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Re: cd - Schmitz and Jack Shaw

Postby seemslikeadream » Mon Dec 26, 2005 7:08 pm

DoD Statement on Jack Shaw and the Iraq Telecommunications Contract <br> For several months there have been allegations in the press that activities of John A. Shaw, Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for International Technology Security, were under investigation by the Inspector General of the Department of Defense (DoD IG). The allegations were examined by DoD IG criminal investigators in Baghdad and a criminal investigation was never opened.<br><br><br><br>Furthermore, attempts to discredit Shaw and his report on Iraqi telecommunications contracting matters were brought to the attention of the DoD IG and were accordingly referred to the FBI.<br><br><br><br>Shaw carried out his duties in the investigation of Iraqi telecommunications matters pursuant to the authorities spelled out in the Memorandum of Understanding between the DoD IG and the Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. Shaw provided a copy of his report to the DOD IG and, at the request of the Coalition Provisional Authority, to the Iraqi National Communications and Media Commission.<br><br><br><br>Shaw is not now, nor has he ever been, under investigation by the DoD IG. Any questions concerning FBI activities should be addressed to the FBI.<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.dod.mil/releases/2004/nr20040810-1103.html">www.dod.mil/releases/2004...-1103.html</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br> <br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=102&topic_id=743997">www.democraticunderground..._id=743997</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br><br>SIMPLY AMAZING THREAD!!<br><br>Thanks everyone<br><br><br><br>Well I see now they have scrubbed that news release<br><br> No. 765-04 <br>IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 10, 2004 <br><br>Notice <br> This news release has been removed because information has become available that indicates it may not have been accurate at the time it was issued. The matter is under review to determine the facts and circumstances involving the information contained in the original release.<br><br><br>Thanks google cashed<br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href=""></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br> <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=http://p216.ezboard.com/brigorousintuition.showUserPublicProfile?gid=seemslikeadream@rigorousintuition>seemslikeadream</A> at: 12/26/05 4:15 pm<br></i>
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Re: cd - Schmitz and Jack Shaw

Postby chiggerbit » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:16 pm

Ok, this is really weird about Joseph Schmitz, the IG under the current Bush: <br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_E._Schmitz">en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_E._Schmitz</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br>......In his confirmation hearings, committee Democrats expressed concern about a letter that Schmitz had written to the Washington Times in 1991 in which he had accused then-candidate Bill Clinton of treasonous actions and had inappropriately signed the letter with his military rank.<br><br>According to an AP report dated December 5, 2001, the Inspector General's office had recently failed a "peer review" audit in which it was shown that IG officials had destroyed documents relating to an investigation. Iowa Republican Senator Charles Grassley, a supporter of the Schmitz nomination and critic of the IG's office, commented that "[o]nce President Bush's nominee for the IG job is in place, he will need to clean house from top to bottom. Heads must roll," because of the document destruction.<br><br>Upon taking office, Schmitz hired L. Jean Lewis, a Republican operative and whistleblower in the Whitewater Affair. Lewis, a former Resolution Trust Corporation investigator, was a pivotal figure in publicizing the alleged financial misdeeds of President Bill Clinton and wife Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton. She marketed products with pictures of Mrs. Clinton and the logo "B.I.T.C.H.: Bill, I'm Taking Charge. Hillary." Schmitz eventually created the position of "Chief of Staff" for Lewis.<br><br>Insight Magazine, in its September 30, 2002, issue, reported that shortly after his arrival at the IG, Schmitz ordered a "bottom-up review" that was conducted by Military Professionals Resources, Inc. (MPRI), a defense contractor based in Alexandria, Va. The review resulted in the removal of a number of senior civil servants in the agency. Sen. Grassley quoted by Insight, said, "The new inspector general, Mr. Joe Schmitz, has already started to clean house. Heads have started to roll with more to come . . . Based on what I've heard and seen, the Independent Review Team appears to be on the right track. The team appears to see the very same problems that I see and seems to be headed toward a hard-hitting final report." According to the September 23, 2002 issue of Defense Week, the removed civil servants filed a complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel, a government agency that investigates whistleblower complaints and Hatch Act violations. In its June 23, 2003 issue, Defense Week reported that the matter was settled to the satisfaction of both parties involved, but suggested that the removed civil servants had been vindicated.<br><br>According to the Los Angeles Times (September 25, 2005), Schmitz had an "unusual fascination" with Baron Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben, a Prussian officer appointed Inspector General of the Continental Army by George Washington. "The Nation" (September 25, 2005) magazine reported that Schmitz spent three months redesigning the seal of the Inspector General's office to include elements of von Steuben's family crest, including the von Steuben family motto, Sub Tutela Altissimi Semper, "Under the Protection of the Almighty." (Schmitz was quoted in the LA Times article as saying that the eagle of the previous seal looked "like a chicken".) Schmitz authored an article in the in-house journal of the federal inspectors general about Von Steuben and mentioned him in virtually every speech he made while in office ("The Enduring Legacy of Inspector General von Steuben," Public Inquiry, F/W 2002, [1]. "He was consumed with all things German and all things Von Steuben," said a government official quoted in the LA Times article. "He was obsessed."<br><br><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Schmitz also took an unusual interest in the sex slave trade.</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--> His office investigated the involvement of the U.S. military in the sex trade in South Korea, Bosnia, and Kosovo, but found little beyond the propensity of soldiers to frequent brothels, an inexcusable moral lapse, according to Schmitz's testimony before Congress and an article he wrote that was published on the website of the World Security Network,[2].<br><br>Schmitz's downfall apparently began when he and John A. "Jack" Shaw, former DoD Deputy Undersecretary for International Technology Security signed an agreement giving Shaw authority to investigate telecommunications contracting fraud in Iraq sometime in 2003. According to the Los Angeles Times (September 3, 2005), Shaw used the results of his investigation to steer contracts to friends. When confronted with the case, Schmitz referred it to the FBI for investigation, even though IG agents claimed they had enough evidence of Shaw's illegal activities for prosecution.<br><br>The Los Angeles Times article also claims that Schmitz interfered in other investigations of senior officials:<br><br>The Air Force Academy sex scandal, in which senior Air Force Academy officials were accused of failing to investigate rape allegations by female cadets.<br><br>A contracting scandal involving the Air Force and Boeing Corporation, in which senior Air Force officials, including former Air Force Secretary James Roche, were accused of steering contracts to the Boeing Corporation. Before presenting his report to Congress, Schmitz allegedly sent it to the White House for review. The names of several White House officials were reportedly redacted from the report. Sen. Charles Grassley was quoted by the Los Angeles Times as saying to Schmitz, "That decision … raises questions about your independence."<br><br>Grassley, who had become disillusioned with Schmitz, was particularly upset by Schmitz's plans to travel to Potsdam, Germany at taxpayer expense, <!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>where he was to speak at a ceremony commemorating Baron von Steuben</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END-->. Schmitz was forced to cancel the trip.<br><br> <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=http://p216.ezboard.com/brigorousintuition.showUserPublicProfile?gid=chiggerbit@rigorousintuition>chiggerbit</A> at: 12/26/05 8:17 pm<br></i>
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Re: cd - Schmitz and Jack Shaw

