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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Mar 24, 2022 7:55 pm ... -rcna19731

Leonard Peltier, imprisoned Native American activist, has new message for Biden in clemency push
Peltier, 77, has been held since 1977 for the deaths of two FBI agents. He maintains his innocence, and supporters say he deserves to be released on compassionate grounds. ... ion-prison

US brothers freed after 25 years in prison for murder they did not commit ... /39520444#

Man steals trailer from 'covert' off-site FBI location ... d_Practice

Roziere, B. and K. Walby. ‘Police Militarization in Canada: Media Rhetoric and Operational Realities’. Forthcoming with Policing: a Journal of Policy and Practice ... 096735210X

Failure of the Public Trust

This book is a court document that was unsealed by the Special Division of the United States Court of Appeals. It is proof of the FBI and OIC cover-up in the Independent Counsel's probe into the Death of Deputy White House Counsel Vincent W. Foster. ... /20199874/

Due to lack of participation, FBI won't release quarterly crime stats ... aping-case

FBI informant said he directed suspects to carry out parts of kidnapping plan ... 138200001/

FBI 'snitch' in Whitmer kidnap case should be forced to testify, lawyers say

Robert Snell
The Detroit News ... an-cities/

Republicans won’t tell you the homicide rate and other crime is just as bad where they’re in charge

Secret messages among Wichita-area law enforcement
A pattern of racism and disdain for people shot by police has surfaced in private messages between a small group of Wichita-area law enforcement officers, including several who have shot civilians. ... lain-audit

'Failure to follow its own rules': Rep. Jim Jordan wants FBI to explain audit
by Heather Hamilton, Social Media Reporter  | March 23, 2022 09:40 AM ... -santa-fe/

Coffee With A Cop, FBI Edition, Coming To Santa Fe
* Submitted by Carol A. Clark 
on March 22, 2022

Tracking America's 250,000 unsolved homicides

Murder Accountability Project ... th-sheriff

FBI Agent Loses Self-Defense Appeal Over Fight With Sheriff
March 23, 2022, 5:00 PM

FBI agent, now with anti-Muslim group, punched sheriff
* Court rejects defense that punch was justified
A former Marine and FBI agent, who promotes a view that Muslims are a widespread danger to U.S. society, lost an appeal on self-defense grounds after he was sued for punching a Minneapolis sheriff in an altercation at law enforcement conference in Nevada. ... -milwaukee

FBI teaches students at Alexander Mitchell School about careers in law enforcement
By: Amanda Becker Facebook | Twitter
Posted: Mar 23, 2022 2:47 PM CDT ... harassment. ... 4a2b0df5a/


Nov 18, 2021 — J. Edgar Hoover hid that some witnesses to Malcolm X's murder were F.B.I. informants. ... The exoneration of two men wrongfully convicted of the ... ... s-n1284368

FBI involvement in cover-up of Malcolm X assassination produces more questions than answers

Newsreel Films

What We Want, What We Believe: 
The Black Panther Party Library ... ommitment/

A Drug War Activist Turned to Civil Commitment for Help — and Found a Civil Nightmare
Jordan Michael Smith
March 23 2022, 11:32 a.m. ... ns-israel/

Why Israel Refused to Help Ukraine Defend Itself From Russian Missiles
Robert Mackey ... ntrol-pill

Male Birth Control Pill 99% Effective on Mice Looks Set for Human Trials
03.24.22 ... et-lantern

Meet the Secretive US Company Building an ‘Unbreakable’ Internet Inside Russia
Backed with funding from the U.S. government’s Open Technology Fund, Lantern has spent two years building a peer-to-peer network inside Russia.
DAVID GILBERT ... d-actually

USPS Decides Electric Trucks Are Good, Actually

Postal Service doubles initial EV order to more than 10,000 vehicles ... auto-sears

Tiny ‘Glock Switches’ Have Quietly Flooded the US With Deadly Machine Guns
An investigation by VICE News and The Trace uncovered an alarming surge in criminal cases involving “auto sears” or “switches,” which convert Glock pistols and other common weapons into fully automatic machine guns.
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri May 06, 2022 11:20 am

FBI abandons Carnivore wiretap software
The FBI has effectively abandoned its custom-built Internet surveillance technology, once known as Carnivore, in favor of commercial software and of asking Internet providers to do the spying for them. ... et-wiretap


WASHINGTON, DC -- The controversial Internet surveillance tool known as "Carnivore" has been renamed DCS1000, a name devoid of any negative associations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday, Reuters reported. ... ments.html

Carnivore FOIA Documents

FBI's "Carnivore Splash Screen"
Significant New FBI Carnivore Documents Obtained by EPIC (Released January 14, 2005)
* FBI Report to Congress on Use of Carnivore/DCS 1000 (pdf) (12/18/03) -- Reports that the FBI used commercial software to conduct electronic surveillance eight times in fiscal year 2003, and did not use Carnivore or DCS 1000.
* FBI Report to Congress on Use of Carnivore/DCS 1000 (pdf) (2/24/03) -- Reports that the FBI used commercial software to conduct electronic surveillance five times in fiscal year 2002, and did not use Carnivore or DCS 1000.
Other FBI Carnivore Documents Obtained by EPIC (Released May 24, 2002)
* EPIC Press Release -- "FBI's Carnivore System Disrupted Anti-Terror Probe"
* FBI Memo on "FISA Mistakes" (4/5/00) -- describes how Carnivore interfered with anti-terrorism investigation involving Usama bin Laden
* FBI Memo on Carnivore Legal Questions (4/11/00)
* FBI Memo Responding to Carnivore Legal Questions (4/12/00)
* Court Order Authorizing Carnivore Installation at Earthlink (C.D. Cal. Feb. 4, 2000) -- only known court decision addressing the use of Carnivore, issued after Earthlink challenged an order directing it to allow a Carnivore installation
* FBI Declaration on Carnivore Installation (1/31/00) -- submitted in support of FBI application for Carnivore order
Earlier Material
* Senate Judiciary Committee Letter on Carnivore FOIA Documents
* FBI Response to Senate Judiciary Committee Letter
* U.S. Army Request to FBI for Carnivore ("this software would assist this office's mission")
Second release of Carnivore FOIA Documents (11/16/00). See press release for more details.
* Test report of June 2000 (indicating that Carnivore captures and archives "all unfiltered traffic")
* Deployments (from 1999)
* List of Related Projects
* Omnivore Proposal (includes budget)
* Dragon Net Proposal (includes budget)
* Carnivore Diagrams
* Carnivore Notes
* Questions about Enhanced Carnivore
First release of Carnivore FOIA Documents (10/02/00). See press release for more details.
* Evolution of Carnivore
* Dragon Net - Voice Over IP
* Omnivore Capabilities
* Omnivore Project Closeout
* Omnivore Design
* Omnivore Logon Window
* Omnivore Review
* Omnivore Source Code
* Phiple Troenix (transition from Omnivore to Carnivore)
* Carnivore Purpose
* Carnivore Review
* Carnivore Testing
Analysis of Carnivore documents produced by SecurityFocus.

These documents have been released through a lawsuit EPIC filed against the FBI and the Department of Justice. More information on EPIC's lawsuit is available at the Carnivore FOIA Litigation page. ... t-reveals/

Facebook Provided Warning to FBI Before January 6, GAO Report Reveals ... ta/366420/

FBI Ran Over 3 Million Searches on Americans' Electronic Data ... on-by-fbi/

ZURIK: NOPD Chief confirms 11 officers under criminal investigation by FBI ... _pris.html

FBI agent Ryan Seese sentenced to prison in two Peeping Tom cases in Hershey ... ing-389675

FBI agents face sack for spying on girls undressing
Two FBI agents face the sack for using high-tech equipment to spy on girls undressing at shops in Morgantown, West ... a-florida/

TYLER, Texas (KLTV) - An FBI supervisory special agent based in Louisiana allegedly exposed himself to multiple children and molested one child in a period from 2018 to 2019, and the alleged crimes took place in Florida, Louisiana, and Texas, according to a Smith County affidavit. ... 8f0267202c

‘Under the rug:’ Sexual misconduct shakes FBI’s senior ranks

An assistant FBI director retired after he was accused of drunkenly groping a female subordinate in a stairwell. Another senior FBI official left after he was found to have sexually harassed eight employees. Yet another high-ranking FBI agent retired after he was accused of blackmailing a young employee into sexual encounters. ... SKBN145122

FBI kept tabs on Muhammad Ali in 1966 during Nation of Islam ... ... en-garner/

Cop gets 5 years for rough arrest of woman with dementia
May 6, 2022 ... n-st-pete/

Florida deputy drove over woman as she sunbathed on beach
By Joshua Rhett Miller
May 5, 2022 ... extremism/

U.S. police trainers with far-right ties are teaching hundreds of cops ... arking-lot

Michigan Cops Shot Black 20-Year-Old as He Fled Through Parking Lot, Body Cam Footage Shows

The only thing DeAnthony VanAtten was guilty of was “shopping while Black,” according to his mother.

