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https://www.npr.org/2024/02/09/12303953 ... report-fbi
New DOJ watchdog report details FBI officials' misconduct with foreign prostitutes
FEBRUARY 9, 2024
Ryan Lucas
The report found that one of the FBI officials, for example, paid for sex during an outing with foreign law enforcement partners at a karaoke bar, as well as at a strip club and a massage parlor while on official work abroad.
Another official was found to have paid for sex at a "gentleman's club," and also to have had sex with a prostitute provided by a host nation's law enforcement officials, according to the report.
The report says that one of the officials told investigators that on one occasion, foreign law enforcement officers offered to send prostitutes to the FBI officials' hotel rooms. Later that same evening, "a prostitute showed up" at the villa he was staying in. The official admitted to having sex with the woman, as well as another prostitute who turned up.
The name of the country is redacted.
In that same section of the report, an FBI official whose name is blacked out told investigators that he has paid for commercial sex but there have been "zero occasions" where a foreign country has "tried to leverage him as a result of their providing him with a prostitute, adding this is a 'cultural thing unfortunately.'"
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A third FBI official was found to have negotiated sex for FBI colleagues in addition to sleeping with a prostitute himself.
Two more agents were found to have engaged in sex with prostitutes, while one other was found to have only solicited one.
As part of the IG's investigation, the officials were given polygraph tests. The report says investigators concluded that five of the FBI officials lacked candor or lied about their dealings with prostitutes.
The officials' actions violated multiple FBI policies, including failing to report contacts with foreign nationals, and failing to report their own misconduct as well as their colleagues' misconduct.
The report says three of the officials implicated in the report resigned, two retired and one was removed from his position.
The FBI is not the first U.S. law enforcement agency to have to discipline its personnel for engaging with foreign prostitutes.
The Secret Service and Drug Enforcement Administration was hit b

https://www.dougmurphylaw.com/criminal- ... 0terrorism.
The price you might pay for a single false statement made to the FBI can be steep. This offense is a federal crime and a felony, meaning a conviction could haunt you for the rest of your life.
If you are convicted of making a false statement, you could face up to five years in federal prison. This penalty could be extended to a maximum of eight years if your misstatement relates to any act of international or domestic terrorism.
Time in prison is not the only potential consequence. There are also collateral consequences that can follow a conviction for making a false statement. Given that this offense is a felony, you could spend the rest of your life identified as a convicted felon. This could cost you your right to vote or own a firearm

https://www.newsnationnow.com/politics/ ... ostitutes/
DOJ watchdog: Senior FBI official solicited prostitutes several times
* An FBI employee is found to have solicited prostitutes multiple times
* They retired prior to an interview with the inspector general
* State and federal prosecutions were declined

https://www.9news.com.au/world/fbi-agen ... fe964d6178
FBI agents warned not to solicit prostitutes after cartel sex scandals
10:54am Apr 11, 2015

https://www.sfgate.com/nation/article/f ... 891131.php
FBI agent accused of buying prostitutes
Updated Sep 24, 2012 11:06 p.m.

https://books.google.com/books?id=ID1bC ... es&f=false
Censored 2017: The Top Censored Stories and Media Analysis of 2015-2016
edited by Mickey Huff, Andy Lee Roth,

The FBI and the Madams
J. Edgar Hoover saw the political effectiveness of cracking down on elite brothel madams—but not their clients—in New York City.
By: Matthew Wills November 5, 2022

https://www.washingtonpost.com/archive/ ... a6f05c4a7/
FBI Proposed Using Prostitutes to Shame Castro Backers
By John Jacobs
November 21, 1977

https://www.savannahnow.com/story/news/ ... 855909007/
FBI sex trafficking operation leads to two prostitution arrests in Pooler
More than 60 arrests were made in Georgia
Will Peebles October 24,2017

