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I need help in Maine to STOP the Militarization of the Brunswick. Police
Please email city councilors and tell them to Just Say NO!

https://www.pressherald.com/2024/02/01/ ... d-vehicle/

Brunswick police request $380,000 armored vehicle

See below at end

CONTACT Brunswick City Council

W. David Watson, District 1
Term Expires: December 31, 2025
Email W. David Watson

Town Councilor David Watson has been on the Brunswick Town Council representing District 1 since 2002. Dave has served on many Town Council committees, most recently on the Town of Brunswick’s website development and re-design project.
A long-time resident of Brunswick, he graduated from Andover College and the Maine Criminal Justice Academy. Dave served in the United States Air Force and is a retired Brunswick police officer.

Stephen S. Walker, District 2
Term Expires: December 31, 2025
Email Stephen S. Walker


Steve Walker lives on Bowdoin Street with his wife Jackie, a four-year-old son and two teenage stepchildren. Steve served on the Brunswick Planning Board from 2008 to 2013 and is a board member of the Brunswick-Topsham Land Trust. Steve is currently employed by Maine Coast Heritage Trust (MCHT), a statewide land conservation organization.
Prior to MCHT Steve worked at the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. From 2001 through 2006 Steve served as the Brunswick Natural Resources Planner. Steve is a graduate of Brown University and the University of Maine, Orono.

Abby King, District 3
Term Expires: December 31, 2024
Email Abby King


Abby King was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, but has called Brunswick home since 2015. She holds a B.A. in American Studies from Skidmore College, an Ed.M from Harvard University, and an M.A.T. from Xavier University of Louisiana. Abby worked in public education for twenty years, serving some of the nation's most underresourced communities as a teacher, principal, and education consultant. Since the start of the pandemic, she has been a stay at home parent, as well a volunteer in the Brunswick public schools. In her free time, Abby loves to read, hike, and explore Maine with her husband Josh, their two elementary-age sons, and the family rescue dog Pixie

Sande Updegraph, District 4
Term Expires: December 31, 2024
Email Sande Updegraph


Sande has been active in Brunswick serving on the Planning Board for 6 years, the Bridge Design Advisory Committee, the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority (MRRA), the Village Review Board, and the Davis Fund Committee. She is the former director of both the Freeport Chamber of Commerce and the Freeport Economic Development Corp. She served as a reading tutor through Midcoast Literacy for young children. For 25 years she was in hotel management and owned a small business, and is a contributing columnist to The Forecaster, Coastal Journal Edition.

Sande has lived on Durham Road since 2001 with her husband, Charlie. They have 3 sons and 1 granddaughter who live throughout the country. She is a graduate of Wake Forest University and has owned her own wine business in El Paso, Texas. She is an avid reader and loves creating and re-creating interesting gardens. Traveling is a real passion.

Jennifer Hicks, District 5
Term Expires: December 31, 2023
Email Jennifer Hicks


Jenn has been a resident of Brunswick since 2016. Previous to that, she and her family lived in Chestertown, Maryland. She is now Director of Communications and Outreach with Maine Woodland Owners and a marketing specialist for Lydia Sierra Consulting. Jenn graduated from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in Education and Antioch University New England Graduate School with a masters degree in Environmental Studies. Before moving to Brunswick, she served as a Chesapeake Bay educator, a program leader for small environmental organizations in New Hampshire and Washington DC, and later, a self-employed community sustainability consultant. Jenn has served on the Town of Brunswick’s Recycling and Sustainability Committee since 2018. She has two teenage sons and enjoys spending time hiking and enjoying Maine’s beauty.

Nathaniel Shed, District 6
Term Expires: December 31, 2025
Email Nathaniel Shed


Nathaniel (Nat) Shed joined the Brunswick Town Council in January 2023. His interests include supporting a vital downtown, affordable housing, effective financial management, increasing recreational opportunities, responding to climate change and assuring excellence in education. After a rewarding career in non-profit leadership in Maine, he and his wife retired to Brunswick in 2017. Most recently he directed Friends Camp (a Quaker organization) in South China, Maine. Since retirement, he has served as Interim Executive Director for several non-profit organizations. His experience includes membership on the school board for the Town of China, service on the board of directors for the Friends School of Portland, volunteering for America Red Cross blood drives and working on disaster relief teams. For many years he has been a member of philanthropic boards for the Oak Grove School Foundation and the Obadiah Brown Benevolent Fund. Nat enjoys hiking, skiing, and traveling with wife Julie de Sherbinin. He and Julie enjoy taking care of granddaughter Ramona each Wednesday.

Steven Weems, District 7
Term Expires: December 31, 2026
Email Steven Weems

Steven Weems, District 7
Term Expires: December 31, 2026
Email Steven Weems

A “swamp Yankee” by birth, Steve Weems and family moved to Maine in 1975, and to Thompson Street, Brunswick in 1987. Steve has enjoyed a diversified professional career in business, finance, and government. He has founded, owned and/or managed 10 businesses (for-profit and nonprofit), engaged in organics recycling, commercial modular space, solar energy, project finance, economic development, and public art. He has been a business consultant, commercial banker, and held executive positions in state government and other nonprofits.

