Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terror

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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Feb 16, 2022 11:10 pm ... e-liex2019

An Honest Cop vs. the FBI: Dillon’s Story of ‘The Thin Blue Lie’
BY PAM JOHNSON/ZIP06.COM • 02/16/2022 08:30 A.M. EST ... 816217001/

Giuliani says he has proof that Hillary Clinton got FBI to spy on Trump
Dave GoldinerNew York Daily News ... 800806001/

'FBI: Most Wanted,' new Showtime series filming in Westchester, Rockland this week

Karen Croke
Rockland/Westchester Journal News

ISSN: ISSN-0363-8111
A Quantitative Description of FBI Public Relations.
Gibson, Dirk C.
Public Relations Review, v23 n1 p11-30 Spr 1997
States that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) had the most successful media relations program of all government agencies from the 1930s to the 1980s. Uses quantitative analysis to show why those media efforts were successful. Identifies themes that typified the verbal component of FBI publicity and the broad spectrum of mass communication channels that were tapped. (PA)

FBIAA Press Releases ... 98594.html

New Book Reveals FBI, CIA and Mafia Involvement in Kennedy Assassination ... ar-AATUscv

FPD chief seeking overhaul of deal that makes Boudin lead in cop use-of-force cases
By Rachel Swan - ... buquerque/

Coffee with a FBI agent returns to Albuquerque
by: Anna Padilla
Posted: Feb 15, 2022 / 06:05 AM MST
Updated: Feb 15, 2022 / 06:05 AM MST ... 2e833.html

Suspended Hazleton cop in prison on attempted homicide charges following explosion
* By Amy Marchiano Staff Writer Feb 15, 2022 Updated ... 3d3840fdbd

Police urge Super Bowl boycott over Snoop Dogg anti-cop lyrics
Instagram took down a post from a police account urging followers to boycott the Super Bowl – condemning Snoop Dogg’s song lyrics.
Patrick Reilly and New York Post ... -carnival/

N.O. & Company Supports 'Adopt a Cop' Program During Carnival

(AP Photo/Rusty Costanza, File) NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans & Company, the city's destination marketing organization, has announced its support for New Orleans police officers through the New Orleans Police & Justice Foundation's Adopt-a-Cop program ... ... 05528.html

Milwaukee judge blocks DNA evidence in Washington Park homicide, assails deputy for 'monstrously false' statement

A Milwaukee County circuit judge will not allow DNA evidence at trial that prosecutors argue links a 16-year-old to the fatal beating of a woman in Washington Park, saying a sheriff's detective made "monstrously false" statements to get the teen to ... ... ar-AATU1Cl

Adulterous cop can’t be sacked for misconduct: Gujarat high court

February 16, 2022 - 12:43PM ... 7e3ea.html

Additional charges filed against Hazleton cop charged in burglary at Kline home where explosion occurred
* 69 News, Jaccii Farris Feb 15, 2022 ... ar-AATTfsN

Veteran Chicago cop sues local law school over claims he was discriminated against for being white
Mike Krauser - ... ar-AATTbdu

Wealth accumulated by senior cop stuns vigilance sleuths: Disproportionate assets include Rs 1.11 crore worth BMW, drug manufacturing unit, hospital ... board-memo

Sen. Hawley demands answers on FBI, AG Garland school board memo: 'Silence must end'
Sen. Hawley pens letter to AG Garland demanding more info on infamous school board memo ... ped-by-fbi

Man Guilty of Investment Bank Fraud Says He Was Entrapped by FBI
* U.K. businessman has resisted U.S. extradition since 2013
* Says he was set up to say bonds were frauds in FBI sting
ByKatharine Gemmell
February 15, 2022, 6:04 AM ES ... ot-enough/

Boston Police removed 600-plus names from a Boston gang database. For some councilors, it’s not enough.
More than 3,000 people are still listed in the controversial database, in which Black and Latinx Boston residents are disproportionately represented. ... story.html

NY Correction Department scrubs stats from website showing thousands of NYC inmates still missing medical appointments ... -day-2022/

You Don’t Know What Love Is — Valentine’s Day 2022
02/14/22 ... -heard-of/

The Century-Old Renewable You’ve Never Heard Of
02/12/22 ... tines-day/

ATF Calls on People to Snitch on Ex-Lovers on Valentine’s Day

Former assistant FBI director says White House created US crime wave
Feb. 15, 2022 - 3:51 - Chris Swecker tells ‘Your World’ Biden has ‘promoted’ lawlessness throughout American cities. ... ats-charge

FBI ignored tips on Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Democrats charge ... rs-unions/

While Baker stands up to police, Wu surrenders to police unions ... 1439193884

JFK and the Unspeakable
Why He Died and Why It Matters
By James W. Douglass

Barr McClellan

Barr McClellan studied at the University of Texas in Austin. As a student McClellan was a strong supporter of John F. Kennedy. After qualifying as a lawyer he went to work for the administration of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Initially he worked for the National Labor Relations Board but in 1964 he became an attorney for the Federal Power Commission.
In 1966 McClellan joined the legal firm of Clark, Thomas and Winters, based in Austin, Texas. At that time the firm was run by the partners Edward Clark, Sam Winters, Don Thomas and Frank Denius. The company was closely associated with Lyndon B. Johnson and the Democratic Party in Texas. McClellan's work included advising on political strategy, campaign contributions, media issues and labour disputes.
In 1972 McClellan became a full partner in the legal firm. It was only at this stage that he was told about the illegal activities of the firm. John Cofer explained how the partners dealt with criminal activity: "In short, we helped plan crimes and keep the clients out of trouble." Soon afterwards he discovered that one of the partners, Edward Clark, had been involved in planning the assassination of John F. Kennedy. ... an-6-riot/

Sen. Cruz Spreads Baseless Conspiracy Theory about FBI Inciting Jan. 6 Riot ... 8-0004.pdf


https://yale.universitypressscholarship ... 0300106350

FBI Informant/Agent Provacteur Murders CIVIL RIGHTS ACTIVIST

The Informant: The FBI, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Murder of Viola Liuzzo
Gary May
This book reveals the untold story of the murder of Civil Rights worker Viola Liuzzo, shot to death by members of the violent Birmingham Ku Klux Klan at the end of Martin Luther King's historic Voting Rights March in 1965. The case drew national attention and was solved almost instantly because one of the Klansman present during the shooting was Gary Thomas Rowe, an undercover FBI informant. At the time, Rowe's information and subsequent testimony were heralded as a triumph of law enforcement, but his history of collaboration with both the Klan and the FBI was far more complex. Based on previously unexamined FBI and Justice Department records, the book demonstrates that in their ongoing efforts to protect Rowe's cover, the FBI knowingly became an accessory to some of the most grotesque crimes of the Civil Rights era—including a vicious attack on the Freedom Riders and perhaps even the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church. The story of a renegade informant and an intelligence system ill-prepared to deal with threats from within, it offers a cautionary tale about what can happen when secret police power goes unchecked. ... _form.html

FBI Informant fires shots that trigger Kent State Massacre
Kent State shootings: Does former informant hold the key to the May 4 mystery? ... 110583431/

Laurel Krause
January 4, 2013
THIS MORNING a friend shared this original image of Terry Norman, F.B.I. informant and provocateur, moments after he has turned over his small caliber pistol to authorities on May 4, 1970 at ~12:30, with the following descriptor:
"Attached for your files is an original photograph of Terry Norman surrendering his weapon to the police officer with two ONG members who witnessed and have stated Norman said he had fired his weapon in self-defense."
TIME for TRUTH. Uncensoring the “unhistory” of the Kent State massacre, while also aiming toward justice & healing.
For Kent State Truth, the SIGNIFICANCE of the PISTOL in this photo is CLEAR ~ Terry Norman has just surrendered his pistol to the cop & the cop then puts the pistol in his pants pocket, as evidenced in other videos.
TRUTH in the form of new information & evidence, recordings, photographs & videos continue to emerge about the inhumanity delivered by America's leadership on May 4, 1970 in the Kent State massacre. May 4th is probably the most documented domestic military battle ever.
This photo shows Terry Norman turning over his gun, the gun used to create "sound of sniper fire' at the Kent State massacre on May 4th.
CONSIDER the US FBI's 12/21/12 release of FBI Occupy FOIA papers with the redacted files including FBI talk of 'SUPPRESSED SNIPER RIFLES' & Occupy leadership.
JUST AFTER the 1970 Kent State massacre, 'SNIPER' stories were fed to the media by American leadership, becoming the US government's KEY ALIBI for the massacre, also central to the FBI's cover-up at Kent State.
10 DAYS LATER in 1970 at Jackson State, Highway Patrolmen, State Police & National Guard shot two students dead in an anti-Vietnam protest with Authorities again pointing to 'SNIPERS' as the cause.
The FBI continues to cause dangerous trouble for Americans with SNIPER STORIES & SCENARIOS yet the FBI gets away with it, no questions asked, every time.
Read more about Terry Norman & other NEW INFORMATION on the Kent State massacre:
Uncensoring the “unhistory” of the Kent State massacre, while also aiming toward justice & healing ~
Kent State Truth Tribunal ~ ... 515995200/