Postby chiggerbit » Mon Dec 26, 2005 11:23 pm

<!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.defenselink.mil/bios/schmitz_bio.html">www.defenselink.mil/bios/...z_bio.html</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: cd - Schmitz and Jack Shaw

Postby seemslikeadream » Tue Dec 27, 2005 12:28 am

chiggerbit posts<br><br>Schmitz's downfall apparently began when he and John A. "Jack" Shaw, former DoD Deputy Undersecretary for International Technology Security signed an agreement giving Shaw authority to investigate telecommunications contracting fraud in Iraq sometime in 2003. According to the Los Angeles Times (September 3, 2005), Shaw used the results of his investigation to steer contracts to friends. When confronted with the case, Schmitz referred it to the FBI for investigation, even though IG agents claimed they had enough evidence of Shaw's illegal activities for prosecution.<br><br>Winds of Change:Troubled Waters Ahead For the Neo Cons <br> by<br>Wayne Madsen<br><br>The neo-con attack on Shaw was predictable considering their previous attacks on Ambassador Joe Wilson, his wife Valerie Plame, former U.S. Central Command chief General Anthony Zinni, former counter-terrorism coordinator Richard Clarke, former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, CIA counter-terrorism agent Michael Scheuer (the "anonymous" author of Imperial Hubris who has recently been gagged by the Bush administration), fired FBI translator Sibel Edmonds (who likely discovered a penetration by Israeli and other intelligence assets using the false flag of the Turkish American Council and who also has been gagged by the Bush administration), and all those who took on the global domination cabal. But Shaw showed incredible moxie. When he decided to investigate Pentagon Inspector General Reports that firms tied to Perle and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz were benefiting from windfall profit contracts in Iraq, Shaw decided to go to Iraq himself to find out what was going on. When Shaw was denied entry into Iraq by U.S. military officers (yes, a top level official of the Defense Department was denied access to Iraq by U.S. military personnel!), he decided to sneak into the country disguised as a Halliburton contractor. Using the cover of Cheney's old company to get the goods on Cheney's friends' illegal activities was yet another masterful stroke of genius by Shaw. But it also earned him the wrath of the neo-cons. They soon leaked a story to the Los Angeles Times claiming that Shaw actually snuck into Iraq to ensure that Qualcomm (on whose board sat a friend of Shaw's) was awarded a lucrative cell network contract.<br><br>But nothing could be further from the truth. Shaw, who worked for Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, represented the Old Guard Republican entity that in August 2003 set up shop in the Pentagon right under the noses of Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Feith to investigate the neo-con cabal and their illegal contract deals. The entity, known as the International Armament and Technology Trade Directorate, was soon shut down as a result of neo-con pressure. Not to be deterred, Shaw continued his investigation of the neo-cons. Although the neo-cons told the Los Angeles Times that the FBI was investigating Shaw, the reverse was the case: the FBI was investigating the neo-cons, particularly Perle and Wolfowitz, for fraudulent activities involving Iraqi contracts. And in worse news for the neo-cons: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld was giving the Inspector General's and Shaw's investigations a "wink and a nod" of approval. <br><br>The financial stakes for the Pentagon are high - the Iraqi CPA's Inspector General recently revealed that over $1 billion of Iraqi money was missing from the audit books on Iraqi contracts. For Shaw and the FBI, it was a matter of what they suspected for many years - that Perle, Wolfowitz, and their comrades were running entities that ensured favorable treatment for Israeli activities - whether they were business opportunities in a U.S.-occupied Arab country or protecting Israeli spies operating within the U.S. defense and intelligence establishments.<br><br>Shaw certainly must have recalled how, during the Reagan administration, an Israeli spy named Jonathan Pollard was able to steal massive amounts of sensitive U.S. intelligence over a long period of time and hand it over to his Israeli control officer, a dangerous and deadly agent provocateur named Rafael "Rafi" Eitan. That had disastrous effects on U.S. intelligence operations throughout the world because some of the documents were handed by the Israelis to the Soviets in return for letting more Soviet Jews emigrate to Israel. <br><br>more<br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/081104_winds_change.shtml">www.fromthewilderness.com...ange.shtml</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br> <br>Tracking weapons <br> NUSACC welcomes Kuwaiti Minister of Commerce & Industry <br>Monday, March 1st, 2004, U.S.-Arab Tradeline <br>Rebecca Givner-Forbes <br>TEXT On February 6, the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC) welcomed to Washington H.E. Abdullah Al-Taweel, Kuwait’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, with a luncheon at the Four Seasons Hotel. More than fifty representatives from the government, press, business, and trade associations turned out for this high-level event. <br>Minister Al-Taweel arrived in the US on February 5 with his delegation, composed of government and private sector leaders, to sign a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) with the US Trade Representative, Ambassador Robert Zoellick. NUSACC’s luncheon kicked off the delegation’s five-day visit. <br>NUSACC’s President, David Hamod, opened the event by welcoming Minister Al-Taweel and introducing Kuwait’s ambassador to the United States, H.E. Salem Al-Sabah. The Ambassador characterized the strong US-Kuwaiti alliance as “Partners in Peace,” describing Kuwait as a gateway into Iraq. He concluded by stating that Kuwait was working to recapture its leading trade and commerce status in the region and that Kuwait’s “prime partner in that effort will be the United States.” <br>The second guest speaker was Hon. John A. Shaw, Deputy Under Secretary for International Technology Security at the Department of Defense, who shared valuable information on the contracting process for Iraq reconstruction projects. He also described Kuwait’s vital role in providing inroads to Iraq and the opportunities available to Kuwaiti businesses to supply reconstruction materials. <br>Mr. Shaw highlighted efforts that are underway by the Public Affairs Committee of the Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) to improve the contracting process. In addition, he announced the establishment of an Inspector General’s office to improve the way reconstruction resources are distributed. The Inspector General’s office will have a significant presence, and will “alter the way a lot of things are being done on the ground,” Mr. Shaw contended. <br>The Iraqi office will be modeled on the one that was established in Kuwait to manage funds that the US provided for reconstruction there. In that case, a full $75 million was allotted for the Inspector General’s office to oversee $18.5 billion in reconstruction funds. <br>Speaking about future contract opportunities, Deputy Under Secretary Shaw noted that a lot of resources would be directed at further developing the infrastructure at Um Qasr and expanding the port’s capacity. He also reached out to the Kuwaiti delegation, emphasizing that opportunities would be available not only for American companies but for regional players as well. <br>more<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.arabdatanet.com/news/DocResults.asp?DocId=59...">www.arabdatanet.com/news/...ocId=59...</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br><br><br>Tracking weapons<br>The Pentagon has started an effort with the difficult task of tracking conventional arms transfers around the world and working to fix weak weapons-export controls.<br><br>The program is led by John Shaw, the deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security, who also is a Pentagon inspector general for international armament and trade through a memorandum of understanding with the Pentagon inspector general.