/nr35x/
Fulton runoffs for sheriff, solicitor, judge to be decided Tuesday

Posted: 5:49 p.m. Friday, July 22, 2016

Several contentious Fulton County runoffs will be decided Tuesday, as voters go to the polls to vote in races for sheriff, solicitor general and superior court judges.

In the sheriff’s race, incumbent Ted Jackson is facing off against Richard Lankford, who held the position more than 20 years ago. Jackson, the former FBI chief agent in Atlanta, last defeated Lankford in 2012. The winner will face Republican Ben Cowart

1. ... rest-video

Austin police apologize after video shows black woman's violent arrest
Breaion King dragged and thrown to ground after traffic stop escalated
Officer told her ‘people’ fear of black people’s ‘violent tendencies’

Breaion King is overcome with emotion as she describes being pulled from her car and thrown to the ground by an Austin police officer during a traffic stop in 2015.
Friday 22 July 2016 13.51 EDT Last modified on Friday 22 July 2016 14.10 EDT

Stopped by police for going 15mph over the speed limit, Breaion King pulled into a fast-food joint’s parking lot. Within a minute of an officer asking to see her driver’s license, the schoolteacher was dragged out of her car and thrown to the ground.

2. ... er-lawsuit

Rape victim sues after being jailed during trial for 'mental breakdown'
Plaintiff who suffers from bipolar disorder was detained to ensure she would testify against attacker and was incorrectly entered into the jail’s computer system as a defendant, lawsuit allege

3. ... al-assault

California police officer charged with on-duty sexual assault of five women
officer Noah Winchester allegedly targeted ‘vulnerable women’ as young as 17 while with the San Mateo police in north

July 22 2016

Ten Lessons for Creating Safety Without Police
Thursday, 14 July 2016 00:00 ... collective

Members of the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood enjoy a Memorial Day cookout on May 24, 2009. Bed-Stuy is one of several Central Brooklyn neighborhoods that has benefited from the Safe OUTside the System collective. (Photo: Clementine Gallot)
How can we create safety collectively? How can we challenge hate and police violence by using community-based strategies rather than relying on the police?
For the past 10 years, the Safe OUTside the System (SOS) Collective -- an anti-violence program led by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, two spirit, trans and gender non-conforming (LGBTSTGNC) people of color (POC) in Central Brooklyn, New York, specifically Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights and Bushwick neighborhoods -- has been working to answer these questions. After a decade of organizing, the three SOS Coordinators, founding coordinator Ejeris Dixon (2005–2010), the second coordinator Che J. Rene Long (2010–2014), and the current coordinator Tasha Amezcua (2014–present) co-wrote this piece to share the lessons we've learned over the years. We also asked SOS members from the past 10 years about their reflections on our successes, struggles and our hopes for the future. We write these lessons for all the people seeking to address violence and envision safer communities.
—Ejeris, Che and Tasha
1. Cultural work is a crucial organizing strategy. From its onset our members have included activists, organizers, artists and cultural workers (i.e. dancers, musicians, playwrights, actors, singers, poets, performers, artists, healers, etc.) and many people who see themselves at the intersections of these identities. However, it took us time to integrate people's passions, fully utilize each other's skills, and create a collective culture and value system that allowed us all to be seen and heard. We knew that cultural work was necessary to build community, create our vision of safety and make space for healing. Yet we struggled with the question of what our priorities were -- and where cultural work fit into those priorities. SOS members who identified as artists and cultural workers refused to let organizers deprioritize art and healing, and consistently reminded us that cultural work is not a footnote or an addition to make an event more interesting. Instead, these members showed us all that art and cultural work can allow us to vision, strategize, educate, heal and organize with our full selves. Organizing that integrates cultural work transforms people's perspectives in a way that is often deeper and longer lasting than organizing alone. After many meetings and challenging conversations we began to build cultural work into our organizing strategies, events and community-based curriculum. We created a step team to engage and excite new members as an outreach strategy. Our annual Bed-Stuy Pride includes visual artists, performers, healers and vendors to bring our full communities together. This conversation still continues today and not without tension, but we keep growing and learning new ways to communicate across our perspectives and passions.
2. Organizing for community safety must include an analysis of gentrification. The Safe Neighborhood Campaign began at a time when Bed-Stuy was still a mostly low-income Black community. Our campaign relied on small businesses agreeing to become safe spaces that would open their doors to people fleeing from violence, and uphold our principles of using transformative justice strategies to address and reduce violence. As the campaign progressed and built relationships with more community-based businesses, the neighborhood also changed in less subtle, more abrupt ways. Soon the question of gentrification took center stage in our campaign development as well as in our outreach and base building. Gentrification and increased policing of LGBTSTGNC POC disrupted our existing community safety networks, pushing out our safe spaces. We met this strong socio-economic force with study and research, developing a timeline for the average lifespan of a small business and finding new ways to engage locally owned small businesses. We began to invest in longstanding institutions such as schools and churches and explored ways to engage them in the campaign. This work continues today. As a mixed collective of people born and raised in Bed-Stuy and transplants, we have honest conversations internally about how to support the local community together with our money, energy and time.
3. Our work exists within a legacy and we are just a small part. Over time we've noticed thatsafety exists in relationships. And wellness exists in culture. In this moment of rapid displacement, we continue to identify LGBTSTGNC/POC cultural workers

5. ... y-n2193139

Townhall Tipsheet Matt Vespa
FBI Says No Agent Investigating Clinton's Emails Refused To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreement
Matt Vespa |Posted: Jul 15, 2016 1:00 PM


protesters decry FBI no-knock raid
Investigator ' Police tactics involving protesters attacked

July 21, 2016

Rod Webber describes himself as a flower-bearing artistic filmmaker.

The Boston native, dubbed "The Flower Guy" has been in Cleveland every day of the Republican National Convention

7. ... -1.2721723
An Arkansas man was the victim of excessive police force when he was Tasered repeatedly for refusing to give an officer his name during an encounter on Fourth of July, a new lawsuit says.

Blytheville, Ark., police officer Stephen Sigman, the target of the lawsuit, charged Chardrick Mitchell with resisting arrest, obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct.

But shocking body cam footage of the exchange shows Sigman not telling Mitchell he was under arrest until he fired the Taser gun at the man's back, who was casually walking a

8. ... inton.html

Senator stiff-armed over concerns of FBI 'double standard' for Hillary ...
Fox News-
The FBI has refused for a second time in six months to answer key lawmakers' formal questions about the bureau's handling of the Hillary ...

9. ... story.html
FBI Searching for Weapons Stolen From Agent's Vehicle
WASHINGTON, D.C. — The FBI's Washington Field Office is trying to recover a set of weapons, equipment and ammunition that was stolen this month from an ...

10. ... =mobileart

FCC selects Telcordia to run sensitive national database routing ...
The Journal-
The database is particularly important for the FBI and other law enforcement agencies that query the database every day, several million times a year, in the ...

11. ... eveau.html

Attorneys ask for medical exam of suspect accused of killing JPSO deputy

Jerman Neveaux, 19, of, New Orleans man, was arrested in the fatal shooting of Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Detective David Michel Jr. on June 22. (Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office)

on July 22, 2016 at 3:26 PM, updated July 22, 2016 at 3:35 PM
The attorneys for Jerman Neveaux, the 19-year-old New Orleans man accused of fatally shooting Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Detective David Michel, have asked the court for medical exams and physical therapy to identify possible spinal and internal injuries they say he received during his arrest, according to court records

Martin Regan and Adam Beckman filed a motion this week to have the Sheriff's Office obtain CT scans of Neveaux's brain, facial bones, abdomen and pelvis. The attorneys also asked for a CT scan of Neveaux's spine to assess "spinal cord contusions associated with his abnormal gait" and loss of control of certain muscle, the motion says.

Use of force questioned in arrest in deputy's death
A witnesses recorded cellphone video of the suspect's arrest.
"We know there's definitely an issue with his walk that he's had for several weeks, a clear indication to the doctor that there is some injury," Regan said Friday.

Neveaux was arrested and booked with first-degree degree murder after authorities said he shot Michel three times in the back when the deputy stopped him as he was walking near Manhattan Boulevard and Ascot Road in Harvey on June 22.

Neveaux was hospitalized for three days following his arrest. Sheriff Newell Normand has said Neveaux suffered a fractured eye socket and oth


WikiLeaks Shares Voter Names, Addresses in Hillary Clinton Email ...

Today's data dump is part of a series revealing emails sent from Clinton's private email server, which has outraged voters at least partly because the FBI decided ...

WikiLeaks says the release contains 19,252 emails; 891 documents; 175 spreadsheets; and “thousands” of images that were attached to those emails. Many of the messages have news value, and journalists will surely find stories to write about how the Clinton campaign operates. But it’s hard to argue that the inclusion of this personal information, which means little to the public but could allow people’s lives to be ruined simply because they donated to a political campaign, is justified even to those who want to read Clinton’s emails.


Microsoft's president explains the company's quiet legal war for user privacy; Q&A
FRIDAY , JULY 22, 2016 - 1:00 PM ... y-Q-A.html
Apple’s legal battle over encryption dominated headlines earlier this year, but another

14. ... eadership/

Union boss claims state undercover agents sabotaging Corbyn’s Labour leadership

Union boss Len McCluskey has accused British intelligence agencies of using agents provocateurs to undermine Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
The Unite general secretary said he believed spies were using “dark practices” in an attempt to “stir up trouble” and suggested they could be behind the abuse of MPs on social media.
McCluskey told the Guardian he thought the truth would come out in 30 years, when classified government documents are released into the public domain.
Asked if he believed online abuse of Corbyn’s critics was posted by people trying to discredit his supporters, he said: “Of course, of course. Do people believe for one second that the security forces are not involved in dark practices?
“We found out just a couple of years ago that the chair of my union then, the Transport and General Workers Union, was an MI5 informant at the time that there was a strike taking place that I personally as a worker was involved in. [In] 1972, I was on strike for six weeks. And 30 years later it comes out that the chair of my union at that time was an MI5 informant.”
When asked again if he believed classified documents would reveal the involvement of British intelligence agents in Corbyn’s leadership strife, McCluskey said: “Well I tell you what, anybody who thinks that that isn’t happening doesn’t live in the same world that I live in.
“Do you think that there’s not all kinds of rightwingers who are not secretly able to disguise themselves and stir up trouble? I find it amazing if people think that isn’t happening.”
Labour MP Angela Eagle, who dropped out of the leadership race to back ‘unity candidate’ Owen Smith, dismissed McCluskey’s comments as “over the top.”
“These are serious issues. Rape threats,
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Bonus Read ... bi-program

Teens learn about future law enforcement careers in Yale-FBI program
Yale News
Twenty-six anxious teens were driven by their parents to the Yale campus on July 24; there members of the FBI and Yale Police Department (YPD) awaited their .

1. ... -1.2734717

NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Weather Obituaries
NYPD incident with Assemblyman reminder of needed reform
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, August 1, 2016, 7:57 PM


KING: Want to be a violent racist with job security? Become a cop

KING: Police should be routinely tested for drugs and steroids

KING: Cops must be trained more than cosmetologists in America

also see ... -1.2734592

KING: Policing for profit in America must be banned

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, August 1, 2016,

3. ... -1.2734560

NYPD cop Gordon has been under investigation since Friday for the comments. To an audience of some 1,500 Facebook friends, he called First Lady of New York City Chirlane McCray a “former crack addict” and described the public he is sworn to protect as “sheep.”

Black Lives Matter supporter rips down blue ribbons for police
He also disrespected black people, saying, “Stop acting like anyone owes you anything. Slavery ended 149 years ago.”

4. ... -1.2734170

Protesters hold 'Occupy City Hall' rally, demand Bratton be fired

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Monday, August 1, 2016, 12:07

Protesters at a Black Lives Matter protest inside City Hall Park calling for NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton to be fired. (ANGUS MORDANT/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
Black lives matter activists demanded Monday Mayor de Blasio fire NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton during a full day of protests at City Hall.

Around 100 protesters had gathered in City Hall park before noon, holding workshops, group discussions and speeches. Many vowed to sleep in the park overnight and not leave until their demands were met. A large rally calling for the “Occupation of City Hall” was planned for 6 p.m.

"We want to envision the world without the police," Nabil Hassein, 27, said. "We're about abolition."

5. ... ion-debate

FBI director calls for restart of smartphone encryption debate
AppleInsider (press release)
FBI Director James Comey appears ready to relaunch the debate about encryption legislation with tech companies before "something terrible happens," and

6. ... ip-program

Milton Student Completes FBI Youth Leadership Program
MILTON, GA -- Rising Milton High School sophomore Jack Miller was chosen to represent the FBI National Academy Associates' Georgia Chapter at the FBI ...


NSA whistleblower: The agency has all of Hillary's deleted emails
American Thinker (blog)- ... mails.html

“So if the FBI really wanted them they can go into that database and get them right now,” he stated of ... They have them all and the FBI can get them right there.”.


What to Do About Lawless Government Hacking and the Weakening ...
EFF- ... l-security

The problem became especially clear this year during the San Bernardino case, involving the FBI's demand that Apple rewrite its iOS operating system to defeat ...

9. ... 6070203225
Breyer: Courthouse Bugs Violate Fourth Amendment
The Recorder-

Between December 2009 and September 2010, the FBI used hidden microphones in four locations outside the San Mateo County Courthouse in Redwood City ...

10. ... 2a605.html

Joe Gyan

Former Sorrento Police Chief Earl Theriot Jr. and the town owe $50,000 in damages to a woman who Theriot forced to perform sexual acts on him in his office while she was intoxicated in 2013, a Baton Rouge federal judge decided Monday.
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Link du jour ... 57777.html

Bonus read ... ay-z-drake

Thursday 11 August 2016 04.09 EDT Last modified on Thursday 11 August 2016 06.59 EDT

R&B star the Weeknd has donated $250,000 (£193,000) to the Black Lives Matter network. The Fader reported the donation, which was later confirmed by his representatives, according to other US reports.

The Weeknd – 26-year-old Abel Tesfaye – had previously Tweeted his support for the movement. Last month he told his followers: “Enough is enough. It’s time to stand up for this. We can either sit and watch, or do something about it. The time is now.”

Earlier this month the musician, whose parents emigrated to Canada from Ethiopia, had donated $50,000 to the University of Toronto to establish an Ethiopic studies course.

The focus on US police violence against people of colour and the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement has become an increasingly important topic for some of US music’s biggest stars over the past year. Kendrick Lamar’s album To Pimp a Butterfly and Beyoncé’s Lemonade both addressed, with varying levels of directness, issues of black identity. Beyoncé also put the topic front and centre before the US’s biggest TV audience in February, when she performed her single Formation at the Super Bowl half-time show with dancers paying tribute to the Black Panthers.

Play Video
Beyoncé steals the show: Super Bowl half-time highlights
Last month, both Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z responded to the shootings of Alton Sterling in Louisiana and Philando Castile in Minnesota. Jay Z released a song called Spiritual, along with a quote from the 19th-century abolitionist Frederick Douglass: “Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organised conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

1. ... estigation
Film-makers demand inquiry into 'targeting' of people who record police
Group of more than 30 documentarians, including eight Oscar winners, has called on the justice department to investigate ‘harassment’ of citizen journalists
People who film police violence are citizen journalists. We stand with them

The undersigned filmmakers include Citizenfour director Laura Poitras, Going Clear director Alex Gibney, Cartel Land director Matt Heineman and The House I Live In director Eugene Jarecki.
Wednesday 10 August 2016 13.52 ED

2. ... -amendment

People who film police violence are citizen journalists. We stand with them

Trevor Timm
The harassment of men and women who record violent incidents involving police is an appalling abuse of first amendment rights

‘After Philando Castile’s fiance, Diamond Reynolds, filmed his dying moments on Facebook Live, she was cuffed, locked in a police car, separated from her child and held in police custody for eight hours.’
Wednesday 10 August 2016 13.52 EDT Last modified
As the filming of police killing unarmed African Americans has led to a wave of protests and


3. ... y-exercise

Woman accidentally shot dead during Florida police academy exercise
Mary Knowlton, 73, killed after being struck by live round as part of exercise meant to give guidance on how police approach real-world confrontations

Mary Knowlton was a student on a course for civilians at the Punta Gorda police academy.
Wednesday 10 August 2016 08.46 EDT

4. ... -americans
St Louis-area municipalities sued over alleged discriminatory 'debtors' prisons'
Class-action civil rights suit accuses local officials of unconstitutionally jailing people to raise state funds in a system that unfairly affects poor people of color


Aug. 10, 2016 78°

LAPD officer charged in assault quietly avoids jail time under plea deal with prosecutors ... -88066373/

Clinton Alford Jr., second from left, addresses journalists with his attorney Caree Harper, third from left, and his family last year when prosecutors charged LAPD Officer Richard Garcia with assaulting him.
August 10, 2016, 6:00 a.m.
The videotaped assault was so alarming, one Los Angeles police official called it “horrific.” The victim later said he was afraid he was going to die.

The LAPD and the civilian Police Commission came down hard on Officer Richard Garcia, saying he violated department policies when he kicked and punched Clinton Alford Jr. during an October 2014 arrest in South Los Angeles. The district attorney came down even harder, taking the rare step of filing a felony assault charge against an on-duty officer. 

Garcia faced up to three years in jail if convicted.

Then the case quietly came to an end.

Under a plea agreement reached with prosecutors this spring, Garcia pleaded no contest to the felony charge as part of a deal with prosecutors that will see him avoid jail time if he completes community service and donates $500 to a charity by late May 2017. Under the agreement, Garcia would then be allowed to enter a new plea to a misdemeanor charge that would replace the felony and would be placed on two years of probation, a spokeswoman for the district attorney’s office said.

Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey, whose office never publicly announced the plea, defended her office’s decision to settle the case without


Did a U.S. think tank sponsor a military coup? Turkey thinks so. ... -88056925/
People chant slogans as they gather at a pro-government rally in central Istanbul's Taksim square, Turkey in July.
August 10, 2016, 6:00 a.m.
Bespectacled and slightly balding, Washington academic Henri J. Barkey hardly appears the type to mastermind political revolt and foreign intrigue.

But as Turkey’s government seeks to cast blame for a recent failed military coup, Barkey — and the prominent Washington think


Report: Justice Department declined FBI request to investigate ...
Washington Examiner (blog)

Justice Department officials decided against an investigation into the Clinton Foundation after the FBI requested the agency open a case into allegations of ...

8. ... -800-book/

Exclusive: Jack Cashill counters NTSB bureaucrat name-calling on Amazon


In checking the Amazon reviews of my new book, “TWA 800: The Crash, The Cover-Up, The Conspiracy,” I came across a one-star review by Peter Goelz, managing director of the NTSB during the TWA 800 investigation.

Goelz’s opening line perfectly captures the tone not only of the review, but also of his tenure at the National Transportation Safety Board.

Writes Goelz: “‘Have you no sense of decency’ was the memorable quote that helped take down Cashill’s old hero, Sen. Joe McCarthy. It could be as easily directed to Jack based on this latest offering.”

Let us see. Here is a fellow who has used the power of government to harass ordinary citizens like me, and I am Joe McCarthy. In the Orwellian world of contemporary Washington, reporting the truth has apparently become an indecency.

Once Goelz gets beyond the ad hominems – he compares me to Daffy Duck as well as Joe McCarthy – he gets to the heart of his argument.

Goelz does not trust the accounts of the 258 FBI witnesses who saw what appeared to be a missile attacking the 747. They were “deceived” by both sight and sound.

Goelz focuses on the sound. “Sound travels at 1,126 feet per second,” he tells us smugly. “It’s the law.” He argues that no one saw the initiating event.

“Almost all witnesses described either hearing the explosion then almost immediately seeing the fireball of the falling aircraft or vice versa.”

I have no idea what Goelz means by “vice versa,” but the sound propagation theory was first advanced by the CIA in 1997. Goelz rolled this theory back out in July 2013 to discredit an excellent documentary on the crash titled “TWA Flight 800.”

FBI honcho Jim Kallstrom tag-teamed with Goelz to smear documentary producers Tom Stalcup and Kristina Borjesson. The very nearly identical riffs by Goelz and Kallstrom on national TV strongly suggest one unseen hand prodding them both.

When CNN’s Jake Tapper raised the issue of the eyewitness testimony, Goelz said, “Almos

9. ... -borjesson

/Americans Who Tell The Truth
Kristina Borjesson
Journalist: b. 1954
"As a journalist you have to always remember that you are a public servant. If you back down, if you don't try to find the truth, then you aren't doing your job. It's a huge responsibility. "


Kristina Borjesson spent most of her childhood in Haiti in the 1950s and ‘60s during the rule of the brutal dictator, “Papa Doc” Duvalier.  Her father, a U.S. military attaché posted to the island, fell in love with a woman whose family formed part of the country’s privileged, business elite.  As a young child in what is often described as the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere, Borjesson’s early sensitivity to the vast divide between Haiti’s elite and its poor came from the illiterate household staff who loved and cared for her. Those servants helped shaped her value system, teaching her that honesty, striving for excellence, and service to others were the keys to a meaningful life.

As an adult, Borjesson’s core identity became that of a public servant. An investigative reporter by training, she believes that journalists are public servants no matter who employs them and that by adhering to the highest standards and practices of reporting, they play a critical role in the function of democracy and civil society.  Since receiving her journalism degree from Columbia University in 1982, Borjesson has spent much of her time examining censorship and corruption in American journalism. Unfortunately, her tireless pursuit of these stories would cost her a mainstream television career.  

