Licio Gelli beats tax probe, regains historic Villa Wanda

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Licio Gelli beats tax probe, regains historic Villa Wanda

Postby cptmarginal » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:02 am

English summary from 2013: ... Lodge.html

Rome, October 10 - Finance police seized the prestigious family villa of an Italian financier and ex-grand master of the covert P2 Masonic lodge, Licio Gelli, in a tax-dodging probe in the central Italian city of Arezzo, investigators said Thursday. Licio Gelli, 94, his wife Gabriella Vasile, their three children Maurizio, Maria Rosa and Raffaello, as well as a grandchild, Alessandro Marsilli, are all under investigation for an alleged scheme to avoid paying tax arrears that authorities say amounts to 17 million euros. Gelli and his family are accused of avoiding a tax lien on the Villa Wanda in Arezzo in 2007 by arranging, through a series of fictitious transactions and legal acts, the appearance of cession of the property from the family-controlled company to third parties. The family company that owned the villa was wholly controlled by Gelli's three children, investigators saud. Financial police say that faced with large tax arrears and the imminent clamp down of the tax collection agency Equitalia, control of the villa was fraudulently signed over to Gelli's wife and grandchild and then, in a subsequent transaction, to an ad hoc company set up in Rome, the latter of which was traceable back to Gelli. Gelli was the chief of the P2 covert Masonic lodge that rocked Italy in the early 1980's in the wake of the collapse of lender Banco Ambrosiano, a major political scandal. Investigators discovered that the scuppered bank's chairman, Roberto Calvi, belonged to the secret P2 lodge, which counted 962 military officers and civil servants among its members, launching speculation of a shadow state or murky concentration of power.


This was just a few days before that: A scene worthy of Caravaggio as Silvio Berlusconi finally falls from grace - The pointing figure of his accusers was straight out of a baroque masterpiece as Italy's political playmaker slumped in defeat - October 6, 2013


January 8th, 2015

They have not even caught this time Licio Gelli, 96 years, already powerful head of the secret Masonic lodge P2 and depository for many of the secrets of the most shameful history of Italy since the war to date. The first hearing of the trial for tax offenses to several million euro ended yesterday in Arezzo with the prescription and the forfeiture of the seizure of Villa Wanda who returns to the availability of family. Not a home any, the residence of the former venerable master, built on the hill of Santa Maria delle Grazie, thirty-three rooms on three floors, with swimming pool and greenhouse, surrounded by a park of three acres already owned by the family Lebole. Here were found the lists of P2 and, hidden in flower boxes, 160 pounds of gold bullion. And in this little paradise outside Arezzo former venerable chose to serve house arrest while continuing to meet friends and to be talked about the whole world. According to the prosecutor of Arezzo, Roberto Rossi, Licio Gelli and some family members would have concocted a scheme to defraud the IRS with the attempt of a fictitious sale of Villa Wanda to avoid foreclosure by Equitalia.

It all started in 1988

According to the investigations of the Guardia di Finanza, everything would have begun in 1988 when the tax office was in possession of the holograph of the same Gelli (recovered by the French police) who stood remarkable available assets in foreign territory and some documents that showed high cost for the livelihood of three children, Raphael, Rosa Maria and Maurizio, figures considerably higher than the income declared. Figures of omitted payments? Tax commissions have quantified the tax assessments against Licio Gelli for 8.8 million euro, the son Maurizio 7.2 million, daughter Maria Rosa 1.1 million and nephew Raphael for 500 thousand euro. Two key steps of the operation: the inscriptions mortgage on the property in favor of the wife of Licio Gelli and his nephew, against receivables claimed by the same for the supply of alleged funding from the company of family; therefore, obtained this formal justification, the subsequent sale of the real estate assets in the axis of a Roman society, pre-established ad hoc and always attributable to the same joint of Licio Gelli.