<br><br>"We handle international technology-transfer issues, as well as the investigative side of things," said Edward Timperlake, the Pentagon's director of technology assessment, who works with Mr. Shaw.<br><br>The focus of the effort is not on weapons of mass destruction. Rather, the group is looking at conventional arms and dual-use items with commercial as well as military applications. The program began after Operation Iraqi Freedom, which uncovered huge stockpiles of foreign weapons in Iraq. The weapons came from a variety of suppliers, including Russia, France and China.<br>more<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.gertzfile.com/gertzfile/ring022704.html">www.gertzfile.com/gertzfi...22704.html</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br><br>Kuwait Economic Mission Urges Closer U.S. Ties<br>A high-level delegation from Kuwait came to Washington last week showcasing business opportunities in the nation, particularly regarding reconstruction projects in Iraq. Keeping up the profile of wireless broadband as key in the communications component of such projects, I participated on behalf of WCA in a luncheon Friday at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington, hosted by the National U.S.-Arab Chamber of Commerce and its new President David Hamod. Featured speakers included Kuwait Minister of Commerce and Industry Abdullah Al-Taweel and the Hon. John A. Shaw, who is Deputy Under Secretary for International Technology Security at the U.S. Department of Defense. A key figure in the reconstruction effort, he described the Coalition Provision Authority website <!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.rebuilding-iraq.net">www.rebuilding-iraq.net</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> as the best first stop for any would-be contractor. I spoke with the featured speakers at the luncheon, a fairly intimate function introduced by Kuwait's Ambassador to the U.S. and with about 55 attendees - members of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce, Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry, relevant U.S. government and Kuwait government agencies, plus Reuters and the Washington Times. These are the kinds of ties that WCA fosters for members through the year, and will be especially prominent during WCA 2004 this June in Washington, DC. For those with more immediate interests in Kuwait opportunities, visit the site of the Kuwait Chamber of Commerce & Industry (www.kcci.org.kw ), illustrating a major theme from the Friday luncheon, "Kuwait: A launching pad for the region."<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.wcai.com/hs_news2004.htm">www.wcai.com/hs_news2004.htm</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br><br><br>New agency for Iraq contracts<br>by correspondents in London, news.com.au<br>October 14th, 2003<br><br><br><br>THE United States will create a new agency, under the aegis of the Pentagon, to oversee the distribution of contracts to rebuild Iraq, a US defence official told a conference today. <br><br>The new agency, as yet unnamed, will be introduced at the beginning of next month under the direction of retired admiral David Nash, said Deputy Under-Secretary of Defence for International Technology Security John Shaw. <br>It will be charged with coordinating sub-contracting work in Iraq, notably by US groups Bechtel and Halliburton, the main contractors in Iraq's reconstruction, Shaw told the Doing Business in Iraq conference. <br><br>Shaw admitted there were "divergences" between the US Agency for International Development (USAID) - responsible for the rebuilding of Iraq under the supervision of the State Department - and the Department of Defence over the distribution of sub-contracts. <br><br>The US administration was represented by several officials at the conference, which also heard calls for Western firms to set aside their doubts and help to rebuild war-torn Iraq. <br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.occupationwatch.org/article.php?id=1383">www.occupationwatch.org/a...hp?id=1383</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br><br><br>Nomination of John A. Shaw To Be an Assistant Secretary of Commerce <br>September 12, 1991 <br>The President today announced his intention to nominate John A. Shaw, of Maryland, to be an Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Enforcement. He would succeed Quincy Mellon Krosby. <br><br>Since 1988 Dr. Shaw has served as Associate Deputy Secretary of the Department of Commerce. Prior to this Dr. Shaw served as senior advisor to the Administrator of the Agency for International Development, 1988; and as vice president for Washington Operations for the Hudson Institute, 1987 - 1988. <br><br>Dr. Shaw graduated from Williams College, (B.A., 1962) and Cambridge University (M.A., 1967: and Ph.D., 1976). He was born July 1, 1939, in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Shaw is married, has two children, and resides in Washington, DC<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://bushlibrary.tamu.edu/research/papers/1991/910912...">bushlibrary.tamu.edu/rese.../910912...</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br><br> <br>3. Defense Official Probed on Contracts <br> Los Angeles Times<br>July 07, 2004 <br>T. Christian Miller<br><br>Washington -- A senior Defense Department official conducted unauthorized investigations of Iraq reconstruction efforts and used their results to push for lucrative contracts for friends and their business clients, according to current and former Pentagon officials and documents. <br>John "Jack" Shaw, deputy undersecretary for international technology security, represented himself as an agent of the Pentagon's inspector general in conducting the investigations this year, sources said. <br><br>In one case, Shaw disguised himself as an employee of Halliburton Co. and gained access to a port in southern Iraq after he was denied entry by the U.S. military, the sources said. <br><br>In that investigation, Shaw found problems with operations at the port of Umm al Qasr, Pentagon sources said. In another, he criticized a competition sponsored by the U.S.-led Coalition Provisional Authority to award cell phone licenses in Iraq. <br><br>In both cases, Shaw urged government officials to fix the alleged problems by directing multimillion-dollar contracts to companies linked to his friends, without competitive bidding, according to the Pentagon sources and documents. In the case of the port, the clients of a lobbyist friend won a no- bid contract for dredging. <br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.globalexchange.org/countries/unitedstates/de...">www.globalexchange.org/co...ates/de...</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br>Pentagon urges repeal of Iraq phone contracts<br><br><br>By Bill Gertz<br>THE WASHINGTON TIMES<br><br><br>The Pentagon has asked the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad to cancel three contracts for Iraqi cell phone networks worth about $500 million annually, citing fraud and the companies' links to an Iraqi-born Briton with ties to Saddam Hussein. <br>A June 14 memorandum from John A. Shaw, deputy undersecretary of defense for international technology security, says an investigation uncovered "fraud on the Ministry of Communications by Orascom, Atheer and AsiaCell." <br><br>The companies are suspected of rigging the bids for the cell phone contracts in favor of Nadhmi Auchi, who owns part of Orascom and a controlling interest in the bank BNP Paribas, which "is the French bank selected by Saddam Hussein to run the Oil for Food program." <br>"His role in assisting the Saddam regime, to his own immense profit, makes all three firms ineligible under Section 6.1.4 in that all the evidence strongly indicates Auchi had a direct or indirect ownership interest in all three firms at the time of signature, and his role continues today," the memorandum said.<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.washingtontimes.com/national/20040621-115845...">www.washingtontimes.com/n...-115845...</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <br> <br><br>working links for above found here<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=show_topic&forum=102&topic_id=743997">www.democraticunderground..._id=743997</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: cd - Schmitz and Jack Shaw

