Cross and Sickle Evangelical befriended Kremlin betrayed US

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Cross and Sickle Evangelical befriended Kremlin betrayed US

Postby seemslikeadream » Sun May 06, 2018 11:00 am

Patrick Simpson

(Thread) The Cross and the Sickle: How the Evangelical Community befriended the Kremlin and betrayed the United States. ... c7d07c430f

2. In the 1960's two things happened. First - a blatant rejection of societal norms arose as the fringe "New Right" formed.


3. Next, Richard NIxon and the Conservative Movement deemed it more important to stop Soviet Communism than it was to prevent Fascism from rising again. To do this, they allied with various pseudo-fascist groups across the world.


4. There was a huge problem though; The Soviet Intelligence Apparatus saw what was happening, realized fascism infused with religious undertones was a much more effective way of controlling humanity - and they decided to do something about it.

5. Beginning in the 1970's, RUMORED agents like Lozansky, Sharansky, Dmitri Simes infiltrated the West through the dissident movement.
The GOP’s Favorite Russian Professor Spent Decades Building Conservative Ties To Moscow ... 012ddaa873

6. They even sent agents to the United States to TELL us they were playing a long game, but these agents were still pretending they defected to warn us of Soviet Infiltration. By that time, they had already started allying with the American Far Right.

KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America ... X3EZCVj2XA

7. Former Agent, Konstanstin Preobrazhensky wrote an ENTIRE book about how the Emigre communities across the world are FILLED with generations of spies. The scientists, religious figures, the diplomats, blue collar workers. All of them were susceptible to the horrors of the KGB

8 He even said in his book that the number of spies INCREASED as the USSR fell. I've dived into the numbers in this thread

(MegaThread) The Grand Old Putin Party - How Russian Active Measures subverted our political system and created the environment which lead to #TrumpRussia
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9. Showing their true stripes, the "New Right" attempted to overthrow the current leadership of the racist American Independent Party in 1976 in order to turn it into a theocratic party.

10. After creating a few smaller think tanks, Paul Weyrich - with a few other fascists - created the Council for National Policy (More here: ... 7342398465 …)

1. Let's talk about #Trumprussia and the CNP, again.
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11. In a very short span, Weyrich had used the CNP to network - and created an entire entity aimed at turning Soviet Russia into the Fascist State it is today.

12. Who bridged the gap between the Russians and the "New Right" in the United States? Who made it all happen? Ed Lozansky and his dissident movement.

How One Man Influenced The Republican Party’s Transformation Into The Grand Old Putin Party ... 1589792320

13. While the USSR collapsed, the KGB invited the religious right to Moscow so that they could "repent and pray" about it. Phillip Yancey even wrote a book about it. ... 0880705116


14. Meanwhile the Fascist Influences had already penetrated the US "New Right"


15. Board member Charles Moser WAS an editorial advisor to Ukrainian Quarterly which once ran an article praising the Nazi Waffen SS and Ukranian collaboration against the Bolsheviks …

16. while Weyrich has ties to neo-fascist and racist groups including the Nazi Northern League and the World Anti-Communist League via British eugenicist Roger Pearson.”

17. Roger Pearson was on the editorial board for the Heritage Foundation before he went on to work for the Pioneer Fund, a fund dedicated to funding eugenics studies. The Pioneer Fund was founded in 1937 and modeled after the Nazi’s breeding program.

18. One of the directors of the Pioneer fund was Tom Ellis — a former president of the Council for National Policy — and two other high-level Republican operatives — Jesse Helms and Carter Wrenn.

19. Nelson Bunker Hunt - one of the founders of the CNP along with Paul Weyrich was a firm believer in fascism and it was rumored he tried to start death squads to kill his political opponents. He was a member of a Eugenics Society


20. Hunt was a major funder of the Western Goals foundation, of which Roy Cohn was a board member of. This was a private intelligence gather operation, a lot like what Cambridge Analytica recently did with Facebook.

21 Weyrich and his cohorts discussed - in depth - how Yeltsin was the man they were looking for because he understand religon.


22. Two months later, the Council for National Policy held its annual meeting in Moscow.

23. At the same time, Allen Carlson was setting up the "World Congress of Families" at the Suggestion of "Sociology Professors" at Moscow State.

24. And John Birnbaum was setting up the Russian American Christian University

25. RACU received millions of dollars in funding from the Devos Family, and boasts Sam Brownback on the Board of Directors. ... ious_Right

26. Throughout all of this, shitty economic policy allowed the current oligarchs to money launder and rape all the world economies.

27. In 2003, the Far Right Discovery Institute decided to offer an internship to Russian immigrant Yuri Mamchur ... rtists.php

28. By 2005, He had launched “Russia Blog” out of the religious right think tank, the Discovery Institute. Russia Blog’s launch and success coincided with the Edward Lozansky published Russia Journal closing up shop after being hacked #TrumpRussia

29. In early 2007, the Discovery Institute officially launched the “Real Russia Project” website with Edward Lozansky and two of the fellows at his fake University listed as advisors.

30. In Exchange, Yuri Mamchur became a fellow at the fake University. By the end of 2007, Mamchur announced on Russia Blog that he had to stop posting and allow time for fundraising activities.

American University In Moscow: Linked To Russian State, But Fake Like TrumpU ... d157fa234f

31.Lozansky launched in partnership with the Discovery Institute for a three year period starting in 2009. The World Russia Forum has historically been used to introduce Unwitting Americans with Russian Spies and Propagandists.

