Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

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Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

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Appendix 1 from The Order of the Solar Temple - Lewis, 2006.

"The Rose+Croix has definitely not finished surprising you."

[Translated from the French by Carol Cunningham, revised and edited by Richard Smoley. Punctuation, word order, and sentence structure are as much as possible designed to replicate the original. Ellipses are as in the original; they do not indicate omission]

To All Those Who Can Still Understand the Voice of Wisdom … We Address This Last Message

The current chaos leads man inescapably to face the failure of his Destiny.

In the course of time, the cycles have followed one another in accordance with precise rhythms and laws. Different civilizations disappeared in the course of cataclysms that were destructive but regenerative; nonetheless none of these reached a level of decadence such as ours.

Subjected to the devastating effects of individual and collective egocentricity, marked by a total ignorance of the Laws of the Spirit and Life, this civilization will no longer escape sudden self-destruction.

From time immemorial, philosophers, prophets and misfortunes have followed one another to help man to take his place as a creator. Man’s refusal to See and to Hear each time has diverted the Plans foreseen by Cosmic Evolution.

We, the servants of the Rose+Croix, possessors of an authentic and ancestral Wisdom, affirm that we have worked throughout time for the Evolution of Consciousness. Philosophies, sciences, holy sites and temples remain as living testimonies of this.

The plan of action of these Beings was collected and programmed within the crypts or the sanctuaries, according to precise parameters, hidden from the secular world, but recognized by the initiated.

We, the Servants of the Rose+Croix, declare that throughout all eternity, the Solar and Universal Temple manifests itself amongst men according to cycles of activity and dormancy. After having solemnly opened their Doors on March 21, 1981, in Geneva, in a Secret Lodge, the ancient domain of the Malta Order, its final esoteric action lasted eleven years.

During this cycle, the Grail, Excalibur, the Candelabra of the Seven Branches and the Ark of the Covenant were revealed to the living witnesses, the final and faithful Servants of the Eternal Rose+Croix. Following which, false slanders and every kind of treason and scandal, judiciously orchestrated by different existing powers, sounded the knell for a last attempt to regenerate the Plans of Conscience.

Those who have breached our Code of Honor are considered traitors. They have suffered and will suffer the punishment they deserve for the ages of the ages.

All is accomplished according to the mandates of Immanent Justice. We hereby affirm that we are in truth, the judges appointed by a Superior Order.

In view of the present irreversible situation, We, the Servants of the Rose+Croix, strongly reaffirm that we are not a part of this world and that we are perfectly aware of the coordinates of our Origins and our Future.

We proclaim, without desiring to create vain polemics, that:

-The Great White Lodge of Sirius has decreed the Call of the last authentic Bearers of an Ancestral Wisdom;
-Justice and Sentence will be applied according to the parameters of a Superior Universal Order with the rigor imposed by the Law;
-The Seven Entities of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh left the Secret Chamber during the night of March 31, 1993, taking with them the capital EnergyConscience of the seven fundamental planets of our solar system;
-The last Elder Brothers of the Rose+Croix have planned their transit in accordance with criteria known only to themselves. After having transmitted to their Servants the means of completing the Work, they left this world on January 6, 1994, at 12:04 a.m. in Sydney, for a new cycle of Creation.

We, the Servants of the Rose+Croix, considering the urgency of the present situation, affirm:

-that we refuse to participate in systems set up by this decadent humanity;
-that we have planned, in a full state of consciousness, without any fanaticism, our transit which has nothing to do with suicide in the human sense of the term;
-that according to a decree emanating from the Great White Lodge of Sirius, we have closed and voluntarily blown up all the sanctuaries of the Secret Lodges so that they will not be desecrated by impostors or by the ignorant;
-that, from the Planes where we will work from now on and by a just law of magnetism, we will be in the position of calling back the last Servants capable of hearing this last message.

Every slander, lie or falsehood about our deed could only be translated, once more, as the refusal to understand and fathom the Mystery of Life and Death.

Space is short, time is ending. It is with an unfathomable Love, ineffable joy, and without any regret that we leave this world.

Men, cry not over our fate, but rather cry for your own. Ours is more enviable than yours.

To you who are receptive to this last message, may our Love and our Peace accompany you during the terrible tests of the Apocalypse that await you. Know that from where we will be, we will always hold our arms open to receive those who are worthy of joining us.

The Rose+Croix

The Rose+Croix has definitely not finished surprising you.

From time immemorial, it has not ceased for one moment to manifest its Presence:

-Behind the greatest Initiates, as behind the most humble, in the Service of the ALL, sometimes discreet, sometimes provocative,
-On foot, in a limousine, or on a Boeing 747, omnipresent and imperceptible, it “IS”!

It has won over the most distinguished personalities in Science, Philosophy, and Religion. It has called men to generosity, altruism and brotherhood.

It has preached nonviolence, internationalism; it has dreamed of a strong and serene science, in man’s service, for the good of all;

It has dreamed of a power founded on justice, Peace, tolerance.

It has dreamed of a Religion, based on reason, wisdom, understanding, charity and also love.

Without hell, without the stake, or excommunication.

It has always promised to those who join its ranks, the most wonderful of all gifts: “IMMORTALITY.”

It is always there, curiously tireless, obstinately present despite and against everything.

It is not out of breath, but rather it seems ready to move at a higher speed.

This is so, because three from among them, on Friday August 13, left for Sydney, from where they were sent to Ayers Rock.

Does not the rock of Ayers Rock, world of the First Born correspond to the mountain of the Prophets? That so-called mountain of the Prophets is felt to shelter the people that sanctified it, because it holds the Secret of the Secrets.

The three messengers, after a stay of three days, returned to Sydney. During an unexpected and unusual evening, one of them was inhabited by one of the Three Mysterious Beings from On High.

The secrets that were revealed to him are a heavy load to carry. This is because, among the three of them, unconscious but true, they carry the deposit.

At the price of hard and laborious tests, their mission is to ensure the preservation of the Tradition, by creating an acting center that will ensure the transmission of that which they were not able to finish, not allowing it to be ignored, that the direction of Agartha is brought about in the Collegial way.

It aims to ensure justice and the maintenance of equilibrium for the redemption of our planet.

Committed to a solemn oath, it remains faithful to its Ideal.

Today the Elder Brothers of the Rose+Croix have been prematurely put to sleep because of incomprehension, libel, blackmail of all kinds, police pressure, the hateful slander of a degenerate humanity whose absurd and senseless attacks, ever increasing, are now dangerous and destructive to that which remains to be saved.

The powers that be, corrupt to the highest degree, follow only one goal: to stifle this flame, which is too much in the way of their quest for despotism and personal and private interests; this to the detriment of a humanity manipulated and exploited by these powers.

In addition to the legend, let us be permitted to declare that the world of Victory will be entered only by those who are deserving.

You who await at the Portico before being appointed, need know that the real discovery is that you must descend three levels to attain the Sanctuary.

These three levels are: Heaven, Earth, Hell.

As the three aspects of man are: Spirit, Soul, Body.

To finally reascend by the three churches, which are Peter’s, John’s and that of Christ and Melchizedek.

Finally, to complete the Work, it is necessary that the 22 steps of the stairway responsible for conducting the neophyte toward the Light, indicate that Wisdom must be totally controlled in order to know Illumination and that it is dangerous to not be prepared, by means of one’s just actions, when one wishes to enter into the Sanctuary.

Preserving the Tradition, favoring the spiritual evolution of humanity, the eternal Rose+Croix perpetuates itself in Time and Space while keeping watch on the evolution of beings and worlds.

This is because, when the silent rotations seem to pass in the distant horizon, the Scripture will be fulfilled.

It is said that when the Child of the Stars is in its fourth year, three from among them, who have preceded him, will leave this world in order to regain the place that was assigned to them.

This is how the solar bark of Osiris works.

Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed and everything is renewed in a Space–Time continuum.

Alternately hunted down and adulated, the Immortal Rose+Croix will follow its path more than ever.

Its mission will remain forever and ever.

It is into their strange and incredible universe that they invite you to enter …

Transit to the Future

Neither the races nor human Evolution are the fruit of chance. They are ruled by an Occult Brotherhood made up of 33 Masters (The Elder Brothers of the Rose+Croix), as well as a few Adepts gathered in small and discreet brotherhoods.

Having completed their human evolution, their entity uses borrowed bodies to manifest in this world and to accomplish the Divine Purpose. Beyond time and space, these high-ranking Initiates always recognize and find each other in order to organize mutations, modify the structure of Nature, transform brute Matter so that the Consciousness of the kingdoms evolves harmoniously toward higher levels of being.

Although their membership in this Brotherhood remained secret, by their presence, their influence, and their action, they have marked the great shifts of Evolution.

Being out of time, they are not of any particular epoch, their name or the label of their organization matters little, we shall simply say that they appear and disappear at precise times, always at the most critical moments of civilization.

Until today, they have maintained a proper balance between the Light and Darkness, which is what the alchemists call Solve and Coagula.

Alas, it isn’t until after their departure that men realize, partially and often in a deformed way, the true value of their Message.

Particularly in this difficult transition from the Age of Pisces to Aquarius, the higher Experience that they radiated was rejected by all the races of the Earth.