https://whistleblower.org/in-the-news/f ... nd-sexual/
FBI Whistleblower Was Allegedly Terminated for Reporting Fraud and Sexual Misconduct Involving Prostitutes
An FBI whistleblower alleges he was retaliated against and fired because he reported two pilots serving in the FBI had allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct in addition to a “clear pattern of fraud, waste and abuse over a period of years,” which “cost the taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars” while also “damaging the reputation of the FBI and Justice Department.”
LtCol. John C. Parkinson, who served as a special agent in the FBI as part of a Special Operations Group ground team until he was terminated in October 2010, contends an undercover facility for FBI operations was

https://www.techdirt.com/2024/02/08/fed ... itutional/
Federal Court Says Wichita PD’s ‘Gang List’ Is Possibly Unconstitutional
Legal Issues
from the presuming-people-guilty-by-association dept
Thu, Feb 8th 2024 07:43pm - Tim Cushing
Maintaining some sort of database of known criminals and their criminal associates is undoubtedly a smart thing to do. Cross-referencing detainees makes sense, especially when it comes to larger criminal organizations. Ensuring databases are up to date, both in terms of adding new associates as well as removing people who aren’t connected to criminal activity, is a must. Giving people a way to contest their inclusion in these databases would seem to be key, considering the nation’s largest gang databases (the “no-fly” list, terrorist watchlists) provide that option, even though it took quite a bit of litigation to make this happen.
That’s how gang databases should work. That’s not how they actually work. In practice, they’re just toys for cops capable of providing reasonable suspicion for stops after the fact. If you live or work in areas where gang activity is common, you can be added to gang databases. If any member of your extended family is in a gang, you can be “nominated” to the list. If you go to a school gang

https://truthout.org/articles/multi-age ... crackdown/
Multi-Agency Task Force Raids 3 Atlanta Homes, Arrests 1 Amid Cop City Crackdown
The Atlanta police chief said that there will likely be more arrests in coming weeks as the investigation continues.
By Sean Summers , UNICORNRIOT
February 9, 2024

https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... tudy-finds
Atlantic Ocean circulation nearing ‘devastating’ tipping point, study finds
Collapse in system of currents that helps regulate global climate would be at such speed that adaptation would be impossible
Jonathan Watts Fri 9 Feb 2024

https://covertactionmagazine.com/2024/0 ... e-on-cuba/
Biden Administration Prolongs Economic Warfare on Cuba
By Dario Calvisi - February 9, 2024

https://theintercept.com/2024/02/09/pak ... itary-pti/
In a turbulent 24 hours following Pakistan’s elections, the U.S.-backed military has proved unable to suppress the populist movement interrogating its authority.
Ryan Grim February 9 2024

https://www.vice.com/en/article/v7bnqa/ ... er-history
Everything Netflix’s ‘Griselda’ Left Out About the Narca’s Violent History
Blanco came up from the bottom in 1940s Colombia, and according to historians was involved in crime basically from the time she could walk.
Deborah Bonello February 9, 2024

https://www.vice.com/en/article/y3w4ey/ ... en-cocaine
Cops Stole 20 Kilos of Coke From a Cartel, and Now They’re Being Hunted
A cartel has killed at least six cops in Tijuana after local police officers stole a large cocaine cargo from a stash house.
By Luis Chaparro
February 9, 2024

https://www.vice.com/en/article/z3m588/ ... stepped-in
An Army Officer Faced Jail Time for Spying on Girls. Then the Pentagon Stepped In.
Lt. Col. Jacob Sweatland faced a year in jail until a civilian court gave his case to the DoD. An Army merely reprimanded him and now his court records are sealed.
By Matthew Gault
February 8, 2024

https://truthout.org/articles/prison-lo ... ss-the-us/
Prison Lockdowns Are Becoming More Frequent and More Brutal Across the US
A largely unknown, frightening trend in the US prison system is impacting many incarcerated people and their loved ones.
By Silja J.A. Talvi , TRUTHOUT
February 6, 2024

https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/ ... n-reuters/
How the FBI Infiltrated Denver’s Racial Justice Movement
The latest episode of Reveal looks at the FBI’s attempt to undermine Black Lives Matter protests in 2020.
Deputy Managing Editor February 10,2024

