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How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:03 am
by fruhmenschen
Not to worry. It is not your mother , sister or wife, eh?

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LAPD officer Tasered woman in handcuffs, records show
November 18, 2012

Four Los Angeles police officers are under scrutiny after one Tasered a handcuffed woman while joking with others at the scene, according to interviews and law enforcement records.

The video taken of the December 2010 arrest shows Officer Jorge Santander firing the Taser without warning and later displaying a Superman logo he wore on his chest beneath his uniform, according to records. Off camera, another officer is heard laughing and singing.

Santander then appeared to lie about the incident repeatedly in written reports. The three other officers who witnessed him stun the woman corroborated his version of events when first questioned and failed to tell supervisors that a video of the encounter existed, records show.

According to a memo written by a prosecutor in the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, the incident began when two officers, Steven Bauman and Jose Lepe, were dispatched to a parking lot behind a Hollywood nightclub around 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 4, 2010, when a couple reported a drunk woman inside their car.

After the woman refused to leave voluntarily, records show, the officers arrested her on suspicion of public intoxication.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 12:47 am
by fruhmenschen
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Highway Safety director bumped due to bad driving record
By Chris Cassidy
Sunday, November 18, 2012

The state’s Highway Safety director will be “reassigned” from her $86,520 a year job after it emerged that she had a lengthy, checkered driving record, littered with moving violations — while she is still on leave from the latest of seven accidents, state officials announced today.

Sheila Burgess’ four-page driving history contains 34 incidents since 1982, including 7 car crashes and 4 speeding tickets, according to Registry of Motor Vehicle records.

“Given her driving record, it is clear that Ms. Burgess should not have been hired as the director of Highway Safety in 2007,” Secretary of Public Safety and Security Mary Heffernan said in a statement. “While she has performed her duties properly and with professionalism, has not had any citations or at-fault accidents since she was hired and has otherwise been a solid and dependable employee, Ms. Burgess cannot expect the public’s trust, nor mine, as the directory of Highway Safety going forward. When Ms. Burgess returns from her current medical leave, she will no longer have any role in highway safety and will be reassigned to a different role within the Executive Office.”

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 3:29 pm
by fruhmenschen
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Former DEA Agent Says He Was Told to Only Lock Up Black People for Drugs (Video)

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Matthew Fogg, a former U.S. Marshal and Drug Enforcement Agent, speaks candidly in this video about his experience in the War on Drugs. Fogg says that he noticed that most of the drug raids that he set up were in urban areas, typically targeting people of color. Fogg said that most of the members of his team were white, which led him to ask the question that might only be asked by the black guy in the room: ”Why aren’t we setting up raids in the suburban areas too?”

Fogg notes that African Americans aren’t the only ones using and selling drugs, yet most of us notice that the prisons are full of African Americans, the bulk of them there for drug distribution. He says that he was told to “stand down” on the matter and informed that doing drug raids in white neighborhoods would lead to political consequences for the agencies involved. He even said that the team would “lose their overtime.”

I appreciate the courage that Mr. Fogg showed by speaking so honestly on the issue. My father was a law enforcement official for 25 years, and I’ve heard similar stories myself. Also, as a college professor over the last 20 years, I can say that the amount of drug use on college campuses rivals nearly any urban neighborhood in America. In spite of this, I have yet to see the police raid any fraternity house on a Saturday night. So, for every person who believes that black men are filling the penitentiaries because we are the only ones committing crimes, you might want to get an education on the matter.

President Obama, are you listening? I hope that Congress is listening too, or any political figures who’ve received more than 80% of the African American vote. The War on Drugs has decimated the black family in America, leaving millions of children to grow up without their parents, all due to a set of federal policies that have been proven time and time again to be as racially-biased as those implemented during the Jim Crow era. It’s time to confront these policies, and make things right.

President Obama, as well as any Democrat on Capitol Hill who spent six months begging black people to stand in line for hours in order to vote, needs to do some or all the following (thanks to Political Science Professor Dr. Wilmer Leon for making these recommendations):

1) Call for a review of all cases in which individuals were sentenced under the old federal guidelines and re-sentence them accordingly. I’ve heard from families of men who’ve received over 14 life sentences for first time, non-violent drug distribution. This amounts to torture.

2) The president should form a federal task force to determine how many people have been affected by the old standards and make recommendations on how to correct the wrongs of the past.


PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 6:28 pm
by fruhmenschen ... 3-year-old
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Thursday, November 22, 4:58 pm

Video still of 3-year-old Dillan Warden playing in Piedmont, Okla.
Officer fired for issuing $2,500 ticket to peeing 3-year-old

Remember Dillan Warden, the Oklahoma 3-year-old who earned his mother a $2,500 fine after he unzipped and prepared (or pee-pared) to whiz in the family's front yard? Ken Qualls, the officer who wrote that ridiculous ticket, has been fired by the city. Qualls, an 18-year police veteran, was widely criticized for his four-figure overreaction to the situation. ("We did receive a lot of notoriety over that," city manager Jim Crosby said.) The fine for Warden's mother has been dropped and the ticket was amended to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. That still seems harsh, but it's much, much cheaper. [Source]


PostPosted: Fri Nov 23, 2012 1:35 am
by fruhmenschen
SEE LINK FOR FULL STORY ... 8084.story

D.A.'s memo details concerns about L.A. County sheriff's captain
Prosecutors recently declined to file charges against Bernice Abram, saying they could prove nothing illegal in her dealings with a Compton gang member, but an FBI investigation is continuing.

By Robert Faturechi, Los Angeles Times

November 22, 2012, 5:16 p.m.

The trap was set. All that was left for Los Angeles County sheriff's investigators to do was wait and see if the unthinkable was true.

Suspicions had grown that one of their colleagues — a respected captain with more than 150 deputies under her command — was funneling secret information to an alleged Compton drug trafficker. So investigators sent out a phony plan as bait, according to records and interviews, detailing their intention to do surveillance on a house near the suspected trafficker's home.

A few minutes after receiving the fake plans, Capt. Bernice Abram was heard on a phone tap placing a call to Dion Grim, the suspected drug dealer.

Jury awards nearly $9 million to family of man shot by deputies
Suspect in brazen rape on L.A. bus arrested Suspect in brazen rape on L.A. bus arrested
Veteran L.A. County sheriff's deputy charged with murder Veteran L.A. County sheriff's deputy charged with murder
Family of man shot by sheriff's deputies calls for FBI probe Family of man shot by sheriff's deputies calls for FBI probe

Authorities listened in as she tipped him off about the location of the planned surveillance. Stay away, she warned.

That day, in April 2011, sheriff's officials placed Abram on leave, and for more than a year afterward her ties to Grim were investigated. Prosecutors recently declined to file charges against Abram, saying they couldn't prove the captain knew that Grim, a documented gang member, was involved in illegal activities.

But a district attorney's memo explaining that decision provides the most detailed description yet of how the Sheriff's Department came to believe one of its up-and-coming leaders was betraying the agency and shows the efforts officials pursued to prove it. The memo also documents several occasions when Abram appeared to use her authority to help Grim avoid law enforcement scrutiny.

An FBI investigation into Abram is ongoing, a spokeswoman said.

The Sheriff's Department placed Abram on leave along with her niece, a custody assistant who prosecutors said improperly accessed a law enforcement database for Grim. They remain on leave and together have collected more than an estimated $300,000 in salary as the sheriff's internal probe continues, based on posted county salaries.

Abram first met Grim after she started dating his father three years ago, prosecutors said. (According to her Sheriff's Department biography, Abram, 53, was married to another man.) She became "good friends" with Grim, 36, a member of the Original Front Hood Crips, a Compton street gang.


PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 12:54 am
by fruhmenschen

Report: Launch of CIA ‘cocaine coup’ turned on Romney win
Posted on November 19, 2012 by Daniel Hopsicker

For more than a year the CIA has been trafficking 300 kilos of cocaine a month from Ecuador to Chile for export on to Europe, according to recent credible media reports from Santiago, the Chilean capital.

Proceeds from the 300 kilo-a-month business have been used to create a war-chest to finance a Cocaine Coup in Ecuador that was scheduled to be “green-lighted” after the expected win in the just-concluded U.S. Presidential election—expected, at least, by some Agency officials—of Mitt Romney.

It's a CIA “Ay, there’s the rub” moment.

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:36 pm
by Jerky
Amen to the post above.


PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2012 9:08 pm
by fruhmenschen

1st read ... z2D244lgGG

see link for full story

Dying man's last words - 'All I wanted was a Snickers bar'

By Greta McClain
Nov 18, 2012 in Crime

Spokane - A former Spokane Police Officer, accused of beating a mentally challenged man to death more than 6 years ago, has been sentenced to four years in prison.
On March 18, 2006 at approximately 8:25 PM, Otto Zehm, a 36-year-old mentally challenged janitor, walked into a Spokane, Washington gas station to buy a candy bar. Around the same time, police received a 911 call from two women. The women told police a white male with long blond hair, wearing a black jacket, jeans and boots, approached their car while they were at a drive-up ATM machine. The women believed the man was trying to get into their car, became frightened, and drove away. As they were leaving, they saw the man walk over to the ATM. As he walked away from the ATM, they report seeing a "receipt" in his hand and a "large wad" of what they believed to be money from the woman's bank account.
Officers were sent to the scene and spotted a man matching the description the women had given. According to the police radio recording, the suspect began fighting with Officer Karl F. Thompson Jr., the first officer to arrive on the scene. A video of the incident shows a different story however.
The store's surveillance video shows Zehm walking into the store, with Officer Thompson following moments later. Thompson approaches Zehm with his police baton in hand. Zehm turns and attempts to flee down a store aisle. Thompson strikes Zehm with the baton and Zehm falls to the ground. Thompson can be seen standing over Zehm, striking him multiple times.

Approximately 16 minutes after the confrontation began, Zehm stopped breathing. Paramedics arrived, administered CPR and rushed Zehm to the hospital. Zehm remained in a coma for two days before being pronounced dead.
It was later learned that Zehm had committed no crime.
The residents of Spokane were outraged over the incident, but the District Attorney's office refused to bring charges against Thompson. Thompson was a Vietnam veteran and a decorated 40-year law enforcement veteran. He served as a police officer in Los Angeles and northern Idaho before joining the Spokane Police Department. Amid continued demands for a trial, federal prosecutors eventually charged Thompson with violating Zehm's civil rights through use of excessive force and then lying to investigators.
In October 2011, five-and-a-half years after Zehm's death, Thompson was tried and convicted of excessive force and lying to investigators following Zehm's death. On November 14th, 2012, U.S. District Court Judge, Fred Van Sickle, sentenced Thompson to 4 years and 3 months in prison.
During the trial, Thompson apologized to Zehm's mother and told her he did not act out of malice or with the intent to harm her son.
Assistant U.S. attorney Tim Durkin told the court:

"There were seven baton strikes in less than eight seconds. There is compelling medical evidence in this case that Mr. Zehm sustained serious bodily injury. When officers abuse their power and lie to cover it up, it fundamentally undermines their position of trust in the community."

Durkin also noted that Thompson also tasered Zehm, and allowed other officers to hogtie him and placed a rubber mask over his mouth.

2nd read

for the uneducated and the uneducable

high school dropout can't find work so he joins the Marines to Semper Fi
and collect some money.
High school dropout is sent to Paris Island to be all he can be. He is trained to kill women and children and a occasional freedom fighter trying to protect his wife from being raped by Mr Semper Fi.
High school dropout ships out to invade Iraq for USEmpire and US oil companies.
American oil companies are struggling with the problem of Peak Oil.
Peak oil means we no longer have a infinite supply of oil.Maybe you saw the documentary film END OF SUBURBIA see

high school drop out didn't because his high school teachers were too busy DUMBING him down
see ... nblum1.htm

High School dropout manages to kill a couple hundred women and children while throwing in a occasional rape. Mr Sempi Fi has now been transformed into Mr serial killer.
Mr high school dropout/serial killer now begins to experience extreme depression from his actions. Mental Wealth workers call it Post Traumatic
Stress Syndrome. But the only people who experience traumatic stress in Iraq are the Iraqi women being raped by Semper Fi's before they shot and killed them.
Good thing serial killer/high school dropout has never read the research
of Ian Stevenson MD whose groundbreaking study of 3,000 children who remember previous lives provides the science for the existence of reincarnation. see ... enson.html

What this means for high school dropout is that he will be coming back
again for another life . Of course so will the people he murdered , so for practical purposes he has another couple hundred lives he has to live getting "wacked" by the life forms he semper fi'd.

The difference this time is the raped and murdered have had some time to ponder while they wait for him to pass over, how they will "do" Mr Semper Fi- the high school drop out serial killer.

Mr high school dropout comes back from Iraq out of work unless he re-enlists. There are not to many job openings for serial killers until he lands a job working with his be all you can be buddies at the Spokane police department or the FBI.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:13 pm
by fruhmenschen
Woman accused in fatal DUI crash is substance-abuse counselor
November 26, 2012 | 1:28 pm

see link for full story ... selor.html

The woman accused of fatally hitting a pedestrian and carrying him on her windshield more than two miles worked at a Torrance recovery center as a substance-abuse counselor, the facility's president said.

