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Tuesday, January 11, 2022
My January 7, 2022 interview with Kevin Barrett on how CDC manages to produce the data that fit the current narrative, and other things

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My January 10, 2022 Interview with Maria Zeee (Zeee Media) in Australia

The interview disappeared from one Bitchute site, but should be accessible at Maria's site, Rumble, or elsewhere.  Here are 3 possibilities. ... 8&mc=2duvi

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Ellsworth doctor faces license suspension over COVID misinformation allegations/ Maine Public Rdio and Bangor Daily News ... legations/ ... XYSZC45ZA/

Alabama cop accused of shooting pregnant girlfriend in head as she arrived for visit ... jan-6-riot

Top FBI official dodges when Cruz asks if agents participated in Jan. 6 riot
Senior FBI official Jill Sanborn replied to Cruz questioning, 'I can't answer that ... ?gnt-cfr=1

What the FBI hid in key fobs during Whitmer kidnap investigation ... ty-robeson

The FBI Knew Exactly What Its “Double Agent” Was Doing, Says A Defendant In The Michigan Kidnapping Case
Prosecutors say the informant’s statements should be barred from court, but defense attorneys have other ideas.

Ken Bensinger
BuzzFeed News Reporter
Posted on January 11, 2022, at 6:06 p.m. ET ... -movements

Know Thy Enemy: New Book Celebrates Chip Berlet’s 40 Years of Tracking Rightwing Movements
Chip Berlet recognized the importance of studying both the religious and secular right when others on the left thought it unnecessary or even silly.
January 10, 2022 Eleanor J. Bader ... rainforest

‘A Rosetta Stone’: Australian Fossil Site Is a Vivid Window into 15M-Year-Old Rainforest
Likely to contain dozens of undiscovered species, the site is so well-preserved that the contents of fish stomachs and breathing apparatus of spiders can be seen
January 9, 2022 Graham, Readfearm ... is-arrived

A Film Captures Jewish Life in a Polish Town Before the Nazis Arrived
A documentary based on a home movie shot by an American in 1938 provides a look at the vibrancy of a Jewish community in Europe just before the Holocaust.
January 8, 2022 By Nina Siegal ... ropaganda/

JANUARY 10, 2022
The Pentagon and CIA Have Shaped Thousands of Hollywood Movies into Super Effective Propaganda

Propaganda is most impactful when people don’t think it’s propaganda, and most decisive when it’s censorship you never knew happened. When we imagine that the U.S. military only occasionally and slightly influences U.S. movies, we are extremely badly deceived. The actual impact is ... ld-office/

Sherri Onks Tapped to Serve As Special Agent in Charge of FBI’s Jacksonville Field Office

FBI Special Agent in Charge Sherri Onks
By Steve Neavling
Sherri E. Onks has been named special agent in charge of the FBI’s Jacksonville Field Office in Florida ... oam40zk0w/

Artist who paints with sounds captures the moments that make Maine beautiful
by Troy R. Bennett ... story.html

NYPD captain who claimed inspector in charge of employment discrimination cases deep-sixed her harassment complaint wins $800,000 city settlement ... -violence/

FBI Refuses To Say How Many Informants Were Involved In Jan. 6 Violence
JANUARY 11, 2022 ... story.html

Justice Dept. forms new domestic terrorism unit to address ...lambasted Olsen and Jill Sanborn, the head of the FBI's national security branch, for not answering certain questions about Jan. 6-related... ... nced-37144

Coral Springs Cop Sentenced For Soliciting Sex From Teen ... o-robbery/

“Aw, screw it”: LAPD cops hunted Pokémon instead of responding to robbery
Officers' 2017 hunt for Snorlax recorded by in-car system—court upholds firings.
JON BRODKIN - 1/10/2022, 8:00 PM ... ntrapment/

Famed Keene Cop Called Out for Federal Entrapment ... 600134547/

Jury convicts Iron Range cop of firing gun into ground during off-duty confrontation
The defendant was a Gilbert officer at the time and a police chaplain. 
By Paul Walsh Star Tribune JANUARY 10, 2022 — 5:07PM
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FBI concerned about informants in plot to kidnap Gov. Whitmer, defense says
Updated: Jan. 16, 2022, 8:55 a.m. | Published: Jan. 16, 2022, 8:55 a.m.

Michael Ruppert Collapse

American History  > The Assassination of JFK  > William Weyland Turner

FBI Vendetta Against
Martin Luther Kaiser III

We brought Mike Ruppert to speak at Bates College ... -c-ruppert

The unbelievable life and death of Michael C. Ruppert
After decades of struggle, the notorious doomsayer finally found fame and recognition. Then he shot himself. ... gents.html

F.B.I. Is Accused of Intimidation By Attorneys for Hispanic Agents

Cop Mug Shots

Institutionalized Racism: FBI and Hispanics
The League of United Latin American Citizens held a session examining the relationship of the FBI with the Hispanic… ... story.html

Tennessee woman wrongfully convicted in 4-year-old's murder exonerated more than 30 years later ... story.html

Former NYPD cop sentenced to prison over best friend’s death ... story.html

Does our cop-turned-mayor distrust the NYPD ... oam40zk0w/

Cannabis may be a surprising solution to Maine’s ‘forever chemicals’ problem
If it works, hemp would be the first known solution for making forever chemicals a thing of the past. ... rder-wall/

CBP Asks Public for Help Fixing Problems Caused by Trump’s Border Wall ... 1490773436

HELP YOURSELF!: ... a story of FBI corruption
by Martin L. Kaiser III (Author), Robert Stokes (Editor) ... on-police/

Half of Murder Cases Were Unsolved in 2020
By TCR Staff | October 8, 2021
The number of murder cases that go unsolved by police hit a new high in 2020, according to an analysis of recent FBI data by the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ).
Number-crunching by the CCJ revealed ... ce-system/

A former federal prosecutor interrogates the inequities of the criminal justice system
With her new book, Laura Coates processes the pain of “being a part of a system I want to reform ... recogniser

I’d keep it on the down low’: the secret life of a super-recogniser ... ing-rights

Corporate sedition is more damaging to America than the Capitol attack
Robert Reich ... 050075489/

Law and Disorder Radio - Lawyers You'll Like - Facebook › photos › lawyers-youll-lik... › photos › lawyers-youll-lik...

As part of our Lawyers You'll Like series today we speak with attorney Linda Backiel. She's a lawyer and poet living in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She's played an ... ... ng1992.php

TO JAIL WITH LOVE An Interview with Linda Backiel 
By Patricia Lynden
A radical defense lawyer describes her deep commitment to justice and why she went to prison to prove it ... story.html

Chicago cop who killed Laquan McDonad to be released from prison early

Chicago cop who killed Laquan McDonad to be released from prison early ... mes-fraud/

Supreme Court rejects ex-top cop’s appeal against prison term for sex crimes, fraud
Chief justice says conditions not met for Nissan Shaham’s request to have expanded panel weigh his 10-month sentence, which will begin March 1 ... man-2022-1

Bodycam video shows a Florida police officer grabbing his female colleague by the throat when she tries to de-escalate the arrest of a Black man
Alia Shoaib Jan 15, 2022, 10:19 AM ... story.html

Chicago cop reprimanded in reinvestigation of ‘04 death of David Koschman promoted to lieutenant

JAN 15, 2022 AT 12:55 PM ... 04297.html

Sentencing scheduled for retired Muncie cop charged in corruption probe ... rst-3.html

Sunday, January 16, 2022
Here is information about the first 3 matters taken up by the Board of Medical Licensure in my case. Guess I am guilty of giving the correct, safest drug to a pregnant woman

The Maine Board of Medical Licensure has 5 matters before it in my case. Here are the first 3:
The first 2 are complaints from private citizens, who claimed that I spread misinformation on the internet.  Neither complainant knows me or is a patient.  Neither complaint has anything to do with medical care.  Each says the complaint was initiated after they watched me in a video. One said the information I was disseminatiog was a "danger to the public." 
The third complaint is from a midwife who complained that I gave a pregnant patient hydroxychloroquine for acute COVID without asking her, when she could have given the patient monoclonal antibodies instead.
My response is that hydroxychloroquine is approved in pregnancy and is a safe, licensed drug.  Monoclonal antibodies are an experimental biologic product that have not been approved in pregnancy; in fact, the pregnancy risks have not even been studied. The midwife apparently did not know this about the product she is prescribing in pregnancy.
Unapproved drugs have no label.  For a legal description of what is known about them, one must read a fact sheet.  For example, here is what the FDA-approved Fact Sheet for sotrovimab, the only commonly used monoclonal said to be effective against omicron, says about its risk in pregnancy:

"11.1 Pregnancy Risk Summary 
There are insufficient data to evaluate a drug-associated risk of major birth defects, miscarriage, or adverse maternal or fetal outcome. Sotrovimab should be used during pregnancy only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk for the mother and the fetus. Nonclinical reproductive toxicity studies have not been conducted with sotrovimab. In a crossreactive binding assay using a protein array enriched for human embryofetal proteins, no offtarget binding was detected for sotrovimab. Since sotrovimab is a recombinant human immunoglobulin G (IgG) containing the LS modification in the Fc domain, it has the potential for placental transfer from the mother to the developing fetus. The potential treatment benefit or risk of placental transfer of sotrovimab to the developing fetus is not known. The estimated background risk of major birth defects and miscarriage for the indicated population is unknown."
On the other hand, the label for hydroxychloroquine says the following about use in pregnancy:
Teratogenic Effects: Human pregnancies resulting in live births have been reported in the literature and no increase in the rate of birth defects has been demonstrated. Embryonic deaths and malformations of anophthalmia and microphthalmia in the offspring have been reported when pregnant rats received large doses of chloroquine." 
What does CDC say about hydroxychloroquine in pregnancy?

"Hydroxychloroquine can be prescribed to adults and children of all ages. It can also be safely taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers."
Do you think perhaps the Medical Board and the complaining midwife bothered to check this information?  I think not. 

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The "crime" of misinformation is only a crime if the information is false and is known to be false by the person making the statement.

I would suggest that those attorneys who work for the Maine Medical Board look up the law regarding misinformation.  They also should be informed that they do not make the law:  law is made by legislatures and Congress.  They have not been given the authority to create new crimes.  My opinions, which are grounded in an enormous amount of fact and study, and are accurate almost all the time, do not meet the statutory standard of false information.
I would further suggest that the Board attorneys inform the Board members of this.  I think they might want to know that they have been handed a nonexistent crime to prosecute.
18 U.S. Code § 35 - Imparting or conveying false information

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March on Washington Janury 23, 2022. DEFEAT THE MANDATES! ... dog-2022-1

Surveillance footage shows a woman left distraught after police officer shot her dog 6 times while responding to a 'barking complaint'

From the Bureau to the Boardroom: 30 Management Lessons from the FBI
Carrison, Dan

American History  > The Assassination of JFK  > Jim Garrison
Jim Garrison ... ck-revised

JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass: Director Oliver Stone reassesses the JFK assassination with fresh eyes. Using newly declassified and reexamined footage, Stone presents a case that conspiracy theories about the president’s death are actually “conspiracy facts." ... story.html

Former Long Island Catholic school principal alleges he was fired for talking about police brutality
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Save the date
Friday February 18th
18:00 - 22:00 GMT/19:00 - 23:00 CET
Doctors for Covid Ethics and UK Colum present the third snap symposium for urgent times
Don't miss it! Tell your friends

Link for Attendance:
Friday February 18th
18:00 - 22:00 GMT/19:00 - 23:00 CET

Highly Acclaimed International Speakers
Bringing Essential Information
Focusing on Medicine, Propaganda and Law.