https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/ ... n-reuters/
February 1, 2024
The Association of Appin Training Centers is waging a global censorship campaign to stop you from reading these documents
Written by Michael Morisy

https://www.techdirt.com/2024/02/08/tha ... -for-csam/
That Time Google Kinda, But Not Really, Accused People Searching For Techdirt Of Searching For CSAM
from the you're-searching-for-what-now? dept
Thu, Feb 8th 2024 12:05pm - Mike Masnick
Earlier this week I posted two examples of people falsely being told that a post or a search was deemed connected to child sexual abuse material. Earlier this week, I thought I had spotted another example, when someone on Bluesky alerted me that they had searched for “techdirt” and the results included a line saying “We think that your search might be associated with child sexual abuse. Child sexual abuse or viewing sexual imagery of children can lead to imprisonment and….”

https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/ ... tificates/
February 8, 2024
Two years after admitting he ‘doesn’t do COVID deaths,’ Missouri coroner charged with lying on death certificates
Written by Rudi Keller, Derek Kravitz and Dillon Bergin

https://www.commondreams.org/news/antar ... ping-point
on the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula. (Photo: British Antarctic Survey) Antarctic Tipping Point That Occurred 8,000 Years Ago 'Could Happen Again'
"We now have direct evidence that this ice sheet suffered rapid ice loss in the past," said a Cambridge researcher.

https://www.oklahoman.com/story/news/cr ... 515059007/
A SWAT team callout leads to profane encounter between law enforcement officers
Josh Dulaney
Jessie Christopher Smith
The Oklahoman

https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ne ... rcna137805
Nebraska police officer fatally shoots teen during welfare check
Police were responding to reports of potential self-harm when an officer shot and killed a 17-year-year old
Feb. 8, 2024 By Rebecca Cohen and Colin Sheeley

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/ye ... r-BB1i3bq7
Years after being cleared in Freddie Gray’s death, Baltimore Police captain given command role in Public Integrity Bureau
Story by Darcy Costello, Baltimore Sun

https://nypost.com/2024/02/10/news/manc ... -home-bbc/
UK cops watched Netflix, lifted weights at missing woman’s home: ‘Not very professional’
Katherine Donlevy
Published Feb. 10, 2024

https://nypost.com/2024/02/09/news/judg ... l-resigns/
Judge who sent 500 texts to her bailiff during murder trial, called dead child’s mom ‘liar, liar,’ resigns
Snejana Farberov
Published Feb. 9, 2024
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https://merylnass.substack.com/p/i-just ... dium=email
I just discovered a cache of some of my best old writing at Global Research
46 articles starting in 2015
AUG 21, 2023
Curated by Michel Chossudovsky, founder and editor of Global Research. The first 3 articles came out of a 2 year investigation (2015-2017) I did on the heroin epidemic. Which turned into the fentanyl epidemic once the CDC reclassified fentanyl as a drug of abuse and not a prescription drug in 2014. The US epidemic of addiction and overdoses coincided with the start of the Obomber administration, when various methods of controlling production in Afghanistan were turned off. Most of the later posts have to do with various aspects of COVID.
I found a tweet today by Jikkyleaks (a generally reliable investigator) fwiw:

https://theintercept.com/2023/08/21/atl ... ignatures/
The city outlined its plans for signature verification after organizers collected 100,000 signatures for a vote on the police training facility.
Prem Thakker
August 21 2023

https://covertactionmagazine.com/2023/0 ... -offshoot/
Saber-Rattling Leader Given Prestigious Award By CIA-Offshoot
Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen Receives National Endowment for Democracy (NED) Democracy Service Medal for Transforming Her Country into a Launching Pad for U.S. War on China
In the corrupt era in which we live, horrible people are given honors for carrying out policies that have disastrous ramifications.
Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama, Jr., for example, won the Nobel Peace Prize despite helping to initiate violent coups and wars that left m

https://twitter.com/Jikkyleaks/status/1 ... 2649377202
I haven't looked at it. I know the following:
[ N501Y was lab made due to the Gu protocol. [ MPX was lab made with APOBEC treatment of a 2018 ("Israel") strain
of MPX [ Omicron contained too many synchronous mutations to be natural
• OG SC2 was lab made. There is no need for me to continue to chase lab made strains of SARS,
MERS, Influenza, COVID or XYZ. They are all lab made or have emerged due to escape variants from failed
gene therapies sold to the population as vaccines. The only way to stop them making these things is to shut down the field of virology until every virologist that produced a pandemic virus is
prosecuted in the international criminal court. If the virologists involved wish to challenge me on this then they are
welcome to try.