Men, hiding behind false truths that they have constructed, violate Natural Laws, and look for security in illusory and fl eeting comforts. Forgetting the Universal Law of Exchange, they are only interested in personal profi t and immediate pleasure—always to the detriment of others—while neglecting the noble and fulfilling enjoyments that Nature offers them.

Humanity as a whole rejects every model of reference capable of educating it in nobility of spirit. It delights only in anarchy, degradation, the dispersion it suffers, powerless, being itself devoid of all will and discernment. It speaks of an illusory liberty but succumbs to the most complete slavery.

All men of worth are reduced to silence by vile blackmail, which can reach the extreme of assassination because they don’t wish to serve the interests of this world.

The blissful illusion of those who believe that the world is improving and that man is progressing cannot see the light of day, because they remain victims of their division and of their own illusion.

The present planetary situation slips irreversibly out of all human control. The refusal of an accelerated mutation process gives rise to the degeneration of all religious, familial, social, political, economic, and law-enforcement values …

All positive and creative forces are strangled. Man has become a wolf to man. Incapable of respecting himself and respecting Nature, he shall reap the fruit of his own degeneracy.

Everything has been said, everything has been done to reveal man to himself. He has no excuse. Renouncing his Origin and his Future, he is already beginning to reap what he has sown.

No force or will shall hold back the fulfi llment of the Divine justice which is none other than the Great Law of Cause and Effect.

The Elder Brothers of the Order of the Rose+Croix and their Adepts, likened wrongly to the manipulative sects of the Forces called “black,” … act according to parameters which are not of this world.

Knowing too well the Natural Laws and above all the Cosmic Laws, at no point have they been led astray in deviations or questionable practices.

They have all attempted to assume and sustain the equilibrium of the Forces that today can no longer be contained, the number of conscientious and responsible bearers diminishing to the degree that the race falls into decay.

Humans seek nothing but to destroy, by whatever means, the Work of those who have undertaken everything to bring them true freedom and well-being, by an applied knowledge and respect for the laws, to teach them:

-to take in nourishment whereby the living Consciousness of the Kingdoms can still be assimilated;
-to develop discipline in life, a mastering of events and energy to be Free Men;
-to acquire a strong will, giving them the means to think for themselves without allowing themselves to be manipulated by interests and powers;
-to live within a spirit of human brotherhood being conscious of the respect and the interaction of all kingdoms and races;
-to unite, not in a superfi cial way in sterile and degrading amusements, but in reconciling the antagonisms inherent in the human duality;
-to increase the Knowledge of the Universal Laws by working beyond intellectualism and in accordance with the Spirit of the Great Tradition, in social environments bound by geographic and temporal contingencies of the time;
-to elevate their consciousness and go beyond the stage of beliefs built on images and idolatries, while feeling themselves to be an integral part of a Cosmic Whole, because man is multiple in form, but remains ONE in Spirit, ONE in Essence.

Whatever those who hear this last Message may think, the Elder Brothers and we ourselves affirm that: whatever the means used, we have worked impersonally, nobly fought the Battle, without ever using the weapons of the Adversary, neither destruction, nor violence, nor hatred, nor fanaticism … but in a full state of consciousness and in perfect accord with the Laws of the Universe.

Our action has gone beyond the material and human context of our environment to reach the Planes of Life itself, so as to define the Path of Return of a whole Cosmic Evolution.

Having transmitted all the Knowledge and the Means to permit Man to be a Creative and Universal being, the Elder Brothers and ourselves refuse to participate in the assassination of our bearer the Earth, and we remove ourselves from this world where our voices can no longer be heard.

Our Conscientious and voluntary Transition infl uences, consciously or not, all those who share this noble heritage and accept in themselves the Christic Fire in a living way.

Since we know who we are, where we come from, where we are going, and are aware of our future, we give shape today to the conditions of a preestablished Plan from other times.

We leave this Earth to rediscover, with all clarity and in all freedom, a Dimension of Truth and the Absolute, far from the hypocrisies and the oppression of this world, to realize the seed of our future Generation.

So the Prophecies are fulfilled according to the Scriptures and we are but their humble and noble Servants.

Having always belonged to the Kingdom of the Spirit, being incarnated without breaking the subtle tie that unites the Creature to the Creator, we return to our Abode.

All the proofs were given to us during our incarnation to authenticate the veracity of our step. Certain people will consider it a suicide or a cowardly act in the face of difficulties, others will consider it depression in the face of tests by which each one was overwhelmed, THEY MAKE A MISTAKE.

We leave the proof that our transit will have been lived in joy and fullness, that it was carried out with discretion, the lived knowledge of an exact science and in harmony with the natural rules of Matter and of the Spirit which are truly “ONE.”

The race is heading irreversibly toward its own destruction. All of Nature is turning against those who have abused it, who have corrupted and desecrated it on every level. Man will pay heavy tribute for he remains no less than the only one responsible for it.

Awaiting favorable conditions for a possible Return, we will not participate in the annihilation of the human kingdom, no more than we will allow our bodies to be dissolved by the alchemical slowness of Nature, because we don’t want to run the risk of their being soiled by madmen and maniacs.

Remember Sodom and Gomorrah! …

It will soon be just the same! …

To Lovers of Justice

This letter is addressed to those who, in this rotten world, remain devoted to justice and Truth.

Let them read these lines with inner peace, free of all bias and with an open spirit.

Let the events which have entertained the Canadian press during the past several months permit everyone to recognize that everywhere in the world politicians, financiers and judicial officials have delighted in scorning democracy, squandering public resources, [and] manipulating, through the intermediary of a mass media hungry for scandals and sensationalist events, whole crowds of people which they themselves have rendered totally passive and unconscious.

Once again our Action will no doubt unleash many passions. This is so, even when everywhere in the world the most barbarous crimes and genocides are taking place, met with an almost total indifference.

Shall we always pretend to forget that we are all part of human evolution? Today none can ignore his responsibility for the irreparable destruction of our earth and the heritage bequeathed to our children. The present degeneracy confirms once more that beyond simple human will, beyond appearances, a destructive and regenerative chaos is preparing to engender a new tomorrow which will be born from the ashes of our decadent civilization.

In this context, the year 1993 was marked in Quebec by the political-judicial scandal perpetrated against the Order of the Solar Temple and ARCHS. Amongst numerous members as well as the principal people in charge, Mr Jean-Pierre Vinet and Dr Luc Jouret were the victims of slander and false accusations of the most sordid kind for many months, such as: debauchery, individual or collective manipulation, swindling, illegal drug dealing, possession of weapons, etc. …

This was a great deal, especially for men whose actions have only been motivated by desire to help the Beings in search of justice and to awaken in them the Spirit of an Eternal Knighthood through the Order to which they belong.

Let us remember that more than 80 agents of the Security Guard of Quebec were mobilized to launch a general investigation on the activities of the above-mentioned organizations. During this whole affair, the attitude of the Security Guard of Quebec was particularly questionable, ambiguous and cowardly. The investigation and the different police operations (the use of armored cars, machine guns, untimely arrests …) carried out with a great deal of publicity, have cost Quebec and Canadian taxpayers more than $6 million. If it were not for its tragic and pitiful aspect, one would want to laugh at the absurdity of the affair.

Throughout the investigation, unscrupulous reporters excelled in perfidious manipulations consisting of misinforming the public. We specifically mention Mr Pelchat, whose responsibilities were great during this somber and nauseating spectacle.

Since no proof existed, government and police officials strove to fabricate an evil scenario of a “plot of terrorists whose subversive activities were financed by dangerous sects …”

Several members of the Solar Temple Order and of ARCHS were in this manner submitted to hateful harassment (lengthy interrogations, public arrests, blackmail, pressure from the mass media, the use of false documents …). Not even their children were spared.

All of this intervention, along with biased trials, finally ended in a conditional acquittal for misdemeanors in the case of Messrs Delorme, Vinet, and Jouret. The accused were invited to donate $1,000 to the Red Cross.

Let us openly and directly pose the following questions:

1) Why did the Security Guard of Quebec work to continue a senseless investigation, when their own informers confirmed from the beginning of the affair that no criminal suspect existed on any level? Even the official responsible for tapping telephone conversations for the region of Montreal confi rmed that the information was delivered to reporters during the investigation by high-ranking officials, answering to the Minister of the Interior, Mr Ryan, personally.

2) Why was Mr Jouret identified with a certain André Masse, the leader of the Q37, a hypothetical network of more than 37 terrorists whose plans were supposedly to take the lives of several politicians, including Mr Bourassa and Mr Ryan, people whose names Dr Jouret hardly knew?

3) Why reveal to the Press, with a great deal of publicity, the existence of Q37 when they had never been able to establish anything about the actual existence of this group? Let us remember that the search warrants were abusively and illegally served, based on this allegation.

The arguments presented by the police agents and politicians amply demonstrate their intent to conjure a plot so as to be able to intervene with total against the Solar Temple Order and ARCHS as well as their leaders.

4) Why was false information ostensibly disseminated (with the support of audiovisual set-ups) regarding the existence of the trafficking of weapons to LaFleur, when the authorities of the Security Guard of Quebec knew perfectly well that all of the allegations were unfounded?

5) Why was Mrs Rose-Marie Klaus of Saint-Anne-de-la-Pérade pressured to appear at length on several television and radio broadcasts and in the press to confirm the worst lies, slanders, vulgar and ill-tempered accusations? Certain authorities in the mass media have in this way deliberately taken advantage of a person who is visibly in a precarious psychiatric state.