Postby chiggerbit » Tue Dec 27, 2005 1:47 am

Sounds like the Clash of the Religions to me: the fascist Catholic anti-semites, represented by Joseph Schmitz, joined by the Moonies, fronted for by Bill Gertz, against the Jewish neo-cons, represented by Feith and Wolfie and fronted for by the LA Times.<br> <p></p><i></i>
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Jeane Dixon sources?

Postby Avalon » Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:15 pm

I don't see anything on the Net so far that corroborates the statements by the two writers (Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake and Denise Noe of Court TV's Crime Library) that John George and Eugenie (Carla's son and daughter were fostered by Jeane Dixon and after her death in 1997 were sent to an orphanage. I don't know which came first, both have 2005 copyrights. Both of these writers spell Dixon's first name wrong -- it should only have one n. So I have some concerns about accepting what they say without better verification. Could be from one of the books published, but we just don't know.<br><br>Not to be apologizing for these dysfunctional people, but I remember cautions in a baby manual back when I had a newborn, about hair getting wrapped around a baby's penis. Another mother remembers it too:<br><br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://www.momsview.com/discus/messages/41/35053.html">www.momsview.com/discus/m...35053.html</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br>I wouldn't want to be passing judgement on the alleged square knot aspect without seeing the doctor's testimony in full. It's so easy to get a feeding frenzy going with this sort of material, less easy to correct hearsay.<br><br><br><br> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Jeane Dixon sources?

Postby chiggerbit » Tue Dec 27, 2005 10:19 pm

Yeah, that's why I wondered about the knot that can be tied by rolling the fingers on just one hand, to make a knot in the end of a threaded needle for sewing. Just don't know if it makes a square knot. Actually, this is probably the weakest point in the whole story, but it's the point that probably brought so much of this to a head. <br><br>Sure would like to know what happened to those two kids, know that they are ok. Such a sad story all the way around. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=http://p216.ezboard.com/brigorousintuition.showUserPublicProfile?gid=chiggerbit@rigorousintuition>chiggerbit</A> at: 12/27/05 7:32 pm<br></i>
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Hair-thread Tourniquet Syndrome

Postby Nonny » Wed Dec 28, 2005 12:18 pm

<!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Hair-thread tourniquet syndrome</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--> <br>DJ Barton, GM Sloan, LS Nichter and JF Reinisch <br><br>Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Southern California School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA 90027. <br><br>We have witnessed six cases of the hair-thread tourniquet syndrome, an entity characterized by strangulation of an appendage (toes, fingers, or external genitalia) by hair or hair-like fibers in the pediatric population. All six of our cases were in infants, 12 days to 5 months of age. The offending fibers were hair in three of the four patients with toe injuries and synthetic fibers from mittens in the finger cases. All six patients were treated by immediate removal of the constricting fibers, and, in spite of the worrisome appearance of the tissue distal to the constriction, all six eventually healed without significant tissue loss. A review of the literature indicated 60 similar cases of this type reported, 24 involving toes, 14 involving fingers, and 22 involving genitals. The majority of the toe and external genitalia cases were caused by hair, whereas the majority of finger strangulations were caused by thread from mittens. At greatest risk for strangulation are the middle finger and third toe, followed by the index finger and second toe. Patients with finger or penile involvement were more likely to suffer significant complications from the injuries than those patients with toe involvement. Based on our own experience and that described in the literature, we recommend prompt removal of the offending fiber, followed by prolonged conservative management of the damaged distal tissue, in the hope of maximal tissue salvage. Increased physician awareness of this syndrome is mandatory for prevention, diagnosis, and early treatment. <br><br>Volume 82, Issue 6, pp. 925-928, 12/01/1988<br>Copyright © 1988 by The American Academy of Pediatrics<br><br><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="http://pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/abstract/82/6/925" target="top">pediatrics.aappublications.org/cgi/content/abstract/82/6/925</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--><br>__________________________________<br><br><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Tourniquet syndrome—accident or abuse?</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><br>Anne Klusmann1 and Hans-Gerd Lenard1<br><br>(1) University Childrens Hospital, Heinrich-Heine-University, Moorenstrasse 5, 40225 Düsseldorf, Germany <br><br>Received: 6 January 2004 Accepted: 8 April 2004 Published online: 4 June 2004<br><br>Abstract The tourniquet syndrome describes severe strangulations of appendages by hair, cotton or similar material mainly observed in young infants. The painful swellings of digits or external genitals are surgical emergencies because the strangulation can cause ischaemia and tissue necrosis. More than 100 cases of the tourniquet syndrome have been reported in most of which the aetiology was unclear. We have treated five patients with a tourniquet syndrome. Four of them presented with strangulations of one or more toes by hair or threads and one girl was diagnosed with a clitoral tourniquet syndrome. In each case the strangulating material could be removed in time avoiding permanent damage. The lack of any reasonable explanation and the meticulous wrapping made a non-accidental course very likely. Due to the lack of convincing explanations in our cases as well as in most of those described in the literature, we suggest that the tourniquet syndrome is often the result of child abuse, an aetiology overlooked for decades. <!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Conclusion:the tourniquet syndrome in childhood should be included in the list of possible forms of child abuse and should be considered as a differential diagnosis until another aetiology can be convincingly proven.</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--><br><br><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="http://www.springerlink.com/(dhhe3yu52rssvzmlqdgi5n55)/app/home/contribution.asp?referrer=parent&backto=issue,13,19;journal,19,127;linkingpublicationresults,1:100415,1" target="top">www.springerlink.com/(dhhe3yu52rssvzmlqdgi5n55)/app/home/contribution.asp?referrer=parent&backto=issue,13,19;journal,19,127;linkingpublicationresults,1:100415,1</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--><br><br>____________________________________<br><br>Rolling a thread with the fingers (in sewing) does not make a square knot.<br><br>A square knot is made in 2 steps. For example, tie your shoe -- first make a knot with the R lace going in the loop -- pull tight. Then make the second knot with the L lace going in the loop. Pull tight.<br><br>In first aid, the square knot is also the one used to tie a tourniquet.<br> <p></p><i></i>
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Articles by Joseph Schmitz