Session I: The Case Is Closed - The Final Evidence

Session II: The Future Scientific and Legal Aspects

Session III: Covid-19 and The Global Coup
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Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Mar 09, 2022 2:08 pm

Ivermectin in Florida and Brazil

March 6, 2022

Monday, March 7, 2022
The BMJ Editor-in-Chief, Fiona Godlee, knew exactly what was going to happen with the vaccines 4 months before a single one was authorized. How did she know?/BMJ

This is amazing.  BMJ Editor Godlee knew in August 2020, when the phase 3 vaccine trials were just getting started, that the vaccines:
a) would not be very effective
b) would likely just decrease severity of illness and not prevent infection
c) might become a suboptimal, chronic treatment, and 
d) might change the definition of what we consider a vaccine to be 
How did she know this?  I imagine she knew it from a whistleblower or two or ten.  The public certainly didn't know it.  If she knew it Fauci knew it, along with his Corona Task Force of useful idiots.
Update March 8:  Peter Hotez also knew, in November 2020, the vaccine would not prevent spread and would only reduce severity:
Why didn’t the people know this????  Who sent them the memo??? ... id19/89512

"Peter Hotez, MD, PhD, of Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, observed that for the next few months, producing vaccines for the American population will be problematic, so it won't be an issue in this country for a while.
"Even as the first vaccines become more widely available they may be only partially protective to reduce severity of illness and won't stop transmission anyway so we won't need to pay people for that purpose," he told MedPage Today. "So I don't foresee a reason to pay anyone to get vaccinated against COVID-19."'
Covid-19: Less haste, more safety
BMJ 2020; 370 doi: 
(Published 20 August 2020)
Cite this as: BMJ 2020;370:m3258  Fiona Godlee, editor in chief
* Author affiliations
Follow Fiona on Twitter @fgodlee

"Few can doubt that we need a vaccine for covid-19 as soon as possible, and great strides are being made, including in our understanding of the immunology of SARS-CoV-2.1 But what damage may result from the race to create one? The World Health Organization has produced guidance on minimum characteristics for a vaccine, including 50% efficacy, temperature stability, potential for rapid scale-up, and proper evaluation against comparators. But, writes Els Torreele, these basic requirements are being rapidly eroded by the prevailing view that anything is better than nothing.2 So instead we are heading for vaccines that reduce severity of illness rather than protect against infection, provide only short lived immunity, and will at best have been trialled by the manufacturer against placebo. As well as damaging public confidence and wasting global resources by distributing a poorly effective vaccine, this could change what we understand a vaccine to be. Instead of long term, effective disease prevention it could become a suboptimal chronic treatment. This would be good for business but bad for global public health."

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The CIA and CFR have sketched a roadmap of how to get to the "new normal" without giving up the pandemic mindset, it seems/ STAT

Public health experts sketch a roadmap to get from the Covid pandemic to the ‘next normal’ ... xt-normal/
"A new report released Monday charts a path for the transition out of the Covid-19 pandemic, one that outlines both how the country can deal with the challenge of endemic Covid disease and how to prepare for future biosecurity threats.
The report plots a course to what its authors call the “next normal” — living with the SARS-CoV-2 virus as a continuing threat that needs to be managed. Doing so will require improvements on a number of fronts, from better surveillance for Covid and other pathogens to keeping tabs on how taxed hospitals are; and from efforts to address the air quality in buildings to continued investment in antiviral drugs and better vaccines. The authors also call for offering people sick with respiratory symptoms easy access to testing and, if they are positive for Covid or influenza, a quick prescription for the relevant antiviral drug.
The 136-page report was written by nearly two dozen experts, a number of whom have advised the Biden administration on its Covid-19 policies. Thirty other experts contributed to the report, entitled “Getting to and Sustaining the Next Normal: A Roadmap to Living with Covid.”
“It’s an attempt to have a more disciplined approach to dealing with this crisis, providing a vision for what ‘next’ might look like,” said Luciana Borio, one of the authors and a senior fellow for global health at the Council on Foreign Relations (and a top person at the CIA's InQTel--Nass).
Its publication comes at a critical time, when the combination of declining case counts, deep-seated Covid fatigue, and a dangerous and unprovoked war instigated by a nuclear power threaten to push control of the virus and planning for future pandemics to the far back burner.
“I do think it’s a worry,” Ezekiel Emanuel, vice provost of global initiatives at the University of Pennsylvania and another of the authors, said of the risk that Russia’s attack on Ukraine will drain attention and funding from the Covid response. “And part of the reason to lay this out is to emphasize that that would be a huge mistake, and a really, really serious flaw.”
The report suggests the U.S. response to Covid-19 should transition from one directed solely at this single disease to one where prevention, mitigation, and treatment efforts are focused on Covid as one of a number of respiratory viruses, including influenza.
The authors sketch out three scenarios the country may face in the near future with Covid-19 — one optimistic, one pessimistic, and the third midway between the two. Which will come to pass will depend on how well immunity to the SARS-2 virus — immunity acquired through vaccination or infection — holds up and whether mutations to the virus make it more infectious and/or more lethal.
In the optimistic scenario, where immunity holds up and the virus doesn’t evolve to trigger more severe disease, it’s possible that annual Covid deaths could be kept to between 15,000 and 30,000, the experts predict. At the other end of the scale, if a more virulent variant emerges and immunity wanes — leading to a substantially higher attack rate in a given year — the death toll could be nearly 10 times that of the optimistic scenario, they warn. In the intermediate scenario, they estimate that between 30,000 and 100,000 people could die from Covid annually.
The group suggests the country should aim to keep the annual death toll from respiratory infections like Covid, flu, and respiratory syncytial virus to about 60,000 a year — roughly the number of deaths that influenza causes in a bad flu season.
Can one add Covid — currently the worst of the respiratory pathogens — to the existing mix and still keep deaths to that pre-pandemic worse-case level? Emanuel said improvements the group is calling for — things like better indoor air quality — will help to reduce the toll of influenza and other flu-like illnesses as well as Covid.
“We’re not going to normal 2019,” he noted. “There are things that are going to be better. Our surveillance system better be better. Our indoor air quality system better be better. Our willingness to put up with [for] short periods of time — and around certain vulnerable populations — having special public health precautions. All of that should make a big difference in the mortality.”
A key piece of the puzzle that needs to be addressed is the quality of indoor air, Borio insisted. “In a way, it’s a little bit like training for a long marathon. You have to start somewhere. And we should start. We shouldn’t just put this in a it’s-too-hard box, because it really isn’t.”
She too fears that as the pandemic appears to be easing, attention will wane on efforts to better prepare the country to deal with the ongoing challenge of Covid and to be ready for the next infectious-disease crisis.
“It’s one thing for a private citizen to move on and decide they’re going to travel and enjoy their summer,” Borio said. “But the government can’t do the same. The government has to still continue to monitor for emergent variants and continue developing the important vaccines and therapeutics.”'

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 6:48 PM 1 comments ... 00386.html

Dayton cop loses lawsuit over dishonesty, 'Brady List'

Cornelius Frolik, Dayton Daily News, Ohio
Sun, March 6, 2022, 2:43 PM ... properties

Home : Poker News : Las Vegas Cop Accused Of Threatening To Murder Casino Employees While Robbing Properties

Las Vegas Cop Accused Of Threatening To Murder Casino Employees While Robbing Properties
Caleb Rogers Charged With Committing Violent Crimes
by Joe Mattia  |  Published: Mar 06, 202 ... 8863b99589

Indiana cop turns self in to face battery, misconduct charges after arrest warrant issued
Morgan Lee, 45, of Bedford turned himself in at the Lawrence County Jail after the Indiana State Police received an arrest warrant for him. ... rly-woman/

Colorado cop pleads guilty to assaulting elderly woman ... -vehicles/

Bill would curb police power to pull over vehicles

The bill is aimed at reducing racial profiling, but police say it will make the roads less safe and remove tools used to get drunken drivers off the road. ... eac16.html

Watch now: Few Central Illinois police agencies submitted 2021 use-of-force data to FBI
* Kade Heather Mar 5, 2022 Updated ... 355507b310

FBI working to reduce 'shockingly low' number of agents with diverse backgrounds
At Seattle University, a two-day FBI Practicum aims to expose more students from diverse backgrounds to the career opportunities that the FBI has to offer.

An international, interdisciplinary, peer- and blind-reviewed open-access online journal
of contemporary theory, research, and application in aesthetics.

Book Review: Protectors of Privilege: Red Squads and Police Repression in Urban America. by Frank Donner. ... suspicion/

FBI agent who strangled his lover the true-crime plot of new Emilia Clarke movie
By Johnny Oleksinski
May 10, 2021

Thursday, March 3, 2022
The surgeon general calls on Big Tech to turn over Covid-19 misinformation data/ NY Times

This is truly frightening.  Misinformation (to be controlled via tech companies) is being treated as a crime, though never defined.  A bill has been introduced to give the tech companies cover to censor and turn over private data to government.  In other words, Congress may 'legalize' censorship and criminalize first amendment rights to freedom of speech.

U.S. Senators Ben Ray Luján (D-NM) and Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), both members of the U.S. Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, on Wednesday introduced legislation to counter the threat that misinformation and disinformation pose to public health as evidenced by the widespread false narratives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Promoting Public Health Information Act would support efforts across the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and with outside stakeholders to communicate effectively during a public health emergency and address health misinformation.
Here is what Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) had to say about the bill:

“Throughout this pandemic, the impact of misinformation has been devastating. Rumors and conspiracy theories about the efficacy of masking or the safety of vaccines still run rampant on social media and have caused thousands of deaths that could have been prevented. This legislation will help us get smart about how to tackle misinformation and effectively promote science-based health information, especially as we continue fighting COVID-19 and prepare for future public health emergencies.”  