Early success came to Borjesson as she built her career. She employed her investigative skills and fluency in Haitian Creole to field produce the PBS Frontline’s documentary, “Showdown in Haiti,” which was Emmy-nominated.  She won an Emmy for her investigative reporting on CBS’s “Legacy of Shame,” a piece that updated Edward R. Murrow’s film “Harvest of Shame” about migrant farmworkers. Another Emmy nomination followed for a biographical film about Cuba’s Fidel Castro titled “The Last Revolutionary.”  

Then, in 1996, Borjesson “walked into a buzz saw,” as she describes it, when Paris-bound TWA Flight 800 exploded in mid-air shortly after taking off from JFK Airport. For a short, but terrifying time, she thought that her ten-year-old son had died in the crash. The despair she felt in that moment would, once she began investigating the explosion, help her empathize with the victims and their families, who, she believed, deserved to know the truth about what had caused the tragedy.

As she tracked down the cause of the explosion, what had happened became very clear: The physical evidence as well as hundreds of eyewitness accounts indicated that the plane had been struck by a missile.  Members of several U.S. government agencies, Borjesson decided, orchestrated a cover-up while unquestioning journalists reported as fact the untenable official claims that a mechanical failure in Flight 800’s center wing fuel tank had caused the crash.  The evidence of what she identifies as “high level, multi-agency collusion” led her to a startling revelation: “It was just as in Orwell’s 1984, an immediate rewriting of history occurred.  I realized how terrifyingly easy it is to do.”  

Powerful forces including the Pentagon, the CIA, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), as well as other journalists aligned themselves against Borjesson.  Despite this, she has spent the better part of two decades digging for the truth about TWA Flight 800 and speaking out against corruption in journalism.  

Back in 1996, Borjesson’s boss at CBS Network assigned her to cover the crash. However, shortly after Borjesson received a piece of physical evidence from inside the official crash investigation, the FBI demanded it back, inaccurately claiming it had been stolen. CBS returned the evidence and terminated Borjesson. Then Borjesson was hired to produce a segment about problems within the official crash investigation for a series pilot commissioned by ABC. Mainstream press reports claiming Borjesson's segment would  examine whether or not a missile had downed flight 800 appeared suddenly, prompting ABC to cancel the entire series. 

Borjesson responded by publishing her first book, Into the Buzzsaw: Leading Journalists Expose the Myth of a Free Press (2004), a landmark anthology of essays written by experienced reporters (including Borjesson) detailing experiences with censorship while covering major stories.  The book, which won both the National Press Club’s Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism and the Independent Book Publisher’s Gold Medal Award, established Borjesson as an important whistleblower in the journalism community.  

In 2005, Borjesson further cemented her status as a whistleblowing journalist with her book, Feet to the Fire: The Media After 9 11 -- Top Journalists Speak Out. An anthology of interviews with news executives and journalists (some of them household names), this book explains why these media professionals and most of the U.S. press missed the fact that Pentagon and White House officials had fabricated their justification for invading Iraq when they claimed, falsely, that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction.  Feet to the Fire won Borjesson a second Independent Book Publisher’s Gold Medal Award.

In her work, Borjesson says that not only institutions should be held accountable for their wrongdoings, but so should the individuals within those institutions who are directly responsible for betrayals of the public trust.  Particularly troubling to Borjesson is the fact that so many people are capable of putting aside the ethical values of honesty and integrity when they go to work.

In 2013, seventeen years after TWA Flight 800 blew up in the air, Borjesson released the documentary TWA Flight 800. The film features six whistleblowers -- all members of the original crash investigation -- who review the physical evidence they personally handled, interview eyewitnesses, and explain what really happened to the airplane.  The film reveals how several U.S. Government agencies, particularly the FBI, CIA and NTSB, colluded to undermine the official investigation. Borjesson and Dr. Tom Stalcup (the co-producer and senior science advisor for the documentary) display persistence and tenacity in their quest to understand the relevant science and make it comprehensible for the public.

While Borjesson wrote, produced, and directed the documentary, the work is a team effort, underscoring her appreciation for teams of experts, first-hand sources and journalists “holding hands and working together” on complicated, controversial stories.

Borjesson has joined other whistleblowers and advocates at the Government Accountability Project (GAP) to speak publicly about the importance of unfettered, professional and honest journalists who reject official source reporting as insufficient. Borjesson exhorts journalists to verify the statements of official sources no matter how powerful they are, even if it means, as happened with her, paying a price.

10. ... -backdoors

Oops: Microsoft leaks its Golden Key, unlocking Windows Secure Boot and exposing the danger of backdoors
By Daniel Eran Dilger
Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 01:30 pm PT (04:30 pm ET)

Microsoft has demonstrated why the FBI's desire for "Golden Key" backdoors allowing "good guys" to bypass security is such a bad idea: it

11. ... profil.php

Scientists Not Spies: Panel on Asian American Immigrants Brings Historic Perspective on Racial Profiling

, Posted: Aug 10, 2016
On Tuesday evening at the City College of San Francisco, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Asian Law Caucus teamed up with various Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) and social justice groups to host a panel about the portrayal and treatment of Asian immigrants and citizens as national security threats throughout American history.

“From Xiaoxing Xi to Japanese American Internment Targeting Immigrant Communities as National Security Threats” brought together perspectives on the history of racial profiling committ

12. ... -1.2746324

The officer who killed a Florida librarian during a citizen police academy was the subject of an excessive force lawsuit. ... -1.2746025
Black youngster's kille


he lied about ‘neighborhood watch’ post

Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 1:45 PM

‘Neighborhood watchman’ who killed black N.C. youngster was not part of local patrol group — such a thing doesn’t even exist, neighbors say
NY Daily News

The neighborhood watch was all in his head.

The white North Carolina homeowner who shot an unarmed black partygoer to death was not part of any local patrol group, neighbors said.

Chad Copley called 911 early Sunday morning and told cops he was "locked and loaded" before firing "a warning shot" from his garage that struck and killed Kouren-Rodney Bernard Thomas, who had gone to a party several doors away.

"I'm on neighborhood watch," Copley told a dispatcher during the call. "I'm going to have the neighbors with me. There's hoodlums out here racing up and down the street. It's 1:00 in the morning, um, there's some vandalism. They have firearms, and we're going to secure our neighborhood."

14. ... -1.2746002
NYPD cop who pimped
hookers locked up again
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 1:30 PM
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Police Politics Prostitution

http://www.policeprostitutionandpolitic ... &Itemid=53 ... /89234682/

Former FBI agent to review JCPS investigations

Jefferson County Public Schools is working with a retired FBI agent to review several of its past internal investigations where students were injured from the actions of adult staff members.

FBI Agent Sentenced In Underage Sex Case

February 23, 2007

A former FBI analyst has been sentenced for having sex with a young Spotsylvania County girl.

Forty four year old Anthony Lesko entered an Alford Plea to the charges in a Spotsylvania County Circuit to nine counts of felony indecent liberties upon a child.

The plea means that Lesko does not admit guilt but believes that there is enough evidence to convict him. Lesko was sentenced to seven years in prison with 15 years ... n-ads-lsd/

The FBI authorized informants to break the law 22,800 times over four years, report Layer 8’s Dell Cameron and Patrick Howell O’Neill. Documents obtained by Layer 8 through the Freedom of Information Act show informants committed 5,649 acts of so-called “otherwise criminal activity” in 2013 and 5,577 such acts in 2014. Previous reporting by USA Today and the Huffington Post show similar figures for 2011 and 2012, respectively. ... took-over/

Traffic Surged To A Child Porn Ring After The FBI Took Over

Way back in February 2015, the FBI infiltrated Playpen, a child pornography ring on the dark web. After taking control of the site, the FBI could have shut it down. But it didn’t.

Image: Getty Images

Instead, the FBI kept it running for two weeks so that it could deliver malware to visitors. That malware was then used to identify more than 100 individuals who were eventually indicted on charges of child pornography. While taking down paedophiles is a good thing, the legality of the operation, and the implications of what it means for the FBI to be able to hack innocent people, are more complicated issues.

As you might imagine, the people arrested as part of Operation Playpen are pretty pissed about the whole thing and are petitioning the court to throw out the indictments. One of the lawyers for an original administrator of Playpen is now claiming not only that the FBI made the website run faster and more efficiently but the agency also increased traffic. The motion, as noted by Motherboard, argues that the government really just drove a lot more users to a lot of really terrible stuff.

The motion reads:

As a result, the n

Dark web child porn site ran 'much better' with FBI in charge – lawyer
Mirage News-
Membership on the largest “dark web” child pornography site rose by a third and it ran “much better” while it was operated secretly by the FBI, one defense ... ... ers_p.html

Oregon standoff prosecutors ordered to provide details about improper Facebook data sharing

A defense lawyer in the Oregon standoff case found that federal prosecutors improperly shared raw Facebook account data on 10 defendants with all 26 alleged conspirators, contrary to a search warrant's parameters.
on August 23, 2016 at 1:32 PM, updated August 23, 2016 at 6:49 PM ... ers_p.html

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered prosecutors to provide an accurate, chronological accounting of who did what with privileged, raw Facebook account data belonging to 10 Oregon standoff defendants that should have been sealed but ended up being shared with all co-defendants.

U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown found the government's reports on the handling of the evidence full of gaps.

Brown also will allow the defense to reopen its motion to suppress the Facebook material. She struck her previous ruling that dismissed the motion, saying it was based on "inaccurate information provided by the government.''

The judge's order came after an FBI agent and three members of the Oregon U.S Attorney's Office were called to testify on the matter. But their statements seemed to add to the court's confusion.

Brown said she's still not satisfied anyone has a "complete picture of who accessed

Black man shot by cops after calling to report robbery

Tuesday, August 23, 2016, 4:16 PM ... -1.2762748

A man who had called 911 because an armed suspect stole his wife's car keys in front of the couple's east-side home was shot by police after he came out armed. (INDYSTAR.COM)
Few cases typify everything that is wrong with gun rights, police brutality and racial profiling like this one.

Early Tuesday in Indianapolis, an African-American woman

Leonardo DiCaprio Drops Out of Hosting Hillary Clinton Fundraiser
I4U News-
... ... l-problems
Childhood concussion linked to lifelong health and social problems
Study suggests that even mild childhood head injuries can increase the risk of low educational attainment, psychiatric hospitalisation and early death

The researchers say more should be done to prevent children and adolescents from experiencing head injuries. Photograph: Kevin Britland/Alamy
Nicola Davis
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1. ... nsic-fraud
Forensic Fraud
Commencing in 1993, the NWC took on the daunting task of documenting forensic fraud and abuses in the world-renowned FBI crime lab. As a direct result of information disclosed by an FBI scientist, Dr. Frederic Whitehurst, the US Department of Justice issued an extensive report validating most of the whistleblower's claims. 

As a result, the FBI agreed to unprecedented reforms including: outside accreditation of its crime lab, the appointment of an objective, independent scientist to oversee lab operations, and removal of various lab officials who had engaged in forensic misconduct.
After leading a successful six-year campaign to reform the FBI's Forensic Crime Lab, the NWC's Forensic Justice Project (FJP) commenced a review of misconduct in crime labs nationwide. The cases under review have impacted many potential wrongful convictions, have resulted in the review of thousands of cases, and have given freedom to wrongfully convicted defendants. In addition to reviewing misconduct at state crime labs, the FJP continues to monitor and expose problems within the FBI crime lab.

Visit the Whistleblower Protection Blog for updates on the FJP.

FBI admits to flawed forensics analyses for cases

Read more »
Court TV: FBI Crime Lab
Court TV: Dr. Whitehurst's allegations against the FBI crime lab. 


Read more »
Good Morning America: FBI Crime Lab Scandal OJ Simpson Case
Good Morning America: FBI Crime Lab Scandal OJ Simpson Case.





Read more »
CBS Nightly News: FBI Lab Scandal
CBS Nightly News: FBI Lab Scandal, 1998.

Read more »

2. ... ce-2599633
FBI Agent Gets 36 Months in Prison for Stealing Drug ...
Sky Valley Chronicle-
(LOS ANGELES, CA.) -- A former FBI special agent was sentenced Monday to 36 months in prison for stealing over $136,000 in drug proceeds seized during the

3. ... hn-lennon/
Inside the US government's secret war against John Lennon
New York Post-
On March 1, 1972, the FBI had John Lennon and Yoko Ono in its sights. A federal agent declared that the superstar couple would be arrested for “interstate ..

4. ... -1.2776994

Cops counter-protest against Kaepernick is the real selfish act

Saturday, September 3, 2016, 2:45 PM

5. ... -1.2776912

Cop Ben Fields not being charged is why Kaepernick protests

Saturday, September 3, 2016, 2:23 PM

After an outrageously long 11-month investigation into a 15-second incident that was caught on video, an ex-South Carolina cop will not be charged for grabbing a young girl by her neck while she was sitting in her classroom, yanking her out of the desk, tossing her across the room, then handcuffing her ... for having a cellphone in class.

6. ... -1.2776424

Teenager at center of police sex scandals arrested in Florida

Friday, September 2, 2016, 7:51 PM

Celeste Guap, real name Jasmine Absulin, was arrested for battery in Florida. (MARTIN COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE)
The teenage sex worker at the center of scandals involving multiple California police departments has been arrested at a rehab center in Florida.

Celeste Guap, now 19, told reporters earlier this year that she had sex with dozens of officers from Bay Area forces, including three while she was underage.

Seven Bay Area departments are linked to a scandal where Guap said she had sex with dozens of police officers. (FACEBOOK)
The daughter of an Oakland police dispatcher, Guap also said that she was tipped off about prostitution raids that could have seen her arrested.


Senior Activities
Whidbey News-Times
Getting Ready for Medicare-SHIBA, 9:30 a.m., Saturday, Sept. 17. Aging and Fraud Prevention with Ethan Via, Special Agent, FBI, 1-2:30 p.m., Tuesday, Sept. 20.

a volunteer civilian review police board with subpoena powers
would set and enforce standards of performance for law enforcement
personnel in every community.

Tell us what you think of this idea and any success you have had
implementing this model.

the board would be comprised of volunteers with the board changed every 3 years.

One goal of the board is to allow the voters and taxpayers to determine
how they want to meet their needs for safety and what standards are needed to implement this model.

The volunteer civilian review board would hire .
and fire people who work for the criminal justice
system providing for the community"s safety needs.
This would be based on the standards of performance set by the board.

District Attorney Sim Gill determined the shooting was justified under the law, but Salt Lake City police policy is tougher on when officers can shoot.a ... ice-policy

(KUTV) Six months after two Salt Lake City police officers fired on Abdi Mohamed near the homeless shelter, a civilian review board has determined the shooting was “not within” the police department’s policy on the use of deadly force.

9. ... ot/5543794

Smoking Gun? FBI Reveals Hillary Could Not Recall Briefings Due ...
Center for Research on Globalization
FBI Reveals Hillary Could Not Recall Briefings Due To Concussion, Clot. By Tyler Durden. Global Research, September 04, 2016. Zero Hedge 2 September ...

10. ... t-hackers/

The FBI's latest mission: Be cool enough to recruit Wackers
Washington Post-Sep 2, 2016
The FBI has struggled for years to attract enough fresh Wacker talent to defend America's computers. One problem? A culture clash between ...

12. ... c81c9.html

An FBI special agent who pleaded guilty to indecent exposure in connection with an incident at the University of Arizona was sentenced Thursday to five days in jail and three years probation.

Pima County Justice of the Peace Jose Luis Castillo also ordered Ryan Seese, 34, to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation and participate in any treatment programs recommended as a result, said Deputy Pima County Attorney Jesse Delaney.

Seese was cited last May on suspicion of public sexual indecency, criminal trespassing and indecent exposure after a custodial worker told officers she opened a bathroom stall in the Student Union and saw Seese masturbating, according to UA police.


FBI agent misconduct reveals sex, lies and videotape ... documents/

By Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips, CNN Special Investigations Unit
January 27, 2011 10:07 a.m. EST

FBI misconduct revealed
Internal documents obtained by CNN show misconduct by agents, supervisors
One document says one employee shared information with his news reporter girlfriend
More than 300 FBI employees out of 34,000 are disciplined each year, the bureau says
For more on this story, watch"The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer" tonight at 5 p.m. ET
Editor's note: Some content in this report may be offensive to readers. For more on this CNN exclusive story, watch Kyra Phillips' full report on "The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer" tonight starting at 6 p.m. ET.
Washington (CNN) -- An FBI employee shared confidential information with his girlfriend, who was a news reporter, then later threatened to release a sex tape the two had made.
A supervisor watched pornographic videos in his office during work hours while "satisfying himself."
And an employee in a "leadership position" misused a government database to check on two friends who were exotic dancers and allowed them into an FBI office after hours.
These are among confidential summaries of FBI disciplinary reports obtained by CNN, which describe misconduct by agency supervisors, agen
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Bonus Read

2 connected reads- read 1st story in its entirety

1. ... and-jasta/

September 27, 2016 Uncategorized 28 pages, 9/11, JASTA, national security, Obama, Sovereign Immunity, spurious lawsuits

Monday, September 26, 2016

Why Obama Had To Veto JASTA

This mirrors what is regarded by a number of 9/11 activists as an oustanding piece of analysis by James. ... jasta.html

As you probably know, late last Friday afternoon President Obama vetoed a bill which had passed both houses of Congress unanimously, and Congress is now trying to work out whether it has enough clout to override the veto.

I don’t think it does. Behind Obama’s veto lie very powerful reasons, and behind those reasons stand very powerful people.

JASTA, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, would have allowed families of 9/11 victims to sue the government of Saudi Arabia for alleged complicity in the terrorist

2. ... bama-veto/

Senate votes to override Obama’s veto of 9/11 lawsuit bill
By Daniel Halper and Bob Fredericks September 28, 2016 | 12:40pm

Obama vetoes bill that would let 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia
Congress dealt President Obama a humiliating foreign-policy blow Wednesday — voting to overturn his veto of a bill that would let families of 9/11 victims sue Saudi Arabia for that country’s alleged role in the terror attacks.

The Senate voted 97 to 1 to override the veto, and hours later the House did the same by a 348 to 77 vote.

The bipartisan measure, sponsored by Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer and Senate GOP Whip John Cornyn of Texas, would create an exception in the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act to allow victims of terrorism on US soil to sue foreign sponsors.

“This rare moment of bipartisanship is a testament to the strength of the 9/11 families an

Link du jour ... irst-time/ ... -bourdain/ ... ngeles.php ... 1787099672

Border Patrol Agent Caught Watching Porn at Work, Blames Internet Filter For Not Stopping Him


Working for the US Department of Homeland Security can be stressful. But no matter how difficult your job is, looking at porn is usually frowned upon during work hours. So when a US border patrol agent was recently ... ky-schools

Shrriff consulting FBI
Homeland Security on NKY creepy clowns case
Attendance cut in half after threat

T.J. Parker, WCPO Staff
1:31 AM, Sep 27, 2016 ... -1.2810805

Footage shows police shooting that killed 6-year-old (GRAPHIC)
NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Updated: Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 10:45 PM

RAW: First part of body cam footage from deadly Marksville shooting01:35

00:00 / 01:35
WAFB 9 News Baton Rouge, Louisiana News, Weather, Sports
Body camera footage released by a Louisiana court shows the moments police opened fire and killed a 6-year-old autistic boy.

Jeremy Mardis was shot five times by Marksville deputy marshals last November while riding in an SUV with his father Christopher

Prosecutors say the newly released footage, which appears to show Few’s car stationary, shows the driver’s hands raised before he and his son in the passenger’s seat are shot. ... -1.2810211

A police officer in Pennsylvania lost her job after posting a Snapchat selfie showing herself in uniform — and using a racial slur.

The pic showed Melissa Adamson, a part-time cop in McKeesport, wearing a uniform and sunglasses in a car, under the caption, “I’m the law today n---a.”

It’s unclear how the photo

KING: Alfred Olango needed treatment, but cops fatally shot him
Wednesday, September 28, 2016, 12:48 PM ... -1.2810200

Something painfully familiar happened on Tuesday in El Cajon, California, a city about 15 miles outside of San Diego.

Police shot and killed someone.

He was unarmed.

He was black.

KING: If docs treat mentally ill & don't shoot them, so can cops
He was mentally ill.
His name was Alfred Olango.

I could cut and paste all of those indicators and literally apply them to hundreds of other stories all across this country. It's a full-blown crisis.

No unarmed person should ever be shot and killed by our police. No unarmed person suffering a medical emergency ... a-coverup/

The FBI’s Hillary email probe is looking even more like a coverup
By Paul Sperry September 28, 2016

It’s bad enough that FBI Director James Comey agreed to pass out immunity deals like candy to material witnesses and potential targets of his investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal private e-mail server.

But now we learn that some of them were immunized despite lying to Comey’s investigators.

In the latest bombshell from Congress’ probe into what’s looking more and more like an FBI whitewash (or coverup) of criminal behavior by the Democratic nominee and her aides, the Denver-based tech who destroyed subpoenaed e-mails from Clinton’s server allegedly lied to FBI agents after he got an immunity deal.

That’s normally a felony. As a federal prosecutor, Comey tossed Martha Stewart in jail for it and helped convict Scooter Libby for it as well. Yet the key Clinton witness still maintained his protection from criminal prosecution.