https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2023/4 ... rry-Norman
FBI Informant Terry Norman

The Kent State Massacre was likely caused by one man: Terry Norman
by Keith Newman
Friday, April 28, 2023

https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa- ... SKCN0XV26K
Lawsuit extends fascination with Kent State deaths 46 years on
By Daniel Trotta

Terry Norman

https://www.fox5atlanta.com/news/cop-ci ... lot-update
'Stop Cop City' activists plan to turn in over 100K signatures to put public training center on ballot
By FOX 5 Atlanta Digital Team
Published August 21, 2023 10:19AM
Atlanta Public Safety Training Center
FOX 5 Atlanta

https://merylnass.substack.com/p/press- ... dium=email
Press Herald and Janet Mills’ Sister Hype “Eris” COVID-19 Variant to Push More mRNA Injections/ the Maine Wire
And how the governor's fire-fighting sister (an MD) helped manage the COVID response, and went after me as well as "Eris"
AUG 20, 2023
"COVID is a fire that is circulating the globe, and we have to keep putting water on it," said Dora Mills, the "chief improvement officer" for MaineHealth.
https://www.themainewire.com/2023/08/pr ... njections/

Zero-degree line at record height above Switzerland as heat and fire hit Europe
Weather balloon climbs to 5,300 metres before temperature falls to 0C amid late summer heatwave
Jon Henley Europe correspondent
Mon 21 Aug 2023

George Knapp Λ Colm Kelleher: Skinwalkers, Hitchhiker Effect

Ukraine & Faith in F-16s w/Ray McGovern fmr CIA

https://nj1015.com/nj-cop-caught-lying- ... westfield/
NJ cop caught lying after driver flips him the bird, video claims
Rick Rickman
Published: August 20, 2023
Read More: NJ cop caught lying after driver flips him the bird, video claims | https://nj1015.com/nj-cop-caught-lying- ... m=referral

https://www.cleveland.com/open/2023/08/ ... etter.html
DeWine floats insurance tax to permanently fund cop training: Capitol Letter
Updated: Aug. 21, 2023

https://www.nytimes.com/2023/08/20/us/p ... s-pay.html
Think the Police Should Wear Body Cameras? That Will Cost Taxpayers Extra.
The public increasingly expects that police interactions will be recorded. And police unions increasingly expect a raise for doing the recording.

https://www.washingtonpost.com/investig ... newspaper/
Confidential affidavits detail reasoning for police raid of Kansas newspaper
The search had its origins in a dispute between a restaurant owner and her estranged husband, records and interviews show
By Jonathan O'Connell and Jon Swaine
August 19, 2023

https://www.haaretz.com/opinion/2023-08 ... ffc0c50000
Israel Police Are Sadists With a Gun License
Yossi Melman
Aug 21, 2023 2:00 am IDT


https://www.wtap.com/2023/08/21/ohio-un ... fbi-award/
Ohio University faculty honored with FBI Award
Alex Semancik
Published: Aug. 21, 2023

https://www.thecrimson.com/article/1992 ... the-ivory/
Snooping for Reds in the Ivory Tower
Diamond Uncovers College Collaborators
By Ira E. Stoll, Crimson Staff Writer
October 22, 1992
Compromised Campus: The Collaboration of Universities Wit the Intelligence Community, 1945-1955
by Sigmund Diamond
Oxford University Press
In 1954, Sigmund Diamond lost his offer of a job at Harvard because, he says, he refused to tell federal officials about the political views and activities of his colleagues.
Diamond eventually went on to tenure at Columbia as a professor of sociology and history. But his own early run-in with the power of the anti-communist FBI in the J. Edgar Hoover era is a telling example of how an unchecked government agency can trample individual lives.
In his recently released book, Compromised Campus: The Collaboration of Universities With the Intelligence Community, 1945-1955, Diamond tells the stunning story of how the paranoia of the Cold War ruined the careers of academic professionals and corrupted America's leading universities.
The argument put forth is a wholesale revision