The feds are asking for detailed information about the demographics 'exposed to misinformation.'  You know that obtaining the names of who is reading what is their next step. 
Furthermore, read the last paragraph in the NY Times article below, closely.  The feds want citizens to start 'sharing' information on misinformation.  Isn't that sweet?  This is how they dress up the Stasi in 21st century euphemism to encourage ratting out your friends and neighbors.  Please share with the feds.  They care what you think.  
Really?  All they want is the names. You caught that, right? ... ation.html    
Dr. Vivek Murthy also demanded information from the platforms about the major sources of Covid-19 misinformation. Companies have until May 2 to submit the data.
President Biden’s surgeon general on Thursday formally requested that the major tech platforms submit information about the scale of Covid-19 misinformation on social networks, search engines, crowdsourced platforms, e-commerce platforms and instant messaging systems.
A request for information from the surgeon general’s office demanded that tech platforms send data and analysis on the prevalence of Covid-19 misinformation on their sites, starting with common examples of vaccine misinformation documented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
The notice asks the companies to submit “exactly how many users saw or may have been exposed to instances of Covid-19 misinformation,” as well as aggregate data on demographics that may have been disproportionately exposed to or affected by the misinformation.
The surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy, also demanded information from the platforms about the major sources of Covid-19 misinformation, including those that engaged in the sale of unproven Covid-19 products, service ... story.html

Settlements top $1M for much-sued NYPD sergeant accused of unwarranted stops, arrests and raids ... old-woman/

Rockland slapped with lawsuit claiming former police officer used excessive force on an 81-year-old woman
by Lauren Abbate ... story.html

Carbon dioxide emissions skyrocketed in 2021 by 36.3 billion metric tons, highest increase in human history ... b-costello

The FBI Cast an Incredibly Questionable Dragnet for Steve Bannon’s Lawyer ... rush-hour/

NYPD cop indicted after shooting at fleeing car in Bronx during rush hour
By Craig McCarthy
March 8, 2022 ... 87758.html

Armed officer breaks into ex-girlfriend’s home, attacks two, Alabama cops say
MARCH 08, 2022 1:30 PM ... taggering/

Without more transparency, potential for police secrecy is staggering
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Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Apr 06, 2022 3:11 pm

Wednesday, April 6, 2022
Right now I am live-blogging the FDA vaccine advisory committee meeting--all day--on the CHD website 8:30-5 pm 4/6/22

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 8:34 AM 0 comments
Tuesday, April 5, 2022
Three discoveries that should make you think twice, or thrice about COVID vaccinations
I don't write enough about the adverse events from COVID vaccines. The reason is that I like to be accurate, but most of the data on vaccine side effects is hidden from us. So while I have pointed out the many databases that FDA and CDC have available and are supposed to be using to assess vaccine safety, only 1 is publicly available: VAERS. Officially, it is the joint FDA-CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. Steve Kirsch and Jessica Rose have done the best job analyzing the VAERS data, so I suggest you go to their substacks and read what they have to say.

Both FDA and CDC each have about ten other databases that taxpayers pay for, but most of them we never hear about. Here are the FDA databases:

Below, then-head of Immunizations at CDC, Dr. Nancy Messonier, told the public about the databases that would be used to assess COVID vaccines' safety just before the rollout, on December 10, 2020.

Both agencies provided the public with promises of what these vaccine safety databases could provide. The databases FDA rents include more than 100 million Americans, for example. But since the rollout, the federal agencies have been almost silent on what they reveal.

However, yesterday I came across 3 very important items about COVID vaccine safety that I had not seen mentioned until now. Each one is an important, though limited, piece of the COVID vaccine safety puzzle--but together, they give you a very good idea of what we are all dealing with as we traverse this data desert, touching small bits of the elephant like the blind men, but never being able to grasp the picture in its entirety.

Item 1 was posted on the FDA website on July 12, 2021 with no fanfare. It revealed that yes, FDA was using its Medicare beneficiary database to look for potential vaccine adverse reactions, and it found four related to Pfizer's vaccine, which is the most widely used COVID vaccine. FDA writes:

FDA has routinely been using screening methods to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and to evaluate potential adverse events of interest (AEI) related to these vaccines. One of these methods, called near real-time surveillance, detected four potential AEIs in the Medicare healthcare claims database of persons aged 65 years and older who had received the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. The four potential AEI are pulmonary embolism, acute myocardial infarction, immune thrombocytopenia, and disseminated intravascular coagulation. The screening methods have not identified these AEI after vaccination in persons 65 years and older who received the two other authorized COVID-19 vaccines...
These events have not been identified as safety concerns or signals in the CDC Vaccine Safety Datalink (VSD) or the Veterans Administration (VA) Healthcare data systems screening methods. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), another government monitoring system, also has not identified any association between any COVID-19 vaccine and these AEI.

FDA continues to closely monitor the safety of the COVID-19 vaccines and will further investigate these findings by conducting more rigorous epidemiological studies. FDA will share further updates and information with the public as they become available.

If the vaccine caused blood clots and bleeding, as is suspected, these are exactly four diagnoses I would expect to see indicating vaccine injuries. The claim that FDA has not seen them in its other databases, including VAERS, is curious, because people who independently study VAERS have in fact reported higher rates of myocardial infarctions and pulmonary emboli.

Six weeks after FDA posted about these very serious warning signs, FDA issued a full, unrestricted license for Pfizer's vaccine, the very one they were warning about. The FDA website where the above information is posted has never been updated, and FDA has not revealed what the last 8 months of "more rigorous epidemiological studies" show.

Item 2 is an academic paper published by the CDC in its own, non peer reviewed journal, the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. It was written by CDC scientists with researchers at various sites that participate in a CDC-funded data collection on COVID.

The paper concludes that while myocarditis is known to occur after COVID vaccinations, it is more common after getting the disease COVID. This is an unusual claim, since myocarditis rates as high as 1 in 2000 males aged 18-24 have been reported after the second Covid shot, and no one has claimed that such rates apply after getting the disease.

So what did CDC do? It chose to examine this issue using a database that admittedly misattributed most vaccinations! CDC has access to everyone's vaccination data and could easily have have used an accurate dataset, but chose not to. Instead, CDC admitted in the paper's fine print that while 82% of Americans over age 5 have reportedly received at least one COVID vaccine, in the 15 million person dataset it used, only 28% were recorded as vaccinated. The only reasonable interpretation is that a large number of vaccinated individuals were incorrectly assigned to the unvaccinated category. It seems a case could be made that this is scientific fraud.

Item 3 came from the Pfizer documents that were released on April 1. Huge thanks to all the volunteers who have been digging through these documents to piece together the truth about the vaccines. Huge thanks also to the scientists and attorneys who had to file suit and win in court to force FDA to release them.

This information, I think, could be a gamechanger. It turns out that Pfizer had to hire 600 new full-time employees simply to process the adverse event reports that were coming in regarding vaccine injuries and deaths: 600 new hires in the first 2 1/2 months of the vaccine rollout. And Pfizer further said it planned to hire another 1800. Eighteen hundred more! Just to manage the paperwork resulting from its vaccine-caused carnage.

FDA knew. But FDA wanted it buttoned up for 75 years. CDC knew also, since the reports of deaths to VAERS for COVID vaccines exceed all death reports for the past 30 years, for all other vaccines, put together. Both agencies hid what they knew. CDC even played tricks with data to mislead us. Pfizer knew. DHHS must have known.

There is no Public Health without public honesty. Our public health agencies have become public trickery agencies. Why should anyone believe anything they say now? Why would anyone do what they recommend?
Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 8:09 PM 1 comments
CDC, under fire for covid response, announces plans to revamp agency / WaPo
Outsider named to conduct one-month review with an eye toward modernizing

[Julie Gerberding pulled the same revamp BS about 15 years ago and things only went downhill then. Is this Walensky's last gasp to save her job or just another way to spend gobs of money and keep everyone confused for awhile?--Nass]. ... -pandemic/
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Tuesday, April 26, 2022
Thanks Elon! Locked and suspended Twitter account for telling the truth

My main account is @NassMeryl, which is blocked.  It has not gotten any additional followers for weeks, with the dial stopped at 14.9 thousand.  This account was locked yesterday as I disagreed with a paid ad for vaccinating children fom DHHS.

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 5:42 PM ... ead-2022-4

Whistleblower linked to FBI investigation into Trump and Deutsche Bank found dead in LA ... ry-report/

This report is unflinching’: Harvard University confronts its ties to slavery
The university will spend $100 million to provide educational opportunities for communities descended from enslaved people and to continue researching slavery and its legacy in the modern world. ... ngton-d-c/

Armed Robbery Occurs Just Outside FBI’s Headquarters in Washington D.C ... 99939.html

FBI to investigate its own involvement in fatal 2018 Schoharie limo crash
* Apr 26, 2022

Yesterday we defeated a dangerous domestic terrorism bill – at least temporarily!
We wanted to share this great news with you, and ask you to help us make sure this civil liberties and civil rights crushing bill doesn’t manage to sneak through!

This is one of those bills that sounded good – it purported to prevent domestic terrorism. Who could object? 
Well, we did. 
Last week, multiple Congressional offices, unsure on how to vote on the bill, reached out to us for our insights. We gave them our rigorous analysis of the bill and told them we are emphatically opposed to the bill. 
Here’s why.
The Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act gives a Congressional seal of approval to some of the worst aspects of the domestic war on terror. It would actually harm the vulnerable communities it purports to protect See our analysis here
Victory, even a temporary one, against this bill was far from certain. The bill has 207 co-sponsors, and its passage seemed a fait accompli.
But we didn’t accept that, and our advocacy has stopped the bill in its tracks.
But we need your help to keep this bill dead.  Will you take action today?
Just yesterday, we submitted detailed comments to the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board about how the FBI’s own war on domestic terrorism is really a war on dissent, and how DHS is running roughshod over our communities promoting its Countering Violent Extremism programs. 
Our in-house experts are swaying decision makers. 
And we’re getting ready to make a major announcement about our efforts to bring transparency to the war on national security journalism and whistleblowers.
Our small staff has been achieving notable success - we’re passionate about our mission to make the promise of the Bill of Rights a reality, and we won’t quit until we achieve that goal!

Defending Rights & Dissent
1325 G St. NW Suite 500  | Washington, District of Columbia 20005
202.552.7408 | ... ley-plaza/