6) Why have reporters lent their support to such libelous violence concerning us? Why were all the voices that were raised in an attempt to establish the truth systematically stifled or muffl ed? The scenario strangely resembles the kind of manipulation of the media orchestrated by certain dictatorships.

Let us remember the strange similarity between the Quebec affair and that which took place in the USA (cf. Nexus, annex 2). [A reference to events in Waco, Texas, as reported in the Australian magazine Nexus.] Is this a simple coincidence, or could it rather have been staged by politicians or judicial authorities whose criminal schemes led them to fear the publicizing of certain disturbing truths?

7) Why were the contents of the teachings of the Solar Temple Order and ARCHS systematically silenced during the entire scandal, as well as those distributed by Dr Jouret through conferences, seminars, television and radio broadcasts, press releases, tapes, audiovisual documents, books, etc. … Our detractors know too well that the only objective of these teachings is to ennoble the conscience of man.

8) Why does the mass media, who organized the scandal in collaboration with judicial and political authorities, obstinately refrain from clearly stating the decisions of the Court in regards to the three persons accused.

9) Why did the authorities of Hydro-Quebec, after having carried out a meticulous and costly investigation in regards to the supposed infiltration of their company by the Solar Temple Order, get rid of Mr Vinet, one of their best managers, when all the investigations proved his innocence? Why, once again, did the Press pass over in silence the results of the investigations conducted by Hydro-Quebec?

10) Why did the Security Guard of Quebec persist in systematically intimidating some members of the Order of the Temple after having destabilized this organization, when dangerous, manipulative cults, known perfectly well to the judicial authorities, devote themselves freely to their activities, endangering the mental, emotional or psychic stability of their members and of society at large?

11) Why did the authorities allow, without any reaction, certain Mohawks to appear at length on television, to describe openly and without scruples the different forms of traffi cking (cigarettes, drugs, etc.) that they devote themselves to? Why did they permit these dangerous, lawless beings to openly exhibit all their weapons (including assault weapons), which they have in their possession, without incurring minimal judicial pursuit?

Why the guilty silence of the Security Guard of Quebec or of the political authorities, including Mr Ryan, against them?

The cowardice of the Security Guard of Quebec is only equaled by its incompetence in controlling certain particularly dangerous groups who devote themselves with all impunity to the most horrible violence.

The simple evidence once again clearly demonstrates the close bonds that exist between the Security Guard of Quebec and criminal groups such as the Mafia, among others.

Of course, it’s much easier to attack honest people, who are not broken down by the extortions of a totally deviated social structure, humanly and materially impoverished by drugs, alcoholism, pornography and other perversions which are the shame of our so-called democratic societies.

Certainly everyone knows that the Security Guard of Quebec, on the eve of being granted certain credits, had to reestablish its value after having been implicated in several gross errors, clear failures in the face of robbery, the implication of certain agents in illegal trafficking. …

The facts that have unfolded oblige us to pose the question of whom the Security Guard, originally intended to serve the citizens, actually serves.

Therefore, we strongly denounce all existing authorities that have shown such cynicism and cowardice during this scandal.

An article that appeared in the Australian magazine Nexus of February 1994 entitled “Towards the New World Order, The Secret Police Force of the United States” describes the situation that would come to pass at this present time in the USA.

A particularly troubling coincidence between the scandal in Quebec and the Waco affair should make us reflect on the true motives of the powers that be.

This is why, in the face of this somber affair, we affirm that the politicians, among them Mr Bourassa and mainly Mr Ryan, are responsible for having financed a particularly dirty and questionable operation in order to conceal some of their own intrigues. In view of discoveries which occurred progressively after the end of the trial, it surfaced that Mr Ryan was apparently personally manipulated and financed by Opus Dei. This secret group, whose activities worldwide smack more of organized banditry on a high scale than of those attempting to elevate souls in search of Justice and Truth. This is not to deny that possibly other secret organizations could have intervened in an illegal manner to organize the scandal (we were warned of the existence of official police forces and other parallel forces who were seeking to destroy us). This was aimed at disintegrating the structure by which certain members, as faithful servants of the Rose+Croix, in the course of the last cycle of the awakening of the Temple, had access to the Mysteries of the Holy Grail in the sanctuaries of the last Secret Lodges of the R+C.

We also affirm that, in other countries, among them France, Australia, Switzerland, and Martinique, false accusations were also uttered, without ever having been able to furnish any proof.

We affirm that to conceal their political, economical, social, and police bankruptcy, governments use the same means and process of misinformation, intimidation, and manipulation as those that were used in the blackest periods of history.

It is sufficient to note all the futile, lying, and useless distortions of international authorities concerning current conflicts in the world, in order to convince oneself of the existence of a secret evil organization on a worldwide scale, highly supported financially, and determined to silence or destroy all those who would be likely to interfere with their interests.

Warned a long time ago of the existence of this order, we have managed to frustrate their plans concerning us. Thus, despite everything and beyond appearances, the authentic bearers of an ancestral wisdom have been able to perpetuate the Work.

Also, in the face of this generalized incapacity of the assembly of heads of nations and their blatant dishonesty and greed, even though they assert themselves to be defenders of Liberty and Human Rights, in the face of the systematic development of lies and manipulation, in the face of the ever-accelerating anarchic squandering of the Earth’s resources, in the face of the refusal of man to comply with his Monarchy as the Coronation of the Work, in the face of the systematic persecution of the Bearers of Light (J.F. Kennedy, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, etc. …), in the face of the general degradation of the human race, incapable of stifling its destructive impulses, in the face of the growing ascent of ecological, climatic, chemical, nuclear, military perils … and above all in the face of intimidations by police and of all orders of which we are continually victims, everywhere where we have worked and everywhere where we have strived to unveil the Mysteries of the Great Tradition, we have decided to withdraw ourselves from this world, with all lucidity and in full consciousness.

In this way, we leave this society where the Man of Heart and Spirit is systematically silenced and banished because of his Faith and his Membership in a Universal Order whose parameters are not of this world.
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

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"Waco beat us to the punch"

"Our terrestrial journey is coming to an end": the last voyage of the Solar Temple - Jean-François Mayer, 12 Jun 2003

This is probably the best freely available overview of the whole sordid affair. I am focusing more in this thread on the parapolitical aspects of the Solar Temple's history rather than on the actual events in Canada and elsewhere leading up to the deaths in 1994. So here's one recounting of it.


The mysterious circumstances surrounding the dramatic "transit" of fifty-three members of the Order of the Solar Temple (OTS, Ordre du Temple Solaire) in Switzerland and in Québec in October 1994 have spawned an unprecedented wave of public speculation and conspiracy mongering. The subsequent death of sixteen people in France in December 1995 and of five more in Québec in March 1997 have only added to these conspiratorial speculations. Ironically, Joseph Di Mambro, Luc Jouret, and those who, over the course of months, methodically prepared their own deaths and the deaths of dozens of others were quite concerned about the impact their departure would have on the public mind and spent many hours creating a kind of legend that would survive their earthly exit. Why else would they have felt the need to send manifestos justifying post mortem their decision not only to order members but also to television stations, newspapers, and some other correspondents (including the author of this article)? The Swiss investigators found a tape, dating probably from the spring of 1994, in which one can hear the core group discuss the "departure." There is a telling exchange between Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret:

JDM: People have beaten us to the punch, you know.
LJ: Well, yeah. Waco beat us to the punch.
JDM: In my opinion, we should have gone six months before them . . . what we'll do will be even more spectacular . . .
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

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The Knights of the Extreme Right - Philip Coppens

"This article appeared in Nexus Magazine, Volume 18, Number 2 (February - March 2011)"

(That's the same Australian magazine referenced twice by the OTS "testaments")

The Knights of the Extreme Right

Many secret societies, including those aimed at nurturing the spiritual enlightenment of their members, have been infiltrated by intelligence agencies for the purposes of grooming terrorists and fulfilling nefarious political agendas.

Philip Coppens

Are secret societies just another front for shady intelligence operations? Are members of knightly orders groomed to become terrorists? Many initiatory cults, from the Solar Temple to the Rosicrucians, are or have been used as fronts for extremely nefarious and horrific dramas.

In “State-sponsored Terrorism in the Western World” (NEXUS vol. 14, no. 2, February–March 2007), I highlighted that western governments had organised terrorist activities against their own citizens, often sacrificing the lives of innocent civilians for what they consider to be the greater good. In countries like Belgium and Italy, government inquiries revealed that a secret army, known as the “stay-behind network”, had been staffed by their own citizens. In Belgium, it had taken orders from the Belgian State Security Service, the equivalent of the Russian FSB or the American CIA. The cell was code-named SDRA8 and was directly linked to NATO’s stay-behind centres, the Allied Clandestine Committee (ACC) and the Clandestine Planning Committee (CPC). In Italy, a series of bombing campaigns in the 1980s left hundreds of innocent people—often commuters—dead and injured.

These campaigns were part of a “strategy of tension”, a way to control and manipulate public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs and false-flag terrorist actions, all carried out to scare the average citizen into the belief that communism was near and willing to kill. In truth, it was the intelligence agencies of the western world that killed and created a threat that was never real.