FBI agent charged with rape and other sex crimes had investigated group led by FBI informant Joey Aceto

AUGUSTA, Maine -- A FBI agent charged with rape and other sex crimes has apparently jumped bail and may be in South America, according to a district attorney.
Retired ... and-roots/

FBI Informant triggers wave of New England bombings

Terrorism: A new book unveils some of its 1970s Maine and New England roots ... e-story-1/

Being part of the story ... lings.html › 1993 › 10 › 31 › nyregion › bomb-informer-s-tapes-give-rare-glimpse-of-fbi-dealings.html
Oct 31, 1993In undated transcripts of conversations after the World Trade Center bombing, an F.B.I. agent, Nancy Floyd, tells a Government informer, Emad A. Salem, that she believes the bureau mishandled ... pen-cover/

WTC ’93 Bombing: Did the FBI let it happen and then cover it up?

FBI Informant Emad Salem creates 1993 1st World Trade Center Bombing
FBI agents allowed bomb to go off ... top_wo.pdf

Tapes show FBI failed to stop World Trade Center bombing by Jeffrey Steinberg

The Federal Bureau of Investigation received warnings months before the Feb.26, 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center that a terrorist plot was afoot targeting New York Ci­ ty's office skyscrapers.Yet, despite those warnings, the FBI failed to successfully take any preemptive action. These are among the charges that have been leveled since Oct.26, when 900 pages of transcripts of taped conversations between an FBI informant and his Bureau handlers were released to the New York Times. The informant, Emad A.Salem, a former Egyptian Army colonel who infiltrated the inner circles of Muslim cleric Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, covertly taped hundreds of hours of conversations with FBI agents,and those tapes were released late last month to defense attorneys in one of the two federal cases brought against alleged Islamic terrorists.Although Judge Michael B.Muckasey ordered that the tapes remain under seal, several New York newspapers obtained copies and have been publishing excerpts.
The tapes paint a picture of an FBI anti-terror squad riddled with internal conflicts,mismanagement,and inexpe­ rience.AccordingtoSalem,hewasorderedtodrophisinfil­ tration of the Sheik Rahman circles by an FBI supervisor six months before the Trade Center bombing, although he had already provided the Bureau with a short list of terrorist targets, including the World Trade Center. Allegedly, Sa­ lem,along with FBI special agents,had worked o ... -237765331

FBI agent gave Whitey Bulger explosives to send to IRA
An FBI agent gave Whitey Bulger 40 pounds of plastic explosives most of which was sent to the IRA a key witness ...

On Friday Flemmi  testifies  that in the 1980s, FBI agent John Newton gave him and Bulger a case of C-4 explosives to send to the IRA.

“It was a surprise when we got it,”  Flemmi old the court adding that he believed that Newton, who was a former Green Beret, got the plastic explosives while in military training.

Main Events surrounding the bomb in Omagh
Saturday 15 August 1998
Omagh Bomb - Largest loss of life in a single incident in Northern Ireland
At 3.10pm a car bomb exploded in Omagh, County Tyrone, killing 29 people (plus two unborn children) and injuring 220 others. 21 died where they fell while 8 more died on the way to, or in, hospital. Of those injured at least 11 were described as critical, including two children, and 113 were detained in hospital overnight. Initially no group claimed responsibility for the bomb but suspicion fell on a splinter group of Republicans who call themselves the "real" Irish Republican Army (rIRA). Nine children (5 girls and 4 boys; including an 18 month-old baby), 14 women and 6 men died at the scene or in hospital. A list of the dead was later released. ... ction.html

Alexander Charns Freedom of Information Act Collection

Cloak and Gavel
"Cloak and Gavel" . . . is the product of an eight-year struggle to force the FBI to reveal its Supreme Court Cloak and Gavelsnooping. [Durham, N.C. attorney Alexander ] Charns got . . . hard evidence that Hoover attempted to monitor the court's private deliberations and manipulate some of the justices." Wall Street Journal, A13, 9/1/92
"The FBI's scandalous techniques ranged from illegal wiretapping, to disinformation campaigns, to using Justice Abe Fortas as a Bureau informant." Harvard Law Review, Vol 106, p. 812.
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed May 04, 2022 3:26 pm ... naugh.html
President Clinton Whitewater Scandal CoverUp
Associate Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh and his ongoing cover-up of the murder of Vince Foster ... keane.html

Over J. Edgar’s dead body - the 1970 Kent State shootings and the FBI: Paul Keane
Published: May. 04, 2022, 5:45 a.m.b ... zed-crime/

HSI Agent Convicted of Dozens of Charges for Accepted Bribes Linked to Organized Crime ... nt-deaths/

GAO: Border Patrol Agents Significantly Undercount Immigrant Deaths ... gn=organic

30 Secrets From Former FBI And CIA Agents That Common People Aren’t Supposed To Know About ... 1b9fe.html

Striking similarities between two Michigan FBI undercover plots
By Scott McClallen | The Center Square May 2, 2022 ... ta/366420/

FBI Ran Over 3 Million Searches on Americans' Electronic Data ... 1a4c6.html

Nxivm founder alleges FBI tampered with key evidence in his case, asks conviction be vacated
By Sonia Moghe, CNN May 3, 2022 Updated 17 hrs ago 0 ... bi-edition

May 2, 2022
FBI Media Alert: FBI El Paso to Host Coffee with a Cop, FBI Edition ... ssination/

May 4, 2022
The KAPIKILL Files: 40 years later, never-before-published FBI files reveal plot and suspects behind Turkish diplomat’s death outside Boston ... ask-force/

Wake Co. Sheriff’s Office member joins FBI Task Force
by: Amber Trent
Posted: May 4, 2022 / 06:43 AM EDT
Updated: May 4, 2022 / 06:43 AM EDT ... e-opinion/

LAPD officers clash with protesters after leaked Roe v. Wade opinion
By Nika Shakhnazarova
May 4, 2022 ... ns-report/ ... ncna891626

Kavanaugh hires attorney amid sexual assault allegations: report
BY MICHAEL BURKE - 09/17/18 11:52 AM ET

Remember Merrick Garland? Democrats can't let Mitch McConnell rewrite history ahead of Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation
Conservatives must be held to the same standards they established to justify their own historic act of obstruction a mere two years ago.g ... was-fbi-op

Nichols says bombing was FBI op
Detailed confession filed in S.L. about Oklahoma City plot
By Geoffrey Fattah   Feb 22, 2007, 3:02pm EDT ... 2.9.07.pdf

Evidence for FBI creating OKC Bombing
Jesse C. Trentadue (#4961) ... "Others Unknown," who collaborated with McVeigh in the bombing. ... slip was Larry Potts - lead FBI agent at Ruby
Feb 22, 2007 — He claimed McVeigh identified Potts in "an accidental slip of the tongue." ... Trentadue, a Salt Lake City attorney, has been involved in ... ... -role.html


By J.M. Berger ... -documents

FBI director faces new scrutiny over investigation of Brett Kavanaugh
This article is more than 7 months old
Claim that FBI lacked authority to conduct further investigation into Kavanaugh may be inaccurate ... 021-07-22/

FBI ignored tips on Brett Kavanaugh, Senate Democrats charge
By Jan Wolfe and Mark Hosenball ... index.html
Kavanaugh FBI probe was a cover-up
By Frida Ghitis ... ppointment


The FBI received 4,500 tips about him, with the “relevant” ones being turned over to the White House, where they were presumably ignored.
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Thu Jun 09, 2022 12:34 am


Investigative reporter Nick Bryant (who was the first to get Epstein's black book) and I introduce ourselves to Elon Musk as reporters who do care about investigating all things Epstein, including his clients, and explain why he thinks journalists like us do not exist:

Please distribute widely to spread the word that our invesetigative work on Epstein does, indeed, exist.