Letter to Texas Commissioner of Education Regarding Distortions of History at the Sixth Museum at Dealey Plaza
Posted on
July 22, 2021
Mark Shaw
In my continuing effort to draw attention from educators in Texas including those Superintendents of Schools in the major cities to the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza poisoning the minds of teachers and students with distortions of history about the JFK assassination, I sent a letter along with my latest book, “Collateral Damage” to Mike Morath, the Texas Commissioner of Education. This is the second time I have done so. If you agree with the facts and conclusions in the letter, please contact Morath’s office and demand changes at the museum to reflect the true events that took place in 1963 or that, best of all, the museum be closed.
Here is the letter:
June 29, 2021
Mr. Mike Morath
Commissioner of Education
Texas Education Agency
1701 N. Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas, 78701
Re: The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and Distortions of History Affecting Teachers and Students of All Ages
Dear Mr. Morath,
On August 20, 2020, I sent a letter to you regarding my extensive concerns about the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza distorting history on a daily basis regarding all aspects of the JFK assassination. To date, I have not received a reply.
Based on my latest book, “Collateral Damage,” (included for your reference), the fifth touching on the assassinations adding to my reputation as the foremost expert on what happened in Dallas in November, 1963, I am once again contacting you while copying all those I believe should know about the museum’s failure to update their exhibits and programs, provide a bookstore stocked with books other than those focused on the bogus “Oswald Alone” theory, or close their doors. You, and others in the education community, must protect teachers and students from the museum’s continuing effort to keep that theory alive so that the museum remains relevant and millions of dollars pour into the museum’s coffers.
Below is the excerpt I included in the “Collateral Damage” Epilogue regarding what I call “The Wall of Shame,” those who continue to distort history including authors and other so-called assassination experts despite the knowledge that they are doing so. This is certainly the case with the museum’s board of directors at the Dallas Historical Society and those who run the day-to-day operation, CEO Nicola Langford,  Curator Stephen Fagin, and Curator of Collections Lindsey Richardson. (These allegations were fully explained in my August 20, 2020 letter to you.)
While it is important that students and teachers in Texas are provided with all points of view regarding any matters of history including the assassination, deliberately distorting that truth while permitting visitors to believe that the “Oswald Alone” theory is the only truth cannot continue especially when, to date, more than 85% of the American people believe that theory is nonsense as proven in all of my books including the new one and many others. When I visited the museum in 2019, I was abhorred, as noted in the new book, with the outdated condition of the exhibits, some more than five years old, and the programs that the museum sells to schools which have absolutely no ring of credibility to them. In addition, the bookshop stocks only “Oswald Alone” books providing what can only be called a museum that is a shrine to this evil man who was, for certain, only a secondary player in what I, and other experts, have proven was a plot to kill JFK in order to render his brother Robert powerless, which is just exactly what happened.
Despite my pleas and those of others, the powers-that-be have turned the museum into a merchandizing enterprise and cash cow by utilizing what they call a “tribute to the president”  as the museum’s calling card when it is nothing of the sort amounting to false advertising. To that end, the museum sends out periodic “dispatches” to its extensive email list promoting “specials” on JFK merchandize while soliciting donations under false pretenses.
During a recent interview on WLIF radio in Dallas with Ernie Brown, I mentioned the distortions of history at the museum. Mr. Brown concurred and the said, “Besides, the museum is boring,” his indication that there is nothing of any accurate historical value in the exhibits, etc. On July 8, I will be appearing at the Allen Library for the third time regarding “Collateral Damage,” and part of my presentation will once again be to let the world know that the museum is an embarrassment to Dallas, a continuing reminder of the death of a president, a stain on the city which must be wiped away for good. Hopefully civic leaders there will take action and force the museum to update the exhibits and alter its program so that Dallas may lose is reputation as “the city that hates,” which is connected to the absurd idea that Oswald acted alone.
What am I asking you to do? Before the fall when schools are back in session, please assign one of your educational experts to visit the museum and to ask the tough questions including why those in charge continue to pound the drum for the “Oswald Alone” theory and deceive, yes, deceive, those students and teachers who visit, as well as the public, with outdated and false information about the assassination. If you do this, and use your authority to put pressure on those in charge to either make the required changes to all aspects of the museum, they may finally do the right thing and stop distorting history.
In my copy of this letter to Stephen Fagin, etc., I am once again requesting, as I have done before, to donate my collection of books about the assassination, including “Collateral Damage” to the museum with the request that they stock these books as well as those by others of note, in the bookstore. I am also asking to speak there so that I may present the most up to date information about the assassination including my proving once again that there was a plot to kill JFK as indicated in the Ruby trial transcripts, the most accurate account of what happened in 1963, which the museum deliberately hides from view..  
While not being a citizen of Texas, I have deep love for education and the truth. As I told you in my previous letter:
Further evidence of my credibility has recently been the result of an honor bestowed upon me by a major university requesting to be the archival repository for all of my books, including Collateral Damage, the new one to be published in 2021, research books, manuscripts, notes, papers, USA Today articles, ABC, CBS, ESPN, and CNN television appearances, and presentation videos, photos, etc. One of the intentions is to make students and teachers across the country aware of the educational benefits regarding the five books I have written touching on the assassinations and provide lesson plans for further study. If there is interest on your part in participating in this program, please let me know.
The “major university” is my alma mater, Purdue, and in October of last year, those in the archival department requested to house my body of work as described above. For your interest, here are the links to the press release and the Purdue collection page where my “Papers” will be alongside those of Amelia Earhart and Neil Armstrong. What an honor for sure and certainly my two letters to you will be part of the collection. and ... urces/1620
Commissioner Morath, the future of students in Texas is in your hands. That is quite a responsibility, one that requires that you weed out untruths and distortions of history so that these students learn what really happened in Dallas in 1963. At the very least, after your office’s investigation which will prove the allegations I have noted, it will be your duty of warn school administrators and teachers to not permit their students to be brainwashed with false information about one of the most important events in history, one very sad in nature for sure.
As a bestselling author and historian, I will continue to alert anyone who will listen through my books, interviews and presentations. There are, to date, more than 2.5 million YouTube views of the interviews and presentations including 60,000 in less than three weeks for an interview about “Collateral Damage” at the prestigious Commonwealth Club of San Francisco on June10. ( The Allen Library presentation will also be uploaded to YouTube with my once again exposing the museum’s distortions of history and my attempts to persuade you to take action.
Thank you for the consideration. Please provide me with the courtesy of a response.
Mark Shaw  
cc:           Ms. Ovidia Molina, President, Texas Parent Teachers Association
Mr. Michael Hinojosa, Dallas ISD Superintendent
            Dr. Kent Parades Srcibner, Ft. Worth ISD Superintendent
            Mr. Grenita Lathan Houston ISD Superintendent
            Ms. Stephanie S. Elizalde, Austin  ISD Superintendent

El Sereno shooting, Oct. 2020
Video of a suspect in the October 2020 shooting of Reza Mous…
Next Up
NEXT UP ... f606f.html

Body found on El Sereno campus was reportedly that of an FBI informant
The body of 46-year-old Valentin Broeksmit was found at Wilson High on Monday
* By Jesús Sanchez Apr 27, 2022 Updated 11 hrs ago 0 ... 235010162/

‘This Is Us’, ‘FBI’ Lead Tuesday Ratings; ABC’s ‘Judge Steve Harvey’ Dips In Finale
By Alexandra Del Rosario

Alexandra Del Rosario
April 27, 2022 10:24am ... dit/108445


By T.l. Stanley. Published on February 27, 2006.

Without committing a single crime, they've made it onto the FBI's most wanted list. ... gIgrPD_BwE

Why Is the FBI so White?
The nation diversifies. The bureau, not so much. ... ing-lives/

In Sweden, Drones Are Beating Ambulances to the Scene — and Saving Lives
MICHAELA HAAS 04/26/22 ... uss-baker/

Boston Isn’t Strong. Boston Is Scared Sh*tless.
So says journalist Russ Baker, who thinks we’ve got the marathon bombings all wrong.
by BEN SCHRECKINGER· 1/5/2015 ... -2010.html

JFKcountercoup ... 53764.html

Nearly one in 4 times a Minneapolis cop uses force, evidence contradicts the officer's story, a shocking review of cases found

Jake Epstein
Wed, April 27, 2022,
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Sending this latest WHISTLEBLOWER NEWSROOM SHOW  around to as many people as possible could help relieve a lot of suffering and save lives:

Here's a brief description of the show:
As the numbers of vaccine injured and long covid sufferers rise after taking injections of pharmaceutical products that long ago met the FDA’s death and injury threshold for declaring a drug too dangerous for public consumption, all too few physicians are effectively addressing their devastating health issues. Dr. Syed Haider, who treats these patients, explains what he’s used that works, which in some cases includes Ivermectin.

Thanks so much,
Kristina ... ael-german

FBI failing to address white supremacist violence, warns former special agent
Michael German, who infiltrated white supremacist groups in the 1990s, says the FBI continues to underplay the scope of the threat ... nton-plot/

How FBI bigwig aided and abetted Hillary Clinton plot
By Post Editorial Board
May 19, 2022 ... 00be21dc0f

Friday, May 20
FBI Provides Chicago Police With Fake Online Identities for “Social Media Exploitation” Team
Mara Hvistendahl, The Intercept ... month-may/

Boston breaks heat temperatures record for May
Prepare for a scorcher. We could even break the all-time record for the month of May.

Waters with high heat content expected in Gulf of Mexico this hurricane season ... ne-season/ ... questions/

Boston Mayor Michelle Wu was asked about officer Patrick Rose’s internal affairs file. Her answer raises more questions.
Mayor Wu, speaking on a local news show, implied she was prevented from accessing the full, unredacted internal affairs report of Patrick Rose, the former Boston police officer and union president who last month pleaded guilty to molesting half a dozen children ... own-emails

Fox News Tucker Carlson tried to use Hunter Biden to get his son into Georgetown
Tucker Carlson tried to use Hunter Biden to get his son into Georgetown ... maries.pdf

Transgender woman 'raped 2,000 times' in all-male prison
'It was hell on earth, it was as if I died and this was my punishment'
Will Worley@willrworley Saturday 17 August 2019 ... story.html

Black motorists more likely to be pulled over by NYPD, new city data shows ... story.html

Current and former DEA agents charged in bribery scheme ... story.html

South Florida lieutenant sentenced to life for molesting 2 girls when they were kids: ‘The abuse doesn’t go away’ ... x-assault/

Calif. cop charged with masturbating at work also accused of sex assault
By Joshua Rhett Miller
May 20, 2022 10:45am ... ther-case/

A prosecutor accused a Minneapolis cop of a cover-up. He was still allowed to testify in another case.The prosecutor's case hinged on discrediting a key witness, a Minneapolis police officer. “It's a cover-up,” Dan Allard said. “I hate it. ... 1088001%2F

A Louisville cop was fired for threatening to kill colleagues. Now he wants his job backAn LMPD officer was fired for threatening to kill supervisors after failing to get a position. Now, he is asking the Merit Board to re ... ngen1.html
INTERVIEWER: So, this is roll number 111, interview with Wesley Swearingen, tenth of February. Now you joined the FBI in 1951, what did you think about American Communists during this period ... rose-file/

The mystery of the Patrick Rose file
The mayor of Boston says she’s not allowed to read the Boston Police Department file. Huh? ... al-heating

Suicides indicate wave of ‘doomerism’ over escalating climate crisis ... 1652905522

What Did the FBI Know and When Did It Know It?Given that Sussmann was the DNC's cybersecurity attorney, and the FBI was investigating the hacking of the DNC. . . ... en-academy

May 23, 2022
Wanted by the FBI: High School Students for the 2022 FBI Teen Academy
WASHINGTON ... =261686187

Testimony: Victim of alleged domestic assault involving KY FBI agent was choked, injuredDetails involving a domestic violence case against Kentucky FBI agent Michael Van Aelstyn were revealed in a preliminary hearing on Jan. 3. He faces charges of... ... fbi-132304

Absolutely Bizarre Story of the Grateful Dead and the FBI
Here's what I learned by accessing the FBI file on Grateful Dead.