Though state-sponsored terrorism is now a commonly accepted fact for these episodes (though the role of the British government in Northern Ireland remains a hotly debated topic), what is less known is that what kept this international network of “government-employed terrorists” organised was a series of pseudo-chivalric organisations, which conspiracy theorists have largely failed to identify for what they truly are and which the “esoteric crowd” largely has embraced with love.

Knightly and Terrorist Overlaps in Argentina, Spain and Italy

One of the most prominent examples of a knightly overlap with the extreme right is the case of José López Rega, a leader of the Umbanda voodoo cult which was strong in Argentina in the 1970s. López Rega made his career in the ranks of the Argentinian federal police, but left the police force in 1961 at the age of forty-five. In 1965, he became acquainted with María Estela Martínez, the third wife of Juan Perón, who became enthralled by the occultist. He became her personal bodyguard, and soon after he became private secretary to President Perón himself. When Perón returned to Argentina in 1973, López Rega became a minister in his new government.

To “keep communism at bay”, López Rega founded the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance (AAA), which was responsible for a series of brutal murders. On 20 June 1973, more than 300 people were killed in Ezeiza. This and more meant that, in 1975, he had to flee to Spain, living in the Perón villa where he decided to bring the AAA to Spain. Together with Stefano Delle Chiaie, he began the fight against ETA, the Basque freedom fighters, and the rest is another sad history.

The knightly connections come in the form of López Rega being a prominent member of the Italian Freemasonic lodge Propagande Due (P2), which in Italy was linked with a string of terrorist activities that were discussed in detail in my previous article (referenced above). It was López Rega who brought the Peróns into contact with Licio Gelli, the P2 leader. Gelli became an adviser to Perón, and he was the only non-Argentinian on the aircraft that brought Perón back to Argentina.

Gelli and López Rega then founded the Argentinian wing of P2, the Pro-Patria lodge. Immediately, high rollers from the military as well as government ministers were admitted. The organisation’s primary agenda was to create ties with the oil and weapons industries. After Perón’s fall, López Rega was often seen around Lake Geneva at Gelli’s house, underlining the close bond which the two men had.

Order of the Solar Temple


Luc Jouret

The link between the staybehind networks in Italy and P2 in Italy is not the exception. If anything, it is the rule. It is now clear that the staybehind networks in various European countries infiltrated the knightly and freemasonic organisations: in Italy, it was a Freemasonry lodge that was targeted; in France, it appears that the Knights Templar of the Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple (Ordre Souverain du Temple Solaire, or OSTS), set up in 1952, was their main attraction.

In the 1990s, the Order of the Solar Temple (Ordre du Temple Solaire, or OTS), under the visible leadership of Luc Jouret and Joseph Di Mambro since its inception in 1984, committed a series of what has been officially classified as “collective suicides”—even though most of the victims were actually killed by bullet and/or asphyxiation. French officials have rather purposefully neglected all routes that could reveal a ghastly truth and instead have continuously focused on the cult aspect of the organisation. For example, it has twice tried Michel Tabachnik, a member of the OTS, for being responsible for agitating the Order so that its members committed suicide. Yet all experts consulted, as well as members of the “cult”, stated that Tabachnik was innocent of such crimes. Twice a jury agreed, and twice Tabachnik was acquitted.

One of the experts in the story of the Solar Temple is the French journalist Maurice Fusier. In one of his books on the subject, Secret d’Etat? (“State Secret?”), he explains where his lines of enquiry have taken him. For example, it has become clear that police and investigators purposefully neglected clues that showed that unknown persons aided if not executed the “collective suicides” (which, in France, took place in 1995). Trails suggesting that several hundreds of millions of dollars were moved from OTS bank accounts into what appears to have been Australia were intentionally not followed up during the investigation. Specifically, Fusier has identified that key figures within the OTS had direct links and access to the then French Interior Minister Charles Pasqua. Indeed, in the final weeks of the OTS’s existence, members claimed and complained that they had been “infiltrated”, and just before their deaths they sent their passports to Pasqua, apparently claiming that they felt he was responsible for what was about to happen. But how could a cult hold the Minister of the Interior responsible for deaths that were officially of their own doing?

The theory of collective suicides has also been heavily contested by Alain Vuarnet, René and Muguette Rostan, Willy and Giséla Schleimer, who are relatives of the victims, and Dr Alain Leclerc, their lawyer. Their investigation has uncovered one document, a copy of a letter of 21 April 1997, addressed by a lawyer’s office to a bank, concerning the distribution of 17 million French francs (about 2.5 millions euros) between various personalities and political parties, the OTS and the Rosicrucian Order AMORC (Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis). In his demand for a further investigation, Dr Leclerc (quoted by Fusier) wrote: “If the document is true, it shows that the Order of the Solar Temple was in activity after the last March 22, 1997 massacre [in Quebec, Canada] and that the leaders of this organisation are still alive.” The court refused to investigate the letter.

If the OTS’s demise was a “state secret”, what was going on? Author François-Xavier Verschave has argued that the “collective suicides” were connected to Gladio, the secret NATO stay-behind network in Italy. Verschave may be echoing the opinions of Dr Jean-Marie Abgrall, an expert who was used during the investigations into the OTS and who was accused of violating these secret investigations as he spoke out of turn. He was not the only expert who was frustrated with the level of secrecy and the desire to bring some of this information into the media spotlight: another was French esoteric journalist Jean-Luc Chaumeil.

Abgrall repeatedly stated, in declarations to Le Point and Nice-Matin in February 2003, that the Renewed Order of the Temple (Ordre Rénové du Temple, or ORT) cult, the ancestor of the OTS and created in 1968, had relations with the Gladio network. Abgrall added that there were further relationships between AMORC, of which he was once a member, and the French networks in Africa, the so-called “Foccart network”. According to Fusier, Abgrall concluded that “the Order of the Solar Temple, as well as AMORC and the ORT, was created and controlled by French and foreign secret services”.

Other researchers have concluded that Luc Jouret, head of the OTS, co-operated with the far-right Belgian activist Jean-François Thiriart. In the 1970s, they founded an organisation whose goal it was to organise a split in the Communist Party of Belgium, forming the Parti Communautaire Européen, which then became the Parti Communautaire National-Européen. Bruno Fouchereau, author of La mafia des sectes and a writer for Le Monde Diplomatique, has alleged that this Belgium “Nazi-Maoist group” was actually controlled by the SDRA8, Belgium’s branch of Gladio.

Observers have noted that there are many parallels between the OTS and the original “Templar Order” in France, the OSTS. A leading member of the OSTS was Constantin Melnik, head of the then French external intelligence agency SDECE. Melnik conceived the so-called La Main Rouge (“the Red Hand”), a group of state-sponsored terrorists that specifically operated in the Algerian War in the 1950s. Several terrorist attacks were attributed to this organisation and seen as attacks against the French state, whereas they were actually committed by the state—a so-called false-flag operation.

Melnik has since admitted his responsibility in the creation of the fiction of the Red Hand, but he has denied any involvement in the Templar story. Instead, he has pointed the finger at the KGB! He claims that, in 1958, it sent over people to the area he lived in, dressed up as Templars, in an effort to discredit him! As he was later repeatedly seen at the OSTS headquarters in Villié Morgon, near Lyon, his claims regarding the KGB, even if true, do not change his personal and extensive involvement in the OSTS.

What Constantin Melnik does not dispute either is that he received his training from the Rand Corporation, a company whose principal customer is the Pentagon. He also accepts that it was François de Grossouvre who was instrumental in his return to France in 1983. De Grossouvre was the person in charge of Gladio in the Lyons region. Geoffroy d’Aumale and Jean-Pierre Faure, in their Guide de l’espionnage et du contre-espionnage (“Espionage and Counter-espionage Guide”), claim the same. De Grossouvre would later commit suicide inside his office in the Elysée Palace, the residence of the French president, though many believe that he was “suicided”.

Former members of the OSTS have noted that there definitely was a military aspect to the OSTS. Though there were mass gatherings of members in which apparently esoteric if not magical rituals were performed, there were also weekends of a slightly different nature. One member stated that on one such weekend, a group was taken to a secluded valley in which their guides began to show them extremely high-tech machine guns which definitely came from a military arsenal. They were asked to begin target practice, an offer which some of the OSTS members immediately declined and then most annulled their membership or let it expire. It therefore seems clear that the OSTS had always been, or at some point became, exposed to Gladio, and members were often unknowingly invited to begin to train as resistance fighters in the Gladio network.

Within the Gladio framework, the OTS begins to make more sense. If the OTS was part of the Gladio network, it would explain why it was led by Luc Jouret, a Belgian ex-military official with ties to Gladio. It explains the enormous sums of money that were transferred, and it explains what happened in the final days of the OTS. If the OTS was a Gladio cell, it seems that the French Ministry of the Interior had indeed infiltrated this cell and may have been responsible for neutralising it (for Gladio was controlled by the CIA and NATO, not the governments of the countries in which it operated). One means of neutralisation is to kill all members…

The Quebec Connection

Gladio is often seen as a European network of NATO cells created to fight communism. But the OTS also had members in Canada. And it was while investigating the OTS suicides there that the Quebec provincial police force uncovered unrealised plans to set up a terrorist organisation for war against the Mohawk Nation! The Mohawk live around Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence River in what is now Canada and the United States. To make some sense of this story, it should be pointed out that the OTS in Canada was specifically linked with the electricity corporation Hydro-Québec. There were press reports that executives of Hydro-Québec were building dams at the behest of Jouret in order to provide electricity for a Québécois colony that would exist after the group’s prophesied doomsday event. Of course, the doomsday prophecy could be seen as a smokescreen, the dam could be seen as a key economic initiative...and the Mohawk Nation’s wishes might have been overridden in the pursuit of hard cash by the OSTS and the like.