Postby Nonny » Wed Dec 28, 2005 12:43 pm

World Security Network --- website has a short biography of Joseph E. Schmitz and a list of articles that he wrote with links.<br><br><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="http://www.worldsecuritynetwork.com/_dsp/dsp_authorBio3.cfm?authID=10" target="top">www.worldsecuritynetwork.com/_dsp/dsp_authorBio3.cfm?authID=10</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--><br><br><!--EZCODE BOLD START--><strong>Articles by Joseph Schmitz</strong><!--EZCODE BOLD END--> <br><br>“Domestic Enemies and Pyrrhic Victories” <br><br>Bush, Military Take Decisive Action to Curb the Exploitation of Trafficked Women <br><br>Fritz Kraemer: Spiritual faith, vision and principles <br><br>Military chaplains as moral leaders: A central role in suppressing 21st century human slavery <br><br>Supressing slavery in the 21st century: From legislation to enforcement <br><br>The Enduring Legacy of Inspector General von Steuben <br><br>The principle of "First and Second Things" in the German-American Alliance against Terror <br><br>________________________________________<br><br>LATIMES.com<br><br>Pentagon Investigator Resigning<br>Sept. 3, 2005<br><br>WASHINGTON - The Pentagon's top investigator has resigned amid accusations<br>that he stonewalled inquiries into senior Bush administration officials suspected of<br>wrongdoing.<br>Defense Department Inspector General Joseph E. Schmitz told staffers this week<br>that he intended to resign as of Sept. 9 to take a job with the parent company of<br>Blackwater USA, a defense contractor.<br>The resignation comes after Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa) sent Schmitz several<br>letters this summer informing him that he was the focus of a congressional inquiry<br>into whether he had blocked two criminal investigations last year.<br>Grassley, chaim1an of the Finance Committee, accused Schmitz of fabricating an<br>official Pentagon news release, planning an expensive junket to Germany and hiding<br>information from Congress. Schmitz is the senior Pentagon official charged with<br>investigating waste, fraud and abuse.<br>"I am writing to infOml you that I intend to conduct an oversight investigation into<br>allegations that you either quashed or redirected two ongoing criminal investigations<br>last year," Grassley said in a July 7 letter obtained by The Times.<br>Grassley's office said Friday that the inquiry was continuing.<br>"Many questions need to be answered," spokeswoman Beth Levine said. Grassley<br>has long acted as a watchdog over the inspector general.<br>The inspector general's office denied any connection between Schmitz's resignation<br>and the inquiries, saying Schmitz had previously said he intended to leave after<br>President Bush's first term.<br><br>more...<br><br><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="http://www.pogo.org/m/dp/dp-IG-LATimes-09032005.pdf" target="top">www.pogo.org/m/dp/dp-IG-LATimes-09032005.pdf</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--> <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Jeane Dixon -- PSYCHIC STOOGE ???

Postby Nonny » Wed Dec 28, 2005 1:46 pm

PSYCHIC STOOGE Here's an ugly little historical footnote: famed "psychic" Jeanne Dixon was working secretly for the FBI in the 1960s, telling the public that the Soviet Union was behind the civil rights and anti-war movements. <br><br>Discovered by APBnews through the Freedom of Information Act, reporter Joe Beaird described how Dixon joined Hoover's merry crew: <br><br>After casually meeting an FBI special agent at a social function, Dixon asked him for materials to include in her speeches that would undermine support for left-wing groups, according to a bureau memo. She pledged to use the information in her speeches "in such a manner that it cannot be attributed to the FBI," the memo reads. "Thus, the 'left-wing' groups could not claim she was a mouthpiece for the FBI." <br>The feds ultimately sent Dixon background information on groups orchestrating the Vietnam War and civil rights protests that the FBI deemed "campus turbulence." <br><br>And Dixon, in turn, told the public that saw her as an oracle that the country's "real enemy is Russia."<br><br>In her files it was found that Hoover personally approved her covert actions, writing "OK. She is a very reputable person." Hoover also backed her up when others in the Bureau disputed her 1969 National Enquirer article claiming that four unnamed Soviet leaders "instigated, financed, and controlled" student protests and race riots. <br><br>Dixon's relationship may have soured in 1970, when the Bureau turned down her request for personal protection at a speech she was to give in Greenwood, Mississippi. Nor did the Bureau seem to give much credibility to her 1971 claim that there was an unnamed top U.S. government official was a Russian spy. <br><br>Dixon, who died in 1997, went on to write a popular annual list of predictions for the supermarket tabloid The Star, and also served as an advisor to First Lady Nancy Reagan. (January 27, 2000) <br><br><!--EZCODE LINK START--><a href="http://www.monitor.net/monitor/0001a/0001a-404.html" target="top">www.monitor.net/monitor/0001a/0001a-404.html</a><!--EZCODE LINK END--> <br><br>Maybe she had some inside info for predicting JFK would die in office. <p></p><i></i>
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Re: Jeane Dixon -- PSYCHIC STOOGE ???