Russiagate investigator believes Durham cracked 'insurance policy' mystery
by Daniel Chaitin, Deputy News Editor |  | May 22, 2022 07:14 PMf

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz determined the FBI's counterintelligence investigation was filled with serious missteps and errors and ... this-week/

U.S. Sen. Baldwin: Co-sponsors the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act, will vote for it this week ... -tracking-

Bangor Daily News
Maine needs better tracking and police training on hate crimes ...In 2020, the FBI recorded more than 7,750 reported hate crimes in the US, its highest ... story.html

As Rikers Island crisis worsened, hundreds of NYC correction officers evaded enforcement of sick leave rules ... story.html

San Francisco police, firefighters, sheriff deputies say they won’t march in LGBTQ Pride parade
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sun Jun 05, 2022 11:37 pm ... n-00037232

Nixon’s Plan to Threaten the CIA on JFK’s Assassination
President Nixon’s obsession with “the whole Bay of Pigs thing” has intrigued historians, journalists and conspiracy theorists. A largely overlooked tape provides answers. ... apart.html

Sunday, June 5, 2022
Toby Rogers takes the FDA criminals apart with its fake data collections and plan to avoid clinical trials of COVID vaccines in future. MUST-READ ... eader2&s=r
Who needs data when you've got regulatory capture? ... story.html

Cats targeted with blow darts, mutilated at U.S. Army base: report ... story.html

FBI Guilty of Bias Against Latino Agents ... story.html

Former NYPD cop arrested at U.S. Capitol with ammo, fake 'INTERPOL' badge, BB gun, body armor ... gents.html

F.B.I. Is Accused of Intimidation By Attorneys for Hispanic Agents

Federal judge seals records alleging FBI's involvement in international spy business
By Bill Conroy
San Antonio Business Journal
A judge in federal court in Sacramento has issued an order sealing previously public court documents in a sensational case that involves a former FBI agent who claims he worked as an international spy for the Bureau.
Former FBI agent Lok Thye Lau alleges he worked for the Bureau as a deep undercover agent overseas in the late 1980s. Lau contends the work was of such a stressful and horrific nature that it caused him permanent psychological damage, yet he says the FBI has refused to provide him with the necessary security clearances to pursue proper treatment.
The FBI paints a different picture of Lau. The Bureau claims Lau is a liar and a petty thief.
However, Lau contends the bureau doesn't want the real story to come out. He alleges the FBI went out of its way to set him up to fail, leading to him being fired in 2000 in the wake of an alleged shoplifting incident. Since then, Lau has been fighting to prove that he was hung out to dry by the FBI because he now knows too much.
The remarkable revelations made by Lau are supported by court records and reams of Freedom of Information Act documents. However, on Oct. 10, U.S. District Court Judge Garland E. Burrell in Sacramento issued an order to seal documents filed in Lau's case. Those papers detail Lau's FBI career and reveal that he conducted undercover work overseas "against hostile and aggressive foreign powers for years." ... tory1.html

FBI agents' spy story opens Pandora's box for FBI ... 0_djvu.txt

Full text of "Directory of graduates of the FBI National Academy and officers of the FBI National Academy Associates" ... story.html

Dispatcher who hung up on frantic Tops employee during Buffalo massacre is fired ... cleveland/

Watch Live: Bomb squad on scene at FBI headquarters in Cleveland
by: Peggy Gallek, Ed Gallek, Laura Morrison
Posted: Jun 5, 2022 / 10:20 PM EDT
Updated: Jun 5, 2022 / 10:21 PM EDT ... s-1352629/

The Satanist Neo-Nazi Plot to Murder U.S. Soldiers
A rogue G.I.’s trial exposes the depths of a murderous far-right ideology — and the FBI’s complicity in spreading hate ... rry-banks/

Former Colorado sheriff’s employee pretended to be a U.S. marshal, kidnapped and killed a man, prosecutors allege
Jerry Banks pleads not guilty to kidnapping in connection with 2018 abduction and killing in Vermont
June 5, 2022 at 5:30 a.m. ... a-classic/

This Raunchy, Risque Nostalgia Cash-In Loses The Plot Of A Classic
By Pankaj Tripathi On Jun 6, 2022 ... ce-7167701

Man dies day after police fired a Taser and he ended up in .the Thames ... 2f591.html

Feds decline more than 5,800 criminal cases since McGirt ruling
Curtis Killman Jun 5, 2022 ... ops-636234
Video | Man Violated With Stick, Electric Shock In Custody. Action Against UP CopsA man has been hospitalised in Uttar Pradesh after his stay in the custody of Budaun police in connection with a case of cattle theft ... black-man/

Florida Cop Charged With Manslaughter For The Shooting Of An Unarmed Black ManA 40-year-old Black man was shot and eventually died a day after Christmas by Titusville police officer Joshua Payne, according to WESH 2. ... s-had.html

Sunday, June 5, 2022
US Army/ Fort Detrick researchers had fun aerosolizing lethal doses of money pox in 2001

 Lab Invest
. 2001 Dec;81(12):1581-600. doi: 10.1038/labinvest.3780373.
The pathology of experimental aerosolized monkeypox virus infection in cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis)
G M Zaucha 1, P B Jahrling, T W Geisbert, J R Swearengen, L Hensley
Pathology Division, United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, Frederick, Maryland, USA.

Cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) were exposed by fine-particle aerosol to lethal doses of monkeypox virus, Zaire strain.
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Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Jul 01, 2022 1:23 pm ... elocation/

Texas education board rejects proposal to call slavery ‘involuntary relocation’ ... -come.html

Monday, June 27, 2022
The books are reviewed to help us come together. Josh Mittledorf moves us along toward an understanding of the Other

The Hypnotized Masses
Two book reviews

Josh Mitteldorf
Jun 26!2022

Listen to the author reading this review
The Psychology of Totalitarianism, by Mattias Desmet, Chelsea Green, 2022

The Coronation, by Charles Eisenstein, forthcoming from Chelsea Green July 28 (earlier draft essays available online) ... am-pepper/


For one bright moment back in the late 1960s, we actually believed that we could change our country. We had identified the enemy. We saw it up close, we had its measure, and we were very hopeful that we would prevail. The enemy was hollow where we had substance. All of that substance was destroyed by an assassin’s bullet. – William Pepper (page 15, The Plot to Kill King)
The revelations are stunning. The media indifference is predictable.
Thanks to the nearly four-decade investigation by human rights lawyer William Pepper, it is now clear once and for all that Martin Luther King was murdered in a conspiracy that was instigated by then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover and that also involved the U.S. military, the Memphis Police Department, and “Dixie Mafia” crime figures in Memphis, Tennessee. These and many more incredible details of the King assassination are contained in a trilogy of volumes by Pepper culminating with his latest and final book on the subject, The Plot to Kill King. He previously wrote Orders to Kill (1995) and An Act of State (2003).

Regulate your Dicks
The Roe ruling is not about states’ rights. It’s about power and control
Derecka Purnell ... ce=Twitter

It’s tempting to blame rightwing evangelicals for what happened last week – but big business also benefits from our loss of autonomy

Pro-choice protesters outside the state capitol in Georgia in the wake of the supreme court ruling.
Thu 30 Jun 2022 06.20 EDT ... story.html

Emmett Till’s murder: 1955 kidnapping warrant found in Mississippi, family wants charges ... ustainable

Why are we feeding crops to our cars when people are starving?
George Monbiot
Modern biofuels are touted as a boon for the climate. But, used on a large scale, they are no more sustainable than whale oil ... 0Gkw0qEeQu

Truleo Partners with FBI National Academy Associates, Inc.
Thu, June 30, 2022, 9:00 ... entencing/

Prince Andrew could be FBI’s target after Ghislaine Maxwell sentencing: lawyers
By Emily Crane
June 29,2022 ... sless.html

Upstate FBI Agent Busted for Driving Without Pants
By Joe Coscarelli ... index.html
Top FBI agent charged with child porn distribution

Bill Mears, CNN ... 742850.php
FBI internal affairs chief pleads guilty to child molestation
JOHN SOLOMON ... nt-arrest/

Newport police release some information, identify officers in Sunday’s violent arrest
The police have not yet said whether officers were using body-worn cameras, nor addressed the violence captured in a viral video: an officer shoving bystanders and striking a passerby. ... by-july-1/

A new oversight board is rushing to certify thousands of officers by July 1. Some worry the reviews are little more than a rubber stamp.
As of last week, the commission had reviewed the records of nearly 6,000 officers. Not one has been deemed unfit to serve, raising concerns that the commission’s initial assessments of officers’ conduct and character are less rigorous than reform advocates had hoped.

Copaganda ... 00021.html

Yahoo News
Public invited to have Coffee with a CopOn July 8, the department is sponsoring Coffee with a Cop. The setting will be the Strong Arm Baking Co., at 117 Main St. ... -cop-event

FOX 47 News
Grand Ledge Police Department hosts Fish with a Cop event— The Grand Ledge Police Department held their first Fish with a Cop event Wednesday on the Tyler Lee Murphy memorial fishing dock off the... ... g-85968075

ABC News
Prosecutors seek prison for 3 ex-cops in Floyd killingProsecutors seek prison for 3 ex-cops in Floyd killing. Federal prosecutors want a judge to sentence one of the four former Minneapolis... ... 35a6c.html

NWI Times
cop behind bars on charges of shooting twice at Porter ..."Aunzette stated, 'He always leaves before the cops get there, and never wants to talk to them after things happen,' " a charging document... ... tive-leave

2 Oakland cops involved in deadly chase stripped of badge and gun, placed on administrative leave2 Oakland cops involved in deadly chase stripped of badge and gun, placed on administrative leave. Two Oakland police officers who were chasing... ... -want.html

Thursday, June 30, 2022
Even CDC's data show Americans don't want these boosters. Only 1.7% of 5-11 year olds have received a booster!


Sharon Lerner ... n-fighter/

Seth Harp
Two killed in the Ukraine Army’s International Legion may have been Neo-Nazis. ... r-slayton/

The Pride I Carry With Me: Oliver Slayton
The beautiful resistance of the queer activist and soon-to-be Harvard freshmen. ... by-july-1/

New oversight board decertifying few police, disappointing reformers
So far, the commission has reviewed the records of more than 6,000 officers, with fewer than 10 deemed unfit to serve ... ut-career/

George Piro, Retiring Special Agent in Charge of FBI’s Miami Field Office, Opens Up About Career ... h-a-horse/

Texas man who had sex with a horse jailed for 10 years
inmate? ... 439179.php

A 2017 study by found that Texas spends an average of $22,012 per inmate, a below-average amount when compared to the other 49 states. ... n-spending

Prison spending in 2015 ... ere-storm/

Hints of a derecho-climate change link, ten years after 2012 storm
By Jacob Feuerstein and Jason Samenow 
June 29, 2022 at 3:51 p.m. EDT
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Wednesday, July 13, 2022
97 food processing plant fires--from Gateway Pundit and ZeroHedge
A spate of "accidental fires," one by one, taking out America's food supply chain over the past 1.5 years (source of the list via The Gateway Pundit):