Thank you, 
Kristina ... ed-no.html

1,000 cases of money pox identified: NO fatalities/ Stat

But go get your experimental vaccine, cause you never know, right?
It's free, right?  
Here is the stat article (which is not at all interesting) which confirms the lack of deaths.  Boy, had there been even a single death, you would have heard about it by now, over and over. ... -on-jan-6/

Trump Pressured Secret Service to Provide Route to Capitol on Jan. 6

Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Photo via Shutterstock.
Secret ... otus-leak/

Will The FBI Do Anything About The Alarming Number Of Attacks On Pro-Life Centers Following SCOTUS Leak?
JUNE 08, 2022 ... p-lawmaker

FOX NEWS FLASH Published June 7, 2022 11:41pm EDT
FBI purging conservatives, critics of Jan 6 narrative, whistleblowers tell GOP lawmaker
Jim Jordan calls it the 'weaponization of government' against political enemies ... i-lawsuit/

Gymnasts sue FBI for $1 billion over mishandling of Larry Nassar case ... tics-case/

Daily Leader
Sen. Wicker presses DOJ on decision not to prosecute FBI ...It was announced today that more than 90 athletes who were abused ... t-phoenix/
Excessive heat: Temperatures over 100 swelling from Texas to California ... 89122.html

Miami Herald
Miami-Dade cop accused of stalking ex with AirTag in latest case involving Apple trackerMiami-Dade Police Officer Javier Magarin has been charged with stalking and the illegal use of a tracking device. ... ng-guilty/

Cop Who Stole Truck And Drove It To Work Gets Six Months In Jail After Pleading Guilty ... 551499001/

Knoxville News Sentinel
Knoxville cop who was driving 90 mph without lights or siren when he killed driver has quitThe Knox county District Attorney declined to charge the officer, instead saying Mauricio Luna was partially to blame because he failed to...

Copaganda ... sday-kroc/

Cookies with a Cop at 5:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Kroc ... a-20220618

The Sanatoga Post
'Coffee With A Cop' Planned June 18 at Hilltop in Sanatoga ...Coffee with a Cop is a national initiative supported by U.S. Department of Justice and its Office of Community Oriented Policing Services.
. ... -adopt-cop

Smithtown Animal Shelter, Suffolk Police Partner On 'Adopt With A Cop'
"Adopt With A Cop" will see local law enforcement interact with rescue animals to help find deserving pets their fur-ever homes. ... -fancy-fig

Bucks County | CRIMEWATCH PA
NEWS POST: Coffee with a Cop: June 22, 2022 at the Fancy FigCoffee with a Cop: June 22, 2022 at the Fancy Fig. June 6, 2022. Wrightstown Township, Pa - Police officers from the Newtown Township Police Department and... ... the-public

The San Diego Union-Tribune
Tacos with a Cop event is latest effort by San Diego police to foster connections with communitySan Diego police Officer Terry Hoskins prepares a plate of tacos during a “Taco with a Cop” event outside a Northgate Market in El Cerrito on... ... scheduled/

Coffee with a Cop scheduled

The Courier
Jun 07, 2022 11:00 AM

. ... of-suspect

Thailand's 'Joe Ferrari' cop jailed for life over death of suspectBangkok (AFP) – A flashy Thai cop nicknamed "Joe Ferrari" for his taste in fast cars was on Wednesday jailed for life for torturing a drugs... ... 005225002/
Clifton NJ: Jury clears cop who fatally struck pedestrian in 2020An officer who fatally struck a pedestrian on a Clifton sidewalk will not face charges in the woman's death, according to the state Attorney...

Miami Herald
Former Internal Affairs director says Miami chief pressured him to fire controversial copFormer Internal Affairs director says Miami chief pressured him to fire controversial cop. By Charles Rabin. Updated June 08, 2022 8:06 ... orrupt-cop

Brothers' bid for new trial links detective to Chicago's 'most corrupt cop'
By Andy Grimm
Published June 7, 2022 7:36PM
Sun-Times Media Wire ... 4e47d6383e
'It’s not for our community' | Crowd protests 'Cop City' in Atlanta'It's not for our community' | Crowd protests 'Cop City' in Atlanta. Crowds were back again expressing dissatisfaction with the Atlanta City... ... dc2e0.html

The Advocate
Plaquemine woman sues BRPD, alleging cop solicited sexual favors during traffic stopA Plaquemine woman is suing the Baton Rouge Police Department and a BRPD cop, alleging the officer solicited sexual favors from her du ... car-theft/

Ex-LAPD cop guilty in car theftLOS ANGELES (AP) – A veteran Los Angeles police officer ... denial-ads

Warned of ‘massive’ climate-led extinction, a US energy firm funded crisis denial ads
Southern Company spent $62.1m over the years to deny the impact of fossil fuel combustion on climate crisis ... index.html

Audio shows Trump-endorsed Arizona Senate candidate questioned whether January 6 attack was set up by FBI

By Alex Rogers and Manu Raju, CNN

Updated 12:58 PM ET, Wed June 8, 2022 ... masks.html

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
Monkey Business: Contract tracing, masks, and vaccines that might or might not work

34 cases reported in the US.  No deaths to be found. Is this condition even serious?  No matter--it's a great excuse for contact tracing! From the Defender:

"Monkeypox “offers a new cause for contact tracing,” Axios reported Tuesday, pointing out that proponents of contact tracing who were disappointed by the tool’s relative lack of effectiveness in mitigating the spread of airborne COVID-19 are now excited about the possibility of putting the technology to use for monkeypox — because the disease is spread through physical contact...

Meanwhile, the efficacy of a monkeypox vaccine is still in question, according to Ira Longini, a biostatistician at the University of Florida who is advising the WHO.
“The truth is, we don’t know the efficacy of any of these monkeypox vaccines,” Longini told Science...
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Sun Jul 03, 2022 6:50 pm

CIA Dirty Tricks: Assassination Plots, Destabilization of Foreign Governments & Covert Action (1983)

Network of Concerned Anthropologists

The Network of Concerned Anthropologists (NCA) is an independent ad hoc network of anthropologists seeking to promote an ethical anthropology.  For more information, write us at ... d-overtime

KPFA Interview with City Auditor Jenny Wong about Berkeley Police Overtime ... st-days-in

Secrets from the CIA's Last Days in Vietnam
Forgotten lessons from the fall of Saigon and what is left out of the history books

The People’s Database for Community-Based Police Accountability:
A Berkeley Copwatch + WITNESS Initiative ... -left-die/

Locked Up and Left to Die
Loaded on JUNE 1, 2022 by Sophie Novack,, Michael Barajas published in Prison Legal News June, 2022, page 1 ... 658904001/

Editorial: FBI must release review in killing of extremist
The Detroit News
Whenever a citizen dies at the hands of law enforcement, the public is owed a full accounting of why it was necessary ... 4375c.html

Louisville youth anti-violence program participating in FBI training sessions
Jun 18, 2022

Waco The Rules of Engagement ... -blackmail

Documentary Exposes How The FBI Tried To Destroy MLK With Wiretaps, Blackmail
January 18, 20219:00 AM ET
Heard on Fresh Air
SAM BRIGER ... veland-fbi

High School students get a glimpse inside the Cleveland FBICLEVELAND — Dozens of local high school students got an inside look at the FBI and what it's like to be an FBI Agent. ... stract.pdf

Stetson Kennedy and the FBI: Dissidence, Exile, and Surveillance during the Cold War
Helen Diana Eidson, Auburn University, and Sandra Parks, Stetson Kennedy Foundation
For more than sev ... r-00040380

He Tried to Reform the Way a Top D.C. Think Tank Gets Money. Now the FBI Is Looking Into Him.
The Brookings Institution gets a Qatar-shaped black eye. ... -protests/

Inside D.C. Police’s Sprawling Network of Surveillance ... n/2751166/

Retired Townsend Cop Charged With Impersonating Officer, Accosting WomanThaddeus Rochette, a former police officer in Townsend, Massachusetts, is accused of pretending to be a current police officer,... ... ntage-car/

Florida cop accused of using thousands in COVID relief funds to fix vintage carA Florida police officer was indicted Friday for allegedly using a COVID-19 relief loan to fix up his vintage car, according to the U.S.... ... -penalized

Cops Who Leaked News of Bob Saget’s Death PenalizedTwo Florida deputies spread the word before the family was pro