https://www.nytimes.com/1992/07/29/book ... gents.html
Books of The Times; When Academics Doubled as Intelligence Agents
By Herbert Mitgang

Intelligence Agencies and the Universities: Further Implications of the Thesis Advanced by Sigmund Diamond in "Compromised Campus"
Arthur J. Vidich
International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society
Vol. 6, No. 3 (Spring, 1993)

Threatening Anthropology
McCarthyism and the FBI’s Surveillance of Activist Anthropologists

https://www.northjersey.com/picture-gal ... 637169007/
Photos: Haledon police host 'Ice Cream with a Cop' event at Luv YogurtThe Haledon Police Department hosted an 'Ice Cream with a Cop' event at a fro-yo shop on Belmont Avenue on Aug. 16.2023

August 21, 2023
Watch as a cop chases a runaway port-a-potty being blown down the street, avoiding a crappy situation!
Police in Michigan were faced with a different type of chase after a portable toilet was whisked away by strong winds. “Luckily he was able to apprehend the suspect before things became messy,” the New Buffalo City Police Department wrote

https://www.bangordailynews.com/2023/08 ... dy-camera/
Bangor Daily News
Watch: Old Town cop frees skunk's head from Dunk

https://www.mother.ly/news/viral-trendi ... fbi-agent/
Here’s what a FBI mom says about backpacks with your kid’s name on them
Labeling things with your kid's name where strangers can see? That's a big no.
By Cassandra Stone August 21, 2023

August 20,2023
Maine State Police end patrols in Washington County, leaving communities scrambling
Dozens of vacancies and a policy of troopers being reassigned to speciality units creates a rural policing void.

https://www.kulr8.com/shop-with-a-cop-b ... 40114.html
Shop With a Cop Back to School ShortShop With a Cop Back to School Short. Ren Wadsworth KULR-8 Multimedia Journalist · Ren Wadsworth. KULR-8 Multimedia Journalist.

https://fugitives.com/mathagam-part1-re ... murugesan/
AUGUST 21, 2023
‘Mathagam’ Part 1 Review: An Interesting Cop-Centric Show Marred By Slow Pacing

August 21, 2023
Austin Police Department in shambles after 'Defund' movement prompts cop exodus
Austin Police Association President Thomas Villarreal tells Fox News' Steve Doocy the Austin Police Department's struggle with staff shortages as crime surges in city.

https://www.motherjones.com/politics/20 ... anta-rico/
Chris Christie Wants a Federal Probe of Cop City Protesters
“This is what the federal prosecuting system was made to deal with.”
News Writer August 21,2023

https://ballotpedia.org/Notable_controv ... 27s_career
Notable controversies in Chris Christie's career

https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va ... ficer-dui/
Fairfax officer arrested for DUI after crash, police say
Police say the officer was driving his own car at the time of the crash
By Omari Daniels

Judge Throws Out Confession of Bombing Suspect as Derived From Torture
The Saudi defendant, accused of orchestrating the attack on the U.S.S. Cole in 2000, was waterboarded and subjected to other forms of torture by the C.I.A. in 2002 in a secret prison network.
By Carol Rosenberg
Carol Rosenberg has been reporting from Guantánamo Bay since the prison opened in 2002. She reported this story from New York.
Aug. 18, 2023

https://www.thenation.com/article/polit ... n-scandal/
August 18, 2023
The Real Hunter Biden Scandal
Joe Biden’s empathy is admirable. But it shouldn’t just be reserved for family.

https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/1 ... dium=email
Will HPV vaccination prevent cervical cancer?
Published: Aug. 21, 2023
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