With Comey’s blessing, Obama prosecutors cut the deal with the e-mail administr
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Bonus read ... mouth.html

October 9, 2016
If you think Donald Trump’s comments are vulgar, check out Hillary’s potty mouth
By Mark J. Fitzgibbons

Note: If you are offended by vulgar language, do not read this.
-  “Just get that [F-ing dog] out of my way,” said to Secret Service K-9 handler.
- “Where is the God damn flag? I want the God damn fucking flag up every morning at fucking sunrise”. Hillary to staff at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion on Labor Day 1991. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 244
- “Fuck off! It’s enough I have to see you shit-kickers every day! I’m not going to talk to you, too! Just do your Goddamn job and keep your mouth shut.” Hillary to her State Trooper bodyguards after one of them greeted her with “Good Morning.” From the book “America Evita” by Christopher Anderson, p.90
- “If you want to remain on this detail, get your fucking ass over here and grab those bags!” Hillary to a Secret Service Agent who was reluctant to carry her luggage because he wanted to keep his hands free in case of an incident. From the book “The First Partner” p. 25
- “Stay the fuck back, stay the fuck back away from me! Don’t come within ten yards of me, or else! Just fucking do as I say, Okay!!?” Hillary screaming at her Secret Service detail. From the book “Unlimited Access” by Clinton ‘s FBI Agent-in-Charge, Gary Aldridge, p.139
- “Where’s the miserable cock sucker?” (otherwise known as “Bill Clinton”) Hillary shouting at a Secret Service officer. From the book “The Truth about Hillary” by Edward Klein, p. 5
- “You fucking idiot” Hillary to a State Trooper who was driving her to an event. From the book “Crossfire” ~pg. 84
- “Put this on the ground! I left my sunglasses in the limo. I need those fucking sunglasses! We need to go back!” Hillary to Marine One helicopter pilot to turn back while in route to Air Force One. From the book ” Dereliction of Duty” p. 71-72
- “Come on Bill, put your dick up! You can’t fuck her here!!” Hillary to Gov. Bill Clinton when she spots him talking with an attractive female. From the book “Inside the White House” by Ronald Kessler, p. 243

Link du jour ... es/page-4/ ... -1.2824193

NYCLU pushes against NYPD keeping misconduct records secret

Sunday, October 9, 2016, 9:20 PM

Christopher Dunn of the NYCLU says the organization wants to see why so few officers are being seriously disciplined by the NYPD. (RICHARD HARBUS/FOR NEW YORK DAILY NEWS)
The firestorm surrounding the NYPD’s decision to keep secret the results of disciplinary actions taken against cops has its roots in a case involving ... et-trolls/

How pilice can neutralize internet trolls
When internet trolls harass your department, don’t take the bait

Oct 5, 2016 ... ews-briefs

Davis to speak at Salem Mass series

SALEM -- Former Boston and Lowell police commissioner Edward Davis, and Richard DesLauriers, former special agent in charge of the FBI's Boston Field Division, will speak at the Salem State Series on Nov. 3 at 7:30 p.m. A portion of the proceeds from the November 3 Salem State Series event will benefit a scholarship created in memory of MIT Police Officer Sean Collier, a 2009 Salem State graduate and Wilmington native who was killed in the days following the Boston Marathon bombing.

Tickets may be purchased through the Series website at Price categories are $75, premium; $60, reserved; $25, general admission. ... eb995.html

Deputy involvrd in 'glaring' incident still on the force

The night of Dec. 8, 2012, a sheriff’s investigator invited a female grand jury witness to meet for a drink in Montvale, a small community between Roanoke and Bedford.

The woman wondered whether she might be in trouble. They parked her car shortly after midnight. The investigator, a member of a multijurisdictional drug task force, assured her she was in the clear.

He wanted sex. She told him no thanks.

She later told federal authorities that Bedford County Sheriff’s Deputy Christopher Lee Cook, 42, intoxicated on more than six beers, exposed himself during the encounter. He subsequently admitted the same to his superiors.

Authorities tried to keep Cook’s misconduct from being brought up in federal court when he testified against a man he investigated in a drug case. That backfired. The judge kicked the prosecutor off the case and the defendant went free, avoiding most of an 11-year prison term.

Cook was quietly suspended and demoted but kept his job. Unaware of his past, a group later named him Virginia’s school resource officer of the year.

The 19-year law enforcement veteran’s work history is documented at the Lynchburg federal courthouse in 91 pages of reports and memos that read like a made-for-TV police drama. An incident involving an extramarital affair cost him an earlier job with another agency.

The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services, the state agency created to set and enforce standards for law enforcement, has taken no action against Cook. Sexual misconduct with witnesses, clients or patients can get doctors or lawyers sanctioned in Virgi ... ts-review/

Plan to revamp Chicago police misconduct probes gets review
City Council members said Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to create a new agency that would investigate police shootings and police misconduct lacks necessary transparency and oversight

Oct 5, 2016 ... estigation
ACLJ: Obama admin. aided fake FBI investigation
“Even more unbelievably, reports allege that the FBI agreed to limit the search of the laptops to no later than January 31, 2015 – making it impossible to review ...
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Two FBI voter fraud alerts

1. ... complaints
US Attorney Names Point Person For Election Fraud Complaints
SDPB Radio-
Koliner says he will spend Election Day at a duty station with an FBI agent ready to take calls. “Hopefully it's like the Maytag repair man, that we sit and the phone ...

2. ... -long-ago/

Privacy Died Long Ago
In Uncategorized on 06/03/2013 at 9:12 pm

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart of Cincinnati swears in George H. W. Bush as director of the CIA as President Gerald Ford watches. REUTERS/George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

The great forgotten Cincinnati wiretap scandal

By Gregory Flannery

Americans no longer assume their communications are free from government spying. Many believe widespread monitoring is a recent change, a response to terrorism. They are wrong. Fair warning came in 1988 in Cincinnati, Ohio, when evidence showed that wiretapping was already both common and easy.

Twenty-five years ago state and federal courtrooms in Cincinnati were abuzz with allegations of illegal wiretaps on federal judges, members of Cincinnati City Council, local congressional representatives, political dissidents and business leaders.

Two federal judges in Cincinnati told 60 Minutes they believed there was strong evidence that they had been wiretapped. Retired Cincinnati Police officers, including a former chief, admitted to illegal wiretapping.

Even some of the most outrageous claims – for example, that the president of the United States was wiretapped while staying in a Cincinnati hotel – were supported by independent witnesses.

National media coverage of the lawsuits, grand jury hearings and investigations by city council and the FBI attracted the attention of U.S. Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vermont) and the late U.S. Sen. Paul Simon (D-Ill.).

As Americans wonder about the extent to which their e-mails, cell-phones and text messages are being monitored, they would do well to look back at a time before any of those existed. Judging by what was revealed in Cincinnati, privacy died long before anyone had ever heard of Osama bin Laden or al Q’aeda.


In 1988 Leonard Gates, a former installer for Cincinnati Bell, told the Mount Washington Press, a small independent weekly, that he had performed illegal wiretaps for the Cincinnati Police Department, the FBI and the phone company itself.

A week after the paper published his allegations, a federal grand jury began hearing testimony.

Gates claimed to have performed an estimated 1,200 wiretaps, which he believed illegal. His list of targets included former Mayor Jerry Springer, the late tycoon Carl Lindner Jr., U.S. District Judge Carl Rubin, U.S. Magistrate J. Vincent Aug, the late U.S. Sen. Howard Metzenbaum (D-Ohio), the Students for a Democratic Society (an anti-war group during the Vietnam War), then-U.S. Rep. Tom Luken (D-Cincinnati) and then-President Gerald Ford.

A second former Cincinnati Bell installer, Robert Draise, joined Gates, saying he, too had performed illegal wiretaps for the police. His alleged targets included the Black Muslim mosque in Finneytown and the General Electric plant in Evendale. Draise’s portfolio was much smaller than Gates’s, an estimated 100 taps, because he was caught freelancing – performing an illegal wiretap for a friend.

Charged by the FBI, Draise claimed he had gone to his “controller” at Cincinnati Bell, the person who directed his wiretaps, and asked for help. If he didn’t get it, he said, he’d tell all. When the case went to federal court, Draise didn’t bother to hire an attorney. He didn’t need one. In a plea deal, federal prosecutors dropped the charge to a misdemeanor. Found guilty of illegal wiretapping, his sentence was a $200 fine. The judge? Magistrate J. Vincent Aug.

If Gates and Draise had been the only people to come forward, they could easily be dismissed as cranks – disgruntled former employees, as Cincinnati Bell claimed. But some police office officers named by Gates and Draise confirmed parts of their allegations, insisting, however, that there were only 12 illegal wiretaps. Other officers not known to Gates and Draise also admitted to illegal wiretaps. Some of the officers received immunity from prosecution in exchange for their testimony. Others invoked their Fifth Amendment right not to incriminate themselves.

“Due to the turbulent nature of the late ’60s and early ’70s, wiretaps were conducted to gather information,” said a press release signed by six retired officers. “This use began in approximately 1968 and ended completely during the Watergate investigation.”

The press release, whose signers included former Police Chief Myron Leistler, listed 12 wiretaps, among them “a black militant in the Bond Hill area” and a house on either Ravine or Strait streets rented by “the SDS or some other radical group.”

The retired cops’ lawyer said there were actually three Cincinnati Bell installers doing illegal wiretaps, but declined to identify the third.

The retired officers denied knowledge of “any wiretaps involving judges, local politicians, prominent citizens and fellow law enforcement officers or city employees.”

Getting rid of Aug

Others had that knowledge, however.

Howard Lucas, former security chief at the Stouffer Hotel downtown, said he caught Gates and three cops trying to break into a telephone switching room shortly before President Gerald Ford stayed at the hotel.

“I said, ‘Do you have a court order?’ and they all laughed,” Lucas told the Mount Washington Press.

The four men left. But they returned.

“A couple days later, in the back of the room, I found a setup, a reel-to-reel recorder concealed under some boxes,” Lucas said.

Ford stayed at the Stouffer Hotel in July 1975 and June 1976 – two years after the Watergate scandal, when Cincinnati Police officers claimed the bugging ended.

Then there was the matter of a former guard at the U.S. Courthouse downtown. He said he had found wiretap equipment there in 1986 and 1987, just a year before the wiretap scandal broke.

“I heard conversations you wouldn’t believe,” he said. “I heard a conversation one time. they were talking about getting rid of U.S. Magistrate Aug.”

The wiretapping started with drug dealers and expanded to political and business figures, according to Gates. In 1979, he testified, he was ordered to wiretap the Hamilton County Regional Computer Center, which handled vote tabulations. His handler at the phone company allegedly told Gates the wiretap was intended to manipulate election results.

“They had the ability to actually alter what was being done with the votes. … He was very upset through some of the elections with a gentleman named Blackwell,” Gates testified.

J. Kenneth Blackwell is a former member of Cincinnati Council, and 1979 was an election year for council.

Something went wrong on Election Night, Gates testified. His handler at the phone company called him.

“He was panicking,” Gates testified. “He said we had done something to screw up the voting processor down there, or the voting computer.”

News reports at the time noted an unexpected delay in counting votes for city council because of a computer malfunction.

Cincinnati Bell denied any involvement in illegal wiretapping by police or its own personnel. Yet police officers, like Gates, testified the police received equipment – even a truck – and information necessary to effectuate the wiretaps. The owners of a greenhouse in Westwood even came forward, saying the police stored the Cincinnati Bell truck on their property.

‘Say it louder’

Gates claimed that his handler at Cincinnati Bell repeatedly told him the wiretaps were at the behest of the FBI. He named an FBI agent who, he said, let him into the federal courthouse to wiretap federal judges.

Investigations followed – a federal grand jury, which indicted no one; a special investigator hired by city council, the former head of the Cincinnati FBI office; the U.S. Justice Department, sort of.

U.S. Sen. Paul Simon asked then-Attorney General Richard Thornburgh to look into the Cincinnati wiretap scandal. Federal judges, members of Congress and even the president of the United States had allegedly been wiretapped. Simon’s effort went nowhere. His press secretary told the Mount Washington Press that it took three months for the Attorney General to respond.

“The senator’s not pleased with the response,” Simon’s press secretary said. “It didn’t have the attorney general’s personal attention, and it said Justice (Department) was aware of the situation, but isn’t going to do anything.”

The city of Cincinnati settled a class-action lawsuit accusing it of illegal wiretapping, paying $85,000 to 17 defendants. It paid $12,000 to settle a second lawsuit by former staffers of The Independent Eye, an underground newspaper allegedly wiretapped and torched by Cincinnati Police officers in 1970.

Cincinnati Bell sued Leonard Gates and Robert Draise, accusing them of defamation. The two men had no attorneys and represented themselves at trial. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Fred Cartolano refused to let the jury hear testimony by former police officers who had admitted using Gates and Draise and Cincinnati Bell equipment. In a 4-2 vote, the jury ruled in the phone company’s favor, officially adjudging the two whistleblowers liars.

During one of the many hearings associated with the wiretap scandal, an FBI agent was asked what the agency would do if someone accused the phone company of placing illegal wiretaps. He testified the FBI would be powerless; it needed the phone company to check for a wiretap.

“It would go back to Bell,” the agent testified. “We would have no way of determining if there was any illegal wiretapping going on.”

The FBI agent was the person Gates had accused of opening the federal courthouse at night so he could wiretap federal judges.

One police sergeant offered no excuses for the illegal wiretapping. Asked why he didn’t bother with the legal niceties, such as getting a warrant, as required then by federal law, he said, “I didn’t deem it was necessary. We wanted the information, and went out and got it.”

At one point, covering the scandal for the Mount Washington Press, I received a phone call from a sergeant in the Cincinnati Police Department. He invited me to the station at Mount Airy Forest, where he proceeded to wiretap a fellow police officer’s phone call. I listened as the other officer talked to his wife.

“Say hello,” the sergeant told me.

I did. There was no response.

“Say it louder,” the sergeant said.

I did. No response.

“You can hear them, but they can’t hear you,” the sergeant said. “Any idiot can do a wiretap. You know that’s true because you just saw a policeman do it.”

Privacy is dead. Its corpse has long been moldering in the grave.

A patriot must always be ready to defend his country against his government.

CIA is essentially a “Self Licking Ice Cream Cone.” (SLICC).

Dick Widhu is a former roomate. He was a post doctorate BioChemistry student
at Brandeis when he moved into our household of 5 students
in Waltham Mass.He called himself Richard Eglund back then. ... 8-over-70/ ... 1477266114


Clinton Ally Aided Campaign of FBI Official’s Wife

Group linked to Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe donated nearly half a million dollars to 2015 state Senate candidate

Campaign finance records show Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s political-action committee donated $467,500 to the 2015 state Senate campaign of Dr. Jill McCabe, who is married to Andrew McCabe, now the deputy director of the FBI.

Oct. 23, 2016 7:41 p.m. ET

The political organization of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, an influential Democrat with longstanding ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton, gave nearly $500,000 to the election campaign of the wife of an official at the Federal Bureau of Investigation who later helped oversee the investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s

Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe played a major role in the bureau’s investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email use as secretary of state.

Turns out, McCabe’s wife, Dr. Jill McCabe, received nearly $500,000 in donations from Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who has longstanding ties to the Clintons, for her campaign to run for a state Senate seat, the Wall Street Journal reveals.

The Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe has considerable influence, donated an additional $207,788 worth of campaign mailers to Dr. McCabe’s senate campaign, which she eventually lost.

The governor’s spokesman said he “supported Jill McCabe because he believed she would be a good state senator. This is a customary practice for Virginia governors… Any insinuation that his support was tied to anything other than his desire to elect candidates who would help pass his agenda is ridiculous.”

In a statement, the FBI responded that Andrew McCabe, who is now the deputy director of the bureau, “played no role, attended no events, and did not participate in fundraising or support of any kind. Months after the completion of her campaign, then-Associate Deputy Director McCabe was promoted to Deputy, where, in that position, he assumed for the first time, an oversight role in the investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails.”

Dr. McCabe defended her husband.

“Once I decided to run, my husband had no formal role in my campaign other than to be a supportive husband ... -91745162/

1 LAPD Officer,2 deadly shootings days apart.
Suspect shot dead by police in Boyle Heights was 14-year-old boy, coroner says

October 23, 2016, 7:00 a.m.
This summer, for the first time in his nearly five years as a Los Angeles police officer, Eden Medina shot someone.

Police say Medina opened fire July 28 as Omar Gonzalez fought with officers after a car chase ended in a Boyle Heights cul-de-sac. Police have released few details about the shooting, but said at least one witness saw the 36-year-old with a gun before Medina fatally shot him.

Twelve days later, the Hollenbeck Division gang officer fired his gun again, killing ... z4O0EftZDV

DEA agent accused of having sexual
Relationship with Paid Informant

A DEA supervisor denied allegations that he had sex with a paid informant.

“There’s no salacious activity going on,” former DEA Atlanta office supervisor Keith Cromer said in U.S. Magistrate Judge Shirley Padmore Mensah’s St. Louis federal court on Friday, the Daily Caller reports. 

Cromer said he developed a person relationship with a paid informant, but it never became sexual.

Cromer invoked the Fifth Amendment twice during the court hearing. ... d81bc.html

More Deplorable
Revelations Surface of Clinton Probe

Hillary Clinton

By Editorial Board
Richmond Times-Dispatch 

More deplorable revelations about Hillary Clinton have hit the news.

The FBI released more documents related to its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private email server, and a letter from the inspector general for the national intelligence community was made public. The dismal revelations are not surprising; they merely reinforce the judgment much of the public has formed about the Democratic presidential nominee.

The most alarming news is contained in the letter from intelligence IG Charles McCullough III. He informed two Senate committees that Clinton’s server contained emails about special access programs.

Certain classified information rises to a level above top secret. Some of it is classified as SCI, or secure compartmentalized information. Information about special access programs is deemed even more sensitive than that.

This news rebuts, once again, Clinton’s false claim that she never sent or received classified information ... -91756592/

Father gets 1,503 years in prison for raping teenage daughter, longest sentence in Fresno history ... /92475642/

Immigration agent, lawyer charged in pay-to-stay scheme

Detroit — A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent and a Metro Detroit

Conference 2016
November 18-19-20
1015 Elm Street


JOHN B. WELLS - Master of Ceremonies
John B. Wells is the leader of Caravan to Midnight. Actor, musician, writer, investigative journalist, composer, martial artist, aviator and broadcaster, John B. Wells finds the ancient sage advice of “concentrating on just one thing” to be true. His one thing: The Arts.

John is also an internationally renowned voice-over artist with credits ranging from serving as the announcer for CBS’ The Late Show with Craig Kilborn, to voicing promos for hit television shows like Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch and Gold Rush to lending his voice to films like Oliver Stone’s JFK and Talk Radio, as well as the popular series Unsealed: Alien Files.

John also performed weekend duties as the top-rated host of the nationally syndicated overnight radio show Coast to Coast AM. After frequently serving as a guest host, In January 2012, Wells became the Saturday evening host of the most-listened-to overnight program in history, and held that seat until January 2014.

Watch and listen to John B. Wells’ Caravan to Midnight shows 24/7 all day, anytime by becoming a CTM PROGRAM MEMBER! Host John B. Wells captivates, educates and entertains his audience with the very best guests and best discussions on news and current events, conspiracy theories and all things curious and unexplained.

John Barbour, a Canadian native, is recognized as “the father of reality TV” with five Emmy Awards to his credit. Known for his numerous TV programs, including “NBC’s trendsetting hit ‘Real People,” NBC’s award-winning “Critic-at-Large” and “AM LA,” the witty and talented Barbour is the only person to have won Emmy’s in both Entertainment and News. As a stand-up comic, and as a writer for politicians and personalities such as Frank Sinatra, John has enjoyed an inside view of media politics.

His interest in the Kennedy assassination has been long and professional. He produced The Garrison Tapes (John filmed Garrison personally). The tapes are also available on Amazon (The Last Word on the Assassination).  John says: “In spite of great reviews, winning the San Sebastian Film Festival and enormous success around the world, The Garrison Tapes has been almost totally blacked out by America’s mainstream media.” His newest project is The American Media and the Second Assassination of President John F. Kennedy (see — a presentation you don’t want to miss.

Judyth Vary Baker is an artist, writer, poet and futurist with degrees in Medical/Cultural Anthropology, Communications, English and Linguistics. She is the author of Me & Lee: How I came to know, love and lose Lee Harvey Oswald, an underground best seller. Her book David Ferrie, Mafia Pilot (Trine Day, 2014) was the first definitive full-length biography of the enigmatic man called “the key to the Kennedy assassination.” Her third book, Letters to the Cyborgs (Trine Day, 2016) is a collection of science fiction short stories using both terror and humor to expose a world plagued by unethical and frightening inventions that exist today.

“Both Lee and I were fascinated by the world of science fiction,” Baker explains. “We both wanted to write science fiction.” The only such story ever written by Lee Harvey Oswald (“Her Way”) is included in Letters, as well as a section about the FBI’s investigation of Lee’s readings and writings. Judyth’s fourth book, Kennedy & Oswald: The Big Picture, co-written with Edward Schwartz, will be released late in 2016. “It’s everything you’ll ever need to know about how –and why– the Kennedy assassination and Oswald’s murder is the key to today’s newspaper headlines,” Judyth says.

Judyth invented a modified method to obtain magnesium from seawater when 16, induced lung cancer in germ-free mice in only seven days when 17  (— a feat that had not been accomplished, at the time, in the nation’s top laboratories) and created a cancer-detection blood test in college when 18. After nearly two years of specialized training, Judyth, promised early entry into Tulane Medical School after a summer internship in New Orleans with the renowned Dr. Mary Sherman, found herself in a project to kill Fidel Castro with lung cancer involving a persons such as Lee Harvey Oswald and “Dr.” David Ferrie.