Copaganda ... ck-island/

“Coffee with a Cop” June 23 in Rock IslandSometimes the only time the public has contact with their local police department is during an emergency, which isn't the best chance to... ... ops-coffee

Free Coffee And A Mug At Saturday Session With Cops
By Joe Zlomek June 19, 2022 ... ee1aa.html

Blue Line Ride supports officers, Shop With a Cop ... -time.html

Ex-cop who tried blowing up house to stop police from taking his guns gets prison time ... -cover-up/

The JFK cover-up strikes again
If there was no 'conspiracy,' all the records would have been released long ago

In Deep: The FBI, the CIA, and the Truth about America's "Deep State" Hardcover – Illustrated, April 21, 2020
by David Rohde (Author)

New GN video looking at the many impacts from the explosion of rocket launch facilities worldwide

Our latest video explores the various dangers that come from the growing numbers of rocket launch sites around the world.
Tens of thousands of launches are having major impacts on Earth's environment and a peaceful world.
•  The making of rocket fuels creates major amounts of carbon dioxide releases
•  Rocket launch exhaust contaminates air and water killing fish, birds and other wildlife
• Rocket fuel storage is leaking into local water supplies. A key ingredient called perchlorate severely impacts the thryroid and especially children. Perchlorate is found in milk, lettuce and now contaminates the Colorado River.
• Every rocket launch helps to punch a larger hole in the Earth's ozone layer
• When rocket parts fall back to Earth, burning up on re-entry, they drop a toxic stew of burned electronics parts into the air and water
• Launch corporations promise lots of jobs, no environmental harm, and no military uses in order to worm their way into communities around the world
• This video shows the examples of three communities impacted by rocket launch facilities - Boca Chia, Texas; Kodiak Island, Alaska and Rocket Lab in New Zealand
• Most launch facilities, sold to the public as civilian, turn out to be a Trojan Horse as the military soon takes over and Pentagon, DARPA and CIA space missions are launche
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Wed Feb 01, 2023 9:07 pm ... dium=email

How the Media Enables Violent Bureaucracy: Part
JAN 31 2023 ... rnia-cops/

Pulse-pounding video shows cops shoot dead double amputee accused in stabbing
By Selim Algar
January 31, 2023 ... egime-coup
Revealed: how world’s biggest fossil fuel firms ‘profited in Myanmar after coup’
Leaked tax records suggest subsidiaries of international gas field contractors continued to make millions after the coup ... f-lost-job
Florida man claims sheriff’s ‘Wheel of Fugitive’ video cost him his job
Internet video identified man as a fugitive four times even though he was either in jail or on probation at time of each airing ... -democracy
Citizens’ assemblies: are they the future of democracy? ... 05790.html
Ex-colleague of chief justice's wife makes ethics claim
January 31, 2023
A Boston attorney and former colleague of U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts' wife, Jane, has filed a complaint with Congress and the Justice Department alleging her work as a legal recruiter poses a conflict of interest at the Supreme Court.
The confidential complaint, first obtained and reported by The New York Times on Tuesday, suggests Jane Roberts' past position as legal recruiter -- helping high-profile firms hire top talent, some of whom later have business before the court -- may present an ethical concern

Latest Global Network video

Our video this month chronicles the sad history of Japanese and U.S. colonization of Okinawa.
The U.S. (with full Japanese cooperation) has turned Okinawa into a war base and an obvious target during any conflict with China.
Just in recent days a four-star Air Force general sent a memo to the officers he commands that predicts the U.S. will be at war with China in two years and tells them to get ready to prepare by firing "a clip" at a target, and "aim for the head."
 The memo by Gen. Mike Minihan, head of Air Mobility Command, said, "I hope I am wrong. My gut tells me will fight in 2025."
 Reports have disclosed that some 50,000 service members and nearly 500 planes are under Gen. Minihan's command.
 Okinawa, formerly the independent Ryukyu Kingdom, has a history and culture distinct from Japan. This southernmost prefecture represents less than 1 percent of Japanese territory, yet it hosts more than half of the 57,000 active duty U.S. military personnel stationed in the country.

See Link For Full Story By Dr Meryl Nass MD ... dium=email

My hearing Day 3. How many pieces of silver were the 'experts' given to do their best to ruin me and deprive the people of Maine COVID care?
Dr. Courtney got $125/hr but Mr. Big(shot) Dr. Faust received $500/hour to opine on my lack of fitness to practice medicine and justify permanent revocation of my license. Narratives don't come cheap
The Board looked bored. Was Dr. Fay-Leblanc knitting through the meeting? The Board’s two experts testified today about my extraordinary ignorance, lack of ability to understand a journal article, and careless disregard for the welfare of 3 patients.
Doctor Courtney doesn’t read journal articles: he sticks by the recommendations of government agencies and his specialty organization, the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). IDSA was sued by Connecticut’s then-AG Richard Blumenthal (now Senator) 20 years ago for denying the existence of chronic Lyme disease, and if memory serves it collaborated in witch hunts to de-license doctors who treated chronic Lyme. Presaging today.

Here is what I wrote about this false claim more than 2.5 years ago:
You have federal and UN agencies make false, illogical claims based on models (or invention) rather than human data.  For example, you have the FDA state on June 15 that the dose required to treat Covid is so high it is toxic, after the Recovery and Solidarity trials have been exposed for toxic dosing.  This scientific double-speak gives some legal cover to the clinical trials that overdosed their patients. According to Denise Hinton, RN, the FDA’s Chief Scientist (yes, a registered nurse without scientific qualifications is the Chief Scientist at FDA), or perhaps a clumsy FDA wordsmith: 
“Under the assumption that in vivo cellular accumulation is similar to that from the in vitro cell-based assays, the calculated free lung concentrations that would result from the EUA suggested dosing regimens are well below the in vitro EC50/EC90 values, making the antiviral effect against SARS-CoV-2 not likely achievable with the dosing regimens recommended in the EUA. The substantial increase in dosing that would be needed to increase the likelihood of an antiviral effect would not be acceptable due to toxicity concerns.”
You have a WHO report claim toxic doses are needed. This is nonsense since:
* In 2005, CDC researchers showed strong effects against SARS-1 at safely achievable concentrations.  Here is the relevant quote, “The infectivity of coronaviruses other than SARS-CoV are also affected by chloroquine, as exemplified by the human CoV-229E [15]. The inhibitory effects observed on SARS-CoV infectivity and cell spread occurred in the presence of 1–10 μM chloroquine, which are plasma concentrations achievable during the prophylaxis and treatment of malaria (varying from 1.6–12.5 μM) [26] and hence are well tolerated by patients.” A reader asked me to note that this study was done in tissue culture.
* The drug at normal doses is being tested in over 30 different medical conditions (see
He thought I should have treated 2 outpatients with monoclonal antibodies, but eventually agreed that cases in December 2021 were a mix of Omicron and Delta when the patients were ill, that none of their variants had been sequenced so we did not know which variant they had, and the monoclonals would not have worked against Omicron variants, which were likely to have been present then.
After opining that I lacked the fitness to practice medicine, he was unable to identify a single thing I had done wrong in my records. I was criticized for taking 20 minutes to return a message on a Sunday. I sent 2 patients to the ER when they did not recover as expected, although one of the board’s initial charges against me was that I had failed to do so. (The Board had not read the records carefully, and were simply throwing lots of spaghetti on the wall to try and overwhelm me with charges so I would wilt and surrender my license, when this spectacle began in January 2022.)
Dr. Faust was up next. You probably recall the 1594 Dr Faustus play by Christopher Marlowe and the later opera Faust by Gounod, in which Faust, a prideful intellectual, sells his soul to the Devil. To see Dr. Jeremy Faust in action is simply too coincidental: it is proof that there is a God, who loves to remind us with comedic interludes that “all the world’s a stage.” Did Jeremy sell his common sense to the Devil?
In case you are unfamiliar with Dr. Faust’s written work, let me provide a sample: ... 6-fbi.html
The New York Times
Bias Played Part in F.B.I.’s Jan. 6 Failure, Documents SuggestThe F.B.I. appeared to be blinded by a lack of imagination, a narrow focus on “lone wolf” offenders and a misguided belief that the threat...