AJ McDougall Published May. 05, 2022 4:42PM ET

Good Cop, Bad Cop: Using Civilian Allegations to Predict Police Misconduct
* Kyle Rozema
* Max Schanzenbach ... in-chicago

AI Identifies 160 Possible 'Crews' of Criminal Cops in Chicago

The identified groups make up less than 4 percent of Chicago's police force but account for a quarter of all complaints, settlements, and shootings.
By Edward Ongweso Jr
May 5, 2022, 9:00am ... op-police/

13-year-old girl who reported gang-rape in India raped again by cop: police
By Snejana Farberov
May 5 2022 ... s-june-23/

Cop’s murder trial to remain in Fort Worth, begins June 23 2022

May 5, 2022 ... trial.html

Cop accused of trying to meet up with 15-year-old girl bound over for trial
Published: May. 04, 2022, 1:30 p.m. ... rrest.html

Watch: cop threatens and grabs mother of Daunte Wright as she films highway arrest
ROB BESCHIZZA 5:52 AM FRI MAY 6, 2022 ... 2d17b9e2e7

Prince George's County cop guilty for assault that left man paralyzed, judge rules
Bryant Strong was found guilty of second degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct in office, the state's attorney's office says. ... ellow-cop/

Affidavit: Colorado Springs police officer accused of stalking husband, fellow cop
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Sun May 29, 2022 12:02 pm

The Watergate Break-in: 50 Years Later - a free two-day online conference (June 9-10, 2022)

The Watergate Break-in: 50 Years Later
Today is the 50th anniversary of the first Watergate break-in, when James McCord planted bugs in two phones at DNC headquarters and Rolando Martinez snapped 38 photos of documents concerning DNC chairman Larry O’Brien. McCord didn’t know where O’Brien’s office was and tapped the wrong phone with a bug that didn’t work, so the burglars went in again on June 17, 1972, and got caught. 
This free two-day online conference (June 9-10, 2022) will reflect on the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in and the investigation that followed. Speakers include lead Watergate prosecutor Earl Silbert, FBI case agent Angelo Lano and three other FBI investigators, whistleblower Judy Hoback Miller, CNN presidential historian Timothy Naftali, and a distinguished line-up of historians, journalists, academics and published authors on the case.
There has been a resurgence of interest in Watergate in recent years, as parallels have been drawn between Watergate events and the Mueller investigation and presidential impeachment hearings, and each new scandal is dubbed “worse than Watergate.” 
While much has been written about the Nixon White House cover-up and White House tapes, the stories of the burglars and the FBI investigation are less well-known. Fifty years after the break-in, the surviving investigators and prosecutors still don’t understand why the burglars entered DNC headquarters in the early morning hours of June 17, 1972; or how the experienced intelligence operatives in the break-in team made such elementary mistakes, resulting in their arrests and President Nixon’s resignation two years later.
Conference organisers Shane O'Sullivan (Kingston School of Art) and Melissa Graves (Dept of Intelligence and Security Studies, The Citadel) aim to widen the scope of Watergate scholarship and explore some of the remaining mysteries of the case.

Today is the 50th anniversary of the first Watergate break-in, when James McCord planted bugs in two phones at DNC headquarters and Rolando Martinez snapped 38 photos of documents concerning DNC chairman Larry O’Brien. McCord didn’t know where O’Brien’s office was and tapped the wrong phone with a bug that didn’t work, so the burglars went in again on June 17, 1972, and got caught. 
This free two-day online conference (June 9-10, 2022) will reflect on the 50th anniversary of the Watergate break-in and the investigation that followed. Speakers include lead Watergate prosecutor Earl Silbert, FBI case agent Angelo Lano and three other FBI investigators, whistleblower Judy Hoback Miller, CNN presidential historian Timothy Naftali, and a distinguished line-up of historians, journalists, academics and published authors on the case.
There has been a resurgence of interest in Watergate in recent years, as parallels have been drawn between Watergate events and the Mueller investigation and presidential impeachment hearings, and each new scandal is dubbed “worse than Watergate.” 
While much has been written about the Nixon White House cover-up and White House tapes, the stories of the burglars and the FBI investigation are less well-known. Fifty years after the break-in, the surviving investigators and prosecutors still don’t understand why the burglars entered DNC headquarters in the early morning hours of June 17, 1972; or how the experienced intelligence operatives in the break-in team made such elementary mistakes, resulting in their arrests and President Nixon’s resignation two years later.
Conference organisers Shane O'Sullivan (Kingston School of Art) and Melissa Graves (Dept of Intelligence and Security Studies, The Citadel) aim to widen the scope of Watergate scholarship and explore some of the remaining mysteries of the case. 


The phenomenal money guru and whistleblower Catherine Austin Fitts explains how the government is currently operating as a criminal enterprise leading us all to digital enslavement and explains in detail what all of us can do to stop it. This is an urgently important show. Please share with others:

Thank you and kindest regards,
Kristina ... or-mexico/

Tropical Storm Agatha expected to be a rare and dangerous early-season hurricane for Mexico ... n/2795379/

Officer Who Shot Woman, Wounded Cop, Gets Probation ... cle-crash/

NJ cop charged in fatal motorcycle crash

Published: May 27, 2022 ... dents.html

Jury convicts N.J. cop who led group of officers who robbed residents
Updated: May. 27, 2022, 7:06 a.m. | Published: May. 26, 2022, 9:08 p.m. ... 204149.php

Judge: Ex-cop must pay $2.2M to children of woman he killed
May 27, 2022
Updated: May 27, 2022 2:05 p.m ... 201863.php

Old Saybrook cop arrested after bar fight can return to work ...OLD SAYBROOK — A town police officer who allegedly was involved in a brawl at a restaurant in February will be able to return to work after...
. ... n-lawsuit/

Chicago Cop Shot Unarmed 13-Year-Old In His Back While His Hands Were Raised, Family Says In Lawsuit
The boy's family is suing the city and the unnamed officer who shot the teen. “He stopped and put his hands up," one of the family's lawyers said. ... -gun-bust/

NYPD cop indicted after allegedly re-enacting gun bust for body camera
By Craig McCarthy
May 25, 2022 5:15pm Updated ... utor-says/

Beach Haven Cop Left Handgun Near Children, Prosecutor Says ... -shooting/

Republican candidate for Maine House blames ‘liberal teachers’ for Texas ... nj-police/

‘Lap dance’ NYPD cop suspended following tirade with New Jersey police
By Larry Celona, Tina Moore and Rich Calder
May 28, 2022 6 ... 201863.php

New Haven Register
Old Saybrook cop arrested after bar fight can return to work following 90-day suspensionOLD SAYBROOK — A town police officer who allegedly was involved in a brawl at a restaurant in February will be able to return to work after... ... ver-online

Cop Found Guilty of ‘Misconduct’ for Selling Threesomes With Partner Online
Dan Ladden-Hall
News Correspondent
Published May. 26, 2022 6:07AM ET ... 930375002/

Clifton cop pleads guilty to sexually assaulting teenage relative, forfeits employment
Nicholas Katzban ... 36dc3c6c74

FBI records on search for fabled gold raise more questions
By MICHAEL RUBINKAM ... e-threats/

Before massacre, Uvalde gunman frequently threatened teen girls online
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Jul 13, 2022 7:20 pm ... ng-camila/

Part 3: Analysis of Alleged FBI Tampering — Camila
July 13, 2022 ... z7Yx0Y9L1S

Read more: ... z7Yx0hHA7O

FBI Arrest of Florida Man for Short-Barreled Rifle Showcases Absurdity of NFA
Ammoland Inc. Posted on July 13, 2022 by Lee Williams ... om-the-fbi

Bombs, blackmail and wire-taps: how I spent my childhood on the run from the FBI
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Mon Aug 08, 2022 10:03 pm ... in-uvalde/

The Warrior-Cop Ethos and the Stand-Around Cops in Uvalde
In terms of training and equipment, American police have become increasingly militarized. That doesn’t always mean they know how and when to act.
by BILL COBERLY AUGUST 5, 2022 5:30 AM

The FBI admits it’s JFK Assassination Investigation was a Coverup



Oh, well, it’s not like he received a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court or anything.

AUGUST 5, 2022 ... anchorage/

2 Officers Found in Violation
8/5/2022 8:10 AM PT ... 06057.html

Another Fall River police officer is fired. This is the third cop firing since January.
Jo C. Goode, The Herald News
Fri, August 5, 2022, ... 93876.html

WPD officer caught trading child porn, stalking fellow cop on Instagram pleads guilty BY AMY RENEE LEIKER AUGUST 05, 2022 4:23 AM

Read more at: ... rylink=cpy ... gola-three

Albert Woodfox, held in solitary confinement for 43 years, dies aged 75
Woodfox, member of ‘Angola Three’, was wrongfully convicted of 1972 murder of Louisiana prison guard and released only in 2016 ... cronyms-uk

Signs of hate: Parental guide to far-right codes, symbols and acronyms
Explainer: A sample from the UK campaign group Hope Not Hate’s safeguarding guide on the far right ... l-heatings

Florida Global heating means almost every sea turtle now born female
Rising temperatures have made beach sand so warm that eggs incubate above 31C and are overwhelmingly born female, experts say
Global heating means almost every sea turtle now born female ... y-medicare

On the chopping block? Ron Johnson denies threatening social security
Spokesman for Wisconsin senator targeted by Democrats in midterms says he is not trying to end spending on key programs ... wsuit-says

US officer pursuing white suspect held knee on Black man’s neck, lawsuit says
Donovan Johnson accuses Massachusetts police of wrongful arrest and search during incident in Arlington, Massachusetts last year ... tq-authors
US library defunded after refusing to censor LGBTQ authors: ‘We will not ban the books’ ... s-for-now/

Homeland Security to Stop Clearing Cell Phones – for Now ... ics-rules/

Homeland Security Watchdog Previously Accused of Violating Ethics Rules ... -tip-line/

FBI Director: White House Guided Probe into Brett Kavanaugh's Background
You know, that White House with a reputation for its fair and impartial quest for the truth.

By Charles P. PiercePUBLISHED: AUG 4, 2022 ... 00696.html

FBI National Academy Associates, Inc. Announces the 2022-2023 National Board
Fri, August 5, 2022, ... ndictment/

Uhuru’s blast FBI for raid after federal indictment
by: Jeff Patterson
Posted: Aug 4, 2022 / 05:42 PM EDT
Updated: Aug 4, 2022 / 05:55 PM EDT ... ri-strike/

Top Experts Raise Questions Regarding Legal Basis of Zawahiri Strike
by Just Security
August 4, 2022 ... hind-bars/

17 States and DC Have Stopped Reporting Active COVID Cases Behind Bars ... ng-bigger/

The Secret Service Text Cover-Up Keeps Getting Bigger ... r-for-nra/

Outraged Uvalde Residents Rise Up Against Local Fundraiser for NRA ... story.html

NY Daily News
Former Colorado cop sentenced for failing to intervene in violent arrest of woman with dementiaA former Colorado police officer who failed to intervene in another cop's rough arrest of a 73-year-old woman with dementia was sentenced... ... 20222.html

Cop who faced charges in lethal arrest of Freddie Gray promoted to captain of performance standards
Sat, August 6, 2022, ... video-teen

Kim Foxx Wants Probe Of Oak Lawn Cops After Beating Video of Teen
Oak Lawn police and village officials pledge full cooperation with Illinois State Police investigation.
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Sun Nov 20, 2022 10:41 pm ... run-police
November 20, 2022 12:12pm EST
Who is Anderson Lee Aldrich? Suspect in Colorado nightclub shooting had previous major run-in with police
Police arrested Aldrich for for allegedly making bomb threats in 2021 ... ue-mateen/
Father of Pulse gunman was FBI informant, widow's attorneys say
MARCH 26, 2018 ... informant/
Tamerlan Tsarnaev: Terrorist. Murderer,FBI Informant?