Author Edward T. Haslam discovered Baker was the last living witness who could verify particulars of his own decades-long, extensive research into the connections between Sherman’s brutal, unsolved murder on July 21, 1964 (the day the Warren Commission came to New Orleans to obtain testimonies), Dr. Alton Ochsner, Lee Oswald, contaminated polio vaccines, David Ferrie, cancer epidemics and the Kennedy assassination.

Judyth, who had an affair with Oswald, is determined to clear his name. She founded the JFK Assassination Conference, now in its fourth year. In 2016, the second annual Oswald Conference will be held in New Orleans, assisted by Judyth’s “politically incorrect annual birthday parties in Lee’s honor” there.  She also sponsors the JFK Memorial Ceremony at the Grassy Knoll on Nov. 22. To be part of these efforts or to donate (it’s all non-profit) contact “Judyth Baker” on Facebook, or contact Trine Day Publishers or


Richard Bartholomew establishes the certification and reliability of fingerprint expert Nathan Darby, who identified the main unknown print of a known murderer which was found in the Sniper’s nest. Richard will show that more than one print of LBJ hit man Malcolm Wallace’s was found there–and much more. Richard’s education, training, and professional experience have been primarily in the visual arts.
His research of the JFK assassination includes the notable discovery of a 1959 Rambler station wagon possibly used in the conspiracy; a study co-authored with Walter F. Graf involving a rifle clip that contaminates the ballistic evidence; a chronological reconstruction and placement of missing movements edited out of the Zapruder film; an in-depth interview of Erwin Schwartz, with author Noel Twyman, regarding Mr. Schwartz’s and Mr. Zapruder’s early chain of possession of Zapruder’s film; and work for author Barr McClellan, resulting in Mr. Bartholomew’s monograph establishing the methods by which the FBI and the Warren Commission concealed and obfuscated latent fingerprints from the alleged sniper’s nest.

Abraham Bolden is one of the heroes of the Kennedy assassination saga who has personally suffered as a consequence. He was the first black Secret Service Agent, appointed by President Kennedy himself. Bolden was present in Chicago when the FBI announced to his office that an informant named “Lee” had foiled at an attempt to assassinate the president in that city. This matter is also reported in James Douglass’ fine book, JFK and the Unspeakable. Abraham’s book, The Echo From Dealey Plaza, is available on Amazon. Learn more here about this remarkable witness from this blog:

At this conference, we plan to bring together all the petitions seeking Abraham a pardon, into one, with the intention of presenting them as a unified group to the President. Abraham has suffered as a witness — he tried to expose the Secret Service’s poor performance regarding protecting Kennedy — landed him in prison on trumped-up charges. Just as Lee Oswald, Abraham Bolden was framed. He has much to tell us as an original witness connected to both John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy assassination.

Jim Botelho was Lee Harvey Oswald’s Marine Corps friend and roommate. Jim was born in 1937 in Hollister, California. He grew up on his family’s small farm in San Juan Valley. By the time he was 7, he and his sister worked in the fields on the farm. He attended a small, two room, rural elementary school located across the street from the family farm. He attended high school in Hollister and has just finished one year of College at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, when he felt the need to serve his County and joined the United States Marine Corp; it was 1956.  He was assigned to be an “aviation electronics operator”: that’s a Radar Operator.

After joining the Marines he was stationed in Tustin, California; at the time a small isolated helicopter base. In mid 1959, Lee Oswald was transferred to his squadron. There, they became friends and shared a room. Lee was discharged in September 1959, and Jim was discharged in January 1960.

After his service, he returned home and to work on the family farm during the day, and served the community as a deputy sheriff at night. Jim also worked in the construction trade, having various jobs, as well as continued his education, taking various college courses to improve his skills in many topics. Jim married in 1960 and had three boys and a daughter. As you can guess, Jim was interviewed by the Warren Commission in 1964.

In 1968, he was appointed a Justice Court Judge, where he served as a Judge until 1977 when he retired from the bench. Since about 1973, a number of people have asked him for comments and recollection of Lee Oswald. A few notable names are Mark Lane, Edward Epstein, David Lifton, John Donovan, and Ray Hale. In 1993, he started a business specializing in Construction Inspection Services. He is now retired, and living in the wonderfully cool climate of the Monterey Bay area in Marina, California.

Douglas Caddy is an attorney in Houston, Texas and is admitted to the Texas and District of Columbia Bars. Doug is a graduate of Georgetown University School of Foreign Service and New York University Law School. He is the author of six books, three published by Texas A&M University Press and one, Watergate Exposed, published by TrineDay.

While in high school in New Orleans in 1955, he worked with former FBI agent Guy Banister on exposing organized crime. At the time Lee Harvey Oswald, who was also in high school, and his mother lived on Exchange Place in the French Quarter, only a five minute walk from Banister’s office.

He was the Original Attorney for the Watergate Seven in 1972 and represented Billie Sol Estes in 1984 in negotiations with the U.S. Department of Justice to secure immunity so that Mr. Estes could tell what he knew about LBJ’s involvement in the assassination of JFK. In addition to Mr. Estes’ revelations, he will disclose at the conference what his client and close friend, E. Howard Hunt, knew about JFK’s assassination. He will also disclose the truth about Mac Wallace and Joan Mellen’s flawed research about the fingerprint controversy.

Ole Dammegård, awarded the Prague Peace Prize 2016, is an author, International speaker, and former journalist, an investigator who has dedicated the last 30 years of his life to researching many of the global conspiracies. His main focus has been to find out the truth about the assassinations of JFK, the Swedish Prime minister Olof Palme, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and Lady Di, plus the terror attacks of 911, Norway, Oklahoma City and many more. He is now considered a leading expert on false flag operations and is believed to have managed to expose and stop several planned massacres.

Over the past 30 years, Ole has discovered links between all of these assassinations, which has led him to believe that the same people were involved in both the JFK and Olof Palme murders, as well as other major ‘events’. The same Global Elite seem to have used the same skilled mechanics for decades for doing their ‘dirty work’.

He has written the following books: Coup d’etat in Slow Motion: Part I and II, Shadow of Tears (my experience in Iran), The power book Re-Mind Me, the children’s book Yolanda Yogapanda – Truth is One, Paths are Many. Ole is currently working on the following titles; A Global Tour of Terror Part I and II, The Elusive Enigma and the book Guilty Victim. He is also busy with a series of documentaries aiming at exposing false flag operations currently hitting modern society.

Ole has been among the key speakers at many International conferences, including outside the Bilderberg Meeting in 2014, and has had the privilege of being a special guest on hundreds of programs.

Gary Fannin has been studying the John F. Kennedy Assassination for over 36 years. He has lectured at High Schools, Colleges, Universities and numerous JFK Conferences in Dallas. His book The Innocence of Oswald: 50+ Years of Lies, Deception & Deceit in the Murders of President John F. Kennedy & Officer J.D. Tippit was published in 2015. The Innocence of Oswald is based upon U.S. Government documents from the FBI, CIA, Office of Naval Intelligence and Secret Service,  many of which have never been printed before.  It also includes Dallas Police affidavits, autopsy reports, photos and more to prove that Lee Harvey Oswald was completely innocent of the crimes he was charged and was in fact, ‘a patsy.’

Gary is currently working with 5 time Emmy Award Winner, John Barbour, on The Jim Garrison Tapes, Part 2: The American Media and the 2nd Assassination of President Kennedy. This documentary is the follow up to the Sans Sebastian Film Winner, The Jim Garrison Tapes. This documentary will establish U.S. Major Media complicity in the cover up of the JFK assassination with Lee Oswald as designated patsy.

He is also working on his second book, Mandarin, the updated story of Roscoe Anthony White, his relationship with Lee Harvey Oswald in the Marines, how Oswald was set up as the patsy, and  White’s claims that the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence ordered him to kill President Kennedy.

Gordon Ferrie has emerged from the silence imposed on him previously to reveal new inside information about JFK and who really killed Kennedy. As a former designated protector of  Jackie Kennedy from the time JFK took office, as well as serving as a bodyguard for JFK at the Pentagon, Gordon spoke this year at the JFK Center for the Performing Arts on JFK’s Birthday because of his relationship with the Kennedy’s.

After the assassination, Gordon remained associated with Jackie and JFK Jr. through their mutual love for horsemanship (Gordon was an official of the US Equestrian team). A close friend of of Barr McClellan, who worked in LBJ’s attorney system, Gordon tells us that “Due to security I could not previously go into the huge amount of information I have from my activities of over 50 years, but with my new book to be released, this has changed. I am the only person to personally nail LBJ about Eliot Janeway and get him to confess… Richard Helms attempted to stop me from looking into his role in the murders of Material Witnesses and CIA contract Officers participating in the Cuban operations. I got people to to talk.”

We will have a CD of additional fascinating information that Gordon has given to us that will be available at the conference.

James H. Fetzer, a former Marine Corps officer, is McKnight Professor Emeritus at the Duluth Campus of the University of Minnesota, from which he retired in 2006, completing a 35-year career, principally offering courses in logic, critical thinking and scientific reasoning.

Jim organized the first Zapruder Film Symposium at JFK Lancer in 1996. He has brought together the best experts on different aspects of the case in a series of books that shattered the cover-up and exposed a massive conspiracy in the death of JFK: Assassination Evidence (1998), Murder In Dealey Plaza (2000) and The Great Zapruder Film Hoax (2003).

Never afraid of looking into controversial subjects, to date, he has published 33 books, his most recent with

Victoria Hawes Sulzer is a witness regarding meeting Lee Harvey Oswald at Dr. Mary Sherman’s apartment building –and much more. Victoria is one of several witnesses never interviewed by the FBI who are now helping to verify Lee Oswald’s true activities and his innocence, as well as helping to support what Judyth Baker has also revealed about Oswald, his association with Dr. Sherman, and his true activities in New Orleans.

Victoria writes: “[Lee and I attended] Beauregard Jr. High School…[also,] I met Dr. Mary Sherman in passing, polite greetings, not a personal close relationship, the Patio Apartments was so small, isolated in contact, but cordial and lent itself to privacy.” Victoria also reveals what she knows about Oswald’s companion, apartment resident Juan Valdez, who lived next door to her and to Dr. Sherman. Edward T. Haslam (Dr. Mary’s Monkey) considers Valdez a prime suspect in Dr. Sherman’s horrific murder.

St. John Hunt’s father was E. Howard Hunt, the infamous Watergate burglar and CIA spymaster. St. John tells us, “My father helped the CIA kill JFK.” In E. Howard Hunt’s near-death confession to his son St. John, which was taped for posterity, Hunt revealed that key figures in the CIA were responsible for the plot to assassinate JFK in Dallas, and that Hunt himself was approached by the plotters, among whom included the CIA’s David Atlee Phillips, Cord Meyer, Jr., and William Harvey, as well as future Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.

St. John has an insider’s viewpoint, and it’s heartbreaking. His incredible true story is told in his two books: Bond of Secrecy (2012) by St. John Hunt, with Eric Hamburg and Jesse Ventura, and, concerning the secrets and horrific murder of his mother, Dorothy… the Murder of E. Howard Hunt’s Wife… (2015) by St. John Hunt, with Roger Stone. St. John is a professional musician with “St. John and the Sinners”.

Dr. Peter Janney is a psychologist and psychotherapist who is also the author of the best-selling book Mary’s Mosaic, the CIA Conspiracy to Murder John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and Their Vision for World Peace. The son of an important CIA agent who was close friends with James Jesus Angleton and others associated with Kennedy’s assassination, Peter as a teen loved and admired the beautiful Mary Pinchot Myers, who was JFK’s last mistress. Shocked by news of her murder within a year of JFK’s, hear from Peter’s own mouth the secrets he uncovered about Mary’s brutal murder and the involvement of the CIA.

“Kennedy scholars, JFK assassination researchers and all concerned Americans owe Peter Janney their deep gratitude for his relentless exploration into the professional-style murder of Mary Meyer – a woman who, as Kennedy’s mistress and a former CIA wife, simply knew too much for her own good. Janney, who knew and adored Meyer as a boy, brings his own personal sense of mission to this investigative project. The story of Meyer’s murder, and its coverup, is one more fascinating footnote to the Kennedy assassination, and it shines an important light on the forces behind the tragic events in Dallas, a tragedy from which the country is still suffering.” – David Talbot, founder of Salon, and New York Times bestselling author of The Devil’s Chessboard

Andrew Kreig, based in Washington, DC, is a public affairs commentator, author, attorney and legal reformer with decades of experience in cutting-edge public policy issues. Drawing on extraordinary contacts in the nation’s capital and globally, he is currently examining pivotal developments – many of them secret – that are transforming the American way of life. He provides his findings by his articles, lectures, broadcast interviews, books and through two organizations:  a non-partisan legal reform group, The Justice Integrity Project, and a public affairs consultancy he leads, Eagle View Capital Strategies.

Andrew is the author of Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and their Masters, which draws on a century of history to provide the first comprehensive analysis of the Obama administration’s second-term. More information can be found at: The book grew out of the author’s work leading The Justice Integrity Project, a non-partisan legal reform group that investigates suspected official misconduct. The Washington, DC based author is an investigative reporter, non-profit executive, attorney and broadcast commentator.

Roy Lewis worked in the Texas School Book Depository with Lee Harvey Oswald. He can been seen in the famous Altgens6 photo taken the moment Kennedy was struck by the first bullet, standing facing to his left, and after the shots, running down the street toward the grassy knoll. Critics who did not like what Larry Rivera posted about his interview with Roy Lewis stated the fact that Lewis said he did not see Lee Oswald in the doorway. One comment was: “When I ask him if he recalls Oswald standing RIGHT NEXT TO HIM AS THE SHOTS WERE FIRED, what do you think he’s most likely to say…?”

The answer is simple: all photos show Lewis standing in front of the doorway figure, not next to him. Because of foreshortening in the Altgens6 photo, it looks like Lewis is ‘right under’ the doorway figure, but in other views, it is obvious that the figure is well behind him, not next to him. In 1964, Lewis said he thought all shots came from the TSBD. However, when Lewis was asked if it could have been Billy Lovelady standing, instead of Oswald, Lewis said he knew Billy Lovelady very well and had even purchased a car from him, but Lovelady was heaver, shorter, and almost bald. Hear what he has to say at the conference.

Wayne Madsen is a print and online investigative journalist, author and columnist. He is the author of the blog Wayne Madsen Report. He has appeared on major television news networks as a commentator and contributor. He has previously served as a U.S. naval office and worked at the National Security Agency, the Department of State, and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). He is the author of fourteen books on subjects ranging from the the Bush family, David Petraeus, and Barack Obama to data privacy and genocide in Africa.

Wikipedia says: “He has been described as a conspiracy theorist.” Wikipedia also tells us that Madsen is considered “one of the world’s leading SIGINT and computer security experts.[17] 15]During his long employment with EPIC — the Electronic Privacy Information Center –he appeared as a guest on 60 Minutes,[18] ABC Nightline,[19] Voice of America,[20] National Public Radio.,[21] and Marketplace,[22].

Madsen was responsible for a big story in The Guardian about Edward Snowden and “Echelon”–secret data exchanges between the US and Europe– which was pulled solely because Madsen was the source. According to The Guardian,”…the [story]… was sound, but it was wrong to connect Wayne Madsen with the story. For this reason, the original story was removed from the website, and the Observer splash was replaced.”[35]. Wikipedia also says: “In 2003 he claimed that he had uncovered information in a classified congressional report that he said contained information linking the September 11 attacks to the government of Saudi Arabia and the Bush administration through financial transactions with the hijackers. The Saudi Foreign Minister demanded the report be declassified so it could respond, however, the Bush administration refused, claiming that to do so would compromise intelligence sources and methods.”[36]

Considering the recent lawsuits that 9-11 families are bringing against Saudi Arabia, maybe Madsen “had something.” We think he can’t be wrong all of the time. Hear what he knows about Ted Cruz’ father, Rafael, and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Jim Marrs, a Texas native born in 1943, began working as a journalist while in junior high school. After graduating from University of North Texas in 1966 he attended Graduate School at Texas Tech in Lubbock, joined the United States Army, and then became a police reporter for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. After serving with the Fourth Army intelligence unit during the Vietnam War, he became a military and aerospace writer and an investigative reporter.  After interviewing members of the Dallas Police Department, witnesses and city officials, Jim realized that the Warren Commission participated in a cover-up of the Kennedy assassination Jim continued to investigate the case, and in 1976 began teaching a course about the assassination for the University of Texas at Arlington.

In 1989 Jim published Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy (updated, 2013) – a major source of inspiration for Oliver Stone’s movie “JFK,” where he was a chief consultant.  Listed both in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in America, Jim has won writing and photography awards such as the Aviation Aerospace Writer’s Association’s National Writing Award and Freedom Magazine’s Human Rights Leadership Award. Marrs has appeared on all major TV channels, is often quoted in documentaries, and continues to write best-selling books investigating government crimes, hidden agendas, and controversial subjects others fear to touch.

Jim will be receiving a special award at our Speaker’s Dinner on Saturday evening.

Barr McClellan is an attorney, business consultant and author (best-seller Blood, Money & Power). Barr was an attorney for LBJ for ten years and assisted with the bonus for LBJ’s super-attorney Ed Clark, the man who made arrangements for the assassination. Barr will discuss the Kennedy family views on Warren, John Jr’s call for penitence, the unified action between LBJ-CIA-Mafia, the Billie Sol Estes tapes, the grand jury action recommending LBJ be indicted for murder, and the trial of Clint Peoples Eliot.

Most telling, Eliot Janeway (economist for the Democratic party) provided LBJ’s admissions of his deep involvement. The connection to deep, dark politics emerges: the dangers LBJ presented to world peace are disclosed. Barr: “A trial is necessary. That key step must be provided. Steps to restore trust in America, to reduce the banality of corruption, and to complete closure of the malaise still impacting America will then be accomplished.”

Barr obtained his knowledge from the many disclosures he was told by people on the Kennedy side. He considers these facts of history to be a trust provided him. He is intent on fulfilling that trust. He is available as a consultant for movies and documentaries regarding this Crime of the Century, which was a crime against humanity.

After years of researching Johnson and the JFK assassination, Phillip F. Nelson conclusively showed that LBJ had an active role in JFK’s assassination. His best-selling books LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination and LBJ: from “Mastermind” to Colossus describe the darkly obsessive mind of one of America’s most ambitious and calculating politicians. A quote from page 77 of LBJ Mastermind will give you a glimpse of what Nelson knows: “There were extended relationships between many men at the lower levels of the hierarchy headed by Lyndon Johnson, the ultimate dispenser of political influence, and his closest associate, Bobby Baker. The next level in the “triangle of influence” connected Baker, Clint Murchison, and James Hoffa directly to Carlos Marcello, the Mafia chieftain of New Orleans, as well as his longtime lobbyist Irving Davidson.”

Phillip, who spoke to our conference in 2014, has acquired more information since then that we are anxious to hear. He worked in the property-casualty insurance industry and as an independent business owner until he retired at the age of fifty-eight and began his extensive research into the unsolved murder of our thirty-fifth president.

Beverly Oliver Massagee, a mother of two, is a well-known witness in the JFK assassination case who has a ministry with her husband, Charles Massagee. Beverly is a professional singer, professional ventriloquist, public speaker and lecturer, a published author, and movie actress (Nightmare on Elm Street).

Beverly, called “the Babushka lady” by Richard Sprague because of the European-style headscarf she wore on Nov. 22, 1963, was an eye-witness of JFK’s assassination. Young Beverly had worked as a singer at the Colony Club, a nightclub next door to Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club. She and Ruby were friends; Beverly is one of several witnesses who saw Ruby and Lee Oswald together before Kennedy was shot. She was portrayed by actress Lolita Davidovich and was a technical advisor for Oliver Stone’s movie, “JFK.”

Shane O’Sullivan’s professional background is primarily as a documentary filmmaker. His three feature documentaries to date explore contemporary political history and the counter-narratives of several infamous ‘enemies of the state’. Children of the Revolution tells the stories of the Baader Meinhof Group and the Japanese Red Army and was released in thirty cinemas across Japan in the summer of 2014.

He is the author of the book Who Killed Bobby? (NYC: Union Square Press, 2008) – based on his documentary RFK Must Die – and has distributed six documentaries in UK cinemas through his production company/DVD label E2 Films. One of his films, Killing Oswald (2013), was hailed as David Talbot “a major contribution to the Kennedy assassination field” and Jefferson Morley called “the best JFK documentary of the [50th anniversary] year.”

After completing his PhD at Roehampton University in 2013, Shane lectured in film making and film distribution at Regents University and Birmingham City University before his appointment at Kingston in September 2014 where he is a a member of the film making faculty. Shane lives in London and blogs on the Sirhan case at

Vince Palamara was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA and is a Duquesne University graduate. Vince is considered the leading civilian Secret Service authority. His first book, Survivors’ Guilt: the Secret Service & the Failure to Protect President Kennedy (2013), took over 20 years to research and write and has garnered much favorable reaction. His second book, JFK: from Parkland to Bethesda – the Ultimate Kennedy Assassination (2015), took over 15 years to research and write and has also garnered much favorable reaction.

Vince has appeared in over 120 other authors’ books, on radio, in television programs, on DVDs, in newspapers, at national conferences, and in many online resources. Watch for his third book, The Not So Secret Service – Agency Tales from FDR to the Kennedy Assassination (2016). Vince is working on a fourth book, as well.