David Lisonbee, president of Twin Town Treatment Centers, said 51-year-old Sherri Wilkins was hired at the Torrance facility in September 2011 after an internship through Loyola Marymount University. Wilkins is a chemical dependency counselor who worked with a small group that meets each evening for six days a week, Lisonbee said.

She was also recovering from addiction herself, Lisonbee said, but passed a background check and drug and alcohol screening when she was hired and showed no signs of relapse.

"There was absolutely nothing that gave us an indication that she was in a danger zone," he said. "We feel just absolutely appalled and horrified that this happened to both families. It's a horrible tragedy."

Torrance police say Wilkins struck Phillip Moreno, 31, as he was crossing the street at Torrance Boulevard and Madrid Avenue on Saturday night. Wilkins told officers she "panicked" and kept driving, said Sgt. Robert Watt, for 2.3 miles as Moreno was "partially embedded" in her windshield.

Other motorists managed to stop Wilkins at 182nd Street and Crenshaw Boulevard and got ahold of her keys, Watt said. Moreno still had a pulse when officers arrived, Watt added, but was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:17 pm
by fruhmenschen
SEE LINK FOR A FULL hallelujah ... -Shootings

Judge: Misconduct taints Justice Department inquiry into leaks in Katrina bridge shooting case

November 26, 2012

NEW ORLEANS — Allegations of prosecutorial misconduct tainted a Justice Department inquiry into the source of leaked information about the probe of deadly police shootings on a New Orleans bridge after Hurricane Katrina, a federal judge said Monday.

U.S. District Judge Kurt Engelhardt ordered the Justice Department to conduct a new investigation of news reports that said a former police officer was going to plead guilty when the case was under seal.

Engelhardt initially called for an investigation in June. But he said a report submitted by Jan Mann, U.S. Attorney Jim Letten's former top lieutenant, is tainted and must be redone.

Letten demoted Mann earlier this month for anonymously posting comments on a newspaper's website about a south Louisiana landfill owner who is the target of a probe by Letten's office.

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:09 pm
by Seamus OBlimey
Might as well talk to yourself.

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 4:39 pm
by 82_28
One-inch ''bodyguards'' defend the coral world

One of the most important coral building polyps, the Acropora nasuta has been discovered to call for help. You can read the actual research in the Science journal from November 8th. We know how much help bleached and wrecked corals need after global warming effects and attacks from all and sundry. Now we know how they deal with emergencies in their own way. They send out a distress call!

Many mutualistic societies exist on coral reefs alone and elsewhere in the animal and plant kingdoms. This one is speedy and it works. Two species of goby, Gobidon histrio and Paragobidon enchinocephalus rush to the scene within a few minutes, like fire trucks dealing with a dangerous situation. The green menace (the seaweed Chlorodesmis fastigiata, is "mowed" and removed to a safe distance and the coral gets on with its business of growing new reefs to swim on.

"These little fish would come out and mow the seaweed off so it didn't touch the coral," explains Prof. Hay, who holds the Harry and Linda Teasley Chair in Environmental Biology at Georgia Tech. "This takes place very rapidly, which means it must be very important to both the coral and the fish. The coral releases a chemical and the fish respond right away."

Over three days the seaweed declined by 30% in the area, while coral damage decreased by a corresponding 75%. What a great relationship. The fish get protection of course. Any predator trying to catch the short policemen is deterred by the intricate patterns of the coral where they hide plus the gobies become more toxic to eat themselves because of their meal! A control experiment where corals had no gobies resulted in badly damaged coral. Fish also responded to the seaweed extract, yet did not come simply when the seaweed was present.

This is the first time Danielle Dixson who is a post-doctoral fellow and Prof. Mark Hay of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, or anybody else, have researched such an emergency response. A consumer species here reacts to a chemical signal just like a pheromone response in, say, ants.

The competitive seaweed is removed by the mutual relationship between the fish and the coral polyps. Perhaps the whole reef benefits from relationships that have built up over many millions of years just like this. In Fiji, the reefs are quite protected and secure, but in many areas, there are few corals alive and no protection for the fish either. This invasive seaweed will grow over the coral and release its own toxic chemicals.

