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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Fri Jun 26, 2020 12:06 pm

Understanding our Wonder in a Media World

"I've never been a coward at heart, although I've always been a coward in action."
- Fyodor Dostoevsky - Notes From The Underground



1.) Dang!? That virus is serious and G*d Bless George: Two totally separate, probably unprecedented press worthy incidences, incredibly occurring - synchronistically - right on cue, to co-create our current, concurrent incendiary crises.

2.) The Super Plandemic propaganda was professionally staged from start to finish to fudge the figures for the official preferential financial malfeasance that forthwith followed; and the Floyd riots are the next Big Phaze of forcing 'free' citizens to officially succumb to the big banker takeover... for a New World Odor - obscuring the scenario and shaping the consciousness of an unsuspecting pliable public - constantly exposed to and seemingly absorbing the mainstream media - perceiving their existence a certain way... following their leaders where they wish to be led...


Back in September 2001, while everyone around me were simply accepting the ridiculous stories we were seeing on television - living their life, never discussing the official lie, and making me feel like a stupid bummer for even bringing the subject up... as our country was warring around the world, I started splitting from most of my friends and some of my family when I found myself fixated on some profound facts of the financial fiasco fostering fortunes for the nefarious few who financed and fueled the sinister coup.

I sincerely searched solo, literally reading dozens of books and thousands of articles and painstakingly viewing hundreds of videos - radically re-adjusting my exceedingly innocent preconceptions and wistful wonder of our media world, 'til it eventually took me fifteen years - of striving to fathom the extremely sophisticated false flag foul play officially flaunted in front of our faces - and our flaccid society forgets about facing, before I began to comprehend the cleverly concocted, elegant, elaborate, bold endeavors and psycho/social operations perpetually employed for the past several centuries by organized plutocrats - sustaining their spell over civilizations' multi-generational, somewhat insensible, collective psyche.

Then, of course, I eventually came to understand, from a wonderful Awakening to a (cognitive dissonant, double bind, bias backed) black Abyss, that people are typically individuals who tend to interpret current events according to their personal mainstream perspective ... .

Personally researching (and writing about) the touchy subject of social management propaganda for practically two decades, now-a-daze I almost immediately naturally spot the mainstream medias' modus operandi in every story I see on TV... and alternative media.

I sensed from the start that the 'epidemic' programming spectacularly repeatedly all over the planet, and around the table, was serving a purpose for the plutocrats planning it, and that anything is possible as far a deploying a veritable plethora of various organisms, programmable chem-trails, diseases, chemicals, and an electro-magnetic type of attack; but even I was a bit blind-sided by the incredible level of propaganda constantly pushing a supposed 'pandemic' - instead of disclosing the classical, typical, core of corruption causing economies to quickly collapse.

I would turn it off, but my wife's the one wants to watch it... wishing to see what they're saying, I guess!

Some geezers get it, but a lot get lost...

The guys and gals with the glamorous locks who get the glory are regularly overlooking a lot of politicians, local constabulary, and the military-media-industrial-complex historically connected with the ancient, established secret societies confidentially financing the white supremacists and Black Lives Matter, as a matter of fact! The mainstream reporters' ridiculous leads don't dare describe the magical means of emergency spending, Agenda 21 or the Georgia Stones, and they don't relate that a lot of policemen are learning their law enforcement techniques from the experienced and militarized Israeli experts with plenty of practice on the poor Palestinians; and probably, more importantly, that the unscrupulous plutocrats are making a killing by creating the chaos that so many departments have - kinda encouraged - by letting the demonstrators do the damage that they did - defacing our formerly public places!!

Stunned, shunned and disappointed, I strongly but silently disagree with supporting a 'movement' like BLM, or sporting a mask... at the supermarket or the dining room table, where the musty voices in this 'so-called' discussion (sincere or not) are almost always insensible citizens - subliminally supporting a seminal, criminal, dissimilar system!

Reasonable people probably already realize, with the totally new norble and social tracing being so acceptable these dizzy daze, that dots and dashes are a bit like viruses...---... and Intuition tells me we shouldn't be spreading potentially unsanctioned, scrutinized content to innocent citizens who could be soon considered officially infected, then quickly quarantined by the New Vorld Order!

“Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
- George Orwell, 1984

Nobody cares that Pearl Harbor was planned to happen, or that Kennedy was killed by a conspiracy coup, or that the Twin Tower Story was topsy turvy; and most individuals aren't even interested in crisis actors, or that corporate raiders could plot a "Plandemic" to make more money for the already rich, or that the current corona was completely contrived - by same tight circle of sociopathic, pitiless plutocrats who planned and perpetrated those previous endeavors for the fun and profit of the privileged few affording and fronting the false flag fee.


Well... apparently, the plutocrats are so obsessed (or potentially bored) with enforcing their proof of proprietor power that they're willing to wager the world we share to pinch every penny for their ever expanding corporate portfolio - with no compassion for the population! So, when one queries this quizzical quandary, the complicated question eventually becomes, Is it morally responsible to remain a square citizen in such a system?

Perhaps the capitalists have some sense - from a saving the planet for the rest perspective?
People do multiply. Overpopulation and urban sprawl are truly a problem in plundered places; and looking at our country from the separate perspective of the poopers who see how easy we have it, polluting the planet for far too long, America's pockets are ripe for the pickin's, and genocide would seem to be a regular occurrence - throughout our species's entire existence, so why should we expect this century is different? .