Not long after Tamerlan Tsarnaev bombed the Boston Marathon, investigative reporter Michele McPhee went looking for answers. What she discovered, detailed in this exclusive excerpt from her new book, Maximum Harm, might just change how you think about our government and law enforcement forever.
by MICHELE MCPHEE ... 811473007/
Nichols claims FBI official directed bombing McVeigh cohort again claims robbery of a gun collector was simply staged.
By Nolan Clay ... y-theater/

Since 9/11, the FBI has used a tactic that often entraps people who pose no substantial risk — but rarely stops real threats.
Trevor Aaronson, Paul Abowd ... s-12751664
Area 51 blogger Joerg Arnu accuses authorities of sending 'a message to silence' as his homes are raided by FBI and air force agents
Up to 20 agents "in full riot gear" entered each of the properties and seized equipment, including laptops, phones and a drone, says the operator of the Dreamland Resort website, who insists he has not shared any material that is not already in the public domain.
Sunday 20 November 2022 14:43, UK ... f-its-own/

The Miske Files: The FBI Is Investigating One Of Its Own
Details surfacing in recently unsealed search warrant files give more insight into the federal government’s case against Honolulu businessman Mike Miske.
By Ian Lind ... g-big-tech
November 20, 2022
GOP AGs moving forward with lawsuit targeting FBI, top Biden officials for allegedly colluding with Big Tech
AG Eric Schmitt says they'll be taking depositions from Anthony Fauci, Jen Psaki and more
By Joshua Comins | Fox News ... s-law-firm
Top FBI official in L.A. formally recuses himself from investigation into Tom Girardi and his law firm ... ating.html
FBI Redstone: Why its mission is significant and its future fascinating
Published: Nov. 20, 2022, 7:00 a.m. ... denied-it/
FBI agents had sex with prostitutes overseas, then denied it in lie-detector tests
By Lee Brown
December 15, 2021 ... ons-deals/
Hunter Biden partner Tony Bobulinski vows US will be ‘shocked’ by GOP probe
By Emily Crane
November 18, 2022 ... rceration/
Former drug addict, ex-con Ginny Burton speaks out against harm reduction, calls for incarceration
By Ashley Carnahan, Fox News
November 18, 2022 2
Last One over the Wall: The Massachusetts Experiment in Closing Reform Schools
Published: August 1, 1998
Last One over the Wall: The Massachusetts Experiment in Closing Reform Schools by Jerome G. Miller
How it All Began: The Prison-Ashram Project

Two Second Meditation on Anger
“Between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."
-- Viktor E. Frankl ... story.html
Jerome Miller, revolutionized juvenile justice, dies ... story.html
Jerome Miller, 83; altered treatment of juvenile offenders
By J.M. Lawrence Globe Correspondent,August 25, 2015, ... -dead.html
Andrew Vachss, Children’s Champion in Court and Novels, Dies at 79 In hard-edged fiction and in the real-life courtrooms where he practiced law, he sought to shine a light on child sexual abuse
Andrew Vachss worked for Jerome Miller in 1972. ... n-neighbor
Chicago cop arrested at training academy, charged with pulling gun on neighbor
The arrest is the latest embarrassing incident involving a probationary officer as the police department struggles to draw new recruits.
By  Tom Schuba   Nov 18, 2022, 5:58pm EST ... lt-charge/
Dallas cop jailed on aggravated assault charge after he shot at fellow cop, affidavit says
Officers Anthony Heims and Javier Granados were both assigned to the Southeast Patrol Division. ... ance-call/
Women dies after cop handcuffs her
Repealing the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act: Event at Suffolk University

Copaganda ... with-a-cop
Law enforcement 'elves' sought for Roseburg's Shop with a CopRoseburg Police are seeking law enforcement volunteers to join them at the “Shop with a Cop” event for local children sponsored by local... ... index.html
Nearly 200 convictions linked to discredited NYPD cops dismissed at Manhattan DA’s request
By Ray Sanchez, Zenebou Sylla and Kiely Westhoff, CNN
Published 12:08 PM EST, Sat November 19, 2022 ... und-police
November 20, 2022
One of country's most liberal cities takes moderate turn after election, pushes back on 'Defund the Police'
Candidates backed by law enforcement and the Chamber of Commerce are winning in West Hollywood ... Voting.htm
The Nightmare Scenario Is Here - Computer Voting With No Paper Trail
by Lynn Landes 8/5/02
Why won't the Department of Justice (DOJ) investigate electronic vote fraud? Is it because the DOJ and FBI have long been involved in it, themselves? 
“If you did it right, no one would ever know,” said Craig C. Donsanto, head of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Election Crimes Branch, Public Integrity Section (from 1970-2010) in a July 4,1989 Los Angeles Times article about electronic voting machines and vote fraud.

Documents Show FBI Targeting Pro-Choice Movement as Violent Terrorist Threat
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Mon Dec 05, 2022 1:21 pm


Scroll Down for story
Belgian paedophile who kidnapped and murdered children planned to abduct as many youngsters as he could and create an 'underground city' in an abandoned mineshaft ... ar-14.html
‘Heartbreaking': Three Border Patrol Agents 'commit suicide' in three weeks – bringing total this year to 14 as Texas GOP lawmaker claims Biden's border crisis drove 'broken' workers to take their own lives ... in-flames/
5 Secret Service Vehicles Used by Biden’s Detail Burst in Flames
By Steve Neavling ... ne-months/
New Documentary Offers Grunt’s View of War in Afghanistan During Its Last Nine Months
By Ed Rampell - November 29, 2022 ... -impunity/
Why Does U.S. Navy Allow Officers to Commit Gory Murders and Other Atrocities with Impunity?
By Jeremy Kuzmarov - November 30, 2022

December 1, 2022
FBI denies purging conservative employees in letter to Jim JordanJordan may escalate his FBI probe after taking control of the House Judiciary Committee
By Anders Hagstrom | Fox News ... nssen-spy/
FBI alerted notorious spy for Russia to another working for Cuba
As agents were closing in on Ana Montes, one reported the espionage investigation to Robert Hanssen
By Shane Harris November 30, 2022 ... GZXQVJCWY/
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The truth about TV cop showsMost cops don't. My wife, who spent her career as a detectiv

Copaganda ... is-dec-15/
The Ripley Bee
Local ‘Shop with a Cop’ is Dec. 15Shop with a Cop began with Officer Mike Dearing years ago who wanted ... 820ab.html
Undercover FBI agent to share his story with the Wabash Valley
By Hannah Follman Nov 30, 2022 ... y_partner/
“Very loud message”: Ex-FBI official says Oath Keepers verdict makes Trump prosecution more likely
Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe says DOJ just put Trump on notice
By MATTHEW CHAPMAN ... 04947.html
FBI reportedly had up to eight informants in the Proud Boys on Jan 6 ... gJuDfD_BwE
Atlantic City police officer kills ex-girlfriend in murder-suicide
By David Propper
November 30, 2022 ... 5DVR55DOI/ Dayton Daily News
Vandalia cop disciplined for reporting to shooting range under the influenceA Vandalia police officer was suspended for a month and is on a “last chance agreement” for four years, but will avoid criminal charges,... ... -duty-cop/
Fox 59
‘Danger to society’: Indiana mayor lambasts police officer who opened fire on off-duty copSt. John police officer opens fire on vehicle driven by off duty Hammond officer, Mayor of Hammond calls officer danger to society. ... mpensation
Beverly Hills Cop Paid $716,000 Tops California Municipal-Worker CompensationA Beverly Hills cop tops the list of the highest-paid California municipal employees, 100 of whom took home $439,000 or more in total wages... ... al-victims
Fox News
Maryland cop charged with raping woman in custody hit with 50-count indictment revealing 5 total victimsA rookie Maryland cop fired and arrested earlier this month for the alleged rape of a woman held in custody in a Kohl's parking lot was... ... urt-order/
CBS News
Aurora cop found guilty of violating court order: "Very concerning behavior" says judgeA Denver judge found an Aurora police detective guilty of knowingly violating a court order and sentenced her to 12 months probation with... ... HFQ1uQ6BO/
Police: Va. deputy posed as teen online to sexually extort girlRiverside Police Chief Larry Gonzalez said that because of the girl's young age and trauma it will take time to complete their interviews with... ... 022-12-01/
Minneapolis to pay $50000 each to 12 injured by police ...The settlement requires body cameras worn by Minneapolis police to be ... christmas/
Once Was and State Police host first annual “Calcasieu Christmas” ... ary-system
‘Police sexual misconduct is fairly common in many police departments, many state and local law enforcement agencies across the country," ... ... andy-beal/
When the Man Who Sexually Assaults You Is a Cop
Reforming the police has to include dismantling the toxic culture that allows sexual misconduct to flourish.
MAR 30, 2022

Police sexual misconduct: A national scale study of arrested officers ... isconduct/
Predators Behind the Badge: Confronting Police Sexual Misconduct
By Isidoro Rodriguez | March 12, 2020 ... discipline
Sheriff Misses the Old Days When Students Could Have the “Cheeks of Their Ass Torn Off” for Misbehaving
The sheriff announced a new approach to school discipline at a press conference held in front of the county jail.
By Trone Dowd
December 1, 2022 ... ll-of-duty

U.S. Army Planned to Pay Streamers Millions to Reach Gen-Z Through Call of Duty
Internal Army documents obtained by Motherboard provide insight on how the Army wanted to reach Gen-Z, women, and Black and Hispanic people through Twitch, Paramount+, and the WWE.
JOSEPH COX ... ssil-fuel/

Nick Surgey, Lee Fang
Leaked documents show the Empowerment Alliance, a dark-money group tied to energy industry, is planning to inject $1.5 million ... mes-brazil
Lula Aims to Create New Federal Police Unit to Curb Environmental Crimes in Brazil
"Reverting the destruction from the past administration and taking meaningful action to protect the Amazon and the climate must be a priority of the new government," said one advocate.
December 1, 2022 ... ion-budget

Pentagon Fails Another Audit, Yet Congress Poised to Approve $847 Billion Budget
"This isn't using our taxpayer dollars wisely," said the National Priorities Project. "It's robbing programs that we need, like the discontinued child tax credit that cut child poverty by half."
December 1, 2022 ... reme-court
It's Time to Rethink Our Reliance on the Supreme Court
Together we can work toward combating Christian nationalism and continue striving for a more inclusive America—with or without the Supreme Court of the United States.
December 1, 2022 ... -75-years/
Fracking Firm Agrees to Pay a Small Town’s Water Bills for 75 Years
A fracking company has been convicted 14 years after polluting water wells in Dimock, Pennsylvania.
By Mike Ludwig , TRUTHOUT ... us-attacks
El Salvador journalists sue NSO Group in US over alleged Pegasus attacks
Tico Times
December 1, 2022
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Dec 30, 2022 4:13 pm ... dium=email

Everyone should be aware of the work of Sasha Latypova and Katherine Watts, revealing that the DOD is the true manufacturer and controller of the mRNA products
Pharma companies were actually small subcontractors carrying out their paymaster DOD's instructions
See video here ... email#play

Slides used in this video are here (link expires on January 3, 2023).