1/11/21 A fire that destroyed 75,000-square-foot processing plant in Fayetteville
4/30/21 A fire ignited inside the Smithfield Foods pork processing plant in Monmouth, IL
7/25/21 Three-alarm fire at Kellogg plant in Memphis, 170 emergency personnel responded to the call
7/30/21 Firefighters on Friday battled a large fire at Tyson's River Valley Ingredients plant in Hanceville, Alabama
8/23/21 Fire crews were called to the Patak Meat Production company on Ewing Road in Austell
9/13/21 A fire at the JBS beef plant in Grand Island, Neb., on Sunday night forced a halt to slaughter and fabrication lines
10/13/21 A five-alarm fire ripped through the Darigold butter production plant in Caldwell, ID
11/15/21 A woman is in custody following a fire at the Garrard County Food Pantry
11/29/21 A fire broke out around 5:30 p.m. at the Maid-Rite Steak Company meat processing plant
12/13/21 West Side food processing plant in San Antonio left with smoke damage after a fire
1/7/22 Damage to a poultry processing plant on Hamilton's Mountain following an overnight fire
1/13/22 Firefighters worked for 12 hours to put a fire out at the Cargill-Nutrena plant in Lecompte, LA
1/31/22 a fertilizer plant with 600 tons of ammonium nitrate inside caught on fire on Cherry Street in Winston-Salem
2/3/22 A massive fire swept through Wisconsin River Meats in Mauston
2/3/22 At least 130 cows were killed in a fire at Percy Farm in Stowe
2/15/22 Bonanza Meat Company goes up in flames in El Paso, Texas
2/15/22 Nearly a week after the fire destroyed most of the Shearer's Foods plant in Hermiston
2/16/22 A fire had broken at US largest soybean processing and biodiesel plant in Claypool, Indiana
2/18/22 An early morning fire tore through the milk parlor at Bess View Farm
2/19/22 Three people were injured, and one was hospitalized, after an ammonia leak at Lincoln Premium Poultry in Fremont
2/22/22 The Shearer's Foods plant in Hermiston caught fire after a propane boiler exploded
2/28/22 A smoldering pile of sulfur quickly became a raging chemical fire at Nutrien Ag Solutions
2/28/22 A man was hurt after a fire broke out at the Shadow Brook Farm and Dutch Girl Creamery
3/4/22 294,800 chickens destroyed at farm in Stoddard, Missouri
3/4/22 644,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland
3/8/22 243,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in New Castle, Delaware
3/10/22 663,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, MD
3/10/22 915,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Taylor, IA
3/14/22 The blaze at 244 Meadow Drive was discovered shortly after 5 p.m. by farm owner Wayne Hoover
3/14/22 2,750,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Jefferson, Wisconsin
3/16/22 A fire at a Walmart warehouse distribution center has cast a large plume of smoke visible throughout Indianapolis.
3/16/22 Nestle Food Plant extensively damaged in fire and new production destroyed Jonesboro, Arkansas
3/17/22 5,347,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Buena Vista, Iowa
3/17/22 147,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Kent, Delaware
3/18/22 315,400 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Cecil, Maryland
3/22/22 172,000 Turkeys destroyed on farms in South Dakota
3/22/22 570,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska
3/24/22 Fire fighters from numerous towns are battling a major fire at the McCrum potato processing facility in Belfast.
3/24/22 418,500 chickens destroyed at farm in Butler, Nebraska
3/25/22 250,300 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Franklin, Iowa
3/26/22 311,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
3/27/22 126,300 Turkeys destroyed in South Dakota
3/28/22 1,460,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Guthrie, Iowa
3/29/22 A massive fire burned 40,000 pounds of food meant to feed people in a food desert near Maricopa
3/31/22 A structure fire caused significant damage to a large portion of key fresh onion packing facilities in south Texas
3/31/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Osceola, Iowa
3/31/22 5,011,700 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Osceola, Iowa
4/6/22 281,600 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina
4/9/22 76,400 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
4/9/22 208,900 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
4/12/22 89,700 chickens destroyed at farm in Wayne, North Carolina
4/12/22 1,746,900 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Dixon, Nebraska
4/12/22 259,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Minnesota
4/13/22 fire destroys East Conway Beef & Pork Meat Market in Conway, New Hampshire
4/13/22 Plane crashes into Gem State Processing, Idaho potato and food processing plant
4/13/22 77,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
4/14/22 Taylor Farms Food Processing plant burns down Salinas, California.
4/14/22 99,600 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
4/15/22 1,380,500 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Lancaster, Minnesota
4/19/22 Azure Standard nation's premier independent distributor of organic and healthy food, was destroyed by fire in Dufur, Oregon
4/19/22 339,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
4/19/22 58,000 chickens destroyed at farm in Montrose, Color
4/20/22 2,000,000 chickens destroyed at egg farm in Minnesota
4/21/22 A small plane crashed in the lot of a General Mills plant in Georgia
4/22/22 197,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
4/23/22 200,000 Turkeys destroyed in Minnesota
4/25/22 1,501,200 chickens destroyed at egg farm Cache, Utah
4/26/22 307,400 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania
4/27/22 2,118,000 chickens destroyed at farm Knox, Nebraska
4/28/22 Egg-laying facility in Iowa kills 5.3 million chickens, fires 200-plus workers
4/28/22 Allen Harim Foods processing plant killed nearly 2M chickens in Delaware
4/2822 110,700 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
4/29/22 1,366,200 chickens destroyed at farm Weld Colorado
4/30/22 13,800 chickens destroyed at farm Sequoia Oklahoma
5/3/22 58,000 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Beadle S Dakota
5/3/22 114,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
5/3/22 118,900 Turkeys destroyed Lyon Minnesota
5/7/22 20,100 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
5/10/22 72,300 chickens destroyed at farm Lancaster Pennsylvania
5/10/22 61,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
5/10/22 35,100 Turkeys destroyed Muskegon, Michigan
5/13/22 10,500 Turkeys destroyed Barron Wisconsin
5/14/22 83,400 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
5/17/22 79,00 chickens destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
5/18/22 7,200 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
5/19/22 Train carrying limestone derailed Jensen Beach FL
5/21/22 57,000 Turkeys destroyed on farm in Dakota Minnesota
5/23/22 4,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
5/29/22 A Saturday night fire destroyed a poultry building at Forsman Farms
5/31/22 3,000,000 chickens destroyed by fire at Forsman facility in Stockholm Township, Minnesota
6/2/22 30,000 ducks destroyed at Duck farm Berks Pennsylvania
6/7/22 A fire occurred Tuesday evening at the JBS meat packing plant in Green Bay.
6/8/22 Firefighters from Tangipahoa Fire District 1 respond to a fire at the Purina Feed Mill in Arcola
6/9/22 Irrigation water was canceled in California (the #1 producer of food in the US) and storage water flushed directly out to the delta.
6/12/22 Largest Pork Company in the US Shuts Down California Plant Due to High Costs
6/13/22 Fire Breaks Out at a Food Processing Plant West of Waupaca County in Wisconsin
Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 11:00 PM
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Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Jul 23, 2022 9:51 pm

June 2022 18:09
Fletcher Prouty vs. the ARRB
Written by James DiEugenio

Jim DiEugenio revisits the lost opportunity of Fletcher Prouty’s appearance before the Assassination Records Review Board (ARRB) by reviewing the initial formation and constitution of the board and then by examining the peculiar history of the board’s “112th Military Intelligence Project.” ... 125471002/

Lansing State Journal
Judge orders DeWitt police officer to stand trial for chasing, pulling gun on Black delivery driverThe Michigan Attorney General's office charged DeWitt police officer Chad Vorce in April with misconduct in office and felonious assault. ... lie-kimani

Kenyan police officers found guilty of murder of three including human rights lawyer
Four found guilty by a Nairobi court six years after murders of Willie Kimani, Josephat Mwenda and Joseph Muiruri prompted protests in Kenya ... story.html

Correction officer charged with killing Bronx teen playing with water gun was veteran firearms instructor ... st-act-now

Panama Papers whistleblower speaks out: ‘Politicians must act – now’
In first public comments since 2016, leaker discusses their life in hiding and leaders’ failure to clamp down on tax havens ... al-dumping

Houston investigated for slow response to Black and Hispanic residents who call 311
City allegedly addresses illegal dumping complaints by people of color more slowly than those from white residents ... ad-drought

Nasa images show extreme withering of Lake Mead over 22 years
The pictures from 2000, 2021 and 2022 offer a new view into its dramatically low water levels, now at just 27% capacity ... s-one.html

Friday, July 22, 2022
German Health Ministry admits one serious side effect per 5,000 doses, advises those suffering to seek care ... again.html

Thursday, July 21, 2022
They are playing the scarcity card again. Will you be fooled?
Dallas County is out of monkeypox vaccinations as cases continue to clim ... cases.html

Friday, July 22, 2022
Get vaccinated, get sick: Ontario, Canada official data, new cases daily since May 10 by number of COVID shots received ... rt-remarks
LVPPA demands judge's resignation over court remarks


Latest on the Whistleblower Newsroom: Eye-opening discussion with ex-Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate and ex-Tulsa, OK PD Swat team member Dr. Mark Sherwood, who urges the medical community, the church, states and citizens to stand up against federal and global tyranny imposed via covid and covid vaccine mandates and potential WHO pandemic prevention treaty. He also talks about his plan to address the epidemic of school shootings. ... onvict-her

Here’s the proof against Carolyn Bryant Donham in the Emmett Till case. Is it enough to convict her?
 Carolyn Bryant’s secret memoir contains new proof she is lying about the night Till was killed, retired FBI agent says ... story.html

Correction officer charged with murder of Bronx teen says he felt ‘threatened’ after being hit by water pellet gun ... e-unharmed

Environmental activists stage protest at Uffizi, Botticelli masterpiece unharmed
they glued their hands to painting.

By Euronews  22/07/2022 ... b90f8379ca

A top FBI agent in DFW wants to give you a job
Supervisory Special Agent Clyde "J-R" Ellis is opening the door to more diversity at the FBI during an upcoming recruitment fair for... ... to_re.html

FBI agent doesn't have to register as sex offender for peeping Tom incidents in Hershey, elsewhere, court says
Updated: Jul. 11, 2014, 6:55 p.m.|Published: Jul. 11, 2014, ... index.html

Top FBI agent charged with child porn distribution

Bill Mears, CNN
Updated 5:04 PM EDT, Tue May 15, 2012 ... 742850.php

FBI internal affairs chief pleads guilty to child molestation
JOHN SOLOMON ... 515995200/

FBI agent charged with rape and other...
AUGUSTA, Maine -- A retired FBI agent charged with rape and other sex crimes has apparently jumped bail and may be in South America, according to a district attorney. ... -the-past/

Sisters win sex lawsuit vs. FBI agent dad $2.3 million given for years of sexual abuse
By Howard Prankratz
Denver Post Legal Affairs Writer ... -86217.php

Scout leader, FBI agent indicted on child sex charges
News-Times, The (Danbury, CT) ... d428f.html

Accuser's 'unexpected' death may end sex case against FBI agent
Federal prosecutors have moved to dismiss charges against a former FBI agent from southern Connecticut who was accused of taking a Boy Scout across state lines for illegal sexual activity because of "the sudden and unexpected death" of the accuser. ... story.html

FBI Settles Harassment Lawsuit for $300,000 : Courts: Ex-agent says she pursued legal action, even though it led her to cut short her career, because she wanted to end a culture of abuse. ... Itemid=275

The unspoken battle: sexual harassment within law enforcement agencies ... ck-driver/

FBI Agent Arrested For Driving Without Pants and Allegedly Trying to Seduce a Truck Driver ... hn/260621/


FBI Atlanta warns parents of rise in sextortion cases, more schemes targeting boys
These crimes are considered the production of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and can carry a life sentence penalty for the offender.
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Postby fruhmenschen » Mon Aug 29, 2022 9:34 pm ... death.html

Daily Mail
Louisville cop is fired after filming 'parody' recruitment video mocking Breonna Taylor's deathTurhan Knight, a corrections officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department, was fired on Thursday after city officials watched a... ... -j-ritchie

‘Police don’t produce safety’: the Black feminist scholars fighting for abolition

The longtime organizers argue that police don’t promote safety, pointing to the fact that the vast majority of policing has nothing to do with preventing violence. Less than 5% of the 10 million arrests each year are for incidents classified as “violent crime”. Police typically arrive after harm has occurred and solve 20-25% of “serious crimes”. Research suggests there is no relationship between the number of police and crime rates, and that higher incarceration levels don’t correspond to reduced violence, yet 2 million people remain behind bars. Police have also systematically failed domestic violence and sexual assault survivors while perpetrating those offenses themselves or enabling the violence in prisons. ... -cop-to-us

Nigerian court rejects request to extradite top cop to US
The senior police officer has been linked to high-profile scandals within Nigeria and also in the US in recent times. ... 65080.html