A winding web of Google Translate, leading up to the current story of a 96 year old gangster triumphantly returning to the house he said he'd never leave:

Reuters: Banca Etruria placed under special administration for loan losses - Wed Feb 11, 2015

From P2 to the family Boschi, history of Banca Etruria - Suicides excellent and valuable customers. - 02/13/2015

The last piece of the story is the commissioner of the Bank of Italy on Wednesday 11 February, but it is worth retracing the last thirty years of Banca Etruria, the bank where he is vice chairman Pier Luigi Woods , father of Reforms Minister Maria Elena, (and where he also worked his brother Emanuele ed), specializing in the supply of gold, these days the center of a media storm as well as for excessive losses and for suspicious movements on the government decree for the reform of the banks. Why this bank, founded in 1882, "after mergers and takeovers among Popular Banks more than century-old," reads the site , had always been the heart in Arezzo.

It is Tuscan town of more than 100 thousand inhabitants, known to the news of the mysteries of Italy for an illustrious citizen, that Licio Gelli, former Worshipful Master of the P2, which in the early 80s shook the political and especially the apparatus most important military state. Perhaps it is inevitable, maybe not, the fact is that the history of Banca Etruria intersects with that of Arezzo, province of Democrats iron (in Pieve Santo Stefano was born Amyntor Fanfani ed), and in particular of the Propaganda 2, the Masonic lodge of Grand Orient of Italy was born in 1976 that the committee chaired by Tina Anselmi defined it as "a real criminal organization." And among the papers of the Committee may uncover links between the Worshipful Grand Master and the institute in the 80s, where Gelli disposal of "account Spring" , but also of suspicious suicides until the '90s.

Tuscany is a land of banks, representatives of the Christian Democrats finished in the lists of P2, of mysteries and Freemasonry. It 'a circle made of very close relations, a harmonious tangle, where everyone knows everything, but in the end nothing is ever clear. Witness the latest scandal of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena, with the death of David Rossi. The Etruria is no exception. We must go back to 1983, when a man is found dead with a gunshot wound to his head in his house. This is Mario Lebole, founder of one of the most important examples of Italian textile industry.

Lebole not a character whatsoever. At the time, as well known throughout Italy for its entrepreneurial skills, is a director of Banca Etruria own. Above is one of the most trusted of Gelli. It is a piduista, but it is also one that has succumbed to the current Worshipful Villa Wanda, first called Villa of Santa Maria: Castiglion Fibocchi in an establishment Lebole will find lists of P2. The captain of industry Arezzo was not the only director of Banca Etruria joined the Freemasons. There is also Renato Pellizzer, another name in the lists of P2, who was also president of Etruria Leasing, which will then be incorporated by the bank of Arezzo.

But the mysteries are not finished here. Why Etruria around in the 90s appears another tragic death. Another suspect suicide. It is August 18, 1992. At about eight in the morning, in the countryside of Reggello, a few kilometers from Florence, is found the body of the accountant Emilio Mannucci, vice president of finance always Etruria Leasing, a subsidiary of Banca Popolare dell 'Etruria. Rebus, puzzles, mysteries. The Chronicles of the Republic of the time report the quotation marks of the lawyer of the family, that Gabriele Scarabottolo that says: "A man so Catholic would never killed. To take his life takes serious reasons. For someone like him why it had to be very strong. Spulcerò day by day for the last six months of life of Mannucci. Above all we must investigate the financial affairs. I've heard a lot of rumors, including that he wants a mixture of Licio Gelli and the People's Bank of 'Etruria and Lazio. "

Actually the judiciary found nothing about. But something in this popular bank and Gelli found him the Commission Anselmi. Who discovered the account of Gelli in Etruria, the famous account Spring, where several members of the loggia poured their shares. Dc and banks. Among historians politicians of Arezzo that ended in the lists of P2 there was also Brunetto Bucciarelli-Ducci, former vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, then judge Constitutional Democrat iron. In the tangle that is harmonious Tuscany all knew him, his son Paul was notary own in Banca Etruria. Yet the father of Maria Elena Boschi, Pier Luigi, who has always been close to the DC, current Arnaldo Forlani, has always estimated. But that's another story.