Fusier underlines that Di Mambro wired 93 million US dollars to Australian banks before his death. And it is little known that it is one Jean-Pierre Galipeau who claims that he is the heir to that money. Galipeau is Canadian. At first he appeared to Fusier as a potential attention-seeker if not con-man, but then Fusier entertained the notion that his claim could be true.

The story begins in 1995, when Canadian citizens were told to register any weapons in their possession. At first, this law was said to cost two million Canadian dollars, but eventually the price rose to two billion dollars! Galipeau claimed that apart from several scandals, there was also a group that the Quebec police had discovered in 1993, a year before the first OTS suicides. This group was a “pseudo-terrorist group” known as Q-37, which was identified as planning the assassinations of several leading Canadian politicians. It was then uncovered that there was a report in the newspaper Soleil (of all names!) on 7 April 1993 that Jouret had been pressuring women into training to shoot. The report continued that a group that was known as Q-37 (“Q” standing for Quebec, and “37” being the number of founding members) was linked to the OTS and had already threatened Claude Ryan, Quebec’s then Minister of Public Security. Two members of the group were arrested and charged with complicity in acquiring weapons and silencers. One of these was... Luc Jouret.

Jouret returned to Canada in August 1993 and was arrested, but he was given only a probationary sentence. Allegations of terrorism, murder, etc. had all disappeared and only the weapons charge remained. Was it because officially the Quebec government’s hands were tied? Did the government instead have to come up with an “alternative punishment”? Were the OTS suicides the “real punishment” that Jouret received? (He died in the mass suicide in Switzerland in October 1994.) That this may be the case comes from accusations from the Quebec police, who suspected that Jouret, along with his supposed involvement in an arms-trafficking ring, was involved in blowing up transmission towers belonging to Hydro-Québec (the utility company where Jouret had given inspirational seminars on business and self-realisation) and in leading Q-37. These accusations were hysterically denied in the Solar Temple’s collective suicide note which accused Claude Ryan of belonging to the right-wing Catholic secret society Opus Dei.


In the aftermath of the OTS suicides, most attention was focused on the group’s Belgian “leader”, but the group truly was more the child of Joseph Di Mambro than of Jouret. Whereas Jouret’s background was largely military and he became a Knight later, Di Mambro had joined the Rosicrucian organisation AMORC in 1956. The official investigation into the mass suicides established an extremely close co-operation between the OTS and AMORC.

But the shady history of AMORC and the intelligence communities did not begin with the OTS. On 27 October 1972, an Air Inter Viscount aircraft crashed in the Loire. The subsequent official investigation did not clear up why the aircraft had crashed and missed its landing in Clermont-Ferrand. By 1976, French journalist Serge Hutin argued that the remains of the aircraft suggested that it had suffered an impact with a projectile—that is, it had been deliberately shot down. On board and one of the dead was Marie-Rose Baleron de Brauwer, one of the chiefs of the French Renseignements Généraux, based in Nice. She was Hutin’s partner and wanted to give him a file. Specifically, she wanted to bring it to Clermont-Ferrand, where on 28 and 29 October AMORC’s yearly Grand Conseil et Séminaire Magistral was being held. The president of the organisation was Raymond Bernard, and Baleron was AMORC’s representative for the Puyde- Dôme region. Baleron’s report, according to Hutin, detailed the links between AMORC, the CIA, P2, the Corsican Mafia, the SAC (Service d’Action Civique, France’s Civic Action Service) and various other knightly orders. Hutin said that the report specifically concluded that the extreme right-wing organisations were hiding as esoteric and secret societies. The file showed details about their involvement in international terrorism and how it was organised. Hutin stated that Baleron had been able to show that the knights of the SAC, a parallel French police force, had links with Raymond Bernard and Julien Origas, the leader of the ORT, the Renewed Templar Order—another organisation closely allied with AMORC and the OTS. Because of the personal relationship between Baleron and Hutin, the French media could spend less attention on the revelation than it deserved. But Hutin had no reason to lie. And it is a fact that, in July 1974, Origas spoke in front of the ORT and said: “[A] woman had wanted to oppose the birth and the development of the ORT. She died in an accident.” (André van Bosbeke, p. 87) A rather interesting statement to make…

In 1975, Origas also held a series of meetings in Brussels, where he said that he saw that year as the beginning of a new era and the creation of a new super-race. He spoke of the Green Order and felt that it was under the control of Lucifer—all of them interesting comments to make, and which are likely not known to the rank and file of his Order! (van Bosbeke, p. 47)

The lure of knightly or Masonic organisations is strong, with extravagant claims—like the one made at AMORC initiations that the Egyptian pharaoh Tuthmosis III was the founder of the Rosicrucians. In truth, the Order was formed in 1915 by Harvey Spencer Lewis in California. Contrast this with the notion that, in the 1980s, AMORC had 160,000 members in France and G. Buisson, the official spokesman for the Order in France, was proud to state that certain governments, especially in Black African countries, were under the control of AMORC.

The Order of Malta

Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of pseudo and official knightly organisations. Amongst the official ones, the most notorious is the Order of Malta. Martin A. Lee, in his article “Their Will Be Done” (Mother Jones, July 1983), stated that the American branch of the Order is one of the most important communication channels between the CIA and the Vatican. Indeed, the Order of Malta is able to transfer money in and out of countries to which neither the CIA nor the Vatican has access.

The Order of Malta is full of military and intelligence people, and its history in the 20th century truly begs a chicken-and-egg question: which came first—the money connections or the intelligence officials? The head of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the predecessor of the CIA, William “Wild Bill” Donovan, was a member of the Order of Malta, as was James Jesus Angleton, the CIA counterintelligence chief who was immortalised in the movie The Good Shepherd. Others included William Casey, who was Director of Central Intelligence under Ronald Reagan. It is specifically Angleton who has been identified, in his role as counterintelligence chief, as the main organiser of Gladio in Italy.

Maybe unsurprisingly, therefore, is that Licio Gelli was a Knight of Malta, too. And what is less known is that he fought for Franco with Mussolini’s Blackshirts. Indeed, at the end of the Second World War, Gelli was arrested and faced possible execution but was rescued by joining the US Army Counter Intelligence Corps. In the case of Gelli, it was therefore a world in which he was both a Knight and a Mason.

A Murky Truth

What has been portrayed as cult suicides, organisations of modern knights and the like is merely a smokescreen: underneath is a sizzling pot of political machinations and intelligence agency shenanigans, often with the specific purpose of staging fake terrorist attacks or planning destabilisation campaigns. When the European governments woke up to the reality of Gladio in the early 1990s, it was clear that none wanted to go deeper. But the picture as it continues to emerge, and which has been portrayed above, is clearly still not the final truth. As no government has dared to stare into the abyss, it is likely that its depth will never be seen.

This article appeared in Nexus Magazine, Volume 18, Number 2 (February - March 2011)

What was that again, from the testament letter?

"After having solemnly opened their Doors on March 21, 1981, in Geneva, in a Secret Lodge, the ancient domain of the Malta Order, its final esoteric action lasted eleven years."

March 17, 1981 was the date Italian police raided Licio Gelli's villa, starting the Propaganda Due scandal. Of course, he fled to Geneva. When he was arrested trying to withdraw millions of dollars from a bank in 1982, he escaped Swiss prison and supposedly fled to Chile. Notice the Argentina connection discussed in the Coppens article:

Gelli and López Rega then founded the Argentinian wing of P2, the Pro-Patria lodge. Immediately, high rollers from the military as well as government ministers were admitted. The organisation’s primary agenda was to create ties with the oil and weapons industries. After Perón’s fall, López Rega was often seen around Lake Geneva at Gelli’s house, underlining the close bond which the two men had.

1981 was a year of great political turmoil in Argentina, with more than one military coup leading up to the Falklands war - including one in March.

(March 30, 1981 was also the date of Hinckley's assassination attempt on Reagan)
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

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Excerpt from Ordeal by Fire: The Tragedy of the Solar Temple by Massimo Introvigne

"This paper was originally given in February 1995 as a report for associates and
friends of the Centre for Studies on New Religions (CESNUR), Turin, Italy."