32. He has also used it to unveil Pro-Russian think Tanks in the US like the Institute for Democracy and Cooperation in 2008 …

33. And the Committee for East/West Accord in 2004 ... rrent=2014

34. During Glenn Simpson's testimony a few months ago, he acknowledged that the Russian Orthodox Church is essentially an arm of the Russian State at this point.

35. In 2008, Kate Foronda registered the "Saviour Fund" in New York City to promote the Russian Orthodox Church in the US .

36. The Saviour Fund was involved in all of the World Russia Forums held at the Discovery Institute such as #TrumpRussia Mayflower Hotel eventer Bud Mcfarlane


37. Also at these Forums were the heads of RISS - who eventually drew up plans to swing the election to Trump. …


38. The Saviour Fund posted vidoes of Dennis Kucinich talking about his allegiance to Russia. ... 88ef71bb54
39. The Librarian Of Congress - James Billington - met with the Metropolitan Hilarion (Head of the Orthodox Church) and had him speak at the Library of Congress in 2011.


40. Kate Foronda created the Saviour Fund as a bridge between RU Govt and Conservatives within the United States. She posed as someone who cares about religion while it suited the govt, and then once Trump won the election she abandoned the Savior Fund to profit on Bitcoin.

41. In 2012, Master Propagandist Surkov became the main envoy to the Orthodox Church - and even founded a Youth Group to boot....

Orthodox Youth Group Formed as Surkov Becomes Religion Envoy ... nvoy-17463

42. Surkov had created another Youth Group, the "Nashi" to form controlled "Managed Nationalism" during the Orange Revolution.

43. Surkov along with General Gerasimov formed what became the basis for Fascist Alexander Dugin's eurasian fascist worldview. Dugin’s main aspiration lay in consolidating support networks for the Kremlin and developing ideological unity for his “Eurasianist” geopolitics.

44. **It is important to note that much of the research on Dugin came from Alexander Reid Ross**

45. In 2004 and 2005, Lozansky held multiple forums with Dugin. ... embers.htm

46. In 09/2008, Lozansky joined Dugin for a conference with far-right figures such as creator of the European New Right Alain de Benoist, Duginist Israeli leader Avigdor Eskin and Israel Shamir, a holocaust denying antisemite who would later become Russian emissary for Wikileaks.

47. Within a few weeks, Dugin and Lozansky appeared together on the TV program “Three Corners” for a discussion on the merits of “soft power.”

48. In our world (we are talking about the information space) ideas can also play a bigger role,” Lozansky cautioned, “even more important than guns and missiles.”

49. When Steve Bannon went to talk to the World Congress of Families in 2014 to expouse his Duginist views, he was already working with Cambridge Analytica on a campaign that hadn't started yet. …

50. There is an argument to be made that Cambridge and SCL Group are engaged in a form of 4th dimensional warfare
Trump,”Cultural Marxism”, 4GW, and Terrorism ... terrorism/

51. The late Paul Weyrich, and WIlliam Lind are proponents of this idea that the government can be taken down by non-state actors. Trump met with Lind as his campaign for president ramped up.


52. In 2014, Jack Hanick left FoxNews to work for Orthodox Oligarch Konstantin Malofeev at the World Congress of Families

The World Congress of Families’ Russian Network
Here are some of the biggest players helping to spread anti-gay sentiment in Russia.
Image ... mily-tree/

53. The Metropolitan Hilarion - arguably an agent of the Russian Intelligence Services met with Council for National Policy member Mike Pence in 2017


54. The CNP Vision statement seems to predict that they will be successful in bringing on the Christian Order in the next two years.


55. CNP members Jon Utley and Ed Meese went to Moscow in 2016 to work with Ed Lozansky and the Russian Foreign Ministry to erect statues of Gorbachev and Reagan - while the Russians were hacking our elections

Unveiling the Reagan-Gorbachev Statue in Moscow ... in-moscow/

56. The CNP Is trying to push for a Constitutional Convention
Republican success opens door to amending U.S. Constitution ... story.html

57. Bolton, Pence, Bannon, Mercer, Devos, Erik Prince, JAY Sekulow, Conway and many many more of the Trump administration members are part of this garbage.

58. @jennycohn1 has spent a year covering the CNP mission to steal elections - I suggest you follow her.

The Council for National Policy (to which Kellyanne, Bannon, the DeVos family, the Mercers, Pence, Ken Blackwell, and two men whose families funded the largest voting machine vendor in the U.S.) has set a deadline of 2020 for restoring “religion and economic freedom and Judeo-Christian values” under the Constitution. ... 65f1754ca4

59. @textifire has done an amazing job covering the CNP - and by extension - Russia's involvement in Citizens United

60. I've made many threads connecting all the dots as well.Patrick Simpson added,

This is just the beginning of the story of Ed Lozansky and how he has.....infiltrated our political system. …
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Dukakis to Donald: 30 Years of Citizens United
Despite widespread counternarrative, decades of careful political machinations laid crucial groundwork for Donald Trump’s election. ... 2e81eb3d0e

61. The Amazing Folks at Citjourno are doing their due diligence revealing the Russian Mob's hand in everything going on.

62. Grant Stern has been steadfast in his coverage of the BS that Russian Mobster Felix Sater spews at ... 0517509120
trump laundered money Russian mob

Putin has known what American citizens did not ..BLACKMAIL
trump/Putin $50M penthouse in the Moscow Tower Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

November 29 2018 ... beginning of the end of the trump presidency
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