Meryl Nass MD
December 29,2022

Family of former Stoughton police explorer files wrongful death lawsuit against 3 police officers
Laura Crimaldi, The Boston Globe
December 30, 2022
The estate of a young woman who killed herself last year while expecting her first child filed a wrongful death lawsuit Thursday against three former Stoughton police officers, accusing them of pushing her to suicide with a decade-long scheme of “grooming and repeated sexual assaults from a young age.”

Copaganda ... 0d659.html
Leader Publications
Jeffco Shop with a Cop brings joy to local children“This is a record-breaking year for Jeffco Shop with a Cop,” Griffaw said. For this year's event, police officers and other first responders... ... eputy-job/
Virginia cop and cross-country killer listed father, State Police officer, friend as references for deputy job
by: Olivia Jaquith
Posted: Dec 28, 2022 ... fbi-trump/
How the GOP Learned to Hate the FBI ... ld-office/

David Sundberg Named Assistant Director in Charge of FBI’s Washington Field Office
Previously he served as assistant special agent in charge of WFO’s Counterterrorism Division and chief of the Tactical Section of the Critical Incident Response Group.
Homeland Security Today
December 29, 2022 ... i-academy/
Auburn deputy chief of police graduates from FBI Academy
The 284th session consistent of 237 law enforcement officers from 49 states and the District of Columbia. The class included members of law enforcement agencies from 25 countries, five military organizations, and five federal civilian organizations. ... lk-jowers/
FBI never investigated man court found culpable for Martin Luther King Jr. assassination
Despite confessing to, and being found liable in court for, the MLK assassination, the Bureau didn’t investigate Loyd Jowers
Written by Emma North-Best ... government
Are the FBI and Big Tech now the Fourth Branch of Government?
A Commentary By Brain C. Joondeph
Friday, December 30, 2022 ... -roy-cohn/
Ed Murphy: Gay Blackmailer and Activist – Chapter 4 – Secret Lives: J. Edgar Hoover and Roy Cohn
Posted by Censor Librorum on Jun 17, 2021 | Categories: Accountability, Arts & Letters, History, Humor, Lesbians & Gays, Politics, Scandals, Sex
Ed Murphy told me: “J. Edgar Hoover is one of my sisters.” ... lt-the-fbi
The man who built the FBI
by Sean Durns
December 29, 2022 10:05 PM
Queer Hoover: Sex, Lies, and Political History
Claire Bond Potter ... 30225.html
Gossip Men
J. Edgar Hoover, Joe McCarthy, Roy Cohn, and the Politics of Insinuation
Christopher M. Elias ... trump.html

Inside the F.B.I. File of Trump's Mentor, Roy Cohn
Oct 1, 2019 — The F.B.I. files suggest that Mr. Cohn and Mr. Hoover shared a special bond. “You are such a great institution up and down this nation,” Mr. ... 66659448c/
Video: FBI, Justice Department advise how to stay safe from cyber threats ... ing-pants/
Trucker says FBI John Yervelli agent wasn’t wearing pants
while driving on freeway.
'You Be Jealous of My Big A**': Florida Cop Fired After Dragging Uncooperative Woman ... assengers/
Video shows Nashville airport cop threatening to arrest stranded Southwest passengers
By Snejana Farberov
December 30, 2022 ... 84332.html
A cop barricaded himself inside his Florida home. Then he began shooting, agency says BY MADELEINE MARR DECEMBER 30, 2022 12:36 PM

Read more at: ... rylink=cpy
Drunk FDNY lieutenant took swing at Penn Station Amtrak officers, cops say
By Larry Celona and Craig McCarthy
December 30, 2022 ... -jail.html
Boing Boing
Tampa fires cop who dragged handcuffed woman into jailTampa cop Gregory Damon was fired this week after footage emerged of him physically dragging a woman into jail. Though the woman refused to ... 1b572.html
Wide blue line saves cop's career after domestic case
Dec 29, 2022 ... ainst-cop/
Man sues ex-Hillsborough deputy 2 years after dropped case against cop
Sgt. Janak Amin was fired and arrested over Carl Elkins’ arrest, but prosecutors found scarce evidence of a crime. ... rges-loom/
Cop avoids prison, but more criminal charges loom
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Jan 21, 2023 4:11 pm ... earned-fbi

Published January 18, 2023
Elon Musk chose us to report on the Twitter Files. Here are the disturbing things I learned about the FBI
It's time to investigate the FBI's role in the Hunter Biden laptop disinformation campaign ... s/2952718/
Cop Accused: Several Domestic Violence Cases Arise in Miami-Dade in Recent Days
In another case of domestic violence, a man is accused of stabbing his wife to death after arguing about their failed marriage, police say
By Jamie Guirola and NBC 6 ... egins-week
Joliet Cop Bill Busse's Criminal Trial Gets Last Minute Delay
Former Joliet police officer Bill Busse is accused of attacking his ex-wife on multiple occasions. He was arrested twice in 2019
Posted Mon, Jan 16, 2023 at 11:16 pm CT ... e-academy/
JANUARY 17, 2023
Naperville Police Accepting Applications for Spring Citizen Police Academy
Interactive 10-week course begins March 8, 2023 ... utors-say/
Texas DPS trooper Lee Ray Boykin found guilty of using authority to sexually assault women, prosecutors say
A jury determined that Boykin deprived two women of their rights when, while on duty as a law enforcement officer in August 2020, he coerced them to perform oral sex in a parking lot in Houston.
JANUARY 17, 2023, 12:54 PM ... d-growing/
Police Reform Hasn’t Failed, ‘It’s Alive And Growing’
By Samuel Walker | July 19, 2022 ... -verra-aoe
Revealed: more than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest provider are worthless, analysis shows
Investigation into Verra carbon standard finds most are ‘phantom credits’ and may worsen global heating
Nowhere else to go’: Alto Mayo, Peru, at centre of conservation row
* Greenwashing or a net zero necessity? Scientists on carbon offsetting
* Carbon offsets flawed but we are in a climate emergency ... en-rowley/
“What if you lived in a country where, after the Administration negligently failed to prevent a major terrorist attack, they deliberately exploited everyone’s fears and utilized shock doctrine to do INSANELY stupid and dangerous things: things like launching costly pre-emptive wars, subverting law, and destroying the checks and balances of the Constitution and common standards of decency by re-instituting torture? Well, We DO live in that country.” ... een-rowley
FBI’s opposition to releasing Leonard Peltier driven by vendetta, says ex-agent
Coleen Rowley .Exclusive: retired FBI agent Coleen Rowley calls for clemency for Indigenous activist who has been in prison for nearly 50 years ... mlk-jr-day
Thinking About George Washington's Teeth on MLK, Jr. Day
I wonder if we are all taught the story about the wooden teeth to cover up the story of the slaves' teeth. Perhaps Washington himself, ashamed of the truth, promoted the wooden teeth story. ... nt-system/
Citizens Police Oversight Commission releases a statement regarding rollout of new case management system
For immediate release: January 17, 2023Published by: Citizens Police Oversight Commission Contact: Daniel Guy (215) 685-0891 ... 0c7df88e8a
New Photograph Shows Serious Injuries On Memphis Man Who Died In Police Custody Tyre Nichols: Memphis police under scrutiny in fatal traffic stop ... ing-longer
Why data from 15 cities shows police response times are taking longer
By Martin Kaste
Published January 17, 2023 at 4:09 AM CST ... -shooting/
Driver says police didn’t respond to gunshot on 385
by: Melissa Moon
Posted: Jan 17, 2023 / 09:36 PM CST
Updated: Jan 18, 2023 / 05:29 AM CST ... wednesday/
Cincinnati police officer’s career to end in disgrace with criminal convictions Wednesday ... 805800007/
Police oversight on the ballot: What to know about Burlington's 'Community Control Board'
Lilly St. Angelo
Burlington Free Press
FOR ACTUAL BILL SEE ... pdf#page=9 ... index.html
Police Officer who admitted to 49 sex offenses sacked, as questions mount over trust in the police
By Niamh Kennedy and Lauren Kent, CNN
Published 11:50 AM EST, Tue January 17, 2023 ... peratures/
Parts of Greenland now hotter than at any time in the past 1,000 years, scientists say ... e-charges/
Kennebunk police officer faces sexual abuse charges
Andrew Belisle, 71, pleaded not guilty to four charges Wednesday related to the alleged sexual abuse of a 14-year-old.
ABC News Live: DOJ declined to send FBI to Biden’s home over docs, sources say
Plus, the latest on the war in Ukraine, and an update on the looming battle over the debt ceiling.
January 18, 2023
Alec’s Copaganda Newsletter ... cop-event/
HPD hosts first ‘Coffee With A Cop’ event ... cop-event-
Wednesday, January 18th 2023, 7:51 am
By: News On 6 ... resources/
Local law enforcement agencies and FBI looking to share resources Published 11:45 am Wednesday, January 18, 2023 By
Read more at: ... resources/ ... -response/
Eddie Murphy Says Beverly Hills Cop 4 Action Scenes Almost Killed Him
Star Eddie Murphy teases the thrilling action scenes in the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, joking that some of them almost killed him ... 872fe62143
The FBI's Source Of Trust Just Got Hacked
Saryu NayyarForbes Councils Member ... -business/
FBI Deputizes Business
Sale or No Sale; Hacker Leaks FBI’s InfraGard database Online can confirm that the InfraGard database is also circulating on several Russian cybercrime forums and Telegram groups.
Surveillance ... msab-data/
January 16, 2023
Cellebrite Data Leak Details
The Petah Tikva, Israel-based Cellebrite is frequently criticized for aiding governments with its tools and spyware to monitor the activities of human rights activists, officials, dissidents, and journalists.
Hacktivists Leak 1.7TB of Cellebrite, 103GB of MSAB Data
The data is now available for download on DDoSecrets and the official website Enlace Hacktivista. ... ty-atlanta
Georgia trooper stable after being shot, protester killed near controversial 'Cop City' police facility site
By FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team
Published January 18, 2023 ... 37536.html
After Not Getting Extra Cheese On Big Mac
1/18/2023 ... onths.html
Paterson cop indicted for second time in six months
Jan. 18, 2023, 3:43 p.m.|Published: Jan. 18, 2023, 3:26 p.m. ... una-trial/
The Intercept
Mexico's Former Top Cop Is on Trial in New York. Will the U.S. ...Mexico's Former Top Cop Is on Trial in New York. Will the U.S. Be Implicated? Genaro García Luna, a drug war insider facing charges of colluding... ... w/33117067
CBS Copaganda show 'FBI' roasted over contributing to police fentanyl panic in new episode
By Alex Galbraith ... -copaganda
The Rookie: Feds and East New York Put a New Spin — or Two — on Copaganda
ABC's Rookie spinoff borders on situation comedy, while the CBS procedural takes a much more earnest route.
BY STEPHEN ROBINSON ... lue-bloods
How 70 years of cop shows taught us to valorize the police Early Hollywood treated the cops as incompetent fools. Then everything changed.
By Constance Grady@constancegrady
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Jan 27, 2023 11:40 pm