The aforementioned (deceased) Mario Lebole was the previous owner of Villa Wanda.

The former head of the Masonic lodge Propaganda 2 lives in the historic home, built in 1875 by a nobleman from Arezzo, since 1966 when took over from Mario Lebole, owner of' namesake home fabrics. Then called Villa Carla, in honor of the wife of Lebole. Licio renamed immediately Wanda, in homage to his wife.

From February 2006:

Villa Wanda will go to 'auction Gelli: but I do not change home

The attachment asked by small shareholders of 'Ambrosiano Documents' Archive of Pistoia: there are also lists P2

AREZZO - From the historic center of Arezzo it takes five minutes by car. Climb up the hill towards the southeast of Santa Maria delle Grazie, you pass a church of the fifteenth and the villa symbol of the mysteries and intrigues appears in all its architectural opulence, hidden, as required, by a low stone wall with laurel hedges. After forty years 'Villa Wanda, headquarters of Licio Gelli, the' former Worshipful Master of the lodge P2, could pass into other hands. The residence is at 'auction, scheduled for February 23 in the office of the notary Michele Tuccari Arezzo, after that small shareholders of Banco Ambrosiano el' tax authorities have asked for the seizure to be indemnified by the dark and ruinous crash of 'credit institution. The base d 'auction is 1.9 million euro, the real value exceeds three. Gelli will be evicted? He, from Villa Wanda denies and throws barbs: "Not even to dream we have already reached an agreement with the parties and this story that haunts me for years will be resolved very soon. I will not change the house. " The former head of the Masonic lodge Propaganda 2 lives in the historic home, built in 1875 by a nobleman from Arezzo, since 1966 when took over from Mario Lebole, owner of' namesake home fabrics. Then called Villa Carla, in honor of the wife of Lebole. Licio renamed immediately Wanda, in homage to his wife. Thousand square meters divided into thirty-six rooms on three floors, a terrace floors and stone which introduces all 'main entrance, the villa is surrounded by a park of 12 thousand square meters with cypress trees, cedars of Lebanon, poplars, olives, climbing ivy fragrant lemons. And flower beds and planters. Today, almost insignificant, yet eight years ago turned into unlikely coffers. Because right there, in the garden, were found 168 kilos d 'between bullion and gold tiles. The treasure of the Venerable, you said then. With a bit 'of approximation, probably. Why treasures (and secrets) more interesting are those that have been stored on the second floor of the villa, in the four rooms used in the library and archive. It is said that here, before the scandal, there were also the famous lists of P2, with excellent names, then transferred in 1981 in the offices of the Worshipful Master in Castiglion Fibocchi, in the province of Arezzo. Today 's archive library is very lightweight. Also because Gelli has just donated thousands of documents, letters and memorabilia all 'State Archive of Pistoia that in a week will present it in an official ceremony in front of experts and scholars. "In the 'archive there are important documents, unique - explains Gelli -. Signed letters of Torquato Tasso, of Cagliostro, Savonarola, Silvio Pellico, Mussolini, Hitler, and Badoglio well Saddam Hussein. I also kept written records of five popes. I've collected for seventy 'years, buying second-hand dealers and collectors from all over and then filing for names and for history. " And on P2? "The old lists are there and I do not remember if there are other names besides those published - says Gelli - but certainly c 'is the correspondence between me and' then Grand Master of the Grand Orient d 'Italy, Lino Salvini, a proof that the P2 was an integral part of Freemasonry official and not a tumor. " The rest of Villa Wanda, where only a few close friends have entered, is a list of architectural abundance. Besides the rooms-libraries archives there are four bedrooms, one of the venerable, the other for children and guests. Going down to the first floor, there are two living rooms for receptions, kitchens and a study, furniture 'era, rugs, tapestries. In one of the rooms, it is rumored, that Gelli started Masons excellent 'to' ear ', or in secret, because of their importance, not all "brothers" had to know. Finally on the third floor c 'is an attic space. Security is no exception, in fact it is almost nonexistent. But the supreme head of the P2, friends say, not afraid. Marco Gasperetti

"Not even to dream we have already reached an agreement with the parties and this story that haunts me for years will be resolved very soon. I will not change the house."