UP cop held for sexually assaulting mother of teen rape survivor
Lucknow News
Updated on Aug 30, 2022 12:49 AM IST
Accused police officer suspended and arrested on charges of rape following the woman’s complaint to senior officials ... tical-bias

Grassley vows to pursue Hunter Biden and root out FBI 'political bias'
By David M. Drucker, Senior Political Correspondent August 29, 2022 09:42 AM ... the-1950s/

How the FBI bolstered its image in the 1950s

Friends of the Bureau: Personal Correspondence and the Cultivation of Journalist-Adjuncts by J. Edgar Hoover's FBI

Matthew Cecil
Beginning in the mid-1930s and continuing throughout his tenure, FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover used staff-written letters to convert his fame and his bureau's authority into a powerful public relations tool. Journalists like The American Magazine's Courtney Ryley Cooper, Fulton Oursler of Reader's Digest, and Jack Carley of the Memphis Commercial Ap... ... 2014042398

The FBI's Obscene File: J. Edgar Hoover and the Bureau's Crusade against Smut by Douglas M. Charles. Lawrence, University Press of Kansas, 2012. 200 pp. $24.95. ... ife450753/

Kash Patel blasts FBI for ‘endangering his life’
By Arun Kumar August 29, 2022 11:25 am

Copaganda ... ille-mall/

Pitcairn Police officers participate in 'Shop With a Cop' event at Monroeville Mall ... ember-3rd/

West Monroe Police to host coffee with a cop event on September 3rd(KTVE/KARD) — On September 3, 2022, the West Monroe Police Department will host their coffee with a cop event at 7th Square Coffee located... ... estigation

Rachel Campos-Duffy blasts the FBI handling of the Hunter Biden investigation: 'Interfering' in an election ... n-14792003

Cop Adam Holen Sued After Killing Teen Peyton Blitstein ...Adam Holen wasn't a cop when he shot and killed seventeen-year-old Peyton Blitstein in Aurora just before Thanksgiving last year,... ... n-2nd-job/

Arizona Capitol Times
AG: no jail for Phoenix police cop who double-dipped in 2nd job ... p-of-rape/

Punch Newspaper
Rivers teenager accuses cop of rapeI slept with her on consent, says cop. • Group demands ... he-police/

Citizen oversight involves a city or county agency independent of the law enforcement agency with responsibility for reviewing either citizen complaints against officers, or the policies and practices of the agency, or both.
There are two basic forms of citizen oversight. Citizen review boards are responsible for reviewing citizen complaints against officers. Only a few review boards, however, have the authority to conduct their own independent investigations of complaints. Other review boards review the investigations conducted by the police department’s internal affairs units.
The other form of citizen oversight agencies are known as either police auditors or inspectors general.
Citizen oversight of the police is discussed in detail in Samuel Walker, Police Accountability: The Role of Citizen Oversight (2001). The book discusses:
* The history of citizen oversight
* The two models of citizen oversight: civilian review and the police auditor model
* The roles and responsibilities of the two models
* Criteria for evaluating citizen oversight agencies ... sea-level/
Greenland ice sheet set to raise sea levels by nearly a foot, study finds ... story.html

Cop fired after palling around with Roger Stone and Jan. 6 insurrectionists sues NYPD ... eypox.html

Sunday, August 28, 2022
Large US cities see signs of monkeypox drop like a stone--and still no deaths. Fooled again! ... e-and.html

Saturday, August 27, 2022
Gulf War Syndrome, Anthrax vaccine, and Now: Gaslighting the Injured

History repeats itself because we don't understand it sufficiently to recognize when it returns.  Below is from a very special and seasoned journalist, Christine Dolan, who discovered the story below without my help. She wants to help us recognize our history and use the lessons to save ourselves. --Meryl
IN PLAIN SIGHT – Time For Truth And Reconciliation. ... ringhouse/

The Biden Administration Should Begin its “War on Secrecy” by Releasing Key War Powers Reports
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Postby fruhmenschen » Mon Sep 05, 2022 12:03 am


See the interview here:
A fascinating insider account. Donald Trump's ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, talks about his new book, POLITICAL PRISONER: PERSECUTED, PROSECUTED, BUT NOT SILENCED, in which he discusses how he got caught up in the Russian collusion probe and wound up in jail while exposing how Washington’s political titans mount international operations like the Russian collusion probe using taxpayer-funded operatives in government agencies, the State Department and the White House--along with outsiders-- to neutralize their opponents. who in this case, was Donald Trump and those close to him.  
Kindest regards, 

Viewing Off-World Targets with Colonel David Morehouse PhD

TOP 20 Rollo May Quotes ... aid-appeal

Urgent aid appeal launched as satellite images show a third of Pakistan underwater ... -batteries

Crab and lobster shells could be used to make renewable batteries
Prototype designed using chemical in crustacean shells remains 99.7% efficient after about 400 hours

WORDS OF WISDOM | The Best Quotes From William James ... propriate/

Slim Majority of Voters Say FBI’s Search of Trump’s Home Was Appropriate

Maine Climate for August, 2022 (1991-2020 averages in parentheses):  
average max:  81.0F (78.1F)  
average min:  62.5F (59.8F)  
extreme max:  92F
extreme min:  54F  
total precipitation:   5.91 in. (4.52 in.)  
total snowfall:   0.0 in. (0.0 in.) ... 1662047018

Christopher Wray’s FBI: James Comey Redux?
The bureau still faces serious questions about politicized agents and probes.
By Kimberley A. StrasselFollow

Sept. 1, 2022 6:27 pm ET ... ell-apart/

5 Times The Anti-Trump FBI’s ‘Trust Us’ Promise Fell Apart
SEPTEMBER 02, 2022 ... -officers/

Seattle seeks very special police officers
Sep. 2, 2022 at 12:19 pm Updated Sep. 2, 2022 at 12:29 pm ... 03559.html

Atlanta Cop Accused of Terrorizing Black Family With Gun, Racial Slurs
Brooke Leigh Howard
Fri, September 2, 2022 ... to-prison/

Civil rights conviction sends East Tennessee cop to prison
BY: JAMIE SATTERFIELD - SEPTEMBER 2, 2022 7:03 AM ... tradition/

Denham Springs cop accused of sexual misconduct waives extradition

Friday, September 2, 2022
I poured out a lot of new information on today's Friday Roundtable, as we discussed the new bivalent boosters and much more/ CHD TV

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 10:14 PM 2 comments

My interview with the wonderful Sasha Latypova, a pharma regulation expert, for TrialSite News

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D. at 10:11 PM 1 comments

Europe’s Energy Armageddon from Berlin and Brussels, Not Moscow/ William Engdahl ... ow/5792005

On August 22 the exchange-traded market price for natural gas in the German THE (Trading Hub Europe) gas hub was trading more than 1000% higher than a year ago. Most citizens are told by the Scholz regime that the reason is Putin and Russia’s war in Ukraine. The truth is quite otherwise. EU politicians and major financial interests are using Russia to cover what is a Made in Germany and Brussels energy crisis. The consequences are not accidental.
It is not because politicians like Scholz or German Green Economy Minister Robert Habeck, nor EU Commission Green Energy Vice President Frans Timmermans are stupid or clueless. Corrupt and dishonest, maybe yes. They know exactly what they are doing. They are reading a script. It is all part of the EU plan to deindustrialize one of the most energy-efficient industrial concentrations on the planet. This is the UN Green Agenda 2030 otherwise known as Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset.
EU Gas Market Deregulated
What the EU Commission and government ministers in Germany and across the EU are carefully hiding is the transformation they have created in how the natural gas price is determined today. For almost two decades the EU Commission, backed by the mega banks such as JP MorganChase or large speculative hedge funds, began to lay the basis for what is today a complete deregulation of the market for natural gas. It was promoted as the “liberalization” of the European Union’s natural gas market. What it now allows is for unregulated real-time free market trading to fix prices rather than long-term contracts.
Beginning around 2010 the EU began to push a radical change in rules for pricing natural gas. Prior to that point most gas prices were set in fixed long-term contracts for pipeline delivery. The largest supplier, Russia’s Gazprom, provided gas to the EU, most especially to Germany, in long-term contracts pegged to the price of oil. Until the last several years almost no gas was imported by LNG ships. With a change in US laws to allow export of LNG from the huge shale gas production in 2016 US gas producers began a major expansion of LNG export terminal construction. The terminals take an average of 3 to 5 years to build. At the same time Poland, Holland and other EU countries began to build LNG import terminals to receive the LNG from abroad....
For the complete article, please go to Global Research's cite here
 Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D.

Excellent comics for the new Dystopia. Check them out. You will enjoy them.

Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D.

UK will pay doctors large bonuses if they vaccinate every single resident of a nursing home with new boosters. Why are they so anxious to get this garbage into arms?

Hat tip to Joel Smalley ... -boosters/

GPs to receive incentive payments to deliver ‘accelerated’ care home Covid boosters ... 6be045fcae

Atlanta Cop Allegedly Used Racist Slurs, Pointed Gun At Black Family
The police officer, who resigned in July, faces multiple felony charges due to the encounter in May.
Ben Blanchet
Sep 4, 2022, 09:48 AM EDT ... e-1397188/

The Battle for ‘Cop City’
In an Atlanta forest slated for development, an activist movement has built a community — and they're vowing to defend it by any means necessary
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Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Sep 15, 2022 11:40 am

Lancet Covid virus origins report
Dr. John Campbell ... old-proxy/

Ukraine: The CIA’s 75-year-old Proxy
By Gerald Sussman - September 12, 2022 ... s-to-9-11/

Senator Bob Graham Helped Expose Saudi Arabia’s Ties to 9/11
By Michael Steven Smith - September 11, 2022 ... er-he-lied

Anti-Trump dossier source was a paid FBI informant for years after allegedly lying to bureau
by Jerry Dunleavy, Justice Department Reporter |
September 14, 2022 12:11 PM ... ad-in-cell

Oklahoma inmate who sued over alleged 'Baby Shark' torture found dead in cell
Published September 13, 2022 4:28PM ... derly-mom/

NYPD cop allegedly strangled elderly mom in SI home
By Larry Celona and Amanda Woods
September 14, 2022 11 ... t-messages

Uvalde School District Claims It Can't Find Messages Former Police Chief Sent in Aftermath of Shooting

Lawyers for the district claimed it was only able to obtain “portions” of records Motherboard requested under the Texas Public Information Act.
By Tim Marchman
September 14, 2022, 9:00am
Aftermath of Shooting
Lawyers for the district claimed it was only able to obtain “portions” of records Motherboard requested under the Texas Public Information Act.
By Tim Marchman
September 14, 2022, 9:00am ... a-hospital

A Woman Was Turned Away From the Hospital After She Was Raped

She said she was told to return the following day and avoid showering, changing, or using the bathroom to preserve evidence of the assault.
By Anya Zoledziowski
September 13, 2022, 10:53am ... tan-floods

Pakistanis Donated $40M to Build a Dam. Their Government Spent $63M On Its Ads.