Francis Gary Powers, Jr. was born June 5, 1965, in Burbank, California, he is the son of Francis Gary and Claudia “Sue” Powers. Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Philosophy from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Master Degree in Public Administration / Certification in Non-profit Management from George Mason University (GMU), Fairfax, Virginia. Recently, he consulted for a Steven Spielberg Cold War thriller, Bridge of Spies released a few months ago about James Donovan who brokered the 1962 spy exchange between Rudolph Abel and U-2 pilot Francis Gary Powers, Sr.

Gary is the Founder and Chairman Emeritus of The Cold War Museum, a 501(c) (3) charity located at Vint Hill, VA, 45 minutes west of Washington, DC, He founded the museum in 1996 to honor Cold War veterans, preserve Cold War history, and educate future generations about this time period. As Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee for the Cold War Theme Study he works with the National Park Service and leading Cold War experts to identify historic Cold War sites for commemorating, interpreting, and preservation. Because of his efforts to establish The Cold War Museum, the Junior Chamber of Commerce selected him as one of the “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” for 2002. Gary lectures internationally and appears regularly on the History, Discovery, and A&E Channels. He is married and has one son.

Larry Rivera is Chairman of the Oswald Innocence Campaign. He was born in Alaska, the son of a career military man who served as a CID officer in the Army. He was in Germany on 11/22/63, age 6, and will never forget his father’s reaction upon hearing of JFK’s assassination.  He has made a lifelong study of the JFK assassination, making his first trip to Dealey Plaza in 1991. He attended the ASK Symposium in 1993 for the 30th anniversary.

He has given interviews about the assassination to Spanish media. Larry has published many articles on the assassination and has many YouTube videos covering his research.  He has given presentations at Santa Barbara for the 50th observance of the assassination in 2013 on Buell Wesley Frazier, and at Judyth Vary Baker’s Conference at Arlington in 2014 on the DPD motorcycle officers.

Larry has a degree in Computer Networking and is an expert at computer imaging technology and facial recognition, using state of the art digital overlays.  Currently, he helps host the Internet radio show “The New JFK Show” with Gary King and Jim Fetzer, conducting interviews and discussing new information on the JFK assassination.  He has just finished translating Judyth Vary Baker’s book,  “Me and Lee” into Spanish,  “Lee y yo”, and also has finished his own book,  due for publication soon, covering multiple aspects of the assassination.

Roger Stone is the author of the New York Times bestseller The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ. He is a legendary political operative who served as a senior campaign aide to Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and Senator Bob Dole. Stone would parlay being the youngest staff member of the Committee to Re-Elect the President in 1972 into being a conduit of secret memos from Ex-President Nixon to President Ronald Reagan throughout the 80s.

A veteran of eight national presidential campaigns, Stone would spend hours talking politics with Nixon as confidant and adviser in his post-presidential years. Stone is known for his hardball tactics, deep opposition research, biting candor, and love of English custom tailoring. Stone serves as mens’ fashion correspondent for the Daily Caller.” He is probably the most controversial speaker on the political horizon today, an insider who was there from the beginning, who doesn’t want Nixon blamed for what happened on Nov. 22, 1963.

Edgar F. Tatro is one of today’s preeminent experts on the Kennedy Assassination. Tatro holds a B.A. Degree in English, an MA in Urban Education and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Educational Administration.  He taught high school English for 38 years, specializing in science fiction, mystery and horror, satire and comedy, creative writing, media and propaganda, and the origin, history and poetry of rock music. He also taught college and adult education courses for 30 years, specializing in the JFK assassination, subliminal messages in advertising, the influence of rock music on drug abuse, backward messages in music, and plagiarism in music.

Mr. Tatro is the author of more than 30 mystery and horror short stories, literary essays and poems published in many magazines across the country, including many research articles pertaining to the JFK assassination conspiracy. His work has been acknowledged or footnoted in many JFK assassination books, including Reasonable Doubt by Henry Hurt, Official and Confidential: The Secret Life of J. Edgar Hoover by Anthony Summers, Destiny Betrayed by Jim DiEugenio, (Probe Magazine) by Jim DiEugenio and Lisa Pease, The Kennedys: Dynasty and Disaster by John H. Davis, Killing Kennedy by Harrison Livingstone, JFK; The Book of the Film by Oliver Stone and Zachary Sklar, Doug Weldon’s essay in Murder in Dealey Plaza, JFK and the Unspeakable by Jim Douglass, and  David Ferrrie: Mafia Pilot by Judyth Vary Baker.

Ed is the original editor of Texas in the Morning, the memoirs of LBJ’s mistress, Madeleine Duncan Brown, and editor of the Bugliosi chapter in Biting the Elephant by Dr. Rodger Remington. He contributed research to Senator Sam Ervin’s Watergate investigative committee, the House Select Committee on Assassinations and the National Academy of Sciences (JFK acoustical analysis project). He attended Clay Shaw’s trial in New Orleans, in February 1969, and was given access to the court exhibits by Judge Edward Haggerty.

Ed also served as a minor consultant to Oliver Stone’s film, “JFK.” He testified before the Assassination Records Review Board in March 1995, in Boston, Mass. He was responsible, via the ARRB, for the release of the unidentified print found on a box in the alleged sniper’s nest in the Texas School Book Depository, and, via the LBJ Library, for the release of the rough drafts of the rough draft of NSAM #273, which he shared with L. Fletcher Prouty, who shared them with Oliver Stone for post-JFK research.

Mr. Tatro was a consultant to Nigel Turner’s “The Truth Shall Set You Free,” and “The Smoking Guns,” parts six and seven of The Men Who Killed Kennedy series. He was a primary recruiter and participant in Turner’s “The Guilty Men,” part nine of the same series.

The author of more than 550 professional publications, Dr. Cyril Wecht is also an editorial board member of more than 20 national and international medical-legal and forensic scientific publications; editor of the five-volume set, Forensic Sciences (Matthew Bender); co-editor of the two and three-volume sets, Handling Soft Tissue Injury Cases and Preparing and Winning, Medical Negligence Cases (both published by Michie).

Formerly the Chairman of the Department of Pathology at Saint Francis Central Hospital in Pittsburgh, Dr. Wecht is now the President of its medical staff and is actively involved as a medical-legal and forensic science consultant, author, and lecturer.

Dr. Wecht has organized and conducted Postgraduate Medical-Legal Seminars in more than fifty countries throughout the world in his capacity as Director of the Pittsburgh Institute of Legal Medicine. He has performed approximately 17,000 autopsies and has supervised, reviewed or has been consulted on approximately 30,000 additional postmortem examinations.

Being an expert in Forensic Medicine, Dr. Wecht has frequently appeared on several nationally syndicated programs discussing various medicolegal and forensic scientific issues, including medical malpractice, drug abuse, the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, the death of Elvis Presley, the O.J. Simpson case, and the JonBenet Ramsey cases.

His expertise has also been utilized in high profile cases involving Mary Jo Kopechne, Sunny von Bulow, Jean Harris, Dr. Jeffrey McDonald, the Waco Branch Davidian fire, and Vincent Foster. A comprehensive study of these cases are discussed from the perspective of Dr. Wecht’s own professional involvement in his books, Cause of Death, Grave Secrets, and Who Killed JonBenet Ramsey? (All published by Dutton/Penguin).

Stan Weeber (Ph.D., University of North Texas, 2000) is an award-winning Professor of Sociology at McNeese State University in Lake Charles, Louisiana. His interests in sociology include assassination, political violence, and global extremism. He has authored several books, including Political Crime in the United States (1978), Militias in the New Millennium (2004) and The Denton Connection (2016).

His sociological work has appeared in many journals; he also serves on the editorial boards of numerous sociology journals and has been selected as a manuscript reviewer for the discipline’s top journal, The American Sociological Review. Stan’s analysis of Denton, Texas residents and how they are linked to the Kennedy assassination offers a new and troubling look at the crime of the century.




Angelina Nobile, born in New Orleans, Louisiana, is the youngest daughter of Judge August Nobile. She writes: “[Two years before ] my father died, after heart surgery he revealed many surprising things to me. My father was an attorney, Secretary of the Police Jury, Assistant District Attorney and finally Judge of the 25th Judicial District Court, Louisiana. His political career in St. Bernard and Plaquemines Parishes commenced under his mentor, the colorful right-wing Judge Leander Perez, Sr. These parishes were considered part of the New Orleans metropolitan statistical area. Leander Perez, Sr., known as “The Delta Boss” since 1919, and his political machine ruled these parishes with an iron hand. Because of his close association with Perez, Judge Nobile knew Jim Garrison, Guy Banister, Salvadore La Charda and Carlos Marcello among many others. Judge Nobile was privy to the intense objections to JFK, Robert Kennedy and MLK. Clandestine and conspiratorial activities of the Perez political organization and the organization run by Carlos Marcello, who owned gambling establishments in the parishes, was well know in the area.

A back swamp, oil rich political machine and an organized crime syndicate came together with a national government entity to make a plan where everyone would get what they needed in order to continue their secret and illegal activities. Their plan came to a culmination on November 22, 1963 with the shocking assassination of JFK. Angeline has come forth to speak for the first time to inform the world that Lee Harvey Oswald was an innocent man who was used to obscure the truth and the culprits who had a hand in the JFK assassination plan. She is not writing a book nor is she receiving any monetary compensation for her story.

Claudia Rodick is the granddaughter of Susie Hanover, who was Judyth Vary Baker’s landlady in New Orleans in 1963. Claudia has memories of her visits to her grandmother that summer that includes seeing Lee Oswald sitting on the front porch at 1032 Marengo St. You will enjoy what she has to say about “dear old Susie,” Susie’s dog Collie, and how what she remembers fits with what Judyth has reported.

FOUNDED AND PRODUCED BY: Judyth Vary Baker AND CO-PRODUCED by Lorien Fenton/Conscious Community Events. Copyright 2014, 2015, 2016..
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Happy Birthday Patriot Act
for 15 years you have done
your best to crush Democracy

Bonus Read ... -millions/

Voter ID and Other Laws Try to Suppress the Vote

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory pretends to believe in unicorns. Photo credit: DonkeyHotey / WhoWhatWhy (CC BY-SA 2.0) See complete attribution below.
On Thursday, Terri Rote made national news. She was arrested after trying to cast votes for Donald Trump at two separate polling stations in Iowa. Rote now faces up to five years in jail.

The reason her case has attracted so much attention is that it is the only instance of in-person voter fraud so far this year — out of nearly 20 million votes that have already been cast.

Even though that is a tiny percentage, we are still ahead of the average. The most cited study on the issue has identified 31 possible cases of in-person voter fraud out of almost 1,000,000,000 ballots cast.

Why is it such a rare crime? Because, no offense to Ms. Rote, only a moron would commit in-person voter fraud. The penalty for getting caught is off the charts compared to the benefit of casting one additional vote.

It’s the equivalent of finding a single termite in a house and burning it down as a remedy.

Some of these Voter ID laws were struck down — either fully or in part. The court rulings leave little doubt what the motivation was for passing them in the first place.

“Although the new provisions target African Americans with almost surgical precision, they constitute inapt remedies for the problems assertedly justifying them and, in fact, impose cures for problems that did not exist,” said the decision in the North Carolina case.

The court noted that “the State has failed to identify even a single individual who has ever been charged with committing in-person voter fraud in North Carolina.”

While the concept of showing identification to vote might not be bad — and has broad public support — it only works if the government can assure that every single voter can easily obtain this ID at no cost. But that is never the goal when it comes to these laws.

Take Alabama, for example. After the 2014 Shelby County vs. Holder Supreme Court decision, which made it easier for states with a history of bad civil-rights records to disenfranchise minority voters, the state passed a more stringent Voter ID law — and then promptly tried to close DMV offices in the counties with the highest percentage of black voters.

That shows how ridiculous it is to pretend that these laws are about fighting the phantom crime of voter fraud. Indisputably, they are a cynical attempt by Republican-run states to hang on to power by any means necessary — even if that means disenfranchising millions of voters.

Voter ID laws are only one piece of the puzzle. Not allowing felons to vote, even those who have already repaid their debt to society, as well as attempts to reduce early voting opportunities are all part of these Machiavellian schemes.

The election is not being rigged by a handful of idiots like Ms. Rote but instead by hundreds of state lawmakers who would rather try to keep certain groups of people from casting their ballots than compete for their votes by instituting policies such voters favor.

The cartoon above was created by DonkeyHotey for WhoWhatWhy from these images: Pat McCrory caricature (DonkeyHotey / Flickr – CC BY 2.0), North Carolina Capitol building (D

Link du jour ... 62225.html ... _page.html ... ut-us.html

Sunday, October 30, 2016
I recently wrote 3 articles about the US heroin epidemic and its source. The 2nd article has disappeared off my (google) blog. Here is an early version from a Canadian website that reposted it.

Media Disinformation and the US Heroin Epidemic
The New York Times Gets it All Wrong
By Dr. Meryl Nass
Global Research, January 29, 2016
Anthrax Vaccine 24 January 2016

On October 30, 2015 the NY Times published an in-depth article on the heroin epidemic, focused on New Hampshire, which saw the greatest increase in deaths from drug overdoses (74%) in the US between 2013 and 2014.  New Hampshire is a bucolic place, where villages of tidy white capes and saltboxes lie sprinkled among the mountains and pine forests. 
Manchester, New Hampshire’s largest city, has a population of 110,000.  In one 6 hour period on September 24, Manchester police responded to 6 separate heroin overdoses. Manchester saw over 500 overdoses and over 60 deaths between January 1 and September 24, 2015.
At presidential campaign stops throughout the state, candidates were forced to respond to the problem when New Hampshire citizens demanded answers.  Hillary has a $10 billion dollar plan for prevention and treatment of abuse.  Chris Christie prefers treatment to jail time for first offenders. Obama announced a $5 million initiative in August to combat heroin addiction and trafficking. NH has designated a drug czar. NH Senator Ayotte says “We’ve got to reduce the stigma.”  Narcan, an opiate antidote that has been made widely available, is admittedly a band-aid.  It saves lives from acute overdoses, but does absolutely nothing to stem the tide of abuse.
The solutions being touted by politicians and the media include “working together:” police, citizens, and health-care facilities–though to what end is unclear; educating; reducing the stigma of heroin use (now that users are predominantly white and middle class we can relabel addiction a disease, not a crime); adding treatment facilities; and adding more police.
I call this salutary–but almost entirely missing the mark.
Overdose deaths and heroin users are at an all time high in the United States. Between 2 and 9 of every thousand Americans (0.2-0.9% of the population) is currently using heroin. In Maine, 8% of babies are born “drug-affected”–a stratospheric rise from 178 babies in 2006 to 995 babies in fiscal 2015.
Despite what you have heard, the cause of our current heroin epidemic is not as simple as doctors overprescribing narcotics.
While nationally, heroin overdoses jumped from 1.0 per 100,000 in 2010 to 3.4 per 100,000 in 2014, the number of prescribed narcotics held steady over the same period. A 2015 UN document noted that“A recent [US government] household survey in the United States indicated that there was a significant decline in the misuse of prescription opioids from 2012 to 2013″ (page 46).
According to CDC itself, “CDC has programmatically characterized all opioid pain reliever deaths (natural and semisynthetic opioids, methadone, and other synthetic opioids) as ‘prescription’ opioid overdoses.” That means illegally produced drugs in these categories are being designated as prescription drugs, when they are not. A further confounder is that heroin metabolizes to morphine, which is a prescription drug. So if fully metabolized at the time of autopsy, a death due to heroin will be labeled as due to a prescription narcotic.
The true cause of the current heroin epidemic is massive amounts of heroin flooding into the US, exceeding what can be sold in our large cities, and now finding its way into even the tiniest hamlets.
Here’s the problem with the NY Times’ and the politicians’ solutions:  neither fifty individual states nor thousands of towns and villages can treat, educate, exhort, investigate or imprison their way out of the heroin maelstrom. There are nowhere near enough police, social workers, prisons, treatment facilities or sources of funding.  Narcan and clean needles don’t cut the mustard. There is only one possible solution, and that is stemming the supply. 
In my September 7 blog post, I showed that 96% of US heroin does not come from Mexico and Colombia, as claimed by US government sources. Mexican and Colombian production is inadequate to supply even half the US market.
At least Canada knows where its heroin comes from:
 “According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police National Intelligence Coordination Center, between 2009 and 2012 at least 90 per cent of the heroin seized in Canada originated in Afghanistan.” (page 46)
If one wants to get into the weeds on this issue, a 2014 RAND report titled What America’s Users Spend on Illegal Drugs: 2000-2010 is a good place to start.  The  report, performed under contract for DHHS and released by the White House, looks at multiple databases and identifies many problematic issues with estimates of heroin country-of-origin.
It shows that while Colombian opium was allegedly supplying 50% of a growing US heroin market between 2001 and 2010 (pages 82-83), Colombian production actually sank from 11 metric tons in 2001 to only 2 in 2009.
Furthermore, US government estimates for the 2000-2010 decade of Mexican production relied on a claimed 3 growing seasons per year, while in reality there were only two. RAND admits Mexican production estimates were inflated. Mexico historically produced lower quality, “black tar” heroin, used west of the Mississippi, while the influx of heroin to the US has been of higher quality white powder, and the greatest increases in use have been in the eastern US, far from the Mexican border.
Meanwhile, according to RAND:
“in recent years, there have been no [heroin] seizures or purchases from Southeast Asia [Myanmar, Laos, Thailand] by DEA’s Domestic Monitoring Program.”
Back in 1992, DEA estimated that 32% of US heroin came from Southwest Asia (mainly Afghanistan). Since then, Afghan opium production has tripled. But in the years 1994 through 2010 only 1-6% of US heroin had a southwest Asian origin, according to DEA’s Domestic Monitoring Program. Yet Afghan production accounts for 90% of the world heroin supply.
It would be great if we could point to improved US interdiction at the source, or to poppy field eradication to explain this anomaly.  But neither is the case. Seizures of heroin in Afghanistan dropped from 27 metric tons in 2010  to 8 metric tons in 2013, according to the UN, figure 41. Only 1.2% of poppy fields were eradicated in 2014, also according to the UN.

It is undeniable: there has been profound, systematic deception regarding the amount of heroin reaching the US from Mexico and Colombia by the US government, presumably to conceal and protect the actual source(s) of most US heroin.
We know where and how to look for heroin:  Afghanistan and Myanmar are the world’s #1 and #2 producers.   Historically, heroin bound for the US leaves these countries by air. There are a manageable number of flights departing Afghanistan and Myanmar.  We could put all the needed personnel in place, today, to fully inspect every flight and every airport.
The fact that we have looked the other way and pointed in the wrong direction is itself the smoking gun.
Meryl Nass, M.D.  is  a board-certified internist and a biological warfare epidemiologist and expert in anthrax. Nass publishes Anthrax Vaccine.
The original source of this article is Anthrax Vaccine
Copyright © Dr. Meryl Nass, Anthrax Vaccine, 2016

The Seven-Lesson Schoolteacher - By John Taylor Gatto, New York State Teacher of the Year, 1991
John Taylor Gatto

Call me Mr. Gatto, please. Twenty-six years ago, having nothing better to do at the time, I tried my hand at schoolteaching. The license I hold certifies that I am an instructor of English language and English literature, but that isn't what I do at all. I don't teach English, I teach school -- and I win awards doing it.

Teaching means different things in different places, but seven lessons are universally taught from Harlem to Hollywood Hills. They constitute a national curriculum you pay for in more ways than you can imagine, so you might as well know what it is. You are at liberty, of course, to regard these lessons any way you like, but believe me when I say I intend no irony in this presentation. These are the things I teach, these are the things you pay me to teach. Make of them what you will.


A lady named Kathy wrote this to me from Dubois, Indiana the other day:
"What big ideas are important to little kids? Well, the biggest idea I think they need is that what they are learning isn't idiosyncratic -- that there is some system to it all and it's not just raining down on them as they helplessly absorb. That's the task, to understand, to make coherent."
Kathy has it wrong. The first lesson I teach is confusion. Everything I teach is out of context. I teach the un-relating of everything. I teach disconnections. I teach too much: the orbiting of planets, the law of large numbers, slavery, adjectives, architectural drawing, dance, gymnasium, choral singing, assemblies, surprise guests, fire drills, computer languages, parents' nights, staff-development days, pull-out programs, guidance with strangers my students may never see again, standardized tests, age-segregation unlike anything seen in the outside world....What do any of these things have to do with each other?

Even in the best schools a close examination of curriculum and its sequences turns up a lack of coherence, full of internal contradictions. Fortunately the children have no words to define the panic and anger they feel at constant violations of natural order and sequence fobbed off on them as quality in education. The logic of the school-mind is that it is better to leave school with a tool kit of superficial jargon derived from economics, sociology, natural science and so on than to leave with one genuine enthusiasm. But quality in education entails learning about something in depth. Confusion is thrust upon kids by too many strange adults, each working alone with only the thinnest relationship with each other, pretending for the most part, to an expertise they do not possess.

Meaning, not disconnected facts, is what sane human beings seek, and education is a set of codes for processing raw facts into meaning. Behind the patchwork quilt of school sequences and the school obsession with facts and theories, the age-old human search lies well concealed. This is harder to see in elementary school where the hierarchy of school experience seems to make better sense because the good-natured simple relationship of "let's do this" and "let's do that" is just assumed to mean something and the clientele has not yet consciously discerned how little substance is behind the play and pretense.