Copaganda ... er-cancer/
TV Insider
‘FBI’: Jeremy Sisto Teases Tension Between Jubal & Maggie as He Deals with Son’s Health ScareDon't Miss a Thing! Subscribe to our FBI Newsletter: Assistant Special Agent in Charge Jubal Valentine
Copaganda - Police in the Media ... est-quotas

BPD Scandal: Whistleblower reveals racism, anti-homeless sentiment, overtime abuse and arrest quotas
We have recently been made aware of a number of illegal and unsavory activities within the Berkeley Police Department’s Downtown Task Force/Bike Unit based on emails containing screenshots from group text messages that were sent to City Council on November 10th. This ranges from racism and anti-homeless sentiment to overtime abuse and arrest quotas (which are illegal under California law). More information can be found in this press release. It is very possible that Interim Police Chief Jen Louis had knowledge of this information prior to its publication, and given she runs the department she certainly should have - but we cannot know until a proper investigation has been completed.

People's Police Report #88 - January 2023
Table of Contents
(Currently text only. Note: you can also see a pdf version of the newsletter with graphics)

• Portland Police Shoot Three More Times in Worst Year Since 2001   
  • OR Law Enforcement Break Record for Most Deadly Force in a Year   
• City Pays Out Almost $350,000 More for Four Protest Cases   
• Judge Losing Patience in US Dept of Justice Lawsuit   
• Statewide Commission Creates Weak Discipline Standards   
• Existing Oversight System Treading Water Awaiting Transition   
• Commission Designing New Oversight Board Lists Possible Components   
• It's Pickleball 11, Houseless 0 as City Preps Mass Encampments   
• Mayor Wheeler Calls BS on Police for Blaming Crime on Lack of Officers   
• Mayor Accepts Advisory Group Plan to Install Invasive Shot Spotter   
• Police Rename Crowd Control Policy to Address "Public Order"   
• PPB Tells Training Council about Disparate Force on Black Portlanders   
• Quick Flashes PPR #88:   
 • Former PPB Assistant Chief Tells Idaho Cops "We Beat Up Portlanders"
 • Feds Made "Baseball Cards" for Protestors During 2020 Uprising
 • PPB Sergeant Arrested for Sexual Assault
 • Police Campaign for School Cops-Again 
• New Review Board Report Goes Easy on Shooter Cops   
• Rapping Back #88 -- Analysis of Police "Union" Web Postings ... 2917007%2F
Austin American-Statesman
Austin police union takes a side on dueling oversight plans ...The union for Austin police officers is financially backing a group seekin ... condition/
Crash involving Seattle police vehicle leaves woman in critical condition
Jan. 24, 2023 at 6:46 am Updated Jan. 24, 2023 at 6:46 am ... iral-video
Kansas City, Kansas, police officer on leave as department reviews behavior in viral video ... mediately/

‘This is not a scandal,’ Oakland Police Chief says
by: Alex Baker, Amy Larson, Haaziq Madyun
Posted: Jan 23, 2023 / 11:14 AM PST
Updated: Jan 23, 2023 / 05:18 PM PST ... dismissed/

Judge dismisses lawsuit by former Charlottesville police chief
By Justin Jouvenal
January 24, 2023 at 7:00 a.m. EST ... leblowers/
Tribunal in Washington Calls on President Biden to End Prosecution of Julian Assange and to Defend Rights of Journalists and Whistleblowers
By Chris Garaffa - January 24, 2023
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Feb 15, 2023 1:12 pm

3 ... hael-baron

PORTLAND (WGME) – Two more officer-involved shootings in Maine have been ruled justified.
The Attorney General's Office has never found a police shooting unjustified in Maine.
In more than 130 reviews of police shootings since 1995, the Office of the Maine Attorney General has always found the officer was justified and should not face criminal charges.

We brought Mike Ruppert to speak at Bates College in 1996
Michael Ruppert Collapse (Full Documentary Movie 2009 ...
LBJ Killed JFK
Clinton Murchison Sr.
The allen ginsberg project
The Secrets of J. Edgar Hoover
MAY 2, 2022
FEB 10, 2023
The FBI’s Most Controversial Surveillance Tool Is Under Threat
A review of the FBI’s access to foreign intelligence reveals troubling misuse of powerful surveillance tech ... tleblower/
CovertAction Bulletin: NLRB Rules in Favor of Apple Whistleblower
By Rachel Hu and Chris Garaffa - February 9, 2023 0 ... -protests/
The Intercept
How the FBI Infiltrated Racial Justice Protests in 2020A new podcast from reporter Trevor Aaronson details the story of an FBI informant who infiltrated the racial justice movement in Denver. ... February 10 2023, 3:.. ... ne-friday/

Record-high temperatures in the 50s expected in Maine Friday
by CBS 13 ... apitalism/
Nestlé’s Blatant Misconduct Shows Us the Darkness of Capitalism
By Ashley Gjøvik - February 7, 2023
15 Best Whistleblower Podcasts
Feb 04, 2023⋅Contents
The best Whistleblower podcasts from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority & freshness. ... uary-2023/

Robert Woodson on The Steve Malzberg Show - 10 February 2023
On today's show we discuss the exploitation of the Tyre Nichols shooting and the latest woke production from Disney.
GUEST OVERVIEW: Robert Woodson is a Civil Rights Veteran, Author, Founder of ... -festering
February 10, 2023
DOJ, FBI targeting Catholics as 'violent extremists' under scrutiny by state AGs: 'Bigotry' is 'festering'
GOP AGs say that a FBI field office memo targeting Catholics is 'unconstitutional and deeply un-American' ... -rcna70140
Texas AG settles with former aides who reported him to FBI
Ken Paxton has agreed to apologize and pay $3.3 million in taxpayer money to four former staffers who accused him of corruption in 2020, igniting an ongoing FBI investigation. ... e-hearing/
House committee on weaponization holds first hearing
The Intercept
House “Weaponization” Committee Arms Itself, Takes Aim at Biden, FB ... -book-says

FBI agent joins Horseracing Integrity and Welfare Unit
Matt HegartyFeb 10, 2023 ... story.html

J. Edgar Hoover found respite at Del Mar Racetrack
By Jonathan Horn
San Diego Union-Tribune
Political Corruption and Organized Crime in Louisiana: The FBI Files on Earl Long
Michael L. Kurtz ... 90ccd6f75f
Boise Police body camera footage shows a man being arrested after filming policeA man said he was falsely arrested while filming police and has filed a notice of a tort claim against the City of Boise and the Boise... ... -comments/
Vermont investigating report of racism by state troopers
Feb. 10, 2023 at 2:39 PM ... dium=email

James Corbett and I dig deeper into the background of the global biosecurity state--which preceded and underlines the WHO power grab
One pandemic after another has been rolled out to condition us to think them inevitable, that we need to shift our societies to be ready to deal with them, trading freedom for some elusive safety ... ng-halicin

Well, I never: AI is very proficient at designing nerve agents
John Naughton ... al-heating
Cacti replacing snow on Swiss mountainsides due to global heating
Invasive species proliferating in Valais is encroaching on natural reserves and posing a biodiversity threat ... es-die-out
Climate breakdown could cause British apples to die out, warn experts
Japan’s Fuji and New Zealand gala could replace pippin and russet as rising temperatures threaten homegrown species ... hild-abuse

Video of probation officer bending teen sparks outrage, allegations of excessive force
A supervisor keeps job at a Malibu juvenile facility despite a panel of probation officials calling for his firing. ... power-trip
Cop Video Shows Military General Confront TV Reporter Before Journalist's Arrest ... eita-oneil
San Francisco's DA Says The Criminal Case Against A Cop Who Shot An Unarmed Black Man Was "Political" And Won't Take It To Trial ... 27624.html
Alabama Cop Sentenced In Murder Of Woman, Attempted Murder Of Partner In 'Love Triangle Gone Wrong'A one-time Birmingham detective was handed a life sentence for the fatal shooting of a woman she'd caught having sex with her common-law... ... brutality/
A working-class road to end cop brutality
Vol. 87/No. 7
February 20, 2023 ... 7fbe4.html
Post and Courier
S'ville cop served with 10-year sentenceWade Franklin Rollings, a former evidence custodian for the Summerville Police Department, has been formally convicted for his role in the...