There's a ton more information about Mario Lebole and all related topics in Italian-language online sources and books. Despite being one of the most important original incorporating partners of Licio Gelli, his name barely registers at all in English sources...

He's on the list found by Italian police when they broke into Villa Wanda in 1981 (shortly before Lebole's apparent suicide in 1983, or Calvi's in 1982 for that matter) ... P2_Members

Previously at Villa Wanda:

Monday, September 14, 1998

World: Europe

Pots of gold


Police in Italy are reported to have found gold ingots worth almost $2m at the villa of a financier at the centre of a corruption scandal.

The man, Licio Gelli, is the former grandmaster of the Italian P2 Masonic lodge and was sentenced in 1994 to 12 years in jail for his part in a major bankruptcy fraud, but disappeared while on parole.

Mr Gelli, 79, was arrested last week in southern France after a joint operation by French and Italian police tracked him to Cannes - he is being detained in hospital after suffering a slight stroke and is also reported to have made an unsuccessful attempt to kill himself.

Buried treasure

Police say they discovered documents in Gelli's Cannes apartment, which led them to the gold, in the form of 165 unmarked ingots hidden in six, terracotta flower pots, decorating the terrace of his villa in the Italian province of Tuscany.

The bars were taken to a local bank for safe keeping while police continued their search for more possible buried treasure and hidden documents.

It is not the first time that Mr Gelli has failed to prevent his personal fortune being confiscated by police.

He's previously had gold bars belonging to him seized by justice authorities from banks in Argentina and Switzerland.

The illegal Masonic lodge of which Licio Gelli was Grand Master was the subject of a major parliamentary investigation in Rome. Mr Gelli controlled the P2 Masonic lodge, which was once described as a state within the Italian state.
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Re: Licio Gelli beats tax probe, regains historic Villa Wand

Postby cptmarginal » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:07 am

See also, regarding the above mentioned Banca Etruria and Emilio Mannucci (deceased August, 1992) ... rev=search ... rev=search ... rev=search

Florence, the mystery Mannucci between financial and Freemasonry - The Strange End of Emilio Mannucci, Deputy Director 'ETRURIA LEASING'


P2 conspiracy trial began a few months later, October. Gelli's assets were seized the following year, December 1993.

A wave of bombings rocked Italy in 1993, as well:

Rome receives a right-wing message from the anti-state: The bomb sites are heavy with symbols for the eternal city. War is being declared on Italy's identity - Church, state, culture
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Re: Licio Gelli beats tax probe, regains historic Villa Wand

Postby cptmarginal » Mon Mar 09, 2015 3:10 am

And speaking of related suspicious deaths in the 90s here is another one that's new to me; it occurred in 1995: ... 35289.html

Death, drugs and diamonds in tale of global conspiracy

Andrew Gumbel reports on a web of intrigue unearthed in Italy

Monday 03 June 1996

It began, like all the best thrillers, with a mysterious death. Last July a colonel in Italy's military intelligence service, Mario Ferraro, was found hanged from a bath rail by his dressing gown cord. Less than a year later the affair has mushroomed into a global conspiracy fresh from the pages of an improbable blockbuster.

Colonel Ferraro, it turns out, was working to unravel a massive global traffic in arms, drugs, radioactive materials and gems. And where he started, prosecutors from Torre Annunziata, near Naples, have carried on, following a trail of smugglers, dirty money recycled from the war in the Balkans, and murky interests in high places.

This weekend came the most spectacular blitz so far; a flurry of arrests and investigations featuring the oddest array of suspects. Among international figures wanted for questioning are Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Russian ultra- nationalist presidential candidate; Ricardo Maria Carles, the Archbishop of Barcelona; a Somali businessman; and Licio Gelli, the Grandmaster of the illegal Italian Masonic Lodge, P2.