Postby chiggerbit » Wed Dec 28, 2005 7:12 pm

Great info, Nonny. Thanks! I could like Joseph Schmitzfor his (apparent) stand against human trafficking. As for Dixon, this throws an entirely different light on every word she said. Makes me wonder how much of an influence the FBI had on Reagan through her through Nancy. Can you imagine how useful someone like that would have been to the ambitious VP back then? This also makes me wonder what she did with those two kids. <p></p><i>Edited by: <A HREF=http://p216.ezboard.com/brigorousintuition.showUserPublicProfile?gid=chiggerbit@rigorousintuition>chiggerbit</A> at: 12/28/05 4:14 pm<br></i>
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John Schmitz's 1971 intro to None Dare Call it Conspiracy

Postby Hugh Manatee Wins » Sat Dec 31, 2005 6:28 pm

I found the full text of None Dare Call it Conspiracy and put in the Data Dump forum in a thread called PDF Files/Online Books.<br><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="http://p216.ezboard.com/frigorousintuitionfrm9.showMessage?topicID=21.topic">p216.ezboard.com/frigorou...D=21.topic</a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--><br><br><br>Here's Schmitz's intro to that 1971 book on the Rockefellers, Council on Foreign Relations, and Bilderbergers which remains quite contemporary:<br><br>INTRODUCTION<br><br>"The story you are about to read is true. The names have not been changed to protect the guilty. This book may have the effect of changing your life. After reading this book, you will never look at national and world events in the same way again.<br><br>None Dare Call It Conspiracy will be a very controversial book. At first it will receive little publicity and those whose plans are exposed in it will try to kill it by the silent treatment. For reasons that become obvious as you read this book, it will not be reviewed in all the "proper" places or be available on your local bookstand. However, there is nothing these people can do to stop a grass roots book distributing system. Eventually it will be necessary for the people and organizations named in this book to try to blunt its effect by attacking it or the author. They have a tremendous vested interest in keeping you from discovering what they are doing. And they have the big guns of the mass media at their disposal to fire the barrages at None Dare Call It Conspiracy.<br><br>By sheer volume, the "experts" will try to ridicule you out of investigating for yourself as to whether or not the information in this book is true They will ignore the fact that the author about to conjecture. They will find a typographical error or ague some point that is open to debate. If necessary they will lie in order to protect themselves by smearing this book. I believe those who pooh-pooh the information herein because Psychologically many people would prefer to believe we are because we all like to ignore bad news. We do so at our own peril.<br><br>Having been a college instructor, a State Senator and now a Congressman I have had experience with real professionals at putting up smokescreens to cover up their own actions by trying to destroy the accuser. I hope that you will read the book carefully, draw your own conclusions and not accept the opinions of those who of necessity must attempt to discredit the book. Your future may depend upon it."<br><br>October 25, 1971 JOHN G. SCMITZ UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN <p></p><i></i>
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Postby Dreams End » Sat Dec 31, 2005 8:20 pm

Excellent find, Nonny. This is exactly the kind of thing I suspect is going on all over the place within the "New Age" community. Propaganda as spiritual teaching. (Not to say that it doesn't happen within other religions, etc, but I'm looking at the "psychic" occult dimension.) <br><br> <p></p><i></i>
Dreams End

Schmitz family

Postby cd » Wed Jan 04, 2006 7:24 pm

Another member of the family just hit the news. In today's (Jan. 4) edition of the Christian Science Monitor there is a story on the back page ("backstory") by G. Jeffrey MacDonald about Nicholas Schmitz. ("High School Dropout to Rhodes Scholar -- Mission Impossible") detailing how he is one of the 32 winners of this year's prestigious Rhodes Scholarships. Young Nick is the son of "Joe Schmitz, a successful Washington attorney, was a standout high school footballer and Navy captan who served as Department of Defense Inspector General from April 2002 until last September." It appears from the story that Nick was a bored prankster in high school and dropped out to join the Marines. The discipline of the Corps gave him focus and he began to succeed, eventually leading to the Naval Academy (after obtaining his GE degree). The article states that he appears to want every phase of his life to offer two things: "A ruthless challenge and a role in an important cause." He will enroll in Oxford this year as a second lieutenant in the Marines. The end quote: "I love to study, don't get me wrong. But there's more that goes into forming a person than just books."<br><br>I bring this up not to belittle this young man, but to show how unusual this family is. And perhaps there is more to this story that others may be able to share with us. At any rate, here is another Schmitz to watch! <p></p><i></i>
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Postby chiggerbit » Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:04 pm

http://911review.org/Alex/reference/Sch ... x-911.html

The Schmitz Family - A Key Nazi Connection to 9/11

" ... JW has filed suit seeking the Administration’s
anthrax documents to ascertain why the White House
starting taking heavy doses of Cipro on the day of the
attacks ..."

Joseph Edward Schmitz is the son of the late John G.
Schmitz, former California State Senator, Member of
the U.S. House of Representatives, and U.S.
Presidential candidate (1972). John Schmitz was famous
for his right-wing views and occasional racist and
homophobic remarks. His public career was ended when
it was revealed that he had an affair and fathered two
illegitimate children. John Schmitz's seven legitimate
children include former George H.W. Bush White House
counsel John P. Schmitz, Jerome T. Schmitz, Theresa
Manion, Elizabeth Crnkovich, Philip Schmitz (who
tragically drowned as a baby in the family pool),
child rapist Mary Kay Letourneau, and Joseph Edward


Jeb married a Mexican woman. Columba Bush’s sister is
married to John P. Schmitz, a beneficiary of the
fellowship programs subsumed under the Carl Duisberg
Gesellschaft and the brother of Joseph Schmitz,
currently the head of the Blackwater security outfit.
John P. Schmitz has close links to the elder George
Bush, the 9/11 milieu...