Think of the great natural sequences like learning to walk and learning to talk; following the progression of light from sunrise to sunset; witnessing the ancient procedures of a farmer, a smithy, or a shoemaker; watching your mother prepare a Thanksgiving feast -- all of the parts are in perfect harmony with each other, each action justifies itself and illuminates the past and the future. School sequences aren't like that, not inside a single class and not among the total menu of daily classes. School sequences are crazy. There is no particular reason for any of them, nothing that bears close scrutiny. Few teachers would dare to teach the tools whereby dogmas of a school or a teacher could be criticized since everything must be accepted. School subjects are learned, if they can be learned, like children learn the catechism or memorize the Thirty-nine Articles of Anglicanism.

I teach the un-relating of everything, an infinite fragmentation the opposite of cohesion; what I do is more related to television programming than to making a scheme of order. In a world where home is only a ghost, because both parents work, or because too many moves or too many job changes or too much ambition, or because something else has left everybody too confused to maintain a family relation, I teach you how to accept confusion as your destiny. That's the first lesson I teach.


The second lesson I teach is class position. I teach that students must stay in the class where they belong. I don't know who decides my kids belong there but that's not my business. The children are numbered so that if any get away they can be returned to the right class. Over the years the variety of ways children are numbered by schools has increased dramatically, until it is hard to see the human beings plainly under the weight of numbers they carry. Numbering children is a big and very profitable undertaking, though what the strategy is designed to accomplish is elusive. I don't even know why parents would, without a fight, allow it to be done to their kids.

In any case, again, that's not my business. My job is to make them like it, being locked in together with children who bear numbers like their own. Or at the least to endure it like good sports. If I do my job well, the kids can't even imagine themselves somewhere else, because I've shown them how to envy and fear the better classes and how to have contempt for the dumb classes. Under this efficient discipline the class mostly polices itself into good marching order. That's the real lesson of any rigged competition like school. You come to know your place.

In spite of the overall class blueprint, which assumes that ninety-nine percent of the kids are in their class to stay, I nevertheless make a public effort to exhort children to higher levels of test success, hinting at eventual transfer from the lower class as a reward. I frequently insinuate that the day will come when an employer will hire them on the basis of test scores and grades, even though my own experience is that employers are rightly indifferent to such things. I never lie outright, but I've come to see that truth and schoolteaching are, at bottom, incompatible just as Socrates said they were thousands of years ago. The lesson of numbered classes is that everyone has a proper place in the pyramid and that there is no way out of your class except by number magic. Failing that, you must stay where you are put.


The third lesson I teach kids is indifference. I teach children not to care about anything too much, even though they want to make it appear that they do. How I do this is very subtle. I do it by demanding that they become totally involved in my lessons, jumping up and down in their seats with anticipation, competing vigorously with each other for my favor. It's heartwarming when they do that; it impresses everyone, even me. When I'm at my best I plan lessons very carefully in order to produce this show of enthusiasm. But when the bell rings I insist that they stop whatever it is that we've been working on and proceed quickly to the next work station. They must turn on and off like a light switch. Nothing important is ever finished in my class, nor in any other class I know of. Students never have a complete experience except on the installment plan.

Indeed, the lesson of the bells is that no work is worth finishing, so why care too deeply about anything? Years of bells will condition all but the strongest to a world that can no longer offer important work to do. Bells are the secret logic of schooltime; their logic is inexorable. Bells destroy the past and future, converting every interval into a sameness, as the abstraction of a map renders every living mountain and river the same, even though they are not. Bells inoculate each undertaking with indifference.


The fourth lesson I teach is emotional dependency. By stars and red checks, smiles and frowns, prizes, honors and disgraces I teach kids to surrender their will to the predestined chain of command. Rights may be granted or withheld by any authority without appeal, because rights do not exist inside a school -- not even the right of free speech, as the Supreme Court has ruled -- unless school authorities say they do. As a schoolteacher, I intervene in many personal decisions, issuing a pass for those I deem legitimate, or initiating a disciplinary confrontation for behavior that threatens my control. Individuality is constantly trying to assert itself among children and teenagers, so my judgments come thick and fast. Individuality is a contradiction of class theory, a curse to all systems of classification.

Here are some common ways it shows up: children sneak away for a private moment in the toilet on the pretext of moving their bowels, or they steal a private instant in the hallway on the grounds they need water. I know they don't, but I allow them to deceive me because this conditions them to depend on my favors. Sometimes free will appears right in front of me in children angry, depressed or happy about things outside my ken; rights in such matters cannot be recognized by schoolteachers, only privileges that can be withdrawn, hostages to good behavior.


The fifth lesson I teach is intellectual dependency. Good people wait for a teacher to tell them what to do. It is the most important lesson, that we must wait for other people, better trained than ourselves, to make the meanings of our lives. The expert makes all the important choices; only I, the teacher, can determine what you must study, or rather, only the people who pay me can make those decisions which I then enforce. If I'm told that evolution is a fact instead of a theory, I transmit that as ordered, punishing deviants who resist what I have been told to tell them to think. This power to control what children will think lets me separate successful students from failures very easily.

Successful children do the thinking I appoint them with a minimum of resistance and a decent show of enthusiasm. Of the millions of things of value to study, I decide what few we have time for, or actually it is decided by my faceless employers. The choices are theirs, why should I argue? Curiosity has no important place in my work, only conformity.

Bad kids fight this, of course, even though they lack the concepts to know what they are fighting, struggling to make decisions for themselves about what they will learn and when they will learn it. How can we allow that and survive as schoolteachers? Fortunately there are procedures to break the will of those who resist; it is more difficult, naturally, if the kid has respectable parents who come to his aid, but that happens less and less in spite of the bad reputation of schools. No middle-class parents I have ever met actually believe that their kid's school is one of the bad ones. Not one single parent in twenty-six years of teaching. That's amazing and probably the best testimony to what happens to families when mother and father have been well-schooled themselves, learning the seven lessons.

Good people wait for an expert to tell them what to do. It is hardly an exaggeration to say that our entire economy depends upon this lesson being learned. Think of what would fall apart if kids weren't trained to be dependent: the social-service businesses could hardly survive; they would vanish, I think, into the recent historical limbo out of which they arose. Counselors and therapists would look on in horror as the supply of psychic invalids vanished. Commercial entertainment of all sorts, including television, would wither as people learned again how to make their own fun. Restaurants, prepared-food and a whole host of other assorted food services would be drastically down-sized if people returned to making their own meals rather than depending on strangers to plant, pick, chop, and cook for them. Much of modern law, medicine, and engineering would go too, the clothing business and schoolteaching as well, unless a guaranteed supply of helpless people continued to pour out of our schools each year.

Don't be too quick to vote for radical school reform if you want to continue getting a paycheck. We've built a way of life that depends on people doing what they are told because they don't know how to tell themselves what to do. It's one of the biggest lessons I teach.


The sixth lesson I teach is provisional self-esteem. If you've ever tried to wrestle a kid into line whose parents have convinced him to believe they'll love him in spite of anything, you know how impossible it is to make self-confident spirits conform. Our world wouldn't survive a flood of confident people very long, so I teach that your self-respect should depend on expert opinion. My kids are constantly evaluated and judged.

A monthly report, impressive in its provision, is sent into students' homes to signal approval or to mark exactly, down to a single percentage point, how dissatisfied with their children parents should be. The ecology of "good" schooling depends upon perpetuating dissatisfaction just as much as the commercial economy depends on the same fertilizer. Although some people might be surprised how little time or reflection goes into making up these mathematical records, the cumulative weight of the objective-seeming documents establishes a profile that compels children to arrive at certain decisions about themselves and their futures based on the casual judgment of strangers. Self-evaluation, the staple of every major philosophical system that ever appeared on the planet, is never considered a factor. The lesson of report cards, grades, and tests is that children should not trust themselves or their parents but should instead rely on the evaluation of certified officials. People need to be told what they are worth.


The seventh lesson I teach is that one can't hide. I teach children they are always watched, that each is under constant surveillance by myself and my colleagues. There are no private spaces for children, there is no private time. Class change lasts three hundred seconds to keep promiscuous fraternization at low levels. Students are encouraged to tattle on each other or even to tattle on their own parents. Of course, I encourage parents to file their own child's waywardness too. A family trained to snitch on itself isn't likely to conceal any dangerous secrets.

I assign a type of extended schooling called "homework," so that the effect of surveillance, if not that surveillance itself, travels into private households, where students might otherwise use free time to learn something unauthorized from a father or mother, by exploration, or by apprenticing to some wise person in the neighborhood. Disloyalty to the idea of schooling is a Devil always ready to find work for idle hands.

The meaning of constant surveillance and denial of privacy is that no one can be trusted, that privacy is not legitimate. Surveillance is an ancient imperative, espoused by certain influential thinkers, a central prescription set down in The Republic, in The City of God, in the Institutes of the Christian Religion, in New Atlantis, in Leviathan, and in a host of other places. All these childless men who wrote these books discovered the same thing: children must be closely watched if you want to keep a society under tight central control. Children will follow a private drummer if you can't get them into a uniformed marching band.


It is the great triumph of compulsory government monopoly mass-schooling that among even the best of my fellow teachers, and among the best of my students' parents, only a small number can imagine a different way to do things. "The kids have to know how to read and write, don't they?" "They have to know how to add and subtract, don't they?" "They have to learn to follow orders if they ever expect to keep a job."

Only a few lifetimes ago things were very different in the United States. Originality and variety were common currency; our freedom from regimentation made us the miracle of the world; social-class boundaries were relatively easy to cross; our citizenry was marvelously confident, inventive, and able to do much for themselves independently, and to think for themselves. We were something special, we Americans, all by ourselves, without government sticking its nose into our lives, without institutions and social agencies telling us how to think and feel. We were something special, as individuals, as Americans.

But we've had a society essentially under central control in the United States since just before the Civil War, and such a society requires compulsory schooling, government monopoly schooling, to maintain itself. Before this development schooling wasn't very important anywhere. We had it, but not too much of it, and only as much as an individual wanted. People learned to read, write, and do arithmetic just fine anyway; there are some studies that suggest literacy at the time of the American Revolution, at least for non-slaves on the Eastern seaboard, was close to total. Thomas Paine's Common Sense sold 600,000 copies to a population of 3,000,000, twenty percent of whom were slaves, and fifty percent indentured servants.

Were the colonists geniuses? No, the truth is that reading, writing, and arithmetic only take about one hundred hours to transmit as long as the audience is eager and willing to learn. The trick is to wait until someone asks and then move fast while the mood is on. Millions of people teach themselves these things, it really isn't very hard. Pick up a fifth-grade math or rhetoric textbook from 1850 and you'll see that the texts were pitched then on what would today be considered college level. The continuing cry for "basic skills" practice is a smoke screen behind which schools preempt the time of children for twelve years and teach them the seven lessons I've just described to you.

The society that has become increasingly under central control since just before the Civil War shows itself in the lives we lead, the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and the green highway signs we drive by from coast to coast, all of which are the products of this control. So, too, I think, are the epidemics of drugs, suicide, divorce, violence, cruelty, and the hardening of class into caste in the United States products of the dehumanization of our lives, the lessening of individual, family, and community importance, a diminishment that proceeds from central control. The character of large compulsory institutions is inevitable; they want more and more until there isn't any more to give. School takes our children away from any possibility of an active role in community life -- in fact it destroys communities by relegating the training of children to the hands of certified experts -- and by doing so it ensures our children cannot grow up fully hum

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Link du jour


Left to right: Doug Rawlings, Henry Braun, Jim Freeman, Dud Hendrick, Rob Shetterly and Jon Kreps. (Photo used with permission. © V. Kelly Bellis)

Six members of Maine's Civil Disobedience and Occupation Project went on trial at 9:00, Tuesday, April 29, 2008, at Penobscot Superior Court on Hammond Avenue in Bangor, Maine. The six people were charged with "criminal trespass" for refusing to leave the office of U.S. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) and the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building on Harlow Street, in Bangor, on March 7, 2007, four years after the U.S. led invasion of Iraq.

FBI Octopus

Mental Health and Safe Schools
Education Week (subscription) (blog)-
Those doing the analysis included Michigan State University psychiatrist Dr. Frank Ochberg and Supervisory Special Agent Dwayne Fuselier, the FBI's lead ...

Local briefs
Lewiston Morning Tribune
Robinson joined Kootenai Health in September 2015 after a 23-year career as a supervisory special agent in the FBI. Free legal aid clinic for veterans set in ...

Brian Fitzpatrick rides Trump wave to Washington
Bucks County Courier Times-
Former FBI agent Brian Fitzpatrick, 42, had barely finished unpacking his bags in January before he announced his candidacy for the 8th Congressional District ..

Trump's transition team signals return to GOP establishment
The Japan Times
The former Michigan congressman chaired the House intelligence committee. Rogers is a former U.S. Army officer and FBI special agent. He is a board member ...

Trump hasn't decided future of FBI's Comey
KBZK Bozeman News-
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President-elect Donald Trump says he's still deciding whether to ask FBI Director James Comey for his resignation. In an interview with ...

A note on the contours of the US elite
by T.P. Wilkinson / November 13th, 2016

We have heard and read for what could be mistaken for an eternity that the United States of America (may the god– no sane person would worship– bless her) is exceptional and the “greatest nation on Earth” (something even the Soviet Union could never bring itself to proclaim).

Since the unofficial victory of Donald Trump in the general election for the office of President of that “exceptional” country, the “losing” side has enhanced its exceptionally curious behaviour.

Before we attempt to think any further, let’s return to another curious election to that same office. Sixteen years ago the Democratic Vice President of the United States was declared the loser in a presidential election rife with fraud– especially in Cuban-American Miami. Bill Clinton’s supposed heir-apparent was dismissed by the Supreme Court (which has no constitutional authority in the elections whatsoever) and there was not a whimper from either the penile or vaginal Clinton. Now we find Hillary’s army rallying the retilin Republic to petition against the very anti-majoritarian institution the slave-holding Founding Fathers created to prevent the ordinary people from winning elections. That is a constitutional curiosity worthy of note.

There are two fundamental problems with the electoral (in terms of the US Constitution’s oligarchic principles) victory for Trump. One ought to be obvious but since the Outer Party and the media that controls it ideologically (NYT, Washington Post and its overseas mockingbirds1 and that is that no matter what one would like to believe, real estate mogul Mr Trump is on record challenging both the 9-11 lies, the Saudi Arabian manipulations, and the export of US capital (and hence jobs) to low/no wage countries. These are issues which the entire Establishment has successfully suppressed (with the help of the CIA-owned AFL-CIO) and its five world class propaganda monopolists (aka corporate media + PBS). No matter what one may think of Trump — son of a typical NYC corrupt real estate family — he has restored the language of the assassinated Franklin D Roosevelt rival Huey P. Long. Long of Louisiana was a national “socialist”. For those who are historically challenged, national “socialism” was the integration of socialist ideas of economic and social equality with an absolute animosity to internationalism of any kind.

The 1930s were not only a conflict between communism and fascism but between international socialism and national socialism. Ideologically and politically it is quite difficult to distinguish the various movements that emerged a century ago after the West collapsed.

I mention this here because a century after the Armistice — “celebrated” last week — the collapse of the West has continued, despite the reactionary efforts of the Anglo-American empire.

I think it is safe to say — for those who like astronomical or astrophysical metaphors — that the US has been a “black hole” (especially if one is, in fact, black) and now has become a “white dwarf”.

With the collapse of Europe and the pretense of the US to world (white) supremacy, ejaculated in Hiroshima and Nagasaki — in 1918, the first national security (political) police was established in the form of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. One must recall that “investigation” is a bureaucratic euphemism for persecution. Prohibition (the Volstead Act), ostensibly an act against alcohol abuse — was actually a political war by the WASP elite against European immigrants, especially those from Southern Europe who were then subjected to more intense entry regulations too. (This is the real meaning of the remark in di Niro’s The Good Shepherd by Matt Damon to Joe Pesci.) The FBI and its brothers in the Treasury were the SA of the nativist white elite — the “America First” folks.

When white shoe lawyer and investment banker William Donovan persuaded Franklin Roosevelt to authorise the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, another euphemism) and the forerunner of the CIA, he was representing the non-nativist and internationalist faction in the US elite. The conflict that emerged between the FBI and this new state police/terror apparatus led to an agreement that the OSS was only allowed to work outside the Western hemisphere. Spying and terrorism in the Western hemisphere was declared the exclusive province of the FBI.2

When the CIA was formed after WWII the FBI was apparently at its weakest. Latin America was disciplined but it was the OSS which was about to control police/terror markets from the Ural to the Yangtzee. The first time this conflict became violent, however, was when the OSS/ CIA seized control over Chinese and Southeast Asian opium in the course of the Korean and Vietnam Wars. The enormous financial and political capital gained by the “internationalist faction” threatened to occlude FBI power entirely. Then John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The deck was being reshuffled. Allen Dulles did his best to cut the cards in favour of the Company. In some ways the Warren Commission succeeded — not in explaining Kennedy’s murder but in discrediting the FBI and concealing the CIA.

Fast forward:
The foregoing should just insinuate. The reader should do the thinking — after all that ought to be the purpose of writing.

Julian Assange said in a recent interview with John Pilger that he believes the FBI was proving a point (about its power) when it intervened with investigations of one aspect of Hillary Clinton’s generally criminal behavior. He argued that the FBI wanted to prove (punish) Clinton for flagrant disrespect of the Bureau.

In the greater historical bureaucratic context we should be wary of personalization. Translated this means that the FBI — representative of the elite faction that secretly supports Trump — wanted to show the Clinton — representative of the elite faction that manages through Langley — that US political power cannot be monopolised by the “international fascists” but also has to be duly shared with the “national fascists” as well.

Ronald Reagan was not just the poster boy for neo-conservatism/liberalism (having been nominally both).  He was canonised as the patron saint of post-war US fascism; as such he has had to serve both the national and international fascists. The Bush dynasty, the CIA faction, has employed the Clinton/Obama troops as mercenaries to defend their oil and opium-soaked swampland. It remains to be seen whether the national fascists in the FBI with Trump as their champion will prevail against the international fascists led by Clinton.

On 30 June 1934, the international (corporate) fascists deployed Hitler’s SS to murder the national (populist) fascists under Röhm’s SA.

Maybe the internationalists will consider the value of flames (literally or metaphorically) before the Electoral College convenes. In any case, the war has just begun.

Operation Mockingbird et al.) was the CIA program by which foreign media were spiked with news and other articles for publication to be echoed in the US media as if they had, in fact, foreign origins. Before CIA director William Colby retired both professionally and mortally he testified that the CIA had significant assets throughout the Media — without elaborating. This writer could see that throughout Europe the Press was pro-Clinton or at best anti-Trump. No doubt foreign press assets sought to promote Ms Clinton’s position in a Mockingbird way in addition to garnering support for her as the successor to Mr Obama. Not surprisingly this writer was told by a Portuguese observer that Ms Clinton was responsible for Europe’s refugee problem because she murdered Qaddafi. Perhaps that is also a testimony to the failures of her faction’s campaign with people who have a sense of history. []
The author is indebted here to Douglas Valentine’s extensive research into FBI-CIA rivalry. See The Strength of the Wolf, The Strength of the Pack, The Phoenix Program and his coming book on the CIA. []
Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket in Heinrich Heine's birthplace, Düsseldorf. He is also the author of Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa (Maisonneuve Press, 2003). Read other articles by T.P..

Demand clemency for Leonard Peltier
Peltier has been imprisoned for 41 years, related to an unjust conviction for killing two FBI agents during a firefight at Pine Ridge Reservation. Learn more about

Michael Moore Wants 'Special Prosecutor' Over Comey, FBI Letter
A special prosecutor should be appointed to examine the actions of FBI Director James Comey in the weeks leading up to the general election, documentary ..

UWI vice chancellor urges US president to exonerate Marcus Garvey
Jamaica Observer-
... trumped up charges orchestrated by the late J Edgar Hoover, the famously anti-black director of the US's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),” said Sir Hilary . ... al/5556679

Janet Reno: Bill Clinton's Attorney General
Center for Research on Globalization-
In 1999, it surfaced that the FBI had made good its part in starting the conflagration ... Her response was to send marshals to FBI headquarters to seize a tape ...


“Outspoken, outrageous and absolutely indifferent to others’ opinions, Janet Reno was truly one of a kind.” Paul Anderson

She was the first woman to hold the job of US Attorney General, and on getting that position, held it for the duration of the Clinton administration, the longest tenure than any in the previous 150 years. Unfortunately for her, Janet Reno will be remembered for much that was wrong with that same administration.

It began with her being President Bill Clinton’s third choice, a very typical state of affairs.  Both corporate lawyer Zoë Baird and federal judge Kimba Wood had been found wanting using undocumented immigrants as nannies.

Reno’s two terms in office provided a foretaste of what would happen with the US National Security State in the twenty-first century.  The World Trade Centre received attention in 1993 in a terrorist attack, supplying law enforcement officials with an ominous warning.  In 1995, with the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, the divisions in Clinton’s America, with its violence, its post-Cold War illnesses, came to the fore.

What Reno will most be remembered for will be less her anti-trust suit against Microsoft, or using the federal law to safeguard clinics providing abortion services, and protecting women seeking those services.  More in point, the dark, bloody episode of the assault on the Branch Dravidian complex in Waco, Texas in 1993 will remain a marked stain in institutional hysteria, cruelty and massacre.