CAUGHT IN THE ACT cop ‘caught using sneaky switcheroo trick to shoplift from Walmart made shocking statement to employees’
Jacob WillefoFeb 11 2023

Copaganda ... -scrapped/
Screen Rant
Why Eddie Murphy's Lost Beverly Hills Cop TV Show Pilot ...Eddie Murphy and Brandon T. Jackson teamed up for a Beverly Hills Cop pilot that didn't make it to air, and there are a few reasons why. Beverly... ... 813432.cms
Times of India
Inspector misbehaves with woman copHyderabad: Santosh Nagar inspector T Vamshi Krishna was attached ... d-driving/
The Chatham Voice
Windsor cop charged with impaired drivingWindsor cop charged with impaired driving ... A Windsor police officer is facing impaired driving charges following a traffic stop in Chatham-Kent early this. ... na/002000c
The Mainichi
Osaka cop gets pay cut after part-time work as sex service ...Osaka cop gets pay cut after part-time work as sex service driver expose

Bangkok Post
RTP probes general, suspends senior absentee c

Bangkok Post
RTP probes general, suspends senior absentee copRTP probes general, suspends senior absentee cop. published : 11 Feb 2023 at 10:17. newspaper section: News. writer: Wassayos Ngamkham. ... ng-on-food
Japanese female inmate awaiting execution dies after choking on food PUBLISHED : 15 JAN 2023 ... d-29188660
Daily Record
Scots cop accused of raping child 'laughed' at allegations in police interview, court toldScots cop accused of raping child 'laughed' at allegations in police interview, court told. Martyn Coulter is alleged to have raped a woman and assaulted her... ... source=nba
Scots firearms cop in court over plot to share indecent images of children with officers
Jack Addis, from Perthshire, is alleged to have exchanged more than 2500 Category A images with fellow cops Jeremy Laxton and the Chief Inspector Richard Watkinson on a computer hard drive between January 2018 and July 2021 ... -drug-bust
Cop , 2 others fall in Calamba City drug bust
By: Delfin T. Mallari Jr. @dtmallarijrINQ - @inquirerdotnet
Inquirer Southern Luzon / 10:03 AM February 11, 2023 ... drop-dead/
Biden to Syrian Earthquake Victims: DROP DEAD
By Jeremy Kuzmarov - February 10, 2023 ... years-ago/
CIA Spied on Mexican Revolutionary Workers Party, Interfered in Union Elections and Collaborated With Anti-Union Thugs Who Broke Up Strike at Ford Cuautitlán Assembly Plant Thirty-Three Years Ago
By Rob McKenzie - February 11, 2023 ... scientists
Experts Condemn Biden Admin's Proposed 'Gag Rule' for Federal Scientists
"This restriction on discussing the implications of research has no place in a scientific integrity policy," said one government accountability expert.
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Mar 04, 2023 2:04 pm

1. ... -pandemic/
Was the Pentagon and CIA Behind the COVID-19 Pandemic?
By Jeremy Kuzmarov - February 27, 2023 ... -on-drones
US Military Signs Contract to Put Facial Recognition on Drones
Operators will use the tech on small drones to help them with intelligence gathering, reconnaissance, and identifying targets.
By Matthew Gault
February 27, 2023, ... -fly-list/
FBI agents immune from suit over retaliatory use of No Fly List
MANHATTAN — A federal court in New York granted immunity to FBI agents who kept Muslim citizens on the Terrorist Screening Center’s No Fly List in retaliation for their refusal to act as informants and spy on members of their religious communities. The agents’ “misuse” of the list is protected by qualified immunity because their behavior did not violate the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.
BRIEF / February 27, 2023 ... don-cheese
Far from justice’: why are nearly half of US murders going unsolved?
Homicide ‘clearance rates’ have plummeted over the past four decades, compounding relatives’ trauma
by Abené Clayton in Los Angeles ... ontractor/
“The Americans have drones, they have planes, they have sophisticated equipment,” a Nigerien activist told The Intercept. “But it’s not helping.”
Nick Turse
February 20 2023, 6:00 a.m. ... ga-prison/
‘Impossible to escape’: El Salvador unveils new mega-prison for gangs
By Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
February 26, 2023 ... gathering/
2 state troopers placed on paid leave during investigation into racist, misogynistic language at off-duty gathering
By Sarah Mearhoff
Feb 24 2023 ... re-nichols
What Is SkyCop? The Controversial Camera That Caught Cops Beating Tyre Nichols
Memphis has a system of over 2,000 “SkyCop” cameras that police can tap into and manually adjust. But not everyone thinks they make the city safer.
By Nora Neus ... e-8469702/
Rajasthan lynching case: Cop vigilante, vigilante cops
The Junaid and Nasir case involved the abduction, lynching, shooting and burning the captured persons. Such operations qualify as serious criminal activities
February 27, 2023 18:39 IST ... /102027412
Cop Thomas Booker apologises over sophisticated online drug trafficking syndicate
By Claire Campbell ... 57919.html
Cop who killed ex-minister praised by the Odisha Police 45 times
If Tusharkanti Behera, the minister of state for Home’s reply to a query is any indication, Das, who was recruited in the Police force in 1992, had an excellent track record for investigation and good work in policing.
Statesman News Service | Bhubaneswar | February 27, 2023 ... l-29321810
Daily Star
Cop sacked over sex scandal accuses chief of 'dark, white or milk chocolate' innuendoA US cop fired over claims she had sex with several other officers has filed a sexual harassment complaint against her former boss. ... committee/
Fired Cops and ‘Defund the Police’ Activists Sit On NH House Criminal Justice Committee
February 26, 2023
One is a former cop who is fighting to keep the records surrounding his firing from the force secret.
Another is a progressive who has spoken at “defund the police” rallies urging drastic restrictions on policing.
And another used her social media account to echo antisemite Louis Farrakhan’s language about Jews being “termites.”
What do they all have in common? ... aign=cppst
Times of India
Drunk cop slaps man in bar in Navi Mumbai, smashes police vehicle; no arrest yetWhile the "drunk cop" was being taken away to the police station, he smashed the rear window pane of the police jeep and damaged it, said inspector Bhosale. At...

Copaganda ... on-monday/
WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM
Cops go “Wild” for chicken wings at Onalaska fundraiser on MondayMonday, between noon and 8 p.m., is when Onalaska police officers will help out at Buffalo Wild Wings for the 13th Annual “Cops Gone Wild” event with some ... r-AA17YvzV
Female trainee cop raped by police constable in Dergaon, accused arrested ... ical-bias/
Thank God for the whistleblowers exposing the FBI’s blatant political bias
By Miranda Devine
February 26, 2023 ... conspiracy
The Necessary Embrace of Conspiracy
Several years ago I gave a talk on Martha's Vineyard about many of the people whose portraits I've painted in the Americans Who Tell the Truth series. I spent some time talking about the legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. When I talk about King, I like to focus on his last year --- the period when, defying the advice of many of his advisors in the civil rights movement, he spoke against the Vietnam War, equating racism with imperialism.
Aug 31, 2007
Common Dreams ... MEFKUQMDM/
FBI Jacksonville holding job fair to recruit new diverse special agents
By News Staff
February 27, 2023 at 6:22 am EST ... 234685050/
The FBI’s Persecution of Sidney Poitier
A Rolling Stone FOIA request has unearthed the FBI’s files on the trailblazing actor and activist, who was targeted for a program that brought Obama’s father to America.
FEBRUARY 26, 2023 ... 234602217/
Aretha Franklin Was Tracked By the FBI for 40 Years. Here’s What’s In Her File
The agency tried — and failed — for decades to tie the Queen of Soul to "extremists"
BY JENN DIZE, AFENI EVANS ... i-and-nypd
Malcom X's family is suing the CIA, FBI and NYPD
February 27, 2023 3:26 AM
Leila Fadel and
Shelby Hawkins

BLACK AMERICANS: THE FBI FILES (New York: Carroll and Graff, 1994)

"RACIAL MATTERS:" THE FBI's SECRET FILE ON BLACK AMERICA, 1960-1972 (New York:  Free Press, 1989; paper ed., 1991)

‘Hidden Figures' Author Impresses Full House at MLK Observance
January 12, 2017
By Noell Saunders ... 09958.html
Officers, command staff resign after south Georgia police chief arrested by GBI ... e-internet
How Shock Sites Shaped The Internet
We owe the cultural evolution of the internet to the likes of 'Two Girls, One Cup,' 'Goatse,' and 'Tubgirl.'
By Blake Hester
February 27, 2023 ... ing-tools/

Yet Another Former Israeli Intelligence Officer Linked To Yet Another Shady Company Offering Hacking Tools
Mis)Uses of Technology
Mon, Feb 27th 2023 03:34pm - Tim Cushing
I’m not sure what’s happening inside Israel’s intelligence services, but it’s not sending the world its best when it’s done with them. ... unaltered/
Supreme Court Denies Cert To NSA Case, Allows State Secret Privilege To Roll On Unaltererd
Legal Issues
from the press-F-to-escape-lawsuit dept
Mon, Feb 27th 2023 10:48am - Tim Cushing ... llin-says/
We Face a Climate Abyss, But There Are Sparks of Hope, Robert Pollin Says
We must embrace the positive developments so that we can build effectively from them, the progressive economist argues.
By C.J. Polychroniou , TRUTHOUT
February 26, 2023 ... 234687613/
FBI Arrests Jan. 6 ‘Seditious Panda’
Jesse James Rumson, the man who allegedly breached the Capitol while wearing a costume panda head, was arrested Monday by federal authorities
Retired N.J. trooper charged in Jan. 6 storming of Capitol told FBI he was looking for a bathroom
Feb. 27, 2023
February 27, 2023
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Mar 22, 2023 9:11 pm ... xual-abuse
US Christian group accused of covering up sexual abuse of minors
Lawsuits claim International Churches of Christ leaders failed to report as well as plotted to conceal abuse of women and children
Gain of function research ... eport.html
End of the Met Police ? Suella Braverman vows to do whatever it takes - including breaking up the Metropolitan Police into smaller forces - to sort out rogue cops ahead of release of damning report
* Baroness Casey's review of the failings in Met is due to be published tomorrow
* Read more: Fury as Met Police plans to spend £440,000 on framing certificates 
PUBLISHED: 18:32 EDT, 19 March 2023 | UPDATED: 18:32 EDT, 19 March 2023 ... look-good/
CNN anchor Erin Burnett says evidence of Chinese money to Bidens ‘doesn’t look good’
By Patrick Reilly
March 18, 2023

Strange events
Dr. John Campbell
2.73M subscribers ... 09266.html
US authorities arrest alleged BreachForums owner and FBI hacker Pompompurin
For the time being, the dark web forum is still up and running. ... ea-portal/

Two U.S. Men Charged in 2022 Hacking of DEA Portal
March 14, 2023 ... ars-later/
Learning about the truth of Black history: A look into an FBI-influenced rivalry that recently ended over 50 years later
The Black Panther Party and the US Organization signed a peace treaty on Oct. 22 to signify the unity between the two groups
Waco The Rules of Engagement ... 498337002/
A real life Training Day: A corrupt cop lead to nearly 200 wrongful convictions
James Brown ... 9235007%2F
Detroit Free Press
Woman who was cop sues brotherhood: They bet on who would sleep with me first
As she downed the Fireball shot, Teresa Williams saw herself as one of the guys. She was the first female cop in Iron Mountain,...