Top Jan. 6 investigator says FBI, other agencies could have done more to repel Capitol mob had they acted on intel
“Law enforcement had a very direct role in contributing to the security failures that led to the violence," said Tim Heaphy. ... fy-defense
FBI Informants Who Marched With Proud Boys on Jan. 6 Will Testify for Their Defense
FBI informants are being called as witnesses in the Proud Boys’ high-profile seditious conspiracy trial—by the defense.
By Tess Owen
January 13, 2023, ... rists.html
Nichols says bombing was FBI op
Detailed confession filed in S.L. about Oklahoma City plot
By Geoffrey Fattah
Feb 22, 2007, ... _form.html
Kent State shootings: Did FBI and their informant create Kent State? ... i-informer
Martin Luther King friend and photographer was FBI informant
Ernest Withers, who was trusted by civil rights leader to sit in on strategy meetings spied on black activists and white radicals ... nter-bomb/
FBI Informant says he built 1993 World Trade Center bomb ... ue-mateen/
Father of Pulse gunman was FBI informant, widow's attorneys say
MARCH 26, 2018
Seddique Mateen, the father of the man behind the 2016 Pulse nightclub massacre, worked with the FBI as a confidential informant for more than a decade leading right up to the shooting, according to attorneys for the shooter's widow.
The FBI Informant: The FBI, the Ku Klux Klan, and the Murder of Viola Liuzzo
FBI agent Robert Maheu and the Robert Kennedy Assassination ... xt=concomm
Book Review: "Racial Matters": The FBI's Secret File on Black America, 1968-1972. by Kenneth O'Reilly.
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Thu May 04, 2023 10:47 am
WAR IS COMING, Putin just scored a DEVASTATING blow to the U.S. and Europe! ... ice-budget
‘A budget is a moral document’: why does the NYPD need $29m a day?
The Museum of Broken Windows aims to explore what New York City could be like if funds were diverted from the police

Co-curators Daveen Trentman and Terrick Gutierrez have wallpapered the foyer (and, they add with a chuckle, the bathroom) with printouts of damning bar graphs and news articles chronicling the innumerable measures by which current mayor and former NYPD captain Eric Adams has funneled the power of capital toward his old buddies. But within, the creative personal statements in an array of mediums emphasize the human stakes of a public debate many still treat as an intellectual exercise. As one wall declares in bold red text, the police are defunding us, and we can’t afford to wait much longer to turn those tables.
“You can’t have a movement with just words,” says Donna Lieberman, executive director of the NYCLU. “Words are good. But movements are made of people. Images grab you and make themselves understood in a way that words can’t. Anyone can walk in off the street and appreciate the impact of our almost police-addicted society.”
Charles Bramesco
Mon 1 May 2023 ... r-AA1aAnvx
Texas family called police 5 times before shooting spree that ...Capers said his offices was being supported by the FBI Houston Office and its SWAT team, the U.S. Marshals and Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force, the...

Congress’ anger at FBI shapes surveillance program’s future ... l-and-joe/
If Hashim, Then Why Not Bill—and Joe
Former Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi is currently on trial at The Hague for war crimes. Bill Clinton and Joe Biden supported him and enabled him to commit his crimes, while committing horrific ones of their own in Kosovo. So why aren’t they on trial too? ... satisfied/
Surveillance numbers drop, but critics aren’t satisfied
Analysis by Tim Starks and Ellen Nakashima 
with research by David DiMolfetta
May 1, 2023 at 7:03 a.m. EDT ... in-boston/
Hundreds of protesters swarm sold-out SatanCon in Boston: ‘Hellfire awaits!’
By Jacob Geanous
April 29, 2023 ... nity-case/
Hunter Biden finally arrives at court for baby mama paternity showdown he has been trying to avoid
By Steven Vago and Emily Crane
May 1, 2023
Multi-Dimensional Origins of Human Species from Edgar Cayce’s Perspective
Gregg Braden Official ... thing-fbi/
Fear and Loathing and the FBI
Robert G. Kaiser
February 27, 2020 issue ... 1620973790
Disrupt, Discredit, and Divide: How the New FBI Damages Democracy
Mike German (Author) ... e-00087650
Fear, burnout and insubordination: Insiders spill details about life at the highest levels of FBI
A discrimination case has pulled back the curtain on the tense atmosphere at the bureau’s legal office
Fear of A Black Messiah: the FBI's Campaign to Delegitimate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. from 1962-1968 ... r-mischief
Interesting Engineering
FBI director asks for millions to catch up with China's cyber mischiefFor each cyber-centric agent employed by the FBI, China has 50. Christopher Wray, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,... ... m-in-the-s
OOPS: FBI Agents In Boston Conducting A Special Training Operation Mistakenly Went Into The Wrong Room, Which Actually Belonged To Two Delta Airlines Pilots, Handcuffed Them, Threw Them In The Shower, And Interrogated Them For An Hour Before Realizing They Had The Wrong Room

Copaganda ... 7_38764504
Roush Review: ‘White House Plumbers’ Are Watergate Bumblers in an Overwrought TragicomedyHoward Hunt (Woody Harrelson) and G. Gordon Liddy (Justin Theroux). These former and very aggrieved CIA and FBI agents, respectively, see themselves a ... =835&dpr=2
High on Films
Waco: The Aftermath (2023) Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Can Carol Provide the Crucial Intel on Elohim City?In the parallel storyline involving FBI chief hostage negotiator Gary Noesner (Michael Shannon), very little progress is made in discovering Elohim City... ... -boy-rick/
The True Story That Inspired Matthew McConaughey’s White Boy RickRick Wershe Sr. · FBI agent using a laptop · Photo of the white and blue police cordon tape and the mess on the street in · Richie Merritt in White Boy Rick · Rick... ... best-shows
The Guardian
Blue Lights: this thrilling cop drama is one of TV’s best showsWhen Blue Lights first appeared, it was hard to get too excited about yet an ... rary_event
NY Times bestselling author Don Bentley to discuss new Matt Drake book at May 3 Barr library event
By Barr Memorial LibraryMay 1, 2023 ... r-reality/
Take a look at Sydney Sweeney in the trailer for 'Reality'Josh Hamilton and Marchánt Davis play the FBI agents in charge of Win ... al-status/
One Chicago Center
Is FBI canceled? (FBI season 6 renewal status)Is FBI canceled? (FBI season 6 renewal status) ... May is upon us which means th ... en-academy
WANTED: High School Students for the 2023 FBI Summer Teen AcademyEL PASO, Texas (KFOX14/CBS4) — The FBI El Paso Field Office invites all interested 10th-12th grade students enrolled in accredited high schools (public,... ... index.html
CNN exclusive: FBI misconduct reveals sex, lies and videotape
By Scott Zamost and Kyra Phillips, CNN Special Investigations Unit
January 27, 2011 10:07 a.m. EST ... s-parents/
What is ‘sextortion?’ FBI discusses with Okemos students, parentsFBI representatives are briefing Okemos High School students and parents on Monday about the growing internet practice of "sextortion." ... testimony/
China has 50 hackers for every FBI cyber agent, says Bureau boss
Combatting it is going to take more money. Lots of more money.

Simon Sharwood
Mon 1 May 2023 ... gr%5Etweet


As we celebrate this year’s #AANHPIHeritageMonth, the #FBI honors the contributions of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders – past and present – who have helped shape the Bureau and support its mission toward protecting our nation. ... land-dildo
Chilly willy: photo of phallic iceberg off Canadian coast prompts merriment
Photographer Ken Pretty from the town of Dildo spotted an unusual ice formation at sea – an avalanche of risque puns ensued ... -it-2023-4
Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy says he wants to 'shut down the FBI' and replace it with something that sounds a lot like the FBI ... 33967.html
Yahoo News
Fort Worth family getting death threats after FBI mistakeA Fort Worth man and his family say they are terrified and angry after the FBI temporarily posted his photo, saying he was suspected of... ... 1850390725
That's Sus: Bystander’s Video of Violent Police Interaction Contradicts Cops' Claims
Barstow police are accused of excessive force after being seen on video repeatedly hitting a man with a baton.
By Kalyn ... vLDIhH8pR/
Immunity rejected for Ala. cop after overturned 2021 murder ...Immunity rejected for Ala. cop after overturned 2021 murder conviction in death of suicidal man. William "Ben" Darby asked for a hearing to determine. ... ve-updates
Biden says banking system is ‘safe and sound’ despite First Republic collapse – live ... california
The last days of death row in California: ‘Your soul is tested here’After decades locked alone in small cages in San Quentin, men sentenced to die brace for sweeping change
by Sam Levin in San Quentin, California ... d-workers/
CovertAction Bulletin: The CIA and the 1990 Cuautitlán attack on Ford workers
By Rachel Hu and Chris Garaffa - May 3, 2023
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Jun 02, 2023 7:42 pm ... egulators/
Cops accused of child rape, road rage suspended by state law enforcement regulators Total officers suspended by POST Commission now at 33 as of mid-May
John Porter, a former Hopkinton Police deputy chief, has been indicted on three charges of child rape. (Photo courtesy Hopkinton Police Department)
PUBLISHED: June 2, 2023

Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 96 studies
Covid Analysis, Apr 21, 2023, Version 210 — Scott Alexander response

Ivermectin for COVID-19
96 studies from 1,030 scientists
135,554 patients in 27 countries

Statistically significant improvement for mortality, ventilation, ICU, hospitalization, recovery, cases, and viral clearance.