The Neo-Templar Orders after 1970: Schisms, Occultism, and Secret Services

In 1970 an international convention met in Paris to elect Antonio Campello Pinto de Sousa Fontes’s successor as head of the OSMTJ. The majority of national priories wanted to elect his son Fernando, but at the convention a turn of events caused Antoine Zdrojewski, a general of Polish origin but a French citizen and resident, to be unexpectedly elected as Regent. The 1970 convention started a rather unclear connection tying neo-Templars, secret services, and European politics. The turn of events that brought on the election of Zdrojewski was in fact due to the massive enrolment in the Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem by members of Service d’Action Civique (SAC), a private French right-wing organization with ties to the Gaullist party: half-way between a private secret service and a parallel police. Right after the election, Zdrojewski nominated as his chargé de mission Charly Lascorz, an influential member of SAC. The OSMTJ’s headquarters were located on the same premises as Etudes Techniques et Commerciales (ETEC), a Paris corporation later exposed as a front for SAC. The OSMTJ, unsanctioned by anylaw—unlike the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, whose passports are recognized as valid by many countries—began issuing “diplomatic passports” in the name of the order, from which many members of SAC benefi ted. In 1972, the police—accusing ETEC of several irregularities, including possible collusions with organized crime—raided ETEC’S premises in Paris and put an end to its operations (seen by the press as a “cover” for SAC’s illegal activities). As a result of the raid, in 1973 Antoine Zdrojewski put the OSMTJ’s French Priory “to sleep”. The history of SAC ended with the murder of police inspector Jacques Massié (a local leader of SAC) and his family in Auriol, near Marseille, in 1981. This affair, one of the most obscure of recent French history, culminated in a court case, and in a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry, which dissolved SAC in 1982. During the trial—held in Aix-en-Provence in 1985—Jacques Massié’s career within Antoine Zdrojewski’s OSMTJ was brought to light. Even after the OSMTJ’s offi cial dissolution in 1973, in fact, SAC members had kept alive the order’s activities, which included the trafficking of OSMTJ passports and (according to press sources) an international traffic of weapons (never fully proved) between the neo-Templars connected with SAC and the notorious Italian Masonic Lodge P2 headed by Licio Gelli (later also dissolved in Italy after a Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry).

The election of Antoine Zdrojewski in 1970 also brought about a schism among the neo-Templars. Fernando Campello Pinto de Sousa Fontes declared the election invalid and proclaimed himself as Regent, as his father’s successor, thus creating in almost every country at least two orders of the Temple (often sharing the same name, OMSTJ): one loyal to Sousa Fontes and one loyal to Zdrojewski. Especially important for the number of members and for international relations was the Swiss Great Priory, directed by Alfred Zappelli and recognized by Fernando Campello Pinto de Sousa Fontes. When Antoine Zdrojewski left the stage in 1973, Alfred Zappelli tried to operate from Switzerland on an international scale, and to salvage what was left of Zdrojewski’s organization, establishing a French Priory dependent on the Swiss one. He then nominated as leader of the French Priory—according to press sources—Georges Michelon (also a member of SAC). At the time of the murder in Auriol, Antoine Zappelli issued a press release, clarifying that Jacques Massié had no part in his OSMTJ. During the same years Philip Guarino, an American political lobbyist, introduced himself as leader of an OSMTJ Priory in the USA. Philip Guarino was also—according to the Italian Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on the P2 Lodge—the American “correspondent” of Licio Gelli’s lodge. Perhaps it is for this reason that a file on the OSMTJ was found during one of the raids carried out by the Italian authorities at Licio Gelli’s villa in Arezzo. Many “fringe” and “irregular” Freemasons belonged to an Italian Grand Priory of the OSMTJ (established, as it seems, with Alfred Zappelli’s authorization) which had as bailli(local leader) Pasquale Gugliotta (himself a member of the P2 Lodge) and comprised, among others, Pietro Muscolo of Genoa and Luigi Savona of Turin—both leaders of “clandestine” Masonic fraternities and, according to the Parliamentary Commission, Masonic allies of Licio Gelli.

At this point however, the OSMTJ loyal to Sousa Fontes or Zappelli and the remainder of Antoine Zdrojewski’s OSMTJ were no longer the only two main characters of the neo-Templar scene. Almost everywhere, “independent’ orders had sprung up, which—when not claiming to be receiving direct messages channeled from medieval Templars from the spirit world—produced genealogical trees which usually included both Bernard-Raymond Fabré-Palaprat and Antonio Campello Pinto de Sousa Fontes. It is perhaps also worth mentioning two branches stemming neither from Antoine Zdrojewski nor from Fernando Campello Pinto de Sousa Fontes. The first branch was established by a bizarre Spanish gentleman, Guillermo Grau, who—convinced that he was a descendant of the last Aztec Emperor, Moctezuma II—began claiming, in the 1960s, the throne of Mexico under the name of Guillermo III de Grau-Moctezuma, granting (not for free) honors, chivalric tides and even university degrees from a (mail-order) “college” in his “kingdom.” At that time a student of esoteric lore, Antonia Lopez Soler asserted that the Templars, suppressed since 1307 all over Europe, had survived in Catalonia. The alleged Moctezuma enthusiastically espoused not only the theory, but also the student, changing Antonia Lopez Soler’s name to Countess Moctezuma and immediately proclaiming himself Grand Master of a Catalan Branch of the OSMTJ. The Catalan Branch, founded in the 1960s, began establishing priories all over the world in the 1970s, taking advantage of the confl ict between Fernando Campello Pinto de Sousa Fontes and Antoine Zdrojewski.

A second “independent” branch sprang from the mystical-esoteric experiences of Jacques Breyer, a member of the current most interested in esotericism in French Freemasonry. After these experiences, which he underwent in 1952 in the castle of Arginy, France, the French occultist came into contact with Maxime de Roquemaure, who claimed to be a descendant of a branch of the medieval Order of the Temple
which had survived through the centuries not in Catalonia but in faraway Ethiopia. Breyer and de Roquemaure subsequently founded the Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple (OSTS). Some of the initial members of the OSTS founded one of the many French Masonic organizations, the National Grand Lodge of France “Opéra” (the history of which is outside the scope of this paper). The OSTS faced a crisis in 1964 following Breyer’s resignation, but was reorganized twice after that, in 1966 and 1973.

Within this order appeared most persistently apocalyptic ideas on the end of the world and the glorious return of the “Solar Christ.”

Julien Origas and the Renewed Order of the Temple

The more apocalyptic neo-Templar ideas caught also the interest of Julien Origas (1920–83), who frequented other occult orders as well—including the Saint Germain Foundation in Marseille (not to be confused with the Foundation of the same name in the USA, which constitutes the organizational structure of the new religious movement called I AM Religious Activity). The French Saint Germain Foundation was led by a certain “Angela” who claimed to be a reincarnation of Socrates and Elizabeth I of England, and at the same time the mother of the Count of Saint-Germain, the eighteenth-century French occultist who never died and is still active—according to ideas common to dozens of groups of theosophical origins—in the Grand Lodge of Agartha, composed of “Ascended Masters,” which secretly governs the world. Julien Origas was also a member of the world’s largest Rosicrucian organization, the Ancient and Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC), founded in the United States by Harvey Spencer Lewis (1883–1939) and extremely successful in the French-speaking countries. It is in those same French-speaking countries, in fact, that AMORC tried, in the 1970s, to gain a sort of total control of the esoteric community. Due to widespread interest in Martinism, for example, in order to avoid AMORC members seeking Martinist experiences elsewhere, AMORC created its own Martinist order. Around 1970, Raymond Bernard, then “Legate” of AMORC for the French-speaking countries (today he has no more ties with AMORC, but in the meantime much has changed within the international Rosicrucian community), enthusiastically embraced Julien Origas’s idea of creating a Renewed Order of the Temple (ORT)—not to be confused with the similarly named Order of the Renewed Temple joined by famous esoterist René Guénon (1886–1951) at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Origas’s ORT may have offered the opportunity of keeping within AMORC fold members of the occult subculture interested in joining a neo-Templar group. It seems that the creation of the ORT was even confirmed by the apparition of a mysterious “White Cardinal” to Raymond Bernard in Rome, and that, as a result of this event, Julien Origas was crowned “King of Jerusalem” with an actual crown. For several years before the coronation, Origas had been in contact with Alfred Zappelli, and their two groups (the ORT and the Swiss Branch of the OSMTJ) —without actually coming together— had developed some common ventures, even if some strong disagreements arose soon after.

It seems that there was also a “Secret Order” (assembling important members of the ORT and several branches of the OSMTJ), unknown to the other members, within which were formulated ideas on the imminent end of the world and on the presence on Earth of living “Ascended Masters,” including Origas and “Angela,” the leader of the Saint Germain Foundation. Members of the “Secret Order” even offered prayers
“to Angela and Julien” (Origas), both destined to assume a critical role in the sooncoming universal conflagration.Julien Origas, to say the least, did not receive good press coverage in France. Several journalists noticed his relations with neo-Nazi and White supremacist groups from half of Europe and (once again) with members of SAC. A few years later, his neo-Nazi ideas and his relations with the Saint Germain Foundation in Marseille caused his separation from AMORC. Julien Origas’s ORT continued to operate independently (undergoing, of course, several schisms), accepting ideas from Jacques Breyer’s OSTS and from “Angela” on the end of the world and on messages received directly from the Ascended Masters of the Grand Lodge of Agartha. After Julien Origas’s death in 1983, these ideas became even more odd. It was in 1981 that Luc Jouret, one of the main characters in the Solar Templar tragedy, first contacted Origas’s ORT.

Around 1980 all over the world there were over one hundred rival Templar orders. Today there are probably many more, and every large western city (in Italy as well as in other countries) hosts at least a couple of them. It would be a serious mistake—especially right after the October 1994 tragedy—to lump all of them together. They vary greatly, from apocalyptic associations to “cover groups” for espionage and political machinations, from organizations dealing with sex magic to others that are little more than clubs where one dresses as a Templar mainly to cultivate social and gastronomical interests (as happens in a couple of Italian organizations).