Copaganda ... e-springs/
The National Tribune
Coffee with Cop at Heritage SpringsIn partnership with Cardinia Shire's Safer Communities Partnership Committee, Victoria Police will host a 'Coffee with a Cop' event at Heritage Springs... ... -showtime/

'Waco: The Aftermath': Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Everything You Need to Know
The story of the American tragedy continues this April. ... 235340480/
The streamer is also adding two new documentary series, Waco: American Apocalypse and Emergency: NYC. Netflix bills the former three-part project as the “definitive account” of what happened in Waco, Texas, in 1993, released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the 51-day siege in which the FBI sought to take down cult leader David Koresh. Directed by Night Stalker‘s Tiller Russell, the show is set to feature exclusive access to recently unearthed FBI video and recordings. Emergency: NYC comes from the creators of docuseries Lenox ... r-auction/
Eric the Talking Lion in Fawcett's Slam Bang Comics, Up for Auction
The early Golden Age title Slam Bang Comics from Fawcett Publications contained an eclectic mix of features, one based on a Fawcett editor. ... streaming/
Tahoe Daily Tribune
Harveys bombing documentary now streaming ...KCRA Special Projects Producer-Reporter Dave Manoucheri said the documentary features interviews with retired FBI agent Bill Jonkey and retired bomb sq ... hawn-ryan/
TV Insider
‘The Night Agent’ Boss on Star Gabriel Basso’s ‘Badass’ Turn in Gripping FBI Action Series“My orders are to protect you with my life,” vows earnest FBI agent Peter Sutherland (Gabriel Basso) to terrified murder witness Rose Larkin (Luciane... ... mmunities/
How to combat hate in your community before it becomes a crime
March 19, 2023 at 5:48 p.m. EDT ... il-guards/
AG Letitia James’ ‘Drag Story Hour’ draws over 100 protesters, cops, even NYC Council guards
By Kyle Schnitzer and Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
March 19, 2023

Cop suspended for thrashing disabled man in Manipur
Read more at: ... aign=cppst ... 57431.html
Transwoman cop in TN puts in papers over ‘harassment’
She further said that she was being mentally tortured by her superior officers and hence, she could no longer serve in the department.
19th March 2023 08:37 AM  |   Last Updated: 19th March 2023 03:04 PM ... 39245.html
Guards shoot at off-duty deputy trying to crash gate at Navy base, California cops sayGuards shoot at off-duty deputy trying to crash gate at Navy base, California cops say. By Don Sweeney. March ... ed-313264/
Cop’s Death In CBI Custody, Investigations Launched
By KL News Network -
6:48 pm March 19, 2023 ... artphones/
COP CHECKED The Met Police set to spy on its force as it hands out 29,000 monitored smartphones
Mike Sullivan
Published: 22:58, 19 Mar 2023Updated: 0:42, 20 Mar 2023
THE Met Police is giving 29,000 smartphones to cops and staff but warns they will be monitored for bad behaviour.
Anti-corruption teams will be able to spy on them, check their messages and even location by satellite technology. ... s?from=mdr
8 cops booked for melting idol for ‘gold’
KUMAR MUKESH / TNN / Updated: Mar 19, 2023, 12:18 IST ... 7770e4f764
Cop dismissed for misconduct after divorce revenge plot against pilot
A pilot was grounded for months after his girlfriend’s estranged police officer husband made shocking and false claims against him.
Ellen Ransley
March 19, 2023 ... be065829ff
Teen’s gang rape by surfers ignored by police
When Karen Iles was just 14 she met a group of Aussie surfers who gang raped her. What the police did afterwards is unforgivable. Warning: Distressing
Nina Funnell
March 8, 2023 ... PMwLNIZem/
Former Cleveland police oversight members: Expect challenges, resistance to reform
The Community Police Commission can dole out discipline to officers, a role once held by the police chief and safety director ... y-mandate/

Major Gas Utility Is Pouring Money Into Reversing an Oregon City’s Electric-Only Mandate
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Mar 31, 2023 2:38 pm ... black-men/

Kennedy assassination didn’t lead to gun control. The sight of armed Black men did ... years.html
Ontario cop convicted of drug trafficking and raping an unconscious woman still has his $120k-a-year job and has been on paid leave for 8 years
ROB BESCHIZZA 5:22 AM THU MAR 30, 2023 ... ation-case
Cop Gets Probation In Child Molestation Case
Prosecutors objected to the lenient sentence for Christopher John Sayeski but were overruled.
City News Service,
News Partner
Posted Wed, Mar 29, 2023 ... 2811007%2F
Massillon Independent
Akron cop Mikel Dillon sentenced to prison for sexual offensesAn Akron police officer who secretly filmed and inappropriately touched a young girl will serve 13 to 17 years in prison. ... -day-three
Father of teen killed by ex-Balch Springs cop tells jury he has nightmares of his son screaming
By Lori Brown
Published March 29, 2023 5:14PM
Balch Springs ... st-report/
NYPD pulls promotion of officer accused of stuffing panties in underling’s mouth after Post report
By Larry Celona
March 29, 2023 5:23pm ... f-country/
Caricature of North Korea in U.S. Media Obscures Kim Regime’s Adaptive Response to Sanctions and Economic Achievements of Country
By Felix Abt - March 30, 2023 ... e-98207102
Capitol riot: FBI informant testifies for Proud Boys defense
An FBI informant who marched to the U.S. Capitol with fellow Proud Boys members has testified that he didn’t know of any plans for the far-right extremist group to invade the building on Jan. 6
March 29, 2023, 11:05 AM ... nformants/
FBI informant testifies at Proud Boys sedition trial — for the defense
An associate of the group, who defendants in the Jan. 6 trial say asked for details about their trial strategy and gave them advice, was also reporting to the FBI
By Rachel Weiner, Spencer S. Hsu and Hannah Allam
March 30, 2023 at 6:00 a.m. EDT ... que-tarrio
FBI informant testifies for Proud Boys defense that January 6 ‘not organized’
Informant who marched to US Capitol with Proud Boys says he didn’t know of plans to invade and ‘crowd did as herd
Wed 29 Mar 2023 13.05 EDT ... first-look
How Class of ’09 Takes on AI, the FBI, and Growing Up
The ambitious FX limited series stars Kate Mara and Brian Tyree Henry as FBI agents in three different decades—including a chilling vision of the future. 
MARCH 30, 2023 ... 867312.php
Times Union
Stefanik says she has 'serious concerns' about FBI informant program after briefing on Schoharie crash caseRepublican congresswoman says she can't disclose details about breifing unless FBI agrees to hold public hearing.

Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley: Everything We Know
Beverly Hills Cop: Axel Foley, sees Eddie Murphy return to the series. What else do we know about Beverly Hills Cop 4?
BY CHRIS BUMBRAY ... -following
Fox News hosts two retired FBI agents to promote their private security companies following Nashville school shooting
After the 2022 shooting in Uvalde, Fox also let a guest promote his private training company on the network’s airwaves
PUBLISHED 03/30/23 ... 10dcc5e266
FBI director visits Anderson University students, staff
Christopher Wray met with a group of students studying national security. ... 1197900035
A quantitative description of FBI public relations
Author links open overlay panel
Dirk C. Gibson
Of all federal government agencies in the U.S. from the 1930's to the 1980's, the Federal Bureau of Investigation probably had the most successful media relations program. The Bureau's leaders seemed to be masters at getting good publicity and avoiding bad.
By describing a quantitative analysis of the FBI's publicity over that 50-year period, this article attempts to show why those efforts were so successful. It identifies the themes that typified the verbal component of Bureau publicity, and the broad spectrum of mass communication channels that were tapped. ... ation-(fbi)/salaries/Public-Affairs-Specialist
Public Affairs Specialist yearly salaries in the United States at Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Job Title
Public Affairs Specialist
Location United States
Average salary $95,430 per year ... s-in-media
FALL 2011
Inside the FBI's decades-long effort to court allies in the media
J. Edgar Hoover's hidden wordsmiths ... lCode=cadc
The FBI and Domestic Intelligence: Technocratic or Public Relations Triumph?
Tony G. PovedaView all authors and affiliations
Volume 28, Issue 2
It is argued that domestic intelligence operations in the Hoover FBIserved essentially organizational and public relations functions for theBureau. The Hoover FBI's unique position in the federal governmentwas a direct result of its domestic intelligence responsibilities and theparticular way internal security concerns were used for ends self-serving to the organization. The disparity between the Bureau's carefullycultivated image as a fighter of enemies of the state and its domesticintelligence performance was not revealed until the late 1960s, whenthe Nixon Administration became dissatisfied with the Bureau's inability to anticipate the plans of domestic dissenters. This dissatisfaction culminated in the Huston Plan of 1970. The real "failure" of FBIdomestic intelligence under Hoover appears to be that it did not produce useful information for anticipating and managing dissent. The"new" FBI which has emerged in the post-Watergate era has beencareful to dissociate itself from the abuses of the Hoover era. It ispointed out that the "reform" of domestic intelligence which hastaken place has been largely administrative and internal to the executive branch. The reform has not been designed primarily to prohibit past abuses, but rather to ensure executive control of intelligenceoperations. A reconstituted Bureau with domestic intelligence operations centrally guided and coordinated by the executive, and with fewexternal checks and balances because of national security concerns,could pose a greater threat to civil liberties than did the Hoover Bureau. ... -gs-11-12/
Oct 31, 2022 | News
Public Affairs Specialist GS-11/12
Job ID:  46075*
Opens: TODAY (10/31/2022)
Closes:  November 7, 2022 at 11:59 pm (EST)
Vacancy location: Oklahoma City HQC
Sasha O'Connell
Among other roles, O'Connell ran the FBI's Strategy Management Office where she led implementation of ... SPA-085 Topics in Public Affairs: Cyber Policy 101 ...
Branding Hoover's FBI: How the Boss's PR Men Sold the Bureau to America
Matthew Cecil
Published by: University Press of Kansas ... terrorism/
How the FBI Used ‘Cop City’ Protests to Snoop on Activists in Chicago
Internal documents indicate enforcement activities related to “Anarchist extremism” and domestic terrorism ... r-feds-say
Cop Union Exec Busted in Drug Import Scheme Tried to Blame Her Housekeeper
Joanne Segovia has been accused of running an eight-year-long drug importation scheme right under the San Jose Police Officers’ Association’s nose.
Published Mar. 30, 2023 12:04PM ET ... y-cop.html
Coroner rejects Toronto cop’s 11th-hour theory Sammy Yatim died in ‘suicide by cop’
“There is no direct evidence that suggests that Mr. Yatim wished to end his life by way of a confrontation with police,” the coroner wrote.
By Wendy GillisStaff Reporter
Thu., March 30, 2023 ... s-say.html
Cop assaulted a Capitol police officer during Jan. 6 riots
Mar. 30, 2023 ... ehead-cop/
BY CHARLIE MCKENNA AND RYAN VERMETTE | March 29, 2023 ... l-lawsuit/
A Police Officer Killed a Man for Firing 'Celebratory' Shots Into the Air. Now, He Faces a Federal Lawsuit.
"Defendant Huber intentionally fired his service weapon at Decedent and killed him with gunfire while Decedent posed no threat of death or serious bodily harm to Defendant Huber," the lawsuit states.
EMMA CAMP .2023 ... -fentanyl/
California police union executive director ran fentanyl operation from home: feds
By Marjorie Hernandez
March 30, 2023 5