Steve has been active in Brunswick public service since 1987, as a town councilor (1991-1995), a trustee of the Midcoast Regional Redevelopment Authority, Vice Chair of the Town’s Sustainability Committee, and in other economic development and natural resource protection activities. His vision is a Brunswick that is an affordable, safe, fun place to live, while addressing the crisis of climate disruption and helping create a sustainable future for all living things. Steve and his spouse Susan have two adult sons. He loves trees, cats, algae, wild places, talking with people, and just being outdoors. He can be reached at:


James Ecker, At Large
Term Expires: December 31, 2024
Email James Ecker


James (Jamie) Ecker and his wife, Jane Nichols-Ecker, have lived on Simpson’s Point Road since 1997, where they raised their two daughters and settled in for the long-haul. He has served on various Town Committees, including the Comprehensive Plan Update (2003-2008) and the Sustainability Committee, which he chaired from 2021-2023. His Town Council focus includes keeping Brunswick affordable as well as driving initiatives that support progressive sustainability in all its forms - social, economic, and environmental

Jamie holds a BS in civil engineering from Bucknell University and attended Duke University for graduate study in environmental engineering. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and enjoys a business career in the field of organic waste management, developing recycling projects and programs for towns and cities throughout the US and Canada. He enjoys every single chance he can get to be active outdoors, whether for work or play.

https://theintercept.com/2016/10/12/do- ... hould-see/
An eye-opening new documentary takes viewers inside the world of American police militarization.
Ryan Devereaux

https://theintercept.com/2021/09/20/nda ... lice-1033/
Biden failed to take action on the Pentagon’s 1033 program. Now four lawmakers have proposed NDAA amendments that would limit or end it.
Alice Speri
September 20 2021

https://www.pogo.org/analysis/poisoning ... lic-safety
Poisoning Our Police: How the Militarization Mindset Threatens Constitutional Rights and Public Safety
Wayne McElrath,Sarah Turbervill

https://www.americanbar.org/groups/crsj ... -citizens/
Police Militarization and the War on Citizens
By Jeff Adachi
When the Super Bowl rumbled into town earlier this year, our city greeted it—in true San Francisco fashion—with a weeklong party.

https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/ ... epartments.
Why police resist reforms to militarization
Nikki Rojas
Harvard Staff Writer
March 3, 2023
Issues revolve around culture of viewing civilians as potential threats, concerns about self-protection in departments equipped with military-grade arms

https://www.aclu.org/publications/war-c ... can-police
War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Police

https://repository.law.umich.edu/cgi/vi ... ntext=mjrl
Michigan Journal of Race and Law Michigan Journal of Race and Law
Volume 23
Issues 1&2
The Case Against Police Militarization The Case Against Police Militarization
Eliav Lieblich
T el A viv University
Adam Shinar
Radzyner Law School

https://civiliansinconflict.org/blog/th ... lian-harm/
The Militarization of US Law Enforcement and Civilian Harm
By Kimberly Rolle
 In the summer of 2020, from Minnesota to London, a global protest movement erupted in response to incidents of racial profiling and police brutality against Black Americans. As illustrated by Bloody Sunday in Selma, Alabama in 1965, the Kent State Massacre in 1970, the MOVE Bombing in Philadelphia in 1985, Ferguson in 2014, and the many more countless deaths of Black people at the hands of police, this form of violence and discrimination is not new to the United States. But what has steadily evolved over time is the militarization of both federal and local law enforcement, from the increasing use of military-grade equipment in police raids and protest response to the use of tactics borrowed from military operations abroad. This blog outlines some of the key programs and dynamics contributing to the militarization of US law enforcement and its impact on civilian harm.
Police Militarization Defined
In this post, we define police militarization as the influence of military equipment, tactics, and mindset on domestic law enforcement. This phenomenon exists in at least three distinct areas:
1. Transfer of military equipment to domestic law enforcement agencies;
2. Regular flow of personnel from the military to local law enforcement agencies; and
3. Adoption of military tactics by law enforcement.
A recent paper published by Brown University scholar Jessica Katzenstein notes that while militarization has always been a feature of US law enforcement – starting as early as militarized slave patrols and colonial militias – the US response to 9/11 has significantly exacerbated police militarization. Although certain military attributes like discipline and a clear chain of command may contribute to improved accountability and professionalism in law enforcement,

https://www.journals.uchicago.edu/doi/f ... 086/708464
The Imperial Origins of American Policing: Militarization and Imperial Feedback in the Early 20th Century1
Julian Go

https://www.uc.edu/news/articles/n20925 ... lence.html
The Atlantic: The culture of policing is broken
News outlets continue to cite study co-led by UC researcher Jack Mewhirter
By Angela Koenig
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Postby fruhmenschen » Tue Feb 13, 2024 2:05 pm

For Starters:
Committing Civil Disobedience at your local Senator/Congressional office
Boycotting companies who contributed to your elected officials
Committing civil disobedience at your local fusion center
Generating state laws prohibiting the FBI from doing business in your state
Defund the FBI

https://www.wired.com/story/section-702 ... room-deal/

FEB 12, 2024 2:15 PM
A Backroom Deal Looms Over a High-Stakes US Surveillance Fight
Top congressional lawmakers are meeting in private to discuss the future of a widely unpopular surveillance program, worrying members devoted to reforming Section 702
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Postby fruhmenschen » Tue Apr 09, 2024 5:30 pm

https://doortofreedom.org/state-leaders ... ionmeeting

A collection of background documents and information for local organizers, focused on issues in the United States.


Sovereignty Coalition’s weekly Meetings
One page overview
The Strategy to Stop the WHO
Three page background information
Why Can States Assert that the WHO Has No Authority Over Them
Model letter from state Attorney General to President
Letter to Member of Congress
State Leg WHO Simple Flyer
Taking a Good Look at Pandemic Preparedness
Talking Points
The WHOs Proposed Treaty Will Increase Man Made Pandemics
Petition from 15 State Attorneys Generals to HHS in 2022 (great information on states rights)
Louisiana bill against the WHO, WEF, and UN unanimously passed State senate
Exiting the World Health Organization
What Can Lawmakers in the US and Elsewhere Do?
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