I could easily suggest dozens of books, hundreds of videos and thousands of articles - if anyone is interested in a (cognitive dissonant) historical perspective; possibly starting with the excellent video, Shadow of Hermes, I've suggested before, about the Masonic secret societies (and Rhodes Scholars) really responsible for the Russian Revolution - which reminds me a lot of America now: Purposely pitting tribe against tribe, contemptible conflicts are meticulously executed for prosperous plutocrats planning, paying and playing to pillage indigenous people all over the planet.

Shadow of Hermes, contains some historical archival images of the 20th century Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Red Chinese revolutions - including some footage of the genocidal massacre of civilian citizens - that you won't wanna watch with kids in the room! But, it is a concise, understandable, memorable description of the transfer of power touching upon the primary causes of so many historical and present day crises!

Adam Curtis's documentary, Hypernormalization ... which is also occasionally unexpectedly gruesome, describes and compares current day America to past propaganda repeatedly creating many revolutions totally destroying previous cultures, to create a new order out of the ashes.

PG rated, present day researchers... ReallyGraceful, JasonGoodman, the CorbettReport, SpiroSkouras and AmazingPolly have consistently created some excellent videos explicitly explaining the vicious cycle of the public/private medical-pharmaceutical-business consortium planning and plotting our current 'scamdemic' , and how those businesses are getting their funding from the really big money - like Billenda's and Billary's and Sorosis' foundations' and their inter-collecting coporations.

Web researchers like winterwatch, nomorefakenews, mindcontrolblackassasins, gunsandbutter, aangirfan and aboutthesky, have been explaining this sordid story for a couple decades.

While our deep psyche probably desires life and death and experiencing some adversity to find some enlightenment, a soul can seek and probably discover - anything a person could possibly imagine. But, considering the media we're presently receiving, what are the chances we can even envision the wonderful world where we would want to live? Instead of setting a better example for kids to copy, citizens are letting our mainstream media re-define our national debt as a legimate reason to enslave our race.

Are we living in a simulation? Where could we be in the annals of consciousness? Perhaps, the people seriously researching these 'stupid' conspiracies run the risk of ensnaring their psyche in the psycho/social realization of the System's perception of people as a slaves... essentially. With made up money to pave the way, how many ways can we make the rich richer in this latest rendition of creating our currency to trace straight citizens into total submission?

So, why rely on Richie Rich to program computers portending the disposal of unproductive, unpopular people in a system requiring the vaccination and classification of every entity on the entire planet??

Now-a-daze, instead of a capable population properly creating solid solutions to complex problems, people are pushing purely duplicitous public opinions for capitalists' purposes by popularly strapping (incredibly super smart) personal computers around their wrists, or stuck in their pocket or their under their skin... with masks surrounding their sweaty faces So, considering the media we're presently receiving, the trick, it seems, is to somehow envision the wonderful world where future generations can at least have a chance to learn, prosper, and maybe be happy?

* I deleted the kitty for personal reasons.
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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby Harvey » Thu Jul 30, 2020 7:41 pm

Had enjoyed your digression until I actually watched the Weathermen video, so full of bullshit it's difficult to contemplate being bothered enough to correct it. If you're happy enough to give it a pass, then why should I bother to disabuse you?
And while we spoke of many things, fools and kings
This he said to me
"The greatest thing
You'll ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return"

Eden Ahbez
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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Fri Jul 31, 2020 10:47 pm

Thanks, but your opinion is typical of the nothing analysis I've learned to expect from this pallid place. I posted that alternative documentary because it described several pieces of the ever pervasive mainstream puzzle constantly encoding ancient symbology and significant numbers seen as a signal and subliminally revealing the probable origin of some super societies' pre-planned psyop...wagging the tale of the constantly exploding propaganda that present day people are spectacularly exposing to their present day psyche. But, you might have noticed I also mentioned some other reading and documentaries that help to explain the seemingly ridiculous modus operandi of the multi-faceted, 21st century, extremely efficient, sophisticated psyops leading the lives of average civilized citizens everywhere...

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Re: literally an alliterate idiot

Postby chump » Thu Aug 06, 2020 7:11 pm

Ordinarily, I rarely watch The Rogan Show, and it was probably my algorithm that recommended this 7 year old conversation with the great historian Graham Hancock, who started by describing his first adventure to some ancient ruins in Ethiopia where a local monk offhandedly informed him that the 'Ark of the Covenant' was within the walls of a solid stone church...

It just so happened, I happened to catch a 60 Minutes episode the previous Sunday on CBS with correspondent (Scott Pelley) in the same locale, describing the same premises during the latest Christmas pilgrimage.

This also reminded me of Harriet, a Hollywood production about a Ms. Tubman we recently rented - that was also relevant to a recent discussion that I saw on an interview that Jason Goodman skillfully conducted with the educated Bishop Larry Gaiters who explicitly explained that Ms Tubman - reputed to have established the 'underground' network for slaves to escape to the north from the south in the 19th century, was actually sent by a Free-masonic secret society to specifically transport skilled black masons to construct the famous Masonic District of Columbia; and that many of those 'slaves' were actually of an ancient bloodline and professional heritage dating back to ancient Egyptian and Sub-Saharan civilizations.

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