85%, 62%, 43% improvement for prophylaxis, early, and late treatment CI [77-90%], [51-70%], [28-54%]

56% improvement in 45 RCTs CI [41-68%]
51% lower mortality from 49 studies CI [37-61%] ... an-6-riot/
FBI Agent Indicted After Allegedly Encouraging Violence During Jan. 6
By Steve Neavling
A former FBI supervisory special agent accused of storming the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, and encouraging rioters to “kill” police was indicted Thursday on felony charges of civil disorder and assaulting and impeding officers, along with four misdemeanors, the Justice Department announced in a news release. 
Jared Wise, 49, of Bend, Or., was captured on video entering the U.S. Capitol, raising his arms in triumph. ... ournalist/
British Counter-Terrorism Police Detain And Interrogate British Journalist At Airport
Kevin Gosztola
May 31, 2023
Film Review: Recreating The FBI's Interrogation Of Whistleblower Reality Winner
Kevin Gosztola
May 30, 2023
Playwright Tina Satter’s first feature film “Reality,” which premiered on HBO on May 29, shows the control that FBI agents immediately established over Winner at her relatively small home. ... story.html
An FBI surveillance plane has been circling West Baltimore
Brenna Smith
Published 6/1/2023 ... eedom-day/
US Double Standards On World Press Freedom Day
Kevin Gosztola
May 3, 2023 ... -too-high/
MAY 26, 2023
‘Charging Domestic Terrorism Is Intended to Make the Cost of Protesting Too High’
CounterSpin interview with Cody Bloomfield on anti-activist terrorist charges
JANINE JACKSON ... n-the-cia/
MAY 30, 2023
A Tale of Cruelty and Criminality: Doug Valentine on the CIA
BY RON JACOBS ... lance-act/
MAY 26, 2023
FISA is the “Trust Me, Chumps!” Surveillance Act
BY JAMES BOVARD ... ated-test/
AI-licensed drone killed human operator in surreal military simulated test
By David Propper
June 1, 2023 ... e-arsenal/
FBI Director confirms expansion on Redstone Arsenal
by: Kait Newsum
Posted: Jun 1, 2023
REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. (WHNT) — There are around 1,800 FBI employees currently working at the Redstone Arsenal, but Director Christopher Wray says he expects that number to grow.
During a recent hearing with U.S. Senator Katie Britt (R-Ala.), the director said he anticipates around 3,000 FBI employees across the 19 different divisions on the arsenal in the near future.
New Highway 20 overpass set to open on June 2nd in Limestone County
“I view [Redstone Arsenal] as an innovation hub for the FBI,” explained Wray. “We’ve talked a lot already in this hearing about technology and our adversaries’ use of the technology and our need to use technology to be ahead of them, and that’s where I think the R&D (research and experimental development) efforts really is one way of short

Copaganda ... -training/
13 News invites FBI to Charleston studio for active shooter training
by: Sam DeCoste
Updated: Jun 1, 2023 / 06:25 PM EDT
CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) – Nearly a dozen FBI agents and police officers visited the 13 News studio in Charleston, West Virginia Thursday to run an active
“FBI” Season 6: Everything We Know So FarFBI, from the minds of Craig Turk and famed Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, may have just ended its fifth season, but fans already want more of the... ... 06f4a.html
LETTER: 'The FBI will crush you'
by Carolina Lumetta
June 1, 2023 ... 1685656596
Weaponization committee spotlights whistleblowers
Ousted FBI agents say their bosses retaliated against them for being conservative ... her-swings
Majority of Californians fear worsening weather swings due to climate change, poll finds ... eef-demand
More than 800m Amazon trees felled in six years to meet beef demand
Investigation involving Guardian shows systematic and vast forest loss linked to cattle farming in Brazil
Andrew Wasley, Elisângela Mendonça, Youssr Youssef and Robert Soutar
Fri 2 Jun 2023 08
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Sat Dec 30, 2023 12:09 pm ... e&r=1uun8e

Teleconference video, Dec. 27, 2023: Ruff on disinformation part 2 and McKee on the erasure of AE911Truth
Our final teleconference of the year featured two presentations that looked at different aspects of how the deep state infiltrates and manipulates political movements. Adam Ruff followed up on his presentation from last month with part 2 tonight, looking at the importance of language and the power of neuro-linguistic programming.
Craig McKee followed this with an overview of the efforts to pressure, influence, and ultimately marginalize Architects & Engineers for 9/11 by those who do not seem to be working in the best interests of the Truth Movement.
We’d love to have your comments below. And we’d be thrilled to have your suggestions for future speakers. And let us know if you would like to present something on the teleconference.
Here are some links that were shared in the chat between the attendees:
Karl Golovin: sample YouTube video clip of how X Space gatherings work. The full event can be found on X here: ... K1zzQ&s=19

Craig McKee offered links to two articles he wrote for Truth and Shadows that pertain to Adam Ruff’s presentation. The third link is a recent one on his other site, Thought Crimes and Misdemeanors: ... -of-mouth/ ... t-dissent/ ... vement-the
We thank everyone who was a part of this month’s teleconference! We hope to see you all again on January 31!
Attending the teleconference were: Cheryl Curtiss, Craig McKee, Barrie Zwicker, Adam Ruff, Richard Gage, Frank Tolopko, Lynn Bradbury, Fern Tishman, Richard Krushnic, Andy Steele, Karl Golovin.
American History  >The Assassination of John F. Kennedy ... nt-kennedy
Carlos Marcello and the Assassination of President Kennedy
New Orleans godfather Carlos Marcello – with Jimmy Hoffa as his bagman – funded Richard Nixon's 1960 presidential bid with $500,000 in cash stuffed in a suitcase. Later Marcello – known as the Big Daddy of the Big Easy – would be named a key conspirator in President Kennedy's assassination.
by Don Fulsom ... rcello.pdf
CARLOS MARCELLO ... nts-218775
What the government is still hiding about the JFK assassination
02/04/2016 08:07 PM EST
Updated: 02/04/2016
Guy Banister
Guy Banister was born in Monroe, Louisiana, on March 7, 1901. After studying at the Louisiana State University he joined the Monroe Police Department.
In 1934, Banister joined the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Originally based in Indianapolis, he later moved to New York City where he was involved in the investigation of the American Communist Party. J. Edgar Hoover was impressed by Banister's work and in 1938 he was promoted to run the FBI unit in Butte, Montana. He also served in Oklahoma City, Minneapolis and Chicago before he retired from the FBI in 1954.
Banister moved back to Louisiana and in January 1955 became Assistant Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department where he was given the task of investigating organized crime and corruption within the police force. It later emerged that he was also involved in looking at the role that left-wing political activists were playing in the struggle for black civil rights in New Orleans.
Banister developed extreme right-wing views and worked as an investigator for the Louisiana Un-American Activities Committee. He also published the racist Louisiana Intelligence Digest. Banister had a deep hatred of the civil rights movement and believed that the policy of racial integration was part of a a plan formulated by Joseph Stalin to create racial conflict in America.
Bannister claimed that members of the American Communist Party were involved in a plot to contaminate crops in the United States. He also told the Special Committee of the Arkansas State Legislature that left-wing activists were behind the race riots in Little Rock.
Banister was suspended by the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD) for an incident with a gun in a bar. His suspension ended in June 1954, but when he refused to be transferred to the NOPD's Planning Department, he was dismissed from the force. After leaving the police he established his own private detective agency, Guy Banister Associates.
In 1963 Banister and David Ferrie began working for the lawyer G. Wray Gill and his client, Carlos Marcello. This involved attempts to block Marcello's deportation to Guatemala.
Later Banister was linked to the plot to assassinate John F. Kennedy. On 9th August, 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald distributed leaflets that supported Fidel Castro and his government in Cuba. On these leaflets was the address 544 Camp Street, New Orleans. This was also the office
Jack Ruby's Deathbed Interview ... 7fd0d.html
Kent ‘Frenchy’ Brouillette, New Orleans mob figure, found stabbed to death in St. Roch home
By della hasselle, john simerman and jim mustian Advocate staff writers Dec 8, 2015 ... Connection
Ten months after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Warren Commission reported that Lee Harvey Oswald, alone, killed the president on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. Oswald had no confederates, nor did any foreign power aid him in his deadly deed. Case closed. However, what most Americans do not know is that one day after the assassination, the FBI deported a known French assassin-a member of the militant, anti-Charles de Gaulle organization called the OAS. Jean Souetre was sent to either Mexico or Canada. He was involved in anti-de Gaulle terrorist activities in Europe and even tried to recruit the CIA in his efforts to oust the French President. During his career, he used at least 11 identities, including those of two real people. Why was a known French assassin in Dallas on the exact day that the president of the United States was killed, and what role, if any, did he play in the monstrous deed? This book delves into three major areas of study: (1) the investigation of Jean Souetre and the two other men whose identities he used; (2) the investigation of the identities of two European assassins, QJ/WIN and WI/ROUGE, and their use in the CIA’s assassination unit called ZR/RIFLE-Executive Action; and (3) the role of the CIA in the drug trade after World War II. Chapters include: The First Assassin; The Mafia and Uncle Sam; The Heroin Trail; MKULTRA; QJ/WIN and Patrice Lumumba; The US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence “Assassination Reports'-The CIA and Lumumba; Who Was Souetre?; Who Was Mertz?; The Steve Rivele Investigation; The Guns of Dallas ... onize-fbi/
Here’s Right Way to Deweaponize FBI
Mike Howell / @mhowelltweets / December 27, 2023 ... hild-rape/