The magical crowdsourced mega dam was supposed to solve Pakistan’s future flooding and power problems.
By Ahmer Naqvi
September 14, 2022, 2:41am ... -election/

Robert Mackey
High school senior Shiva Rajbhandari won elected office in Boise, defeating an incumbent school board trustee backed by local extremists. ... nt-scheme/

Former NSA Chief Keith Alexander Accused of Pump-and-Dump Investment Scheme
Lee Fang ... 28973.html

Trump-picked special master candidate signed Carter Page warrant before FBI misconduct discovered
Brooke Singman
Tue, September 13, 2022, 2:43 PM ... ng-program

FBI Columbia to Offer College and University Mentoring ...The FBI Columbia field office announced today that it is launching its first Mentoring Program inspired by the FBI's Beacon Project. ... dquarters/

Head of Bossier police union indicted after FBI raid of police headquarters ... -in-court/
Temple professor continues long legal journey to sue FBI for wrongful prosecution
ByAlan YuUpdated Sep. 14, 2022 5:52 pm ... department

September 14, 2022 11:21am EDT
Detroit cop resigns after pornographic OnlyFans page discovered by department ... killed-him

Sister of Black Man Shot in Bed Stunned at Killer Cop’s Past
An Ohio police officer got fired—and reinstated—for taking money at a side gig decades ago. Then he shot an unarmed 20-year-old.
Pilar Melendez
Updated Sep. 14, 2022 7:53PM ET / Published Sep. 14, 2022 6:36PM E ... edentials/

Williston cop stripped of credentials
By WCAX News Team
Published: Sep. 14, 2022 at 12:10 AM EDT|Updated ... mpany.html

Cop from N.J. admits embezzling tens of thousands from tech company ... -year-old/

Alabama cop claims qualified immunity for handcuffing disabled 13-year-old
A three-judge panel heard arguments over whether a school resource officer was justified in executing a takedown maneuver on a seventh-grader that broke his arm.
KAYLA GOGGIN / September 14, 2022 ... r-peace-2/

SEPTEMBER 14, 2022
Colombian Intelligence Operations, with US Backing, Are Bad for Peace
BY W. T. WHITNEY ... th-7143732

Kicking Down the Door at the "House of Death" ... ns-remain/

DEA agent Who Fatally Shot Mentally Ill Neighbor Returns to Work. Questions Remain.
By Allan Lengel

The Black Budget Of The United States

AUGUST 26, 2022
Monstrosity in the Nevada Desert: Michael Heizer’s “City”
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Postby fruhmenschen » Mon Oct 10, 2022 12:11 pm ... s-in-mass/

FBI Data: 2021's 25 Most Dangerous Cities and Towns in Massachusetts
 by TWIW Staff | October 7, 2022 ... crime-data
The Problem With The FBI’s Missing Crime Data
Many police departments have not adopted the feds’ new reporting system, muddling the picture about national crime trends. ... ary-action

Internal Memos: Rampant Sexual Misconduct At FBI Brings Lighter Penalties For Senior Employees; Many Left Before Disciplinary Action
At least 665 employees left FBI, avoiding penalties following sexual misconduct investigations from 2004-2020
WASHINGTON – Hundreds of FBI employees under investigation for sexual misconduct quit their jobs before facing discipline from 2004-2020, according to internal Justice Department records obtained by Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa). The records, provided via whistleblower disclosures, also illuminate concerns that senior officials are facing lighter penalties than line employees for similar misconduct, and call into question the effectiveness of the FBI’s response to sexual misconduct by its employees.
The first document, produced by the Justice Department’s Office of Disciplinary Appeals and titled “Retirements and Resignations During Unwelcome Sexual Conduct Adjudications” found that from 2004 to December 23, 2020:
“665 FBI employees, including 45 [Senior Executive Service (SES)]-level employees have retired or resigned following an FBI or [Justice Department Office of Inspector General (OIG)] investigation into alleged misconduct, but prior to [the Office of Professional Responsibility’s (OPR)] issuance of a final disciplinary letter.” ... ck-driver/
FBI Agent Arrested For Driving Without Pants and Allegedly Trying to Seduce a Truck Driver
by JASON LEWIS ... a-testing/

Saturday, October 8, 2022
FLCCC INaugural Conference on Treating COVID vaccine injuries and long COVID Oct 14-16.


OCTOBER 14-16, 2022
ORLANDO, FLORIDA ... ink-again/
Think concerns about FBI behavior is just political hype? Think again. ... 56ba8aefb9
World Naked Bike Ride 2022: The Biggest Nude Event To Protest ‘Indecent Exposure’ To Cars
Cecilia RodriguezSenior Contributor ... n-lawsuit/

Bay Area cop Anthony Luciano Vasquez illegally recorded sex act with woman — and showed off footage: lawsuit
By Jon Levine
October 8, 2022 ... ep-jordan/
GOP-led House could force FBI director to testify on Hunter Biden probes: Rep. Jordan
By Mark Moore
October 9, 2022 ... es-2022-10

Trump told advisors last year he'd return Mar-a-Lago files in exchange for 'sensitive' documents about the FBI probe of his 2016 campaign's ties to Russia: NYT
John L. Dorman Oct 8, 2022, ... -2021-cnn/
FBI report tells less about overall state of U.S. crime in 2021: CNN ... t_partner/
FBI witness in Mar-a-Lago case wounded in "midday attack"
The case of the woman who infiltrated Mar-a-Lago pretending to be a Rothschild heiress took a strange turn
PUBLISHED OCTOBER 9, 2022 ... ty-bribery
Friday, October 7, 2022
Former FBI Special Agent and D.C. Real Estate Developer Found Guilty of Bribery
Developer Bribed FBI and D.C. Officials for Personal Identifiers of D.C. Tenants ... enerators/

Can Decommissioned Mines Become Green Power Generators?
SARAH DEROUIN 10/08/22 ... ets-trial/
The Intercept
Activists Acquitted for Removing Smithfield Foods PigletsA state veterinarian cuts Lizzie's ear for DNA testing during an FBI raid of a Colorado animal sanctuary. Photo: Direct Action Everywhere. Activists who... ... rting-gun/

January 6 Was Only the Starting Gun
JEFF SCHECHTMAN 10/07/22 ... d-and-bad/

Schrödinger’s Brat: What Is Happening to Hunter Biden Is Both Good and Bad
KLAUS MARRE 10/08/22 ... police-car

Police Car. Cops Had the Wrong Person.
Jamee Kimble, who was out getting groceries, had given birth just six days earlier.
By Trone Dowd
October 6, 2022, 12:22pm

Copaganda ... /12309447/

National Faith & Blue Weekend: Philadelphia Police Commissioner Outlaw working to build trust through talks with teensPhiladelphia Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw joined faith-based community leaders and the city's youth to discuss the ongoing gun... ... 0afff429b7
AP News
Breonna Taylor warrant details deepen mistrust in policeLOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — Recent revelations about the search warrant that led to Breonna Taylor's death have reopened old wounds ... monitor-r/

NOPD Questions Recent Independent Police Monitor Report
by NOPD Public Affairs October9 2022 ... -editorial
Chicago Sun-Times
Chicago is getting a mediation program for police misconduct ... ... 545212007/

Could police union block police reform efforts if Akron voters approve Issue 10?
Doug Livingston
Akron Beacon Journal ... 94579ff8e6
'It’s hard to sleep': Rally held for Phoenix man shot and killed by policePHOENIX — A few dozen people gathered in a Phoenix park demanding action against the Phoenix Police Department after the fatal shooting of.Ali Osman, 34, was accused of throwing rocks at officers when he was shot on the night of Sept. 24. ... ostitution

TEXAS Published October 8, 2022 3:31pm EDT
Texas police chief arrested after allegedly soliciting a minor for prostitution
Thomas Peoples, the police chief in Oak Ridge, Texas, was fired after he was arrested after allegedly soliciting a minor for prostitution ... f-s-office

Sexual Harassment Investigation Hits Merrimack County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff David Croft's 20-month tenure has seen 8 complaints filed, 41 staffers exit, and a lieutenant who resigned in lieu of termination.
Fri, Oct 7, 2022 at 6:55 pm ET ... -officers/

New state agency should do its job and decertify three former Stoughton police officers
Commissioners should do what’s necessary to restore public trust in the department — while also building trust in a new state agency that still needs to prove itself. ... -magazine/
Garrison:The Journal of History & Deep Politics ... epburn.htm

Who really killed JFK? Farewell America by James Hepburn

An excerpt from the book Farewell America by James Hepburn which examines the issue of who really killed John F. Kennedy.
FAREWELL AMERICA. By "James Hepburn". Vaduz, Liechtenstein: Frontiers Co., 1968 ... s-and.html

Saturday, October 8, 2022
Horowitz: 5 shocking new studies and data points that nuke the COVID shots

Daniel Horowitz
“In summary, we have highlighted the pitfalls of having considered until now COVID-19 mRNA vaccines as just conventional vaccines, and we have indicated the preclinical, clinical and post-marketing safety assessments that are most urgently needed. COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are actually pharmaceutical drugs, and consequently their pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, and possibly also their pharmacogenetics, must be properly characterized to provide a solid background of knowledge for their rational and targeted use, thus stopping ‘playing dice’ with these products due to the misbelief that the same vaccine at the same dose is good for everyone, and that adverse effects occur just by chance.”
Those were the words of Italian researchers in a recent pharmacological analysis of the COVID shots published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences nearly two years after these products were foisted upon 5.35 billion human beings – often multiple times – under the false pretense of the jabs acting like vaccines. Who will be held accountable? ... s-highways

By David A. Harris,
University of Toledo College of Law ... id=4009791

'Driving While Black' (or Female) as a Function of Policing While White (or Male)
35 Criminal Justice Studies (2022, Forthcoming)
Cornell Legal Studies Research Paper No. 22-06
23 Pages Posted: 17 Jan 2022 Last revised: 7 Sep 2022
Michael Heise
Cornell Law School
Date Written: September 2, 2022 ... 318550637/
Driving While Female ... gLZDPD_BwE

After Police Brutally Beat & Hospitalized James King, The Government Closed Ranks and Is Using a Legal Shell Game To Avoid Accountability ... k-science/
Letter From High-Ranking FBI Lawyer Tells Prosecutors How To Avoid Court Scrutiny Of Firearms Analysis Junk Science
Legal Issues
from the cheating-to-win-is-how-the-FBI-defines-'justice' dept
Fri, Feb 18th 2022 07:39pm - Tim Cushing
Law enforcement — including the FBI — like to claim they’re heavily invested in science. The use of forensic “science” has been with us for years, but nowhere is it more sketchy than in law enforcement labs, where zero accountability rubs elbows with zero outside review of methods. ... story.html

Convicted defendants left uninformed of forensic flaws found by Justice Dept.
By Spencer S. Hsu ... d-evidence

Is the CIA Supporting Another Color Revolution in Iran—Like the One that Installed the Shah in 1953?
By Jeremy Kuzmarov - October 10, 2022 ... -pipelines

‘I feel used’: how fossil fuel firms court Black leaders to support pipelines
Black community members have been asked to rubber-stamp harmful projects for decades, activists say

Nina Lakhani
Mon 10 Oct 2022 05.00 EDT ... repreneurs
Venezuelans create affordable electric vehicles as necessity drives ingenuity
Augusto Pradelli poses as he presents two models of electric vehicles he manufactured, in El Saladillo neighbourhood in Maracaibo, Venezuela. Photograph: Luis Bravo/AFP/Getty Images
Entrepreneurs in the oil-producing state now plagued by shortages recycled parts from golf carts and motorcycles to make battery- and solar-powered cars
Luke Taylor
Mon 10 Oct 2022 05.30 EDT
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