II. Luc Jouret, Joseph Di Mambro and the Solar Temple

Luc Jouret (1947–94) was born in Kikwit, Belgian Congo (present-day Zaire), to Belgian parents on 18 October 1947. Fear of violence against Belgian citizens at the time of decolonization persuaded his parents to settle back in their home country, where Luc enroled in the Department of Medicine of the Free University of Brussels. In the 1970s the Belgian police opened a file on Jouret as a member of a small communist group, the Walloon Communist Youth. In 1974 he graduated as a medical doctor. In 1976 he enlisted as a paratrooper and took part in the Kolwezi raid, which allowed Belgian troops to bring back home a group of fellow citizens threatened in Zaire. The prevailing ideas among paratroopers were diametrically opposed to Luc Jouret’s communism but, according to a former college mate, Marc Brunson, now a veterinarian, the young doctor asserted that, at the time, joining the paratroopers “seemed the best way to infiltrate the Army with Communist ideas.” After the military experience, his interests focused on alternative forms of medicine. He studied homeopathy and later became a registered homeopathic practitioner in France (in many French-speaking countries homeopathy is in fact regulated by law). In 1977 he had visited the Philippines (later he also reported visits to “China, Peru and India”) in order to study the techniques of local spiritualist healers. According to JeanFrançois Mayer, Jouret claimed—in a long interview he had with him in December 1987—that the experience in India was crucial in turning him to homeopathy, although he had been in contact with European homeopathic practitioners before.

For a short while he supposedly became a follower of guru Krishna Macharia. In the early 1980s he started a homeopathic practice in Annemasse, France, receiving clients also from nearby Switzerland. His success as a homeopath was remarkable. People came to him from as far as the other side of the Atlantic and, after a few years, Jouret had several practices in France, Switzerland and Canada. In the 1980s, Geneva and Montreal were perhaps the two cities with the greatest number of esoteric groups in the world. Besides continuing with his homeopathic practice, Luc Jouret also became a lecturer on naturopathy and ecological topics, active in the wider circuit of the French-speaking New Age movement. Around 1981, he established the Amenta Club, an organization managing his conferences (the name was later changed to Amenta—without “Club”—and then to Atlanta). He spoke in New Age bookstores (in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Canada) and in eclectic esoteric groups such as the Golden Way Foundation of Geneva (previously called La Pyramide). This had as its leader Joseph Di Mambro, 1924–94, who later became the co-founder—and largely the real leader—of the Solar Temple, while the Golden Way became, to all intents and purposes, the parent organization of the Atlanta, Amenta and later Archedia clubs and groups (see Chapter 1). In 1987, Jouret was able to be received as a paid “motivational speaker’ by two district offices of Hydro-Québec, the public hydroelectric utility of the Province of Quebec. Besides getting paid 5,400 Canadian dollars for conferences in the period 1987–89, he also recruited 15 executives and managers who later followed him to the end. Amenta was nothing but the outer shell of an actual “Chinese box” system. Those who most faithfully attended Jouret’s homeopathic practices and conferences were given an invitation to join a more confidential, although not entirely secret, “inner circle”: the Archedia Clubs, established in 1984, in which one could already find a definite ritual and an actual initiation ceremony, with a set of symbols taken from the Masonic–Templar efforts of Jacques Breyer (whose books—and one audiotape, according to Jean-François Mayer—were still being circulated). According to Canadian reporter Bill Marsden—who in 1994 interviewed some former members of the Solar Temple and whose findings have been compiled by Susan Palmer in an unpublished manuscript she kindly sent to CESNUR—Breyer personally attended meetings of the International Order of Chivalry Solar Tradition (OICTS)in Geneva in 1985: an ex-member described Origas, Breyer and Di Mambro as having been earlier “the three chums who spoke of esoteric things” in the first Templar meetings he had attended in Geneva. Jean-François Mayer also notes that in 1987 Amenta organized a seminar on Breyer’s thought. The Archedia Clubs were not yet the truly inner part of Jouret’s organization. Their most trusted members were invited to join an even more “inner” circle, one that truly was a secret organization: the International Order of Chivalry Solar Tradition, in short Solar Tradition, and later to be called Order of the Solar Temple (although it is not impossible that an Order of the Solar Temple originally existed as an inner circle of the OICST). The OICST can be considered both a schism and a continuation of Julien Origas’s ORT, which Jouret had joined in 1981 with the knowledge of only a few friends. Apparently former communist Luc Jouret and neo-Nazi Julien Origas understood each other very well, at least for a few months. After Origas’s death, Luc Jouret tried unsuccessfully to be recognized as the ORT’s leader, facing opposition from the founder’s daughter, Catherine Origas: hence the 1984 schism and the establishment of the OICTS. On the other hand, some of Luc Jouret’s co-workers in the Archedia Clubs, such as Joseph Di Mambro, co-founder of the OICTS, and Geneva businessman Albert Giacobino, had been members, according to press sources, of Alfred Zappelli’s Sovereign and Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem and possibly of AMORC. But according to Jouret’s most secret teachings, the schism that had given birth to the OICTS was not only the mere fruit of disagreements, but was instead according to the will of the Ascended Masters of the Grand Lodge of Agartha, who had revealed themselves in 1981 (before Julien Origas’s death) and had disclosed a “Plan” that was supposed to last 13 years, until the end of the world, predicted for the year 1994.

Di Mambro’s and Jouret’s OICTS teachings stressed the occult-apocalyptic themes of Jacques Breyer’s OSTS and Julien Origas’s ORT, connecting three traditions on the end of the world: (a) the idea found in some (but by no means all) New Age groups of an impending ecological catastrophe (for instance, Jouret was very insistent about the lethal nature of modern diets and food); (b) some neo-Templar movements’ theory of a cosmic renovatiorevealed by the Ascended Masters of the Grand Lodge of Agartha; (c) the political ideas of a final international bagarre propagated by survivalist groups both on the extreme right and on the extreme left of the political spectrum, with which Jouret had contacts in different countries. It seems that, in the years spanning from 1986 to 1993, Jouret and Di Mambro kept receiving “revelations” following Julien Origas’s tradition, especially of four “sacred objects”—the Holy Grail, the sword Excalibur, the Menorah, and the Ark of the Covenant—(“apparitions” of which, according to ex-members, were fabricated through electronic tricks and holograms), until it was revealed to them that between the end of 1993 and the beginning of 1994 the Earth would have been forsaken by its last “guardians”: at first six “entities” hidden in the Great Pyramid of Egypt, and later—but this could have been a metaphor used for a spiritual experience of three leaders of the Temple—three Ascended Masters who had received a revelation on the end of this cycle near Ayers Rock (now Uluru), Australia (a country in which the Temple had in the meantime established itself).


CESNUR - Hoaxes and Misunderstandings on the Order of the Solar Temple - Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco and Dr. Heide Fittkau-Garthe

©Dr. Massimo Introvigne and CESNUR, January 1998

After the homicides and suicides of 1994, 1995 and 1997 the Order of the Solar Temple (OTS) haunts the press and the anti-cultists. New "revelations" are offered almost every month. Two recent cases of false information have surfaced.

The first concerns Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco (1928-1982). On December 21, 1997 Channel Four in the UK aired a special by investigative reporters David Carr-Brown and David Cohen. The substance of their argument appeared in the US in an article published on December 28, 1997 by the same Carr-Brown and Cohen in the New York Post ("Mystery of Princess Grace & the Temple of Doom"). A man who claimed to have been the driver of Joseph Di Mambro (1924-1994) sold to the two British reporters a story on Princess Grace and agreed to appear on Channel Four. According to the man, disguised under the alias of "Georges Leroux", Princess Grace was initiated into the OTS on June 15, 1982 in the Priory of Villié-Morgon, Southern France. She further contributed -- according to "Georges Leroux" - $ 10 millions to the OTS and agreed to pay other $ 6 millions. She then became disillusioned with Di Mambro and threatened to expose him. On September 13, 1982, she died in a car accident, and "Leroux" implies that fool play orchestrated by Di Mambro may have been involved.

There are two problems with this story. The first is that the OTS was only established in 1984 and Princess Grace died in 1982. She could not have been initiated into an order not yet created. What did exist in 1982 was an order with a similar name, the Sovereign Order of the Solar Temple (OSTS). OSTS'origins date back to the so called "Arginy Renaissance", a mystical experience of June 12, 1952, when French esoteric author Jacques Breyer (1922-1996) and two companions were contacted by secret "Masters of the Temple" and asked to establish a "Templar Renaissance". The "Renaissance" eventually materialized -- after many years of esoteric activity by Breyer and his friends -- into the OSTS, established on June 24, 1966 and incorporated under Monaco law in 1967. Monaco was selected because the Grand Master hand-picked by Breyer for the OSTS was Jean-Louis Marsan (1923-1982), a Monaco socialite and a friend of Prince Ranier III. While Ranier and Grace did know Marsan, there is no evidence that they were members of the OSTS or ever set foot in the OSTS center of Villié-Morgon. Even if they did visit Villié-Morgon, this does not make Grace a member of the OTS. OSTS and OTS were two different organizations. It is true that Marsan and Di Mambro knew each other and that on March 21, 1981 they met in Geneva in order to discuss a merger between the OSTS and still another neo-Templar order, the Renewed Order of the Temple (ORT). The latter had been originally incorporated in 1970 by Raymond Bernard (b. 1923), at that time a prominent leader of the Rosicrucian order AMORC. Since 1972 the leader of the ORT was Julien Origas (1920-1983). OSTS and ORT both recognized the "Arginy Renaissance" as genuine and kept in touch with Breyer. Eventually after the death of Origas (1983) the ORT experienced a schism. The faction who recognized Luc Jouret (1947-1994) as Grand Master did not have the legal right to use the name ORT and eventually re-incorporated under a succession of names leading to "Order of the Solar Temple". Since 1982 Jouret , a Belgian homeopathic doctor, was a close associate of Di Mambro. It is easy to confuse the different neo-Templar orders. What is clear is that in 1982 Di Mambro, although he knew Marsan, was not authorized to initiate anybody into Marsan's OSTS, and certainly cannot initiate Princess Grace into the not yet existing OTS.