Winthrop officer charged with child rape allegedly confessed at parents’ graveside on Christmas night
James Anthony Feeley, a Winthrop police lieutenant charged with child rape, visited his parents’ graves with a handgun on Christmas night, then allegedly confessed his crimes to the chief of his department, according to court filings. ... dle-school
Bodycam Footage Shows Cop Searching For ‘Gender Queer’ Book in School
An anonymous tipster had complained about the memoir appearing in an 8th-grade classroom.
Kate Briquelet Justin Rohrlich
Dec. 27, 2023 ... hy-resigns
Elgin cop facing child pornography charges resigns
By FOX 32 Digital Staff
Published December 28, 2023
FOX 32 Chicago ... cit-photos
Woman sues L.A., says her husband sent nude photos of her to co-workers. He’s a cop. So is she
DEC. 28, 2023 ... ers,124621
Millsboro cop plea about consequences, recognition of mental health disorders
By Joseph Edelen
Posted 12/28/23
MILLSBORO ... 051061007/
Cop gets nine months in jail for having pornography showing little girls having sex. ... ylor-case/
Louisville Cop Connected to Breonna Taylor Case Involved In Investigation of Police Officers Throwing Drinks at Civilians
By Taylor Ardrey | Published on: December 28, 2023 ... razil.html
Disturbing moment shirtless cop slapped and then shot a police deputy who confronted him after he grabbed a woman's hair at a bar in Brazil
PUBLISHED: 13:39 EST, 28 December 2023 ... e8d07.html
Cop charged with two counts of murder appears in court
Rickie Ramdass Dec 28, 2023
The memes about a Tennessee cop prove the internet hasn’t shaken its misogynistic roots
The memes are sexist and offensive.
Michael Boyle Tech Posted on Dec 28, 2023 ... tatements/
Body Cam Report Shows Fewer Agencies Are Allowing Cops To View Footage Before Making Statements
Legal Issues
from the good-news-from-an-unexpected-source dept
Wed, Dec 27th 2023 07:48pm - Tim Cushing
The Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) published a report on body cam use by law enforcement agencies in 2014. It not only presented stats on body cam use around the nation, but also attempted to create a set of best practices for the agencies utilizing them.
Since then, body cams have become as commonplace as dash cams. While often touted as a tool to increase transparency and accountability, the truth is a bit more complicated. Many law enforcement agencies refuse to release body cam recordings to public records requesters, negating some of the hoped for transparency. Police unions helped erase some of the accountability, striking deals that allowed officers to view footage before writing reports or making statements to investigators.
What cops may have feared would become an unblinking witness of their bad behavior, capable of costing them their positions, if not their actual jobs, the reality is that body cams became cops’ best friends. Footage cleared officers wrongly accused of misconduct. Better yet, body cam recordings captured plenty of evidence to use against defendants. And when it looked like something bad might be caught on camera, officers were free to pretend they had forgotten to activate them or that the devices had simply malfunctioned.
That’s the bad news. Fortunately, PERF isn’t interested in ensuring body cam footage remains something more useful to the police and less useful to the communities they serve. It appears ... e&r=1uun8e
Maine vies for wokest, most corrupt state. Threw Trump off ballot.
Why am I not surprised?
DEC 28, 2023 ... gress-act/
Congress watches the “watchlists” — but will Congress act?
Earlier this month  CBS News broadcast an in-depth report confirming that more than two million names (up from 1.75 million names in 2019) are now on U.S. government blacklists (euphemistically described as “watchlists”) restricting travel and other rights.
CBS also interviewed some of the U.S. citizens who, without ever being accused of any crime or having their day in court, and for no reason they know or that the government will tell them, have been stopped at gunpoint, delayed, or prevented from flying.
Less than a week later, the Senate Homeland Security and Government  Affairs Committee (HSGAC) released a detailed staff report on the same issue, “Mislabeled as a threat: How the terrorist watchlist & government screening practices impact Americans“.
The Chair of the HSGAC, Sen. Gary Peters (D-MI), also sent a formal request to the Inspectors General of each of the Federal departments that participate in the “Watchlisting Council”,   asking the Inspectors General to “coordinate on an assessment of the full implementation of the Terrorist Screening Dataset.”
“I have heard from my constituents, and in particular my Arab and Muslim American constituents, that they face undue levels of scrutiny and screening atairports, other ports of entry, and in their daily lives, which they believe is the result of their placement on the terrorist watchlist,” Sen. Peters  noted. “Inspectors General have not conducted ... e&r=1uun8e
Claudine Gay, plagiarism, and The Hill's rumors about her.
DEC 28, 2023 ... e&r=1uun8e
TURBO CANCER - OVARIAN Cancers in COVID-19 mRNA Vaccinated women: rapid growth, huge tumors, extremely aggressive, not responsive to chemo, poor prognosis - 26 Tragic Cases
DEC 29, 2023 ... id=2469854
DECEMBER 28, 2023
One of the Most Controversial US Spy Programs Just Got Quietly Renewed
Congress blew a rare bipartisan chance to protect Americans’ calls and texts.
NINA WANG ... rg_tribute
A Tribute to Blacklisted Lyricist Yip Harburg: The Man Who Put the Rainbow in The Wizard of Oz
STORYDECEMBER 25, 2023 ... in_2022_23
World’s Top 15 Largest Arms Makers Saw Revenues Soar in 2022-’23
HEADLINEDEC 28, 2023 ... e&r=1uun8e
VIDEO - Florida ER Nurse (Dawn) diagnosed with Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma (Turbo Cancer), 5 months after COVID-19 booster. She had 3 Moderna vaccines in total.
DEC 29, 2023 ... e&r=1uun8e
CANADIAN Government admits: 48,780 Excess deaths in 2022 (17% increase in mortality) - there is no evidence COVID-19 Vaccines saved a single life in Canada during 2021-2022
DEC 28, 2023 ... -this-year
‘Grief is a rational response’: the 21 US species declared extinct this year
Maanvi Singh
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Re: Identify the FBI Informants who created Jan 6,2021 Terro