... when the county's longtime conservative Rep. James
B. Utt died and local Republicans needed a successor,
Schmitz--by then a national director of the
ultraconservative John Birch Society -- was a natural
choice. Over time, he lost the support of the John
Birch Society, which found him too conservative and
dismissed him from its national council in 1982.
Earlier, he had said he joined the society "to do
something to get the middle-of-the-road vote in Orange



[URL shortened to fit--chig]

One of the strangest episodes in Schmitz’s saga
concerns a second family he raised by his German (!)
mistress. A young boy conceived in that relationship
appears to have been sexually mutilated. “But the man
who saw conspiracies everywhere, who was an equal
opportunity bigot, and who decried America’s moral
decrepitude, had, himself, a skeleton in the closet.
It came to light in a curious way. An Orange County
child abuse case in 1982 concerned a
thirteen-month-old infant who was discovered with hair
so tightly wound around his penis that the organ had
nearly been severed. The baby was placed in protective
custody, and the court demanded that the father step
forward. It turned out to be none other than John G.
Schmitz, now again a state senator, paterfamilias of
five children and, er, two others with his German
mistress, once his student at Santa Ana. It marked the
end of Schmitz’s political career (although he did
attempt to run for Congress once more). The charges
against the mother were eventually dropped and the
infant restored to her care. But it was never
explained what was going on with the hair-wound penis.
One historian has suggested that it was a ‘mysterious
sex—or probably anti-sex ritual . . . as if a chastity
device.’ Schmitz, feisty as ever, remarked, ‘I ought
to get the Right to Life man-of-the-year award for

http://delong.typepad.com/sdj/2006/03/t ... _cato.html

John Schmitz was the father of the Bush I aide most
involved in Iran-Contra, John P. Schmitz, who refused
to testify before the Walsh Commission ...


John P. Schmitz, George H.W. Bush’s former Deputy
Counsel during the Elder’s Vice-Presidency and
Presidency, will likely be a key player if Americans
force Congress to become serious about its 9/11 probe.
Some may remember Schmitz from the Iran/contra
investigation, when the Office of the Independent
Counsel (OIC) reported that each witness interviewed
regarding document production complied except for
Schmitz, who asserted that his documents were
privileged work product.

Schmitz, fluent in German and a Partner in global-law
firm Mayer, Brown & Platt, has clients that include
Bayer AG (German maker of the antibiotic Cipro which
fights Anthrax, about which Larry Klayman and Judicial
Watch (JW) will have keen interest. Recently, JW filed
suit seeking the Administration’s anthrax documents to
ascertain why the White House starting taking heavy
doses of Cipro the day of the attacks -- nearly a
month before anthrax was even discovered on Capitol
Hill, and while postal workers continued to sort mail
in contaminated offices -- some dying in the process.

But John Schmitz’s Mayer-Brown profile also reveals
that he represents Enron, adding that “we were active
in Germany [with Enron] until the end....It
[bankruptcy] surprised me as well as anyone else,”
according to

Reuters (1-4-2002). Moreover, Mayer-Brown also
represents Deutschebank on a regular basis regarding
its electronic commerce activities; and curiously,
Schmitz’s law firm maintains an office in Tashkent,
Uzbekistan along with Enron -- if only to make sure
oil is well in the Caspian Sea basin.

Even many 9/11 victim families will even come to
recognize Mayer-Brown; for conveniently, the firm also
happens to represent United Airlines against 9/11
family lawyers Mary Schiavo and Donald Nolan. And
given partner John P. Schmitz’s close former
relationships with the Bush family, Mayer-Brown’s many
water coolers may become intriguing conduits when Miss
Schiavo and Mr. Nolan begin their respective legal
discovery initiatives regarding who will be subpoenaed
or deposed and what evidence is or is not revealed.

Michael Feagley, a Mayer-Brown lead attorney in more
than 35 jury and bench trials, and evidentiary
hearings, is a recognized expert in witness testimony
and evidence. And like 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund
Special Master Kenneth Feinberg, Feagley is an also an
authority on alternative dispute resolution techniques
- the art of bringing parties together to compromise
in legal disputes. His law firm biography lists the
art of avoidance of and preparation for potential
future litigation as an additional key area of

Mayer-Brown’s website also lists a connection to
President Bush’s family, in that one of its partners,
John P. Schmitz, personally represents and lobbies for
both Enron and Bayer AG, while also sitting on the
Trustee Board of Bayer Foundation. Moreover, Schmitz,
fluent in German, was White House Deputy Counsel when
George H. W. Bush was both President and Vice
President, making the story’s legs that much more


Employment - Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP, Washington,
D.C., 1993 to date • Deputy Counsel to President
George Bush, The White House,Washington, D.C.,
1989-1993 • Deputy Counsel to Vice President George
Bush, Office of the Vice President, The White House,
Washington, D.C., 1985-1989 • Wilmer, Cutler &
Pickering, Washington, D.C., 1984-1985 • Robert
Bosch Foundation Fellowship, Office of Bundestag
Member Matthias Wissmann, Bonn, and Office of General
Counsel, Robert Bosch, GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany •
Law Clerk to The Honorable Antonin Scalia, U.S. Court
of Appeals for the District of Columbia, Washington,
D.C., 1983-1984 • Research Fellow, Environmental
Quality Lab, California Institute of Technology,
Pasadena, CA, 1982-1983 • Special Assistant to
William Baxter, Assistant Attorney General for
Antitrust, U.S. Department of Justice, Washington,
D.C., 1981-1982 • Research Assistant to Professors
John Ferejohn and Morris Fiorina, Pasadena, CA, and
London, England, 1978-1980 • Legislative Assistant
to Goodloe E. Byron, Member of Congress, Washington,
D.C., 1977 • Legislative Aide to Charles W. Sandman,
Jr., Member of Congress, Washington, D.C., 1973-1975.

Stanford Law School, J.D., 1981; Stanford Foundation
for Law and Economic Policy, founding member; Stanford
Law Review • California Institute of Technology, M.S.,
Economics, 1978; Completed all coursework and exams
toward Ph.D • Georgetown University, B.A. magna cum
laude, 1976; Phi Beta Kappa; Dobriansky Fellowship

German (fluent)

http://www.parapolitics.info/phorum/rea ... =409&t=409

Mayer-Brown also has clients that include Bayer AG
(German maker of the antibiotic Cipro which fights
Anthrax, about which Larry Klayman and Judicial Watch
(JW) will have keen interest.

JW has filed suit seeking the Administration’s anthrax
documents to ascertain why the White House starting
taking heavy doses of Cipro on the day of the attacks
-- nearly a month before anthrax was even discovered
on Capitol Hill, and while postal workers continued to
sort mail in contaminated offices -- some dying in the

John Schmitz’s Mayer-Brown profile also reveals that
he represented Enron, adding that “we were active in
Germany [with Enron] until the end....It [bankruptcy]
surprised me as well as anyone else,” according to
Reuters (1-4-2002).