Between them, this motley crew is named in connection with trafficking everything from Kalashnikovs to plutonium, and re-cycling the profits through some surprising channels including the Institute for Religious Works, better known as the Vatican Bank.

Mr Zhirinovsky is suspected of coordinating the sale of nuclear materials via his secretary, who acts as a honorary consul in Russia for the Liberian government.

Meanwhile, Archbishop Carles was responsible, according to one key witness, for transferring some $100m illegally from the Vatican Bank to a Swiss businessman.

In all, hundreds of people in more than 10 countries are suspected of taking part in the racket, which apparently began to provide weapons to Croatia and Slovenia at the start of the Balkan wars, and then turned around 180 degrees when the arms market in the former Yugoslavia became saturated.

The traffickers bought up small arms in Bosnia and Croatia and sold them, accepting the drugs, gems and nuclear materials in a massive, highly complex international barter system.

Quite how prosecutors stumbled on a criminal conspiracy of this magnitude is not clear, since much of the evidence has remained confidential. But it seems the case started with an intercepted cellular telephone call made by a Neopolitan fishmonger. Colonel Ferraro almost certainly died because he knew too much. The magistrate in charge of the inquiry team, Alfredo Ormanni, believes they have reached a crucial stage by uncovering the core mechanism at the heart of the operation, code-named "Cheque to cheque" by Italian police.

There could be more revelations to come. A former colleague of Colonel Ferraro's, Francesco Elmo, has written a memo combining fact, confidential intelligence and rumour that would make any prosecutor's hair stand on end.

Did Yasser Arafat sell 30 kilos of gold to swell the PLO's coffers? Was the Somali businessman in cahoots with the disgraced former Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi? Were submarines traded illegally in Albania's territorial waters? We will have to wait for prosecutor Ormanni's next move to find out.

Zhirinovsky link in arms racket

Andrew Gumbel in Rome
Sunday, 2 June 1996

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, the Archbishop of Barcelona and the one- time grandmaster of Italy's illegal masonic lodge, P2, yesterday all found themselves implicated in an international racket in arms, drugs, nuclear materials and precious stones being investigated by magistrates near Naples.

Alfredo Ormanni, chief prosecutor in a case that is rapidly becoming stranger than fiction, placed a total of 31 people under formal investigation and issued a further 36 arrest warrants. The racket, which is believed to have grown out of arms trading to and from the former Yugoslavia, has already led to the arrests of Italian mafiosi, shady businessmen and a retired operative of the CIA.

Mr Zhirinovsky, the Russian ultra-nationalist who is standing as a candidate in the presidential election in two weeks' time, is suspected of involvement in the trade of nuclear materials, while the Archbishop of Barcelona, Ricardo Maria Carles, has been named by one witness as the channel through which some $65m was laundered through the Vatican Bank.

Archbishop Carles appeared to have cleared his name after being named in the affair late last year, but Mr Ormanni said yesterday that the investigation had reached a new phase in which prosecutors were learning more and more about the ring's far-reaching activities.

"We have been able to get much farther into just how arms and radioactive materials were being trafficked," he said. Arrest warrants abroad were being issued through both diplomatic channels and Interpol.

In Italy, a vast police operation included a search of the home of Licio Gelli, one of the shadiest figures in postwar Italy, who secretly manipulated many aspects of public life through his P2 organisation and has been implicated in right-wing terrorist bombings. In this case, Mr Gelli and his son Maurizio are suspected of money-laundering.

Most of the international suspects refused to comment on the case yesterday, with the exception of Archbishop Carles, who described the accusations against him as calumny.

The operation, code-named "Cheque to Cheque", is unravelling a far-reaching network in which weapons from Yugoslavia have been recycled across the globe via established drugs and other criminal trade routes. It has not been without its setbacks, however. Last summer, an Italian secret service agent involved in the investigation was found hanging by a dressing-gown cord in his bathroom.

The Independent kicks ass :)
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