The second problem is that the "Georges Leroux" who appeared on Channel Four is unknown to all surviving ex-members of the OTS. He is, on the other hand, not exactly unknown in Switzerland and nearby France. His real name is Guy Mouyrin. A former Customs officer, he is an ex convict and a professional con artist with a significant criminal record. His offer to sell his story (occasionally spiced with an alleged rape of the Princess by Di Mambro) to a number of French and Swiss newspapers had been repeatedly turned down due to both his record and the fact that no former member of the OTS has a recollection of having ever met Mouyrin (let alone Princess Grace) in the company of Di Mambro. Swiss historian Jean-François Mayer, who has participated in the Swiss official investigation and had access to all surviving OTS papers, confirms that both Mouyrin and Princess Grace are never mentioned there. The whole story appears to be a brilliant hoax. Brilliant it is, since one wonders where Mouyrin learned the details about the OSTS, Marsan, and Marsan's relations with both the Princes and Di Mambro. But it is also a hoax, carelessly repeated by countless newspapers around the world who should have known better.

Another Solar Temple hoax concerns Dr. Heide Fittkau-Garthe, the German psychologist arrested on January 8, 1998 in Tenerife, Canary Islands, where she lived in Barrio La Salud with a number of followers. She was accused of preparing a mass suicide based on what relatives of German followers told the German and Spanish police. While it would be inappropriate to comment on the pending investigations, it is interesting to note that even prominent Spanish anti-cultists have expressed their doubts that a mass suicide was really being prepared. What is clear, in the meantime, is that the information published by many newspapers on January 9 that Dr. Fittkau-Garthe was the leader of "a branch of the Solar Temple" is inaccurate. She was never a member of the Solar Temple. A prominent leader of the German branch of the Brahma Kumaris, she left the Indian movement (or was excluded from it) and eventually became one of the most prominent self-help motivational speakers in Germany. She lectured on behalf of a number of German large corporations and was hailed as a "star psychologist". The esoteric doctrines of her core group of followers involved references to both Western and Eastern occult lore. Her name -- like Princess Grace's -- has never surfaced in any document on the Solar Temple.

See also, for what it's worth:

CESNUR - France’s Anti-Sect War: Voices From the Trenches (NRMs’ Strategical Responses to Persecution)
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby cptmarginal » Fri Sep 12, 2014 2:44 pm

If you look around on the CBC Digital Archives site, there's a lot of audio and video content related to the Solar Temple:

http://www.cbc.ca/archives/categories/s ... -dead.html

I do believe it was CBC radio that initially reported the laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars by Di Mambro, a figure which I believe was later downgraded to (only!) 93 million dollars.

One of the very few sources for this:

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world ... 42023.html

Body of Solar cult leader 'discovered in Switzerland'

Monday 10 October 1994

THE BODY of the wanted cult leader, Joseph di Mambro, has been identified and the hunt for the killer of up to 51 members of the Order of the Solar Temple is now focused on his charismatic deputy, Luc Jouret.

Swiss television reported that the body of Mr di Mambro had been found and, in a separate development, his passport had turned up in France, where it was delivered to the French Interior Ministry in a package addressed to Charles Pasqua, the minister.

However, the whereabouts of Mr Jouret are still unknown and police are no closer to unravelling the mystery behind the murders and the collective suicide of cult members in Switzerland and Quebec last week.

Swiss investigators are now examining Mr Jouret's dental records to see if he is among the dead, while, at the same time they are conducting an international search through Interpol.

At each of the cult's properties, sophisticated, delayed-action incendiary devices were set, with the intention of destroying evidence. One device, at the farmhouse in the village of Chiery, which was the sect's headquarters, failed.

The device apparently failed because the village's telephone lines were cut on the day of the murders. It was attached to butane gas bottles and plastic bin-bags that had been filled with petrol. Had they worked, they would have destroyed the secret chapel, where 23 bodies were found. Some people were brutally murdered while others apparently committed suicide.

On Saturday, police discovered a sophisticated incendiary bomb at a villa used by the cult in southern France. It was similar to the device that was used to set on fire houses owned by the cult in Switzerland and Quebec.

The villa near Toulon was empty and the French authorities defused the device which, like those in Chiery, consisted of bottled gas fuel containers and bin liners filled with petrol. The device was connected to electrical wiring that could have been detonated by an incoming telephone call, according to French sources.

The investigators have also uncovered what they say are 'astonishing surprises' about the cult's finances, but they have refused to elaborate. Reports from Canada suggest that Mr di Mambro, 70, who was known as the 'little Napoleon' to members, was an illegal weapons dealer. The cult would have provided an ideal front for his activities, enabling him to launder the profits without attracting undue attention because of the cult's charitable status.

Swiss judicial authorities last night said they had frozen an account held at a Geneva branch of the Societe Banque Suisse. A spokesman said the bank, one of Switzerland's three largest, had begun an inquiry into the affair.

So far the Swiss investigators say they have found no evidence of either weapons trafficking or money laundering. But Swiss banking secrecy laws could prevent full disclosure of what they uncover. Radio Canada has alleged that British, Swiss and Canadian banks handled the sect's finances and that some had been channelled through BCCI before the bank was closed in 1991.

Swiss television reported yesterday that Mr di Mambro's body had been identified. 'A member of his family who arrived from France has clearly identified the body of the man considered to be the number one in the Order of the Solar Temple,' the report said.

The autopsies on the 48 cult members found dead in Switzerland indicate that only some committed ritual suicide and that many were murdered. Some of the 23 victims in Chiery were shot repeatedly in the head and then hooded with plastic bags.

Another victim was pumped full of bullets after he was hooded, the investigative judge, Andre Piller, said at the weekend.

In Morin Heights, Quebec, police said that a British woman, Nikki Dutoit, her infant son Christopher and husband Toni were killed several days before fire destroyed the house.

Their bodies were found on Thursday in a house co-owned by Mr di Mambro and Mr Jouret. Two other charred bodies were found in the house last Tuesday and police believe they were adults who committed suicide.
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby Tyler Rabbit » Sat Sep 13, 2014 6:34 am

Awesome. Thanks for posting these... Used to love me some Solar Temple research. Knew there were a number of public officials involved, but you've posted some really interesting stuff.
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby elfismiles » Sat Sep 13, 2014 11:07 am

Tyler Rabbit » 13 Sep 2014 10:34 wrote:Awesome. Thanks for posting these... Used to love me some Solar Temple research. Knew there were a number of public officials involved, but you've posted some really interesting stuff.

Ditto ... what little I've heard about this case came mainly from Jacques Vallee. Am excited to finally have more information to dig into on this important case.

Thank you Capitan~!

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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby semper occultus » Mon Sep 15, 2014 4:43 am

I think I've got a copy of that Channel 4 prog referred to above...seems to be the same people involved....( on edit - no a different doco. )

....as I haven't got a youtube account I have attempted to upload the file here....fwiw...

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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby cptmarginal » Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:05 pm

My Youtube account is still in good standing (though the uploaded content has been ravaged by copyright takedowns)

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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby semper occultus » Thu Sep 18, 2014 2:50 am

...yes, thanks for uploading....lets hope it stays up.....esp. as they seem to have disabled downloading or screwed with RealPlayer somehow .......
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby cptmarginal » Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:04 pm

semper occultus wrote:...yes, thanks for uploading....lets hope it stays up.....esp. as they seem to have disabled downloading or screwed with RealPlayer somehow .......

Have you noticed lately that your video has gotten over 56,000 views on YouTube? That's a pretty damn good number, I'd hardly noticed it getting there. Analytics shows that it's been posted on a bunch of different interesting websites, but those views make up a paltry 3% of the total. The vast majority of people found it via suggested videos on YouTube...

(total watch time: 87,296 minutes!)
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby semper occultus » Sat Jun 04, 2016 8:36 pm

....odd you should mention that as I did in fact notice that about a month ago when I stumbled across it by accident on David Livingstone's site....I'd forgotten all about it ...so one of those views is me


( some of the YT comments though.... :? jeez - how do these morons manage to dress & feed themselves )
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Re: Testaments of The Order of the Solar Temple

Postby elfismiles » Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:06 am

Thank you all for these links and especially for uploading that documentary. I _FINALLY_ watched it and I know I'm going to be re-watching it several times for the details. :thumbsup :yay
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