Postby fruhmenschen » Fri Apr 12, 2024 12:00 pm
Freedom of speech
Dr. John Campbell
Dr. John Campbell ... cusations/
Nicaraguan Government Officials Are Being Hit With Sanctions Based on False Accusations
By John Perry and Erik Mar - July 28, 2023 ... ar-crimes/
In Zeal to Pursue Putin, Biden Opens the Door for Probes into US War Crimes
KLAUS MARRE 07/27/23 ... toric-lows
‘Something weird is going on’: search for answers as Antarctic sea ice stays at historic lows
Some scientists fear the ‘shocking’ shift is the beginning of a global heating-linked collapse of the ice that could have alarming knock-on effects
Graham Readfearn
Fri 28 Jul 2023 ... 0-pictures
The week around the world in 20 pictures
People play with a ball in front of a burnt forest at a beach near the village of Gennadi. Photograph: Petros Giannakouris/AP
Wildfires across the Mediterranean, Russian missile strikes in Odesa and the Tour de France Femmes: the most striking images this week
Jim Powell
Fri 28 Jul 2023 ... s-one-way/
Reflections on Russia and Crimea: The Hate Goes One Way
By Rick Sterling and Dan Kovalik - July 27, 2023

On May 22nd, the Pennsylvania House made history by passing two major gun violence prevention bills: one that would expand background checks to private sales of long guns, and one that would empower law enforcement to proactively remove firearms from people who pose a danger to themselves or others, such as domestic abusers.  
That was just over two months ago. Since then, both the House and Senate have recessed for the summer, leaving a state budget for the current fiscal year and those long-sought violence prevention bills sitting in limbo. Money that could be flowing into proven violence prevention programs – such as youth activities and public education – is effectively frozen without a budget signed into law. ... dium=email
Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO's proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO "to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health".
In addition to that, it will remove human rights protections, enforce censorship and digital passports, require governments to push a single "official" narrative, and enable the WHO to declare "pandemics" on a whim.
"We're undergoing a soft coup... under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda."
Source: ... -americans
How the FBI Violated the Privacy Rights of Tens of Thousands of Americans
A recently released secret court ruling found that the government’s warrantless surveillance of emails routinely violated the Fourth Amendment.
Elizabeth Goitein ... sa-abuses/
The FBI just got caught in yet more massive, outrageous FISA abuses
By James Bovard
May 21, 2023 ... s-a7f69cd6 How FISA Shields FBI Abuses
The secret court helps the bureau duck political accountability.
The Editorial Board

Copaganda ... -hillerman
Back for Season 2, 'Dark Winds' is a cop drama steeped in Navajo cultureIn 1970, a journalist named Tony Hillerman launched a series of crime novels featuring two Navajo cops who work for the tribal police on a...

FBI boss: Congress must renew Section 702 spy powers – that's how we get nearly all our cyber intel
Also: China's 'got a bigger hacking program than that of every major nation combined'
Jessica Lyons Hardcastle
Fri 28 Jul 2023 ... 02760.html
FBI Warns About China Theft of US AI Technology
July 28, 2023
FBI is a fast-paced drama about the inner workings of the New York office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Watch Now · CBS Original graphic ... ... -rcna97012
Charges dropped against 7 Oklahoma police officers in 3 fatal shootings from 2020
The most high-profile case involved five officers charged in the shooting death of Stavian Rodriguez, 15, at a convenience store. ... a-footage/
Body camera footage shows State Police stop of U-Haul from Patriot Front demonstration in Boston
By Laura Crimaldi Globe Staff,Updated July 28, 2023, 5:43 a.m. ... e0b071a487

New AP/ABC film probes white supremacy in law enforcement
Dearen followed up with a second story showing how the racism problem is allowed to fester because of systemic indifference by Florida’s corrections officials.
Records and interviews with current and former guards and state prison investigators showed officers who were reported for white supremacist group affiliation were rarely investigated and could move from prison to prison with impunity.
Law School; Vida B. Johnson
There is an epidemic of white supremacists in police departments. Police officers have been identified as members of white supremacist groups in Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. There have been scandals in over 100 different police departments, in over forty different states, in which individual police officers have sent overtly racist emails, texts, or made racist comments via social media. This is a nation-wide problem. It is one that is not limited to just beat officers; some of these shocking occurrences have even involved high-ranking members of their respective police forces. ... -kkk-ties/
Forida town stunned by news of police KKK ties
Associated Press ... itancy-law
Hidden in Plain Sight: Racism, White Supremacy, and Far-Right Militancy in Law SUMMARY: The government’s response to known connections of law enforcement officers to violent racist and militant groups has been strikingly insufficient.
Michael German
PUBLISHED: August 27, 2020 ... -klan.html

Michigan Police Officer Is Terminated After K.K.K. ...
Jun 1, 2020 — A prospective homebuyer found Confederate flags and a framed Ku Klux Klan application in the officer's house in Holton, Mich. ... klux-klan/
A black man accused of rape, a white officer in the Klan, and a 1936 lynching that went unpunished
By Michael S. Rosenwald
July 19, 2020 ... ks-arrest/
2nd person arrested in investigation into Maine corrections official accused of taking kickbacks
July 29,2023 ... -nazi-ban/
Neo-Nazi leader banned from Bangor’s Planet Fitness
by Lindsay Putnam ... -military/
Brig. Gen. Moussa Salaou Barmou, who trained at Fort Benning, Georgia, helped oust Niger’s democratically elected president.
Nick Turse
July 27 2023 ... ging-apps/
Hunter Biden may have stored ‘Joe Biden conversations’ on encrypted messaging apps: laptop analysis
By Jon Levine
July 29, 2023 ... al-rights/
Democrats’ push to refurbish FBI part of attack on political rights
Vol. 87/No. 29
August 7, 2023
For over seven years, beginning during the 2016 elections, the Democrats have attempted to use the FBI as a key weapon in their ongoing assault against Republican political opponent Donald Trump. In doing so, they’ve targeted the working people attracted to his campaign, who Hillary Clinton called “deplorables,” and have gone after crucial constitutional rights workers need to defend and advance our class interests.
Democrats have campaigned to remake the image of the FBI, to turn it into a progressive, woke agency.
This requires trying to smother all memory of decades of FBI spying, harassment and disruption against unionists, Black rights fighters, small farmers battling foreclosure, the Socialist Workers Party, opponents of Washington’s wars and anyone else who challenges the capitalist for-profit system. Since 1939 the FBI has been the capitalist rulers’ central political police attack force.
The results to date are not helpful for the capitalist rulers. The FBI has won a higher approval rating among liberal Democrats and the left ... gen-2023-7
The FBI surveilled J. Robert Oppenheimer for months on one man's suggestion. During the surveillance, interviewees alleged he was feeding nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union.
Sebastian Cahill Jul 29, 2023 ... candidacy/
FBI whistleblower speaks in Weirton on candidacy
JUL 29, 2023
SILVER BUCK — Nate Cain, a former U.S. military cybersecurity contractor and current candidate for U.S. Congress, held up an example of a coin containing an ounce of silver he proposed a sovereign state bank could mint. -- Christopher Dacanay
WEIRTON — A congressional candidate with claims of involvement in whistleblowing on alleged FBI cover-ups gave listeners a message of prosperity for West Virginia and constitutional protection at a speech Friday.
Nate Cain, who has served as a U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps cybersecurity contractor, is running for the West Virginia Second District seat in U.S. Congress. His campaign said this is one stop in a number of trips throughout the district to speak with voters.
Cain, a Republican, tied his goals in with his background in cybersecurity, as well as weaving in stories of his involvement with being a whistleblower on the alleged FBI cover-up of crimes, claimed to be linked to Hillary Clinton. ... -101813474
Atlanta 'Cop City' activists say they're confident of getting 70K signatures. But big hurdles remain
Hundreds of canvassers have spread out across Atlanta in hopes of convincing more than 70,000 residents to sign onto a petition that activists believe is their best chance to halt the planned construction of a huge police and firefighter training center
ByR.J. RICO Associated Press
July 29, 2023 ... sland.html
Kym Slade: Female cop failed her firearms exam just hours before shooting herself at Loganholme Police Station in Queensland
* Kym Slade shot herself with police-issued gun last week
* Colleagues have slammed Queensland Police 
29 July 2023 ... f8ebc8e513
Colorado Cop Who Placed Suspect In Car Hit By Train Found Guilty Of Misdemeanors
The Colorado police officer said she "never in a million years thought a train was going to come plowing through" the scene last year.
Jesse Bedayn
Jul 29, 2023

US Spies Are Lobbying Congress to Save a Phone Surveillance ‘Loophole’
Dell Cameron, Wired -- Take Action Now: Tell Congress to Pass the Fourth Amendment is Not For Sale Act!
US Spies Are Lobbying Congress to Save a Phone Surveillance ‘Loophole’
The National Security Agency has urged top lawmakers to resist demands that it obtain warrants for sensitive data sold by data brokers.
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