Moreover, Mayer-Brown also represents Deutsche Bank on
a regular basis regarding its electronic commerce
activities; and curiously, Schmitz’s law firm
maintains an office in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, along
with Enron -- if only to make sure oil is well in the
Caspian Sea basin.

And Deutsche Bank is knee-deep in pre-9/11 insider
trading stock profits. Enough said.

Ben Veniste, for his part, was very cordial to us,
even as we asked him about his recusing himself from
participating in writing airline safety
recommendations relative to his firm’s representation
of United Airlines: “I have already addressed the
conflict of interest issue.”

Real answers, however, about how serious Ben Veniste
and other Commissioners are regarding their quest for
9/11 truth will come when it is learned which key
administration players will testify and whether their
subpoenas will be served “by consensus,” -- to which
Senator John McCain had referred during his Thursday
morning testimony -- or whether subpoenas will center
along political party battle-lines. This, while also
addressing issues of openness and public sunshine.


Mayer-Brown is a powerhouse multinational firm, with
offices in numerous Western European countries and the
United States. Interestingly, its website lists such
clients as Enron Corporation, both of whom maintain
offices in the Caspian Sea basin in Tashkent,
Uzbekistan - near Afghanistan; German corporation
Bayer AG - maker of cipro, the antibiotic used to
treat anthrax; and German banking giant, Deutsche
Bank, for electronic commerce activities. According to
wide reports, two of the September 11 terrorist
hijackers maintained bank accounts at Deutsche Bank,
including leader Mohammed Atta.


[John P.] Schmitz was a beneficiary of the Robert
Bosch Foundation Fellowship, a subsidiary program
(along with the Alfa Fellowship) of the Carl Duisberg
Gesellschaft. When working with the Bundestag, Schmitz
worked with Mathias Wissman, the former treasurer of
the CDU! Later, Wissman went to work for Wilmer Cutler
& Pickering, a law firm that also employed Schmitz and
that represents key German government-linked
corporations in their attempts to move into American


John Patrick Schmitz
Occupation: Lobbyist
Employer: Mayer Brown Rowe & Maw
Home: McLean, VA

John P. Schmitz is a Washington lobbyist who reported
$1.6 million in lobby income in 2002 from five
corporate clients led by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,
Lockheed Martin and RxHub—an electronic prescription
service formed by leading drug-benefits companies.
Schmitz co-chairs the U.S. Chamber’s Federalism
Initiative, which promotes legal limits on the damages
that businesses must pay when they harm workers,
consumers or communities.


He is a Young Leader Alumnus of the American Council
on Germany, and a member of the Sovereign Military
Order of Malta.


Joseph Schmitz is active in the Washington Lawyers'
Chapter of the right-wing Federalist Society, the same
group with which the new Chief Justice John G. Roberts
was affiliated.

"President Bush nominated Joseph E. Schmitz to be the
Inspector General"

He clerked with James L. Buckley [President of Radio
Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Inc. 1982-1985], Circuit
Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the District
of Columbia Circuit ...


1987 to 2002, Mr. Schmitz' private-sector law practice
focused on complex civil litigation, aviation
regulatory matters, international trade,
administrative law, and constitutional appellate
litigation, most recently as a partner at PATTON BOGGS

His prior public service includes: 27 years of naval
service, first on active duty and then as a reserve
officer, attaining the rank of Captain; Special
Assistant to the Attorney General of the United
States, Honorable Edwin Meese III

http://www.ocweekly.com/columns/a-clock ... nge/14543/

"Schmitz was appointed to his post by President Bush
in 2001 after the Associated Press reported the office
'was caught cheating' and destroying internal
documents. His office has broad jurisdiction to
investigate all Pentagon contracts, both in Iraq and
elsewhere. But judging by Schmitz's qualifications,
the White House had one thing in mind when it
appointed him: political loyalty.

When Joseph E. Schmitz took over as the Pentagon's
inspector general in 2002, the largest watchdog
organization in the federal government was under fire
for failing to fully investigate a senior official,
falsifying internal documents and mistreating
whistle-blowers.... Schmitz slowed or blocked
investigations of senior Bush administration officials


Another case in which Schmitz intervened came when the
inspector general's office began examining the jobs
received by Pentagon officials who left for the
private sector, according to another U.S. official,
who also declined to be identified because of the
sensitivity of the issue. One of those on the list was
Edward "Pete" Aldridge, the former Pentagon
procurement chief who took a job with defense
contractor Lockheed Martin. Schmitz would not sign a
subpoena allowing investigators to examine employment
documents, the official said. Instead, the official
said that Schmitz created a new policy that made it
more difficult to get information by subpoena by
requiring additional bureaucratic steps. During his
tenure, Schmitz also made it harder to initiate an
investigation of a political appointee, requiring
high-ranking approval before investigators could
proceed. A Lockheed Martin spokesman confirmed the
company had received a request that the firm
"voluntarily provide" information regarding Aldridge.
It said it had "promptly and fully" responded to the


... The resignation comes after Sen. Charles E.
Grassley (R-Iowa) sent Schmitz several letters this
summer informing him that he was the focus of a
congressional inquiry into whether he had blocked two
criminal investigations last year....


http://tinyurl.com/5mu92m [URL shortened to fit--chig]

Joseph E. Schmitz, who resigned last September to
become chief operating officer for the Prince Group, a
division of Blackwater USA, which provides security
services to troops in Iraq and around the globe.


Blackwater maintains the largest private military
training facility in the United States....
Blackwater's CEO and co-founder is Michigan-based Erik
D. Prince, an ex-US Navy SEAL, an heir to an
automobile parts corporate fortune, a former intern
for President George H. W. Bush, and a contributor to
such right wing Republicans as recently indicted Tom
DeLay. Prince also has strong political links to Sen.
Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania, Family Research Council
President Tony Perkins, one-time GOP presidential
candidate Gary Bauer, a political action committee
called "Restoring the American Dream," (whose board of
directors included Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour,
Robert Bork, former Rep. Steve Largent, Domino's Pizza
founder Thomas Monaghan.... Blackwater is far removed
from oversight by government inspectors general,
Freedom of Information Act requests, the Government
Accountability Office (GAO), and snooping reporters.

Iran/Contra Connections to 9/11

New Orleans, contractors Katrina kathryncramer [blackwater]
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