Professor Mark Hay explains concisely, "This species of coral is recruiting inch-long bodyguards. There is a careful and nuanced dance of the odors that makes all this happen. The fish have evolved to cue on the odor released into the water by the coral, and they very quickly take care of the problem."

And before you ask, Nemo is a clownfish who lives inside an anemone, while the goby (there is one in, "Finding Nemo") lives in and protects the coral. Totally different!

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 9:41 pm
by fruhmenschen
Seamus OBlimey wrote:Might as well talk to yourself.

a liberal is someone who walks out of the room when an argument turns into a fight
a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged

see link for full story ... source=rss

4 Ugandan bombing suspects claim FBI abused them

NAIROBI, Kenya—Four terror suspects charged with killing 76 people watching the 2010 World Cup soccer final on TV in Uganda claimed they were physically abused during interrogations by FBI agents, an international rights group reported Tuesday.

The suspects said men who identified themselves as FBI agents beat them up during questioning between 2010 and 2011 in the East African country, the Open Society Justice Initiative said in a report.

At FBI headquarters in Washington, spokesman Paul Bresson said allegations that FBI employees mistreated or abused detainees were without merit.

"The FBI is responsible for investigating overseas terrorist attacks against U.S. persons or U.S. institutions. When investigating cases overseas, all FBI personnel operate within the guidelines established by the Attorney General as well as all other applicable laws, policies and regulations," Bresson said.

Selemi Hijar Nyamandondo, who is from Tanzania, alleged that an interrogator hit him in the eye, causing his glasses to break, his eye to bleed and making him collapse on the ground. Nyamandondo also said when he attempted to stand up, a Ugandan official in the room punched him in the chest, causing him to fall down.

Human rights groups say Kenya and Tanzania circumvented their extradition laws to illegally deport suspects to Uganda, where they could be interrogated at length by local and foreign agents without scrutiny.

Uganda has been criticized internationally for human rights abuses by its security forces.

Omar Awadh Omar, who is Kenyan, said he was punched and slapped" by men who said they were FBI agents.

Omar, who is among six people blacklisted earlier this year by the Obama administration for providing support to an al-Qaida affiliated terror group, also provided the name of an alleged U.S. "security officer" who struck him in the knee with a hard object, the report said.

Another Kenyan suspect, Yahya Suleiman Mbuthia, alleged that during his first interrogation a blue-eyed man who identified himself as an FBI officer "cocked his gun as if he were going to shoot me, saying there was a bullet inside with my name on it." Mbuthia also alleged that an FBI officer hit him on the back of the head with his fist.

Hussein Hassan Agade, another Kenyan, gave the name of a man who he said introduced himself as an FBI official and kicked him in the abdomen, grabbed him hard by the neck, and threatened to send him to Guantanamo Bay, the report said.

The four men who claim they were abused are among 14 illegally transferred to Uganda without extradition proceedings in a practice known as rendition. Two of the suspects have since been released, according to the report.

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Tue Nov 27, 2012 10:32 pm
by 82_28
a liberal is someone who walks out of the room when an argument turns into a fight
a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged

This liberal will fight a liberal or conservative any day of the week on the grounds of being authentic and then I decide whether or not I will leave the room or not. And then no matter who it was I "fought" I would still invite them to stick around because, no hard feelings. Badass, right?

Re: How is this bodyguard thing working out for you?

PostPosted: Wed Nov 28, 2012 12:57 am
by compared2what?
fruhmenschen wrote:a liberal is someone who walks out of the room when an argument turns into a fight
a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged

I've never understood how that one was supposed to work, exactly. I mean, a person who will argue but not fight might not have the fortitude to lead a nation. But a person who can't even get over being mugged definitely doesn't. And there's really just no quality to parse it by that doesn't come out the same way. If those are the sole criteria, conservatives are more selfish, less rational, more fearful and less pragmatic than liberals. And proud of their professional victimhood, too, evidently.

I guess it's really probably just a leftover from the original white-flight/urban-decay era of racial button-pushing back in the '70s, though.

I'm not saying that being mugged is not, in its way, a traumatic experience. It is. But seriously. It could happen to anyone. There's not much to be learned from it. And in the ordinary course of events, it's usually not all that big of a deal. So without the desegregation anxiety of yesteryear (or whatever) behind it, it does seem to me like kind of a petty thing on which to be hanging one's ideological hat.

I don't know. Maybe it's that I can't handle injury and loss well enough to reap the conservatism. But it just doesn't work for me.