The spectacle did much to bring in collision, with lethal consequences, the world of centralised law enforcement, and another America, one wishing to be left quirkily if bizarrely alone.  The assault on the compound gave the sect of Vernon Howell, better known as David Koresh, a sense that Satan had made a cruel decision and had arrived to stake a claim.

The siege initially began on February 28, 1993 with agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.  On April 19, the FBI got involved.  There were a dozen tanks, accompanying 900 military and law-enforcement officials.  Eighty-nine people, including Koresh and several federal agents, had perished by the end of this gruesome affair.  A third of the fatalities were children.

In the course of the Waco siege, and subsequent raid, Renopresided over a shoddy enterprise that saw the use of CS gas, psychological warfare, mendacity on the part of the FBI on the presence of fragmentation grenades at the scene, and the trigger happy antics of the BATF.

The line Reno took was that children had been endangered in the Waco compound, though to be fair, it was a point insisted upon by the FBI.  They had been sexually abused.  The women of the compound were shared with Koresh in accordance with a reading of Biblical scripture.  In short, the Koresh experiment had to be eliminated.  It was with little surprise that subsequent, government backed investigations found the BATF and FBI faultless.

In 1999, it surfaced that the FBI had made good its part in starting the conflagration that ultimately took so many lives at Waco.  Her response was to send marshals to FBI headquarters to seize a tape featuring the communications that took place on the day of the assault.

Reno found herself with hot water again over the 2000 custody battle of Elián González.  Having been the sole survivor of an effort on the part of his mother and 10 others to cross to Floridafrom Cuba, the six-year old became a bone of contention for Cuban exiles in the state. Never should González be yielded and returned to Castro’s Cuba, where he could be united with his father.

It was not to be, and in signature fashion, an incident that might have been handled with kid-glove minimal fuss became scandalously forceful.  Agents of the Immigration and Naturalization Service, in bursting into the Miami home of the child’s relatives, were captured in terrifying spectacle. Again, the federal government appeared as supreme, meddlesome bullyboy.

A persistent nightmare during Reno’s time in office was the rather lax, and even sociopathic approach Clinton had towards the law, a point she struggled to negotiate with. Claiming a trust in her legal instinct, she tended to refer matters of suggested impropriety on the President’s part to special counsel, though even there, she dithered.

Clinton’s supporters thought her too hasty in wading into investigating Clinton’s relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.  In permitting an independent inquiry into the Arkansas failed land deal that came to be called the Whitewater investigation to expand, its tentacles moving into the notorious Lewinsky affair, Reno made few friends in the inner circle.

Nor was she always consistent on that score.  At stages she provided insulation to Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, shielding them from the eye of an independent counsel in investigating suggestions of fund-raising irregularities that had potentially been broken in 1996.  House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Senator Orrin G. Hatch of Utah were vocal in questioning her independence; FBI director Louis J. Freeh had also favoured a special counsel.

Having now passed into history, Reno’s period in office is a reminder about Clinton’s torn America, with its at times deadly contradictions, seedy establishment behaviour and riddling corruption.  He oversaw a country at war with itself, where groups were demonised as fringe worthy devotees of a lunatic world and Washington grandees could misbehave.  Now it is time for those nutty devotees to have a say in the White House.

Dr. Binoy Kampmark was a Commonwealth Scholar at SelwynCollege, Cambridge.  He lectures at RMIT University, Melbourne.  Email:

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Blink Tank ... 7?View=PDF

"Hot on the Press" by Gregory Flannery, In These Times ... › Pub › InTheseTimes-198...
by Gregory Flannery. Did Police Torch a Cincinnati Paper? In These Times. , September 6, 1989, p. 7 - PDF.

"Reach Out and TAP Someone" by Gregory Flannery, In ... - › Pub › InTheseTimes-198...
Mar 22, 1989 - In These Times Archives. All Years = 17,501 Articles, Decade ... by Gregory Flannery. In These Times. ... nsnare-him

American Radical: John Booker Jr. and the FBI plot to imprison him ... ooker-jr-s

FBI informants, mental illness are common in Islamic State cases ...
Topeka Capital Journal
The Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center in Miami, which James Gonzalo Medina was suspected of planning to attack.
https://caseclosedbylewweinstein.wordpr ... ment-45890

Responses to “* Congressman Mike Pence & Pulitzer prize winning science writer Laurie Garrett agree on Anthrax Mailings.. Pence: “I don’t know who sent it” — I am afraid we may have missed the off-ramp to the truth.” … Garrett: “I get outraged because the FBI completely botched the investigation on the anthrax.””

DXer said

November 18, 2016 at 7:53 pm
Vice-President-elect Pence said in 2011 that he didn’t know who sent the anthrax in the Fall 2001. (I don’t either although El-Shukrijumah is my candidate). Mr. Pence said that he is afraid that we missed the off-ramp to truce. He has led the transition team. Through his choices and directions, he has the ability to see if we can allow for greater clarity on the issue — so that the history can be written.

Before Ayman Zawahiri writes it.

Anthrax, Al Qaeda and Ayman Zawahiri: The Infiltration of US Biodefense

FBI Octopus ... 2c50b.html
Quote of the week
Montana Standard
... pass things that are extremely bad for Montanans.'' -- Montana State Rep. David Howard, R-Park City, a former clerk with the FBI and fierce critic of marijuana. ... 82bcc.html

The most compelling evidence of conspiracy to kill Kennedy is the nearly identical effort to do so in Chicago three weeks earlier. Historian James W. Douglass (JFK and the Unspeakable) describes a scenario resembling Dallas. Four snipers were to be positioned in tall buildings along the presidential motorcade route. An informant named “Lee” provided a tip to the FBI and, a day later, an alert rooming house landlady warned the FBI about four men in possession of rifles, scopes and a newspaper clipping describing the president’s route. While two of the men escaped, the other two were taken into custody and interrogated by the Secret Service. Their names have never been revealed.

But the most dramatic link between Chicago and Dallas was the arrest of an ex-marine who, like Oswald, had been stationed at a CIA-operated base in Japan. His name was Thomas Arthur Vallee and, like Oswald, had been positioned to take the blame for the assassination. It was further learned that the license plate on Vallee’s car was restricted to U.S. intelligence agencies. Dramatic developments in Saigon caused Kennedy to cancel this trip to Chicago.

On Oct. 11, 1963, President Kennedy signed National Security Action memorandum 263, under which U.S. forces would gradually be withdrawn from Vietnam by 1965. Four days after he was assassinated President Johnson signed National Security Memo 273, reversing Kennedy’s withdrawal plan.

Barnet resident Carl Doerner is a journalist and historian. His novel, “Come to the Window” has just been published. ... 04x1328855

Jeb Bush seized flight school records at 2 AM on September 12 ...
Democratic Underground › duboard
Apr 2, 2004
And Daniel Hopsicker: FBI agents harassed and intimidated witnesses to the 9/11 terrorist conspiracy's activities in Florida, issuing warnings to  ... ... ughtcrime/

Melissa Zimdars Creates a Handy List of “Fake News” Websites for When You Want to Avoid Thoughtcrime
Posted on November 17, 2016 by willyloman
by Scott Creighton
Newthinkers bellyfeel Ingsoc and that is all they need to know

Melissa “Mish” Zimdars teaches young journalists to get their minds right
Melissa Zimdars, an assistant professor of communication at Merrimack College in Massachusetts has done the homework for you and put together a handy Google document for you to share with all your friends that lis
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Bonus Read

Two documentaries have been made
about Sessions and FBI agents targeting
black voters.

I'll Vote On

Alabama Summer ... il-rights/

Independent Investigative Journalism Since 1995
Sessions’s Old-Time Contempt for Civil Rights
November 26, 2016

President-elect Trump’s choice of Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General would put a longstanding opponent of civil rights for African-Americans in charge of the Justice Department, reports Dennis J Bernstein.

By Dennis J Bernstein

While much media attention has focused on President-elect Donald Trump’s fringe supporters in the “alt-right” and white-nationalist movements, there’s been less press alarm about his appointment of Sen. Jeff Sessions to lead the U.S. Justice Department despite the senator’s long record of hostility toward civil rights.

Yet the Sessions appointment may have much more ominous implications. As a legal official in Alabama last century, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III conducted phony voter fraud investigations aimed at African-Americans and denounced leading organizations in the fight against racial segregation, telling aides that he considered the NAACP and the ACLU to be “un-American” and “Communist-inspired.” Sessions also is anti-LGBT rights, pro-capital punishment and hostile to abortion rights.

Responding to Trump’s nomination of Sessions to be Attorney General, the ACLU said, “as the nation’s highest-ranking law enforcement official, the attorney general is charged with protecting the rights of all Americans, yet Sessions has a reported history of making racist comments.”

Jeff Sessions supports Donald Trump at a rally. (Wikipedia)
But Sessions’s record goes far beyond racially insensitive remarks. In 1996, I traveled through Alabama and Mississippi with fellow journalist Ron Nixon as we investigated a wave of arson against black churches.

President Bill Clinton had said, “It is clear that racial hostility is the driving force behind a number of these incidents.” said Clinton. Then-U.S. Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, Deval Patrick, launched what he called “the largest federal civil rights investigation that we have had in sometime. This is not a lightly taken investigation.”

However, Alabama’s Attorney General at the time was Sessions, who was in a close race for the U.S. Senate. Sessions’s approach to the burning of some 40 black churches over 18 months from late 1994 into 1996 was to turn the investigation into a joint probe linking the church burnings to an investigation of black voter fraud through alleged misuse of absentee ballots. The connection supposedly was that black voting-rights activists tried to cover up the fraud by burning down their own churches.

In hearings held at the time by the House Judiciary Committee, one minister told Congress that he had been asked to take a lie-detector test regarding voter fraud. Another testified that the financial records from his church were subpoenaed.

“Why are they harassing members of the church instead of these redneck terrorists who are burning down black churches,” asked the Reverend Joseph Lowery, then President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). “It’s hard for me to believe we can find terrorist all over the world with our sophisticated equipment, but we can’t find a bunch of amateur terrorists here in America.”

Despite the long history of white racists burning down black churches as a means of political intimidation, state and federal investigators found nothing to suggest a racial motivation to the dozens of church burnings. Thomas Figures, a black former Assistant U.S. Attorney who had worked under Sessions before quitting and accusing Sessions of calling him “boy,” said it was highly unusual to combine two investigations, the church burnings with the voter-fraud suspicions.

Figures blamed the lack of any positive breakthrough in the church fires on “the recalcitrance and the reluctance and the outright hostility of some Southern law enforcement agencies and officials, like Sessions, toward enforcing civil rights.”

But the Clinton administration also appeared hesitant to move too aggressively on such a politically sensitive topic. Barrown Lankster, Alabama’s first elected black district attorney, unsuccessfully petitioned the Justice Department to conduct an investigation into the vandalism of three churches in Sumter County and a shooting into the house of a Circuit judge who had ruled against two white youths in a church arson case.

“I even wrote to Attorney General Janet Reno personally asking that these actions be pursued as civil rights violations,” Lankster said in a 1996 interview. “The criminal division in Washington told me they ... -9-11.html

Incredible riches-to-rags tale of internet mogul once worth $95million who now lives in a grubby Vegas apartment - convinced he's being watched by FBI over mysterious art installation with curious ties to 9/11 
Josh Harris made his fortune through webcam and internet companies
He claims he filmed a 2000 art installation at World Trade Center
Gelatin, a group of four artists, apparently removed a 91st floor window in the North Tower 
They replaced it with a balcony on which they stood naked at sunrise
Mystery shrouded the project because of its illegality at the time 
An art show about the installation was scheduled by the group for 9/11 
Harris believes the FBI thinks the group knew the attacks would happen 
PUBLISHED: 22:59 EST, 26 November 2016 | UPDATED: 01:33 EST, 27 November 2016

Internet mogul Josh Harris (above in 2014) is living in Las Vegas in a grubby apartment after becoming convinced he is the subject of FBI surveillance 

An internet mogul who was once worth $95million is now living in a grubby apartment on $650 a week with a budgie, convinced he is being watched by the FBI.

Josh Harris pioneered webcam technology and made millions after predicting how the internet would grow in the 1990s.  

Now 56, he lives alone in Las Vegas with an army knife next to his sleeping bag. He believes he is under FBI surveillance and has been for years for his role in a mysterious art installation at the World Trade Center before the 9/11 attacks. 

The installation saw a group of performance artists apparently remove a window on the 91st floor of the North Tower in 2000 with suction pads and replace it with a balcony where they stood, one by one and naked, at 6am on a March morning in 2000. 

It has eerie links to the atrocity which destroyed the towers, however. 

Harris claims he was put on the FBI's watch list for his involvement in a 2000 art installation at the World Trade Center which saw a group of artists replace a window on the 91st floor of the north tower with a balcony and stand on it at sunrise while the internet mogul filmed them from a helicopter. Above, the white box balcony is seen in a photograph purportedly showing it

The first is the name given to it by its creators, the Vienna-based artists group Gelatin who referred to the project as 'The B-Thing'. The second is the scheduled date for an art show documenting the installation: September 11, 2001.

Gelatin was living in the World Trade Center on th

Link du jour ... -cops-too/ ... heres-why/ ... uspec.html ... ady-group/

Washington Post Disgracefully Promotes a McCarthyite Blacklist From a New, Hidden, and Very Shady Group
Ben Norton, Glenn Greenwald
November 26 2016, 1:17 p.m.

THE WASHINGTON POST ON THURSDAY NIGHT promoted the claims of a new, shadowy organization that smears dozens of U.S. news sites that are critical of U.S. foreign policy as being “routine peddlers of Russian propaganda.” The article by reporter Craig Timberg – headlined “Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say” – cites a report by a new, anonymous website calling itself “PropOrNot,” which claims that millions of Americans have been deceived this year in a massive Russian “misinformation campaign.”

The group’s list of Russian disinformation outlets includes WikiLeaks and the Drudge Report, as well as Clinton-critical left-wing websites such as Truthout, Black Agenda Report, Truthdig and Naked Capitalism, as well as libertarian venues such as and the Ron Paul Institute.

This Post report was one of the most widely circulated political news articles on social media over the last 48 hours, with dozens, perhaps hundreds, of U.S. journalists and pundits with large platforms hailing it as an earth-shattering exposé. It was the most-read piece on the entire Post website after it was published on Friday.

Yet the article is rife with obviously reckless and unproven allegations, and fundamentally shaped by shoddy, slothful journalistic tactics. It was not surprising to learn that, as BuzzFeed’s Sheera Frenkel noted, “a lot of reporters passed on this story.” Its huge flaws are self-evident. But ... ents-safe/

EduGard presentation helps keep LCM keep students safe
Orange Leader-
Photo courtesy of Little Cypress-Mauriceville CISD FBI Special Agent Chris Day shared his expertise on cyber safety with parents and staff of Little . ... ts.siu.pdf

A FBI supervisor watched pornographic videos in his office during work hours while "MASTURBATING' ... 8c6a5.html
Part two: Booker and the FBI plot to prison
Hays Daily News-
In reality Ahmed was, like Omar, an FBI informant. .... When a second FBI agent asked Blair if he believed Booker would bomb Fort Riley, Blair explained how the ... ... 7d19180126

The Investigatory Powers Bill (Snoopers' Charter) Is Here, Now What ...
Huffington Post UK
Although there have been attempts by the FBI for example to ask for “backdoors” in security software , Sophos and others in the industry have been adamant ... assination

Robert F. Kennedy saw conspiracy in JFK’s assassination
By The Boston Globe ... re-1593435

John McAfee: Our cyber defence is perilously inferior to weaponised ...
International Business Times
Bizarre Anonymous ploy seeks John McAfee as Trump's cybersecurity adviser · John McAfee on Clinton: The FBI is either incompetent or corrupt in dealing with ... ... _true.html

Three Malheur refuge occupiers claim to be on terrorist watchlist ...
All three said federal airport agents have pulled them out of regular screening ... the various criteria is unconstitutionally opaque, said former FBI agent Mike ...

25 NOVEMBER 2016
The Herald (Harare)
Zimbabwe: Lift Sanctions, Pardon Garvey ... 9e18d.html

Guebert: Dwayne Andreas, the FBI, and me
Court Statement by Louis Wolf
Testimony before Judge E. Mallon Faircloth,
Federal Court, Columbus, Georgia, January 26, 2009,
by Louis Wolf

Since 1946, the School of Americas (SOA), then based at the American base, Fort Gulick in Panama, trained ten different Latin American military officers who would become the most renowned dictators in the hemisphere, and hundreds of senior and mid-level officers who distinguished themselves as gross human rights abusers, serial torturers, drug traffickers, and associates of organized crime.
Your Honor, I do not stand here today just in moral opposition to curricula that SOA created across the map of torture. It is because torture is a logical and necessary component in the very wide gamut of special operations, commando tactics, sophisticated counterinsurgency techniques, covert procedures, military intelligence, covert intelligence activities,psychological warfare, psychological operations or “PSYOPS”, etc., all honed by the British in Malaya, and by the U.S. in the Philippines, Vietnam and Laos, and more recently in Iraq and Afghanistan. Likewise, the 1963 CIA ‘KUBARK’ interrogation and torture documents and the early 1980s torture manuals authored by the U.S. Army both documented what has been central to the SOA/WHINSEC curricula taught to thousands of officers from eighteen Latin American countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela. These materials specifically instructed their students on how to motivate civilian targets by fear, by extortions, by kidnappings, by use of truth serum, by beatings, by rapes, by false imprisonments, by torture of children in front of their parents and vice versa, by beheadings, by live burials, by public executions, and by massacres.

At this writing, five countries have decided to completely withdraw their personnel from future training at WHINSEC: Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Bolivia. They have stated “. . . we have absolutely no need for training at this kind of school.” A former Uruguayan general stated he felt “used” by the Pentagon to protect U.S. interests, to the point of leading many of his fellow officers to repress, torture and kill his own people. Other nations which have for years sent their military officers to SOA/WHINSEC for training are actively considering their immediate options as well. Last year, the vote in Congress to cut off funding lost by just six votes, so we may not need to return to Columbus to protest again next year.

It is instructive to read about the WHINSEC seal on WHINSEC’s web site that it features “the colors blue and white and the Maltese cross, the insignia of Christopher Columbus during his explorations of the Caribbean Sea, which represents the heritage of security cooperation of the Western Hemisphere.” After a slave raid in 1495, Columbus later wrote: “Let us in the name of the Holy Trinity go on sending all the slaves that can be sold.” Columbus was true to his word affirming it further, saying: “We shall take you and your wives, and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault.” Historians estimate that during four years, four million native lives were taken in what is now San Salvador. In their effort to whitewash SOA’s role in facilitating the tortures and massacres in Latin America, did Pentagon policymakers choose Christopher Columbus to be a role model for the WHINSEC seal as a declaration that future training should go down a similar path as Christopher Columbus?

As dawn broke on November 23 last year, thousands of people young and old, black, brown, yellow and white, who had come to Fort Benning from across the United States to protest the continued existence of the institution began to gather for the sixteenth year outside the Fort Benning Drive entrance to the base. Some noticed that the very tall and robust flagpole which rises just outside of the newly enlarged perimeter fence, showed a shiny, slippery surface that glistened in the sun. It was apparent that either the U.S. Army or the Columbus police had greased the surface of the flagpole, ostensibly to discourage protesters from shinnying up its heights to enter Fort Benning and register their protest. What traditionally is the patriotic flagpole was this year covered with ignominious grease, thus dishonoring the flag itself.

A visit to the WHINSEC website [] states the following as the seventh of eight objectives of the facility in answer to the question “What is the purpose of WHINSEC?”: “. . . to eradicate extreme poverty, which constitutes an obstacle to the full democratic development of the peoples of the hemisphere.” It certainly is true that grinding poverty is prevalent in many of the 22 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. However, to suggest that WHINSEC and the military training it conducts day in and day out is a new and viable solution to the profound poverty and social inequality that prevails in these nations is nothing less than breathtakingly shallow Pentagon propaganda. This is also personified by the fact that every occupant of the White House routinely recites the mantra: “The United States is the greatest nation on earth.” This statement is certainly not endearing to the other 192 nations of the world, and is a huge and explicit insult to them and their citizens. This is a new era. The day has finally arrived when America’s arrogant doctrine of exceptionalism, as both preached and practiced by George W. Bush and numerous presidents before him, must cease.

President Obama has stated: “I have said repeatedly that America doesn’t torture. And I’m gonna make sure that we don’t torture. Those are part and parcel of an effort to regain America’s moral stature in the world.” Obama also said: “[w]e’ll reject torture – without exception or equivocation.” In the context of SOA/WHINSEC, even if we accept the new President’s premise that American military and intelligence operators will actually stop the practice of torture, will this also mean that we will no longer “outsource” it – or encourage others to torture their citizens for us? If so, then it must start right here at this very United States military school.

In its 50 years, the SOA (and the WHINSEC in its nine years) has trained more than 64,000 Latin American (and more recently, Caribbean) soldiers in combat skills, sniper training, counter-insurgency techniques, use of advanced combat arms systems, commando tactics, and psychological operations. SOA graduates include some of the region’s most despicable military strongmen and human rights abusers.
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Link du jour ... in-heater/ ... on_warrant

L.A.-based Holocaust claims lawyer sues FBI over Clinton warrant

Posted on Dec. 7, 2016 at 4:16 pm

E. Randol Schoenberg. Photo courtesy of E. Randol Schoenberg
E. Randol Schoenberg was confused when he read a New York Times article in the waning days of the presidential election reporting the FBI had obtained a warrant to seize new material in the Hillary Clinton email case.
“I thought, ‘What does that mean?’” he told the Journal. “Normally you have to show probable cause. That’s what it says in the Fourth Amendment.” 
Schoenberg, 50, gained international prominence by reclaiming Jewish-owned art looted by the Nazis, most notably in the Maria Altmann case made famous by the 2015 film, “Woman in Gold.” 