Valley Independent Sentinel La Voz Hispana WNHH FM ... _cop_punch
Cop Sued Over Walmart Face-Punch
by LAURA GLESBY | Mar 30, 2023 4:13 pm ... -tomorrow/
CNN Analyst Says NYPD Has Ordered Every Cop In The City Of Every Rank To ‘Show Up In Uniform Tomorrow’
By Tommy ChristopherMar 30th, 2023 ... opoly.html
Suspect hands cop "Get out of jail free" card from Monopoly
DAVID PESCOVITZ 10:28 AM WED MAR 29, 2023 ... -270-years
Gun-theft cop sentenced to 270 years
PUBLISHED : 31 MAR 2023 AT 09:23 ... ng-bribes/
Sentencing continued for 2 former East Cleveland cops convicted of accepting bribes
By Julia Bingel
Published: Mar. 30, 2023

31 yrs sentence for cop who killed college student in fake encounter  ..
Read more at: ... aign=cppst
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Re: Reasons for creating volunteer civilian review police bo

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Apr 14, 2023 8:33 pm ... veer-singh
This Top Cop Is Accused of Extreme Torture Including ‘Crushing Testicles’ and Pulling Teeth
An average of five people die in police custody in India every day, according to official data.
By Pallavi Pundir
April 14, 2023 ... -proposal/
NY Rep. Anthony D’Esposito unveils bill to condemn ‘defund the police’ push
By Josh Christenson
April 14, 2023
Long Island Rep. Anthony D’Esposito unveiled legislation Thursday that would codify a federal “bill of rights” for law enforcement officers and formally condemn the “defund the police” movement.
D’Esposito — who served in the NYPD before flipping the deep-blue 4th Congressional District in 2022 — announced the resolution, which strengthens legal protections for officers and “condemns calls to defund, disband, dismantle, or abolish the police,” at an event in Nassau County.
The Seven Five ... gJuQfD_BwE
How many people are killed by police?
It’s a simple and important question, but, until this year, the shocking answer was “we have no idea.” There is no central authority systematically keeping track of killings by law enforcement, and police in most states are not required to report the use of lethal force to anyone.
Government Data: Worse than Useless ... gI1mPD_BwE
Police have killed 293 people in 2023. ... -ownership
Why New Mexico has one of the highest rates for killings by police
April 14, 2023
By  Jaclyn Diaz ... g-at-cops/
Texas man Larry Pearson sentenced to 70 years in prison for spitting at cops
By Steve Janoski
April 13, 2023 ... wo-decades
Whistleblower says 665 workers left FBI over misconduct in two decades
Politics Oct 6, 2022 3:59 PM EDT ... 4754b.html
Virginia is the best home for the new FBI headquarters
By Susana Marino ... index.html
Top FBI agent charged with child porn distribution
Bill Mears, CNN ... nald-trump
Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump
2020 Documentary
Is Donald Trump fit to hold the office of US President? Leading mental health professionals analyze, offer evidence, and warn, on and for the record. ... gIv2vD_BwE
© Adopt An Inmate 2020 
P.O. Box 1543
Veneta, OR 97487 ... -his-name/
FBI agent John ‘Zip’ Connolly fails in Florida court to clear his name Yet he remains at home in Massachusetts on medical release ... rd_plhdr=t
Don't Embarrass The Family: The Trial of Whitey Bulger's Handler FBI Special Agent John Connolly
The FBI assigned Special Agent John Connolly the job of handling top echelon informants James "Whitey" Bulger and Stephen Flemmi, the two leaders of a vicious criminal gang. All the hierarchy of the FBI knew these evil men. When the public learned the FBI had partnered with them for up to twenty years a huge uproar occurred. The FBI became fearful and highly embarrassed. It turned on Connolly saying he was a rogue agent. This is the story of his trial and the events surrounding it. All the evidence is here. You decide the truth! ... fbi-87370/
The Outrageous Betrayal of Retired FBI Agent John Connolly by the FBI: ... ntability/

FBI’s Amazing Trick to Avoid Accountability
MATT CONNOLLY 07/08/15 ... story.html
100 FBI retirees defend disgraced Boston agent
FBI agent sentenced to 40 years in mob hit
* Story Highlights
* NEW: Ex-FBI agent "crossed over to the dark side," judge says
* Sentence will run consecutively to previous 10-year racketeering sentence
* John Connolly Jr. has denied role in 1982 mob hit
* He was convicted of second-degree murder in slaying of gambling exec
From Rich Phillips CNN Senior Producer
MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- A judge sentenced a rogue FBI agent to 40 years in prison on Thursday for the 1982 mob-related killing of a witness who was about to testify against Boston mob members, court officials said.
FBI Wall of Shame

Black Mass — A Must Read — But With A Caveat
by mtc9393Uncategorized
I mentioned in my last discussion of O’Neill’s and Lehr’s Black Mass is that it is less than objective because of the history between them, their employer and the people they write about.  There is another bias that should be kept in mind which is their relationship with their main sources from the FBI. It …

The #FBI has released Law Enforcement Suicide Data Collection statistics for the first time. 2022 was the first year for which the Bureau compiled statistics on deaths by suicide and suicide attempts within the law enforcement community. ... ction-2022 ... ce-doubts/
Doubts about Boulder’s FBI partnership reemerge; officials defend task force
By William Oster
Colorado Newsline
The FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force was established with the intent to better share intelligence across federal, state and local law enforcement. But after reports of attempted entrapment and other abuses of authority by one undercover detective in Colorado Springs, some community members in Boulder have begun to question whether their own partnership with the FBI should be reconsidered

Copaganda ... work-prime
'Cops' to Air on Fox Business Network Prime | Next TVFox Business Network premieres its “FBN Prime” slate Monday, April 24. Cops joins the lineup, airing Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET. ... s-renewals
Why One Chicago And Law And Order Fans Will Probably ...Notably, FBI, FBI: Most Wanted, and FBI: International received two-seaso ... ree-henry/
The FBI Recruits Kate Mara And Brian Tyree Henry For The ...Class Of '09's trailer gives us a hint of the tone of this crime drama and the scope of how each of the characters joins as outsiders under the FBI banner and... ... inal-case/
DOJ Sued Over FBI Records On Hunter Biden's Illegally Purchased Gun Found in Public Trash Can ... 54642.html
9/11 pilots who rammed planes into Twin Towers were CIA agents?
FBI agent asserted that CIA helped two hijackers with opening bank accounts in San Diego. They also got them an apartment on lease. During those time, CIA's special unit Alec Station, meant to follow Bin Laden was getting all the information on Bayoumi
Abhishek Awasthi April 14, 2023 ... -case.html
Cop whose chief placed KKK sign on his jacket loses public records case
Apr. 13, 2023 ... DPPVBBSGI/
NZ Herald
Cop marries killer — then allegedly assaults new husband two days after weddingKit Johnston once killed someone, now he's an alleged victim of his police offi ... /13124962/
Broken Badge: How the Kentucky system failed to stop a troubled cop ... 103881007/
Appeals court upholds charge for former North Cornwall officer's role in Jan. 6 riot
Matthew Toth Lebanon Daily News ... -kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh Can Now Decide the Future of Abortion Pills
Less than a year after it overturned Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court is once again being asked to referee the nation’s abortion wars.
By Carter Sherman
April 14, 2023, 10:55am ... truth2.pdf

My Sinister Battle with Brett Kavanaugh Over the Truth
by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
The Telegraph October 3, 2018

This website is dedicated to
revealing the truth by making government
and court records available for public review
Judge Brett Kavanaugh
Attorney John H. Clarke, grand jury witness Patrick Knowlton, and researcher Hugh Turley co-authored the final twenty pages of Ken Starr's Report on the Death of Vincent W. Foster
Patrick Knowlton Hugh Turley John H Clarke
The leading experts
on the death of Vincent Foster are
available for interviews and public speaking
Welcome to our website about the murder of Vince Foster, Deputy White House Counsel under President Clinton.  Brett Kavanaugh was in charge of the Foster death investigation and led the cover-up inside the Office of the Independent Counsel.  A federal court ordered Independent Counsel Ken Starr to include evidence, found in government records, of an FBI cover-up, to the final Report ... -rcna79676
Racist text messaging investigation rocks Northern California police department
The messages, which detail Antioch officers allegedly using racial epithets and homophobic slurs, could have far-reaching implications for criminal cases linked to the officers.
April 14, 2023
By Tim Stelloh ... s/2963679/
Police Alerted to Inflammatory Letters Sent to Maine Lawmakers' Homes
The letters came after two dozen people representing the Nationalist Social Club showed up unannounced in downtown Portland and marched around two weeks ago ... g-mammals/
52-Million-Year-Old Bat Skeleton Unveils New Species and Clues to Evolution of Flying Mammals
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