He is a former president of the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust, and the leader in its revitalization. And on Dec. 7 he took on another major cause by filing suit against the FBI, hoping to get the agency to turn over the warrant it used to seize the computer of Anthony Weiner, estranged husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin.
“Countless American citizens, including Secretary Clinton, believe that [FBI Director James] Comey’s announcement and the re-opening of the investigation might have single-handedly swayed the election,” Schoenberg alleges in the suit.
[Click here to download a copy of the complaint]
By the time the FBI reopened the investigation, it had already spent months investigating the Clinton emails.
“It’s like somebody’s been to your house and searched ten times and says, ‘Oops, there’s a drawer I missed. Can I go back in?’” Schoenberg said.
The New York Times article was the last time Schoenberg saw mention of a search warrant in the press. So he decided to file a request on Nov. 12 under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to review the warrant. Two days later, the FBI acknowledged receiving his request.
The transparency law allows government agencies twenty days, excluding holidays and weekends, to determine whether it will comply with the request and notify the petitioner. When that time period elapsed, Schoenberg contacted David B. Rankin, a Manhattan-based attorney specializing in FOIA requests, and filed suit in the United States District Court of Southern New York.
In an interview with the Journal, Schoenberg speculated one of two things happened to allow the FBI to obtain a search warrant: Either a lax judge didn’t care enough to scrutinize the warrant application, or “it could be something more nefarious."
Not unlikely, by his estimation, is that somebody provided the FBI allegedly incriminating information that turned out to be untrue.
In the course of his Holocaust-related work, he said, he’s worked with law enforcement and U.S. attorneys, persuading them to investigate or file suit.
“You’re allowed to give them information and encourage them to start investigate or file lawsuits,” he said. “That’s totally fine as long as it’s correct. But what if it’s false?”
Part of the reason he filed suit in New York (other than the fact that Weiner’s computer was there) is that he suspects somebody in the Manhattan orbit of then-candidate Donald Trump may have provided a false lead to the FBI, he said. 
In the interview, he named New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, all Trump allies, as potential sources for the FBI's investigation. 
Shortly after filing the FOIA request, he laid out in a Jewish Journal op-ed what could be at stake if incriminating information comes to light.
“This is potentially very serious, something that if traced back to Donald Trump might even lead to impeachment,” he wrote.
 Nine days after re-opening the case, and two days before Election Day, Comey announced the FBI hadn’t found sufficient evidence to reconsider its original decision. For Schoenberg, that was only further proof there was never ... hing.shtml

Wed, Dec 7th 2016 3:36am

9th circuit, fbi, fisc, mohamud osman mohamed, own plot, section 702, sting operation, surveillance

Convicted FBI Sting Target Challenges Investigation, Domestic Surveillance; Ends Up With Nothing
from the entrapment-will-continue-until-national-security-improves dept
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld [PDF] a terrorism conviction, despite its own concerns about the government's behavior during the investigation. (h/t Brad Heath)
Mohamed Osman Mohamud appealed his conviction for attempting to detonate a bomb during a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon, raising several arguments -- one of those being entrapment. But the court had this to say about the FBI's sting operation.
The panel held that the district court properly rejected Mohamud’s defense of entrapment as a matter of law. The panel could not say that no reasonable jury could have concluded that Mohamud was predisposed to commit the charged offense. Rejecting Mohamud’s alternative argument that the case should be dismissed because the government overreached in its “sting,” the panel wrote that while the government’s conduct was quite aggressive at times, it fell short of a due process violation.
As we've noted here before, courts have given the government plenty of leeway in its investigations. Entrapment is a popular defense but even the DEA's predilection for setting up desperate rubes to rob fake stash houses (and asking for sentences based on imaginary quantities of nonexistent drugs) has seldom been troubled by defendants' challenges. The courts have also ordained much, much more questionable tactics, like the FBI's creation of a child porn ... h_way.html

DEC. 6 2016 12:30 PM
The FBI Debunked These UFO Documents in the Most Childish Way Possible ... _click=rss

House votes to boost protection for FBI whistleblowers

By AL WEAVER (@ALWEAVER22) • 12/7/16 6:05 PM
The House of Representatives voted Wednesday to give more protections to whistleblowers at the FBI.

In a 404-0 vote, the House passed H.R. 5790, which was sponsored by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah. The bill would broaden the protections for whistleblowers so they are not retaliated against by supervisors, putting them in the same position as other protected federal workers in other areas of the government.

"We have great respect and admiration for the FBI. They do wonderful work," Chaffetz said. "It's because I respect the FBI and it's agents that I helped introduce this bill ... The whistleblowers protections in the FBI have really not kept up with the rest of government, and that's why we need a change here. The whistleblowers at the FBI should be treated the same as they are within the rest of the federal government."

Chaffetz introduced the bill after a 2015 report found that protections for FBI whistleblowers were not as strong as those enjoyed ... 0Q_AUIBygB

House committee approves FBI headquarters funding despite ...
Washington Business Journal
The House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has endorsed setting aside $834 million in federal funds for a new FBI headquarters to ... ... als-court/

FBI Policy Of Manufacturing Terrorism Plots Reaffirmed By Appeals ...
Shadowproof (blog)-Dec 5, 2016
The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling that provides further support for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and its policy of ... ... -paranoid/

Attorney: FBI agent who shot at officer was paranoid
(WOOD) — The FBI agent who allegedly fired shots at a Grand Rapids police officer Tuesday felt paranoid at the time of the incident, his attorney said
Taxpayers still funding FBI Public Relations Program ... red-by-fbi

For promoting tolerance, Norwich Sikh honored by FBI
Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, center, a community leader in Norwich, shakes hands with FBI Community Outreach Specialist Charles Grady, left, after receiving the ... ... more-13336

What is plagiarism?
Posted on December 5, 2016 by Daniel Hopsicker
Have you ever noticed how the CIA never gives up, on certain things, even if there’s no chance they’re going to change anyone’s mind? How they’re still pushing the Oswald-acted-alone meme, for example, or the phony war on drugs?

MCA-Universal has prepared a preemptive strike against crucial bits of America’s recent history— the part that’s got to do with drugs—in a new movie starring the world’s most famous Scientologist.

Fit at fifty-year old Tom Cruise portrays Barry Seal, a man who outweighed him by more than a hundred pounds, in a movie that was at first called “Mena,” before recently changing its name to “American Made” while pushing back its release date a year.

The movie is being directed by director Doug Liman, who also just happens to be the son of the lawyer for the Kerry Commission Iran Contra investigation in the late 1980’s, which did a reasonably effective job at keeping a lid on the contra cocaine scandal until Republicans were no longer in office.

It was me who dragged those ‘crucial bits’ about America’s biggest and most famous drug smuggler into the light.  It was me who discovered that drug smuggler Seal —and probably not coincidentally—had also been a life-long CIA pilot, going back to the mid-50’s.

My book, “Barry & the boys,” the only full-length biography of Seal, is by far the go-to book on Seal. And it’s also the uncredited basis for Doug Liman and Tom Cruise’s Barry Seal movie.

Unless, of course, it isn’t. The following is a true story, which appears only on my website. There is no other source for it. If the story turns up in someone else’s book, is it plagiarism?

A lot going on beside just The Wedge 

In the 10 years I spent living in Newport Beach I had never met a spook, a spy, or anyone in intelligence, until one day an occasional associate producer working on the business news show I was producing at the time brought a tanned, older but still vigorous man into our offices to meet me. He had an  interest—in a puttering offhand way, he indicated, in a documentary I’d begun shooting on drug smuggler Seal.

He was the president of one of Newport Beach’s service clubs, like the Exchange Club, he explained. He thought I might want to come to speak to one of the Club’s weekly lunch meetings about my adventures.

Later I would learn that the man who stood in front of me with a genial sm ... coalition/

From Patriots to Panthers, a New ‘Rainbow Coalition’
December 7, 2016 12:24 p.m.
#Imagine what would happen if someone wore a Confederate flag button with clasped black and white hands (pictured) to a Trump or Black Lives Matter rally. Given what we have seen on the media, the person would likely be met with indignation, insults and perhaps physical violence.

#This button, which the Southern Student Organizing Committee developed in the 1960s, symbolized a unique partnership between the Black Panther Party, the Young Patriots Organization and the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican national group. I learned their story at the Black Panther Party's 50th-anniversary celebration in Oakland, Calif., where many of the founding leaders gathered. There I learned about the original Rainbow Coalition began in Uptown Chicago, known as "Hillbilly Harlem," because of its population of poor southern whites and African Americans.

#"I thought conditions were bad in Tennessee," Hy Thurman, a self-professed hillbilly, said of the 1960s. "In Uptown Chicago, housing conditions were so bad that neighbors were literally freezing to death. The cops referred to us as a 'swarm of locusts' who were backwards, dumb, immoral and violent." Thurman, Marilyn Katz and others formed the Young Patriots Organization to mobilize their community. YPO used the Confederate flag as their symbol, less as a racist statement but as a "symbol against Northern aggression."


#Elsewhere in Uptown, local Black Panther Party leaders Fred Hampton and Bobby Lee were organizing their community. Jose "Cha Cha" Jimenez, an immigrant from Puerto Rico and a member of the Young Lords gang, was doing the same thing, with more unlawful methods.

#In April 1969, the three organizations joined to form the Rainbow Coalition of Revolutionary Solidarity. "It took some time to build trust among the communities," Thurman said. "Once we broke the ice, we were able to identify their needs and get them help. Many were surprised to hear that the Black Panther Party played a major role in getting medical personnel and equipment for the Young Patriot Health Clinic and provided food for kids before they went to school. We'd walk into our redneck bars with our rebel-flag vests and 'Free Huey Newton' buttons, and our friends wouldn't know what to do with us."

Photo courtesy Kevin Fong
#"YPO provided security detail at each of our BPP functions," Aaron Dixon said. "I can't tell you how many times having a white boy standing next to me saved my ass from getting arrested."

#Mayor Richard Daly and FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover made it their top priority to dismantle the coalition. YPO's William "Preacherman" Fesperman said, "We are the living reminder that when they threw out their white trash, they didn't burn it." In December 1969, the Chicago police, working with the FBI, arranged for the murder of BPP leader Fred Hampton Jr., who was the torchbearer for the coalition. Hampton's murder galvanized the community.

#The Rainbow Coalition lasted for several more years before the Daly administration and the FBI dismantled it. "They found ways to frame us and throw us in jail," Cha Cha Jimenez said, "tearing the very fabric of our coalition apart."

#Harold Washington, Chicago's first Black mayor (1983-1987), built his platform on the shared ideals of the coalition. Later, Jesse Jackson Sr. formed the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, with no affiliation with the original Rainbow Coalition. "We can trace Obama's rise to the presidency back to the Rainbow Coalition," YPO leader Marilyn Katz said.

#As the panelists, now in their 60s and 70s, gathered on stage for a photo, I wondered how we can come together today. The true work of social change and healing needs to stem from ordinary people at the local level. My friend Lloyd Dennis, from New Orleans, wrote in a post: "If the poor and struggling white folk who support Trump would wake up and understand that the very wealthy, like Trump, are the reason working people carry this country on their backs, they would find common ground with folks of color, and the real revolution would begin."

#The key is finding common ground, and we attain that through engagement in trust, love, story and struggle. "Serve the people. Love the people. Have faith in the power of the people," Pam Tau Lee said.

#I hope we all follow the example of the Black Panthers, Young Patriots, and Young Lords to love, serve, and have faith that the power of kindness and humanity will emerge as the true winner.

#Visit Kevin Fong's website at ... -1.2902360

Michigan man says he was restrained by police and beaten so badly that he lost consciousness and can no longer fully see with his left eye.

Frankie Taylor was arrested for drunken driving in Detroit suburb Eastpointe last August, and said that officers made him sit in a restraint chair after he fell down during booking.

A lawsuit filed earlier this year says that one officer put on a rubber glove before hitting Taylor with a closed fist at least 10 times as he lost consciousness. ... -cold-war/

Neo-McCarthyism and the New Cold War
The Nation
Democratic Senator Harry Reid, for example, following in McCarthy's footsteps, insisted that the FBI investigate two of Trump's American supporters for their ... ... asmea-odeh

Judge orders new trial for Rasmea Odeh
The Electronic Intifada (blog)-
The indictment followed 2010 FBI raids on the homes of community and political activists in Chicago and other cities, leading to the subpoena of Arab American ... ... asmea-odeh


Judge orders new trial for Rasmea Odeh
Charlotte Silver
7 December 2016

Rasmea Odeh Ali Abunimah
Rasmea Odeh will have a new trial in January.

In a written decision on Tuesday, US District Judge Gerswhin Drain swept aside the objections by US government prosecutors to clinical psychologist and torture expert Dr. Mary Fabri’s credibility as an expert witness.

His decision was issued a week after a hearing on the matter was scheduled to take place but cancelled by Drain at the last minute.

In November 2014, a jury found 69-year-old Palestinian American community leader Rasmea Odeh guilty of immigration fraud after a week-long trial in federal court in Detroit.

In March 2015, Drain sentenced Odeh to 18 months in prison, which she would serve before being stripped of her citizenship and deported.

In February 2016, the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Drain had erred by barring Fabri or Odeh from testifying during the trial about Odeh’s post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as part of her defense.

Prosecutors had argued against allowing for a new trial with Fabri’s testimony, asserting that it would be irrelevant and that Fabri was not qualified.

But Drain refuted each of the government’s arguments, at one point describing them as “puzzling.”

His decision clears the way for a new trial, scheduled to begin in a month.

Fishing expedition
In October 2013, federal prosecutors indicted Odeh, associate director of the Chicago nonprofit the Arab American Action Network, for unlawful procurement of naturalization, nine years after she became a US citizen and just one year short of the statute of limitations.

The indictment followed 2010 FBI raids on the homes of community and political activists in Chicago and other cities, leading to the subpoena of Arab American Action Network records. Six years after the raids and subpoenas to about two dozen individuals, no indictments have ever been filed against any of the original targets.

Though Odeh was not one of the original subjects of the broad investigation, her 45-year-old record from Israel was discovered in thousands of documents the US government obtained from Israeli authorities.

In 1969 Odeh was convicted by an Israeli military court of helping to coordinate a series of bombings in Jerusalem that killed two young men. She served 10 years in Israeli prison before being released in a prisoner exchange.

Odeh’s lawyers have maintained that she was convicted based on a confession that followed prolonged torture.

When Odeh filled out an application for US citizenship in 2004, she answered “No” to a series of questions asking if she had “ever” been arrested, charged, convicted or imprisoned.

Torture expert and psychologist, Dr. Mary Fabri examined Odeh over the course of several months in 2014 and concluded that Odeh suffers from PTSD as a result of torture, including rape by Israeli interrogators nearly 50 years ago.

Based on that examination, Fabri believes Odeh could have filtered out the traumatic memories when she filled out her immigration and naturalization applications.

Odeh’s legal team is arguing that as a result of her PTSD she understood the questions to be asking whether she had any criminal record in the United States.

Succesful appeal
In her first trial, Judge Drain refused to allow Odeh to mention her torture or PTSD in court.

A federal appeals court disagreed with Drain’s restrictions on Odeh’s defense, holding that Fabri’s testimony is “potentially admissible because it is relevant to whether Odeh knew that her statements were false, which is an element of a prosecution.”

“Because the government must prove every element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt … a defendant’s righ
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DECEMBER 12, 2016 AT 5:23 AM
FBI scrubs contracts to hide how much it paid 9/11 Review Commission members

The award notice and signature page of the FBI’s personal services contract with 9/11 Review Commission member Ed Meese.
The three men who served as members of the 9/11 Review Commission were on the FBI’s payroll, but the bureau is refusing to say how much they were paid.

Florida Bulldog obtained copies from the FBI of its personal services contracts with the commissioners and staff during ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) litigation.

Scrubbed from the contracts, however, are all details about financial compensation terms – hourly rates of pay, contract maximums – for both the commissioners’ services and travel for as long as two years. The FBI did not make public invoices submitted by the commissioners or its own paymaster records.

Congress authorized the 9/11 Review Commission to conduct an “external review” of the FBI’s post-9/11 performance and to assess new evidence. The contracts, however, make clear that the Review Commission was instead under the FBI’s direction and control.

“The contractor [each commissioner and staffer signee] agrees that the performance of services … shall be subject to the supervision, inspection and acceptance of the FBI,” the contracts say.

The 9/11 Review Commission members were Reagan-era Attorney General Edwin Meese, former ambassador and congressman Timothy Roemer and Georgetown professor Bruce Hoffman. In an apparent oversight, the FBI released only two pages of Meese’s contract, and in place of the rest of Meese’s contract enclosed a second copy of Hoffman’s contract.

Meese, Roemer and Hoffman signed their contracts with the FBI on Jan. 22, 2014. The contracts required them to submit their report to the FBI by Dec. 15, 2014 for “appropriate classification and legal review.”

Top Secret clearance

The three commissioners and staff were require to have Top Secret security clearance and what the FBI calls “Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)’’ access. SCI clearance has been called “above Top Secret,” according to Wikipedia.

The 9/11 Review Commission staffers whose contracts were released are: Executive director John Gannon, a former deputy director of the CIA; L. Christine Healey, a senior counsel and team leader for the 9/11 Commission; Caryn A. Wagner, a former Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis at the Department of Homeland Security; Jamison Pirko, an ex-staff assistant at the Commission on the Prevention of WMD Proliferation and Terrorism; and William E. Richardson.

According to the Review Commission’s final report, the commissioners traveled to eight FBI field offices and six FBI legal attaché posts in Ottawa, Beijing, Manila, Singapore, London and Madrid. Travel invoices submitted by commissioners and staff have not been made public.

9/11 suicide hijack pilots Mohamed Atta, right, and Ziad Jarrah. The two men apparently visited the home of Saudis living in the Sarasota area.
As described in the contract, the Review Commission’s duties included assessing “any evidence now known to the FBI that was not considered by the 9/11 Commission related to any factors that contributed in any manner to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.”

One matter the Review Commission took a limited look at was the FBI’s investigation more than a decade earlier of Saudis living in Sarasota with apparent ties to the 9/11 hijackers.

Abdulaziz al-Hijji and his wife, Anoud, lived in the gated community of Prestancia 13 miles north of Venice Municipal Airport, where Mohamed Atta and two other 9/11 hijack pilots trained. The al-Hijjis came under FBI scrutiny after neighbors alerted authorities that they’d suddenly moved out of their upscale home about two weeks before 9/11 – leaving behind their cars, clothes, furniture, food in the refrigerator and other personal belongings.

The home at 4224 Escondito Circle was owned by Anoud’s father, Esam Ghazzawi, an advisor to the late Prince Fahd bin Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud, a nephew of former King Fahd and eldest son of Saudi Arabia’s current monarch, King Salman. The prince died in July 2001 at age 46.

According to former Florida Sen. Bob Graham and others, the FBI did not disclose its Sarasota investigation to either Congress’ Joint Inquiry into the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington or to the subsequent 9/11 Commission. Graham co-chaired the Joint Inquiry. In its public statements, the FBI has disputed that – saying both 9/11 panels were informed of its Sarasota investigation.

Florida Bulldog, working with Irish author Anthony Summers, first reported the existence of the FBI’s Sarasota investigation in September 2011. Among other things, the story reported that investigators had found evidence in Prestancia’s gatehouse security records that showed Atta and other terrorist figures had visited the al-Hijjis’ home.

What 9/11 Review Commission didn’t do

The 9/11 Review Commission’s final report, made public in March 2015, did not seek to determine whether the FBI did or did not notify Congress and the 9/11 Commission about Sarasota. Likewise, it did not speak with witnesses in the case or examine evidence other than an April 2002 FBI report.

The report, released to Florida Bulldog in 2013 amid other FOIA litigation, said that agents found “many connections” between the Sarasota hijackers and “individuals associated with the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001” – flatly contradicting FBI public statements that its once-secret Sarasota inquiry had found no connection to the 9/11 plot.

The Review Commission’s inquiry was confined to recounting the efforts of unidentified FBI officials to discredit the April 2002 report. They called it “poorly written and wholly unsubstantiated” and said the unnamed agent who wrote it could not justify doing so.

The FBI has declined to explain its findings or make available the agent who wrote the report to request, unsuccessfully, that a more urgent investigation of the Sarasota Saudis be opened.

Florida Bulldog sued the FBI and the Justice Department in June under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) seeking records generated by the 9/11 Review Commission. Latst month, the FBI released about 200 pages of material – including the personal services contracts and several highly redacted reports.

Meanwhile, the Bulldog’s 2012 FOIA lawsuit seeking the FBI’s files on its Sarasota investigation remains pending before Fort Lauderdale U.S. District Court Judge William J. Zloch. ... l?nav=5006

-Tama Police Chief faces federal indictment

December 12, 2016

Jeffrey Filloon, 47, Toledo, was indicted by a federal Grand Jury in Cedar Rapids on Dec. 6 for allegedly selling impounded vehicles and firearms which were police department weapons or weapons held in evidence and pocketing the proceeds. He is charged with two counts of makin
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